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The Saline republican. (Marshall, Mo.) 1892-1899, December 23, 1898, Image 5

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ii'lll 'lillll
I often wamtne thot Ihs llrtr li
torpid or Inaelltc. Mora serious
troubles may follow. For a prompt,
tflrlcnt euro of IlcnOnclio arul nil
liter troubles, take
Hood'9 Pill
WhlH tbrf rouo IIk liver, rc?lnra
full, rtjular action of the bowel,
thf r do not rli or inlii, Ji not
trriuto or Inflamothe Internal organ,
tut hare a poMtlrp tonic eflect. IBc.
at all drmrtrlat or by mill of
C. 1. Ilooil A Co., Ixmcll, Mm.
A Tonus Mas Torced to Marry by tt
Irate Tather of a Wronged Oitl.
Walter I.. Campbell, a Joung man
llilng nn tin) Mourn farm northcnil of
Mar-hall, was vltltcd whllo In tlio
Held by Iho angry father nf n wrong.
al fflrl on lnal Satutdny and forced,
at tlio point of a rcvoher In lit face,
to mako up Ids mind In flmrt order,
whether lio would marry tlio girl,
whom liu had to deceived. 'Ilia
father wni Mr. J M. Thoma. of
city, nml w.i nceonipatilcd on tlil
trip liy nnu of lil neighbor. Mini
I'crry. 'J lie J (niii-; muii returned In
ton n with llirni ami n marriage
liccnio for W. I.. Campbell nml Ml
Zella Ihoma wa secured. Tho
wedding took plaeu tlial nfleruooii at
7 o'clock nt I lio Thomas homo, nml
tliat wa nlmoit tlio Ial airn of young
Cumpbell. Pri'lcndlng an cxcu.o for
returning to the farm that night, lio
turnip good hi ctcare nml liai not
slncu Ih'vii heard from.
Tlio Btrlie Bpreading to Other Coramnnl-
1 .ti t week, tlio owners of U'tlngloii
coal mine rcdl-cd In adtauco tlio
wage of their employee n h ill cent
per Iniitliel, the demand mailu upnn
lliaiu, unit a a remilt of thv rcfu.il.
the mine nru now lying bile. Hut
tlio 111 feeling 'll'l not eml here, for a
Lexington delegation lltcd their
brother workmen In lllgglnt.lllu nml
Imluccil them to rtrlku fur Ihrt sniuu
Increase. A n remit, over .loo
mluvra of Iho latter town h.ivo itilt
work oml It cm probablo now that
all the in I lien nun' belli); operated In
l.afnyellu county mny bu compelled
to .hut ilon li fur an Imlellnlle eaon(
uiiIcm I lio men' grlmnee ore no
m'di'd to. It I reported that omn
of tlio men were Induced In iiill wotk
onlj-byrraon of threat of loleneo
from their co-laborer.
Mot of the oonl unci I In Martliall
and Sjllnu county niiiiei finin Ihl
source nml thu trlko deelared hat
nlTeclril the price of that nrllclo hein,
A BlrtLiUjr Patty.
A Dive CimpiT went homo ou
Tuc.diiy.hu lllllo dreamed Hint ho win
to bu the honored guctt nt n luro
dinner party that ilny, but imagine
hi inrprtio when lin reached hi re.
denee, t n llnd muiio fourteen gentle
mini friend to leeelvo htm. Of eourno
ho wni urprld. hut toon took In Iho
dilution, am nn ninal win u urrry
way eiiial to It. Mr. Cooper hail
planuo.l tlio surprlio, Iho nccnlon
being tho 311th birthday nf Mr. Coop
or, and ai look won hi huvu It, ho had
never heard Iho slightest- thing ubout
It, which made tlio occ.nlou all tho
morn enjoyable.
An elegant dinner nerveil In threo
cout'rea of oytcr, celery, pickle,
tin key, ctnnhcrrle vnrlety of vegi
table, hot hlncult. cuke, crcnn mid
collee, was much enjoyed.
TIiomi procnt uero ,1. W. Iloro,
Dr. !, F. .Manning, J. t'. Dlckcron,
A. I'eeeher. Dr. I). (.'. (lore, 'lliomai
I, Adam, (leorgn Stewart, II. Ilayc,
II. J. riillll..J. O'Diiy.JoliiiMnhurd.
W. II. Miilmrd, K. M. Cooper mid
Hob. IteynobU.
