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Scott County kicker. (Benton, Mo.) 1901-1917, March 06, 1915, Image 2

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Dispatches From Our Own and For
eign Countries Are Here Given
In Short Meter for
Busy Readers.
The Colorado house of representa
tives passed the bill (or the enforce
ment of the state-wide prohibition
constitutional amendment. The bill
differs somewhat from the senate
Charged In a federal indictment
with conspiracy to corrupt the elec
ttoa ct Nov. 3, DU4, in the Fifth Indt
MM congressional district, five Re
publicans pleaded not guilty,
s s s
Temperance workers who led the
tight In making Arizona a dry state
last fail have been engaged to man
sco a similar campaign in Chicago
s s
Figures compiled by the postal au
thorities show that since the begin
ning of the war St4 German news
papers have. Suspended, publication,
s s s
A resolution for state wide prohibi
tion wiu passed by the senate of the
South Dakota legislature. The reso
lution calls for the submission of the
question to the people at the next
gem ral election.
John J. Barnwell, Hornier Judge of
Batesvillei Ark., but for tour months a
lawyer in Hot Springs, was killed
when -struck by u automobile driven
by Sam ChoatO.
A gOTerumenl bond for Nl.'Jt'O. is
sued In 1861, and found in a sack of
potatoes at Genesee, ill. by I'erry
Sand, n grocery clerk, was lent to
Washington in the hope oi locating
the owner.
The usirian admiralty has ordered
the Austrian fleet to link every mer
chant vessel in the Adriatic.
J Bhad Feuiell, a neuro charged with
The Nebraska senate passed a bill ! llvp murders, was killed and Charles
providing tor surcical treatment of a ! Gunning, :l city detective, was wound
certain class of feeble-minded and in- ln u P1 between the negro
sane in the urate Instltutii as, " detectives at Dallas, To.
nrc destroyed the Ellis' Theater 1 Bud Thomas and Anion Marks, ne
buiidins. Pino Bluff. Ark., containina ! w. were held for the murder of c
offices and lodue room.. 1 lie ' tal
lo.s was 1BO,000.
Pormer Gov. Franklin F. Fort of
New Jersey wn appointed by Presi
dent Wilson special commissioner to
Three men v ere Shot and probably
fatally wounded In u holdup of Frank
BttXton's i'ool ball at Bapulpa, Ok.
Tests completed by the dairy de
partment of the Ohio (ttate university
eotabllshed a world's record in milk
production, Murne Cowan, : " year
old Quensey cow, in the las year nriv
duced 18 'on. of milk.
Cracksmen blew the sa in the Cltl
sens' State bank at Kurr.it .-bur.-. Ind .
it wa.- learned wh.en the i ashler, John
I Lloyd, eatr.e to work, and "snap d
with 18.500.
Koy Black and Hoy Tones were ar
rested, charged v-h thi i mrdi t of A.
V. Oliver, president ol the Farmers'
Bani and Loan company of Let sburg,
(Ja . who was shot !n Iron: ol hll place
of business,
On account of the unsatisfactory
condition of the p,.p. grounds and 'he
threatening wsather, the Vanderbilt
Clip automobile race has bt-n post
poned. e e e
A coroner's Investigation of the
death of Mr. Harry Rhodes of I-In-coin,
ill . disclosed 'ha. grief over the
grresl of her brother, Thomas white
sal. accused o( the murder of Mrs,
l.oulsa Had nhan jh at .loplln. Mo.,
probably caused her to end her life,
Two men hold up Henry K Pontor-
no in his private bank, 50 feet from
u Chicago police station, and robbed
him of money and jewels aggregating
Not content with adding to Hie hie.h
cost oi Broadway's necessities, all l.v
cent drinks have b en advanced to
cost 15 c?nts straight Instead of two
lor a quarter in New York.
nay Pfaa schmidt was ordered free '
Ity tho court nt Qttinoy, 111. Action fob
"owed a oiotlou by the state's attorney
of Adams county to have the Indict
ment for the murder of his father
nolle pressed.
Jealous over tie attentions of Sarah
HaYWOOd, an aged woumn. J, K. Lee.
