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The Saline republican. (Marshall, Mo.) 1892-1899, March 10, 1899, Image 1

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I The Saline
NO. 24
uu7 fM
in as curious people usually do, to OonatyOonrl fwowdlop. Unsaid ami irom county pumic
I .4. A .U. .. Iijn. Ilt.al. I .lIUHd. I
Pirtlee Who Toreed a MariUn can not b . . CU""'J" j Marshall, Mo , Feb. ad owned " Died, at her Home in Marshall
. . T ".TT-l. performed the ceremony In a very ' ' Court Jdouncd to meet Wed-Lt g a sli Thursday, March o,
rr:.,r.,TLr;;' ' f. - a'io ."h?.?". 11
nan - I incuriuc was a youDIiauvvi . - . V', .... I" ui. nf Tnlin W. Miller. Il'ixl i v.in
. . . . . . i . amcnucu ana commissioners uiuci-i - -.j- .- -n o- j--
attiactivc features ana uaric nair . ..,m fiiv Sate,. 0 mouths and 16 days. Funeral
. i,.M.BiherP.W.de MdeyeiMhe Rtoom was a young - ... Iservkes wlir be from the Cumber
1 I1K Hin-fc" - I . f -.1 : ....... -.h 4 1. M I 11 II VJltlSi UUatJV v I 'I'asa llnllKP IIArl 1 fflrfl ni ril II IP I. ... . .. . -
. Buekstelter In this city r.au i ?- - .lo.l. Fresbyterlan church, Satur
IV.v TustlceChas. H.wley as "P 1 " '" ""M . .:. ,. "Z",..,,, . "!? " " v""tau """" day morning at 9 o'clock andbu
mW nairi? I al. .. . so on uieir weu- uiiuiu iu ' V. -7t . . . .. rial at Mt. Olive cemetery.
aniiuum. -- . . . il ne dAV. drawn in avor 01 v uuu, iuu T.. w Hitl. nf Cnrder. MO.. r ji.ji.. i.i 1 1.
lcgedto have been accomplished May lhs lmion prodce an a re- overseer, in full of settlement. Las on the St. Louis market with fitlecn or moreand her death
by coercion on " J" . lUttut feellngi lc Hfc-timc l.a.- Warrant in .mount of $ 30, drawn ,7 head 1,349 pound "roust has come gradually upon her, des-
; . . 7 . . imicssoi iiiciwoisinc wiMionue i Myorof 1 liurown, roau over- bv Swllt & Company at M.30,
1 - 1 . ..... - -
out for the abducting parties, but
as yet. they have not been located
and it Is thought that they have
left Saline behind them.
The bride Is a young orphan of
considerable means (having Inhcr
Orou Alia.
Mr J. II. Cross and Miss KlUa
belli Altes were married on Moil
nite the kind attention and care of
stcr, for use on public Yoads. t 1?i Tjjorp 0f Napton, Mo., was many friends and especially the
In matter of petition of It T n St. Louis Friday with several Immediate family. In her slowly
Daskin and others for road; com- cars of cattle including 37 head approaching death, which had
ixlsiioncr oidcred to view and mark 1 1,350-pound steers sold to Swilt & shorn this llfcof manyoithetrorldly
out said road. Compauy at $5.33. pleasures others enjoy, this Christ-
Leslie Johnson appointed con- J. P. Kvans of Marshall. Con-1 ian- woman looked forward with
1...1 .1.1. ii.rnH.1. 11.0 oflicr day evening at 8 o'clock, at the
mrents and this It is claimed, lu.ltesldencc of Mr. J. N. Hclfiicr on Mablc of Illackwaler township. way Uro'a and M. S. Sparks of happy hopes to a life free fromthe
uueedthe said Wade, acting In Mcrsort Ave., Rev. Mr. Iicatty oi- c w UcJ appointed deputy Kansas City were registered among gnawing pains 01 bodily ainictlou,
I. W Scott appointed attorney
for J in 1! McAmis, collector.
