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moott County Kicker
tHMIShM fey Worker. Printing Company,
Benton. Mo.
Board of Directors: C. H. Weaver, Pre.;
Julius Albrecht. J. II. Branam. Ixirana
eyer, Solomon Dlebold. Phil A. Hefner,
aoratary-Treaau re r.
altered In tha poatoftlce at Benton, Ha.,
- - - aa second-class matter.
Published every gaturrwy. bxcrlptlea
price tl.00 per year.
The unhapplest mortals are those
who are always looking up the faults
of others. This Is explained by the
fact that they are trampling all over
the Golden Rule, which enjoins upon
one a friendly interpretation of an
other's life. It very often happens
that a man will shut his eyes to a
score of virtues merely to see one
fault, and when he docs that, and
hangs a cloud over the other's life, he
does the same for his own. This Is
not speculation; it is experience Just
notice how good you feel when you
see the good points of a man and not
the bad ones. There Is a bank of
flowers. Enjoy it behold Its beau
ties and enjoy the fragrance: don't
go nosing among the tangled weeds
looking for a snake. There is an old
adage: "Look on the bright side, and
if there Is no bright side, burnish up
the dark side." As to the Golden Rule
we would hate for a person to go
snooping around, looking up our
faults; and so we will not do It for an
other. When a great fault protrudes,
denounce It, but not the man. for he
may hare a dozen virtues that out
weigh it ten to one. Besides, the
fault may not bo the man's; and fur
ther, we might all act the same under
the same conditions and circum
stances. As we are now in the unnual season
for colds, a word on the subject Will
be timely. A writer In the Physical
Culture Magnzino tells us there la
much misconception regarding the
origin of colds and that they are not
caused by draughts, damp feet or ex
posure to the cold, but by an accumu
lation of waste materials in the sys
tem that, for some reason, have not
been expelled In the normal manner.
Exposure, dampness and draughts,
says the writer, occasion the cold, but
the condition of the system Is the real
cause of the malady. If the system Is
In a healthful condition, almost any
amount of exposure may be experi
enced, and no ill results will fellow,
but one Is much more susceptible to
colds when the abnormal condition
prevails. This condition is caused by
the failure of the icvengen of the
human body to properly perform their
functions. The body is .hen In a
semipotsoned state, and when in this
itate the cold is easily contracted. But
It is not the exposure which is the
cause of the cold. It ll only the oc
casion the last straw, and the real
cause Is to be found In the condition
of tha. system.
We have been so often told that the
whale fisheries are now exf.net that
we learn with surprise that 20,000
whales were captured last year In the
waters of South Georgia. South Shet
land, South America and Africa, and
that other fishing fields yielded sub
stantial catches, says the San Fran
cisco Argonaut. Who would have
thought that there were bo many
whales? But we are assured that in
a few year' lime there will be no
ffbaltf left, thanks to the use of the
deadly harpoon gun. The rorr.ual
whale was safe under the old system
He was too swift and too fierce to ap
proach In boats, but he Is sully con
quered by tho harpoon fired cut of a
gun from the deck of a ship. The
whale is not exactly a lovable animal
but It seems a pity that he should be
exterminated, especially as we were
under the impress-ion that he was al
ready exterminated.
A bad quarter of an hour Is furnish
ed the Germans by the report of c.;e
war correspondent that the swift and
decisive victories of the BulgarS over
the Turks were due to tha superiority
of the Creusot French guns over the
German Krupps used by the Turks
Of course the Krupp people will scien
tifically demonstrate the untruth ol
this. However the cun controversy
may turn out, we think the chief fac
tor of Bulgarian success lay in their
adoption of old Gen. I". II. Forrest '
statement that the art of war con
sists of "pittln thar first with the most
"The slaughter of the innocents" us
applied to the killing of children In
the streets of New York is sometimes
criticized as a sensational phrase, says
the New York World. By what other
term can the killing of ITS children
by vehicles In the city during the
last ten months bo designated? The
figure", show the extent to which traf
fic murder is tolerated and condoned
as the price of industrial progress.