7:s years old, shot Nat Harrington, 81,
at Dallas Tex.
Gov. Dunne has granted permission
to the honor men baud of 'M prisoners
to give a concert outside of the Joliet
e i
Charles It. f'rane. millionaire manu
facturer of Chicago, has been driven
from the state by the Illinois tax laws,
and will make his home at his sum
mer residence at Woods Hole. Mass.
David Fountain, a church janitor,
who confessed to the murder of Mar
garet Miller, 10 years old, in the Ger
man Lutheran church of Sacramento,
Cal was found guilty of murder in
the first degree.
e e e
An evangelist conducting a revival
at Petersburg, 111., asked all the men
ln the audience who loved their wives
to stand and Blag a hymn. Every man
town to has feet and joined in the sing
ing. When they sat down he asked
the ladles to go through the same per
formance Not a woman rose.
The London Times has achieved '
what la said to be a record In the field
Of raising money for a popular cause.
Its fund for sick and wounded passed
The street railway commission sent
a letter to the eDtrott United Railway
company which contained a proposi
tion to buy the company's holdings.
The Nevada law reducing the real- ,
dence limit for divorce applicants to
six months went into effect.
. . .
The Austrian government has taken I
over all stocks of rye, barley, corn
Ud flour products.
Twin lambs, male and female, born
in Central park( New York) sheepfold
OB Washington's birthday, have been
christened George and Martha.
Male members of the Cedur Cliff
(N. J.) Episcopal church turned out in
working clothes at dawn, and when
dusk fell they had erected a one-story
When John G. Andrews. 88, of Hing
hamton. N. Y.. learned from the court
that his DOek marriage to Miss Grace
BoaohaU, 19, was legal, he tiled suit
ior damages against Charles Springer,
who was responsible.
John Pedro of Allcntown. Pa., who
thought he was the Italian army, built
a barricade of rails and of other ma
terials and prepared for a lonn siege.
A posse captured John to Inquire Into
his sanity.
When William Pfeffer uoke re
cently he discovered a freight car of
flour lying almost at the door of his
residence at Ocononiowoc. Wis. The
car became detached trcm a freight
train and rolled into his yard,
The United Fruit steamer SaUtS
Maria, which lost her rudder off Cape
Hatteras, ha.- boss taken in tow by a
wrecking tue and i being towed Into
New York.
The department of agriculture lias
I extended the foot and mouth nuaran
I tine in none states Illinois. Indiana,
i lowu, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Now
Jersey. New York. Ohio and Wis
consin. Tlie California Sight-bOUT law pro
viding that no woman shall be em
I loved more than eight hours a day
or more than 4S hours a week was
held constitutional by the United
states supreme court.
;'. ltovse. a farmer, whose bodv was
found nr. :- ; a pile of brush on his
farm near Carlisle. Ky.
Mystery surrounding the re, totted
robbery of the express car on the At
lantic coast line flyer at Alexandria
Va.. has bet n cleared by :i confession
from the two messengers that they
smashed the company's strong box.
To conserve the coal supply, the
management of the Italian -'ate rail
way system has decided to decrease
the number of passenger train being
Divorced and remarried within j4
hours at the age of 18 Is the record of
Grace Tucker of Webb city, Mo., now
Mrs. Willie Shadwick. she was mar
rled the llrst time at the tender age
of 1.'.
The Arkansas house of reprsenta
Uv - by a vote of 3! to ci d teated a
! :!1 which would have allowed Little
Keck voters to decide whether or not
Sunday baseball games should be per
mitted. e
Representative Richard Bartboldt of
St. l.ouls was the guest ol holier :it a
larewell dinner at !) Releigb notel.
K'.ven by the Missouri congressional
state's Attorney pred Wolfe of
Adams oounty, HI., announced that he
would nolle prosse the Indictment
against RV Pfansi hmidl charging
him with the murder o hi. rather.
Frederick rimer, 81, ion of a
wealthy New York manufacturer, Bhot
ami probably fatally wounded Ethel
Odell, pretty 18-year-old cabaret sing
er, in a subway station, and men at
t -mpted to end his otiu life.
