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Scott County kicker. (Benton, Mo.) 1901-1917, January 25, 1913, Image 1

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NO 7.
To a man up a tree it would
appear tbat the Republican par
ty cannot survive. In power and
with federal patronage at Its
command, It succeeded In carry
ing only two small states with
eight electoral votes. This proves
a weakness far greater than eith
er the Federalist or the Whig
parties when they went out of
By the time the next president
ial election rolls around the Dem
ocratic party will be In the same
fix. They ran do nothing to re
lieve the masses. In fact, they
Promise nothing that would in
the least change existing condi
tions. What calls itself the progressive
Wing of that party is looking to
Bryan for relief. Bryan'! remedy
for the trust evil is to prosecute
them under the criminal clause or
the Sherman Act and put the ,
promoters in Jail. Being a law-
yer Bryana ballevea ferlaoua to be I
the remedy for all evils. B'll
even if the trust promoters did
not own the courts, the accused
pramotam WOUld have plenty of
tlfte to die or old age before a
final decision w.is reached.
But it wouldn't help matters
one bit if you put them in jail--any
more than it retards the
working rltiss movement to put
its lenders and agitators in Jail.
Hoth spring from the same root,
and the one that Is best fit to
survive will live, regardless of
courts. Jails and armies. And
since Labor is tbe producer of all
wealth. It certainly is best fitted
to survive when It gets Its eyes
To put a man In Jail would cer
tainly have no greater effect on
the system with which lie is con-.but
nectcd than to put him in Ms me to be forced to deposit with Scott and other counties, can be
grave. E. H. Harriman was the J them, or take chances on being i laughed out of court. The Jack
reoognlied railroad king of the . robbed by some other crook. son Items, a Republican paper,
nation. Did It Interfere with the Then there Is the parcels post. ! comments thusly on the legisla
COmlng or going of a single train To satisfy the express crowd it is ! tlve situation:
riernuse of his passing away? doctored up Into Zones." We ' Despite all warnings, the leg-
Would the death of Morgan,
Rockefeller, Ryan, or any cf the
great manipulators interfere with
the running gear of our industrial
system? It might cause a "flur
ry" in the stock market, but so
far as real business is concerned,
it wouldn't Interfere as much as
would an accident o a breakman
or engineer on a Honek railroad.
The Republican leaders seem to ( pose Leo Grojeun. over near New were equally guilty in 1909, One n a long-tailed coat and a collar test fruit, the He . Paul H. V I'o
undcrstand this and, therefore. Hamburg wanted to send some trouble In this matter is that a buttoned in the back of his neck ney. pastor of St. Peter's church
only prosecute ;be trusts to sniis- 'chickens to Chaffee. First lie ! number of members always figure so tie can make you believe that ;of this city, and one of the oldest
fy public clamor the result of ,
Democratic agitation.
The Democratic idea is close kin
to the anarchist Idea. The an -
archists believe that by removing
the man on top the whole struct-
ure will fall. Until recently he
has had a monopoly on the use or
dynamite and powder to correct
the wrongs of society. Rut Gal-
Ingher. who shot Mayor Gnlnor of
New vork; the MclNamaras WOOjUen, LM cents. And there you are
blew up the LtM Angeles Times 1 1 think the express rate from
building, and Schrank, who shot
Roosevelt, are ail Democrats. Yet
we drive anarchists out of the
country and put Democrats Into
As I see the future, the Repub
lican party Is dead. All of the
present Republican off ce-holders
will be replaced by Democrats,
and there will be absolutely noth
ing to hold It together. It does
.not stand for a single live issue.
In its efforts to improve condi
tions the Democratic party will
fail completely. Bryan, Wilson
and other so-called progressives
will sputter about and try to
save tbe sinking ship by corking
tbe upper deck, but all in vain.
By 1016 the Democratic party
will find itself as hopelessly
wrecked as tbe Republican party
uow is.
In the mean time the Socialists
aud the Roosevelt party the
near Socialist will grow very
fast-and the fight In 1016 will
be between the Socialist parly
and the counterfeit Socialism ad
vocated by Roosevelt.
