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Scott County kicker. (Benton, Mo.) 1901-1917, January 04, 1913, Image 1

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NO 4.
Investigation Reveals that Morgan
Light I urned on the Trust-Busting Farce.
Mashington, 1). C The I'ujo
Tloifo Committee Investigating
the Money Trust learned
That is financial institutions in
NOW York, Chicago aiui Boston.
control 134 corporations bating
aggregate recourses of Sll.'.y'J.V
I M l. ).
That of those J. Plot-pout Mor
gan and his assiciatrs control
112 corporations, whloh aggre
gate icsourons of Sl-.- JTi.oO 1,000
Reader, (U you understand the
moaning of the above? Hardl.v. it
means tnat is financial Instltu-
tlttkma control over 25 Ililllon of
the wealth created by tho work
ers of this country, or this, one
man. Morgan, controls over one
half or over twelve MILLION.
Mow did they got it? They tell
you that tiu way to get rich is
to be industrious and Having.
Wh.i .. there Is not a king nor
emperor nor Csar In the world
whose overcoat would in ike .1. I'.
Morgan a watch iiockot.
Tli" ruler' of foreign land! that
we have ha taught to despise
and from whose tyranny our an
cestors fled, and from whoso grip
tJie father of the American revo- i
lution fought and died to free
themselvesv, are not a drop In the
bttCkot when compared with our
financial rulers of today.
The dlffcrenco is that the rul-
era of today are wiser. They do I
not bura you at the stake, or get
rid of you In some other Way. BO
long as you are able to work they
let you live or at least exist in
older that your labor may make
more proits for them. They can
make no profit off a dead man
after the coffin trust and the
tombstone man get thru.
Last week I received a very
courteous letter from my paper
house informing me that after
.January one the cost of papei
would I increased 5 cents per
iuire. This means an additional
tax of over vl00 a year on the
Kicker. There has hecn a similar
advance on all other printer's ma
terial. People would not stand
for an lucre ise in the subscription
price, ana tne Kicker must exanii ,
for the hold-up. It is a difficult
proposition for a rural newspaper
,.. iinlnDj if !o tn rinnrti.-l lit
grafting politicians and public of
ClalS from the public treasury,
An honest newspaper that lefr.sesi
to support the corrupt influences
that ride rinds it hard sledding.
Twelve billion dollars! That is
Morgan's pile. Of course lie got
it honestly by saving pennies.
How Stnal Captain King, the
king of pirates, would look beside
What is a billion?
if you owned Seott county you I
would consider yourself fairly
well off. wouldn't you? Y'et you
woul I b a pauper when c- mpare-i
to Marian. All of the land, town !
property, money, live stock and
banks and railroads are assessed
at loss than, seven million.
Don't get It mixed. I said Mil
lion. And it takes ten hundred
million to make a billion.
The total assessed value of all
the land and property In Missouri
ia on
one-half billion or e-
q ml to about one-eighth o' the
wealth coatroied by Morgan.
Money rules Therefore Morgan
is more powerful than are the t
leoplc of eight such states as Mis
Then add Rockefeller, Carnegie,
Armour, Ryan and the other pir
ates and tell me where the people
come in
A rd of what does their wealth
consist? Only of law-made paper
titles to the natural resouces of
the country that enables them to
lay tribute on every man, woman
ami child In the nation.
Smart people, we are!
"Taxation without representa
tion is unjust" said the forefath
ers to England in 1776. and they
wrote the Declaration of Inde
pendence. We smart people of to
dav allow a board of d'rectoi-sto
tax us at will by fixing tho price
on the things we must buy.
How are you going to curb the i ing until we discover In the mar
power of these men by voting for : ket reports that the stocks of the
the candidates put up by them? busted trust have advanced many
They ere neither Democrats millions, and when we go to the
nor Republicans but capitalists, j store to buy o' the products of
They put out two or three tick- that trust we find the price to us
et-s to fool you and finance them has also advanced,
all It doesn't matter a hoot to Then we read, later, where the
them which wins. With them It j
is, heads I win, tails you lose.
But their newspapers lawyers
and politicians raise a howl and
make a majority of you believe
there la really a difference and
you will walk ten miles to ote
for the very thing you don't want
and cusa every other day In the
You have been doing this ever
since you have been old enough to
vote-and what have you got out
or it?
