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017. VIII.
NO. 30'
aroara seoubed at last.
Ventured Bick to iLli Counry aud It Ar"
rwUd. Will bo Bra-jgU Buck for
V. ). Storts, the cattleman o(
Slater, who had the county worked
up only a short while ago, over
the miniature Olllett game, which
he tried to work and the successful
escape made to Mexico, is now in
the custody of police officials. Un
like bia model, he ventured back
into the tf. S. and was quickly lo
cated by some of his creditors,
who will soon have him back In
Saline on trial. The charge
azalust him in the indictment for
which he baa been held, is the em
bezzlement of certain money which
he should havo turned over to the
Chicago Live Stock Commission
Co., on two cars of cattle shipped
to 8u Louis, just prior tit hU tie1
nartnre. Though the cm! '
merits and other crrnVnl1." ihit
have beat charged up to lil'ii au.l
nre now Mng rrcntinU'd, are p--'.-
alilv tmr. Hie Indictment emu i
Di V :!-.' nnr connr
Slirt 0' located l I. ' i
'.:, Ciilil irn .i Al vii Lo i- .
held. aw.u.it.,? tilt arrival c: De,'U
tySlteriff J- I). I'ttooc. ol this
county, who carries with him re
quisition papers ftom the governor,
that wilt enable him to bring luck
bis man, which will probably be
the first of next week. 1'rom re
liable sources, a Kktubucan re
porter gains the information that
thera is no truth in the story as
printed by the Kansas City Times,
t-ltt-, tf Iti tint n.AMtrt 1
maue mrough the West between
fJ.t. t.i-A. miuuiiiics 10
tee whether Storts should be tried
under Missouri or Illinois laws.
This is all supplementary to what
the facts are in the case and go to
wards making the whole affair
more exciting and furnishing a
more interesting story. All the
romance as to how "people looked
up to him here, and thought that
what hedidu't know wasn't worth
knowing" is rather exaggerating
the respect friends here regard-d
him with, and woutd cast n shadow
of doubt upon other parts of in
account, on whicn no tmit wmtiv j
information rsiu lie swincd ut ihN
tlme i
The TltU'.-, continuing Die iMry
of Siml's escapes :
."He did lift relis'.i id-u-if
going to Mexico and living till alone
among sttaugers and who spoke
a foreign language in the bargain.
lie pined for companionship, ami
Iiiinlly, at his earnest solicitation,
he was joined iu the City of Mexi
co by a womau of Kansas City by
the name of McClctland. But the
climate of Old Mexico did not
agree with the McClelland woman,
and she longed to return to ber
native land. She finally prevailed
upon Storts to accompany her to
California, where she had friends.
This Is one story. Another is that
Storts cashed a bogus draft at a
Mexican bank and found it advisa
ble to leave the country post baste."
'While in Mexico, Storts wrote a
leftle to a Slater paper which reads
very much like the communica
tions which Grant C. Glllett sent
from the same country to divers
persons in Kansas and Missouri.
He hoped the people wouldn't
judge him too harshly. They
didn't know what troubles be had
. bad and bow be had struggled
gainst fate in an effort to do the
tight thing, and all that,"
"Storts end the Me'-'lellaud
woman remained In Los Angeles a
short time only. I'rom there they
jotirncyed to New York City, and
were for a few days lost in the mad
rush of the metropolis. But the
fugitive's funds' ran low, and in
order to replenish his depleted ex
chequer, so It Is alleged, lie cashed
a bogus draft on one of his Mis
souri friends for $1,370. This lit
tle transaction made the climate ol
the metropolis anything but condu
cive tohls health, and Storts and his
companion again crossed the con
tinent, returning to Los Angeles.
There the fugitive fell into the
hands of the authorities."
There is little of this which
sounds reasonable, but supposing
that it were true, the letter pub
lished first in the Miami News
purporting to be from Storts, long
ing for home, but afraid to venture
there, was quite a smooth little
piece of work tor&tnhtisli tin- nplu
Ion that tie- wnu.d oner l-uve li
lil1i g i'.i. of Mexico, and I 1
v r MiU'tlur the Iiv , of those lie
hail f ' .', J .) vvimigul to 1'M'g
li mi )i-ni.e J is, noi 1 ,-- ril
1 s Jied
t, Vent tratk o
AbwU! Its Hoith sod South IU!