A Tew Btatiitict
l'rom the report of the Lnlrar
Coniniisiioner, wefiirnish the fob
lowing stitistict which may prove
of interest to Saline men, ns we
have every reason to be proud of
this " imperial county of the im.
pcri.il state of Mluottrl." In
siirplm catllc sliipptd from coutt
tics in tills part of tlic Mate, Saline
outstripped nil licr cotiipctltors
over 9,000 hcrtcl. Her closest
rival neighbor was Carroll county
with n surplus cattle product of
29,203. In the number of hogs
shipped, Saline fell 2,600 Ijelow
Lafayette, hut distanced all others,
having shipped H4.500. In horses
and mules, as is well known nil
over the Mate, Saline took the
lead by exporting from her limits
3,926 head. Above the amount o(
corn used at home. Saline and her
neighbors shipped the following
number of bushels: Saline iofi,
741; I'cltis, 21,500; I.afnyctle, y6
84 1 ; Carroll, 42,500; Howard, 4,-
500; Chariton, 67,000, lloone,
6,000. In poultry Satluc shipped
11326.524 pounds or 303,000 more
than Catroll which comes next
with 1,123,000 pounds. In eggs
shipped, Saline more than trebles
any of her neighbors products
furnishing 755,000 dozen for out
side markets. In mill feed, Saline
exports over five times the amount
sent out by any border county,
haying shipped tinting the year
97 over 1,700,000 ouuds, lhese
nrc not cases where figures lie, but
where the great wealth and prixluc
tiveness ol this county stands dis
tinctly recogui.ed in cold facts.
Tho wedding of Mr. Font Coleman
of Iho county nml Ml it Maltln KUer.
daughter of Wm. Kler. took plaea on
Wednesday uenlng at 7 o'clock nt the
homo of tho bride, wot of tiiwu.ltev.
n 111. Hell olllclatlng I liu brhle, till
lntereling blonde. na dtee. In
hamlromo brown ercpon gun 11
trimmed In cream I In nml brown
elrel, cream appliiio nml lupiinito
taffeta with wbllo glove, and bride
ruc. The groom woruvoniiitlonal
black, After Ibu retemony there n
an Informal reception held, which
only Urn relative mid n few friend
'Hie Jntiiig couple will ic'hli' for
IIih prmeiit on the farm. The ItK
ft lit li'AN oteml ciiiigratul'iltou.
A Quiet Wedding
Mr. I',. -VmI mid Ml l.illlau Allen
fiom tho enrteiupait ol the county
were tuarrlrd In Mnnbill 011 Wcilue'
day nt Ibu reldenrc nf Itev. Wharlont
the retemony wn performed by Itev,
Willi toil. The young couple will go nt
ouco to bnutekeepliig oil Mr. Wbllo'a
fur ill near Slater.
Tho lUl'L'lil icav Join with thu
many friend in wUhlng that their
live may prno one long holiday,
ever reminding Ihem of Iho happy
e.non when Ihey hevnme ono.
(!()IN(i TO I'AI'KIt?
Ibu 0 you noticed Ibn reildeuce lu
Marshall mid Saline ennui, Hint 1
bavu papered lately. The next piece
nf good work )ou ee, nk whon It I.
In Ihl way you cm ecu re tc.tlinonl
al of my work, r carry aamplv
from a wholesale home in Chicago,
which I will lakn pleauro In allowing
you and that will cscell any dliplav
In Muri-hull for style, hfiiuiy and
liinllly nt very rcasonnhlo price.
"I'lint atlfautory p iper hanger.
I.Kjitkk I.ixhskv.
t Ij. S' ('.
Alphu ('. I.. S. U will meet
Mra, J. W. Carter Turilnv,
It'll., nt IM p. 111.
Uull Call (untntlnn uhoill your
farorllo hein In bUtory.
I.chiiii Tim Illtb, tlth, 13lh mid
1 li Hi chnpter of "Kuropo lu Iho
Xlneleenth Century" which Include
United (lermiiny nml Italy, llefnrnied
Aiutna nml I'tunce ns It I.
Select reading from lliigeuo 1'lold
.Iul 'Fore fllulnlnia. Mr, It. II.
'I n hlu 'L';ilk ;iirllnia llenn.
Mil. 0. S. llAiiiuir, I'te.
M113 1), K. IJtLiv Sec.
Society Muting.
Iho Kl leu DowcnMlulonary toclety
had ono nf III moat Inlcmllug meet
ing with Mr), A. Iouard Tuefday.
