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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, October 06, 1899, Image 5

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Peltit County Couple Married Ac
cording to Agreement in Johns
lon't Show Window. It
Wat a Drawing Card.
Saturday, the last clay of the
great Street 1'alr at Marshall was
clear mid cool, and was full of at
tractions from start to finish.
Thousands of people from all parts
of Saline and adjoining counties
were (.ecu coming into Marshall
from cvuy direction after daylight,
all eager to sec the sights, the
principal one of which, was the
wedding of Mr. J. H. . Jarvisand
Miss I.ily May llriiumictt hoth of
lVtlls county, which took place iti
the spacious show window ofO.
W. Johnston's Hardware A: l'urni
turc Store at ,t p. in., Kcv. I. K.
Morris ol the l'rcsbytcrlan church
erfotining the ceremony that join
ed for life the destiuy ol the happy
young couple. livery availahlc
spot, from which a glimpse of the
window could be had, was filled
long before the bridal party start
id around the opiate, seated In
('resident Ik-ally's decorated sill
rey, beutitiful itt its many snow
balls, which harmonised with the
dainty gown of pure white of the
bride, preceded and followed by
other handsomely decorated ve
hicles and led by two of the best
bands in Central Mlssauri, which
did not drown the good wishes and
congratul.itions showered tiixm
them from the hundreds of thro.its
of those that filled thcMrects.
When they lelt the carriage ami
stepped into the large window to!
I H' lllfltrir.1. llt.'i tir,-cttlit i ttt... '
line well worth looking at, and
wile n u-ry handsome and dignifi
ed couple. James Stanley and the
bride's twin ulster stood up with
them when the solemn service was
said which made them man and
Alaige poti ml cake had been
provided by Mr. Johnston, who
never docs any thing by halves,
and after the bridal party had test
ed it, they entered the carriage and
were again driven around the
square, while the ten thousand
people shouted their congratula
tions and approval.
The young couple have many
handsome and Useful articles of
furniture to remind them of their
wedding day. The RmtiUCAN
joins with thousands of others in
wl.hlii,; ibun a loug hf- ofcc-i-
uuuiti u.ippit'e' .
One of Friday's Attraction!'
.SVa'jC .NO. 3 OJJ,Uvt I'rfcjj, vfti
the center of nitt.iai.iii The
crowd galhcrid to hem ' spell-
ing contest, couiluc;.
Campbell mid I'uif. V i i . ad
as referee.
The words were Ink' 'i
adopted speller of the i m
Hatry Johnson, ol XiN u,
the best speller and Wuti th. pi.-ni
intn, i "ToiipIi liny" i,n . ;.i:its
suit i$t value i by T. . Iluntei
& Co. The contest was . lively
one, full of interest fur lie imtici
pants and the listeners us t'! All
the boys were iairly k"'' H-f
but Harry Johnson, ol N 1-u. ami
Albert Robertson, of Mi l.o.,at..
were the two boys wh ;
longest In the conic .1
arcouul of it being !
from the fuel that t'n I
spelled 'surlioii li.n
I 'lie
A 'hi on
t .r.l
two ways, T. W Hume: i. lc
cldcil to give n and premi.ini v.I.iili
wasawardeil to Alb. i: K. 'i u-ua
of Mt. Leonard.
Mr. Brown Got the Sliu.-i
The lUOllstlotls bic . miiikiii at
Meyers .V Hell w.i- .m .1 1 ; !.
afternoon and 11 commit' t!,ue
gentlemen counted tin -i . .i. 1'lny
were Adam Svvisbri n I . Ol
son and Ch.it l'islur. .,1
were found. Mr. Ji.-p.i W lif w
being lucky enough : ;..r-s ' it u
exact number, the li.n i
of shoes, for which n, .
worked, fell to Mi. Hi
wcic in nil aa.spsi- -
cd on the pupkln. Ci
.'I Us
K.ic sin
(ranging from t to 70
A Sii:ccm.
The tea p.ilty gi.-n
, t.. Mr.
ll' -111 l's
1'lorence and I'leln II.
lixtol 1'ry in O. W
window on 1'iiday uu.iii': u.is
iptile a successaiidattiii I' d n'm.ist
as large a clowd as ih. w. Muig
patty on Thursday.
The little ladies w. u- t .imboniL'
ly dressed with gown- 1 ni'ain (or
tlicocciMoti ami tin- i mii i ,; v,.i ,
one ol much leiilple.s'iu 1. . ilum.
The menu coiisht"d 1.1' : m .'.!
witches, cheese, ix!t 1
fee and Angel food
variety of fruits
- eof.
.'.li a '
Said For lit: Mexico lair
A. J. Wiiiscotl, 01 1I1 Mi.". ico
Illtelligciiccr, attended 'li" Ivdi mi
ThtirNlay, and purchased the beau.
tif ill jellow chrysanthemum deco
tatiousof J. W Spatk ti d in 1 !.
1 Marshall Flower parade, -Mid re
turned to Mexico l!iidn night, '
congratulating lumscli upon liisi
putthasc. I
A Three Days' Gathering o! the
Brandons at Bainbridgc.
A happy social event was llic re
union of the llr.tudou family at In
hume of Dr. s. M. Whistler, lliin-bri'lji.-,
l'n., Sept.. 31 li itU'o The
I. imily lice is traced back n couple
, centimes 0:1 the paternal side to
ill--- llr.imloiw.ol the north of Ireland
1' ml uu the maternal side to the
McCotd. of Scotland, George, the
' iirt un mix r of the 111. unions in
ciiie from the Kmcriild Isle, 'ti
tled on a tract of laud of GO" acres
near York Springs, l'.i., under pat
ent ft 1. 111 the l'enn brothers. Th!
