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NO 6.
"There wan a time when the
Louisiana lottery was sanctioned,
and when gambling of all kinds
was permitted, but such condi
tions continued only until the
people aa a whole had opportuni
ty to Inform themselves and were
aroused to action. Then the lot
tery and the other kinds of gamb
ling were suppressed. An aroused
public- sentiment would not tol
erate a Louisiana lottery, nor
will an aroused public sentiment
tolerate the gambling features of
the Now York stock exchange."
Cnrutbersville Democrat.
The editor of the Democrat
does not seem to understand
WHY gambling in the Loulslinn
lottery became immoral.
For thoee days the Louisiana
lottery was a gigantic Institu
tion and the only rival Wall
Street had. From all over tbe
nation the dollars of the people
were sent south not east, an
As usual. Wall Street raised the
moral issue and bad the backing
of "the church." And. with It
dirty dollars, suppressed its only
rival by "law " But the Demo
crat goes on :
"As a remedy LawBon proposes
that the government shall incor
porate and operate a federal
stock exchange, and that all oth
er stock exchanges shall be prohi
bited. Of course there must be a
market place for legitimate trans
action in stocks and bonds. The
federal government undoubtedly
has as much power to operate a
took exchange as It has to oper
ate a postal department, and the
great mission of the federal gov
ernment ought to be to facilitate
in any legitimate way, the best
welfare of the public"
So Lawson and the Democrat
would have the government take
over the gambling brsiness
Next they would want the gov
ernment to take over the "Red
Light" business. It never occurs
to the plutes that the way to ge1
rid of an evil is to abolish the
-cause of its existence.
Why have any stocks and bonds
at all? You speak of ihe govern
ment operating the postal system
and that therefore It could oper
ate n stock exchange. Did you
ever hear of any postof.'lce stocks
and bonds?
If the postal system can be run
without stocks and bonds by the
government, then why can t the
railroads or any other indusir.v
be run in the same way? Why
Would a stock exchange be nec
essary? I expect no answer for
there is none. The Democrat
goes on :
''But there will doubtless be
great objections most strenuous
objection! on the part of stock
gamblers to the l.awson plan, or
any other plan. Somebody may
en go so far as to Hay it is So
cialistic, and when that Is said f
a scheme there is not bin g left
for its promoters to do but to go
to bed nowexer. H is to be nd
:1ed, that most of those who ire
th s rebuked and sent to bed cur
ly, usually get a good sloop and
nre able to be up and on the Job
again with the dawn of the next
day " ?
It Is encouraging to learn that
a plan dubbed Socialistic is not
considered so dangerous now as if
was a few years ago. But there
is nothing oclltiUtUU about the
Lawson plan. Government con
trol amounts to nothing so long
as the pirates control the govern
ment. Lawson Is hewing along
the lines of Roosevelt.
Until the masses are educated
and made capable of self-government
the plutes will rule, no mat
ter by what name or method.
For months the Congressional
committee appointed to Investi
gate the Mon y Trust has had its
officers out with Instructions to
to bring Wm. Rockefeller before
it But the officers reported that
they could not find him. Finally
the committee got mad and told
the chief officer to go and got
Rockefeller and not return with
out him.
Since then the press has made
much noise about the search. A
press dispatch announced that 30
special off oers have Rockefeller's
New York home and his Tarry
town residence surrounded, and
that he cannot get away. "We
can wait as long as he can," the
chief is quoted as saying This
sp .r t cost the people $1,( 00 a day
Rockefeller's physician would tell
the guards that he must not be
disturbed that he had a sovere
throat trouble and could not talk,
and that It would endaqger his
life to appear before the commis
sion. Suppose It were you or I that
these officers wanted? Do yon
suppose tbey would stand around
In the cold and wait for us to ap
pear? Don't you ' now that they
would smash in the dooiwor set
the house on fire, if necessury, In
order to search the plnoe?