If the chance of ever securing n
connection with Sedalia and Mi
ami, by means of a North and
ftiuth read is proportionate to the
talk of the same, the prospects are
certaicly most auspicious. There
has always been an endless string of
reports, orlginatine in Sedalia. as.
to the progress made bv thr r.
wui. arranzas the pro
moter of this line, but the progress
made so far, is certainly most dis
couraging and rather lets the wind
out of the airy plans of this gen
tlemau, who lises to view in tills
connection so periodically, yet with
the same imperturbable and undls
courogcable assurance of his ulti
mate success.
The stockholders held n meet
ing Saturday In Sedalia, and elect
ed 11 new hoard of directors, two of
whom nre l II. Humiier nml Wm
W kvr Col. String who w.i al
so nude ft ie o( thu nriv ilirrrtnrv.
now cliihis to luvi; the conirol of
enough I'.ist.rn nionrv to l.nll.l th,
mad ftom Scihli'i to Miami, and
hoj v ti push the line on to .1 con
uect .,n null Mime low trunk
- Marntgs Lltsatti,
T. T, Mooie aud Hflir Simmons,
uiumi I'jvt.
L. II. Ilurrc, Marshall, and Nora
Owens, tiluckelford.
. Geo, 1'. Martin : and Daisy M.
Frederick M Twilling and Mln-
nle Joseph, Marshall.
Eli Uenbow and Hattie Havs.
Charlie Cooper and Rose Catiida,
Blue Lick.
S. P. Stauley and Dovle Canlda.
Blue Lick.
Ttkea Sick st Schcol.
The little sou. of Mr. and Mrs.
IM Thorpe living on Capitol Hill
who attends school at the Knst
building and a pupil of Miss Pattle
rage, fainted In his classon Thurs
day morning and remained iu uu
unconscious condition for a time.
His parents were sent for mid Drs;
iiaraui auu unrris, wlio soon
brought him around all rlnht, and
he wa taken home in the bus and
thiSw,itlug i, dolujfvery wcll.d0$c-,u U,lU nm, imu'Sii0''
Mirsball Wants Blalrf fair.
l-'roui the very Inception of the
movement looking forward to a
State l-'alr and the introduction of
a bill to that effect by Representa
tive Clark, the Rhpltiucan has
endeavored to keep its readers
posted in regard tolhe progress of
the movement, acquaint them with
the features of the bill and impress
upon them the advantages to be
gained in securing It location here.
Messrs. Abiel Leonard, W. A.
Ueatty and Hugh Allen have been
corresponding with our representa
tives Hall and Smith, alio VA
Orear aud other friends of Saline
County at Jefferson City, and
speak favorably of Marshall's
chances of securing this fair, by
reason of her excellent location and
good railroad 'facilities. These en
lerprWng men should receive the
folid snpiort of every citizen of
this county, who has miy interest
In lii-r upbuilding. The main re-
qult-itn nt of the law are; that not
!en thin ioo nor more than 160
ari.s sImII l- t!ven, by that city
r. uiI'ik iir die. which must be
dour within nn So day limit after
tin.- enactment of the taw, aud that
the cities rligble to this contest
must be centrally located and of
easy railroid acresib!liiy,
Though the movement here has
just begun, when the people ap
preciate the opportunities of ad
vertising the county that lie open
to us if the state fair Is secured
the friends and promoters of the
effort wil sot be counted in hand'
fulls. The law enacted -will.
clven It) lull Ms n '-'
rhrown from hli Rene sad Killed,
Sam Flzer, who lived in the
southeast part of Slater, wasthrowu
from his horse Monday and sits-
taiued such injuries that he died
about two hours aftarwards.
He was coming east on the south
side of the railroad, here in town
when his horse became frightened
at a moving train and threw him
He fell on his head, receiving such
n jar that concusiiion of the brain
was produced.
