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The Saline republican. (Marshall, Mo.) 1892-1899, May 05, 1899, Image 7

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' it cc Bind."
In oi'ier mont!i iveforget,
the harsh wmJj If .Spring.
'But they haze their use, as
some say, to livu oat the
bad air accumuLted after
Winter storms and- Spring
thaws. There .is far more
important accumulation of
badness in the veins and ar
teries of humanity, which
needs Hood's Sarsaparilla.
Till ircat Spring Medicine rlarlflra
llm IiIckxI at nothing else cm. It cures
scrofula, kidney disease, liver troubles,
rheumatism anil kindred ailment. Thin
tl elves perfect health, tretiRlti and np
petite (or monllii to come.
Kidney ir airfners troubled m,
anil on advice li Honda Sarssparllle
wblcli (art prompt relief, better aillte,
Mjr sleep It refreshing. It cured my
also." UiniAti. lloTLt, J. 73 Iennr Blrrtt,
ritttbur;, Pa.
Dyaia)fila-, Complicated with lire r
and kfdnejr trouble, 1 suffered for veere
with dyspepsia, with sever palm. llood'a
Sartsnarllla made me strong and hearty."
1. It. Kxsaro, Main Htreet, Auburn, Mt.
Mp Wseaaa-" Yit runnlna sores 'on
mjr hip caused ma to utecrutruet. Was
confined to bed every winter, llood'a Bit
taparllla tared my life, at It cured ru per
lecllr. Am strong and well." Aran
itoatar,9 Fourth st, 'all Hirer, Man.
luOnlH rare .trlnt,th aea .rrtlus t4
elf rit.HU f uW IOTlf.4fsa.lstsrTlUr
Miami Oeti nira.
Tho lul Vivo regrets In report thai
tho announcement nude latt week ot
tho election ol Trot, Fisher at priori,
pal ol our icliool was premature.
Tho I'rotettor Thursday auured
tho lloanl that lio would tale tho po
sition at per month Ills offer wit
accepted on Friday, Meanwhile the
Miami Hoard ot Kduc.it Ion was In the
ring and proffered hi m the position
ol principal ol their school At (90 per
month. Ily tuoaut ol the telephone
they reached ' tho 1'rofcMor bcluru a
letter did from hero and ho accepted
their proposition. .-Malta (loud (jut
A Frightful Blunder
Wllloltcn causa a horrlblo Hum,
Scald, Cut or llrulic. Ilucklon's Arni
ca Salve, the liet In the world, will
kill the pain aud promptly heal It.
Cures Old Suret. Fever Sore, fleer,
Hulls, Felons. Corns, all Sktn Krup
tlont. llcst I'lle euro on earth. Only
S3 els. a hot. Cum guaranteed.
Sold by l II. Franklin, Druggist.
Many Deattil.
Headers of the Independent will be
surprised to know that for two
A Thresher Feeder
that has every advantage of efficiency , convenience and economy
over all other feeders is the Nlchola-Shepard Self-feeder. It
feeds either bound or loose grain evenly and steadily, without
waste or litter, and completely regulates Itself to the speed of
the separator. The feeding apron stops and starts automatically
and the feeder can he stopped while the separator is In full
motion. It Is held rigidly in place when attached to the
separator frnrue.and Its adjustablo' supports keep it always per
fectly level, v Tfcto .MMVadcr l dolgBed.forllirw..,,
B.ttllCrK, MM.
na lull stock tl
months spinal meningitis hat.Ueu
cpldemlo In certain portions ol Cooper
and Saline counties. Tho fact was
known to tlie press and to the physi
cians, bat It was deemed Unnecessary
to cause noedleis alarm. Mow that' It
Is about stamped out tbe truth may
be told.
In the neighborhoods about lllick-"
water and Arrow Bock there hare
been o less than forty case and so
far aa Information goes only two ol
these hare recovered. Uoonvltte 'In
dependent Spain's Orel tost Need.
Mr. If- P. Olivia, of llnrculona, Spain
spend hie winter at Aiken, S. C.
Weak nerves had.cautcil tovero pains
In tho back ot his head. On using
P.leclrlo Hitters, America's greatest
Illood and Ncrvo Remedy, nil pain
toon lelt him. Ito says this grand
mcdlclno Is what his country ncodt.
All America knows that It cures liver
and kidney trouble, purifies tho blood,
tones up tho stomach, strengthens the
nsrves, puts rim, vigor end new life
Into every muscle, nervo and organ
ol tho body, II weak, tired or ailing
you need it. Every -bottle guaran
teed, only SO cents. Sold by P. II.
Franklin, Druggist.
Is He Healing?