Yet we are told that all are
equal before the law and so ma
ny people believe this. But now
we are . told that Rockefeller Is
not at home at all nor in this
country but out at seal
Where were all of the Burns
and Pinker ton detectives that
the government employs to hoend
labor leaders? Why were they
not put on Rockefeller's trail?
Why is It necessary for Rocko
fe'ier to flee the mtiyv Would
an honest man do that?
Put the Kicker in eery worKoi
home Ot busy.
Day by day the plutocratic pa
pers feeds the public on stories
of murder, robbery, sulrilde and
starvation and the crookedness
of public men Also the criminal
waste and extravagance of the
rich. But none have any remedy
to offer except reform. "Put in
good men," they say. They never
hint that there might be some
thing wrong at the root tlat pro
duces all those evil results.
You cannot reform a rotton.
worn-out system . If a house is
rotten at the foundation you
cannot fix it by putting in B new
window here and there. As the
house warps or sags the window
will be twisted and break. It
may improve the looks for a time,
but does no permanent good.
Our trouble Is at the root. Cap
italism is based on getting some
thing for nothing. Under It you
cannot be "successful" unless oth
ers are unsuccessful. To create
one millionaire there must, at the
same time, be created thousands
of paupers. It can be done in no
other way. The successful tnsn
must get the better of his broth
ers. He must be able to beat
them In lying and cheating. He
must "get the better of the bar
gain," as Pro. Ake puts it. Like
the hog that grows fattest of the
brood, be must be able to root
the others from their feed. The
hog uses force. The plute uses
cunning so long as it works, and
then force the police and the
The public service has been no
corrupted by those who grow
rich on the labor of others that n
very large number of peopie re
fuse to vote. "What is the use?"
they ask. In no country Is the
public service so corrupt as here
and no where does it attract
so little general attention. With
a corrupted and stirvlle press that
leads them here, iliere ai d yorder
but never in the right direction
the great mass of people have
all but given it up as hopeless to
Improve conditions.
The dollar talks. Everybody is
after the dollar. With dollars
one has power to buy anything
from a ditch-digger to a federal
Judge or a pug dog. In the ci
ties there are dealers In children,
where you can buy a baby at
prices ranging anywhere from al
most nothing to five dollars. But
dogs come higher.
That is the Kingdom of Capi
talism. How different from that
other Kingdom hit tells us.
'Suffer little children to come
unto me. for of such is the King
dom of Heaven."
Corruption! Well. yes. it is
about In the I md inherent in
the system Ven engage in poli
tics for the same reason that oth
er men engage in selling goods or
robbing trains for the profit
they expect to ge' out of it.
There nre big politicians and
little politicians J st as there are
big and little in all occupation!
and all nre agents of the powers
hi "her np. In the rural disiricts
where living is cheaper and not
so much style is necessary, the
patriots ore satisfied with dol
lars At a county seat it takes
hundred!. In large cities and at
state capitals. It takes thousands
to attract capable patriots. At
the national capital only millions
tal; all of the money that comes
from the sweat of labor.
And so long as society can see
nothing higher and nobler In life
to live for than the dollar, Just
so long will present conditions re
main. To get the great mass of
people to see beyond this requires
education the one thing the rul
ing powers fear most.
That is why the educator! not
In their employ are bounded, per
secuted, Imprisoned and even put
to death LEGALLY, of course.
When a Socialist gets discour
aged, let him review the progress
made in the past two years. In
four of the five state! In which
woman'! suffrage was voted on
last fall It was adopted. Every
party in the field appealed to the
people as the progressive party.
This was especially true of the
Democratic party although
there was nothing in their plat
form to Indicate it. The Roose
velt party swiped much of the
Socialist platform and in many
states got more votes than Taft.
Wilson was elected with several
hundred thousand fewer votes
than Bryan got when he was de
feated four years ago. The So
ciallst party Is the only party
that showed gains. All others
lost votes wblie the Socialist vote
more than doubled. Four years
of Wllaon will do the rest. He
couldn't iO a thing for the mass
es if hfc wanted to. Hj stands Tor
I and holievAH In nxnetlv the same
system as does Mr. Taft. And un
til he system is changed, no re
lief can oome.
