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Tee Saline republican.
1 !..
IVIctrsctll IVIissoUri, F''v ecclaop 231898.
NO. 13
NBGRO SHOT. supply by reason of tlie strike,
caused this heat producing arucie
I to advance two cent In this city.
Word lias not been received yet as
to whether the 700 men at Lexing
ton have gone back 1o work, but
In view of the precedent set In
Illo-einsvlllc. the wacts of the
miners will probably receive tin
same advance nud work tc
Jim Miug CkooU Emaiett CnJclixk. r.
Porter t ilia Hotel. Itiju7 Probi'
About louo Thursday tnoriilutr.
Jos Mini? proprietor of Mine's
Hotel in this city, shot limmctt
Craddock in the left Jaw, with
such an effect, that the negro will
in all probability never recover
from the wound. Ming I under
surveillance by the police and will
mabablv be arrested.
The story of the incident is as
follows. When Mr. James Ming,
who Is in the habit of eating opium
and drinking whiskey to such an
extent that he has no crntrol over
himself, was not able to bring by n
scries of rlugs the porter to his
room, lie became very angry.
The summons was finally answered
by the second porter I.ouis Asliby.
wko received a blessing at the
hands of his employer, who de
manded that the regular porter
limmctt Craddock wait upon ms
needs. Hut lie was not lobe found,
having gone to the l'osl Office for
Hir Hotel mail. However he re
turned shortly and was warned to
beware of his employer, wiicn in
this bad frame of mind by tuc ne
gro who had experienced a little
of this bad feeling himself. Crad
dock presented himself to Ming in
the pool hall however and was im
mediately given his walking pa
pcrs and bidden to leave the hotel.
lie demanded that lie be turn up
in full, offering to quit nt once.
After some parleying, n pistol shot
rang out nud the negro fell to the
floor, the ball having cutcietl ills
left jaw and lodging in the back o
bis head or neck. An artery was
cut ami the blood came Mrcatnlng
out of the aperture forming a
great pool around the fallen man.
The wounded man remained
conscious, requesting tnsee his wife
as he Ixiievcd he had not long to
live. He was taken to the office of
l)r. Hall and Core and a probing
was made for the bullet which was
not successful however. About
noon he was conveyed to his home,
but his recovery in view of the
wound received, is not thought
Governor Stephen, on Wednes
day appointed delegates to repre
sent Missouri in the convention,
embracing representatives from the
several states and territories of the
I,ouislana Purchase, to lie held in
'St. I.ouis 011 January 10, 1898.
Amonir the number were I). K.
Francis. J'. W. Lehman. I,. C. Ncl-
jy, J. 11. O'Meara, 15. W. Steph
ens and I!d. T. Orcar. The con
vention will determine the time
place mid manner of fittingly
coinmcmorating'tlie centennial an
niversary of the acquisition of what
is commonly known as the Louisi
ana purchase.
Five happy little girls enjoyed
a lea party Thursday afternoon at
the home of Rev. W- K. Dobyns
elven bv Mrs. Dobvns, In honor
of Miss Abblc l'.lwang, of Florida
tvlin tenees t'rld.iv for Fulton to
snciid the holidays-
Mrs. Dobvn. assisted by miss
Iluckland, made themselves very
romnanlonabte and they certainly
understand the art of entertaining
children, which is a gift that few
possess. The afternoon was
delightfully pleasant one.
Little Abbie is a bright, nltrac
live child and made a most pleas
nut hostess. With games, songs
and many talks about old Santa
the time passed all too swiftly-
Tliev were Invited out to th
dining room, where they enjoyed
tin-honor of silt lie at the table
like urown folk, while .refresh
inciils of lee cream and cake were
served. They were all sorry when
ilu- time came to no home.
Those present were Catherine
Vilcv. Dorothy Woodblidge, a
ginia Smith, Louise Hunter and
Agnes Louise Wilhitc.