Tbe counterfeit will win but
the Socialists will carry many ci
ties, possibly some states, and
elect many congressmen and
etnte legislators. The Democratic
party will pass out Just as the
Republican party is now passing
In the mean time we may ex
pect some progressive legislation
but not enough to hurt. The
postal savings bank and the par
cels post may be Improved, wo
men may have the ballot, tbe re
call may be adopted and even old
age pensions may become respect
able Hut they wl'l never tom-h
the root of the evil rent, inter
est and profit.
With 'be possiDie exception or
the adoption of the above re
forms, 'he Roosevelt administra
tion will be able to accomplish
nothing for the relief of the mass
es, and at the succeeding election
tbe lines will be clearly drawn
and the scrap will be between
Capital and Labor with Labor
victorious. Then, and not until
then, will the worker receive the
full product of his toll without
having to divide up with some le
gallted grafter.
To bring this about requires ag
itation and education of tbe work
era and the Socialist Is on the
Job every day
"I dunno how Bill's a-goln' to
vote io this election," said the
campa'gn worker. "I've heam
tell he-s on the fence."
He wut thar," replied the
pe'ghbpr; 'but one of the cander-
date lot fall a dollar on tho o.'f
hide o' the rence, an' Bill got die-
y an fell over." Christian Reg-
t'u r
Reform and progress of the cap
italist brand always have a
string to them. When what the
plutes call a reform or progress
ive measure is enacted, you may
always rest assured that It con
tains the "proper safe-guards " to
prevent any Interference with
the "proper relations between
capital and labor."
And the plutes are so very cau
tious. Measures that have been
In successful operation in other
countries for centuries are here
viewed with Kreat alarm and are
reluctant I v tried as "exnsrl.
ments " ! employes to conduct the buslnen
But in n - free " country, where ' of the House at Jefferson City in
'the people" rule. I eucss ivpiapieceofextravujraneetlr.it th-
i ought to be satisfied even with
experiments. What passes here
for the postal saving! batik s, s- '
tmi Is hardly worthy of the name I
wn.n compared with other eoun
tries It was carefully devised I
not to hurt the banks and is. in j
faot. a feeder for the favored
The people place their money Majority in this body for this ses
with the government because of j s,on At previous sessions, clerks
greater 'laTeiy. If it is le.'t there have had their names upon tho
for 12 months the depositor gets payrolls and never appeared at
two per cent. In the mean time I the building except on pay dny.
the government gives the bank I Paget drawing pay from the
the use of this money for 2 1-1 state for their services were, in
per cent, and the bank lets it out I reality, attending school down in
to the people at eight per cent. the city. One woman in 1900, on
But there are, of course, the the payroll as clerk for n Repub
"proper safe-guards" to prevent lican member, for n time hud a
any interference with the bauk-iacsK
ing graft. No citizen can deposit
with the government in any one
month, more than S100 nor more I about conditions in .lerrerson'on hideous heaps ol lies like a
than 500 in any on? year! City knows that the Argus editor ; Wrecked ship on the shoals. Cath
If I want to trust the govern-1 '3 telling the truth. With such olic and Protestant, Jew and Mo
ment with $200 in one month, or conditions prevailing at the foun-1 hammedan, have hated each Other
$1,001 in one year, whv should 1 tain bead of government where like wild beasts because of lies.
not be allowed to do so? There is i
one reason the banks want
were told that it wo aid be a gr eat
boon to the farmer in sending j
butter, eggs, chickens, ducks, etc. j
to towns, and that he could tele '
phone to the store and order
what he wanted sent to him. All
be would have to do would be to
sit around home, smoke his pipe
anil give or lers,
Let's see how it works. Sun-
- . '
would have to prepare the coop,
jor box, which would be worth at
i lenst IB cents, and Would weigh
, four pounds. Since he caanot j
send more than 1 1 pounds, lie
could put in one fat hen that
. weighed seen poinds for which;
I he would get. say 10 cents per
pound 70 cents. The postage
y." cents and the coop 15 cents
j total cost ; 50 cents. Net for the
Benton to Cape Girardeau is only
35 cents per 100 pounds, while it
would cost 35 cents to send 11
pounds by parcels post.
