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Joseph Blcs' daughter, aged five or
ix, died last Saturday morning, and
was buried at the Catholic cemetery
mear this place Sunday.
Rev. Howie preached to ft fall
house Sunday night, but on accoount
of the sickness abroad in the land
land the bad weather, concluded not
to hold a series of meetings.
Snow balling and skating have
been favorite amusements for our
ipeoplo the past few days.
Rev. Pierson, of Kelso, was here
Quarterly conference was held at
'4he M. E. church at this place Mon
day morning.and it is rumored that
the .people have raised the money t o
,pay their church debt.
Frank Zundel and wife and Miss
A'lsie Dyer visited the Capo Satur
day last. Frank is s healthy as a
pig awl a hustler from away back.
James Martin, of Charleston, is
here on a visit to relatives and
The .past few days of excessive
cold weather have interfered with our
building boom. But the sound of the
hammer and saw can bo heard in
many directions to-duy (Monday.)
Rev. Brandt did not preach in Eng
lish last Sunday night, to the regret
of many of his protectant hearers.
New officers were elected by the
Oran Literary last Friday night.
Sam Allison is president and Miss
Kstelle Qurry secretary. A commit
tee was appointed to arrange another
debate with the Morley club. Par
ticulars later.
Rcbt. Wright and wife wont -to
New Madrid Sunday to see Miss Fan
nie Summers, who is reported dan
gerously ill. Miss Fannie is Mrs.
Wright's sister.
. Dr. John M. Rowe, of Charleston,
"was here a few hours Tuesday.
McClean vs. Smith was the style
of a suit before Judge Hale Tuesday.
Mrs. Noah Maddox is recovering
from a three week's illness.
Mr. La Gi-and's new dwelling and
business house will soon be ready for
Mrs. Thomas and two children, of
the Cape, visited Frank Zundel 's
family Monday and Tuesday.
Mr. Clark, the musician, is with'
us again.
Collector White was hero Tuesday
looking as delicate as ever.
Mrs. James Spraddling has the
"Hasy" Moss, the horse trader,
was hero Tuesday "going around"
with the boys.
W. F. Ford, of Delta, was here
Albert DeReign, of Benton, was
ncro Tuesday on legal business.
John Moore's fine gray horse is
about to recover from an injury
"which was thought would prove fatal.
Mr. Poe, the insurance man of
Diehlstadt, was here Tuesday. Mr.
P. got his foot frost bitten while act
tag as juror in the Owens inquest.
Bert Ringo is building a residenco
between Lum Montgomery's and Mr.
Joseph Smith moved into the Hess
property Tuesday.
Master We Idem Allison is on the
sick list.
Toothache is prevalent, if not fash
ionable, in Oran.
Grandma R3ichert has a patient
brought from the Capo for treat
ment. Uno.
-"Mud, slush, mirel That is what
we have in Scott county. Will it
never cease? Good roads make in
tercourse more easy, life more en
joyable, and they are, in fine, an in
dex of the progressiveness and civ
tlization of a community. Our roads
are no better to-day than thirty
years ago. Will we never advance
in this particular?
Mr. Do Reign has bought and
will build himself a residence on the
lot north of Tom Adams'.
Squire J. A. Kirkpatrick, of
Diehlstadt, paid us a pleasant visit
Tuesday. Ho reported that there
was eoixe tak in Hi locality
in favor of lynching Owens, in case
the evidence at the preliminary hear
ing established his guilt beyond a
fkom moklky.
Drummers are plentiful on our
streets and all report times getting
better, especially in Southeast Mis
souri. Richard McGinnis, one of our b-f-t
! citizens, died of consumption last
Wednesday. His family have the
heartfelt sympatliy of theontireeom
munity in their sad bereavement.
R. L. Harrison and V. L. Harris
arc putting up ice, on the principle
that "a small loaf is better than no
A Pea vine special came in Sunday
with President Lovis Houek and the
other high oflicia Is. Thoy insected
the Iron Mountain water tank, depot
and section house. I expect they in
tend building here this spring.