Fnited States consular reports an
nounce that elephanf9 arn becoming
cheaper. Yet the careful man will
not lay In his winter supply of ele
phants without making further In
quiry. The Cardiff giant sold the other day
for $200 The person who purchased
it evidently realized that the Amer
lean people still like to be humbugged,
and that tried fakes are the most ef
fective. If you discover, in looking over your
supply of gold certificates, that some
of them bear the serial number
H18890323 and have a suspicious look
besides, try to remember who pggsgd
(hem on you. They are phony
Was Not Respected by HW Cabinet,
Mayor Says in Review of Volume
on Two Statesmen at Re
queet of Author.
New York. Mayor C.aynor was
asked to review a book by Rev, Rob
ert w. McLaughlin. The book is
called "Washington and Lincoln." The
mayor did . He wrote Dr. McLaugh
lin a letter which was just made pub
lic. "The general impression of Wash
ington." observes the mayor. In put
ting the itamp of his opinion on the
"Father of His Country." "Is largely
jrthlcal. We think of him as n good
man. . ho told the exact truth always,
ind n vi r ::ot angry, and suffered ev
erything patiently.
"Put. as .i matter of fact, ha was of
wp.i in blood a:;d prone to passion, as
uis contemporaries agree. He is even
known to have sworn like a trooper
at times. And his face was pitted,
ind be had bad teeth and other pliyg.
icai Imperfections.
"He was uot the equal in knowledge
i( history, economics and government
if the men who surrounded him: but
fter he had listened patiently to their
tounsel his judgment was sat aad
"The character of Lincoln was dlf
'rent He signed tli- emancipation
proclamation. That w as a momentous
tact In history. But it had to be al
nost extorted from him. And tho
Russian emperor had done the like
not long before.
"Unlike the case of Washington,
(hose around him, and especially mem
bers of his cabinet, did not greatly
sespeet him. Many of them were cer
lain that they knew much more than
6c did. Some of them called him an
ld fool.
"He was blamed for every blunder
t failure of the generals In the field.
But he had more philosophy than all
)f his advisers and gi nerals and crlt
les pu together. And therein Was his
Pectcr Quits Suddenly.
Jersey city. X. J. Beyond positive
ly denying that he had been forced to
resign as pastor of fashionable St.
Mark's Protestant Episcopal church
it Philadelphia, of which he had been
ector for ;1 years. Rev. Dr. Alfred
Sarnett Mortimer, one of the best
known of the ministers of the Epis
copal church, refused to discuss his
Pc'ice Are Billed.
Chicago Police haie thrown up
their bands in the murder of J. li.
Uogue. aged diamond merchant, who
was tonund with acid, stabbed 17
;lms ur.d shot ele.-.d in his office a
.vi i ik ..o with thousands of persong
passing and hundreds In call within
.he- I:;M:!.l.
f.'rs. Doxey Weds Ranchman.
St. Louis. Mrs. Dora Doxoy's fourth
guurriage, following within six months
t the finding of her husband's body
.n the Tennessee river, I' d Prosecut
ing Attorney Mills of St. Louis county
io announce that she must appear at
Clayton for trial on January 10 on a
marge of bigamy.
Miss Gould Gives Presort to Army.
Port Townsend, Wash. Miss Helen
Gould remembered the Army Y. M. C.
V here, for a telegram was received
py Superintend. -nt Stafford saying that
a moving picture machine bad been
hipped by Miss Gould to the associa
don. Corporal Kihs a Private,
Washington. Private Eric A. Lars
(On was shot and killed by Corporal
rimbiuok Collins, just outside the mil.
.tary reservation at port Worthing-
lOOi Md.. as the culmination 'jI a iiuur
el during a hunting trip.
How Leap Year Boosts Weddings.
Chicago. Leap year is gUu credit
'jy BMUTiage iicer.se clerks in Chicago
or a gain I .;.:;T4 in the number of
'iconises issued here during IJJg, The
total number v. as ;;,s;t.
Eighteen Pension Ofir.es to Cose.
Chicago. The Chicago penbion ot
Ice and lb others in diif.-rent parts ol
he country will be closed Jauuarj
n. After that'da'e pensions will u
paid from Washington.
