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"Only the First Step
is Difficult."
The first step in Spring
should be to cleanse Nature's
house from Winter's accumu
lations. Hood's Sarsaparilta
does this work easily. It is
America's Greatest Spring
Medicine. It purifies the blood,
as millons of people say.
II makes the weak (trout, nervoua
men and women ejad'y testify, ll
turn all blood diseases, a) thousands
nl cured voluntarily write. It Is hist the
mcdleino lor you, as you will gladly say
after von hate given It a lair trial.
Bad Wood- Although a.l TO rrars of
sue I am thoroughly well. It m three
bottles ot llood't Karssperllla that mad
me sn after spendlne over PO In medical
atlt ndanre. Mr trouble wai a raw aura on
mr ankle." Maa. Iii'tii Mason, Court
fltreel, tawtll, .Mats.
RurmtnaT ore))-" After orrjln lour
month! 1 vava luv children llnml'a Maria.
tvarllla amtlt cured them of r
llood't I'llli cured no ol d:
ronttlMllon." Maa. Kara K
currd them itf runnlnjr ftorei.
put tna
tlorernor tit, Annapolis, Md.
Coneumptlve Cotagtl - " Vive rears
agi I liad a consumptive couth which rs
duml me to a skeleton. Waa advised to
take Hood's Farsspsrllla which I did and
recovered normal health. I hate been well
ever alnce." Minioa naiMtwavta, Cor.
reail and Cheatnul Bis, JrBtraonTlllt.Ind.
mil fare lltrrtlu, lha ims Irrttaltfs aaS
' tslTMrfsfTla UhTWnlTH a'saaM.aarttla:
Missouri State Horticultural Society.
muiT HtroitT.
Wetlpntt, March lit, 1899 I real
lio that the general Itnprcitlon ol our
people, and ol our newspapers la that
tho reports about the Ion ol tho trult
crop and Injury to the trcca aro lar
orenlrawo, but aucli li not usually
tho rare. On the contrary they aro us
ually underestimated, and ottentlmei
lliu Injnry la much moro icrloui than
reported, Intttad ol leit,
The great and widespread damage
by the Irceio ol February Is not by
any means over-estimated, as the re
ports Irom (Ira hundred Inqutrlra fully
lliert never haa been audi icrloui
results Iron any cold winter as thla
one, during thoblitory ol Irult grow
ing In Mliinurl, and now tho question
cornea to every one ol ni ruoro Im
portant oven than tho fruit crop
Tho Intensity ol tho cold does not
seem to havo been most sorere Id the
northern part ol the state, lor In many
instances the reports show a lower do
gree in the southern part. Wtiru we
consider that SJ to SO degrees below
mcsns a Irecslng nl tho Ufa out ol
many ol our trees ami causing the
bark and evrn the bodies to burst, we
mar he suro ol serlaus duruage. This
haa been the earn In thla inalance.
Ilm peach huila are very nearly all
killed, and wit will likely havo very
few, II an), peaches in thn stnlu.
YVnrsn than this, I ho trees uro badly
nurvd. Tho ficixe haa discolored tho
wood end there trers should bo cut
back seveiely, II old trees, cut back to
stubs about al ur eight feel high. II
young I rocs, cut an as to leave elude ol
brancnosaboulals or iilxhlluchea long,
In other words, de-horn the trees. It
the trees havo bursted slightly then
cut on tho bursted bark and cover
with grafting waa. II the bars: has
loosened all around the tree or ao lar
arouod.tbat it caonot recover, then
cut the tree of! at the ground end 1st
a sprout grow and make a new tree.
Tho pear buds are also badly
Injured and we can expect only a
partial crop ot pears at best. Many
nl the pear trees are damaged and
they should be cut bask not quite
so severely as the peach.
Tho plum budf-Japnn variety- are
about all killed, and tho trees Injured
In some Instances as badly as the
peach. Treat them the same aa the
peach. Other plums, of the Wild
(loose typo, are all right tor a crop
ol plums.