At the end of four years and
very probably long before the
Wilson administration will be as
unpopular as the Taft adminis
tration now is. Put that down.
The labor leaders were senten
ced one day and started for tbe
penitentiary tbe same evening.
The plutes don't break into Jail
that quick. The reason for this
may be found in the fact that tbe
plutes carry the keys. Working
men build prisons and turn over
tbe keys to the plutes. But even
here there Is a redeeming feat
ure. A prison is about the only
building a worker puts up that
be is permitted to occupy with
out paying rent.
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Teddy Roosevelt was president
when Moyer. Haywood and Petti -bone
were kidnapped out of Colo
rado to Idaho. The federal courts
held this kidnapping to be no vio
lation of the rights of the Im
prisoned worklngmen, and Teddy
upheld the courts by declaring
the kidnapped men to be "unde
sirable citizens."
To test how the courts would
hold in case the kidnapped parson
be a smug capitalist politician.
Fred Warren, of the Appeal to
Reason. Offered $1.00(1 reward
for the kidnapping of ex-Governor
Taylor, of Kentucky, and his re
turn to the Kentucky authori-
ties. Taylor was a fugitive from
his state, charged with complici
ty in the murder of Gov. Gouel
For this Warren was Indicted In
the federal court, with Roosevelts
approval, and, after beln ' "V
rassed and bounded for 2 years,
was fined $1,500 and sentenced to
the penitentiary for six months.
But an aroused public prevented
either the fine or Imprisonment
from being imposed. The deal
was Just a little too raw.
But chickens do come home to
roost and Roosevelt Is getting a
little dose of his own medicine.
Last fall the supreme court or
Idaho happened to be of the Taft
brand, and it held that the bal
lots could not have the Roosevelt
electors printed on it. That set
Teddy in motion, and he printed
some ugly things about this holy
court which was re-printed by
three Bull Moose editors in Idaho
And these editors are now 'in Jail
for contempt of court. Hence the
hero of San Juan tons an entirely
different view to that held in the
Warren case, and says:
"I am confident that I express
the feelings of every decent Am
erican when I say that I am out-
raged and indignant beyond mens-
jure at the infamy that has been
iiurticruic.i m hwui - cause tney are at tne oiner ex
be no better proof that we need jtreme Extreme richers nre as
in any st-.te the power to recall ! harmful ns extreme poverty.
Judges ' ora the bench when they Tni8 i8 tne ruje. There are. of
act badly, and that everywhere courge. exceptions to all rules
we need to give to the people pOVerty and strife are the basic
themselves the right expeditious- CauBe Df all our ills Read an ac
ly to make their own constltu- ; count of a suicide, and in nine
tlone and to be. in every act. the
masters of their own destinies."
Hooray for Teddy! He's been
stung and squecls like a stuck
pig I
But what's the use? If the Ida
ho court had been of the Teddy
brand, the law would have been
By Eugene V. Debs.
What sweet emotions the recol-
leciions o: Onlianooa inspire, ana
how priceless its treasured memo
ries Iti our advancing ami declin
ing years!
Laughing eyes :tnd curly hair,
little brown hands and bare feet.
Innocent and c ire free, trusting
and lo ing, tender and pure, what
an elevating and satisfying in
fluence these little gods have
upon our maturer years!
Childhood! What a holy theme
Flowers they are. WHO soui inConlpPte
them, and if on this earth man
has a !acred charge, a holy ob
ligation, it ia to these tender buds
and blossoms of humanity.
Yet how many of them are pre
maturely plucked, fade and die
and are trampled In the mire
Many Millions of them have been
snatched from the cradle and
stolen from their play to be fed
to the forces that turn a work
Ingman's blood Into a capitalist !
gold, and many millions of others
have been chrushed and perverted
Into filth for the alum! and food
for the potter'! field.