Several Hurt in Head-on C.-ash.
HyattSVille, Md. Several personi
Were injured in a head-on collisioi
Between a passenger and freight trail
on the B. 4c O. railroad near here.
200 Livee Are Saved.
Plymouth, England The torrlflc
gale that swept the English coant con
tlcues, and many more small craft
we re reported ashore. Two lives wen
knows to be lost and at least iOU wen
sa.ed from death during the storm.
Predicts Goed Times Ahead.
iiicago. Railway presidents set
Only geod times ahead for the countrj
nest year. Their views are ex
pressed in a symposium compiled ii
tho current issue of the Railway Ag
Bij Tim" Sullivan Recovering.
Yoniters, N. Y. Congressman-elect
Timothy V. Sullivan, who has been ae
rlOttlly ill for nearly two months, ii
said to have so much recovered that
he may be able to appear ut the extra
session of congress.
Illinois Girl Sleeps 86 Hours.
SterlWg, III. Grace Odel). 11 yean
old. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E
Odell, has been sleeping tighty-sl)
hours, despite all efforts to awakei
her. Physicians believe vaccinnltc
.he cause of the long slumber.
Petition Alleges paekag In Which
Goods Is gold ll USId to Further
Monopoly-Patent Used as
a auDTerrvge.
Detroit. Ml h. The Kellogg Toast
ed com Flakes company Is alleged
to bo violating the Sherman law In n
petition In cqul died In the United
states district tut here by order of
Attorney General Wlckeraham to set
tle for all time the SXti M to which I
manufacturer may control retail
The company and it; officers, en
gaged in the manufacture of Kellogg'i
toasted com Hakes, nrc charged whh
fixing price at which the Hakes are
sold to retailer and consumer, pre
venting competition which would re
duce the price to the public and croa;-
oi." by concentrating the
entire Interstate traffic in this con
modity In the bands of Jobbers and
retailers who abide by price agree
ments exacted by the defendants.
Cartels Are Patented.
it is alleged that the defondnntg
have invoked the patent laws through
V:c use of n patented carton in which
the flakes ate p.wked as n "mere sub
tc rfugi and device" to escape the pro
visions of the Sherman law.
The government asks for injunc
tions to prevent the company. Its offi
cers and agents from controlling tt.o
price of the breakfast food after It
leaves the handl Of the manufacturer.
The following are named as defend
Kellogg Toasted t orn Flakes com
pany and Will K. KelloKtg, Wlifrrd C.
K ilogg and Andrew Rose, respective
ly president, secretary and general
manager of the company, all ot Bat
tle Creek. Mil h.
L. S. Case Important.
Tb petition is regarded by the cov
rrnment as ol vast Importance be
cause ol Iti bearing upon the right of
b manufacturer to control pries to
the consumer.
It is aliened that the company sella
only to jobbers, refusing absolutely
to deal directly with consumers or
with the retail trade. The commod
ity, according to the petition, la sold
to jobb- rs at a uniform price under
an agreement that the Jobbers will
sell to retailers at a price fixed by the
Food Concern Sued.
Detroit. A new application of the
Sherman anti trust law was made in a
suit filed here by ;he federal govern
ment. The artion is aimed against
the growing practice of manufactur
ers in attempting to tlx a uniform
jobbers' and retailers' price for their
products, and was brought against the
K' Hogg Toasted Cornflake company,
will K. Kelogg, Wilfred c. K-Hogg
and Andrew Ross.
Gklahorrpn Missing ;n New York.
New York. With a certified cheek
for $10,000, several hundred dollars in
currency and much valuable jewelry
in his possession, John H. Dawson, a
farmer of Iklgtook, Tulsa county,
Okla., U missing In New York. At
the request of ids wife and son Alfred,
a general police alarm was sent out
for him.
Exprfss Rates to Stand.
New York. The express companies
will not meet the government compe
tition that comes with the establish
ment of the parcels post. Contending
that the law, admittedly imperfect,
will fall e.t" Its own weight, (he man
agers of nil ol the big express cotnpa
nies have agreed to sit tight and make
no concessions to the public.
Give1; Ur PrsiCon rs Collector.