Koad pctllioucd for by C S
Mrs. Miller was born Aug. m,
1SC0 and was married in '79. Two
Frlce & Smith of Sweet Springs, children blessed this union, Claude
Saline county, Mo., were on the wuu " uu"
n,.fV In St. Louts, with cattle grown (lauguicr.
i.i.ll1i .. liM,lit..vM.ml1i,.iri.r The deceased was a cliciUUca
t j.oo lo the St. Louis member of the Cumberland Pie-
Dreunl ccf Co. bytcrian cliurcli and was tccoguu-
roniitnctlon with a man named nciatliig. immediately niicr uic celit 0f county court. the consignors 01 mines on me at.
James Traylor.tooltempt through ceremony nn Informal reception 1)o0 ,tia bluara icensci granted Louis market Tuesday
marriage to secure her wealth. was Held to wincn oniy a inuncu Roy lcaW( i city of Mar
Travlor who lives on Camp Creek number ol the menus were tnviiru. I slill.
not far from Wilton Springs seems The bride a iiaiiusome uruuciic , of SlCoo nUd T N
to have been Wade's right hand posscses many onceiicm qnmnns, j,,art
man, if indeed he was not the chief land Is tlie kind 01 ft woman 10
..tiir tJr .lav. Travlor went to inane lionic nanny, oiicn.iiiwm-
i"" ' .... , ......
.1,, iifwWtetter home near saline iuku urcsseu 111 a rhj k"v
City, pretending that his family with yoke ol while cmuroiucrcu
were au sick anu asucu mn owv mi ---i . rt Krticoliaiu 1U, iK -v(,n , . .- e
stener, a brother of Miss ..ock- Cross Is a gentleman of ennemet, h Tllc n o t
slettcr, that his sister be allowed and an excellent uusnicss man. y former brought Ix.igo, averaging ,
to come over and minister unto During the evening nn excellent "" $198.33. and the seven head aver
their needs, while Iu this unhappy wedding supper was served. Appointment 01 a vncamam, agcd j,94.j8
nllcrht. He nassctl then under the .Mr. OtlU .urs. tross leu 0.1 uic ucpuiy consiauic 01 uuiiuBb VBn.ir,1V nf f,r!. Mo.
assumed name of Taylor and sla- early train Tuesday morning for township apptoved. was on the St. Louis market with The free delivery system will lie
ml that he lived near OrearvIIlt. Kansas Uly cnrouie to mcir iiiimc Warrant in amount o( Si drawn ,u i,lri,itlr , hc-i.l nf ucll. put In cllect the first ol April irom
Tli. tnni.t was crantedand home In Hamilton, Mo., wiicrci.. fftvor f j ti Slockrum for relief r,.,,.,,i..i , ci.nnlmr.i the present oIUcc and continued
.. C I ....1 nll,.r. r.l.r1 nwn. u
At the Hornaday Hereford sale l by all a. an IndtvidwU W te-
. u.i t... t ...... i,, 11 f , Hgloii was not boitie lightly, but
1 Friday, Logan Chnppell of Mt. " .
firmly grounded in her heart. The
the family extend their
and sympathy in the
hour of their lovs of this loved one.
Boon to IUppm.
of Mr Jones.
Geo C Riley files amended petl-
Miller nnd Sam'l Green comtnls-
Ml nnckstctler returned home Mr Cross will go in business.
wht, t1l.11 nnt iu Orcarvllle but to The Republican extends cougrat
his real home near Napton. Here ulatlons to the happj couple with K wU rolJ. p
Wade enters the narrative accord- tc w su mai ,. i.,..- Callaway, Charlie
ing to llic gin s siory nnu uic iwu v i ' . '.'
came to Marshall Saturday and inroiigii a " '2
were married. She claims that BIUntlDeKriuer.
this was ne:formed under threats,
and that same day after returning Miss May llallcntinc and Mr.
m 4 1 1- . I I'.l.l. ....r.. itsirrtail nl tlli Tfvi.
to tlic layior nome, esCal:u .... -""- " ,. March . lHo Total amount
neiEhbor s. uencc 01 in. uui 1 . -
Here It Is necessary to revert fo wrath of this city, on Wednesday collected, pi80.711.33
.1.. -11... n.,it..tnniliiiht. tlirfa.l cvniiiiir. at 8 o'clock: Ucv. Djbyus arrants ordered I
rrrcnimiv. ISioo, in favor of S S
ehl had become suspicious soon An Informal reception was held full f road sell emcn , and Minnie
after allowing his sinter to go with to which only a limited number of Sluder for relief ol self, $1.30; A ll
the strange man, and tried to find friends were Invited.