The county delegates of the Ep
worth League met here last Satur
day and transacted various business.
We are glad to say that the League
is getting to a strong body in Seott
Geo. Tomlinson made a firing trip
to Oran last Sunday.
Uncle Tom Rigg'ns went up to
Randal's last Fridaj' to sou how his
restaurant is getting along.
Born, to the wife of Jolf Dunlup, a
big boy. Jeff say? he is a sure Jim
Capt. J. W. Goi'doc has resigned
his position as tank man at this place
and the duty falls upon our agent.
Our citizens are talking of Albert
Do Reign for Representative, and I
think a better man for the place
coxild not be found.
The revival meeting is still in pro
gress, and the good interest of last
week still continues.
Morley is to have u brickyard sure.
A Mr. Cole, from K-jptucky, was here
and contracted with Pick Hunter for
the wood and ground. Omj Sox.
The local G. A. R. Lodge at
their mooting last Saturday elected
oflloersor the ensuing year, as fol
lows: L.L. ProllH, Post Command
er; 0. Grojoan, S. V. Commander;
A. P. Carter, J. V. Commander;
Jas. K. P. Chewning. Quartermaster;
Dr. G. H. Scholz, SurgeoujG. Car
rie, Chaplain; C. F. Butler, Officer
of the Day; Peter Akley, Officer or
the Guard. The following were ap
pointed: Geo. E. Clark, Adjutant;
Phil. Gangel, Quartermaster Sergt. ;
W. W. Robertson, Sergt. Major.
Ben Tenkhoff is agent in Com
merce for the Norman Cistern and
Well Pump the best pumpknown to
We made a mistake last week as
to the name of the play to be pre
sented by tho home dramatic club.
It is "The Flower of the Family,"
not "The Fool of the Family." The
latter is, however, an excellent f aree.
A. Maddax, a former resideut of
Scott county, but now of Stoddard,
was here 'circulating among friends
the first of the week.
Joe Frcbase, of Morley, was in
Benton Wednesday and gave us a
short call.
Miss M. Clayton closed her
school at Pleasant Valley on the 26th
ult., with a nice entertainment and
the presentation of two beautiful
good conduct prizes. A good timo
was enjoyed by all.
-Dr. Butler has been under the
weather part of this week. La
Married, at New Hamburg on
Wednesday, Jan., 31, 1894, Will
Bray, of Morley, to Miss Elizabeth
La Fleur, of Sandywoods.
The A. O. U. W. Hall scheme is
to bo pushed with vigor. There will
bo no difficulty in getting tho where
withal to build a hall that will bene
fit the Lodge, tho town and the com
munity generally.
John Edmundson, of Sikeston,
came up to inspect the cells of the
old jail Monday. He accepted them
and they will bo put in Sikeston 's
new calaboose.
Anton MeidorbofT, of New Ham
burg, decorated the Newsboy office
with smiles Tuesday. Before he left
ho let it leak out that a bran new
boy was stopping at his house.
Hcnco the smiles.
For good Baled Hay. unilv to
JW, C. Lambert, Btutou.
Do Soto is to have an ice factory.
Also a lire-lighting outfit.
Tho Collegiate Institute will not
be moved from Caledjnia yet awhile,
Fredorlcktown and Arcadia b olh of
fered the money and hind required.
Caledonia kicked ubuut vested rights
and threatened legal proceedings.
Consideration of tho matter has been
referred to the conference next Sop
t ember.
Ste. Onevievo has 'pii! ; $25.i'M
toward the establishment of a brew
ory and ice plant. That's enterprise.