New York. Collector Wlltnra Loeb,
Jr.. former seerutary to Theodore
Roosevelt, having confirmed the re
port that be will give up his position
as head of ia' customs service of the
port of New York, gossip was busy
with his probable successor.
Kills Two With One Shot.
Foloom, La. Held up by two uni
dentified men. Henry McRsy, 19 years
"id, drew a revolver and killed
with ou.' bullet on a road near 1
Gale Sweeps English Coast.
Plymouth. A terrific gule svtv; the
English luast. The Brazilian steamer
Goyas and two schooners were report
ed to be ashore.
Promment nssoun Mason Dies.
Bet nany, Mo. T, A. Dun. aged 58,
prominent in Democratic politics, and
one ol the best known Masons of Mis-
BOUT!, aifcU in a hospital la Rochester,
, in ue oioufeni uere
for burial.
25 Girls in a Panic.
Chicago. Two boys were injured
seriously and 25 girls fled in a panic
from a burning tour-story building on j
North Des Plaines street, In the cen- j
tor of the factory district. The loss 1
was heavy.
Civil War Reporter Dies.
New York. William H. Stiner, a
newspaper man, who, during the civil
war, reported such memorable events
is the ua.vle bet .veen the Monitor and
Merrimac, died at his home on Long
Life Saver Is Drowned.
New Orleans. Claude Eroffat wae
found dead In a ditch, where he
drowned in two inches of wa.er. -He
vas identified as a life saver, formerly
at Atlantic City. He had rescued 20
-rom drowning in seven years.
Wotind, Mother-in-Law and Chases
Brjdc anl E,ri:;egroom-Barri.
oa-M gf , Room aU,
cades Self in Room ar.d
Fights Police.
Tay lorvllle, 111. John Bolder, a con
tractor Of Staunton, 111., after shool
' :. 1 is mother-in-law and defying a
I c idea of police, was shot, probably,
fatally, here as a climax to his at
tempt to prevent the marriage of his
Bolder fired twelve shots into the
wedding party, compelling the guests
i retreat In n panic. He then pur
tued his mother-in-law, Mrs. John
Fisher, to a bedroom where she was
hiding ar.d inflicted a serious wound
on her after firing five shots.
He then ran after tho bride and
1 bridegroom and fired through a barred
rloor at thorn, but they escaped
through n window.
Also Defies the Police.
When police came to arrest him he
barricaded himself in one room and
returned shot after shot at their fu
sillade, but finally fell mortally wound
ed, when a policeman's bullet hit him
while he was dodging In front of a
Bolder and wife were separated.
When he learned of the proposed mar
riage of Mrs. Belder's daughter, ho
came to Taylorvlllo and. uninvited,
entered the house where the wedding
was to take place at noon.
The bride, Miss Elsie Bates, and
the bridegroom, Ora Rrdforn, were
uninjured, and after police had sub
dued the attempted assassin they
were married as prearranged,
Pesplte the affray the other details
of the function, including the dinner
and reception, were given as if noth
ing unusual occurred.
Bi'der Taken by Ruse.
During the time the battle was be
ing carried on between tho members
: of the police force nnd Bolder, the
bt idal couide, after escaping, re-treated
to the home of William McRoberts.
While they fled BeTder reappeared nt
the door and reopened fire on the offi
cers. Deputy Davis retaliated with a
shotgun and Officer Ceaf fired with
his revolver. Bolder retreated to the
rear of the house.
Slipping into the place. Officer
Kearns found rti-lder lying in the
Itltchen with a bullet wound under the
heart. Kearns. in order to bring the
battle to an end. told the Wounded
man he would help him fight the offi
cers and asked him for a gun.
Bolder, ignorant of the ruse, gave
up his weapons, and was taken into
Word Inaugural Marsh?.!.
Washington. Ma. Gen. Leonard
Wood, chief of staff of the army, will
lend the inaugural parade In connec
tion with tho Induction Into office of
President-elect Wilgon. His appoint'
ment as grand marshal was an
nounced by Chairman William Cor
coran Eustls of the Inaugural com
mittee. Ble-ue P.iTrfor.3 E Q'-ty Men.