And what chance have your
vhildrei.T Can they go Into the
woods, as you could 40 years ago
and carve out a home?
Or, can they buy Improved land
at a price they can pay for It
with thslr labor?
I don't go much on congressiona 1
investigations nor these trust-de-,
mollshlng OOUrt proceedings, but
often some very startling things
come to light that would arouse
any other people but us. I guess
we arc used to It. '
Among other things the con- I merchants must have a building
gressional Investigation developed and an army of clerkH that are
the well-known fact that many i Idle much of the time. Bach must
of our luw-makorsare on thepny-' carry a "full line" of merchnn
roll of Standard Oil and other in- disc and there must be three
torests. Of course those payments ' book-keepers Also the time of
appear an 'loans" s-uii? as high 'throe men Is taken up 1n superln
as $30,0iK). There is ii! law to I tending each -buying goods, etc.
prevent a trust from "loaning" a
statesman $50,000. And if there
is any law to compel the states
man to pay i,t back, T have never
hoard o' Its being SflforcM.
Yet these transactions aro so
common tliat they seem 'to At
tract little attention. It seems
that the people expect It
Another thing that developed
was how the tj'. eel Tr et li creased
Its capitalisation from 25 mll-
lion in 1908. Chas. Schwab, then
president, admitted that the pro
motors added nothing. ' We had
no money," he said.
Asked where theadd.t'oial ( a pi
tal came from he said, ' from the suggests that they could do bet
earnlng of the company." I ter their condition. After it Is c.-
In other words, they capitalized j plained to them. 'II see it.
the wealth-producing power of Then they decide that instead
their thousands of slaves in the of having three stores of $25,00
steel mills and the users of steel each, a very great, savins could
toots and other articles made o.'
steel must pay the dividends
And nowhere are the workers
overworked and underpaid as in
this Industry
And when the workers protest
against this robbery by going on
strike, they're Clubbed, jailed and
snot down "according to law."
Carnegie law
Rockefeller law.
Morgan law In short. Capital
ist law.
Wo have It In Scott county.
Now, don't got mad and cuss
the rich. They can't help It They
'are no more responsible for this
condition than you or I They
have no control over evolution
and It is ths growth, the evolu-
tion of our economic System that
Is producing those results
The system eats Into the social
whole like a cancer. Under the
Interest or profit system a billion
dollars must grow to two billion ; ,
tno two omion to ;our uuuoii.
and SO on
Can't a blind man see that
' lin nml mm ini n n'ill li u n If I
the end. one man will hive it oil "
Can you figure it out any other
Capitalism is the 'nst stage '
that barbaric doctrine, "the sur-
rival of the fittest." or course
the one fltte-t to survive undei
It is the one lest removed from
the brute. He must have neither
soul nor conscience.
Now lot us reckon the power of
the ma ate " or Diuiona
The -e is a very short rout'' from
attorney general to governor.
When an attorney-general of a
state warts to be gove' nor and
he generally does he proceeds to
bust the trusts
And the trust-owned rewspapors
tell you what an excellent job he
imade of It.
Witness Hadley and Major in
Missouri Both stepped right Into
the governor's office on the'r re-
eo"ds as trust -busters but just
what trusts they busted nobody
seems to know.
The game is played a little dif
ferent at Washington There the
atto'uiev-genaraj has many assist-
ants at $5,000 a year and trim-
mings. Their chief ob Is to give
the voters roil hot air during
Be ween campaigns, however. It
breaks the monotony to go out
gunning for trusts.
Then we hear of this or that as
sistant attorney-general resign
ing his fat Job.
Then we hear of that particular
gentleman being appointed to rep
resent the government In the un
doing of a certain trust.
The farce drags on and the kept
newspapers tell us about how the
truat is being hammered until we
go tl-ed
Finally big head-lines appear
telling us of a "government vic
tory "
The trust Is smashed.
And we hardly get thru shout-
former gS.OO a year assistant
attorney-general was paid for the
pat he played $75,000 out or the
government treasury.
Then we begin to understand
why he resigned.
And us free born American citi
zens foot the whole bill.
That word hardly expresses It.
With the owning class In con
trol of the government from pres
ident to constable they tell you
they are going to bust the trusts.