A Oim OanpjlDH tha Atimtiou of the
Probata Cotirt. -
A trial of exception! by 15. Har
vev and others to final settlement
cf the estate of Jacob kcslcr, by
H. II- Harris excutor, has been
nccunvliitr the attention w the
Probate Court during the past
I.. W. Scott appeared for
11. II. Harris administrator of
said estate, and Kob't Ruff for the
heirs. The matter has now run
for eleven vcars and relates to n
ilifferencc in the claims of heirs
and executor of several thousand
The cv idence "I '"'lb llils
Wti neailv all presented and the
msc will Ik: orctied Friday- The
ludciiuii' of the conn will not be
rendered till next Week and thcie
is a strum: probability, that n dc
cision either way will l followed
by an appeal to the ircuit Court.
maaiNaviLLE strike over.
A reporter for the RhitiiUCA re
gained the information, over uie
distance telephone. Thursday
morning that the demands oT the
striking coal miners, of that city,
lu-pii conceded and
work resumed. The increase
of one-half cent per bushel was
made by the operators, so tha. the
miners now receive four cents for
every bushel mined. Tills makes
the second Increase of half " cent
which the tuintfs have struck for
and secured. The stoppage of the
During the past two days, the
following licenses have been
Issued, which were not reported
in the list as given elsewhere:
Phillip I). Hooker to Klizabtth
J. Donucll, both of Wnnamakcr.
Jas. L- Smith, Sweet Springs, to
Marguerite Taliaferro, Crctcher.
Win. llynuni, Malta Ilend. to
Francis Franklin. Malta Ilend.
Win. H. Ccifer. Slater, to
Kstelle Agcc, Slater.
Frank O. OIW, Slater, to
Katie Vornold, Slater.
A denut.v Recorder asked a
Rill'Uiil.lCAN reporter to make the
followini: announcement, which
some of the young uicii or old
bachelors of the ccuiily should
readily embrace, for it only occurs
once a vear:
"Marrlacc licenses to be had at
half rates for one day only, th
Satiudav More Xiuas. Please
take notice."
Death of 8. M. Unlley.
Manv Marshall people are doubt
less sorry to learn of the death of
Mr. S, M. Culley. who several
years oro was a citizen of this
place. Ilevond middle nue then.
he was perhaps over sixty at the
time of his death, which took place
Sunday Dec. i", nt his home lu
lliiuceton. The family It ive many
friends in their former home, who
extend to the bereaved ones their
hiucerest sympathy..
.Three children of the deceased
are livinir. John, Clarence and
Minnie and also his wife.
foil Ib-ldla Jtirrn Oltjtbe OowIbj
I lit ass4K.'i.l llou of Missouri
Scliiml Teachers will Meet ill Jcf
ftriH.11 Citv 011 the 23th of this
mniuli nml from present Inilica
ilnns. n 11101 successful gathering
mav be expected. A nuinber of
lynchers from this county will
attend the nicctiiiK. The assocla-
linn tins offered u handsome ban
ntr to the comity furnishing the
UrvMi ildeir.ition in ptoporlion to
tlie distance traelcd, ns a first
piU-sud il 1 ,.Vlil one to the
next lest, of History 01 .11.
The Monroe Hotel has been
selected ns ofiici.il headiiuartcis,
Si. so per day rules being given.
On the evening of the first day,
Wednesday, the executive mansion
will be thrown open for tin- en
tcitaiiunrnt of the visitors nml
many such inducem-ints are offered
bv the Capital city to bring to
gcthcr the largest gathering, the
Missouri association has ever hail
agreement, in witness whereof,
the have given the following no
tice to the public:
The St Louis Court of Appeals,
in a decision, has declared that
'the dlieetorsof a bank have no
authority to allow overdrafts; that
they are loans: and that the cash
ier has no right to loan the bank's
monc) without observing the usual
precautions and formalities," and
the Hankinir Department of the
Stale reiinlrcs banks to take good
notes fioni lluir customers, instead
of allowing them to overdraw their
accounts "
In older, therefor, to comply
Wtli the almve, the undersigned
banks of Marshall. Mo-, hereby
give notice Hint on and after Jsntl
atx ist, 18.10, 110 check will be
honored that overdraws the cus
tomer's account.
