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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, June 09, 1899, Image 2

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Juno 1), 18011.
Mill, lid nt tin' Pii-lollli-c In Marshall. Mo.. u
Mvnnil-t'lft mutter
MAkSII.M.I., MISSOl'KI. Jt'M! Q. Uh)i. '
Till- ptcaMlIC lllcll MH III tl) Ii:ivi been
rather kcnvinllv .intldpitcd li several inland
Missouri oiies, nf nuiinnitcing In ihc world the
lu'iilion ill tin- ,'-'t;il i' I'air, within each line's
own iIimii.mii, (ill in tin; lot of Scdalla nml cult'
uipnnlly the others nic nil out in the cold, tt
it militr iniFortiui.ito tli.tt tin-only city, whose
people illil not ho,v any apparent interest In
the Pair or any Ktcat dexiic to secure the Mine,
.should lie allowed no easy n victory.
Solatia ua Mur-linll'it second choice Low
cwr, as ix -Iiiiimi li) the finnl liallot which uon
the lnlr (or .Sitluli i, when Marxlnll's glrcugth,
which linil bun sreond highest nml that win
five ote. hail dwindled to one, almost going
over bodily to the county mm I of Pettis. The
final coineritiK ! the Hoard on the last day liy
the Mexico ntotIe, anil the Icach-tikc manner
in which, their attentions were wasted upon
that body, hud given rise to tin: opinion that
tliecitv li It'll claims to have fathered the Mil
for ten jcars or mote, wixnnw ahuil to con
snm.ilc lier prearranged plans, .mil gobble iiji
the Stale l-'nir. -lit nml all.
Willi llu conception of ill' ics-ctivc stand
inn the diffiient candidate, it was with no
little iiritiH'. Marliall triple learned of the
victon of Stilalln. The Capital of that city
a ' the thailkxof the -oplc ate due to the
Mltiotic cilictix who have lalmrcd iiiktly, lint
none the Its. vallanth for xnccvxx." Then too.
we would suggest, mi the iile. that ltiecvcry
few of Srdatla'x iitiiii- look any Intel et in
the mtet. that rt of the credit mid the
targe cud at that he accorded the Missouri
I '.hiI'i.' Uailway Couipinv and the Street Car
l.im - of that city. On nnother page in thix is
vie, will K' foutiil the figures on which the
claim of tills county were irexcntel, which we
publish that the people of the County may
know nml appu-ci.ite our illative natural ad
vntitiiKix ami xliciigth. Then let it lie lenient
lx.ii.1l that Marshall'sotTcr of tooncrex n imdcl
xite wax further strengthened liy a cash of
fer of i.i i, no other town making a cuxh
Vet ilefc.it wax outx nml though it hax itx
slinks. Marshall' effort ami the hard wotk of
her citicnx lmx not lcen loxt. Tine enough,
the good of the simple ifTott ix nothing in com
paiiwin with the advantage which woulil have
followed in the wake of the I'air, yet enter
ptin' in never loxt iimj the healthy ail crti-inn
our town nml county h.tx Im.ii given as a result,
will mt in our favor. lint firxt of nil, it in
that feeling of common inlerext nml coiuiuuuity
sentiment, uurcxttictcil ly party or business
tics, ninth steps in nt times like this, fills lis
with a lattilalile priile in our country scat and
county and the good citizenship to lie found
within the bonier of Saline.
American magazines have tceu filled of late
with the triumphs of Lady Cttrzxon formerly
Mks I.itcr of Chicago, and American pride has
Uvkeil nn approving nod to the honors that
have ln-cn conferred .so deservedly liin her in
India. Vet this approbation nud congratula
tion of her xiiccexxes springs from the fact that
her sympathies do not lie wholly in her aristo
cratic claxs, Imt that this American heart,
though adorned with titles that create an tut
natural distinction, still lives in a hroadcr fit-Id
of usefulness, one that is l.irRe eunuch to in
clude the wulfare nml hctlcrtnclit of the lowest.
It is indeed well that this instance of true
mid typical Americanism has Kvtt hi promin
ently More us. that the more ucetil exhihi
tiou, Countess Castelane once Ainu Could has
tttnde of her clf. may tint call foith the ridicule
of the wotld, nx imlicntiu); the way in which
titular foiery hax turned the heads of Ameri
can )(irl. The cries of the icop!c in ruslilux
to the rexene of President tiiihet. " I town with
the foreigner" are the xnnte nx tluwc which
would have Ken heard here under ximilar cir
etuustnuevx. This ulrl. who was Imd ami
renretl a rcpuMlcau. whiKesyiiiMthie have K
come violent in the favor of an eslitnic Mon
archist faction, which seeks even now to hold
In check the tardy movement of lilierntini; u
wroiiKcit man. is foreiitu alike to Amciienu iin
pulxvsaml those that ate now niliiiK I'tnuce.