J P, Morgan has sold the famous
Mine. Dii liarry Pragonard collection
; of paintings In the Metropolitan Uu-
1 seura of Art to Dtiveen Brothers, who
, recently purchased the collection of
i Chinese porcelains.
Gov. Hatfield, who is a physician,
assisted in the vaccination of mem
bers of the West Virginia legislature.
The vaccination followed the an
nouncement ihat Delegate Pilchard
had sn.al'pox.
Steamship passengers arrivinu from ; lubms mew iv w.s canal.
Straits settlements declared that 4'm I Panama. 'The American subma
Slkh mutineers were killed in I battle rlnes, ('-:! and C-S. have been ordered
with loyal British forces at Singapore from Cristobal to Balboa to work on t
on Feb. is.
The Spanish fleet has sailed from
Alueclros ior r.irthagcna. A torpedo
boat flotilla will be kept on patrol
duly along the coast of Morocco.
e e
With 4 12 passengers on board, the
Cunard liner Lusltanla arrived at New
York from Liverpool, She used tho
British flag all the way over.
News was brought of a severe
earthquake in Twin Valley, 30 miles
east of Hed'ling, Gal., and 20 miles
north of Lassen Peak.
e e e
Jose Silvas, a H-year-old boy, tried
I to assassinate ex Premier Alphonse
Cosla at Oporto.
John H. Don', t;4 years old, one of
the most prominent fanners of his
county, killed his wife, his daughter
Hettle, aged 9. and himself with a
shotgun at their home, four miles
south of Jonesboro, Ark.
Red Pepper Scattered Over Scene
to Preclude Use of Bloodhounds
in Trailing the Mis
creants. Madison ville, Ky, This lection,
the scene of a number of depreda
tions committed by night riders, was
stirred by the discovery of what ap
parent!) was a double murder at
Kant by Station, near here.
Demmett Woodruff, proprietor of a
More, and Glover Hoard, his clerk,
were found dead. Both had been shot.
Woodruff's body was lying nenr the
rear of the store and Hoard's inside.
Pepper had been sprinkled in the
footsteps of their slayers, apparently
to baffle pursuit by bloodhounds.
The authorities have no clew, but
attribute the murders to night riders.
Oklahoma Lind Owners Declare Re
ligious Enthusiasts Are Un
desirable Tenants.
Tulsa. Oklahoma. A large num
ber of land owners in Tulsa county
have declared war against "Holy Roll
er" enthusiasts whose increasing re
ligious fervor, they say. is a menace
to agricultural development. To coun
teract this they are planning to build
a number Of country churches to be
maintained under the pastorates of
stationed ministers.
Ninety per cent of the "Holy Kell
ers" are tenant farmers who, it Is de
i hired, are transients, moving about
from year to year. The backers of
the anti-evangelist Ic movement de
clare that when harvest Is at hand
the "Holy Rollers" u Into protracted
cam: nieetings. forsaking in their
strange r ligious R al the crops they
hove raised and following the sect's
leaders to other localities.
Motlier Rcsccs 8-Yenr-Old Boy From
Dtfth In 'Wild West" Shew He
P.ayeo' -Pr.rt of Horsethief.
Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, The
attempt of three boys to add realism
:e a wild west drama'' they Staged in
a cellar here almost resulted In the
death of one cf them by hancinir.
Theodore Bcott, s years old, volun
teered to take th? "medicine" of a
horsethief and was strung up by a
leather strap to a gas pipe. Fright
ened by 'he struggles of their com
panion, the two other boy, both about
s ;ars old, ran crying to ih lad's
mother. ho found her son almost
Trio w-o Pay Death Penslty at Sing
Sing P'iso-i r?n .'.iurdered
Ossining, ". Y. Three murderers
paid the death penalty in tile
electric chair at Sing sing prison.
They were Kobirt Kane. Os'cur Vogt
and Vincent Campanelll. n hod mur
dered women,
The men nt to their death with
out a tremor. Each left a letter urginc
the abolition of capital punishment,
which will be used by Warden Op
borne in his Rght to thai end.