A gang of habitual thieves and
toughs are in trouble at 'fronton and
are likely to do some service for the
Charley Stokes, late editor of the
Dexter Enterprise-Messenger, if said
to be about to start a Prohibition
paper in St. Louis. There is a good
deal of Frank Mitchim in Chark-v's
Sympathy with a man who mur
dered a bur tender led the editor of
the Jackson Psalm Book into a blun
der for which he had to eat dirt tj?t
Bro. Carruthcrs, of the Dunklin
Democrat, has taken unto himself a
wife. We wish him joy, and if he
makes as good a husband as he does
an editor, Mrs. Carruthers is a lucky
The frogej were piping and the
snakes taking constitutionals down
in Dunklin county before the recent
cold snap.
Kennel t has provided herself with
iire pumps, hose, ladders, etc.. and
can now cry Come on it" you dare"
to the fire ticiiJ.
Dunklin county has a female not
ary public Miss Iluldah C. Douglas,
of Scnatli.
Ste. Genevieve and Perry counties
are listening to the voice of the
charmer, Loirs Hotak. snd if they
will back him as they should, he will
find them a way out of the wood.;.
Bro. Martin, of the Charleston
Enterprise, has been making alleged
fun of some better man's grammar.
Martin's own grammar is the laughing-stock
of every printer in South
east Missouri.
If you find any inconvenience in
reading by lamplight your eyes are
probably failing. Don't strain the.in.
but get a pair of spectacles at the
Benton Drug Store, where you can
find a fine stock of newgoodsatprices
to suit all opekets.
Under the new law the pppoint-
ment of road overseers takes place at
the February term of county court.
In a letter to the Newsboy Mr.
Houck says : "We will soon put in
an agent at the depot at Benton.
We are getting ready torun the wire
from Morley t Commerce and it is
my intention to run a loop up into
the town on the hill into some pub
lic place and have our agent there a
part of the time to serve the public
and in that way give better satisfac
tion. I dou't want to give tho peo
ple any just cause to complain."
The Anchor line will again run a
boat in competition with the Idle
wild, but the latter will still bo by
far the most popular with merchants
and passengers.
-Tho American Humane Educa
tion Society sends us a copy of The
Strike at Shane's," a sequel to
"Black Beauty. " Like the latter it
is a powerful plea for kindness to an
mals, and should bo in the house of
every farmer. The above society
furnishes it at 10c. a copy, and their
address is Boston, Mass. Send for it,
and sec that the boys and tho hired
man read it.
Mr. Walker went to St. Louis
with a fine lot of stock last week.
Prices ruled rather low.
Wo hear of at least three brick
yards likely to bo run in Benton tho
coming season.
Mrs. L. A. Towues is making
considerable improvements on her
premises, inside and out.
J. I Evins, of Blodgett, was in
to see us Tuesday. lie reports a
J scarcity of money and an abundance
I of sickness in his neighborhood.
Mrs. W. R. Sh.-ivr die at th'
family residence hi HI odgett en Sat
urday. Jan. '27th. Tii.- b-ivaved hus
band and children have th: heartfelt
sympathy of the community in t '..'. r
g:val loss. Mr.-. Sherer was abee.t
:' year:-, of age. and lvr untimely
death is mourned ar. u p 'rs.mal less
by all v. ho had the g -. d fortune to
know her. Sh' was a con.-.;!--:-,.
member of the Rapt
several yee.rs pre viou
-t ehinvli for
to her death.
and the burial .service wa- p riono . d
under the ritual of that denomina
tion at the graveyard in Richwimds.
near Sikeston. '"Death lows a ?hin-
mark. "' and mid t
aim has fallen rne of
and best.
We are glad to note the rapid re
coverv of J. W. Batv. M. G. Stubble-
field, Jr.. and Dr. J. S. Sparks from
the recent epidemic o" La Gripp .
J. I). Peel made a fly' eg business
trip to Cairo la.'t Monday, lie was
accompanied on the return trip by
II. F. Wilson. I he Aultman, Taylor
agent, at that place.
V. J. Redg-r.s has purchased a
one-half int. rest in the Mammoth
Marshall livery r-table, and will be
found in good shape to hustle, drum
mers and similar gents about over
tho county. 1
C. C. Halstcad has purchased r.nd
added to his real estate, 'tie three
lots and dwelling formerly owned
and occupied by George Shoulders.