the whereabouts of that individual. The Republican extends con
He only found that day, that he gratuitous for a long and pros
didn't live near Orearvlllc. Satur- pcrotis life
day, he learned from Arch Greg
ory that bis sister had been seen
near the Travlor place. In coin-
t.vn.vcnr.ol.1 trn that brou Hit 'fom there uutil the wotkiscom
$3.45. They were told to Henry I,letJ 011 the building now being
Ilisehoff for the St. Louis Dressed erccieu. 1 ms iub ..-
U 1 Co tiou ol tlie department as rceeivcu
CoLJas. W. Sparks, of Mar-I ' Master J urucu.
... i 1
.lnm. tn view, mark out road and shall. Mo., who has been auction- Louis Ungcn.icr, wno .
1 1 i.. 1 ,.t ....... .,.1 contract for laying the concrete,
T W Cwlnn. collector, presents has omeiated In all the prominent "
uiiuunl settlement for the year
Bhur Wedding,
Mr. Kdward G. Donehcw was
tvmv with this ccntlcman. he went on Wednesday altrruoon nuielly
' ' I . . . ... .. .. . I. ..mi... ..lcll lirtnr rA.'.tiiif. chmm.
to Traylor's whose wife was at married to miss siyrtie Agcc ai
home, nnd told him that the girl her home ill Slater.
had been there, but had left. The relatives and friends were present
nsrtv afterwards found the obiect Rev. Johnson officiating,
to have all said bonds arid mortga-
The Re made since July'i, i898.slamp-
V7 r; ;;;V." eounle departed on the evening ed ""ordingly,
UI IIKII . ; . . ...... ........ . , U..I.I. ...... .1... I..I.
vnunirladv Is safe at home again, train lor Kausas v.uy, which j.w. ,..v..w u.uKb. .
vv.... L.,. ..onr for the or- Intend to. make their home. license bond in amount pt fioo,
rest of the two men, who practised UlMlrt L,Mno.. me Isppr6ved.
the fraud and Stole the git I, but! . Warrant In amt of 6,jo drawn
they cannot be located It seems. Henry lickhoff, Sweet Springs, I Iu favor of Mich bchaurer lorpau
Instead of gaining a wile for Wade to Magalene Tiemann, limma. per comus,
by theft, they have doubtless lost Wm Chllcott to Bessie lllockburn Warrant In mt of $11
a spouse for Taylor py ueseruon. Mlami
J 11 Cross to Mary U Altes, Mar-
1.1. .11
... 1 ....-1. nl. fnr ulmi
JUIIRC UU9II, lUUUfc.. j . .
" ... . 1... I..A ).. nUnsiire nf -aul '."S"u" ' w..nr
u-tAi.. .1,. nf tustlce 111 the Marshall,
ffi nf nrobale ludRe had not un- Kugcne W Dawes to Lily Conway
( . I l l.1l
til Wednesday, pcrformea one lunc-
end- sales in tills part of the country, asphalt on the public suarc, wi 1
ount says: "To say it Iu a few words, probably begin work Monday, If
my opinion is that the outlook for P"B wcaiuer ju..i.v..
Hereford cattle and Hereford cat- Contractor KoiKroeycr nas
tle breeders is very blight Indeed, kd a light force at work ou wesi
In fact, I never saw better times in North St. and will begin ins worn
the Hereford world than those of in earnest next Monday, unless the
the present. The demand Is great weather suffers a relapse In the
cr than ever before. Kvcrybody, cold, it has liecu afflicted with this
it seems, Is wanting bulls, cows or past winter. Ihc ground which
calves, and It Is like selling gold was frozen 31 inches after the cold
dollars to sell Hereford cattle. The season iu l chruary lias icn maw
man that lroes ahead brccdlnc with inir from below and Thursday, the
r.nn.i imlotiirtit In ilirlnht tini.. frozen croiind was not more than
Court orders that all Houds ond . . ... ' , " . .,. .., !n.,..K .Ucu
mortgages given for the loan of ... .