Columbia. S. C. By order of Gov.
Blease, SO convicts, including a num
ber of negroes, confined In tho state
penitentiary and serving on chain
gangs throughout the state, were lib
erated, thoir pardons being granted
as Christmas presents.
Finishes Journey In Coffin.
London. Edward Petre, an aviator,
was flying to Edlriburg in his aero
plane, bent upon arriving homo on
Christmas day for a visit with his par
ents. He arrived on scheduled time,
but he came in a casket, instead of
in his aeroplane.
Lucky Lives Up to His Name.
Bo.-ton. Mass. Benjamin Lucky ot
Birmingham. Ala., a circus attache,
justified his name when, as he was
about to be sentenced to prison for
manslaughter, it was found that an
other man had confessed to the crime.
Three Years for Legislator.
Columbus, O. Senator George K.
Cetone, who was convicted of accept
ing a bribe of $200 to influence his
vote in the senate, was sentenced by
Judge Evans to serve three years in
tho state penitentiary.
Boy of 5 Is Killed by Boy of 7.
Waterloo, 111. While hunting with
a rifle, Edwin Boss, 5 years old, was
shot through the head and instantly
killed by a boy named Hoesneler, 7
years old.
Raises Wag of Empoyes.
Rhinebeck. N. Y. As a Christmas j
present Vincent Astor. the new head,
of the A6tor faulily hn8 01(U.re(i n
increase of wages for employes of the !
Astor estate to take effect the first ot i
the year. i
Get Ral6e for Christmas.
Chicago. Clerks employed in the !
Pullman company will get an increase !
in salary totaling $100,000 next year. !
The increase will range from 12 per j
cent for the lowest paid to C per cent !
for the highest paid clerks. j
Guilty in 03,500.000 Fraud.
Portland, Ore. R. H. MacWh t-tcr
a Seattle real estate broker, pleaded
guilty before United States Judge
Bean to using the mails to defraud in
connection with the $3,500,000 De.
Larm Columbia river orchard swindle.
Liner Collides With Dredger.
New York. With 2,500 passengers
on board, the steamer George Wash
ington, a German liner, bound from
Bremen, struck a steam dredger p
Ambrose channel during the blindin;
Murderer, Said to Be Agent of Cal-
I cutta citizens Who Were In-
ceneeJ fay Remova of 8eat '
of Government io Delhi.
Delhi, India. Baron Charles Har
dinge, viceroy of India, was wounded
n the shoulder, one attendant was
killed and another wounded eight
times by a bomb thrown by a native
from a housetop. The bomb struck
the hOWdSh of tho viceregal elephant
on which Lord a:id Lady Hardingo
were entering India's new capital.
The assart i:i escaped.
Lady KsrdlngS was prostrated by
the shock, but was unhurt. She re
covered sufficiently to accompany her
husband to the hospital. Surgeons
said his wound was not dangerous.
Viceroy Wounded In Bade.
Besides that portion of the oxplod
1 ad bomb which wounded his shoulder,
the viceroy was struck three times in
the back by fragments of metal which
did not penetrate the flesh.
An unidentified boy in the crowd
was killed and several natives were
At the request of Lord HardlngO,
the procession continued on to the
Delhi fort, where Sir Guy Douglas
Arthur Fleetwood Wilson, finance
member of the Council of India, held
the viceregal durbar formully accept
ing Delhi ns the capital of India in
stead of Calcutti. in accordance with
plans announced by King George at
the royal durbar here a year ago.
Lord Hardinsr was elevated to tho
peerage shortly after he succeeded
the Karl of Minto last summer as
' viceroy of India. He is 52 years old.
Viceroy Lord Hardinge and Lady
' HardlngO had just entered Delhi.
They were received at the main sta
tion by Commander in Chief Gen. Sit
O'Moore Creagh.
The streets were lined with eager
crowds, and it was easy for the as
sassin to find an opportunity for his
It was believed that the assassin
either was from Calcutta or waa in
the employ of residents of Calcutta.
