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The Saline republican. (Marshall, Mo.) 1892-1899, December 23, 1898, Image 7

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Hood's h.
-el QAA l n perfect beauty,
I OVI lrlitli-. up In date.
-v-' tfuhjirli
Una of llio handsomest pieces ol col.
or work Issued tliln jcar. Lllho.
graphed, with border ol army and
navy emblems cmbutted In gold.
Leave your name with jour druggist
ml aik him to hits you a copy or
tend 6 cent! Id stamps tor one to
a I. HOOD & CO.,
Lowell. Mait.
Mfatloa iki ft'
Hood's Sarsaparllla It
Amerlca'e Ureatoit Mcdlctno
tor the Dlood and the
licit that Money Can iluy.
Hence take only Hood'i.
Forger Oiptnred.
Shell (I John A. Kulkcrton left Mon
day night lor Columbus, Indiana.
Tho object ol hi: vilt It to bring back
lor trial ono Archie Chettnnt, who It
wanted hero on the chargo ol lorgery,
an Indictment hiring been returned
agatnit Mm by tho Lalayelto county
grand Jury.
The lade, at wo learn them aro that
In IBS' Chcttnut wat working for Mr.
Kil llord on htt farm near Aullvllle;
Mr. llord gavo Chettnut a check for
18 on tho Hank of Hlgglntvllle; bo.
tore caihlng the check, It it charged.
Cheitnut raUcd tho amount tu C0,
later the forgery wat dlicorered by
the bank but Chettnut had flown; In
September lie wat located In Kentucky
and Sheriff Fulkcrion went there, tho
matter of arresting Chcttnut being
placed lu the hauda of tho ihcrlH of
Clay county, Ky. Chcttnut wtt ar
retted, but during Ihu night, and be
fore being delivered to Sheriff Kul
kerton, made hit etrapo, and hat
been at largo until latt week, when
he wat arreited at Columbut, Ind
Sheriff Kulkcrton on notlllcatton
leaving at onco to bring tho prtioner
Sheriff Kulkcrton tpent Tuctday In
Jefferton City where ho tecurcd a
rcriultltlon, leaving that night for In
diana. Ho will likely get homo with
hla pritoner Monday. Islington
Rpgtrdleii of Age.
Thu ktdneya aro rcipontlble for
more tlckiicti, iiifTorlng, nnddeatht
than may other urgaua of the body.
A majority of tho lilt atnictlng peo
ple today la traceable to kidney
trouble, It provadct all claiics of
society, In all cllmatet. regardlett of
age, tcx or condition.
The tymptuint of kidney trouble
aro unmlitabablv, inch atrheumatlim,
neuralgia, lecplriinrti, pain or dull
ache In tho back, n drilro to urinate
often day or night, profuie or tcanty
Urlo held, or brlck-duit depoilt In
urlie aro tlgni of clogged kldneyt,
canting poltoned and germ-lltled
blood. Somctlmca the heart acta
badly, and tube cntla (waiting of the
kldneyt) are found In tho urine,
which If ueglected will remit In
Urlghl'a Uleaae,.lhe mott dangeroua
form of kidney tronblo.
All Iheto ayinptomi and condltlona
aro promptly removed under tho In
fluence of Dr. Kilmcr'e Swamp-Hoot.
It hat a world wide reputation for itt
wonderful curet of tho mott dlttreit
Ing caict.
No one need bo long without It at
It It to caty to get nt any drug ttore
at llfty ecu 1 1 or oue dollar. You can
have a aatuplo bottlo of Ihlt wonder
ful dltcovery, Swamp-Hoot, and a
book telling all about It, both tent to
you abtolulely froe by mall. Stnd
your addreit to Dr. Kilmer & Co,,
lllnghamton, N Y. and kindly men
tion that you read thtt liberal offer In
the Hr,ruut.iCAK.
The Oatee Are Off.
Tho M. K. Aj T- has abollthcd thu
gatu ayttcni, tho order going Into cf.
feet jcitcrday to the gratification of
the traveling public. V, F. Uryih,
paneoger and ticket agent for the
Teiaa lines, tald In an Interview thtt
week In regard to the gate eyitemi
The report that the gate system,
which hat been In force on our Teias
passenger tralne for over n tear, la to
bo abolished It true. On the IMh
all our gntemen will receive
their .y eheckn and tWIreerrlces lot
the comptn) Ih- dUrontliiiied Wr
Imio found the gale t stein very tat
lifuclofy Dining the past year the
depaitment hat not had to pay a dol
lar for damage suits; for the preced
ing year we had (300,000 docketed
agalntt ut. The traveling publlo
doct not want the galea. Nearly 100
men will bo thrown out of employ
ment by the abollibmont of thecals
tyttem." New Franklin Nowt.