Even Mary Yellin Lease c!i"t es
cape the captious critic, filie is 'ac
cused of wearing a false bang. That
settles it. No woman who wears a
false bang can ever be Governor of
Kansas. Go foot. Mary YelK;;!
A Baptist iViini-ster of the gospel.
Rev. Maynard, of Bonne Terre. came
down here last Saturday and preach
ed at the Free Baptist chuivh. His
sermon did not equal the one deliver
on the Mount, but it was reasonably
good. The following night he preach
ed at the M. E. church and in the
middle of his disci -ur he became
imbued with the idea that his ser
mon was failing short in its quality.
and lie began to apologize for his ig
norance and short-comings in such a
manner that several hard cases were
moved to wipe moisture from their
eves. It was a novel experience to
see a preacher acknowledge his weak
ness. They generally act on the sup
position that the audience can't un
derstaud plain English, and the num
ber of kids who are called to preach
would astonish John the Baptist, but
you never hear one of them deplore
nis snori-eonnngs in uic icasi. ue
generally glories in the fact that he
don't know anything, but trusts in
the Lord to supply his mouth with
words and food, of which latter he
never fails to consume enough to last
the whole family.
W. J. Sparks moved from town to
one of Dr. R. A. Spark's farms three
miles south of town last Tuesday.
W. J. Rodgers now occupies the
house vacated by Mr. Sparks.
Iu these later days, when you hear
two men calling each other liars, it
is more than likely both are telling
the truth. Shako.
Fok sale, in Benton, a gixxl six
roinn house, lot 1"5 x 13ii feet.
Also a good shop, 23 x 73 fe'ct, lot
same size as above. Terms easy.
Address H. L. Yeake-y, Benton, Mo.
'Squire Lambert fell across a
wagon tongue last week and severely
injured his back. He is out again,
however, but is of opinion that a
couple of his ribs are fractured. We
hope not.
Mrs, Dan Cannon is very low
with puerperal fever.
Baled Thnotliy Hay fer salo by
Frank Miller, Benton, Mo.
Mont. Wada was in Butler, Cape
and Wayne counties this week, gath
ering in the shekels for Uncle Sam.
Mules, Horses and Maros to sell
on time by J. F. Evins, Blodgett,
Prosecuting Attorney Moore
took a peep at tho "sights and
things" in the Nnwsnov oliice Mon
First-class baled Timothy Hay
for sale. Apply to Mns. Sisan
GAiiutu, Commerce, Mo.
C h a r a o d t v 1 1 h f u r d o r i n g
1513 Wifo and KiecQ
and then Tiring
tho House.
, U.ii.l si. ;t or of his h ad w
'Wt Care ii I Doris.-xs'id:
Was O'.vens' Iniportinont I'op'.y
Wm'm Askt-!! to Take a Last
Look at tin? Cbarrcu I!c
liii'.ins in tlie Collins.
7V xnrsnoy
' iinhj pripi:
ti i' til '' '.!' Ill
Ih-it si i.l n sj i
I i'itfj' if i:. tit AiiiIi rr.
I t i tin fiii! i :n i. in fii ln-ii'i:i;l nl
IJ'i ,'iixrmir. 11 . iji r jnyr. Mlln f
Jin ... ilrriiu nt ll I'i' litrir I'I' IHm'S,
illtii nut i'i fi'l.'ili l.
Charley Owens is charged with on.
of the most horrible crimes ever
committed in -Scott county.
Cha''lev Owens with his wife and
nn ci
liwd in a Iit!e cabin.
Anders :
cut cypri
saw mm. on tno r.vrtn
ab ut 4 miles north of
Diehlstadt. A trout 1 oVl.-ek Friday
morning Owen calh.d F. A. Richey.
telling him his (O .v house was
on fire, and that his wife are.) the lit
tle girl wore in it. Mr. Richey
prang from Ins bed an t rusncil to
ward the burning building abeut one
lumh'ed yard.-; distant.