Delhi formerly was the capital of the
ancient Mogul emperors, and in reviv
ing its dignity the British adminis
tration is making a strong bid for
popular favor, but there were certain
commercial elements in Calcutta that
did not wish the capital changed. It
was from these that trouble was
feared, and on them the attempt to
kill the viceroy was blamed.
Alton Train Held Up.
Springfield. Ill, The "Alton Hum
mer" of the Chicago & Alton railroad
was held up near Lies Junction, two
miles south of .Springfield. The hold
up nun detached the engine and the
express car from the rest of the train
and forced the engineer and fireman
at the point of guns to go ahead with
Ihe engine and express car. It is re
ported that the robbers obtained val
aables woth approximately $80,090.
Japs Enforce Third Degree.
Tokio. The retrial of the Christian
inverts who are accused of having
plotted against the Japanese suzerain
:y in Korea has resulted in many au
henttoated disclosures as to cruelties
Dracticed by the Japanese- In order to
zet confession! from the accused and
heir witnesses.
Portugal Cabinet to Quit.
Lisbon. The Portuguese premier,
Dr. Duarte Leite, on his return from
3port, will hand to the president the
Ssignatlon of the cabinet. The tri
lls, which has been latent for some
ime. is due to the Democratic party'
Itiagreement with the procedure of
;he government.
Woman Dies in Church.
Minneapolis. When the pastor wai
jffering prayer at a church Mrs. A.
'.adoraut. a member of the congrega
tion, died of heart disease. A woman
vho sat nearest MrB. Lauderaut did
tot realise the womau was dead for
evoral minutes.
Marines Corning From Nicaragua.
Colon. The transport Prairie ar- I
rived here to take the I'nited States
marines who saw recent service In
Nicaragua and will proceed for the
Cnited States.
200 Japanese Killed in Mine.
Toklo. A message from Hakodole
said that 200 men were killed in a
mine explosion near there, only three
miners escaping.
Boys' Slayer Is Sentenced.
Buffalo, N. Y J. Frank Hlckey, the
slayer of Joseph Josephs and other
boys, who fell victim to his homicida.
mania, was sentenced to "not less
than 20 years in prison." Hickey wai
taken to Auburn prison.
Earthquakes in Sicily.
Turin. Two violent earthquakes oc- i
curred at Messinl and Rigdio de is
Calabria, Sicily. The disturbance i
caused a great panic, although there i
were no casualties. The material dam 1
age was small.
$28,500,000 Loan Urged tor Peru.
Lima, Peru. President Bllllnghurst
asked congress for authority to nego
ttate a foreign loan of $28,500,000 foi
the purpose of canceling certain debts
and financing the construction of rail
ways. Boy Killed at Play.
Marion, III. While playing wild
west near their homes in this city
Eugene Goodall, 6 years old, w as she i
and killed instantly by Chester Yates.
9, who "didn't know the gun was
jm ,t9L
fin i I
Yearling Bull Brings $400.
The Missouri College of Agriculture
has recently sold a yearling son of
Carlotta Pontiac to go to Old Mex
ico. The purchaser is the owner of
a dairy herd of 800 cows, fnrnishlnn
milk to the City of Mexico. The sulfl
price was 1400. Carlotta Pontiac Is
a Holstetn cow, bred and owned by
the College of Agriculture. During
the past year she has produced ninety-three
barrels of milk containing
70S pounds of fat, Which is equiva
lent to S27 pounds of butter.
Urge Revision Convention.
In resolutions adopted, the filth an
nual convention of the League of Mis
sourl Municipalities points out defects
in the state judiciary, election and
taxation systems and urge3 the call
ing of a convention to revise the C0n
stitutlon These officers wore elect
ed: President. Sam IJ. Hodgdon, Web
ster Groves; vice-president, H. D.
Reynolds. Webb City, secretary, Sid
ney J. Roy, Hannibal.
New Officers of Poultry Association.
The Missouri State Poultry associa
tion at its annual meeting in Spring1
field selected Kansas City M tho plaoo
for the state poultry show In 191D, nnd
elected those officers. C. A. Morton,
St. Louis, president: V. O. ilobb-.
Trenton, vice-president: T. L. tjulsen
berry, Mountain Grove, secretary and
treasurer. Morton succeed as presi
dent w. C. Knorpp of Pleasant HIU,
Friction Pired a Wagon.
