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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, November 24, 1899, Image 2

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I.'Mvrril t the I'ostolTUs-In Marshall, Mo., on
minl-claM tnnllfr.
HAKSIIAt.t., MISSOt'Kt, NOV. 2J, 1899.
New York Sun.
Tlic inevitable has happened. There N
audi a condition of prosperity mul material
growth as the mind of man never imagined
and a sense of stability nnd confidfiicc the
like of which was never More known. The
defeats nnd disasters of peace under Cleveland
have been exchanged for the victories of war
ami the triumphs of common sense under Mc
Kinlcy, whose, administration has had t vo
foreign wars to carry to n successful nnd hon
orable end, nnd yet at litis stage of its course
reduces the national debt by twenty-five mil
lions of dollars! The Secretary of the Treas
ury's announcement yesterday that he de
sired to buy in Government bonds to that
amount is. pregnant with instruction for all.
Mr. McKinley's Administration adjusted
the tariff to the end that mistrust
might be allayed. It lias not meddled need
lessly with the money question. It has
avoided every subject tliat could disturb
the repose ol business. What has been the
result? Confidence has been restored,
Enterprise has liven re-Awakened. Capital
has not had to look to Washington to make
sure that the application of n theory would
not wreck it ns soon ns it was invested,
and every man has felt himself secure in
the expenditure of energy nnd money.
A local critic of the Administration has re
cently assured the public, that one good regi
ment of regulars In the Philippines could have
crushed the rebellion, properly handled. Mow
ever this is not n very prevalent opinion, ns it
seems, our'nrmy has only lately been success
ful in scattering the l'ilipinos, due in a Urge
measure to the insufficiency of troops prior to
the last month. If only the forces had been
placed at the President's command, which the
Democratic minority in their obstinacy
thought best, we might in all probability look
ahead to a lingering and indecisive campaign,
confined closely to Manila and I lie coast, rath
er than what is the case. Aguiiiatdo would
then not le compelled to change his capitol
so often for"sauitary leasons" nor spend Mich
n large portion of his time evading capture
through flight.
Ilryati should beat in mind ns well as heart,
the interests of his foremost New England
champion in visiting that section of the coun
try, which sllll being opposed to his ideas on
all national subjects, may yet lie called the
"enemy'" country." George I'red Williams
is recognized as the leader o the H i State's
Democracy, but his pasltijii is retained only
by reason of the smallness of the party, of
which he is the head, Thinkers of the Kits
sell stamp were repeatedly elected to the Mas
sachusetts governorship iitwn Democratic
platforms, but so long as Williams remains
the onsor of his party, Republican victories
nrc overwhelming. George I'rcd Williams is a
man peculiarly fit to rule minorities and re
tain them in that position; Bryan should
hardly endeavor to destroy his loyal Irlctid's
prestige. However, the proselyting which
llryau 1ms anticipated ns a result of his labors
Ivas, will likely result in arousingcvcii great
er opposition. The more llryau is placed he
fore the East, whose people are firm in their
ndlicrencc to the gold standard, the slighter
become the chances of his party even tiKu lo
cal issues and for state offices.
"I do not care whethct I ever hold another
office, hut I serve notice to my Republican
friends that I propose to stay in olitics until
the lid closes down, on my coffin." llryau.
The recent elections confirm the prevalent
belief that next year's November results, may
decide otherwise for Mr, llryau, who dots uot
hold lu his own palm altogether, the promin
ence, which he has so unceasingly sought.
South Dakota affords A rather remarkable
spectacle, in the manner in which her Stumor
havc"sw.tppcd horses." Kyle.the populist Im,
become a strong administration Mipncr
while IVltlgrew, once a Republican, l a ,,0,t
vehement critic of McKinl-y's pulley, having
embraced nil the doctrines now eon-l tuteil in
Democracy The extremity of Irs oprio.iti,,,,
nttracted considerable nttintiou la tin- cam
algii nnd the big Kepuhlicau iiiajoiity g.iiiud,
is proof positive of the regard South Dike
tans hold of the American Tugais The lack
of patriotism which such men show, has add.
cd many votes to their opponents; their keen
tiers to criticize for party ndvatttage has been
judged rightly by the mass of people, who
hold that in foreign complications, we should
stand shoulder to shoulder.