According to the Sweet Springs
Herald J. w. Hobblnt. lormerly pat'
lor ol the Christian church In this city
Is practicing magnetic healing,
Whoa seen by a ledger reporter this
morning Mrs. Hobblnstatd, In answer
to llm iUcstlon whether tbe report-Is
rlghti "I don't know. I can't .iy
you'll havo tu sco Mr Hobblnt; ho will
bo home In about a week." Mexico
8100 EEWABD $100
Tho readers ot this paper will bp
plcateil tojearn that there It at least
ono dreaded disease that science has
been able to euro In all Its stage, urn
that Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Curo
Is tho only potlllro cure known to Iho
medical fraternity. Catarrh being a
constitutional dlteato, requires a con
stitutional treatment. Unit's Catarrh
Cum Is taken internally, acting direct'
y upon tho blood and mucous surfaces
ot tho system, thereby destroying the
foundation of tbo disease, and giving
tho patient strength by building up
tho constitution and assisting naluro
in doing its work. Tho proprietors
have so much faith In Its curative
powers, that tlioy offer One Hundred
Dollars for any cam that It fallt to
curo. Send for list ot testimonials.
Address F J Chcnoy St Cn.Tolcd.1 ()
Sold by Druggists. "Ac.
Hall's Family Pills aru thubust.
Don't target the Nobby Dickens'
chains at Kelley's a'.'lll
Large illustrated catalogue
that tells all nhotit the,
Nichols Shepard Sepa
rator mid Its fin-
nnd the
Htsst si
aiKhlMS tilflt.
Whenever we sea good work well
done, we Ilka to commend the doer.
We are snilous to bestow praise upon
any ofllclal who does his Own duty,
regardless ol party sect.
Judge Dusb Is settlog a pecs In the
Probate OAlce that bis predecessors
should have eat. and an example that
hla successors well msy lollow. He
tec nit to keenly rcallio tho fact that
Judicial eruilnelmotdonncd lo reward
one's friends nor to punish odo's ene
mies. The Probato Court, above all
other tiibunals, stands as lio guardi
an ot tho widow and orphan; with
out Its vigilant and wholesome care,
the widow loses her rlghU and '.ho
orphan Its herltsge. The derelict of
duty, tho abstalnance from enforctug
tho mandates ot tbe Isw, or tho Inat
tention tu tbe process ot administra
tion ot estates would entsll, as It list
entailed. Incalculable loss and Injury
lo countless homes.
Judge Hush seems to understand
the functions ol his ofllce, anil to bo
cnloiclng the mandates ot tho law
with llrm and vigorous hand.
(1) lie has jjonw over tho past records
of his ofllce, nnd whero llruo and cir
cumstance have rendered olllclal bonds
worthiest, he has compelled tho re
execution of good bonds. This Is
striking at tho very root ot ag'rowlog
public evil. Ilondsnien olten bccoiuo
Insolvent, the curator or admlnlstra
tor worthless and profligate, and
orphans and wldnwa havo no rccourjo
ngalntl those who havo bilked them
out ol their estates. (2) He has com
pelted trustees and gutrdlanVlo tuako
their settlements, and lor disobedience
to these orders he has caused thodelln
iUents to bo arrested and lined.
(.1) Ha has Imposed fines and penalties
upon tboao refusing or neglecting to
handle estates and make setttemcuts
or reports nccordlug to law. (I) Ho
has shown n commendable Indifference
to party lash, by cndcavorlug to cur
tall County expenses, and publish hit
official notices In the paper, regardless
ol lit politics, that will render the
cheapett and best service. Ho Is pur
suing these policies without fear or
favor) and they are. nuo and all, high
ly praiseworthy policies. I.et the good
woikgoon. Woopporcd tho Judge
at the polls; but he Is nuw thn com
uinn officer of u .all, whom we do
not hrtltnlu to praise for Ida official
vlrluet and fearlett stand. Wu stiud
always for pure government, and wit
""lily K'v0 honor to whom honor
Is duo.
Try Allen's foot-Ease.
A powder lo bo tliakeu tuto tbv
slict. At this teuton your feet feel
swollcu. nervous and hut, and ge
tired easily. If you havo tmaitlng
feel or tight shoes, try Allen's Foot
Kso. It cools the feet and "hiakes
walking easy. Cutca swollen and
sweating fret, blisters and cations
spots, ltellevra corns and bunions of
nil pain and gives rest and comfort.
fry It to.dsy. Sold by all druggists
and shoe stores lor 'Jic. Trial pack'
age FRKK. Addrest. Allru S Olru
tied, L Roy, U. Y.
Dinisg Salt Against the Oity.
Mr. Muucb llowman of Ibis oily
Hied suit agalstt Hie clyf Sweat
Snrlnr last .Monday before hla honor
Samust Brady Justice ot the peace uf
Liberty Township.'- Mr. llo'wmnu
asks damagra In (he sum ot (to
lor tho moving. Col. Illaukrnship from
tho city deven to a house that was
near the residence that Mr. Ilnwman
had rented from (Icorgo Hoblson.
That Throbbing Headache
Would qultkly leavo you, If you
used l)r. Klnit's New l.lfo Mils.
Thtmsauds nl tnlTrrcra have proved
Ihelr iiinti'hteitt wnrlh fir Sick rind
Nervous Headaches, Tlioy make puro"
blood and ttrong nerves and buld up
your health. Katy to take; Try
them. Money back if not cured.
Sold by 1' II. Franklin, Mruggltt.