How silly to talk such nonsense
under private ownership of the
trusts. The owner of a thing has
a right to control the thing he
has title to, hasn't he? When you
interfere with that control, you
set aside the "sacred i Ights of
Let's look this trust-busting
business snuarely In the face and
see how roolish it la
Suppose there are three stores
in a town with each carrying a
stock of ?25,001 Each of these
Controls Billions.-
And eac.i bl si, .ens baa its separate
lnsurance. taxes, and other Inol
dentals to pay.
The three proprietors worry a
long, and by hard work and close
economy, llud ..uat they are los
ing ground. Tliey are selling us
high as patrons win m ,,u
many hae ulrcady gone away
from them to patronize the mail
order ho sea
Now they arc up against the
real thing. These merchants who
have been fighting eich other be-
gin to THINK Finally they get
together and one, who is a little
wiser tliau the rest, suggests that
tneir expense is too great and
be mode by combining md having
only one big store thus doing n-
1 way with the rent of two build-
ln-rs. the hire of two book-keepers
two sets or clerks, managers, etc
They go together and find that
under the new arrangement they
can sell goods to customers at ten
j per cent less thnn before and yet
. make 15 per cent more profit.
'The sa ing is In the 'economic
management cutting down ex
' peases. .
Now what sense would there be
in forcing these men to re
establish their three stores"
Wherein would the public be ben
eflted? Here is a clear Illustration or
what the trcst busters are try
ing to do They want to "restore
compel 1-Ion" and turn back the
hands of time.
The trust is the natural evolu-
tion of 'business, and if it were
'possible to bust every one or then
today, they Would like the cat-
come bae'v. Yo i can't Biop evo
lution a trust is formed whenever
enough persons enirasel In a cer
tain industry get together to
control the o tput. and therefore
the price, of the prod cts of that
Industry Thotrvst is the result
of our Improved economic method
or production that eliminates
waste, and is a ?roo.l thin-: for
those on the Inside. Therefor
the solution or the problem ;s fo
all or US to get on the inside b,
owning the trust. "Let the peo
pie own the trusts." Tho evil f
not in the treats, but in the prl
vate ownership o thm
The Kicker has not commented
on the Mexican re o -on be-
cause It is one of those blind ef
forts of an oppressed people to
freo tl.emseLes by force not guld-
ed by Intelligence nor any defi
j nlte p rpose. The generals and
i other military officers know that
they are rirhtlng to overthrow
the other fellow and step In his
shoes They are fighting for pow
er and the spoils that go with It.
The rank and file the men out
on the firing line are fighting
because of the hot air furnished
by their generals and other offi
cers about "freedom."
The present is the second revo
lutions in Mexico within three
In the first revolution Madero
was the great savior of the pwple
and angel of freedom.
Diaz was driven from the coun
try and Madero installed as pres
ident. Before the year was out the
masses, who did the fighting for
what they thought was freedom
found that no change had been
accomplished that Madero was
as much of a tyrant and wore
the same capitalist Collar as
The result was the same as
jumping from the Republican par
ty to the Democratic, and vice
versa, in the I'nited 3tates.
Then a revolution broke out
against Madero and It Is still on
tap. And It even puzzles the
Globe-Democrat editor, who t-nys:
'The Mexicans are practically
of one race. Their ferocity In
dealing with each other is myste
rious There is no intelligible
reason why Mexicans should be so
ready to kill olher Mexicans end
burn Mexican houses. They have
a rich country."
Ah, there is the rub. They have
a rich country plenty for all,
and to spare. But a few plun
derers have stolen It "according
to law." and nowhere on the
American continent are workers
so enslaved. Compared to them
the tenants In the lower end of
Scott county, and In other south
east counties, are well off.
We, also, have a very rich coun
try, but Morgan, Rockefeller
Harrlman and a few others own
it as they do Mexico and we can
only stay here on the terms dic
tated by them.
But we Socialists hope to edu
cate the masses so that they will
understand that the change of
presidents or other flgure-heas
by force will not effect their con
trol of government.
The man who hasn't got sense
enough to vote right hasn't got
sense enouzli to shoot riirht.
And when he is educated up to
the point where he has sense
enough to vote right, there will
be no shoot in j: necessary.
The ballot will do the job.
My hard-headed Christian neigh
bor I want to see if I can set
i You to thinking.
"By their fruits ye shall know
them "
i By this standard wo Socialists
are willing to be Judged.
