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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, December 16, 1904, Image 7

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Newest ld In Yokes.
Quito the newest thing In yoko In
tho squaro outline, although roonr pre-
, Tor tu cling to tho pointed yoke, find-
f. Ins It more becoming. Tho yoKcs lire
mado of lace or eyelet embroidery
F - llh itock attached. Tho squaro yoko
Has alio mado Its appesrsnco on tho
strictly tailor-made aulta. Hero. how.
ror, It la mado up of atarched cheml
otto order, with upright collar, aurh
as uacd to bo worn exclusively with
sevsro ahlrtwalata half a dozen years
At tho front of the collar on each
corner aro embroidered beautiful mo
tives, anch aa flowcra, butterflies or a
design In eyelet embroidery, Thla
jrltcs a truly femlnlno touch on ao
nrcompromlalngly aim an affair.
To alale what colors aro to bo worn
Is lmKalbte. Thero la a perfect
craio for vivid ahadea of yellow and
orange, which cornea under the name
of coqiio-de-rocho. A touch 6f It la
Krncrally flattering' to tho face, lta
brilliant coloring often bringing out
Mddcn chartna of color In complexion,
ttalr and cyca.
Ribbon Cuffa.
Ttlbbon cuffa are a norel feature of
4o me flno evening coata.
A lotely creation In blacult broad--ctotti
(It looka while In tho evening)
shows the very broad aleevea to ho
gathered Into correspondingly broad
cuffa. And thcao cuffa are of ribbon.
-Of tho very broad ribbon but ono
width la required, the pretty, figured
tuff being draped down to a width of
five Inches, tn thla way nearly three
fourtha of a yard would bo required
for each alecvo. Tho delicate greena
and plnka aro eipcclally ctploltrd on
tho Ivory grnunda of tbcao lovely rib
lions. Naturally, tho atrlklog novel
tics hero suggested do not eihaust tho
usea to which ribbon la put, though
tho othera are not aa surprising.
Levsly Hata In Violet
Tho violet hata! too definite for
1ay wear, but at night they romo out
In soft, bewildering, beautiful ahadea
and atylea. Yet tho violet rcfuaed to
bo pushed back for atrect wear entire
ly, ao Ihoao dark, rich "plunie" havo
corns to tho foro. Mado of velvet, and
trimmed with roses of varying shade
that tono In perfectly, tho "plum" hata
jiavo a certain beauty and aurgeatlon
of conservatism In their make-up.
Parisian Faaturo tn Coata.
In Paris long coata fitted In nt tho
tack and aides, but, mado plaited nr
mil, with tho fullness shirred or belt'
oil, aro In evidence. They are, aa ono
Importer espreasea It, "a cross be
tween a dlrectolre rcdlngoto and a
Ilusslan moujlk," and aro allgbtly
Cloth of Many Vlrtuss.
Tho sllk-warp Henrietta cloth hat
oen aeen lately mado up In modish
gowna for afternoon wear, anil very
liandsomo It la, too. It bat tho lustre
ot silk, tho warmth of wool and much
1ody, wbllo It drapes In graceful io)ds.
Dainty Little Frock.
flulmpo drcases always are attractive
and this ono la peculiarly ao owing tu
lta novel aleevea and square nock.
Tho dresa Itself la aliown In blue mer
merited rbambray with banda of whlto
embroidery, tho gulmpo In dotted ba
tlste, but many other combinations
might bo made. All tho seasonable
llucns and rations aro desirable for
tho frock of Immediate wear while. all
hlldlah wools will bo adtnlrablo for
-colder weather and tho gulmpo ran
properly, bo of any 'pretty washable
while fabric To ronVo tho dress for
Design by May Manton.
a girl of 10 years of ago will b re
quired 4'4 yards of material 27, 3Vi
'yards 32 or 2',4 yards' H Inches wide
with 1G yards of banding and IVi
vsrds 32 Inches wide for gulmpe.
Bonne's for Little Girls.
