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Col. Gillespie says that it is not
the poor renter that pays the largest
ax revenae, but it is tho man who
Jguzxlos the most beer and whiskey.
The lattor gentleman (or hog s tho
casc may be) pays the tax.
-. W. II. Stubbieficld is -confined to
Ids bod at this writing by La Gripiw.
Tho discussion between the Mor
ley and Oran Literary Societies will
'take place at tho lJatict church
"next Friday nhyht. Several selec
tions of music will be a part of the
Vrogram. Prof. Scholz will conduct
the musical exercises.
, A protracted T.ccling Began at the
.Methodist church at this place last
Sunday morning.
Miss Allie Norman, of Delta,
fsp-nfc Friday. Satunfciy and Sunday
in Oran.
A petiton was in circulation here
Monday asking the court to u'jpoint
Samu-l Tanner as sheriff, to 'iill the
unexpired term.
E! I wood Alley i.v the sick list at
tins writing.
It is rumored that
is. is
lias rented rooms o Judgj
andwill inuk lus Vadqunrters the
instead of at Mr?. Nichols'.
Will (Jassoway is absent in Ben
ton at litis writing.
Mrs. Jap May, of Afprley, visited
relatives iiere Saturday.
O. A. Proffer has sold his. town
residence to Air. IieNcile. Rumor
-.ay; Mr. Proff.-r will uuvo ta South
wt st Missouri.
Mr. Underwood will move into the
cottage vacated by Mr. Revelle.
Mr. Engel, of Illinois, bought 4(1
fteres of land of W. H. Stubbieficld
tince our last letter.
W. II. Stubbieficld is having a
glass front put to his new store
room. Unoi
mum commerce.
Mrs. Bull aftd little daughter Mary,
of St. Louis, arc visiting Mrs. J. II.
Crowder this week.
Whit Dodge has been quite sick
for several days but is some batter.
Protracted meeting still continues
and many have bcti converted. The
house is crowded every night, which
shows that tho interact is still in
creasing. Miss Jennie R.-mdol is still visiting
relatives in this county.
Mrs. Ilickr.m is on the sick list.
Mrs. ToHiert is very sick at this
The Charlotte Boecklcr brought
down two barges of coal for the Grand
Chain mills last Sunday.
Tlios. Hawkins is improving very
Our Sunday school is still increas
ing. Last Sunday there were 128
Tho mail service from Morley is a
chronic grievance los. Dxa.
runners & Teachers Institute.
St. Louis Cheap Store!
Flni mom
. The meeting of the Farmers ami
Teachers' 1 nsl itute was held a t M- tly
Friday and Saturday of last week.
Tin? siate of the weather was unfav
orable to n law?e uttendnftc but
these who attended enjoyed a g?uu
ine treat and much interest was
'manifested. T!io aim of t!io Insti
tute was to bind together in the
vauso ef education the various pro
fessions and callings, and the nature
of the papers read all teiMod to that
cnd. JIajor Merwiiv, tlW t. I .ouis
Vdueational editor a.i"d Prof. Vandi
Ver, of Cajw Girardeau, were both
present and spoke earnestly and
well. The various papers and dis
cussions were given close attention
nd all present benefitted materi
ally by the instruction afforded.
After the meeting closed the fol
lowing resolutions were adopted by
the Institute:
Wkkiikas. The people of various
callings and professions of Scott
county need to b3 brought into closer,
relationship with each Sther tht!
they may better know and under
stand eaeh other, aud
Whereas, This meeting has been
called together to aecomnlish this.
ind promote tho fct Interests ef
our people. Be it therefore
AVWm, That we heartily endorse
tho course pursued by our Commis
sioner Mr. W. G. AUhison, in cal
ling together this Institute of all the
avocations and professions in the
teounty to discuss the important
usstions pertaining to each one.
Jlctnlmt, That it is one of the
inost instructive and profitable edu
tsatior.able meetings that was ever
heid in Scott county.
JitKtihftl, That we request Mr. W.
G. Atchison to call another meeting
similar to this at some future time,
when aud where he thinks best.
Hct'tlcal, That wo use our best ef-
!orts to get the people to take more
nterest in the education and uplift
ing that is now bejruiK
Jitnolecil, That ye tTwnk Major
flierwin,oi at. iouis, ana Tor. van
fliver, of the Cape Girardeau Normal
School, for their able addresses
Jtem'vel, That we thank the people
. , J'luolcetL That we thank the com
mittee for the able manner in which
they did their work.
f Jietttlcul, That we send a copy of
tuese resolutions to eacn oi the coun
typapsrs, Missouri. School Journal
and to tne Journal of Education,
H. M. Eubk'
J.' M. Cook, Com.'