While Ilrynn appears resentful of ihesdghl
cst iufringemeiit.of what he terms in Aguln
aldonian stle, "the rights of the Tagals,"to
name the manner nnd form of their govern
ment, because they happen to be the governed,
nothing has been dropped from the lips of this
same loqu.icioiis'spcakcr. which would indi
cate that he is uot in accord with what is
known ns white supremacy in the South,
liven if true, he has uot the courage or
principle to make such an enunciation of his
views. There is little reason in considering
this phase, for how could a partisan of Goc
bcl, one who was w illing to cros several states
to assi.t in his campaign mid one who niter
the election stands ready to approve of nuy
necessary stealing requisite for his agression
to officehe jealous in the defense ol every
legal voter's rights. In defending Goebel's
methods of intimidating votci&u,.Uryaii ex
presses a very lax regard for the "consent of
of the governed'' maxim.
McLean in his own paper shortly niter his
humiliating defeat, is credited witli saying:
"Everything seems to be lost for the time lie
ing in the whirl of money making- the pur
suit of money." Whether the unsuccessful
candidate had in mind Juo. It. McLean in
referring to n lost world, or perhaps hi a less
egotistic frame of mind bemoaned the influ
ences which tnndi- Ills race such 11 hopeh-s
candidacy, there is certainly good i-Udtm-e in
his words for the belief that his defeat i cred
ited in his own eyes to the business prxper
ity of the state, n fact which made fewer
votes purchasable, nnd silenced the cries of
discontent of the "nulls."
It is stated that Democratic lenders in the
next campaign, will attempt to show that our
present prosperity is neither real nor lasting.
In matters of dollars and cents, realities are
more acceptable than theories; and the world
is no longer nt u loss ns to the credence to lc
given Democratic prophecies.
The Mississippi Vnllcy Democrat, well
known by reason of the rashness of its predic
tions, ctually ss well as from Its rabid, illogi
cal and dogmatic assertions and accusations,
professes to believe tknt Missouri will be out
of debt, when Stephens retires from the Kov.
ernorship. A "unique distinction" It Is al
lowed by this organ, that n debt should be
cleared during n Democratic administration.
Highly should such n coincidence be prized by
Governor Stephen.!, even though the realiza
tion of this prophecy lies remote in the future.
Its truthfulness is a fifty to one shot, and in
the next campaign, these utterances, if only
remembered, could lie turned urwiu that organ
speaking with such assurance, just as former
predictions often have been.
Colonel Jack Chinn has been suggested by
an Eastern paper, as Secretary ol War, under
the llryau-Goibel regime- The Improbability
of llr) an ever succeeding in his ambition,
makes jesting bearable: should there lie aiy
chance of the election of llryau nnd his friend
Gocbcl, the association of the war secretary
ship with the name of this Kentucky Colonel,
whose reputation is based iikjii his unscrtipu
loiisness, would uot ccm such ridiculous
Governor .Stephens has merited celebrity at
least in one line. He is to lie booked among
the authors of favorite quotations and
phrases, llryau, has not, ns some of his
shrine worshippers think, the only mint where
mcmiuglcss nud over-drawn phtacs are
mined. The governor of Missouri doubtless
one of those "sapient tons of sainted sires,"
seems inclined to dispute the supremacy of the
DcArmoiid has not even the moral support
of Missouri Republicans for the empty honor
of House minority leader. Hu has been too
itriolic nud violent n patt'saii to win the res
pect of hi opponents.
The dishonesty of theGoeliel party in Ken
tucky is fully backed by that trait wliichof
ten makes villainy successful. Missotirians
term it nerve,
I l.u.lugto on Monday.

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