Head the record u( crimes in the
daily pipers and s"e how many
.Socialists are among the guilty?
i I read the pipers every day and
; I can recall none I
We are now over nine hundred
thousand strong in the nation. If
a crime were Committed by 8 So
cialistsno matter how obscure
that Socialist might be rest as
sured that the pipers would not
overlook his political nffllllattons.
' And he would Immediately be ele
vate I to the disti ctlon or a "lead
er." You can road Column after col
umn of the rot that appears in
the capitalist papers, which is
nothing more than a daily record
of crime, but no mention is made
of the polities or the offender
unless a particular atrocious
crime Is Committed. Then the
harlot press says that " it is said'1
or "it is believed" the offender
"Is a Sod dist and anarchist."
't was so when Ctolgot shot Mc
Kiriley But later it developed
that Czolgoz had voted for M0
It was so when Hallager shot
Major Oaynor of New ork. But
Gail titer proved to be a Democrat
i It wns so when the McNar ama
brothers plead guilty to dynamit
ing tbe Los Angeles Ttmts build
ing. But they also proved to be
i Democrats
It was so when Pchrank shot
ROOSS elt B t Bchrank proved
to I e n T unmany I eniocrat tho
very worst brand
Not a crime of any kind that
has Veen committed in this coun
try is traoable to t lie Socialists
unless toiling or publishing the
tr ith Is a ci line- Many of them
, ha e been persecuted and prose
cuted and Jiiled for that.
But they tell you Socialism is
a Sin rolluion. If so. then so much
the worse for religion.
Scott county is prett.v well
sprinkled with Socialists. Have
yo i e cr heard of one being In
Jail, or committing a crime of
any sirt?
1 mess not
The jail birds are nlwayn Pemo
cr:'s md l'.cp bltears If any
Socialist got behind ihc burs the
different or era m rf t'tc cotin y
would tell you about it In ccarc
l guess you will aflmll ibat
With s' ch n iccord undei the
present hellish sys em, it noi
reasonable to belle e tli t unde
a sine social system we coi Id
abolish ttie prison, the criminal
courts and all s ch rell 's of bar
bs tism Including the army nnd
na y?
What a saving that wo ld be
to tax-pyers. Why. it would
practically wine out taxes ex
cept lor education and useful pur
, poses.
Yet they tell you that Bociul
lsm is agin religion If so then
so much the worse for religion.
Don't you think so?
I For three months the trial of
j 40 labor eaders has bee.i going on
; In the federal court of Indianapo
lis. The charge against vhem was
; conspiracy in connection with
' transporting dynamite on trains
in connection with dynamitiug
I non-union jobs.
! Whether the men are guilty or
not I do not know, but I do know
.that the government of the Unit
ed States, with the Steel trust be-
' bind It, is a mighty power to go
I up aulust.
To believe that labor unionists
could get a fair trial under sucn
'circumstances, it would be neces
sary to have more faith in federal
courts than 1 have.
But It may be that souic of the
men are guilty. I have not notic
ed that the press acousjM any of
them being Socialises and a la
bor leader who has no more senst
tlian to vote the old tvo.-ty tickets
iniuj have no more sense than to
believe he can kid capitalism with
1 dynamite.
j As for the men, I am not so
much interested in them. Bui
! they have mothers, wives anu
j children. And it is the cruelt
Itnu our barbaro .s system Inftlct
I upon the innocent that causes me
I to shudder. The men will be feu
and clothed but how about the
mothers and babies.'
I They were iu the court room
I when the verdict was aunounceu.
The Jury released two and fouuu
88 guilty. A press dispatch says .
"A few of the defendants paled
notlcably, but most of them sat
unmoved. The sobs of the women
In the court room, In addition to
the screaming of ihe children in
the outer lobby, heightened tbe
awfulness of the scene. 1
Labor has little chance In a fed
eral court or auyother court.
The criminality of Rockefeller.
Morgan and others Is so generally
known, and has been so common,
that nobody seems to care.
Enough came out In the recent
congressional Investigation to
send the whole brood of them to
prison for life if they got the
same sort of deal that labor gets
But they laugh and when one
of them condescends to e en ap
pear In court It is considered so
the press j
From the St. Louis Star.
Suppose the twenty-five billions
of dollars that Mr. Morgan owns
or controls and the millions of the
Rockefellers, Camorios. Frlcks.