However, he was able, with
10lm" ""'l'' Rr' into a vehicle
, wa ''file, where h
Rrcu "''"'' worse mid mxhi ex
pirnl. I)r, rrociorwns called, but
the Injured man was dying when
he reached him, and he could not
render any as!tntirr. Dr. Jarvl
also was called, hut Mr. Vitt was
dead w hen he reached the house,
Deceased wns obont 50 years of
age ami quite well known In this
part of Hie county. He leaves
Ife and nine children. The
burial took p'ace at Orearvllle
Tuesday afternoon. Slater Index.
Disappointed in. Lore, Bh's Oommitted
. 1
A telegram to Plat Goodson. re
ceived In this city on Tuesday af
ternoon, was' claimed .by Pete
Goodson, a farmer living four
miles north of Marshall, who learn
ed from this for the first time, of
the suicide of his sister-in-law.
Jessie Miller, who has been board
ing in Sedalia, aud is reported to
have gone under the assumed
name o l'oy Wilson,
The girl wasonly about eighteen
years of age, and not long ago at
tempted that which she has at last
been successful in accomplishing,
the taking ol her own life.
Sirvclmlne ill- .i,..n. ,i,n..
through a quick use of the stom
ach pump saved her life oncc.ooly
to give her another chance. She
was of a morose disposition and
becoming disappointed in love and
at outs with her lover, proceeded
to end'the story of her short life
In a rather tragic way.
Thursday's Capital states that
"the relatives of the abandoned
girl are cither too poor or loo un
forgiving to bury their dead, and the
city of Sedalia and county of Pettis
must perform that task. Not that
the city or the county will fall or
reluse interment to its pauper
dead. The county is too rich, and
the city not o)poor that this would
not be given. But proper Inter
ment is not always given paupers,
and in the cose of the dead girl in
terested, parties were out yester
day soliciting donations from the
fallen women of the town to give
the body burial."
Jubn KnoBsdj.
Joint Kennedy, ageil 07 years,
died at his home near Shackelford
011 Thursday mornlug at 4 o'clock
alter a lingerlug illness, the imme
diate cause of death being bronchi
tis. Deceased was a devout Cath
olic, a kind indulgent husband and
father, a good neighbor and a sin
cere and true friend. He will be
missed from the community in
which he lived.
A wife and (ourrbildreu are left
to mourn for this good man
The children are: Frank and John
Kennedy and Misses Mary and
Nellie Kennedy. t''t .i
plarst, Shulralford, Rev Father
Hogan officiating, burial at the
Catholic cemetery,
Hew Billdlap.
A Olson, Marshall's leading
stone contractor, says the building
season is opening with bright pros
pects, he having already closed
contracts tor a number of founda
Hons. Two for Dr G H C Sharp,
one on iast Yerby and also for
handsome residence on Odell Ave.
He will put iu the foundation for
Leslie Orcar's large new residence.
J H Rea's foundation for improve
ments and one for an extension of
the Rose and Buckner btilldiiiK on
Hie east side of the wiuare, witli
much more proactive work. Who
bays that Marshall Is not 011 the
Go to McGlnlcy Grocery Co. for
Vol Potatoes, isliGtWJt
LIts Slock Jfotw.
N. P, Iiiick'bf- Waverly, Ma,
was mat. i-ouls Tuesday with .is
uean r, 1.1,1 pounu bulla and. .12
head 1,9 pound bulls, all sold af
C. M. Sellers, Ifotistouia, Mo,
marketed hogs at Jti.oo in St,
Louis Tuecday.
F.d, Meer of Dover, was 011 the
St. Louis market Thursday with ,10
head 1,142 pound steers sold at
4.75 to Mathew Courtney tor the
St. Louis Dressed Htcf Co.
Conway Bros., Kansas City, Mo.,
sent iua carload of mules to St.
Louts Thursday.
Drink toila wnii-r I ruin
l.ooml.' (
Dew fouutsin.
iv .