Great proiress! In getting
small parcels from near by city
department stores, or In getting
articles of not over 11 pounds
on rural routes from town stores,
there is a saving. Merchandise
may be sent from any rural store
out over the rural route leading
out of the town In which the
store Is located for 5 cents for
the first pound, and one cent for
each additional pound. But I can
think of nothing that the farmer
could profitably send in. Of the
parcels post Charles Edward
Russell writes In Coming Nation:
With peculiar pleasure I ob
serve that the so-called Progress
ive newspapers are chuckling
more or lees about the abundant
success of the parcels post, lnau
gerated in this country on Janua
ry 1 seventy-two years after it
had been established by every
other country on earth.
' The express companies have
been deprived of their monopoly! "
chant these powerful thinkers.
"Some of them made great profits
on their business, which will now
be made by the government."
But who owns the express com
panies? The railroad companies
And what will happen r ow? Why
tne government
must get the
railroad companies to do the
work formerly done by the ex-' was bac ced by Wall Street mone
press companies and pay a much and Uncles Sams guns Just be
higher price therefor. cause Castro refused to turn his
Who. therefore, gets the chief country over to the pirates?
rake-off from this great improve-; t'an't you see how dangerous it
ment? The railroad companies, would be to our statute of "Lib
Who got the rake-off be'ore? erty enlighteniing the World" to
The railroad companies. What let such a man get ashore?
bus been changed? The railroad j
companies get more than they jje IS WAKING UP
got before Formerly they .-ot it i i ftnl tn nnm that
through the disguise of the ex
press company. Now they get it
direct from the government.
Wisdon ? Why, this Is where
wisdom has her ancestral seat
and home. Here she hath made
her dwelling place, In these Unit
ed States of America. I guess we
know a thing or two about our
affairs, we free-born Americans
and if there Is any thing we don't
know we can always. refer It to
the original Wisehelmera that
conduct the Progressive party
and know Just when to applaud
and when to keep silence
"Pa," said Tommy, "my Sunday
school teacher says If I'm good
I'll got o heaven."
"Well what about It?"
"Well, you said If I was good
I'd go to the circus Now. I want
to know who's fibbing to me, you
1 or her."
Tbe Democrats are in full con
trol at Jefferson City and their
appetite is, as usually, good. All
of our Democratic representatives
have voted to themselves plen
ty of clerks and other luxuries,
while denying the same to the lie
publicans, wbo are In the mlnoi i
ty. Tbe editor of the
Argus Is an ex-member of the leu-'
Islature and a Democrat. He 'nothing imt the truth- and I be
knows about conditions at th lieve be will. Publishers that tell
state capital and says of the pies the truth are not so unpopul ir BS
ent legislature : they once weie. Ill making his
' The idea of appointing one ' debut he says
'hundred and seventy clerks and
PeuPle of the stntc should rebuke
In no UnmlStaKaUI. manner
Aside Troiii political reasons, tin it
no cause why seventy-five
n snouiii not ue suuicieni 10
transact all the real businc-
that body and do it better th
the small army which has be
provided for by the Democratic
ns n manicure in a
hotel ,
down town."
Everybody who knows anything
our laws are made, no wonder rir
nil graft, such as we have in
islature has again committed it-
self to the extravuganee of an
army of useless "clerks." having
voted to employ 113. one for each
Democratic member, besides the
host of pages, members of the
door-keepers force, etc. This is
simply wanton extravagance, but 1
can not be condemned from a par
tisan standpoint, as Republican-
.. ... . ...... ..
that their pay is inadequate
and want to bolster it up ny
Wanting their wives, sons oi
daughters, and sometimes two of
their family on the payroll. A
business corporation would do tbe
same amount of work with less
than 50 employes."
If the pay is too small. then
there must be some hidden motive
when men and the interests be-
bind them spend thousands of dol-
lars to get the lob. The editor of
the Item is also an ex-representa-
tlve and knows what lie is talking
The deposed and exiled former
President of Venezuela, Capriano
Castro, landed on our shores a
few weeks ago with a view, as he
avers, of a short stay and an op
portunity to see our country.
But for some reason he was de
tained at Ellis Island, refused ad
mission and has since practically
been held a prisoner there until
tbe government authorities can
decide whether he comes within
the range of those foreigners ex
cluded from admission by law.
and whether he may be admitted
or deported. Why all this fuss
and feathers and red tape? Cas
tro is no worse and. per hips, no
better than the other revolution
ary politicians of our eruptive
South American neighbors. What
harm could he do here? Freder
lcktown News.