Royal S."-ipa;i-.y fir Actreis.
Bi rdeaux, A message of sympatic
has- been received by Mine. Bare!
Bernhardt from the Queen Mother
Alexandra if Great lirltain.
Piuck'nrj Ba"ci Bill P.ttsccl.
Washington Abolition of tho naval
plucking board, a. provided in the na
l bin by the house, was approved
by the senate.
18,000.000 Ship Suit Argued.
Montreal, Argument was begun
at the trial tore in the admiralty
ec.irt of the 88,000,000 damage suit
ol the Canadian Pacific railway, own
ers of the steamship Empress or Ire
land. hlch wus sunk In IDS St. Lav:
rcue river last year after a collision
with the collier Btorstad.
Drunk One Year.
Orange, N. J. John Henry admitted
boiim Intoxicated one year and asked
for a sentence to the workhouse. The
court ruled that, the count;, could only
afford o'.i days.
I certain defense problems in eonnec
tion with the coast artillery, relat-
Ing to mine laying and target prac-
Small Chance tor Water Bills.
Washington. Prospects for the
passage of conservation bills desired
by the administration at this session
of congress are very slim, according
to Senator Walsh of Montana.
Tack Costs $2,700.
Newark, N. J. Mrs. Berlha Cramer
has been awarded $2,700 for the death
of her husband, an upholsterer, who
died as a result of his tongue being
punctuied by a lack he was holding
In his mouth.
Germane Wed Britaine.
London. Several German prisoners
of war who were betrothed to English
women before the war have been
granted permission to wed. Armed
guards will watch over them during
the ceremony.
Col. Deakyne to Resume Build
ing Revetments Between
K. C. and St. Louis.
uv h MM him MhN a M r
Additional Construction to Be Started
In March Will Call for One
Thusand More.
More than six hundred men will be
put bark to work on the government's
Improvement of the Missouri River
Within the next few days. Bids will be
advertised for early In March for ad
ditional revetment construction that
will mean Jobs for a thousand more
"The stretch of river between Kan
sas Ctty and St. l.ouls is entirely clear
of ice," Col. Herbert Deakyne, United
States engineer In charge of the Kan
sas City river division, snid recently.
"Had it not been for this snow, the re
vetment work nt four points below
Kansas City, totaling approximately
half a million dollars, would have been
resumed the first of this week."
The revetment construction spoken
of is at Napoleon's llend. Camden
Hend, Just below Kansas t ity. and at
Baker's Bend and Strntib's llend near
the St. Louis end of the river.
Besides the half million dollar jobs
already contracted for. Colonel Deak
yne is preparing other pieces of im
provement work that will mean an ex
penditure of 600i000i making a total
of SI.U'O.OOO in work to be completed
this spring und summer. The actual
construction, however, on the new
Jobs will not begin until May.
Great Demand for the Output is Mak
ing Business Lively in Joplin
Mining District.
Another recot,! price WBI establish
ed for inc ore in the Joplin uistrict
last week whe-n the basis went to
, .,,H-i.... ..v..r the week he.
fore, when ?7". the previous top iniirli.
was established. This means tlint the
higher grade blends brought us high
as $78,
With the record smashing prices of
the last three weeks, due to the
demand created by the vw In K;;roie.
the Joplin district is enjoying one of
the greatest booms in its history.
Mines which have boon idle for years
are beinu prepared for operation and
In .i short time it is certain the out
nut will be greatly increased.
A company Will drain 800 acres ol
mineral land In the Cartervllle camp,
vsheio mining operations have not
been carried on since tho Hooding of
all the mines in that vicinity in 1 90S. I
With ore at the present price the
ground can be drained and the water:
shut out and despite all this expense
B big profit can be obtained. Ten
mills were nt work on this land when
the tloods caused them to be abandon
ed. Miners Near Carthage Strike.
One hundred and Bfty miners em
ployed in the Oronogo camp, six miles
west of Carthage, went on a strike
after being refused a raise in wages,
They demanded a bonus of 28 cents
a shift iusteatl ol ":1 for six shifts. The
strike is the second since the price of
ai k advanced to $7, a ton.