While the Utter civiliation of the whole
wotld ivjoiivx in the teturtl of I'miHV'x U'tter
jtKlKUieiit, in refusing louder to follow lilimlly
the dictates of a corrupt nrmy enKil. mid in
K'slowitiK tardy jttstliv umn the lonx ietH'
tilted Jew. Ilreyfiix, this P'renth ptesideul who
has turiKsl the tide in this iiiiti-setuitic agita
tion, who has slowlv and coiisirvallvelv et
juxt so ivrlniiily. UUiiisl aKniuxl public pieju
dice Koue mad. hax lived to hv ainoim his
would In- assaulterx, this formetly Americ.iti
woman. Shame on her womanhood, which we
now disown, ami that spirit, with which she
woultl retard a crixix in l'rnnce. that all the
wotld has IoiikisI for.
The defense of Hall nml .Smith in the Prog
ress is liaed tiin that part of the hill, which
affords revenue for the hair through kx) licetis
itii;, though the writer dues not seem assured
that upon this one iiint, the opposition of our
representatives rextcd. lit this time when all
It'Klxl.itiou ix a compromise on the original In
tention, opKisitioit to one minor clause in an
en ictno'lit is hardly n justifiable excuse fur not
only voting but working against the measure.
Though tefraining from any unjust criticiMit
of our representatives, at the same time, home
definite .statement front them, giving grounds
for their votes, when the sentiment of their
constituents was so unanimously in favor of a
State I'air for Missouri, would certainly be in
otder. that their actions may trot be misjudged.
If not, the ticople of Saline will likely conclude
that home interests were secondary to the fight
made at that time liy the Missouri insurgents
ttiou the Mate administration.
The West views with triumph the fact that
next year the eakership of the House will
probably come West, the most promising can
didatelieiug David II, Henderson, who hails from
our Ixirder state of Iowa. It is with regret
that Missoutians look to the fact that our state
will not cast more votes toward his election
than is jsissible, the way we have Ik-vii gerry
mandered. Mexico, the father of the Missouri State
I'air idea, dating the cotumi'iicemi'iit of its
paternal cares ten yeirs ago, ami tracing down
in point of times, its many acts of pateutial de
votion culminating in the pixsag? of the hill
in the l.ist legislaiure, has lived to see the
weaning of its adopted rlilM. nml gn-at is the
grif of tin- xortow trtcken pnr.-ni.
The Iicmocrntx of Missouri, who favored n
street cur trust and iuhiion1 in the last legis
lature, will all declaim most vigorously against
such evils lit the next ianiaiKn mid the
ple hen-In Mlsxotiri. who line watched their
coutxc, will rise up and call them down.
Cmv. Stephen wax for Marshall. Phelps was
for Sedalia. Another proof that the latter is,
as often fluted, "the biggest limn in Missouri"
in point of pull
Democratic Saline's urt H11 didn't "phase"
the working out of Col. Phelps' plan.
I're Commcntt.
Holm cnNOMilfti.
A convention of holm will meet at Danville,
III.. Jutiv M. The ctcdctiliaU ate very trict.
O'lly "ex-tiH'ful" meiuliersof society will be
iidnuttisl. Xo man who cannot show that he
was once Imlitstrioux will In- .-rrniltcd to take
part in the dellUration of the nxKtiibly "So-
cietv tranix, ' t-x actors and c,x college pro
fessor arc not reisiguitsl ax ex useful members
of xoi'ietv, lint by )ssial illss.niitinii will Is
prox iditl stats on the IIihu. Persons who de
ire to qualify nx delegates must answer a mini
1st of ipiextloux thus: "How much tcrritori
have on covered in the U;t five years? How
much by etisliioti or otherwise.' Did y oil ever
Miilundle a dookie,' Will votl tietitiiHl oiir
Cotigresxman to legislate for steam heat in all
li eats?" etc.
The pcrlitctic philosophers will iIUusm the
inicxiinii "how to mnkv the xtruggle for i-is-tctue
a pleasure insterul of a bunteii." Most
of them have proved It no burden by unload
ing it altogether, nud we may uppoc that
having xolved one part of the pioblem they ate
teady to tackle the text of it. - Pnxt Dixpulch.
Asxiinihig that half of the i....; cwpnicrx
in Missouri are Democratic and that Cougrt-.-man
Dockcry purch.iid thosi- xnpartiiiK htm
at to each, it will Ik- mcii that he ha alrcadv
ald out over in his race for g.ivirrmr
ami the end is not et. Springlield Kipublitau.
III President Cleveland's hands the civil w
vico law was mi implement for clinching Dem
ocntts in office. When some of the mischief he
did is rectified. Dcniocrnts say an asxault is made
on the "merit Mein." OloU- DeitKs-r.it.

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