Here is another editor asking
questions. Funny that these
"educators of the peope " can't
see through a horse-collar.
Don't you remember how we
butted into the Venezuela revo
lution "to protect American in
terests ?"
Suppose Castro was permitted
to laud and was given a hearing
before congress. Suppose he was
j able to prove tbat tiie revolution
that resulted In his overthrow
my old friend McGuire. of the
Jackson Cashbook, is waking up.
He doesn't see clearly yet, but
has reached a point where he does
not consider it out of place to ask
questions. Hear him :
"Governor Major asks the legis
lature to pass a public service
commission law giving tbe com
missioners power to fix Just and
fair freight and express rates.
What good does it do for the
afaio tn tn allXaa fniht
i and express charges as long as
the corporations can run to a U.
S. circuit Judge and get him to
enjoin the enforcement of the
state law?"
Since you have asked the quest
ion, I will answer. Gov. Major is
either very ignorant, or he is go
ing to attempt to play the same
old shell game on the pe ople that
; has been worked so successfully
, In the past. To urge laws regu-
lating corporations has always
proved a vote-getter and Major
wants to go to the United States
Tbe Melting Pot is the name of
a new puliratioc just launched In
St. Louis. It is edited by Henry
M. Ticbener, the Hip-Saw poet.
who says he will tell his readers
the truth, the whole truth, and
Truth never needed a miracle
to show it was the truth. Truth
is like fine gold you ran hammer
It with u t iianiuiei j
it In the Melting I'ot, and kt'ssli
there with the goods when you ve
done your Worst. But you want
to be blamed careful how you
monkey with a lie or you'll get it
nil out of shape. You can't rough
handle a lie the thing wont stand
for it. If you want a lie to u ing
together you vc gut to band ige it
and bolster It and stand it up a
gainst the wall, and then hire a
lot or liars to guard it. Common
sense proves B truth It take- a
canon law ti make black l ink
Truth etuuds serenely uixn Its
own bottom Imperishable
ind I
If the human race hud chased
after the truth half as hard us it
has after lies, we wouldn't be all
mussed up the way we are. For
ages society has floundered along
All or them could easily agree on government ns their intelligence
a simple Truth. DEMANDS. The lower the stand
Love is Truth : hate is n lie. ' ard of intelligence among a !
Pcace is truth ; war is a lie. Clean ' pie. the more oppressive their r ul
lincss is truth; filth is a lie. Brokers. That explains Why the rul
erhood is truth: the king, the j Ing powers keep such a tight gt Ip
master, the slave, is a lie. Plain on the press, the pulpit anl the
MAN and WOMAN is a truth; the schools. They want to teach jou
"Rev." PlOUSme and the "Hon.
Billygoat is a lie. It takes bloody
armies and butchering navies to
keep a lie in running order: a
little child could lead a Whole
world of truth.
A man clothe I in a hickory shir;
und pair of overalls can tell the
truth so that any sane person can ;
grasp it ; you hat e to rig him up
F v . ..
something is .so that isn't so, Catholic priests In Connecticut, In
Nobody would crawl on tits a sermon In St. Peters pulpit to
Icnees to plain John 8tnith, dressed day, presented to his congregn-
in an every-day suit of clothes.
Decorate the CUSS with purple
robes and put rings on his fingers
and a bejeweled bonnet on his
noodle and John Smith becomes
His Royal Highness, the King.
Plain John Smith was a truth,
just as mother nature made him.
John Smith the King is a lie. am
has to be decorated and besmear
j ed all over In order to make the
befuddled people swallo.v ldm.
When men and women shall op
en their souls and let the truth
flow iu, this will be a beautiful
world to live In: so long as thev
renounce their reason and follow
after lies, they are going to re- : pirates If he came to earth today?
main iu a hell of a fix. "Truth He drove them from the temple
will set you free," and nothing i and denounced them as thieves
else will . Our crowned and thron land "whited sepulehers " in .lerti
ed lies make us morally, ethically salem li'OO years ago.i Editor,
and religiously rotten. Subscribe for the only Kicker.
