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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, November 24, 1899, Image 3

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Stcond Number of the High School Lecture
Course Repeats its Last Yearn Succcti De
lore (Crowded House.
jmt as the music loving populace of our
American cities looks forward to Grand 0cra
qe,,ii, so have Marshall people conic to re
gard the l"e vVn which the Itoslou I.mlicii
Syniphony Club hold forth in this town. It
,a musical treat, the genuineness of which
is easily observed in the nintmcr of its second
reception, For if there is nny way of punct
tilinR pclfiction anil picking flaws in ideals,
better than through repetition when the charms
ol ne nens are laid aside, it has not yet hcen
catalogued. The house upon this occasion,
last Thursday nielli,, was easily what might
be called packed, any kind of a seat at a pre
mium and standing room at par. Those pres
ent included not only local hearers, hut num.
erous visitors from other towns and pnits of
the county.
Slightly delayed In time, hy leasou ol the
protracted meetings held upon that evening,
Ibe curtail roc about half past eight, with
the twenty one young ladles, who comprise
the orchestra. xn the stage. They were at
tired in silken white with instruments in hand
grouped according to the parts played, yet
withal so artistically, that the effect of np
prarancc alone, had won the favor of the
house This lirst and pleasing impression
was well maintained throughout the cuter
moment, and though the concert had been
marked high in the excctation ol all as a re
tail 'I the first visit, no one wasdisappolutrd
this S ear.
The compositions rendered were difficult
and of a high order, yet not too classical to
1 appreciated by the audience, and the en
cores " wudcd to, were pleasing ami very
inrtllv played. Frank W. McKce as direc
tor is evidently well idled upon by these
joiuir ladies and Master I lenry Doulati the
toy soprano, has a very clear cut and reson
ant voiic of rather remarkable tone for one of
cither his age or sex, and whose solos form a
pleading diversion to the instrumental selec
tion. Hard it is to compare degrees of merit and
we relinquish the task to those present in hriel
ly printing the essentials of the program:
l Wedding March, Mendelssohn.
j-Tromlionc Solo The Message, llrooks,
Mist Oda Rudolph.
j Oveiturc, Raymond, Thomas.
4 Mute Solo, l'antaisie Pastorale Hon
Rtoise Hopper, op :G,Miss Florence 15, Hulk
ed, J-Ovcrturc, Scmiramide, Rossini.
6 Violin Solo, The Hlrd on a Tree, Maus
er, op. i. Miss C. Mattel Ilcanmu.
7 a) Caprice, In llcanty's llower.llendix.
hi Cane Hop, I.evcc Revels, W. C. O' I lure.
8 'Soprano Solo. Se Saran Rose, Arditi,
Master Henry Doul.iu.
0 Descriptive.A Day With a Ciicu,l..imp.
PART I Here they come The band
passes by The Drum Corps The II igpij es
The Plantation Singers The Orchcsttonc
The Chlmes-Tii: Colored 11 md The Cal
liopeThe Chinese Hand.
I'AKT II Arrival at the drounds T li e
Hand Organ is Heard The Ticket .Sellers,
Side Show and Lemonade Criers arc Heard
Rush for Tickets- Passing Through the Ani
mal Tent Rush for Seals -International
March Waltz for Trapeze Performance
The Klcphaiit's Dance Indian War Dance
The Hare Hack Rider--Secure Tickets for the
Concert Finale.
lo I.ove Song and Finale from the For
tune Teller, Herbert.
A Novel Trip to Pirit.
Last Saturday quite a sensation was creat
ed hy the appearance on our streets ol a very
strange looking eralt. No one knew what it
was and many were the conjectures made
thereon. Some thought that another Noah,
In the fastness of some wilderness, had con
structed an ark. Others thought it was the
leading float in .some carnival parade, but on
closer Inspection it woe the hull ol a boat that
F. I.. Jewett, of Laclede, had constructed pre
paratory to a trip to the gulf. The lxint is to
lie launched in Grand river at a point near
Sutnucr. There it will lie provided witli all
and modem equipments. Mr. Jewett and a
crew will sail, as soon as Grand river rises,
down to the Missouri, thence to the Mississip
pi, thence to the Gulf, where they will engage
passage to Paris lo attend the Worhr's Fair.
Tills will be a novel yet, we picsume, a pleas
ant trip Sumner Times.
Deer in Carroll County.
S"ine dogs down southwest of town started
a deer one day last week. It was a flue look
ing J-ptotig buck, and he just cut the wind
with the dogs close at his beds. He ran
through a bunch of cattle on J.lt. Rea's farm
and attempted to clear a high wind break, but
it was a little too high for him and lie hung up
lor a while, hut Anally succeeded iu getting
over, making his escape. This same animal
was ngaiu seen ctossiug the railroad track lie
tween here ami Norborne two or three days
ago. He is no doubt onc.of the survivors of
the flock ol deer cared for so long, by the late
Roht. Stanley, and which for years he kept
in an enclosure. Carrolltou Democrat.
The Chrysanthemum.
Thou regal llouer ol fair Japan,
I would the ocean I could span,
And iu the sight of Fuji's dome,
Heboid thee in thy native home!
No wonder that thy kindred race
Upon their flag thy petals trace,
And witli thy disk the treaties seal,
Official of the common weal.
Thou art no base, plebian weed,
Nor used for any common need;
A royal plant for kings to own,
An emblem of .' empire's throne!
Judge Joseph K. Clarkson of Omaha, Neb
raska will lecture iu the Marshall Opera house
on Nov. jSth, at 8 o'clock p. m. Subject
'Christian Science. " Free to the public.
Hy Klpobt'.
Oh angel's food, delectable!
Prompt .at its Queen's command,
The marvel rises light as down
The peerless Harris brand.
Old A'jram fed no angel,
In Canaan's balmy laud,
On bill of fare so velvety
As this rare Harris brand
Where is the little woman
More daintily plan'd
Th'ii she who smiles the daintiness
Into the Harris brand?
A touch itself angelic,
A deft and mystic hand.
That stirs the dawn and snowdrifts
All through the Harris brand.
If you would shout divinely
Hail Columbia happy laud,
Just titillate the vocables
With slice of Harris brand!
Then feast; and Mister Kiulcv
Can never so expand;
We're, one and all expansionists
When fed on Harris brand.
If you have overdone It,
And slonnclics arc uumau'd,
The Doctor's pills and fiddle jii;s
Relieve the Harris brand.
Though light as cider feather,
Your preacher plump and bland
Fires olt his biggest sermons
When full of Harrh brand.
When guests have burst asunder
On provender so ('rand;
The Doctor sews them up again
For still more Harris brand.
Miss M y flirts with Cupid
And keeps the uppcrhaud.
While thus she charms the beans in swarms
With chunks of Harris brand.
And here we sigh and hanker
On Ouachita's bright strand
For angel's and nrchangcl'sTfood
Celestial Harris brand.
As white as lily petals
Hy fairy pinions fan'd,
As exquisite as baby checks
The standard Harris brand,
I want to be an angel
And with the angels stand
Whenever little Madam
Ilrings out the Harris brand.
Some day our gracious lady
Will join the seraph band
And sampling angel's food on high,
Compare the Harris brand!
McCIurc'K Magazine for December will con
tain the introductory chapters ol "The Life
of the Master," by Dr. John Watson ("Iau
Maclarcn,'') which is to heo leading feature
of the Magazine for some months to come. It
will he illustrated from special drawings and
laliitings 1'V Cortviu K, Lluson, reproduced
partly iu color.

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