R. L. Bi-ck
See A. List's dental notice els:
wlrere in this issue..
The esteemed Bentou Rrmnl .and
the Slur of S.kestonc.ipiedtheNKWS
bov's report oi ihe county ciurt pro
ceedings vrrli'ih'iii it Htffnt'm, but
failed to give uscredit 'd jubtless an
overlook on the part of the editors.
Probate court sits in adjourned
term next Monday.
Mrs. Henderson has bsen qu'.te
sick this week, but is .omewhat bet
ter again.
County court will meet M inday
to np'-wint a sheriff to iill oui t'ir un
expired term of the late Slier ii' Mil
ter. Sam Tanner, of Sikestun. and
Riley Batts. of Morley. and Ed.
John ion, of Commerce, are in the
Hold with petitions.
Bring your horse b'.lls to the
Nr.wsr.- iv iiUee if you want a hand
some job. See "ad" elsewhere in
this issu-.-.
B. F. A lletv Wont. Wad aud J.
X. Hood went to the Cupe Monday.
They report buua-ss ouict. Kelso
bti'ld'ng up, thecountry be'iiigcleared
rapidly, roads tough und wheat look
ing well.
Wa"tkp. A young man to learn
p'intogaphy. A mos'luerative and
irf'ti. able trade. For terms write
to Depews Photo Studio, Cape Gir
ardeau, Mo.
G Mandelshon, who has op?ned
in Friend fc Metz's old standatOran,
announces bic bargains. See his ad
vertisement oil this pajre..
M. W. Phillips, Dentist, who
will v'.sit Benton regularly' in the fu
ture, is now in Benton and will re
main a few days longer.
Miss Donovan, of Alto, 111., who
has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Jas. Walker te- wvelal weeks, re
turned to her home last Sunday.
The Morley distillery shut down
Thursday for a couple of weeks. John
Salyer, the present storekeeper, goes
to tne uran sail, whence Mr. oe
goes to the still at Paton, Bollinger
John Taylor, who stoe
Hinkle's horse and buggy at the pic
Die at Oran in August 18D1, wa? lo
cated at Dubbs, Missl, south of Mem
phis, and ;.Jr. Hinkle wentdown after
him last Week, His present address
is Benton jail. A (tor April address
jenerson Uity.
very best treatment.
t :n
JL Will C
Cheaper tliaii any House in SCOTT
Comity. I want the people to trade
with me and I know I must offer them
Inducements to come.
I want the people to Gome and Examine my
Magnificent Stock, and I
y a n n !5i i !i-iiU,fi ut ii!i'ht
k, w v -2?i"t cr.l r l ovi-r in
unw, ,sr,- "Vlll
9- eftm' S. - . t b-.fore t lie fire .he w
---Jjj,: i iair.s. sure.
You G-oods 25 per Cent. iop:Ur niuir win have won-or
sure, th."' ii!aiw Iviiv; ni course of
Do Soto lifts .'.'t fire eytir,fu:.shiiig
apparatus und i. ready for trouble-
Tiie Cap'1 P-a has again secured
the county printing.
Eli (;.;r..ir. of Stoddard county
shut six wigles in one week, one f
which r.iLie;ivivd r ' f. feet from tip
i tip.
Piiul Peiry's house, at ITuzel Ru;i.
St. Fraiwls iMi'nt'v. rr"s Inimod down
on the H"ii inst.. and hi- two young
children jx-rislied in the flames.
Ben Adams says thu? helping
make laws for Cap.' fJirankau ii
fjj a year f-.a'.ary is eru"ltv to man.
lii.vo St ;'l,'.rv s. IVrrvvule if- mi-
Vv'Lat's the prhv
.-.nvwav? if
r. ' oi
Horse and Jack Bills
y as 1g as ..he wa.-;
a:u have strct t
Cat't. HaV is probablv
! Of Every Description,
OX ChrcKo-LitliopXph, . ,
At the NEWBBcTSf Ofilc'e..
'An elegant Display of
at Charleston !.-y V.ii" tbne.
H' -ii. Mann. K'.i.g.i is lif v. tioeeivt-r
fortius. ( the Irontouj land office) dis
trict. He is a son of the late jludyc
assure them thb
of Mississippi eoinitv
t rs.
Oban, Mo.