Loomli's now fuuDlslo I. now Innii-i;.
erallou, Call and b, refri-.lird. i'w
McGinley Grocer Co. sell Gar-'
den Seed in bulk. Md6twat
YOU MUST limn piiiii bloml fi.r
ir'iiid (iimIiIi; ifiiud'a Siir'ni'nrllur
.iuiiiim i.io bbitMl. Tuln lonr Har-
n WILL. .
Aaotttr BsrUr Gone.
The frateruity of bathers In this
city have bceu dujicd several
times of late, 'Into employing as
sistants, who either skinned out
with some keep sakes of the shop
behind In their posession, or else
turned out to be characters of rath
er unsavory reputation. The last
shop to be visited by one of these
above described men, wis that of
W1U Schauzaud the party, who
was here but has recently lelt
town, was W. T. Austin.
Austin lived in Centralia form
erly and was the Democratic nom
inee for constable In that city a
year ago, but was bcateu by a
Populist; and in such a case iu
Boone county, there must have
been something radically wioug
with the man. A telegram to the
Post Dispatch from there states,
that having worn the strijies for a
number of ycais, lie was restored
to citlietiihip by Guv Stephens to
make the race. In addition to
this, It tells of the clopcmcut of
Austlu on Sutul.ix with Miss Julia
Tat urn; but lati rrpuits hcte arc
rather questioning the statement
that the two were ccr married.
The two came here about three
weeks ago, the man receiving em
ployment in the shop referred to,
making an excellent tenutation as
a left handed hair cutter aud made
many acquaintances, who were at
tracted to the extent that they re
gret to hear of his bad side. He
was s feel 10, of dark hair and
mustache,, striking hi appearance,
and cnngenlaHu maimers arid rath-,'
er smooth in his talk.
On Tuesday evening, n warrant
was received for his arrest by Sher
iff Wilson, tharglng him with hal
ing secured goods three pair of
pants under false pretenses. He
was locked up for the ni.-lit, and
taken to Centralia Wednesday,
where we learn, he pleaded guilty
to the charge ol emlierlemcnt iu
Justice Hockcr's court-
Defeat has Its Mings, but not
many men are so unfortunate as to
be brought back under ariest, by
the very man, who beat them fcr
the office, such as was the case
when Constable Givcns relumed to
Centralia with his rival, the pris
Of tlioModurn U'mi.lnifn ol Anierli'a
In llio Now Convention Hall, Knnui
City. TI10 llcml Csiup Mi tlliig of
Modern IVooilinoit dt America, iluiiog
Hit week, Huliinisg JiimtUili at Km-
City. .MUsmirl, ponilti lu Ihi
on of llio lurgnsl nlivmUnl nitolTugs
irliuMu llio. ttVat. TI10 Jt'ia'u,
City CodiiiiIIIco 00 arraugoiuonUliafaV!
laeurotl llio new AnvpnlInn Hall
with a capacity of twenty thousand
peopl (or Its Milium. Una hundred
thouisoil visitors are aiicclpl Tlilr-
Are biii'li soil soventy.nvo f(irt-
tr.r ti-init (uniform rank) Willi fully
llllcen thousand niarchlog nn-n will
!) sucn In lino 'I'hiirs'lay nioruluc.
Judo Nlh, In tlu crrat parado. Hind
and fnretfrr Irani ronilIII osloud
mio itiiwiK Thu prizes are. lb
largiot rvVr iiltnrn.1. I'or (orcitcr
'"'' prlso UOO,
second prite
fourth prise
i1100' ,hlri1 P'1" l0.
t?s, lillli prim MO. Local Kansas City
If ami are cieluileil, Hand prlncti
tint prhs 160, .second prlna (100,
luirn priza fou. All uelegatlon ImdiIi
admltlod, Spoclal rtllmad rates to
, ',
""" lnt"
11 brim,
WfKirrn 'ssrtiuer AjiuiiI.
MlnMiurl I'.rlllu Itsllway.
Knnras City, Mo,
f'nr (nrllmr Inf'imillnii, apply In
J. C. Farrrll, Aii'iit.
Minball, Mo,

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