A paper by Mm. Slaley and a
teller from n lady In the Indian
nation, to nliom a box had been lent
by the dnclely, read by Mrs. Camp
bell, proud moil Interesting.
The meeting adjourned lo meet In
two week with Mra. McMillan, on
l'ait Arrow St.
A Obriitmti Tie.
Tho Southern Melhodlit Sunday
School will nn Saturday evening at tho
church, have a Clirlitnml'ie." The
article will altbnro a ribbon attached'
to them and will be In a bugotln pan
Kuril icholar will walk up and
pull the atrli-2 and draw out hli or
her package.
Mr. Samuel Davis entertained the
follow lug friend nt dinner 011 Tucr
d.iji Iter W. W. Klwang, wife and
daughter, Anhlo, Mr. . H Dohyni
and J. V.in Dyke and wlfo,
I am full) prepared to rebuild and
ttine plam and organ. 'I hi con
ll lu replacing fell, reed, etc.,
and mi) gtudunf Hnltli required. Tun
Ing pin- retet or rrplarrd and piano
made in tay In tune well, Klnt-ctaii
teferi-on Irom college and nianit-
faelurc-. All work guaranteed to b
tatM.ietory or no pay.
C. X. ItAXI).
Vet Side S'liiarc.
Marrltge LIcodhi.
The following llccn.c haro
I01111I during the pat week.
I'lca.iint I.. Aldrtdrldge, Crctcher,
nml Sirali It. Hall, Swret Spring
Waller S. Campbell, and Xella M.
Thuuii. Mur.li.illi Henry U Wood
wnnl, nud l.uell.i Arrgood, (Iraad
l'.u I'.dward It. Xeel, mid l.llllan
Allen, Orenrtllle; Kent !., Colrman
and Mnttlu I'.. KUer, llloxer
Ebackelford Iterai,
Ml Xnra Smllli 1 till towly 1 111
prut lug.
A merry Xtna nml n happy Xew
Year In all,
.loo II.1111II, of Mur.hall wa In our
Ion 11 Saturday.
Mark Cooper U lu Crelehcr tld
week 011 biilne
Tho Mice King wero hopping In
Mareliall Monday
ML Maiulu Smith wa In Marshall
Jihopptug Saturday.
Will Carter mid wlfo ol Cretcher
visited heic Sunday
Hubert lljland uf Sill Spring was
hero 011 butlne Monday
Mathow Ynwell mid wife wero liop
plug In Marhnll Mnuday
lllehard lllllehrand mnile hit "uiu
al trip" to Malta llcud Sunday
Autlln Juno who ha been ijulte
ilck with tomllltli I Improving
V A Curler I contemplating on
building 11 new realdonco In the
Dr. Halt, of Marshall mailo and
ulhor profetilonal call in our town
Mr Jim Miller, of K. C. an Wed
Inn Sunday Id vUlt her mother, Mra
Dr. Wlnglleld left on tho early train
Monday morning to ipeud Xma
with friend In K. C.
Wo havo had rain onough In our
vicinity for thu protect, which leave
our road very muddy.
C II Ihieon nud II Itader of Salt
Spring took the train at this place
for Marshall Tuedny.
I'M Hulchlninii nnd McKoberla, of
Mtiltii llend thlppod cattle from hero
tuSt. l,ou I Saturday night.
Mb Annie Ctynu who leachea In
1I1.1 if etui,,.! l Mnl.nnl kfiiitn nut north
of Shackelford trill hire 1 Xtaa. tretd",,,-w,!lcMle ll" i,,,'"
Don't Read This
And then go some other place to buy your .
Xmas Candies, Fruits, Nuls, etc.
is headquarters for them. Special prices made to churches
and schools.
He is Exclusive Agent for
Gunther's and Plow's
' Oysters direct from Daltamore.
Don't forget tho place, North Side Square.
A. NEFF, Manager,
Silver Link, Dawn, Lilly of the Valley.
Ilting your wheat and leave on deposit, et your flour a you 1
Wheat, Rye, Graham Flour, Corn Chop, Chicken Feed and .'
it. Wheat, Rye. Graham Flour,
UxchatiKcd for Wheat nnd Com.
utvc tin
Friday eve.
Shackelford I villi nn Iho boom,
having Juit completed tome new
ihlewalk. which I much appreciated
by our people and ltltnr.
Mr II Tlckemeycr expect ,MI
Florence I'lckemyer, of Kama City,
ami Ml l.ula of near Miami, where
ihu I teaching thla winter lo ipcnd
the Holiday al home.