Vanderbllts, Phlpps and men like
them were leveled down In equal
piles and distributed among the
people of America
Suppose that your .-h ue of the
nal lonal wen it ii and your CLAIM
TIES were the same.: thit you
had the same D Wlijer "f dollars
that everyone else round about
you possessed
How long do yoi suppose the fi
nancial equality between Mr. Mor
gan and your self woi Id continue'.'
In a few months, perhaps, and
certainly within a few years. Mr.
Morgan would have millions ns
against your dollars or pennies
Mr. Morgan knows the game
and YOU do not.
The legal conditions that per
mit Mr. Morgan and men like blni
to pile up huge FORTUNES
created by or at tiie order of Mr.
Morgan mid men like him.
While they have been engaged
In muklng money they have also
taken the precaution to MAKE
LAWS affecting then. selves and
to keep oilier people from making
laws that wo id Injurs inemsehe
At the very moment Mr. Mor
gan was telling an Investigating
committee how much money be
has, and how he made some of It.
Mr. William Randolph Hearst sat
on the witness stand In an adja
cent Washington building and
told another invesiigatinj com
mi . tee how some of our lei-isla Ive
crooks li ,e Foraker and Sibley
amended bills ;nd slaughtered
legislation that would regulate
the business cond mted by men
like Morgan nnd Rockefeller.
in ainher Washington building
still another investig itinc com
mittee is Investigating A COR
made money deals favorable to
himself with the very Interests
whose cases he hid to piss upon
in his court
Tiiese are some or the re isor.s
why you wo;. Id derive little bene
fit from being iti.en an equal
amount of money with nil of the
of'er people o' the lnl ed States
The cards are stacke 1 a gains
you In the rame
Your le islatlve bodies in the
State and n ion lia e i con pock
ed with me a ready to serve the
special interests
Your S n to I d Fede
1 four s
ha e i een pac el With I
jud res
T.iore is v. he e the main
once exists between you
and Mr
The reason way there is TOO
America s fund mental y a LE
GAL reason.
You and your courts have not
yet learned how to wrench apart
and destroy (if necessary, and In
some cases it is VERY NECESSA
RY) tho riiinois and corrupt fi
nancial alliances that control the
vast aggregations of capital that
prey upon those with smaller cap
ital, or no c ipital at all.
No wonder the Socialist Party
Is growl ig Strong iu America
If there was not a Socialist In
all America testimony like thai
or John Plerpont Morgan would
clari y a hazy tc moml 'ilea AND
The patrons or trie postofflce at
Rector, Ark., are preparing to el
ect a successor to the present
postmaster at that place, The
election will be held on the ISth
day of January, and all voters of
the township and rural routes
leading out of the town, both Re
publicans and Democrats, will be
be permitted to help select the
next postmaster If we had the
appointment of Rectors next P
M we would utterly ignore the
choice of the election and appoint
no one but a straight, working.
Bryan Democrat. Campbell t'lti
ten. sirel That is the idea! From
the tone of the Democratic press
we can row understand what
they mean when yawping about
'Suall the people rule?
They mean SOME people not
all. The Czar of Russia stands
for the same kind of Democracy
But 1 want to express approval
of the ac .ion of the people of Rec
tor. It should be so everywhere
and will be so whenever the peo
ple rule. But so long as a little
clique In every community rules,
we will have just the kind of gov
ernment we have now.
We've got em now, sure! The
head-lines of the daily papers on
Deo 23 sn Id, "Railroad Heads In
dicted under Sherman Act. Pen
alty may be imprisonment.' And
what a fine Chrlsmas the railroad
heads must have enjoyed after
hav ing a Joke like that sprung on
the public.
Miss Carlotte Oallager. a .lack
sou dressmaker, was held up and
robbed of I or purse and watch in
St.. Louis while on her way to
Smithvtlle. Mo.. 10 be married ton
wealthy young farmer.
Subscr'le for the only ICIcker.
extraordinary that
makes much of it.
Los Angeles, CaL, Dee. 23.- Af
ter having spent approximately
$1,000,000 within six months,
! Mrs. Clara Baldwin Stcs-ker, who
has received $1,600,000 from the
"Lucky" "Baldwin estate and will
scion get ten million more, arrived
from Chicago today In her $40,0 0
private car.
she brought the first Install
ment .,r her heavy purchases, in
Cludlng 1. 250,000 worth of iin-
monds In a wonderful variety or
settings and i'20,000 worth ol
goll and silver w ire, she ulo
lias u vv i rdrobe which cost about
8100,000. Following by express
are prised articles ol furniture,
unique lamps and other treasures.