F.tnjtnun' t.vixn J.nu.
Wikiii & Huston Hank.
Hank oi" Sai.inu.
Hank op .Maksiiai.i..
BpriagiBolJ to a Mn Tnm Deer
Ilst week a deal was completed
between the McAllister Springs
Stock Company of which F. Ii.
Hoffman is ptcsldcut and G. L.
Faulabcr, secretary, both of Scda
lia, and A. Hollcnbeck of NcrV
Mexico, whereby the first party
cxclianges the McAllister Springs
and grounds for a .(o.ooo acre
ranch near Mound City, New Mex
ico, 011 the Atchison, Topeka and
Santa l-'c road. 1 he sti.ck com
pany which has just sold out, in
tended to iciid Ss.oon in remod
eling the hitel nud fixing up the
gtoiiuds lulling lliecomiiig season;
and it is to be hoped that the new
owner will not allow the propcct-
id work to lie abandoned, but
push tlicsj Springs, which hive lit
so short .1 time become the most
popular in Saline.
j... r. i.jooh ij.
F. Lviu.il living north of
The rjwtmeiDt Salt Djoidtd la I'-iroriif
the DifotUot.
Tilt eiettment case of Mrs. Mary
KIiil- vs. W. R. KlnchM oceiipled
the attention of the Lafayette Cir
cuit Court during the past week
and was jesterday ended by tlie
juty bringing in n verdict in favor
of the defciidmit 1). 1. UugSins
and Leslie Orcar from this dt
acted us nttornvys fur W. R. King
J a.
Sweet Springs -.everal miles, died
WodntMla). Mr. I.vnch was engag
ed in tlie m.uiiliw business for 11
living and was a man of about 40
years of age. His lmri.il wilt take
place Friday timming and bis re
mains will be iiiu rnd in the ceme
tery nt Creliiur
Tlie Relninnd CnmKtiiv will
glvca'Satuidny -niiig matinee.
No icwrvcd M il- Childteii 10
cent- n.'l otheis j.s n uts.
UjIu ll.wl ll'SK
MUs Francis Nnpton will en
ii-rialn the children of the Kplsco
pal Sabbath scoool at her home on
Saturday afternoon from two. to
If.... r i-f f-r.ri- Krliol.ir ntlend
iiiui . ..v. --
as Miss Francis will eulertaiu
them royally.
Rdiet Conttllutional Qutt'.ioM lu Motion
to r.ecra InniMDM vatt,
Jefferson City, Mo., Dec. 20.
Attorney General Crow to-day
filed 11 motion in the supreme
court nsklnii for n rehearing of th
recent decision ol that court in the
Kansas City insurance cases in
which the attorney lost. He
raises constitutional questions in
his motion, contending that the tie
cislou allows combinations to con
Irnl rates to one class of iildivldil
aU and excludes others; that the
iWiw'oii is niral.isl policy.
Assistant Attorney General ham
II. Jeffries left with Commissioner
Saiiiucl Davis for New Orleans,
La., today to take testimony on
the part of the sevcnty-tlrcc in
surance companies, doing business
outside of St. Louis and Kansas
City, against whom the attorney
eeneral is scekimMo oust from do
ing business for violation ot tlie
anti trust law. The evidence to be
taken is 011 the part of the defen
Orerdrafli To Ba Tuned Down After
Jd, ltl. I; Manuall Uiok.
The Hanks of Marshall in order
fto protect themselves ngajust over
draits, have adopted the following
We feet pfoud of OMI nctcUntu
when we sue the many attractive
windovss nrnu.id the eiptarv.
While much time, l-dmr nud some
expense have U-en expelideil on
thedcc.irallons.it will pay eery
Warren Cohort's window at
Mvers& Hell would b.- a er illl
to any city eMnblishiueiil.
Mr- Pci-cher's grocery house
looks like Clirlstmas morning bad
come in earnest.
I he cctlar tree-, arches, etc.. for
sale at Walker , with the many
good things displayed in the
windows, are a pretty sight ami
make one hungry.