Wants State Ad Cbb Leagje.
Resolutions have been adopted by
the Neosho Ad Cluii expressing the
club's belief In the need of a state
league of ad clubs and asking the
other clubs of the state to meet in
Columbia during journalism week,
the first week in May. to further con
sider the matter.
St. Joseph Lost Gas Suit.
Tiie suit brought by St. Joseph a
year ago to have the franchise of the
St. Joseph Gas Company annulled, bar
in .'ii decided against the city by Cir
cuit Judge Mayer. The city contended
that tho gas company forfeited its
franchise when it undertook the dls
trlbutlon ol' natural gas. The object
was to force the company Into a new
contract whereby the rate for such
manufactured gas us might be sup
plied would be less than one dollar a
thousand feet, the price permitted un
der the existing franchise,
A Tablet to Pioneers.
A tablet to the memory of the pioneer.-
of .Missouri wus unveiled at the
Jefferson Memorial in Forest Park,
St, Louts, recently, under the auspices
of the Missouri Society of the Daugh
ters of l!li. The ceremonies were
combined with a celebration of one
hundred years of peace between Great
Britain and the I'ulted States. The
talilet represents Indians. Jesuit mis
sionaries, explorers and traders in
turn giving place to Jurists and states
men. More Dry Elections.
Word has been received in Sedalia
that a local option election will be
held In Taney county, -March ):', in
Miller county. March 13, and in the h 4, 1918, on an iron bar which pene
cities of Clinton and Carrollton some trated his body, ded recently at Mayo
time In June. The Missouri Anti-It- ' Brothers' hospital in Rochester, Minn.,
loon League will conduct the lour ! where he was taken for an operation.
Student Wins Contest.
Pioneer Woman Dead. a. V. Hoand of Kansas City, student
Mrs. Louisa Shackelford, 88 years at Westminster college, won the an
old. died at her home at Creicher, nual prohibition oratorical contest in
near Marshall recently. Mrs. Shackel- which four other Westminster stu
ford was a pioneer of Saline county, j dents competed.
Coal Company President Dies.
H, R. Sinclair, president of the Sin
clair Coal Company of Springfield,
Aurora, Webb City and .loplln, was
found dead in his bed at Aurora the
other morning. Apoplexy was the
cause of death. Mr. Sinclair was 42
years old.
Old Sedalia Resident Deed.
.Tames M. Scamahorn, a native of
Indiana, hut a resident of Missouri
since the Civil war, is dead at Sedalia.
He was 80 years old. He was burled at
Cole Camp, Benton county.
Fatally Wounded Officer Kills) One
Bandit In Fight and Crowd
Hanga Another.
,Clarence Poindexter, a policeman,
and an unidentified man were killed
at Pleasant Hill ln a battle which fol
lowed an attempt by Poindexter and
Marshall Adams to arrest two men be
lieved to have been implicated in the
robbery of a Kansas City Southern
train at Richards the night before.
The fight took place at the depot
where the two men had bought tickets
for Independence, Mo. They had been
watched by Adams and Poindexter j
all the afternoon and when it was
found they were about to take a train
the officers approached to arrest them.
As the officers started to search the
men one of them began to Bhoot. Poln-
dexter was shot through the head and
as he fell he returned the fire hitting
one of the men. Both died within a
few minutes. Adams grappled with
the other man and held him. He was j
taken to the holdover where lie gave
his name ns V. F. Williams and said
his home was in Hot Springs, Ark. He
was dangerously wounded.
That night a silent mob waited in
hiding and before daylight ln the
morning took the prisoner, wounded
in the fight, from the holdover and
hanged him to the bell tower at the
rc. r of Pleasant Hill's city hall. '
The coroner's verdict was that Wil- i
l'.amr came to his death at the hands
Of parties unknown.
End Comes to Former Missouri Ban
dit at Old Home Near Kearney
Body Cremated.
Prank James died at the old Sam
uels home, three miles from Kearney,
the other day. following a final stroke
of apoplexy, He was T" years old. He
had been ill all winter, suffering a
Brat stroke last November.
fn accordance with his own request,
the body will be cremated In St. Louis
! and his ashes w ill be kept in a safety
deposit vault in Kansas City.