All our farmer readera thould take
advantage ol the unprecedented club
bing offer we tills year tnako. which
Includca, with (hit papor, The Lire
Slock Indicator, Ita special Farmers'
institute edition!, Tho Poultry Farm
er, Tho Farmera' Mutual Inturance
Journal and the Humane Alliance
The subscription prlco ol tbrte Are
publlcatloni amounts to (2.80, while
our own paper ltd a total of (3.80.
We aro prepared to send them all,
Including our own paper, to any farm
er In this county for 11.43, which It
only 43 cents ruoro than our own tub
scrlptlon price. Never before wat to
much tuperlor reading matter, of the
moit practical and uieful character
offered for only (1,43. Tho flnt four
of tho papers named are so well
known throughout tho West that but
little need bo aald of them, They
commend themiclrei to tho rcador's
favorablo attention upon mere men.
tlon. ThoHuniano Alliance It devo
ted to humane education, and thould
bo In every firmer' family, to that
tho boyt and glrlt on tho farm mar
early Imbibe tho principle! of a broad
humanity that thall Includo all Uod'e
crraluret, and learn the wlckcdnen
and brutalltlng tendency of cruelty
ol all Mode. Take advantage ol thlt
great offer. tb
Eclipse cf the Moon,
On Dec. 27lh there will be a total
rcllpto of the moon, lalblo on allot
the continent!, except Australia and
over the Atlantis ocean. Tho dura
tion of the ccllpie, oiclutlvo of the
punumbrat phaio, which It never per
crptlble, will bo three houn and forty
nine mlnutei. The moon will bo
totally ecllpied sno hour and thirty
mtnutet. At tho middle of the ectlpie
the moon will be In the zenith of an
obieivcr In tho longitude llvo degrcet
tail from fircenwlch and In north
latitude 23 degrcet 30 minute- very
nearlr at the renter of the Sahara
On tho 2 lit at !i p. in., Washington
time, tho tun will enter Capricorn and
winter will begin.
On the 31st at 3 p. m. the earlh will
be at Its nearest to tho sun three mil
lion miles nearer than on tho aecoud
of July. Hi.
''Hlit7 of the Sptnlih-Americtn war,"
By Etnry Wattenos.
Tho above la tho title of a superbly
Illustrated, richly bouud volume Issu
ed by Tiik Wakmkii CourAMt, Akkon,
Ohio. It la the only autbentlo history
ol the Spanish American War that haa
ao far conio to our notloe. All the
olhert have, In the main, heen merely
re-vamped hlttorlet of the Cuban War
with loroe Illustrations and a few
(hapten about the .Spanish American
War. 01 course, anything written by
Henry Wallerson would bo readkble.
He, above all other men In America,
Is tilted by training andcipcrlenco to
write a hlitory ol thlt war, which hat
brought world-wldo renown and glory
toourarmt. Kveryllooof tho book
breathe! au cnthustasllo spirit of pat
riotism that Is ethllaratlng and Inspiring.
fhe work contains over 040 pages,
a large uutnber ol lull-paf a half-tones,
together with many rich .double-. page
Illustrations In ten colore, It Is sold
by subscription, ami will undoubtedly
prove a money-maker to evory Intel
ligent talesman.
Lootuls has the best line of nuts,
fruits, apples, etc.
Sensible Christmas Gilts.
something new
- tt i II,; a;..!,..
win , ., Ckl)d, Vicniictrcn s warning aliens
1 to $1.60
50c to 2.00
2 to $5.00
50c G
25c to M.C0" " "'
Sill: Umbcr.las $1.50
Some elegant styles in colors with borders,
5 to $6.00
50c to $2.50
Tffnur cv1r P.lnrvniinn" mtlflliTH
Astncan gloves
Fur Gauntlet gloves ,
New things in Wilson Bro's puff scarfs
Neclcwcar, one in a liox, especially to mail to friends 50 and 75c
Silk Handkerchiefs
Something new in Linen Handkerchiefs
Fine Dress shirts, Late design in colors.
The Latest in silk vests fur gentlemen.
present. -
smoking or Lounging Jackets - - 5 to 89.00
Fine scarf pins, finger rings, solid gold, real opai settings l.()o
Fine Underwear. Union suits. Ladies house slipper. Man's slippers.
In fact you can get a useful and elegant present at Rose & Uuckncr's for
Gentleman or Lady.
This will make a handsome
llrt Htm" M,l. la
Shoes aiid Clothing.