Tlie talk of nominating Dewey
sale for vice-president on tne Demo-
of his products. " Kansas City cratic ticket is still agog, mat
amount of
Watson iu
llriglilwell in full of road settle-
ment, $100; 1) h McCormick, In
full of toad settlement Jo
Taxes on lots 1 block 3, city
ol Marshall, reduced from $15.40
to 4u.
II. Agecat iey - tal) that Uoes lU( wi, ,,WBjr, be
..! a lew e. ..eu , u u.. ... of a rcady and profitable
HUririt Oeremonj,
In favor
Hon J. T. Stouffer for salary,
Warraut iu aintof 2o in favor of
Hon T. W. King for salary.
Warrant In amt of $21.60 In fav
or of Hon R.C Hailnafor salary.
It Is ordered by Court that Thos
Davis be required to give addition-
. I -I !... ...
.... . 1.1. " ..,,1 11,.. win the Willie Tohnson to Marv Howard a' u uu"u-
lion 01 "'sv, ....-. . 1..1.1...... 1...11. iu.
1 !.. n., ilmt ,1nir some (col.) li 111 wood. . xuniiuiiKiauiiuiinuu
Ilimiia8... w.. v. . - . . fl,l 1.. . nn rn,l Ultl
friends of the judge, or at leasn lidward u uoneiioc 10 aiyrue -7- r ir", , 7
some who doubtless knew him by Agce, Slater,
reputation, from the good old jcrry Sutherland to Jenulo Good
fashioned town of Arrow kock pro- wn Arrow Koci,
cured a license and came to His M H CtiiQ ,0 May jja)eIltC(
Honor, asking to be made husband Mar!i,aUi
arid wife. They were Mr. Jerry
1 Tennle Goodson, a ' List vour property wilh me for
most good looking couple, accord-1 quick sales,
Ing to the witnesses, who uocicea
nlng west from MtCarmel. twp 51
range 22; ouc on Marshall and
Wilton Spring road, and one on
road south of Orcarvllle, running
east and west.
County bond of T. N. Khart In
umt of 1600 with Geo King and
Maktin Gauldin Jk.
Drovers Telegram.
Tbs Open.'
The Gondoliers. Remember the
dates,- March 21st and 22nd, at
opera house.
The cast comprises 14 of .Mar
shall's most talented people. The
music bright, fun plentiful, chorus
Mr Levi Barron, who has lately
moved from near Dlosser to Blue
Lick, called at this office Thursday
and entered his name upon the Re
publican list. Mr Uarron is a good
citizen of any community and wc
commend him to the good graces
of his Illue Lick neighbors and acquaintances.
Homes For Boji Wasted
Wo lisvu on liaD'li a Isrsu euiitily nf
iinuinitlly bright boys from, four tu
eight jenre of age, which we want to
nut out In' hoiuee. Put litem out on
lliruu taoDllie trial. Can bo Imtl by
paylnz ' transportation. Ilofvrcncee
reiiulriHl. Write to Uev. DsvU !'.
I (tin oil in Hi.. Kt. l.uuti. Mo.. Htsle
W. L. King as securities, presented ltiuerinluiident ClilMrvu'e Homo bo
and approved and "arrant ordered Jclcly ot Mneourl, t
party hascertaluly taken Ihc side
of the non-expansionists. If you
can Imagine Dewey shelling the
rebels and th'en whispering in
their ears praises of the laudable
and patriotic motives which cause
themv to rise In arms, then your
mind can conceive the Idea of
Dewey ruunlng on the Democratic
Campbell and Caulfield.the juve
nile wonders, Tiddlewinks nnd Du
gau, William Hogan, Thomson &
Green, Maunle Ward, George
Kalne, Frank Rhodes, Clarence
Hodge, Miss Oladys Castlcton,
Miss Anna Driver, Miss Louise
King, Miss Jennie llowcn, Missus
Joy 'and Clayton and other well
kuown favorites are pbrtrayingjhe
well known funny characters in
"Hogau's Alley" this season.
Marshall Opera House, Saturday,
March nth,
Another lot of beautiful silks for
watits, no two alike at. Wright's.
Do you take the Republican?

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