Also, at his own request, there was
" ' V ,T V
! Juds
""" - ""
funt ral address ludge Philips de
fended Prank James when he was
tried for minder and acquitted in Gal
latin, Mo.
Five Killed In a Mine.
An explosion In the Atlas coal mine,
nine miles northwest of Rich Hill, re
suite. 1 In the death of five miners.
The dead a'e: ThontOS It. Watson,
1 64 years old; Fred Schultz, 80 years
'old; wniiam Breen, 28 yean old!
I Prank Rohdy, h years old: George
Cartwright, Zo years old, This shatt
was operated until two months ago
by local people and about seventy men
worked in It, r. account of fire in
an old pari of the shaft the state
mine Inspector compelled them to
dose the mine. Afterward he gave
permission for five men at a time to
enter the shaft ar.,1 work. Fifteen of
the miners took a contract to oper-
ate the mine, working five men on 8
hour shifts. Watson and Rhody were
married men and left families.
Seek Missing Heir.
When Harrj Craig, 14 years old,
left the home of his uncle, Isaac Cle
ment, in Waco, west of Carthago, to
become a wanderer, he left a fortune
of 800,000 bl hind him. A short time
after the boy disappeared word came
thai he was one of five beneficiaries
named In the will of his grandfather,
who died in Pennsylvania, and left
I property worth 8300,000
Doy Hunter Killed.
liarry. the 10-year-old sou of E. W.
Kelly, living ten miles west of Rich
Hill, accidentally shot and killed his
brother Karl, i:l years old. while the
two boys were hunting the other day.
Baseb?ll Kills Boy.
The first fatal baseball accident of
the year occurred at St. Louis when
liarry Qoss, IT years old, was struck
in the side by a pitched ball and died
a minute later. The boys were play.
Ing on a comer lot, Uosz at first base.
By way of practice the catcher threw
the ball to Gob and caught htm off
Fall From Train Broke Neck.
Dr. Thomas C, Doolin, 2S years old,
Of Ash Grove, was killed when he at
tempted to catch a Kansas City
Southern passenger train at Ash
Grove. Ho missed the step on the
rear coach as the train was leaving
the station. His neck was broken In
the fall.
Bank Robbers Captured.
Three men, who recently held up
the cashier and robbed a bank at
Duenweg, a mining town four miles
i east Of Joplin, obtaining 81,800, with-
in four hours had confessed according
to officials, waived preliminary trial
and were held for trial in the circuit
Dies From Old Injury.
Charles W. Harris, 11 Missouri, Kan
sas & Texas railway brakeman, who
fal from u freight ear in Sedalia. July
Suffragists to Have a Paper.
The Missouri Kqual Suffrage Asso
ciation is to start the publication
March 14 of a paper devoted to the
Interest of woman suffrage. Mrs.
Emily Newell Blair of Carthage will
be the editor.
Former G. A. R. Hsad Dead.
Dr. Ira T. Branson, widely known
in the Grand Army of the Republic ln
the West and former state commander
of the Department of Missouri, is dead
at Sedalia. He wag born at Water
town. N. Y., July 21, 1840.'
lfltan!ilii!iiiliU'lfi ' JhkwM
BBS 1 1 MMU I aTl BBBil I BB 1 sssV n USsBBssH 1 1 BBslFtsmil II BBB1 U asssssT
s i it mn 1 1 1 1 1 im 1 1 itttttttti niii 1 1 niniiiiiiiiinin
Houses Need Not Be Expensive Low
Fence Will Confine Them Feed
Is Comparatively Cheap.
Seven dollars profit from a duck Is
pretty good money. At the Hawkes
bury Agricultural college in New South
Wales, Australia, that was the average
made by six penciled Runner ducks.
Each duck laid an average of 267
eggs in a year. A record like this
justifies the title that has been given
the Runner the Leghorn of the duck
Runners are not difficult to raise.