AUenvil!" is to have a church l-u'.M-
; Uapt lst.s l ". ng t he prom'
Fisher, of the Farm:
s aftvr tae postofnee at that
He should have it. fo he
iman's "vrviee for the party
iold Jasiier Burks in cheek.
Ben Adams, of the Cane Democrat.
was assaulted by i
eelior at a !.:(. .it
The vuiftis h. 'I! was s nr.e pungent
the cjlumns of
mir. th
1 Bro.
limes, i
and lie !
follow city eoun
cou'.icil meeting.
On Fr'dny cvenln-j 'A telegram
from Chs?i'-!ton. signed by 'Squire
Watts, of Dlehls u.it. v.'lu reeetv-. d
Fi03I BL')I)Gi:TT.
I don't R; e a
y need fo: you 1 1 conceal
T. P. Rlxey. Past Grand Mast-
Orand Lecturer i:n l Sp-.-ciul Deputy
at a
Cartcf eomU seems to be offered
I for sale on account of unpaid taxes
I ab.ait tviee a vear.
t -.tsjuri (.irand Lidg".!. O. O. F
nd spent
was being (ir.'jatiized at Diehlstudt i throe days in our town as the gaest
here warning the ofiieia'.s that a mob; arrived here last Saturda
n ev
la?n.s f
it man
to come to Benton and lynch Owens,
tne man eaargeu witn uouole Murder
and orson. Our citizens d'.d not
eem to put a great rie-al of confi
dence in the telegram-, .yet U ww
eous'deivd best to move Owev?-. sj
u was tak a to Jackson 5a.il ty Aet
ng Sherill f.ani?ert And Vm. Spald-
Several of our citizens remained
of Blodgett Ledge No. 321. On Sun
See L." P. Bull's card tfeewhere
In this issue.
, First-class baled Timothy Hay
Tor sale.' Apply to Mas. Susan
Gaither, Comnie, Mo.
Hall and Cooper lands for sale
. on time payments. Ajly Co Albert
C. Davis; 520 OJTre 6t. St. Louis.
-Mules, Ifoi ses and Mares to sell
on time by J.' F. Evins, Blodgett.
-, Albert Do Reign was in St.
. Louis on business the early part of
For sale, In Benton, a good six
room house, lot lvlul x 13SJ feet.
Also a good shop, 2d x o feet, lot
same size ins above. Terms easy.
Address If. L. Yealcey, Benton, Mo.
Leslie Harris, of Morley, was on
our streets Monuay.
John Welter, of
here Friday.
Sikeston, was
Considerable sickness is reported
at uioagett.
When your business is dull, then
is tne time to push it. Advertise !
Frank Ressel, of Kelso, was in
town Monday. He purchased a half
interest in 160 acres of Oklahoma
land, from Mike Enderlce considera
tion, $925. Mr. Ressel evidently has
connaence in UKianoma lands.
D. H. Harper, of Diehlstadt,
was in to see us Monday, lie savs
it would be doing the people of Diehl
stadt an injustice to bold them re
sponsible for the report that a mob
was being organised to lynch Owens.
A few people in the. surrounding
country started the report and tried
vj organize a moo, out iaiieu.
O. Seofield. of Blodcett-Gen
eral Agent in Southeast Missouri for
the j&tna Building & Loan Associa
tion of St. Louis; was in Benton on
Benton has need of a butcher
shop. Hurry up, Pete I
a loctu:
pies of
n:i;ii't. he delivered
the motive and prine
the mot powerful secret (-rganba-t
ion h the world, and as he went
oliir.g he tired a whole lot of broad
sides of g Kid sound sen..e at h's hef.r
ers. who sat glued to their clwirs for
two hours. Mr. Rixey has r. way of
mingling yruve and rav. subline and
up until 2 o'clock Saturday morning j ridiculous m a most effective maimer,
awaiting the arrival of the mob but I and his talk b.-re with it all and
no one came. I more than all the moral firo ef
The telegram v.-.-s fovnded on a ru- i .se;re: of sermons preached i'mu the
mor that reached Pkdstadt Friday same pulpit. The hsr church was
evening, that six vk-n were out on j crowded, and wi tr.t"t that this gen
horseback trying to organize a mob I tlemisn may twn return.
to attend a 'log-rolling at Benton."
This rumor was true, but the horse
men failed to hnd a suilicieut num-
Tilv ae.'
Our venerable
to wrath, but
t h.
Id h'nn.
his dander
ber of men who felt like taking part
in such sport.