Another item in her expenditure
is B 200.000 . icht. Her new au
tomobile cost 20.0 "!0.
Washington. I). t". Dec 22.-A
10.010 Christmas birthday par
ty was given today in honor of
the third natal anniversary of
Vincent Walsh McLean, the only
child or Mr. and Mrs. Edw ird Deal
McLean nnd popularly known as
Washington's 88,000,000 baby.
The guests at the birthday fete
numbered about two score boys
and girls recognised as members
or the most exclusive infant soci
ety set of Washington The ban
quet hall of the McLean residence
was set aside for them Down the
center of the 30-foot table bloom
ed u garden or flowers from whic h
e ery child found a tiny Santa
C'l.uus emerging and pr ;f ferine a
costly gift
Then there wus a giant Christ
mas tree lighted with thousands
o," tapers ai d trimmed wl h an reN
and miles of rlit erin? 'insels Un
der the spreading boughs were i
ful-fledged Christmas village with
trams, automobiles, carts nnd
miniature railways, all "breaking
the speed limit" while manikins
all eleo ri led, pi ed tleir vocation.
New York. Dec. 28. The mari
tal troubles ol the W. Go. Id Bro
kuws spring into prominence a
guin yesterday, when application
was made by attorneys Tor Mrs
Brokaw In the special term ol the
supreme court In Brooklyn ror
-lfj.tO counsel fees pending the
trial ol her suit ror divorce
In ber affidavit she declares her
husband associated with Mile. Su
Banne Setty between April 5 and
17) 1000, on board of the K a ise:'
Wllbelm II; In September. 19009
with Mabel Weeks t the bote
Carlton. Stanford Conn.. ; nil With
Estelle Perry on his yacht S.vt, d
ta from 1 ily 10 to 18 1008
He retaliates by charging her
with similar offenses In Pel r ar.v
March and April 1900 at West
bury. L. I., with tbe Baron Alex
ander von Hoenwacher. nnd In
1000 and 1910 with a strange
man :.t C mp Harding Colorado
Springs He also named Maurice
Sew York. Pec. 28, Immunity
was offered today to policemen
and civilians who acted as rraft
collectors Tor t he police system
from the 85,000 women of the un
derworld on the condition that
they confess and implicite the
"men higher up" in the police de
partment. This action created a
panic among the lusher officials,
and there were wild rumors that
some ol the guilty officers, rath
er than face the court, would flee
the city.
; Washington. Dec 2o. Costliest
of nil dainty shoos that will touch
pavements or Washington during
1918 probably will bo those or
Mrs chus. S Aide , whose husband
this morning presented her with
satin foot-wear, heeled with rhino
stones The recipient Is n member
of one of the first families o'. Vir
ginia Scores of the brilliant stones
are set in the heels of the shoos,
from the ground up to the soft
satin The cost or the stones.
which have all the appearance ol
diamonds and semi dazzling rays
or liptht Irom the roe of the wear
er, is estimated at 700.
Washington Dec. 14. Miss Lu
cy Hoke Smith, daughter of Sena
tor Hoke Smith of Georgia, re
ported today to the police the loss
or a horse-shoe brooch containing
thirty diamonds and valued at
i S 5,000. She says she lost it at
the Navy Yard dance last night.
From the Cleveland. O., Press.
Canton, the home of the late
President McKinley. now has u
Socialist mayor. A Socialist niay
' or think of that! What a inark
j er that is to indicate tho actually
j revolutionary change of political
sentiment in this country during
the past ten years 1 What com
ment would the major and his
friend. Mark Ilnunn. make on the
subject if they were alive today?
In the face of such a change, who
Is today rodicnl enough and reck
less enough to correctly predict
what will come about In the next
twenty years?
The dues-pnylng membership of
the German Socialist party. Sep
tember 1, 1912. was 970,112. Of
this number 130,371 were women
The young peoples' movement of
das Faderland shows a good In
crease. The subscribers to the
Arbelter Jugend (Young laborer!
has increased to S0.101. The par
ty has 86 dally pipers. The total
number of subscribers to the So-
New York, Dec. 24. "We havp
found that conditions under which
women work in New York state
are inhuman and almost beyond
belief." li-.-lii red State Senator R.