Tho cherry buds ol tho Morella
variety like the Ey. lllchruood, are
In cood condition for a crop ol
fruit, and the trees are very slight'
ly Injured. Borne ol the Dale va
rlcllea aro Injured nnd nearly all
the llea.t let U ties
ibe apfle buds-only the taedor
varieties are killed, but most ol
the hardyi varlrtlea are still lo
good shape for crop ol apples.
In many localities, however, the
trees themselves are badly damaged.
caused by the rupture ol the bark,
aud semcllmes the Iree Itself, II this
bursting ol the bark is such that
the bark Is loose alt around the
tree, then the treo had better bo
cut down to the ground or lo the
snuw lino, and a sprout trained
Inr a new tree. II it bo only
slightly loosened, an Inch or so
wide, theo cut off the loose bark,
cover the part with gralting wai
and then cut back lite top nl the
tree, though not quite sn severel)
as the peach. II the wood la sim
ply discolored, then a sot ere tup
pruning will bo suftlclcnt and the)
will vrry likely recover. It is
astonishing how quickly some ol
thoso Ireos will recover II they are
cut back enough so that the sap
can riach the branches beloro It
More It becomes sour, as it
must do, If it has to go to the
lips ot tho limbs when uot cut oft.
Tho Strawberry crop Is uot ma
terially damaged becauio they ate
usually well mulched.
Thr. r..,,l,errc rr will I almrt I
lully on-half. The cane, have uctu
badly killed In many localities, nnd
where such is tho ca they had
better all bo cut oil close to the
ground and burned up The black
berry crop will short only about
one-fourth among our hardy varie
ties When they are killed treat the
same as the raspberry
Thn grape crop will still be good,
only excepting some ol the tender
varieties. II there ever was a lime
when the trutt grower could have
n general cleaning up In nearly all
parts ol the orchard and garden,
then this year Is tho time When
you cut off this wood burn It up
by thus dolug ou will destroy
rasny Insects, their eggs and much
ot tho destructive lungll which do
us so much damage. Wo may l-e
partially treo from their destructive
ravages lor a few years it we make
thla cleaning up a general and
thorough one.
In all this work this Spring let
us remember that although there
may bo life enough to start a trre
II tho top Is all cut off, yet If ll
Is all left on, Ibe tree will exhaust
Itacll In the attempt to start a
growth and then Unally give up
the attempt and lliu treo dlrs.
In conclusion, while we connot as
pect a great crop ot Irult this tear,
yet we should get good prices lor
everything we bato to soil. The
great extent ol country where tho
damage has been severo gives us
promise ol a very short crop, and it
will surely pay us lo lake good care
of all vo may have. Never was there
a winter when so largo a portion of
our country was so tiauiy tiamagen
by one sliiglo storm. It extended
from the Atlantia to. the Itockles and
Irom the (lull In thu northern limit ul
fruit grovilng. Thn trydt is nut killed
in all this disttlct but Is badly In
Jiiml, and no portion haa entirely
escaped) una en we may look lor
scarcity , .
Do not neglect your trees lint give
them the proper treatment and In
many instances iney.wm ue in enapo
to give ua a good crop neat year, and
aurel) sn In, two years.
U A. Goodman, Secretary,
A Thousand Tongues.
Could not express the rapture ol
Annie K. Springer, ot 1123 lluward
st Philadelphia, I'a., when she found
that I)r, Klng'a New Discovery lor
Consumption had compledidy cured
her of a hacking cough that tor many
years had made life a burden. All
other remedies and doctors could gltr
her no help, but she says ol this Hoy
al cure-' ll aooo removed the pain In
my chestand I can now sleep sound
ly, something I can scarcely remem
ber doing before. I feel like sound
ing Its praises throughout the Uni
verse." So will every ono who tiles
Dr. Klng'a New Discovery for any
troablu of the Throat, Chest or Lungs,
Price SOn, and 41.00. Trial bottle
Irsc al V. It. Franklins Drug Store)
etery bottle guaranteed'.
Sua TH. City. ST r - - , r-; M
Mrs. Levy V, Hearn tiled suit Sat
urday In Ihe circuit court against the
city ot Moberly for IIS. 000 damages.
Iler petition alleges that In August
l(ts. the fell on a defectlvo sidewalk,
on Clark street,, In front ol Frank
Tunic's rctldeurc, and Injured hermit
to tho extent ot tho above sum. Mar
tin nnd Tcrrilt aro her attorney!.