Within the next ten years or more
we are destined to see the most stu
pendous revolutions in rapid transit.
iJevelopments are now going forward
and experiments being made with
electricity that will shortly astonish
the world, and as a result of these
discoveries and appliances it may be
safely prophesied that steam must
give way to the new motor that is
to-day concentrating tho capital aud
the intelligence of the country.
Electricians aeeomplislied a vast
deal when they succeeded in apply
ing the lightning to the rapid move
ment of city people by the use of the
trolley. It was a great victory for
science. But it doe not rest content.
The scheme which two years aco was
deemed chimerical, of constructing
an electrical railroad between Chica
go and St Louis that would carry
trains at the speed of 100 miles an
hour, is rapidly approaching realiza
tion, and before another five years
vow m?"v roll out of St. Louis at -I
o clock in tne afternoon and roll into
Chicago at 7, nearly 300 miles in
throe hours.
The New York "Herald" of Mon
day morning last prints a whole page
description of a trolley railroad be
tween New York and Philadelphia
that will simply annihilate distance
and place tho two cities within an
hour s ride of each other. The plans
and the company have been formed,
and the enterprise will, it is said, be
pushed rapidly to completion.
On top of all this a ''crank" has
proposed to build an electric railroad
between San Francisco and, New
York which, by use of, highly charged
storage batteries, will carry you
across tho continent in less than a
dat. This sort of thin used to be
laughed at, but not in these days of
stupendously marvelous inventions.
Even the crankiest crank, no matter
how many, wheels he has in his head,
is now permitted to escape until his
schemes. are.realized and wonders' of
Truly this age Is going ropWly (nto
tnn oi ine electrical and we may
look for stupendous revolutions in
every activity of life.'-'-Jen'erson Citv
l : v - - -
A pair of Belgians came to town
st iuesdav ami
tween themselve
l iiey were sep-
nn,l LI.. l,t.. 1.1 .......
ut ulcu aim .ui . oi uuuicuciu, iuc yen-1 mak
tlcnianlv barkeeper, was n-.-surim n..'. ' ' ? ,
some water for them to erase the cf- j !ftu aay 1:1
fectsoMhe f.v.trichlal combat, when , U2h.;s U let aU,.v but
they t.nexriedly turned the full Ulin-t thlwv stoue,s t hhn.
-r , ...
voked. However, they hit the wrong
citizen, for Robert deliberately
thrashed them both in French so that
they could understand it. and they
drifted down the highway towards
Bald Ridge and peace reigned.
Dr. R. A. Sparks is convalescing
from a fearfully hard attack of pneu
monia, which has held him for near
ly two weeks in bail. Others who
are suffering from the visitation of
this disease are Messrs. Joe Sawyer.
LanJon Sherrill. Steve Peal. J." H.
Stagner, M. G. Stubbieficld and Jim
my Peal. We hope this epidemic
has now run its course and will skin
out for Lake Superior und drown it
self. Mrs. J. Hawkins, of Cape Girar
deau, is visiting at ibis place this
There is some talk of organizing a
branch of the Ananias club at Sikes
ton. Several substantial gentlemen
tacKiea us aoout it tne other tlav.
and Hkj gang at this place are strong
ly ill the notion of putting them bv
themselves instead of taking them
in at this place.
II. C. atkins and Birch Dver. of
Oran, were the guests of relatives
and friends at Blodgett last Suudav-.
A certain man bore in town was
accused of toting a gun and flwofing
a dog. '"Why didn t you f ist shove
tne dog away with the butt of yoiir
gun, said some one. "Because he
came at me biting end first. If lie
had come at me tail first, I would
have excused him. "
The average life of a locomotive,
repairs and all, is thirty years. It
must pain a locomotive to know that
It will never bo old enough to be a
theatre dancer, even if it had the
necessary limbs.
One of our boys, who is not noted
for his good looks, paw some young
ladies coming doa. the railroad. So
ho savs to his friend, "I'm going to
hide behind this pile of ties, and
iiuap out suddenly and scare 'em."
'"Sure going to hide, ore you?" ask
ed Lis friend. -Yes." "Well. I
The Ananias ciub
with a eras'', and w
h:;d.eratclKl hi-- cl.i
ly, the T t"ai"!u! Lyre sudd
scoooil h:r.is If and sio.vl M-. tV
i -
recognized by the M. W. L. md stut
co taat lie una a snort screed a pro
I pos of the late Brazilian inc'd-.-iU
i and he projec ted it into space lik-.
'Brazil beware!
Uncle Sam is slow
when he starts.