Ayrei and Vicinity.
Hack again.
Corn elllng nt !,".' per bl in the
(let in lino for '93 by aubicrlblng
fur thu Itepitbllcan.
Mb Kva Mcl.ane lilted at FI1I1
Creek lait week,
Wonder neur ccaic and inydcrlca
are not n lldng of the pait.
Ml.. Xorn Walker went to Fayette
Ihl week In tpcud the holiday.
(icorgn nud lid Davenport wero
calling in tld vicinity Sunday etc,
We are glad to eo .lame Dcnnl
out again alter aeveral dayi'lllnet
Henry Lenta, of Xew Frnukfort
wnrthlped at Xuw l'rorpcct Sunday.
Ml.te. Xella and Mollle McAinl
gaio n parly last week. Tbuiu pre'
cut report a jolly time.
1'alronUt your homo merchant for
Xma candle. Mr. CooKiuy iiijaho
I going to get u choice lot Ihl time,
Mr. Katie Kitchen hat oeen ipillo
tick for tcrcrnl day and, wo are
lorry lo ay, it 110 boiler nt this
Madame Humor ayt theru I going
to bo u wedding In Ihl vicinity ma
Come. f up wo nil llko to attend
wedding, don't disappoint u.
The Ico la all that could be deilred
for keeplog purpoie aod many havo
filled their home to their utmoit
capacity during tho lutcold pell.
Mlu Ileulah Wood, who happened
to accidentally break her arm
while at ichool latl week, I
getting along nicely at Ihl wrlltog.
Will Storte took adrantago of Ike
natural bridge aero the old muddy
to tramferhli atock and troughs from
Xew Frankfort to the Charlton side.
Mr. Davit, the night watchman e
tho barge, bad a narrow eeapo of
hi life while at work. Ha fell In a
hole In the Ice and lindlng ho uould
not wliu with o many clothe on,
gave the alarm Juit in tlmo to be
rescued from a watery grave.
Our aged und highly rcapcctcd
neighbor Mr. door go Heeler was gonU
ly laid to rest Sunday. Deo 18, atMt,
Iloreb. Ho died Saturday orenlng
after a brief lllnc. Many friend
syrnpslhlze with the bereaved family
In their ureal lo. "Uloied are the
Celebarted Candies,
Corn Chop, Chicken Feed and Meal
Highest price paid for grain.
a trial.
Misses Annie, Dora, Katie and
Mls Snltic I'.rvltic and brother,
Jr.ss will leave Saturday for Cordcr
where they will spend the Christ
mas season.
For 11 lew da only. I will offer
my Kntlru Stuck coinlnilug of Klui
all, e'thtitnan, Ktoigir. Whitney,
Klng.ley and Mathudick planu and n
largo stock nf organ at llargaln
1 organ I5, uoith fl.,.
i sr., m.
1 St, IW.
1 piano, I'.'i, " .111.
1 " 140 " SOO.
Al.o new upright at bargain
price to make room for other stock.
(,'. X. ItAXD.
Weil Side hijuarr.
Ohriitmu 18D1 led New Year 1609.
Itstes via. Chicago A Alton II. It.
Onuaud one.lhlrd fare for round trip
to station wllhln VOU mile, etrrpt
that Hlgglnsvllle, Independence and
Kama City aro 0110 fare for found
trip. Date (if )ale. Dec. VI, '.', VS.
und .11 and Jan I and SI. Final limit
Jan. Ilh, Mi.
W. A. llKATrr. Ag'i.
Joseph Hamill,
fRcaf 6statc, oat) on3 c3n
suran.ee Clgenl. Scr,Vljarc
and 9olarv (PMle.
Oflice, North Side Square
Marshall, Mo.
Tralns Fats Marshall Ooiaf UtU,
IT vll d Kip. t eblMfo m4 at Leai It' a m
I MiSIKp. ( .,..,, . IliSoya
II rhie.KU UwllaM m..m.m-m.m SiSe t m
101 LMI irwiam. , iia
II Htll i4 X rM. Ullr- ..
UHII.AUI1 VanrMa.dAll
lilt an
llrhlcOM A R C URlU
II Ul Krtllbt...,
101 inu1iriMtt
lrblcooK c UIU1, JtllT .. . . ;U
, IMmm
ttr. AIIlkilrlM
' A. inirrr. !.
I.e., H.ys L.DlfllM.
l$, mind, dvptrti
lit, nl4. eturl .
....lliS0 a. m

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