When 'Richey arrived the blaze
was coming out at the d .r. about
half way up. but the end of the house
in which the b'ds were was not ;.
tire. No moans, no cries we;
:h th.
t. but
is ne
Richey sugge.'stfd cutting thr
walls of the sleepir.g part 21
Owens called to him saying,
use. they are dead." Ifw.i
.)ox hi ease, s-u.-h
s a:. usuaiiv ar ane!
saw mills, and was s..on in ar-hes.
After calling Richey. Owt-;i- did
not return to the burning bull ling,
nor diel he appear to have any cen
eern about tine matter. He went to
his father's house near by r.11 ! went j
to bed. Mr. Richey was the only 1
man abmt the scene until after day-,
light the next morning.
"When the n- v re'iclvd Diehlstadt
the next day. foul play was at once
suspected. A wan'ant was issued
and Owens was at'ivsted at his fath
er's house, by Constable English. ;
about 4 o'clock in the evening. Dur
ing all this time Owens never return
ed to where his wife and niece lay in
ashes. The niece. Ruth Seward, was--seven
years old and wa. the
child of his wife's sister consequent
ly no blood relatie." to him.
THE lN"('t"KST.
A coroner s jury was summoiieo
and an inquest held by Squire Watts.
Owens was put on the stand and
stated about as follows :
'"I was asleep. My wife called to
me that the house was on fire. I told
her to got out. that I wouhl take
Ruth. My wife and I were exvupy-'
ing one bed, and Ruth was sleeping
in a bod across from us. I jumped on
the floor, but it was so hot it burnt
my feet and I jumpAl on Ruth's bed.
Then I run out."
"Why didn't you cany the cMld
'"Don't know; I guess I was seared
and never thought of it."
niiiffram of romtx, sbowiiig podtinn ct bcJs.
Owens stated that he attempted
to cut into tho house with an axe,
but thM was offset by Richey, who
if stiucd that he found the axe by the
dxir, just where he had noticed it
the evening hefore. Owens frequent
ly contradicted himself, and his en
tire testimony went to ashes in the
face of tho fact that, when found, the
child was lying under her aunt, with
her head toward the foot of tho bed,
while Mrs. Owens lay with her head
toward tho head both in the family
bod. Charred remnants of bed covers
were found over them, and beneath
them was straw that had not burnt
showing that they were in bed and
under cover when burnt . Near the
foot of tho bed was found u hammer,
which was usually kept behind the
door. Also two wedges.
AH - r Hi-- b Ve-s ;ad b"v n
i'i tl. Tim for burial. Owen-
il i.' ii e w;.:it(-d to take a
1-M-i i' lie m. " D i'i'I car
In- hiii-.k- - !".- diy rem a.
out. look a :da:ie-.' ;;1 ti.
if 1 do."
d. ii XVllit
!.- r. uiaii...
.-hevir,;: l;o
an-.l eoi v v;.'ki- i.v:
:i' e!
- l
lid was
:i: j
ii s hi ,
'.') v.-ars of ag . Ower
p ars to ! abt ar.'1. is ti
of Alfred Ow.-r.-. .The bv-iai
toe-k piace b'.i t.v-in did i: t a
The bottom of on.- f hi, '.
..ome-lait l.-iistered. also ies
'. tit; r.
itt -ad.
fei t i-
i If does not talk about tiie l
unless fi"-estloned.
The coroner's juiy held Ow.-ns
sponsib'e tor the crime, and h"
brought to IJ-nton jai! by C nst
E.:gli.-h Monday oV'. iiii!;r.
Owen ha
to ex-
"plain how
wife 0 Wi i'i
g,t OUt -of
self, lie
along well
,or why it was that h!
him ar.d then failed to
h- l;u,n:e.g building h.-r-nd
hii wifo old iv t get
and. on .-."-vera! oc a-ions.