It takes a continent
He caret al how you
: Ar'l inarij you.
' Brazil, th-uv is a bird.
A large, tough, hea'.thv I
That has been known to l!y.
From Washington. D. C. to Tipli.
Africa, and tvme back K.me with
Dotu nis talons
(Full of wool.
I It wouldn t tire nun very long to
roue mm witn vour cane
F'or then he's dangerous.
This tough old fowl still roos's
Up on the flag p.ile's topmost end.
Below him wave the stars and
We eti'l him. Bros Gama and Peixo
io. The American Eagle.
And you'd better not stir
Him up. Vv'ooi'Exsiwx.
ed r
esby teriau m e! -a
cio.-e on last
mm n - n
ele-; ing was beou,
i n sdny evening. Kev. .Mitchell lett
a favoral'le impression im all who
had the pleasure of listen;? to him.
iuasmueh as he did not -t-ioP to
abuse any particular .society but
gave an unbiased explanation of
Presbyterian views and doctrines.
On Monday night the subject of his
discourse was Sanctifieation. The
The Mont orecfwfnl Romi-dy CTer4!orflTa
9& It U crra'a la li effecu aud dOM Bob bitkler.
P B. J. Co.?"0'1 Ma "
Ir S!r;--1 hate uaril amrsl bottlfi of yonr
"K-.-nlii'6 Spavin Ctir" wtth mnch fucrM. K
thin It tlie wn L!nttnnt I err bid. Bat T
nwtiit cn t'nrb, me Blo4fvta "" killti
iico Beno HpotIba. llmvo rvcommnd4 It to
mrrrti or my rricuo who era anwh plMM lrif
aad keep it. j
Ueipcctf ullr. S. li. V.kT. T. O. Box M ,
, . Gm 1ht.wt, ytuvialA, May 11, lWOw
lis. 11. J. KKNPiLXj Co
r.fntu: I have uml jrnnr ee)rhnted Eendall'f
Spavin ( ure wlih cicvileot reiulu. I'lcaae arn4
Kndt."!1 " Treatiae ou tho norsa." Lone HvaKna.
da..'. Fpavlu Cairo tlmt la prorlnf to tcnanclal ta
iinccreiv yoirt, v - F, E. BKam.
Prlco il.OO rr 1attten i J .
PH. B. J. EESPftt.tbl,
Enstbareh Fi1.'rW'ihiu
SOf.D BY ALL DUITMH."!-. .. .
ik"i said he did not t. lieve in it.
and cpuot i-d passages from the Bible
which backed him up in his state
ment thai ail the so-called sanctified
people, who imaglu-'d themselves
sinl-; s. were or.'y laboring under a
delr.sien. and that. a long as the
soul was linked to the bjdv, so long
Dental Notice.
I will isii. Commerce. .Monday,
Fc'n. 2i5t'a and remain tllrce day.;
Othee at ilrs. Frniik Aiiflerson's..
L. P. Kii i'. Der.tisl."
Members of the
Central Committee
lVo lie's Party
and all persons
-nipathv with that party are re
tcd to meet at Morley on Satur-
ent'-al Lout
mtist. Cape G irrrdeiS'
following places iVo-
The pupils of the Benton Public
School gave an entertainment in the
courthouse Thursday night. It had
been intended to make a charge for
admission ana aovote ,t;ie money to
a school library fund, out the stpt
oi the weather and other causes in
teriercd with the preparatory prac
tice to such an extent that this idea
was abandoned and the entertain
ment was free. The program con
sisted of dramatic bVetches. dia
logues, recitations, ppIo and part
Singing and instrumel tgl music- by
the Harp and String Band.
. The courthouse was crowded, of
course, and all who attended t'uj.iyed
the very liberal program submitted.
Barring tho inevitable lapres of
memory caused by staje fright, the
dnimatic selections went smoothly
and the youngest pupils took their
full shiVre of the honors. Tho singing
was excellent, and the harp baud
covered itself with glory. Mr. Lutes
and Miss Seaford deserve much cred
it for their exertions, and may well
feel proud of tho result. Mrs. Mc-
Pheeters' aid in the musical numbers
could not have been dispensed with
A collection taken up in aid. of the
uorary lunci realized seven aouprs.
Henry Struwe. of Sandywoods;
died of pneumonia Thursday morning.
Tho funeral of the lato Sheriff
Miller Friday of last week was large
ly attended.
See if your paper is marked
"lmar!'4." If so, that signifies that
your tune is up.
l t : i mti k. ni r w r : i sin iti ! . . i . .