The houses need not be expensive, and
if the ducks are yarded a low fence
will keep them confined. They appre
ciate a pool of water or a running
stream, but will do well with only
plenty of water to drink. It must be
provided in deep receptacles, however,
so that the ducks can wet their heads
entirely over. Otherwise their breath
ing apparatus gets clogged up and the
ducks suffer.
Ducks eat more than hens do, but
much of the ration may consist of feed
that is comparatively cheap. Mashes
of cooked vegetables in which corn
meal, bran, ground alfalfa or clover
is mixed make good bulk feed for
ducks. But ducks are by no means
vegetarians and some meat scraps
must be fed except in summer when
they have access to ponds or streams
where they may find some animal food.
Duck eggs are heavier than are hen
eggs. Two duck eggs are about equal
A Nice Pair of Runners.
in weight to three hen eggs. They are
rich flavored and have no objection
able strong taste except as it may be
caused by improper food.
The penciled Runner is a variety
much favored because of the pure
white eggs it lays. Some strains of the
pure white Runners lay uniformly
white egg. also.
Place Chickens in Slatted Crate With
Feed Trough in Front Mesh
Wire Makes Best Floor.
The simplest way of fattening
chickens is to place them in a fatten
ing crate. The crate should be six
feet long, 1C inches wide and IS inches
high. The bottom, back and top are
slatted lengthwise, and in front the
slats are placed on the upright. On
the bottom they are an inch and a
quarter apart, and on the back, top
and front two inches apart. The slats
are seven-eighths oi an inch wide, and
five-eighths of an Inch thick. The crate
is divided into three compartments,
and each one opens up separately by
a hinged top.
A trough for feed is placed on strips
ln front. The crate is strengthened by
having slats three-quarters of an inch
thick and an inch nnd a half wide in
each corner of the crate, running
lengthwise. The ends and the parti
tion can also be made of solid wood
in order to strengthen the crate.
Ordinary inch mesh wire nailed to
the bottom of the crale will answer
the purpose of n floor better than a
slatted bottom, as there will be less
accumulation of droppings, therefore
making the crate more sanitary.
Feed White Clover Hay.
White clover hay ls the richest In
lime. Feeding clover Is a preventive
of soft-shelled eggs. Cut clover hay
has helped revolutionize the poultry
business. Red clover hay contains
about twenty-eight pounds of lime to
the thousand pounds. Scald the hay
at night, and keep it covered, so it can
steam. See that the clover is cut to
one-third to one-half inch lengths.
When longer it is apt to pack in the
crop, causing crop bound.
Drop the Indian.
Drop the Indian from Runner uucks.
The name was stricken out at the
meeting 01 me American rouitry asso
ciation at Atlantic City, last summer,
and for good reasons. It has never
been proved that the Runner came
from India, and anyway, the Runner
of today in this country ls more Ameri
can than anything else, ln its origin.
Additional Eggs Mean Profit.
If a hen only lays one egg a week
for a year, it will pay for her food, aqd
every additional egg means profit. If
a hen lays three eggs a week she will
give double the profit derived from a
hen that lays two eggs. The greater
the number of eggs the cheaper the
cost of production in proportion.
Cause of Feather-Pulling.
Feather-pulling is often the result of
overcrowding. Egg-eating is also more
likely to develop in crowded pens than
in roomy quarters.
Tonic for Sick Fowls.
Warm sweet milk Is one of the ber
tonics for sick fowls.
BBS fl BmmBT Bb
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on roofing!
i .1.1. ( to boy roofing
JT-teed by a r-PbU
Dnv materials that last
-our leading product is Pn"J,j f
veart for 1-p r, 10 year. fot 2'Py ,Z .
HS for 1-ply. Wl also make lower
years for j-piy. .,..A -h nr,w
priced roonng, -.
building paper, ? '
paints, plastic cement, etc.
a.v vmir dealer fer product! made br m.
Tt,rn"er reasonable fa price and we stand
behind mem.
General Roofing Mmnfacroring Co,
trW. LirW mnnuftf tnrtrt QfRooflW
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hhulM Sunk Ueie HtWtl arsatf
AnnstronaM Iowa Grown. Mo't rHIaWo. tmo rpj.