Kcc the decant new line of La.
dies' Guard Cholita Just received nt
When Shall 1 Begm?
Our Answer is
The Sooner you begin to buy your goods from
U8, the Sooner' you will reap the reward. We
have in Stock the
TPrettiest and
JBest Pitting
L,ine of Suits
that has ever been shown in Marshall, anil our
Prices arc Lower Than Any
Other Line that has Equal
You must
predate them.
see Our
to all customers a beautiful Oak Hocking Chair
free to every Cash Customer who avails themselves
of Our Offer.
Our Hats,
r -II T
vouars, ites ana siun
are immense, Come anil see Us.
John JIk
South Side Square.
Notice Is hereby given that H o un
dersigned Hubert II. Hildas Adminis
trator ol the Kslatoot John A. Hud
deceased, will make Final Settlement
ot Ids accouHil llh said F.stato ss
such Administrator i Iho neat Tumi
of Iho Probate Court of Saline Coun
ty, Missouri, lo Ihi holdru at tho
Court lloutn at Marel.all In snhl Coun
ty, on the llflh day ol Juno A. I).
It jur. II. Hi n
Admlnlstiulur uf thq Kstnlu'of John
A. Huff deceati'il.
M. It, Alexander and Win. Ilaguell,
the well known railroad contractor,
both ol St. l.oult, Imvu lately talked
about the North and South Koud, and
the latter announces positively Hint It
will bo built this summer, lly (Its
time that road It built lllackburn wilt
have an air lino via Sweet Sprlngsla
Sulalla, Wavetly will hare au slec-
trio railway connecting her with
Cerrotlton and llifilnsrllle, IHloe
machines will hare lo bo enloloed for
oh.lruotlng the sunlight, and Mar
shall will hava a world's fair. Illack.
burn Itecoril.
In the rniTi'K drinker (.'iiltVo ill Ink
ing la a )iablt that It i.ultrrsall.v In-
lulged In ami ulnintl as unltrrsally
injurious. Iluvo yuu ttlcd (iralu-Or
It I. .I,,t Ilk- fo.Te but the efTects
are Just lb., uppi.slle LiilTen upsets
the sinmarli, ruin tin. digestion,
whole nervous aystem Drain O.lnnea
up the ston.ach, aids digestion and
strengthens thu nerve. IA nm ii'm,
pel parkngi'.
This Efriccis or tiikOrii- n.eoier
ciiiiih by HimhI'ii Sar.nparilla which
puiihes the blond, tune thu stomach,
strengthens Iho nerves snd makys thu
whole system vigorous snd healthy.
A vegetable caihnrtlo that ,cmi U
relied upon lodiiitt work tlmruiigli
Shoes, Glove
t r-i
Martha JksHun..
Nolle' bnthj glien that letters
of adB",,r,lon 00 t''",, ,
Tsckeajtlreen, ucceateu, wtro uisim.i
lo thelindfrslgned. on the 2Wh day
ot Apjl. lew. i " na,h- Ju',':
ol tbtjt'robata Court olSsllne County
MAIII"on bavlog tlslmt tjslost
said ,llllr',1 10 "llll,u
them ' " '"r sllowsnve, within one
u.ar iter the daloof ssld Ittltrt. r
lliev r'y 1,0 I'Mcludc' from any
ittM.ni -J. 'XiaI u
claim, bu not exl"'' , ,. u,,'!?,.f,"
year. tru... Iho tl.' L"
it thl notice th'J ' '"
.'ilh dsr. Alirll. 1?
It, rii.i.i., Ju.
WiitiiKs, Troup 8. Dyiart.asd
Pi.ri.il. ti... 1 1 hit wire. briMtr.i
'of trust dated February 1st lN
corufil in hook it, ps -e
Mnl..'. niii,.. f). Una (Jounljr,
. . X .." i i-Hwl. trustee,
IbslolloVvYge described rM I
I,. rnui."Sf tU aa. StSW ci
sourl. to-wlti ,SLoU
I. itna fill fiiaTsaatirinfrrT
hi aevsa (TJ. serf rfgwTwln bloc
norabereil (onr (). Town o( Saline
Clly. (o secure Iho payment ot the
prluclpal and Interest, notes therein
described and nuw ?sst due. There
fore at the rrnuett of tin holders ol
said principal nnlo and oue unpaid
Interest note, and by virtue ol Iho
power conferred on mo by said deed
of trust, I will ou
SaU,rd fi fc j 0, tf
, . '
'f ' '" bnura of nine n'clock A.
city ol Marshall, Saline County, Mis.
sourl, aell at publlo suction to the
highest bidder, lor csth, thu real
oslntn nliovn ilcscilhcd tu pay snhl
nnlw nnd tho cost nf mri'iitlug this
a 14 41 Tyustee
Tbe successful patience display
ed by Htitchlngs In pliotogrnpbing
cblldreu' Is simply marvelous. Hs
makes a specialty of cMldru.
Stock to be attic to
jsjauasBB' sjr ,
aSlwaaHe tiv
5 -m i
4 I
Keiiey's. na:.it
ly llood'a nils.
i Jtjcturrt.

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