Farmers, Attention!
50,000 Organized consumers In St Louis want your Eggs anci
Poultry Shipped direct. Send Tor Shipping Tags and InstruotlOOi
how to ship. Coops and cases furnished on application.
Any Local wishing to start Operative Shipping or Purchas
ing without Capital, write us and we will tell you bow
If the farmers have the help and supiort of those who con
sume their produce, they can succeed, no matter what the middle
men may do
We have expert Cattle and Hog salesmen at Independent Stoci
Also expert Hay and Grain salesmen who are at your service.
We also supply your wants. Send for prices
American Cooperative Union Supply Company
Wm. S. McAdam, Pres. and M'g'r.
No. 404. North First Street. ST LOUIS, MO
rvrjl T"IC a . 1
IIKlJvl allfl
vrr II j. -ii i -ii j
We solicit your mail orders and will deliver any
thing via parcels post. Remember tbe place
ft v
Every Worker
Who earns Bread in the Sweat
of his face should be a patron of
Yes, sir; our new governcr is a
"friend of labor" Just as all pol
iticians are. All are friends of la
bor Just before election, but after
election it is different.
Gov. Major got his job thru the
votes of laboring men.. Yet jou
will not find him giving to a sin
gle worker a soft snip A few
colored patriots in IJ get jobs BS
plttoncleannrii and a few boat
lers and other lackeys may gel to
do the dirty work, but the nice,
genteel Jobs well, thej u- t the
mootbe duoka who v or the wor-
kera into voting "the ticket,"
The thing that runny uf i re
keeping an eye on Ii the army,
That is what knot-Its Wu s..j
that we are ruled iy courts, but
the courts would i nowerlO'U tin
hss backed up by the army.
in selecting tile military staff
Gov. Major seems to have consl I
ered only dollar-. ll of lii- ap
pointees arc of the very rich
moatlj presidents or man''; - of
great corporations. Not a haysN ll
nor a laborer in the bum h.
it was tho votes or tne Tool mi m
cis and laborers that leeted It 1 in
How can the masses expect anj
relief while putting the tools (f
their exploiters and oppressors In
places of power? On the high trl
burials of ensealled justice sit the
coiporation lawyer Behind the
court is the army officered by
members of these
And scattered all about in the
minor offlcos from constable up
are the boot-licks of the master
Many years ago Bryan sild the
people get just such government
as they deserve. He was wrong
as usual. People get just such
to think as they want you to
think or else not think at all. If
they can stunt your education so
that you in 'ncapable of reason
ingthat - ! - them better.
Hartford. Conn.. Jan. 14. -As an
illustration of a man whose God-
gien talents had borne the grefl
.......... ..,....
tion the career of i P. Morgan
nrhn is n nnttva nf Hnrtford.
He who has made his talents
the most frultf il upon this earth:
Father Maloney said, "Is .1 v.
Morgan He has made use of the
gifts from God, achieving a de
served s iccess, and has been char
itable to h's fellowmen In every
$500,000.00 TO THF. CATHOLIC
the university that turns out the
best Catholic scholars in the
j world, is to be highly commended,
Vhat do you suppose Christ
would say of the Morgan tribe of
UKUL t lv 1 CIS
Tbe present order of society an
give no valid reason why It should
be permitted to exist. If they
could, Its defenders would be wil
ling to defend It In debate, or In
tbe press. But they can only hide
behind what they call religion
j and patriotism. When these last
props are knocKea irom unoer
them they will come down w itl; a
"dull, sickening thud."
Bore Into capital lam where you
will and only Contradiction B, dis
order ami chaos are found. The
other evening l noticed the eher
iff taking the food to prisoners In
the jail and tbe thought came t
me that we tax-payers are put
ting up S.'I.T.U per wee;: for their
board, besides furnishing the
building, bedding, etc.
Then I drew another picture.
Out oit the County farm are un
fortunate men Bnd women who
hme failed in the battle for life
Some are 'ld. others are crippled
and -tin others broken in he dth.
But tb.v hnc committed no
crime and are public charges per
haps through no rault of their
own. some are fathers and moth
era and we provide for th?-s
unfortunate a place to end their
existence at a coat of SI per
week each !