It was pi"o 11 that he
repeatedly threatened, to kill ln-r.
Owens is a bail character a::d this is
not the1 first time he has been within
-.ho clutches of the law. lie l.ail
from C'e-niinereial Point. 111.
TliE !'!!".!. PilN.U'V Ttg.U..
Tiie rivliininary trial having been
s.-t for Thursday, before Squire
Watts. Constable English arrived
Wi din-Mia
evening, itiur-itay morn-
ing the e-oli-tal'le left
wit h the jiris-
tiler for l),en!staut. wiln a et'.
itoy 1- p-rter iio..e after him.
P:i- eu-irg Attorney Moor.
m the g:'oi2i-..l by o'cl.-vl; but in
terviews with witness -.5 oecupied hi-
time until 1 ei'eiock. at which hour
the pivlim r. .ry cx.gnlr.ati v. i'- gaii.
The -.i-.. v.-a.- conJu.-ted fe-r the prl.--oner
by Tiios. B. Dodge, who proved
hini.eH' a very oiiieient e.ttorney.
Th"1 v-'rdiet of the Cvivncr's jury was
put in evidence alter a second draft
thereof had been prepared, and the
tirst witness r. A. RichU wa
ailed. J I is testimony was in cil'eet
as folioWfi
That he was oe.lled up by Owens
shortly after midnight cn the 2i'.!'i.
alt. That Owens told him his
Owen's'i house was on fire and hi
wife and neiee burneel up. That wit
ness hastened to the hemse.but found
it impossible to enter. Thai Owens
did not approach the house closely
and told witness that they could not
save the woman and child, as he hi a
heard il etii give their last cry. Tiiat
Owens te.id him he had tried V, c-ut a
hole iu the side of the houso with the
axe, but that he (witness. 'y saw the
axe standing in the saie position in
which he had noticed, it the proceed
ing evening. TiV. t finding nothing
could bo done ho returned with Owens
to his own licrj.se, where he gave him
clothing. That Owens told him his
wife hud awakened him by calling
fire. tv.at lie had jumped out of bed
and. burned his foot on the floor.
yamped back to bed and from that to
the second Vvd and thence, the room
being so dark with smoke that he
could sec nothing, he groped his way
round to the doeir and escaped. That
he asked Owens to sleep at his house,
but the latter insisted in going to
his mother's house, which he did.
That he (Owens) took the death of
his wife ami niece very coolly, exhib
iting more solicitude alxiut his burned
foot than anything else. That Owens
said the fire originated in the fhxir.
That he had tried to renovate the
fire in fireplace earlier in the night,
but it was so low he gave it up.
That witness, along with Matt Rod
gers and Dick Higgs visited the ruius
next morning. That they found the
bodies badly burned. That the child
lay partially under and with its head
iu the opposite direction from that
of its aunt. That only a portion of
the child's skull remained and had
the appearauceof having been broken.
That the woman's skull had a hole in
it on tho under side big enough to ad
mit three, fingers. That there was
straw under the woman still unburn
ed. That a hammer and two iron
wedges wito found near tho bad.
Thai lie had heard Owens threaten
to stamp tho child into the ground
on one occasion. That he had signed
his testimony at the inquest without
3STO. 2
lCl.rO(.r i
j.'an-d t-
a., v-riii.
Wit in -!
Ji. A.
vad over and was not pro
v thai the saiil testimony
en ". L.t v hat ho gave. That
lol no an'-mus against
Ci..' was the :-M'.md witness
i;i ed i 1 'i . oi: That he had
Owens" l.-ai-e the early pari
wei k in rjue-lion. That,
.ml lie had occupied one bed
and t
i a-'
On -
ai.d the w-,
That the b
ve, iinan wa
i:ii and child the other,
i u-aa'ly occupied by th
l:o;o- file door, which !