F. Wagner, discussing the inves
tigations or the state factory In
vestigating committee.
' We found men and w ( men wor
king In lll-ventllated. poorlj bun
ted, congested quarters. Particu
larly were the Conditions under
whleb we found women working
open to censure he said.
"In Buffalo vie found hundreds
of women, young and old, working
on Wet and damp floors doing a
man's labor In the slaughter
houses "
In Ctiea we found wOtnOfl wor
king in core foundries, beside ov
ens or molten metal, lifting and
straining at heavy burdens, with
only the poisonous fume- from the
metal to breathe."
Kansas City. Mo., Dee. H3 Dri
ven Insane, the police s ty. c.V h-. ti
ger and poverty, lohn Mngr'.j a
mute, shot and killed his deaf end
dumb wi'e in their home here. The
police found Magelo sittirur in 1 ho
kitched of the unheated building
with his sobbing children huddled
in his arms The children are egad
6 years. 3 years and 1 ,vear.
Cleveland. O The aid of the po
lice was necessary for tho rescue
of the two babies of Mrs 1W Ite
Cooper from her landlord S'ho
was unable to pay ber rent, and
the landlord put her handful ol
furniture In the stieet. thru he
seized her two little one- and sa'nl
he would keep them until she cot
tho money due him.
Chicago. III.. Tee. .3 -Bernard
Rodgers. a ragged 8-year-old boy.
was round in a Chicago park
watching squirrels burying pea
nuts and trying to steal their
store Be was starving.
Milwaukee. Wis. Doc. 23 A
tramp girl, who gives her name
as Maud Johnson, or Memphis.
Tei.n . aged 22. was taken mm
the "blind bageaee" of a train
arriving from St. Paul. She was
stiff from cold.
Photographs do rot adequate
ly pic re the revolting conditions
to be found In the county alms
houses and Jails of Missouri." sold
Wui T. Cross secretary or the
State Board or Cha 'Itlei and Cor
rection, to a reporter ;.r the st.
Louis Star Surid iy lui -t a i's
cussion of the rep i t thl Mis-
so rl State v r-e' Vsinniatlon.
on these col di lone.whlch contains
pic ;res of patients and their sur
ro indings found In county pnor
houses and Jails "A visit to the
places where these pictures were
taken wo Id cause a person to al
most forget that he is in a hu
mane country ho added
s s
New York. Dee. 23. More than
o-O per pent or the 12S.000 men
and women members or the Units
Garment Workers' union have vo
ted In Tuvor of a strike according
to nn announcement made at the
union headquarters. Tne workers
ask better working conditions.
Terre Haute. Did Dec.25. Mar
tin Coddington. partly clad and
taken to police headquarters btv
causp he was seen putting four 10
cent toys in his pocket at a store,
was not locked up "1 couldn't ito
it." said Captain Eeiler. "He has
four kiddies and didn't have a
cent Oh. yes. tho store people
wanted to prosecute him. but if
it 1s necessary, we know where he
Is and can fret him poor devil!
Pekin. China. Dec. 26. -Thousands
of Chinese in the famine
StrlOken districts id Central China
have turned cannibals. Fathers
and mothers are devouring their
own children in order to prolong
their own lives.
Gov. Donaghey or Arkansas issu
ed a blanket pardon to 316 pris
oners in the state penitentiary on
the ground that "under the lease
system, ns a burning, seething
he'.l consuming human beings win)
are being red into it in a manner
which results in nothing but mak
ing fortunes ror contractors." We
also have the lease system in bar
barous Missouri.
Subscribe for the onlv Kicker
cialist press of Germany amounts
to 1.47S.042. which indicates a
reading, thinking nation.
The Rebel, published at llart
letsvllle, Texas, says 'the leuding
anti-Socialists of the South are
all now candidates for govern
ment jobs postmnsterships cus
toms collectorshlps, etc. It looks
rather selfish for men who nre
bitterly opposed to the idea of
giving every able-bodied person a
government job at good pay, try
ing to get Bueh Jobs for them
selves." According to reports Wilson has
decided to appoint Bryan as cith
er secretary of state, or of the
treasury 1 hone Brvan will net
the treasury job. He used to
make aigreat deal of noise about
I both gold and silver being money
' of final redemption under the con
stitution It is. But 1 would like
; to see Billy work it on Wall
Street. Then we could laugh.
Put the Kicker In every workers
home (t buMy.

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