F. 11. Green, a farmer living near
Imtthton, was driving to market with
a load of mill) t. An Iron guard over
a rear wheel worked loose and fe'l
across the tiro of the wheel. The
friction caused the guard to become
heated so that it Ignited the millet,
and Green had nil he could do o un
hitch the team before the millet and
Wagon were burned.
No Quotations Committteee.
Charles Scheitling. president of the
St. Louis Butter, Egg and Poultry ex
change, announced all quotations com
mittees would bo abolished until
further notice. This step was -al;en
following the same action by the Chi
cago and New York butter and egg
boards when the government proceed
ed airainst the latter on complaint of
fixing prices,
Plan College Endowment
Plans for raising an endowment of
$100,000 for the Central college for
Women at Ixxington. were discussed
by its curators the other day. Of this
sum, $2,000 was subscribed at the
meeting. The rest will be procured by
stock subscriptions. The college is
a Methodist church iSouthi Institu
tion. Receivers Sell Sedalia Light Plant.
A 1400,000 deal, in which E. F.
Bwlnney of Kansas City and W. H.
Powell of Sedalia, receivers, transfer
properties of the Sedalia Light and
Traction Company to Arthur E. Bpen
cer of Joplln, as consummated nt
Sedalia when t'ae deeds w re filed.
Tipton Mystery Solved.
J. Jackson of St. Louts arrived at
Tipton and Idenlflted the man put off
the truin at Tipton With Ills mind a
blank, as his brother-in-law, and give
hia name as Charles De Qulen. The
two departed lor Webster Groves, t:..
man's home.
Kansas City Quits State League.
Kansas City has dropped from the
State League of Municipalities because
Mayor .lost thinks that city could not
afford to pay the $To annual dues, ac
cording to a letter received by S. J.
Roy, secretary of the league.
Blees School to Mathews.
After years of litigation in the
United States court, the Liebing case,
involving the ownership of the Blees
Military Academy and 840 acres of
land at Macon was closed when a de
cree was signed by Judge David P.
Dyer of St. Louis, by which the acad
emy goes to Otha F. Mathews and
Missouri Jurist to Capital.
Judge John D. Lawson. professor of
contract law at the University of Mis
souri, left for Washington to appear
before the senate judiciary committee
in support of the "reform procedure"
bill, drafted by the committee of the
American Bar Association, of which
he Is a member.
An 85-Year-Old Groom at Lamar.
William A. Newton, a wealthy land
owner of Nevada, and Miss Alico
Francis, who has been manager of a
large dry goods house in Rich Hill
fvr tho last seventeen years, were
married at Lamar recently. The
groom is So years old, while Miss
Francis is in her early -lOra
Tests 400 Dairy Cows.
Dr. H. C. Ward of the state veteri
nary department hUB completed the
testing of 400 dairy cows in the vi
cinity of Springfield to ascertain if
any were infected with tuberculosis.
Of this number only four were con
demned. Boy Bandits in Jail.
Jesse Majors, 18; his brother, Elmer,
IS, and Farrel! Mehlnney,15, are under
arrest at Webb City, charged with
four hold-ups, committsd in us many
Boonville, Mo Has $75,C0O Fire.
Eire started in the Victor Clothing
Company's store at liconvillo and de
stroyed the stock of shoes and a large
stock of clothing. Jncujbs Uros. dry
goods store was damaged $6,000 and
Victor's estimate their loss at $60,000.
The total damage is conservatively
placed at $70,000.
Death of Pionee Woman.
Mrs. Ann Hayden fc'jott died at her
borne east of Columbia or beuility. Haii
Mrs. Scott survived until July she
would have been 95 years old.
Clevelander Plans Unique Mau
soleum 21 Stories High.
Or. Michel Declares He Has Discov
ered 8ecret of Embalming bud-
Bfcli AJmm tlmmii lit
nance i nm -
Ptolemy's Tims.
Cleveland, O.-That antlquo gentle
man who said "history repeats Itself"
might be Interested In the plan pro
posed by Dr. G. H. Michel. SS08 Pros
pect avenue, for disposal of the dead.