Childhood i! at the parting of
the way that leads to success or
failure, honor or disgrace, life or
death. Society is. or ought to be.
profoundly concerned in the na
ture of the environment that is to
mold the character and determine
the career of its children, and any
remiss aess in such duty is rebuked
by the most painful penaltiee. and
these inflicted with increasing se
verity upon the people of the
United States.
Childhood 1b the most precious
charge of the family and the com-
munlty, but our capitalist clvlll-1
cation sacrifices It ruthles!ly to
gratiry us orutai iusi ior pen anu
power, and the march of its con
quest Is stained witn tne oiooa oi
Infant! and paved with the puny
bone! of little children.
What shall the harveat be?
The millions of children chrush
ed and slain In the conquest of
itallsm have not died In vain
From their little martyr graves
all over this fair land their eveng
lng Images are springing up, as it
were, against the system that
murdered them and pronouncing
upon it, in the name of God and
humanity, the condemnation of
New York, Jan. 11, Women in
troduced suffrage methods Into
the garment workers' strike to
day. Nineteen women and girls
were arraigned In police court
and fined $5 each, with the op
tion of spending three days in
Only one paid the fine and the
other 18 were taken to the Ray
mond street Jail.
On the way they sang the Mar
sellalse and created such a dis
turbance that It was feared they
would wreck tbe prison van.
Once Inside the Jail their vio
lence increased. They screamed
and rattled the doors of their
cells and hurled their cots about.
When exhaused their noise subsided.
All that we Socialists ask of
anyone man or woman Is that
they use their brains. We can
appeal to nothing else. One can
take money, or booze, or flattery
and get a bunch of capitalist
votes, but that is an appeal to
the stomach or vanity. To make
socialists it is necessary to get
at the brain. BOOte reaches the
brain all light but only to be
fuddle it. That is wh) bOOSe Is
Indispensable In capitalist cam
paign. Put clear brains are nee
essnry to grasp Racialism,
First, let us take up some ad
mitted facts. You knuW that
crime. Insanity, suicide and DOTS
Uy are on the Increase. If you
do not know it. then go to the
prisons, insane asylums. Morgues
and poor houses and you will be
convinced. Or rend any daily pa
per with its record of crime and
Now, if all these things that
are so detrimental to society are
on the increase, then there muat
be some cause for this increase.
Most of you have been willing to
pass the matter up by a waive
of the hand, a wise look, or to
charge it up to God. It never oc
curs to you that these results are
the effects of causes that are re
movable. What is the cause of crime?
The prohibitionist will teil you
that it is drunkenness. This has
been thoroly disproved but. for
the sake of argument, let's ad
mit it. What Is the cause of the
; excessive use of stimulants? Or
drunkenness? Any authority on
the subject worthy of the name
will tell you that it is poverty
the exhaustion, worry and men
tal 6tate produced by Constant
struggle for existence.
This same mental state produ
ces insanity and suicide, ton
mnv th t thp ..if.h ftre niSf.
8UDject to these. Put that is be-
cases out of ten the papers will
give the cause as "despondency "
It is a polite way of saying that
the person had tired of the battle
of life and given it up.
Nearly all Crimea committed
are either directly or indirectly
traceable to property. A murder
may be committed, but if you
trace the cause, you will gener
ally find thit property was at
the bottom of it. Envy and jed-
ousy exists in every community-
nll because of rival interests. II
you wore engaged in a certain
kind of business in a town and
your rather started up a similar
business in the same locality you
would soon despise each other
all because of an outworn tystem
that forces the small business
men to compete or scramble for
existence The big capitalists are
not such fools. They have social-
j jze(j their interests and refuse t(
The commonest crimes are bur
glary and larceny theft. Vary
few people steal because they like
to. They steal because they are
out of work and need food or
clothing If society wants to pun-
j aa people for stealing, then socio
ty ought to guarantee worn to
all who are willing 10 worn.
Don't you think so?
If you were out of work and
hungry and cold, and was n f uf-ed
a chance to earn bread and cloi h
lng. you would have left the
choice of e'her stealing or starv
ing. WiUt would you do?