SaiSpU. and catalog ill kinds farm SWdS,"
Annatron Seed Forma, Shenandoah, low
Satser'a Pedlaree PotatoM '"T.iTv!! w.iZ
on the top.Vih iw SSMBMt ?"..' 'V rill
do tame for you. Blii SMBu iaiauji. cnn.
John A. Salier Ui Co.. Boa 708. Ls Crous, Wis.
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faat.at aHiing bousjnoH srilcU vejftvsi,
sd; now siocklng darner; Bk s darning a.
Bit rural atila in every h"uje; n' fjr.-ri.: nc
required. 1005 pro"! list l. JMSSHLI
Spring St.. WHITE Pl.ArNS. M. lOBK.
017, 400 huts lffl acres dnlrr with lluprner eow..
esMtrwswiMi licr-es, uonsnd SllPSKUMttj
tood house, barn. sr.... en- lights, mall, telephone.
Itmhlr.ggoes at tills j.rice. if s.-.a perora APnllSl
Near town and e.ectr.e Ihe .rr.nl..l.r..rti. r. tl
k tt, tw mj EE lUILDPIM. SH.i.t.SlN..
Chocolates in Fashion.
Matinee girls make and break fash
Ions ln confectionery, and just now
there is a deadly set toward chocolates
of all kinds. Time was when the
chocolate cream was every girl's ideal
of luscious dellcht. Then cams days
when bonbons ruled and when the
clever girl behind the candy counter
slipped only a small proportion of
chocolates Into a box cf assorted
sweets. Hut chocolate lias come to Its
own again. Perhaps this is why
Georgle Cohan Introduced a touching
scene in his play, "Hello, Broadway-"
You see, the girl he Is in love with
makes an awful discovery. And on.
how she rave? when the secret come.-'
out! She finally throws Georgle over
because he confesses he's a chocolate
fiend. "Oh, double O!" she again
raves. "Ain't it awful, and to think 1
always thought he was a perfect gen
tleman." n
Gently cleanse your liver
sluggish bowels while
you sleep.
Get a 10-ccnt box.
Sick headache, biliousness, dizzi
ness, coated tongue, foul taste and foul
breath always trace them to torpid
liver: delayed, fermenting food In the
bowels or sour, gassy stomach.
Poisonous matter clogged In the in
testines, Instead of being cast out
of the system is re-absorbed into the
blood. When this poison reaches the
delicate brain tissue it cousi I con
gestion and that dull, throbbing, sick
ening headache.
Cascarets Immediately cleanse the
stomach, remove the sour. undiRested
food and foul gases, take the excess
bile from the liver nnd carry out all
the constipated waste matter and
poisons In the bowels.
A Casearer to-night will surely
straighten you out by morning. They
work while you sleep a 10-cent box
from your druggist means your head
clear, stomach sweet and your liver
and bowels regular for months. Adv.
Small Maiden Was by No Means as
Free From Cuile as She Ap
peared to Travelers.
Two great tears shrine in her hazel
eyes as she stood by the slot machine
outside the wayside inn two tears so
large that a young man passing on his
motorcycle saw them clearly.
"Excuse me," he said gently, "but if
you tell me all about it perhaps I can
help you."
The girl shook her pretty head.
"I've put a penny in the slot machine,"
she answered, "and nothing will come
"Ah," said the young man, "that's
soon remedied."
I Drawing a penny from his pocket,
he inserted it in the machine. Six
. times he tried w Ith six different pen
nies, but absolutely nothing happened.
Then he rodo away, poorer but hap
pier. As he rounded the corner the girl's
: mother appeared in the doorwav.
"Well, Kate," she asked, "how are
things going?"
"A-l," came the reply. "He's the
tenth. Altogether I've netted three
dollars this morning."
"Isn't that a new doormat you
have? Strange, I didn't notice It be.
you were standing on it before."
fell1" WM nly 8llP ' glrl tbafc
Yes; and no wonder. The walk a
are so Icy."
When an old-fashioned farmer trav
els he carries most of his baggage la
his pockets. '
Except for their vanity, it would be
Impossible to please some people.

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