Etbbrd The Prays,
A startling Incident, of which Mr.
.John Oliver nl Philadelphia, was the
abject, ! narrated by hint as follows!
"I wn In a most dreadful condition.
My akin waa almost yellow, eyes sun
ken, tongue coaled, pain continually
In back sod sides, no appetllegrad
"ally growing weaker tiny by day,
I hrco physicians had given me up.
Ktrtunatcly a Mend advised trying
hlcctrio Hitters." ami to my great
J")' ami surprise, the first bottle mails
n decided ImprnvmenL t conllnuvd
their usnfor three weeks, and am now
a well mm. I know I her sarod my
life, and robbed thn grate nl another
victim," No one should fall to try them
"nlj oO cts guaranteed, at V, II.
'"""'' "'g Store.
Mr Ullmore t'oflraan, from the
Smith's Chapel congregation was roe-
commended by the Quarterly Confer
rnee In the District Conference lor li
cence to preach. He was not in lime
lor the conference which was held Just
alter prrachlng hit Saturday, but ar-
tired later and staid jr the Sunday
service. Statesman.
A frightful Blonder.
Will oltrn cause a horrible burn.
Scald, Cut or IJrutio. llucklen's Arn
ica Salto, tho best In the world, will
kill tho patu end promptly heal It,
Cures Old Sores. Fover Sores. Ulcers'
Hulls, Felons, Corns, all Skin Rump
lions. Heat I'lle cure on cal th. Only
Mela, a box. Cure cuaranterd. Sold
by I'. II Frnnklln Druggist.
Major J. It. Hick, formerly proprie
tor of thn l'alaro llntrl in this city.
bus bought Miss Mnry (Julgloy nut
and taken possession ul thn Hurt Hotel
at .Marshall, Mo. Major Itlcke Is an old
hotil man, having been In the buslnrsa
fori inly years, WiihIiIi him success
snd hope that when Callaway people
visit Marshall they will stop at the
Hurl hotel,
Fulton Sun.
Tbit Tbrollog ncadache.
.Ytnu'il quickly leave you. II you
used Dr. King's New I.llo Tills.
Thousands of smTerera have, proved
their mntchlcss merit lor sick ami
nerrous Headailirs. They makn puro
blood and strong turret and build up
tint health, Katy to take. Try them
Only 53 rents. Money back If not
currd, Sold by 1. II. Franklin Dnu
gist. t
I lie Macuti lelephouo Co. reports
Unit ll haa 'Hi pin, ties In operation In
the city of Macon Thla Is a larger
number of phones arrordlng lo Ihe
liumhr of Inhabitant than any other
tntvn hi,a In the U. H. Macon Clttaen
We offer One. Hundred Dollara lie
wurd Inr any easn of Catarrh thai
cannot bn cured by Hall's Cstarib
P; J. Chunk v & Co., Props., Toledo,
Wtt I Ins undersigned, hare known
F. J. Cheney for the. Inst 1 years, and
bellevo htm perfectly homirnhle In all
buslniss trunsacll'ina and llnitnclally
able tn carry nut any obligations
mrnln hy their firm,
Wes' A Tritax, Wholesale Drtiggi'ls.
Toledo. O
Wabllng, Klnnan & Marvin. Whole.
sain Druggists, Toledo, O.
Hall's Cntarrh Cure Is token lutein-
nil v, acting illreclly tipou Ihu blood
and mueoiis surfiices ot Ihe system
Price, "3c per bottle. Sold by all
Druggists. Testimonials fre,o.
Hull's Family Pills aro the best.
T'AKE ONLY the best when yo
I noil iimetlU'lnv. HiitlVr:nil.i'
Ijl lM;at yil IJUiftmUCIVi
Rrafc'. Get ttOQtm.
Are recngnlrcd the world itr ar Of.rti inline, the highest tre
of cxccllencu In WcyclccoiMltuttlon ...Aro ifjw within reach of all
King end Queen Roadsters $?5
Oertittfnr 0uNni AprDt-wl-' i . ir.torjr
Halites' snd Fallon Sis.. CHICAGO Cl-urcl, u ili li . NEW VORK
r irw-rr 'i99iaavrinis,f.cwMniic,vwinr-77 vr t-.is
- A great monthly acnspjjtr. 7ic ilm t.min.