It is all nice talk-this talk
about it being their own fault
but people do not starve because
they want to.
That is a strange story that
comes from Missouri's metropolis.
St. Louis Labor, a trades union
and Socialist paper, publishes fac
similes of letters written by the
management of the Terminal rail
way association of that city di
recting the subordinates to ar
ranee for a snecial train to car-
TJ tne iabor leaders on trial at
Indianapolis to Ft. Leavenworth
pn80n. The first letter is dated
Nov 19. 1911-FORTY DAYS BE
Who will explain that?
So startling was this exposure,
and so evident was the genuine
ness of these letters, that their
contents appeared in the capital
ist press
Forty daye before the trial end
ed the agenta of the government
were making arrangement! to
send the 40 men to prison so
sure were tbey of their court and
And yet we shudder when we
read how the Russian govern
ment railroads its victims to Siberia.
I don't believe I ever saw so
much crime recorded In the news
papers as appear these days. Very
few people steal ai d rob and mur
der from choice. They are driven
to It. When President Taft was
asked "What Is a working man
to do who is out of a Job and his
family Is starving?" he answered,
"God knows." That is about as
good an answer as any old party
politician can give.
The remains of Frederick Neu
man were sent by pi reels post
from St. Lo'ds to Edwnrdsvllle.
111. The body was cremated at
tbe Missouri crematory and the
ashes weighed 6 1-2 pounds.
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Washington, January John
D. Rockefeller, Jr., has set uside
$10,00,000 in bonds, title or
which has not passed as yet, for
the purpose of establishing the
Rockefeller Foundation, a chari
table Institution, the one und
only object of which will be to re
claim women of the tenderloin,
give thoiu good homes and pluce
them in honest and lucrative po
sitions where they Will be self
supporting. Stanley O. Finch hief or the
Governments Bureau of Investi
gation, will be iu active charge
of the entire work with the ex
ception or the finances, which
will be under the control or Mr.
Rockefeller and his associates.
That's the Idea! Don't try to
stop the cause of prostution
poverty but after the women
have fallen, give them a home
and try to get a Job for them.
Don't put up any cash. I'ut up
ten million dollars in bonds on
which the people have to pay the
Interest and let tint do the work
In this way the people will pay
for this farce and John D. won t
be out a cent. Oh. the hypocrite!
in the same way Carnegie is go
ing to stop wars and has set
aside ten million the income or
which will be used up by his
"Peace Society" eating big din
ners that ought to stop any old
Their shell game is getting n
little Irazzled at the edges. The
fact is. the wealth is accumulat
ing so fust iu the hands of a few
that they are at their wits ends
how to get rid of it. And they
are liable to resort to any fool
From the Missouri Ruralis;.
Several months ago a few re
marks were made regarding the
treatment of prisoners at our
state penitentiary. There have
been more recent developments,
but it seems almost impossible to
get at all the facts, as the press
reports are highly colored either
way. owing to politic il bias. Thut
the treatment of prisoners has
not been all that it should have
been seems quite probable There
should at le ist be an investiga
tion by competent men, and any
necessary change in the decipline
of the convicts made at once.
The ugly stories which nre con
tinually cropping out are n detri
ment to the good name of the
state If there is nothing to
them they should te stopped if
the brutalities charged do exist
their future practice should be
abolished It is high time th i1 we
ere aw y from be old, bloody, in
human and un-Chl stian no! ion
that prisoners are Bent lip merely
to be punished, and hit all orti
of barbarities sho id therefore be
perpetrated upon the iii'fortun
ate wretches whose warped and
marred Ji es are not Bltogethtl
of their own making
Chicago. Jan. 10. H V, Scott,
i vice-president of he Gordon Van
Tyne Co. and or the V. M Rob
erts Co.. or Davenport, Iowa, was
on the witness stand tod ly in
I the hearing or the federal suit to
'dissolve the retail l ruber dealers
j combination. He told or the at
I tacks on his concern.