The Bt. Unit Preibyterlin,
The board of directors of tho de
funct St. Louts Presbyterian met In
Mexico to-day to cloio up outstand
ing matters connected with that pub
The following members of tho
board were present) altar nil
Harm, Columbia, Mo. W.W.Trigg,
lloonrlllf, Mo.j l'rof. John J. Klce,
Fulton. Mo. Mr. VauMcter, Arkan
sas: W. It. Dobym. Mi'it.ill. Mo.,
and Her. Mr. Ilarbee, ol Kicelilor
Springs. Among thole who had bust
ness with the board was Dr. Converse,
ol Louisville, Ky. Mexico Ledger.
Scarlet reverted Diphtheria.
Marshall. Mo.. e.C 13, 189m.
Kulti Mctlc. residing at 235 West Ar
row street, thtt city, states that her
little tiller had scarlet lover and.
diphtheria, which left her with rheu
niatlim. She began taking Hood's
Barsaparllla and It cured her.
Ml. i Km ma Adams of lloonvltle,
who was Hie gueit nf the family of J
F. Slcpheni, returned home Tuesday!
Mtn Adami hat many friends among
tho youug people of llunccton, and
her vlilti are alwaya appreciated
Prof. J. W. Klrkpatrlck, principal of
the lloonville I'ubllo tchoolt, came
out Saturday evening and remained
with hit many frlenda at thlt place
until Monday evening, l'rof. Kirk'
Patrick, whllo principal ol the publlo
tchoolt, ol thlt placo gavo mott en
cellent tatltfactlon, and he It meeting
with equally at great tuoceit at
lloonville Ho Is without a doubt,
ono of the ablest young Instructors
lu tho state, llunceton Kagle.
WANTHD-Agenle for 'History of
tho Spanish-American War," by Hon
Henry Watttrion, A complete au.
thenllo history) Illustrated with over
70 lull-page-half-tonet and many rich
ly colorod pictures. Large royal oct
avo volume, tuperb outfit, pottptld
for only 0 cent! (itarapa taken),
Moil liberal terms given, The great
est opportunity of the year. Address
Mlis Oertrude Drown, of Marshall,
returned homo Wedneiday from a
three weeks' visit In Sugartrco and
Miami. She was the gueit ol Mra
Kobert Ilea at the former place and
while here waa the gueit of Misses
Kva and Louise Miller. Miami News.
Mc(liik-y, the new grocer jiext
to Conway's Meat Market, has an
excellent stock of fresh groceries
and new iiueensware to select
from. Call and see him.
Only One Thine:
And That Done Well
We nre proud of the line of goods vie diiplay, for we
have not attempted to nuke a smattering show In several de
partments. Our line is exclusively made up of Men's nud
Hoys' Suitings nud Overcoating nud fictitlcnicn's I'uruishlng
Goods. ,
In Men's and
Boys Suits
We arc ab'. to emaku you the foil owng low and reason
able prices: Men's Suits ?j.jo, 53.00, ,1.50, f), 00, 54.50
$5.00 lo $18. Call nnd see our Men's Suits at $2.$o to $5. 00
in all wool.
Hoys' Suits ; cents to Si 6. We can show von the rich-
3 est thing in the market for the money.
Similar bargains we are aide to offer in n new nnd nohliy
3 line of Ovetcoats at prices from S.V75 to ?S in all clashes.
c nave also lately received a large constituent of
Men's SMrts
Kxtraordlnary bargain in Men's Laundered Dress Shirts,
of very Tine ipuality not usually found in ready to wear shirts
53 under ft. 25 to $1-50. Such shirts as these made to sell at
the above price, we now have in up to date patterns and will
sell for the unreasonable price of
Call early while they nre to be had; they are moving like
sixty miles per hour on a passenger train. Also ago over
alls at jjcts, regularly worth 75cts and n dandy joct work
shirt for 3jcts.
lleforc buying, call and sec the quality of the goods we
are now discing of nt lowest figures ever shown anywhere.
U-llltKV CONWAY. ,,, O'llANNOX,
Ophite Ojwra House.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
Tulophono No. '.'0.
We have a fine I.andon Carriage. Miitnbli- far lnrw.r-,1.,
weddings, etc. '
ECONOMY In uking Hood'i Bar
aaparllhi, bccauio J 00 iloics one
dollar" It iwvullur tu nnd truo only cf
tb Om Trao BI.OOB rarlfler.
YIIEsSIA Is tho cuH of tin
told tiiffcrlng. By taking Hood's
SuraaparllU tho UIkciIIvo ortrant are
toned and dyspepsia CVRIkVi

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