Think (f that! Eighteen cents
a day-six cents a meal -and the
keeper Is expected to make a
profit from that!
tVho said we hud passed beyond ;
the savage and barbarous stag
es? Would a savage do tbat?
Feed cr iminals on a fare of $3.50 I
per week and the aged and infirm
on !?1 !
Under capitalism no one carries
any Insurance against ending bis
or her days hi the poor house
Therefore it is to be hoped that
th newly elected county Judges
will look into this matter, all
O'-er the State thee is a er.v
'against the inhuman treatment
of the poor.
There are people in Maiden who
own a little shack the.) call home
who iay more taxes than some
people who live in what might be
termed mansions i it ngut ana
u ......
is ll ere any Justice
ill it?- M Uden
Sure! Give the suckers what
they vote for. The si.r.ek-dw el era
1(111 1 i f i lit,. mflnPITV 'i
ire 11 to in tl" 111 -iJO'-i'v )t'i
tbey vote the power of levying
taxes Into tbe hands of the iiu:ri
iondwellers. The shack-dwel era (magi e thai
none ol their tribe have sense e
nuugh to run government v
th' other fellows wont milid al-
iencunp io ini
the shackdwe
kicking about
job 10!" them, icji
I era should not be
Was tngton, Jam 10. Striking
garment workers from New Y'.r.
city and wage earners from Bal
tlmore Will present one of the
most startling fe it res of the suf
fragette pageant to be given here
March To symbolise ihe dovt n
trodden condition of sweat shop
and factory women, tbe pageant
Mrs. Glenna s Tinnin
will stage a remarkable section.
Several hundred women from Bal
timore and many garment work
ers will mnreh in the raiment of
pov erty.
On the float will be figures
symbolical of greed, tyranny and
I indlff erenoe. Ranged around the
ragged women workers will be
everal children from the slums
sections of Baltimore and Wash
ington. This section will be one of the
most 'nipressive in the whole pn
geant." Mrs. Tinnin declared to
day. The central Idea ot the
pnireint-the creation of suffrage
views among inaugural visitors
Will b Strengtnenea dv nu- u-
.vision. It will BhoW the city s
gala guests mat tnere is anoiuer
Ide to polit'cal life than the pol
iticians would have us believe, n
is the human s'de. Our battle is j
for womankind. Th:a wage-earn- i
ers' section should give food for ,
thought and should make peop'e
With hearts re die that women
must have the ballot.'
By W. M. Lawson.
A friend suggests amending the
constitution to take Trom con-
giess the power to declare war,
substituting a referendum vote
upon the question by the entire
n exi client idea, and it shall
.hae my hearty approval, pro-
vWlngtOg following clause Is
inserted in the amendment: The
I voting upon tne question toumi
1 war be declared?) is to be conduc-
' ted open'y, each voter's ballot
A- , .. . , . r . . I I . - rwl 'IT, .1 PA.
vo OB mit'iu",' umi nou a.iv.
corded, iu the event of war be -
ing declared, the citizens wtio
voted for it shall at once be
drafted for active service. Should
It require more than the majorl-
ty which declared in ravor or it
to successfully carry on the war,
another election shall be called,
the following questions to ne
submitted to the surviving mi
nority: "Do you favor a contln
uance of the war?" If the ma- ,
jorlty of the citizens elect to .do k.jaw ln a fondly scuffle he
so the i received a fall in which his head
ZJfu J frOIlt- was slightly cut by a piece of tin.
fZt nontlp herein U tHvSoffi "
this: IF WAR IS GOOD ENOUGH I MJW ueveopeu.
NOUGHTTOFGO TO " GOOD E' I Jan Cashbook.-J. T. Mar
WouW th.wbe .ven a slight ?ha A k ha"
possibility of war between this ra''ni and fr"1 4p4roJfrtLil2
nation and any other If auch mov to B'otlKttV. ?V Ji?
legislation were enacted? nIs son- Dea" Marshall, K located.
As'; your Repffmloali and Tiem-
ocratlc Tellow workmen ,to an-1 Get busy right now and help to
s.vei that question. swell tbe Kicker oirculatioa.