'They employ any means short
of murder." he said "Both my
'wife and I received threatening
, letters. Our plant was burned
three years ago. They had de
. tectlvee in our plant and bribed
I our employes and tracked our
i shipments and then warned deal
ers in the towns to which we
Scott's concerns had refused to
Join the combine, therefore mixi
ern business methods were appli
ed to bring him around.
Washington, Jan. 11 Mother
Jones, veteran organizer of the
I'nited Mine Workers ot America,
describing the conditions in the
West Virginia coal fields at a
mass meeting, declared ahe had
seen women and children wives
bnd families of the striking min
ers, thrust out of their homes and
forced to live in the mountains
without food or shelter lor four
days and nights.
She declared she had seen 21
strikers in a party of 30 killed
while asleep in their cabins by u
posse oi of'icers.
Representative Wilson of Penn
sylvania, who said he spoke from
personal knowledge, vouched for
Mother Jones' statements. Reso
lutions were adopted demanding
that congress investigate condi
tions in the strike region.
Roleigh, N C. Jan. 9. Col. T W
Davl! of Roleigh, last night, took
several drinks from a bottle of
gaeoline which he mistook for
corn whiskey. When he lighted a
cigar a moment later hia breath
caught fire, and likewise his whis
ers. He is now minus the latter.
A bad cold prevented him from
detecting tbe difference between
gasoline and "old corn."
From the St. Louis Star.
Appeals for aid from the desti
tute families hive greatly In
creased since the severe weather
set In, according to C. M. Hub
bard, manager of the St. Louis
Provident Association.
The appeals now average about
50 a dty ho says.
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What the People are Doing in Other
Counties that are Near.
Caruthersville Democrat. To
the merry struins of T hoy re
Hanging Frogs in Ireland lor th
Woarin' or tir Green," Carroll i
Vlvlen or t e vaudeville team or
La Vivien and La Vivien.ln at
tempting to perfore his so-cal.cd
famous escape from the gallows,
swung into the air from a four
foot table at the Dixie Theater
on last Saturday evening and
proceeded to hang himself in re
ality. In performing this feat
La Vivien's feet and hands are
tied and the hangman s noose ad
justed behind his lelt ear. Ho
swung oH the table and released
his hands in a Jiffy, and then
grabbed the rope and pulled him
self up at lean, two feet higher,
and attempted to clasp the rope
with his teeth and release it from
his neck, but he failed to do so.
and dropped with a sudden jerk
tightening the noose, and render
ing himself helpless. He hung In
this position for at leist two min
utes and slowly strangled before
anyone realized that an accident
had occurred, and rushed to his
assistance He was ui. conscious
when cut down, but soon recov
ered. Mrs Josephine Cole of DeslodgC.
n widow with nine children, com
mitted suicide by taking oirboli''
acid She was 38 years old and
the youngest child is three years
old The report say she was
"despondent and malancholy."
which means that the struggle
for existence was too greit f r
her. No doubt she reasoned th rl
by taking her own lilo society
would care for the children, but
so long as she lived society WO Id
not help her. Wo s ;re have a
very crazy system. We will take
care of children after we tn e
murdered the parents. We wir
Teed and clothe i worklngman
arter we have driven him to
crime. We will care Tor the de
mented aTter we bae driven
them crazy. We will, care for
the crippled and diseased rid
aged after having robbed them
or whatever wealth they may
have prod iced.
Frederic' town New. The. barn
or John Ryan who iives on Ci stor
was s:rjck by lightning nil de
stroyed by the resultant fire I isi
Sunday night during 'ho thundei
storm Bestdei the lost of barn
and contents Mr. Ryan lost a
val ible mule that wa bar el '
death Tin is a very n sa l oc
currence for a thunder nd -li ning
storm ai we h id In tir- sec
tion ror the season
i i
Charleston Republic A. C Col
lins, a one-legged negro wai r
rested last Saturday e e ing
night marshal Johnson, o i si spi
cion or bootlegging, and upon
searching the prisoner, ten pints
or whiskey were found upon hi--person.