.. ....j, ...... .r .... . jtU,Vi ;,i;ircn iota at. pi oclw o. m.
cape tne coiTupctng nmueace ci in . j,,,. chm Qt
o Kly. ilie lus'.MUi se was a h;viciv
one and should have Iven litened to
by a lr.rg '-r asscmbhige than that
v.'iiicli faeed the sp'.-akcr. A clnavh
was organized during tliis meeting
and Mi'prs. B. h. Barnes and Wm.
Brown chasen as elder.--.
A jvot'-aeted meeting was nn-nov.nc.-d
by Hev. Juo. M. Crow at the
Methodist church, commencing next
Mrs. Kufus WiT-i is. suffering with
a severe attack of pneumonia.
.Mrs Srin'l Hamilton is on the sick
lu t. elso her oldest child, which had
on last Tuesday obtained a bottle
containing earbiiie acid and swallow
ed a small portion of same.
Miss Daisy Randall, of Di'd'e-. is
spending a few days with friends
A. List. De
will visit the
Commerce. Feb. 27th. remain ! CUjV.
New Hamburg. Meh.ad. remain-lOays
Kelso. Mch. 7th, remain 2 days.
Teeth extracted withmt pain.
die Col mor. pent Sunday at Charles
ton. Mifs Coicman returning in tho,
evening and Miss Shumate proceeded
to Oran to visit relatives.
Chris Bet ton and W. S. Baudot, of
Cape Girardeau, spent a few days
here on business
Paul Curtner. th popular pharma
cist at thj Feopb s drug-store, is
spending a few days at his - home,
Hazletoii, ind. J. P. loungwirth is
acting as relief clerk during his absence.
Ad lpli Speeht. piiarii'.e'cift At ,J.
N., Chaney's, left for St. Louis,
where he has gone to be present at
the. niajTiage of his sister.
A literary and musical entertain
ment by Ralph and Ruth Bingham, en
titled ,-The Youngest Entertainer,"
is being advertised for Saturday
evening, :Jareh iid. It will prohauiy
take place at ho M. L. church.
TJic thicr-go Intcr-Ooean.
.Chicago re-fj r.pers hnve lately
gone ir to meivhiUHiising in connec
tion, with their efioiTs. to inercas.i
their circulation, to suyh an extent
as to involve them in some difficulty
with their large advertisers who ob-
iect to the low prices and jrood val-.
. .. . ....
lies oa-'i ii'.o most notane in
stance of this is The Inter Oeean.
hich was compelled to dispense
with its very popular Bok Depart
ment for no othee reason. It coutin-.
vo': its World's Fair Portfolio Do-,
partment. however, which is deliver
ing nbo'.-.t ll.Oti) per day at present
and hr.s added a comprehensive ser-ie-
of "Views of th World, " and a
Cook of music called "'Harmonised
Melodies" on the same plan..- 3'hey
are. sold at a certain price - provided
the purchaser present ft, Certain
number of coupons cot from the ra
The next business meeting of the
Southeast Missouri Association of tho
I. O. O. F. will be held at Morley on
tho third. Tuesday .in February, lfeia..
A School oi Instruction will be held.
The Daughters of Rebekah are in
vited, also the Patriarchs Militant.
The next annual celebration will be
held at Fredericktownon April 2(5,
18U4. A special train will bo run
for the benefit of tho Odd Fellows and
their frjends. Everybody cordially
Yot:nFnon.iitAi'iiTAKps Chbap.'
Best cabinet Photos reduced from
$3 to ?2 per den for tho .next ten
days only. Social reduced" prices to
families. Depew's Photo .gallery,
near Court House, Capo Clrardeau,
The non-advertisiogmerchantgor
eth (orth to his lair b tho . rising of.
the ?uh and lo, no man interfercth.
Ijo standeth around all day like a
bottle of castor oil.nnd the paople,
with shekels como not to-bis .shanty.
He advertiseth not his wares and his,
face is forgotten on the face of the,
?i:th . Wbo hath dried apples? Who
hath fiy-soiled jjipgbams?. Who hsth.
calicoes made I'befo do wnh?"- Who,
bath stale baking powder jritbow
end? Uq that kntwvth not the way
to tho printer. Ex.
Siegfrid Sackberger, a formen
resident of this county and ft brother-j
indaw to .'Squire. Schoen. diid a,t hit)
home in St. Louis last Juwlay,
...... -i :
r'V; r
7. ;'.-

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