I mil i.t hi- death was divided hi
Uvroti Ins two sons, Thomas and
John llMiidon, Thomas' estate fell
tu his on Teiupleton, whose owi
ership w. is succeeded by William 11
llruiiduu, who continued in xjs.v.-.
slou of the original homestead un
til the time of his death, in iSSo
Th. sous and daughters of the
s.ii.l William II. Ilraiidon, ncioi:i
pmiedby their wives, ImilmmW
and children, assembled on the k
ejsiuii inferred to, were entcilaiued
h tli.ir sister, Mrs. Anna U. Wtil
II. r wife of Dr. S. M. Whlsllci
wen s follows: John Calvin
llr.nul .ti, Mis. John C- llratidim
l .dgnr llwlng llramlon, Mary l.le ;
nor Ilraiidon, of Marshill, Mo.: I
.'is McCord Uramlon, Miss l-'i.iu
,cn McCord Itrandou and Misiir
Giorgc Lincoln llriiudou. ol Taub
K.iusas- Mrs. M. Allen llioivti, ol
idiui.1, Kansas: William Templttou known The bride is a sister of
Hi .mdon, Mrs. Mary S. llramlon, Mr- IC. li. Il.inium of this city
ol Springfield, Ohio: Mis Jennlt "d is very popular in socialjcir
Whitesliie Ilraiidon, of Davenport, 'di .. The Uiti'i'iii.ii.A.v cMcnds
Iowa: Mr. tt. Wood Duulap, Mis 'oticr.itiilntlotis tothcyouiigcoliple
ti. W. Duiilay mid Master Daniel
Scott Duulap, of Altooua, l'.i., nod
Miss Mary McCord Ilcnch, of Cat
linle. I 'a.
On Monday moruiuj-tliv entire
ui iy,aeeomaiiied l Dr.Wliistler,
wife and daughter, went to Gettys
l'iir lo sp.. ml a couple days in itir
ther social iiilcicotir itiidtellew .1
ot the ties of military service and
C'lmiuileship ou that memorabk'
lieMof haltle, threcofthe niimbiT
h iving been veterans. -Iaiucusier
( l'n ) l .xauiiiier.
Club Rcccptiun.
A pleasant feature of u gay week
In Marshall, was the ricepliou rIv-
11 on Satuidav inoruiiig, fiom '.1 to
!.- MiktUioc pfiilou, whin Mr-i.
Cecil Wilsos was the cordial and
intiiestiug hostess, to the .Satis
Souci Club and " others. This
ia btautlfutly atbptul fori
. '( lining and the high cciliugs
uii'l liry Moms furnished with
111.111 v rugs, gteat easy chairs,
h'lUtu couches and comfortable
lockers with pretty draperies
heiv and tbetc, it only needs the
l w of (air women in their lovely
go n ami taces full of sunshine to
m.ikc it indeed a charming place,
Hiiuli i iij.iyeil by Mm shall's social
'.nM. Mrs. Wilson was assisted
i') Miss Kcuuard. of St. Joe; Mm
1 . Tluo. and Ous Mayer and
I r.i ni; Miles,
Mi. Kansbctgcr ftunishetl the
inn-is .111 piiiuolor the merry dance
that f"ll"wed, which was tile ptiii'
cip.il iiiiust'meiit of the morning.
M. K.ilheiiue Coidelt and little
M - Tl.ilma Thomas gaxe some
.' ; -1 I.h that were highly enter
tuirii t;. After which, a lovely Inn
clu.ui w.is served consisting of ojs
1.1 .il.i.l. tomato and tongue sand-
1 lies, .lics, ccluy, pickles and
'mlir. And twehe o'clock came
uli In" mkiii, in spite of the mativ
.ill, nit Ions olTvted upon this the
1 1-1 day of tile fair, which was so
1 "in 10 close.
Ii. Joseph Cheatham and Miss
Vtr.'iui.i I.iitul, both of (litliaui
v,.iv in.inied at l'.ills City, Nc
Im.i'I.,1, mi vdliesday, Sep. JJlh,
Ri K.mc oflicl.iling The hap
pj eoiipl'- have relumed to Gilliam
wlii. h will continue to be their
honi.- in the Inline. The groom is
.1 iilisi.tntinl young business man
d! ' '.illi.im. both well and favorably
tint iheir pathway through life
ni.iy lc "in of plenty, piospcrily
and peace.
Ilaivey Anbury, yoiiugcst son
ol Mr. an l Mrs. Hugh Anbury of
llifcKinsville, Mil, and Miss
liliiKltt- Standard, daughter ol
('. ige Standard of this city, weie
Miumed .it the Savoy Hotel in Kan
us City 011 Thursday Sept. sslh.
The i;kkiiii is from one otLal.ij
rite's most piomiiuiit families and
is -jle proprietor of a large tullliu
ii) store in lliggiusvillc, while the
,1'iide 1. ,1 handsome, young lady
Uiitlily connected aud very popular
...vlal circles.
Tin IU.!VDI"-.!'
c::lcti'J: ton-
A hail Jsjiiiu variety of corded
ilk, in nil the leading colors ar
rlvinfj dally at WrlghtM. iV

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