That on several oci as
!e e'ed tweens threaten
I' - h, d easily,
' iiie.- he had
' U,: wife's lif
. a ; aw ) to stamp tiki
gr, , und. That he had
r make such throats on
ay proceeding the fire.
r-l.iid into til'
hoa-v! p'-i-en
tii- Weda-sc'
That he had
ays regarded these
of ta!
1 1 u 11 1
Wit lie
as mere!; Owens' rough way
dug. "i !'-.it ipianvls were fi'
b 'tween Owens and wife. That
is did not see the ruins until
the 511st ult.
The ilr.t witness wa o- tho stand
over two h.ours and tiie third witn ss
1 1 'i
W! I'
l,...i j.i.-l tak Mithoenair
lock, our rop.n"ter left,
s ; aid i.e had no hop of
St-, with even- ne sitl 1 of
day night, and our iv
oplnion that at the
!! oeeedlngs the oxamin-
u last a week. It is
at o ol
e Wat;
- throe;
,,e Thu.
ll 111
1 ho
tln-n rate ot .
ation n liat'h
ijeii g ei tilt
fre'glit d-wa.-
bicb d iu a pirliem of the
pit. which, on Thursd iv.
us -iy packed, butbitterlycold.
is no fear ot mob law, ul-
hough the' villag" liH-ked as if a cir
us had stru k it. Further details
of the oxamlnation are
d -laved until our next is
A great Clearance Sale hus ju- t
e. n.nu'iieed at Matthews. Stubble
fi 11 & C'o.'s. the Oran merchants.
The Mnwsiiov toils you ihe.y are s1
i;r.g at H:-U .:Y. io see thorn. Toll
them vu'j saw their '"ad" in the
Xkwsi:-iv. ;.r.d that you expect a
clear cut of '.',': p ; ci nt. on all win
lei" gooeU. You li ge't it.
Proceedings of ex -Con fedora to
Soil!'"-, at ?.lor!ey. crowded out
veil! appear in our next.
- Wlille Miss Cora Bla.-k. tint
t each, r audi one of her pupils, Miss
Grin ie Aelanis. wore, driving to
school at Civ.-., Plains Wednesday
morning, t1" e horse ran away and. tho
vehicle, striking a , stumj. both girls
wcr thrown or-t. Miss Black esca
pel almost unhurt, lrut Gi-acie was
carried homo unconscious and Dr.
Butler eullod in. Severe contusions
are all thst the dee-tor reports, how
over'. Mr. F. M. Blocker, of Avert
Stoddard county, but a former resi
dent ef eild Scott, was in Benton
Wednesday. He says the people
over --is way have to be contented
with lower wages than they get here,
a man and team earning only a dol
lar a day. t-roe-whiz!
Presiding Eider Moore, of Char
leston, preached in Benton Sunday,
Quarterly meeting was held Monday,
the pa.-tor's salary paid and other
business matters attended to.
Will H isserer contemplates tho
erection of a handsome residence in
the coming summer.
Old Jumbo h:is not paid less than
ten cents per dozen for eggs tins win
ter and coal oil still goes On fifteen
cents per gallon.
County court meets next week.
When vou start to Jumbo's
without cash, just imagine you are
going to a goat's house tor Wool.
Ground hog's day yesterday. Ho
crawled back in his hole.
Last Call! Those indebted to
Jumb) must pay up.
All of my boots, gloves, rubber
giKxls. Flannele, Jeans will bu sold at
actual cost. ro humbug. Jumbo!
A. J, Sinuard, of Blodgett, was
among us Thursday, and reported
Mrs. Roddick very skk.
Ben. Tenkhoff, tho Commerce
merchant, was out to "see tho folks"
W. II. Stubblcfield, of Oran, and
M. M. Lawrence, of Morley, were on
our streets Monday. - r
Win. Howb, of Oran, was at the
county seat Monday. " ' 1 - ;
Deputy Sheriff Tanner, of Bich- "
! land townshin. wa i im - on tusinem .
Thursday. ' 1 , ,i.' -
' x-

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