Michel, I bachelor of science in the
I nlverslty of Marseilles, nnd who
claims to have rediscovered the se
cret by means of which the ancient
Bgyptloni preserved tho bodies of
those they rev rod. offers the Idea
of a publio mausoleum tvonty-ono
stories high, with crypts for 17,000
bodlen. to supplant the unsanitary
cemetery, which, by reason of the
space, Is. ho says, rapidly becoming
Imprni tical.
Tho scheme as outlined, especially
for the present use of the congested
Cities of Now York and Chicago, pro
vides that the mausoleum bo pyra
mldal In construction, like those ot
old Egypt.
Slunild It ever be adopted tourists
will not have to go to the laud of
Anubls m lee Cheops, but merely
lotus and the Nile and the dog-headed
take a trip to any metropolitan ceme
tery. Consequently, it may be that
Dr.' Michel's Idea will meet with op
position from Cook's ond other tour
ist agencies.
Tho undertakers of the Ptolemya'
time stored away the groat and beau
tiful of their land, for future refer
ence i the reference being to the un
certain date of a trombone solo). As
nclent kings and queans, coutesan
ar.d beautiful slaves wore swathed In
bandages, immersed in secret oils,
Unguents ar.d pitch calculated to en
able (rail mortality to withstand the
ravagei of centuries, so we of this
day may actually Immortalize, if we
follow Michel's advice.
It may be argued that Lillian Bus
sell. Sar; h Bernhardt and other of our
stngc favorites, not to mention some
of our Republican statesmen, will not.
need extraneous aids to preservation
- that they are perennial.
Then the Carnegie institute might
arrange for a foundation having as its
purpose the mummification by Dr.
Sky Scraper Mausoleum.
Michel's method cf ex-presldenti and
their entombment in pyramids or
great Sphinxes like the Pharoahs
build-d for themselves. Needless to
say this would be after they wero
unable to draw the pension provided.
Hitherto the chief objection to n
torment in mausoleums has boon the
necessity of a disinfecting plant tha
savant points out.
by preparing the- bodies with his
special embalming fluid, before plac
ing them in tho crypt, the nec, ssiiy
of a dlalnteotlng plant Is obviated he
says, for if the bodies are treated ac
cordln;; to his directions, derom
poslilon wtll be no more possible than,
in a marble statue.
Unable to Distinguish It From Water.
They Cannct Rise Product Is
Ruined by Dead Bodies.
Tamptco, Mexico.-WI!d ducks ar
causing losses aggregating many thou
sands of dollars to the oil operators of
the fields in the Tamptco territory
Owing to the Inadequate stool 'tank
storage facilities, many of the oil pro
ducers have been forced to build earth
on tanks to care for the big output of
crude oil. Some of these earthern
reservoirs contain as muoh to " 000
000 barrels of the product.
When the present wild duck season
opened it was found that the fowls,
were apparently unable to distinguish
' the lakes nf f. e-'ou
----- wnior, ana as a
result they settled upon the piacldl
surface of the oil reservoirs In great
numbers. The oil is thick and heavy
i ..w.d iu uy wneni
i their feathers became saturated with.
ii.... u.B uuinn , ii una ma a..
... a resuu tnn trapped ones have
died by thousands, greatly Impairing
and in some cases ruining the oil.
Shabby Stranger Asks for "Makln'e
of St. Louis Guest and Gets
Wrong Sack.
St. Louis, Mo "Mister, will you'
gimme the makin's?" a shabby ,tran
ger asked John Moran, a guest nf
'.ho Pacific hotel, at the Unlontatio
Moran handed over a tobacco bagl
nd the papers. The stranger fum
bled with the sack a moment tn?"
grumbled: "If. empty." and ?hrew ?t
to the gutter. 11
A short time later Moran felt the
need of a smoke and purchased a .ack
? tcco' Pu"" it in hi. p0ckCekt
he discovered a second sack h
pogltated one Instant and then .u":
ed on a run for the point where he
had met the Btranger. he
The bag thrown into the gutter
jone. It had contained Ills M
b.dkg,ven the wrong psfg

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