Mr. l'arrlsh has his store deco
rated very artistically with its
gailands of soft cedar, many
wreaths of cedar and holly, to say
iiolhiiiir nf several barrels of mistle
toe present, and has a most inviting
appearance. The largest and
most perfect buncli 01 nusiieioc
. 1 1.. I-.-.H
we iiave ever seen 111
was suspended lu tire window nt
l'arrish's Monday.-
We plod on until wc reach .Mr.
Cochran and Loomls, where you
can find any thing you want to
cat displayed, ond they nil make n
fine showing.
Dnrinc the past week, Marshall
has had an opportunity of wclng
some gisvl shows by the Rvdmotid
Repertoire Company, llic actors
are all fust class nud with such
competent support, Mr. ltd Red
mond, the star player, limlsll nu
easy matter to play his part with
great effect and excellence,
Aside from the plays produced,
nu r-nte ttaiuluir feature of each
evening's program are the dancing
and tong specialties.
Solid sterling silver tea spoons
for ?4 per set nt Mitchell's. No
extra charge for engraving. Wes,t
Side SiUarc-
lu gnlliur
tl-lilii nl Salt
1. 1 i'i. ii-.n.i
1 in 1 i-i
lie re-
liiis.teejf vr utiMl.h.
A tis'l 1 1 ill" lor Inrinr.
,.. . r .
I.llllx l'MI-spiiti-
..l.-l S.tn I 1
Mu K-l 1 ii. - 1 1
nl Sm-.-l si.1.1...
w Itiilti-i 1 K hi- 1
mt. . I. ini)lMtc I 1
A Mi-rl I i" 'I'
-1 . nl ili Ill i'i 11 s
(i..i M.tli 1 ii. - 11 I"
Ulle. III. i" -f ' I il" 1
!:. II l.iiiil-i'.L ulll
lrii-l ol In- iuii'liil ili'iltf'-
llr llnmtii'w'l m .in Into his mm
liuiifi- iiLuiii I lu- Hr-l "I lh year
Prank Cst" aii-t family 111 piy a
vl.lt lu tlixlr "li homo In IlllunU ilnr
ins this liiillilny.
Krnint V tl'on IshoiiM Inmi Qnlnee)
l-r Iih b:ts Ih-imi goina 10 eliool
I'nrl will I" luek mi Saturday.
Our imrelnnis nre ll lmy- 'li"
liullilny trsdn l er.V illng ami
tills huw llic goml feeling nniuujr
Ml. X W il.illey lecelved n telo
grain Satunlay nnniimieliiR llio drslli
nf her fatlirr. V Wndo of Kpiinslleltl.
Mrdulii uf Msnlmllnii. Knn, ! !
Wi ' Ms ilmiglilcr. Mrs V Y llsser.
Ilnssyalio ililmlre our ciiiinlry very
l'rnf I! 0 FUlier ill filvo two
ivecka liollilay tu lilt scliuol. and Our
In;: tfio lntnal, will vl.ll lile old
V A " U'lurned from Knuioi
City n e.niil.iy. lie will leturn af
ter in i . IV. ninl eoniiniiio in. i imr-
iii:ieullel ciiiir.e-
0 T flre.u ilppallisl this llfo Kiimlay
lliainlil nl U o'clock, I In U beun
in tulllniJ liesllli for omitlino. Al-
tlmu:li lm tliouglit ha linit ionic-
Khat liiiirovcd in Urn nsitlwo wecki,
until n fu(V ils) bciorn Ins dealli.
Ilu leave. Itirie eiitldrrn to mourn lil
lo. Ilerl. wlm ) rlal'l wllli him
Ihronuli nil M tultprlnK snil mlnli
lei ii l-i hi wmils. Im Hi" heart. fell
..n.i-.-ln- nf lliu enllre roniinnnliv
A win -.'ml dsiigliU-r rr.lilo mniewhoro
In 1'l.iifiln, liul rtould lint he present,
llev (' ; James eomlurlfl llio er
l tcei, inkrineiil in MslU llonit.ueiuo-
(try, norlli of town.

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