Monday morning he
plead guilty to the charge or ced
ing liquor, and w is sentenced to
100 days in Jail.
Of the several counties that vo
ted on township organization
last Tall, Butler is the only coun
ty that ndopted it. While they
have had It In the north and west
part of the state lor over 2(1
years, it is new down here and
the people will have to le iru more
about it.
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Farmers, Attention!
f0,0K) Organised consumers in St Louis want your F.ggs and
Poultry Shipped direct. Send Tor Shipping Tags and instructions
how to ship. Coops and oa-ien furnished on appl:cntion.
Any Local wishing to start Operative Shipping or Purchas
ing without Capital, write us and e will tell you how
If the farmers have the help and support of those who con
sume their produce, they can succeed, no matter what the middle
men may do.
We have expert Cattle and Hog salesmen at independent Stock
Also expert Hay and Grain salesmen who are at your service.
We also supply your wants. Send for price
American Co-Operative Union Supply Company
Wm. S. McAdam, Pres. and M'g'r.
No. 404, North First 8treet. ST LOUIS, MO.
We solicit your mail
thing via parcels post, Remember the place
Every Worker
Who earns Bread in the Sweat
of his face should be a patron of
An auditing h'is just been com
pleted in Osark County and sever
al minor errors were discovered.
A former treasurer, now dead,
was round short $617,55; the
present treasurer was round to
have ;i credit due or $2.0i; the
collector was round due credits
or $L'2 1"; the county clerk was
reported short $188.46; a ror
iner circuit clerk was SlOO.Ol
short; and the hooks or the sher
iff were found to balance correct
ly, he having served the county
for twenty years. The circuit
clerk has resigned and a success
or has been appointed. In Pemis
cot county the auditing of the
books is now under way and, ac
cording to the Argus, "rumors"
are already being circulated.
Cape Girardeau had two very
expensive fires last week. One
was the plant of the Ht Ixmj'ih Oil
Co, whore coll oil, gasoline, paints
and other oils caused a spectacu
lar fire. The origin of the 'ire
was the result of an explosion
and spread so rapidly that all of
rice furniture was burned and the
employes barely escaped with
their lives. One wan considerably
burred The other was the burn
ing of the street car barns, pow
er house and sis cars. The origin
of the fire is not known ami the
loss is estimated at $20,000.
Jackson Cashbook 38 leaders
d n labor organization wore con
victed in a fedora court at In
dianapolis recently and given var
ious degrees of punishment by
prison sentences How rorreshing
it would look if somewhere ami
somehow only just one of the big
ger criminals high among the mil
lionaire class could be marie to
wear the stripes also! But no;
prison stripes are made to be
worn oDly by criminals who have
no pull.
Charleston Courier. D. H. Har
per of Cape Girardeau, but for
merly of this city, claims the hon
or of introducing one of the most
valuable crops into Missouri. He
says that in this county in 1877
he raised and out the first crop
of cowpeas ever grown in the
Sta'e. and Dr. John M. Rowe
bought the first load of pea hay
e or sold in the state. The pea
crop is now one of th" most im
portant In Southeast Missoiri.
James Carroll, o ce a promi
nent furniture man if Cipo (Sir
arden i, died on the poo- farm of
that county ! si wee; His mind
became affected and ho spent bis
last days on the poo- farm. He
had gone out after breakfast to
feed tjie hogs and was later found
Wm. Huters, aged 91 years,
died at the cape last week, where
he had lived since 1850. Wm. F.
8ailer. who for many years con
ducted a saddlery business at the
Cape, died In St. Louis the result
or aa operation for gall stones.
There le quite a scare over spi
nal meningitis In Southeast Mis
souri. It is reported quite preva
lent in northern Arkansas and
across the river from the Cape.
Deaths from it have been report
ed in New Madrid and Pemiscot
counties and many towns have
quarantined against it.
orders and will dli
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