THE magazine for up- ; .cp!c. It
gives its own 'lllutTMe6aK6unt'ot
the current history of this country and
Europe, and, in addition, sc!::ts the best
that is in all the other m;.-; r.cs, Aitieri:an,
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish,
and Russian. It is fcr p:op!c whj want to
know what is going on in the . crid. A
hundred timely illustrations in every nuuecr.
Price, $3,511 per year.
Sample copy, m cciitu.
Stni a rett.it ntd lo Uim how lo
Albert Sluvs "Uttiaryo! i'.it S?i.-.i'
lover 500 iHuitri'Jsni, 1,390 p;ti -"HrvttTi
o! Rvus" Icjr '.-r- .
dolhrs dewn ar.i mettM) ca . .
CV JV .Wv-AA.V-y'vWVV ,VV.Vs s"i a'eVsfe'y'
Ily virtue gf the puwrr rnnfrrrcl
on nit'. (J. T, Conway rcfn-lnji to act)
I will, mi Ktldav. tho Villi dav til
March, IBM.- sell, to (ho hli(l,e.t hid'
iter.' ,fir oa.ll, at lh Hnulh door of
Ibe'C-nurl House In itarsh.tll; Htlinn'
Co., Mil, thn properly In Hetv 1 1, ,
Township M, Itano HI, no which
Klllali Thonina and Marlba. his wife.
executed I heir Deed of Trn.t on tiirll
33. IND9, reotrdeil In Hook M, pne
07, ItecorilerVi'lllee. Sulliic L'onnl y,
Mo. lb eeettrtfa rcrlaln ttii therein l
descrllieil, which Is now past iltte mill
unpaldl the holder ol Ihe tiolx le
ttieslaa alio lo pn snhl nolo ntot ljn
oxpenan of execittliij IhlsTttisl. Tor
a uiorc-parllciihr ile'crlfihin , a ill
real estate I lifer tit Ihe Tutsi ,iImv
lltsKI'll MM IS
Mn riff Hn'ltti' in Mil
rorTbeEiciasOity Daily Proven Tel, -
Daily one year -u!
Trl-Weekly (Moil, Wed,,
I'rl.; I year j.oo
Semi-weekly ( Tuck, and Tliurs
l year i jo
Weekly (Thursday) i year i oo
J. II. NKPtf st Co ,
Station A. Kaim.i City, Mo.
rum sear op thbm allii
fvauio ttnpmf ami to twiy nw;
iarj in naiiiiKMi iu u Mmsjqtuiniiiywc UHflU
Maa AauaXMUAS aiaA aaassai aks ' 4
II bonltl t In rfrr tiOtucbold. flab
crlpllmi, 93,011 tr fJti ,
A unit wiiif in ttrf tnwn. lo wliom
Ui iawt liberal in'luccmtuU will fcf otter!.
4, 8. aUFritfCOTT COMPAUT, blUUrf,
60 YCARt
istaoc ssiawnai
Cos-vntoHra Ac
Anma Mirlln a liWrli and drMrmkMi war
quick it sursriaiiii imr tj4nwMi trm wMbr a
In? ciiilnn Is) frnvtstlilr Ml(tilil, C'ltinifjsnlrav
ttrtnaaUrsctlf i-ufiSdviitUi HaMMlleOtskbU Vmtmtt
MPl frosh Uirlatsji vtrtinrr fwf asMijrineatsMU.
Psittie. tsUPft ihnMifli Mann A CUs raMlv
tptetmt ftetlM, wIDvoul Cnsrr, Mt tb
sckMtific flmrm.
A havmlsArntstr DtoilUtM WMklr.
rtiUtisiii n( aiifavrkfftili.il IrsnrntU.
1 ah ml
Uaj ay ri- TTsMOIIasJinB, M. a
DY8PEPSIA l thf csase ofun
t'jld suffct itiK. Ily Inking- Hood's
f itrsnparllU tho (llpocilie wrans are
loued ud dysppii f tsVRaMate

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