Cape Republican. Pres Glenn,
of the Commercial club, told the
Republican Thursday that while
In the city Wednesday H. Wur
dack, president of the Light ft De
velopment company, owners of
the Cape water and light plants,
promised to come here early next
week to address the Commercial
club on the pending franchise
with the i-it . Mr Wurdack s
company is preparing to make
Some mighty big investments in
Southeast Missouri this spring.
It is known that Theoes, nitno.
Stkeston end other towns are try
ing to induce the Light l Devel
opment company to locate the
big cent:..) power riant there.
Maiden News.- Complaints uvo
heard of ditch taxes soaring up
higher and higher. It does seem
that the count) court could put a
stop to extra and higher assess
ments. In most cases ever isses
ment calls for additional rental
'and if such keeps 'n renters will
be forced t; Seek new fields t
cultivate and. In time, the land
ow ners wiJI have barren f ields .
Ditch tuxes are said to have be
come a serious problem and n halt
must be made In some manner, as
the) arc already Working B det
riment to our count .
reform" known as local
is evidently not doing its
best in Mississippi county. Tai
I Charleston Republican says that
Ion Thursday night Night Marsbnl
Johnson found a man lying on th.-
'ground near the railroad .lep it In
a condition commonly kiio n u
dead drunk, while the rain had
formed a pool about him that lat
er reached a depth sufficient to
hae drowned the man. Friday
night the officer round another
such case on Commercial str-et.
After sobering up they were fined
$1 and COStS,
JackSOn Items.- According to
St. i 01 Is p ipers lhe MiSBOUl i Pub
lic Utilities company has been or
ganized there with a capital of
one million dollars by the people
who own the water and light
r, ,,,,, I , ! U SMkeslll
ni Charleston, and they figure
on erecting on central rouun '
supply all this territory with
electricity. This seems to be the
modern trend, as we noticed a few
week! ago th it a similar consolid
ation was taking place In South
ern Illinois.
The w ay the Cross-roads news
papers are attempting to defend
the local merchants against the
mail order houses is really pathe
tic. But the rystem 1ms decreed
that the cross-roadl merchant
don't amount to much more than
tho cross-roads editor. Doth edi
tor and merchant may consider
this as a joke! There is but one
way to pump facts into some peo
ple experience!
Jackson Cashbook. State Treas
urer Heal nays about seventy em
pluves are all the help the legis
lature needs to do its work. Yet
in order to gratify clamorous
ple-hunten the members will put
about twice that number on the
pay-roll. Mr. Deal has served in
the legislature and knows how
many employes art1 needed.
Mrs. Robt. Martin of Deering.
Pemiscot county, was shot in tbe
knee and the bones so badly shat
tered that she was hurried to
Memphis for treatment. A pistol
had been carelessly thrown on
boil by the men folks." When
Mrs. Martin erne in to make up
the bed the pistol dropped to the
floor and was discharged.
v CTutAra. who
Girardeau recently
0100 KJ tap tin.ated at from
is variously estimated at irom
800,000 to 11,000.000. In or
der to get a clue as to his proba
ble wealth the Cape Republican
went to the tax books and re
ports that his name is not there
at all.
In the circuit court of Cape Co.
hist week .Lie Scliriim pled guilty
to forging chechs amounting to
$0.0 and got five year Inning
tt10 same week mi Abeline, Kalis.,
vnnk cashier nleJ guilty to em-
battling $80,000 and got three
years. Justice do net queer
Jackson Item. The B-year-old
,, ,,f Adam Heisscrer. of near
rmtcbtown, died last Monday
evruinK. aftol. being sick only one
llav ile took sick Sunday ut the
dinner table nun soon inereaiiei
became uncons ious. His remains
-re lrti,j to rest Tuesday iu the
.. .. A. TA.....1.4 .......
I'atlu'' ic cemetery hi iuhiii".
!c e s s s
cboa, H. Maeke. an old citizen
. ,Jac.kson. dietl last week in his
78tl) yoar La(,t -fty ne ,.ttn
Hniinter in his foot and iilood pol-
80Ilinft get in so that some tots
' amputated. From this lie
ful, recovered. He was
. ,.n . ncrmanT,
Lee Shelby, a well-known busi
ness man of Charleston, died

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