Tho most charming old-fashioned
poke bonntU (the" 1830 shapes) aro
ihfivit tnr h lt.1..- twi
.... .. v.Miuicn. Miry aro ior in
nmat hn,l I. . .
.-.. -ou un.ni, pmK anouea aro also
innvh T" v. i.i ... . ...
... . u irininnngs consul or SIIK
drawn on cords, folded ribbons, flutod
laces and oatrlch tips. Nothing ran
bo moro plcturesquo and lovely than
little girl dimpling and smiling In
Ono Of theft i
- - - --ii uuuuvia.
Naval rhftl n.L,
Here It n phimlnv .1 n . I .... .
chair back, which can bo strongly
nAuinmcnuca, not only aa a comfort
ablo head rr.t I.,,, .I.n -
disguise a shabby or faded chair. It
may bo made from odds .and enda of
cloth, silk v.u-.i .
oon, and la composed of a sorlca of
acven divisions or rolls. Kach of thes
Is first made up accurately, and filled
wnn learners, vegetable down, wad
ding or any other atuning that la
ovauabio; then afterwards sew them
together. Cloth and velvet placed al
ternately of harmonious shades of
sago green or terra rotta would havo
a pleasing effect. Montreal Herald.
Bit of Unlaua rantm
A while evening coat haa a bit ol
miur in lit collar, which la of aky.
uiuo velvet. Another gov a alep
further and uses lining royal blue. In
iuu pn-iucsi or waya.
Theru arm nnw aenrr. ,.f ...ft ..........
stuffs, fringed, and printed with great
usuow Bowers, or with tiny groups
vuaiviy rangcu along I no borders.
New Kind of Zlbillnt.
Closely sheared tlbellne. not ths
long-haired kind first Introduced. Ii
ino intuitu atuff fur tbo coming sea
Little Debt to Dank Wiped Out Ir
Easy Manner,
"I havo a profound ndmlratlnn foi
women," remarked Col. John 8. Kla
ucrty, manager of the Majestic llica
ter. New York, "lint as business men
they fall to Impress me. Ono of mj
friends recently ilcnoaltc.1 stun in a
bank to his wlfo's credit. Introduced
tier to tho cashier and paying teller
gavo her a check bonk, and started
tier on a financial career.
"Within a week she received a no
ticn by mall saying that lirr account
was overdrawn and asking her to call
She took tho notice and went to ths
bank and asked what It meant.
"It took somo llmo for tho raablci
to osplaln, but he flnully told tht
woman plainly that ahu had no uiori
money in ma uanK.
"'How can that bo?" she demanded
'I atlll baio n lot nf rhor-La ti.fi
"'That limy be,' replied Ihu cashier,
-out you owe us eight dollars.'
"'Is that all?' she asked. 'I will fl
thst.' And she took a urn. wrntn ,
check fur the amount, and handed It
to tho cashier." New York Tele
Was He Vain?
In one of tho big stores tho other
day a woman atom) In n llttlu booth
demonstrating tho value of somebody's
complexion lotion and faco powder
, long uno of women, w Ii comnlei.
Ions of every degreo of beauty, wero
wninng in una to -get a try ' nt IL
After thirty ur forty women had bcon
"boautinod' u fat llllln bald-headed
man stepped up to the demonstrator.
"Do sou mind ruin' mo up. too?" ho
Certainly not," said tho demon
"Well, I shaved myself this morn
ing and I did a bad Job of IL I wish
you'd paint mo."
Tho demonstrator grabbed up n cloth
lipped It In carmine, and smeared It
over the lltllo man's fat face. Then
sh'o smeared on tho whlto lotlor.
When sho was through with, blm ht
looked llko a beauty mask.
"Ho looks real purty, don't ho?"
said tho woman juit behind him.
'Oh, what a lufly complexions."
aald tho little German woman who
enmo nexL
"Say, are you klddln mo?" asked tho
little fat man aa bo turned to walk
'Who says men aren't vain?" asked
tho demonstrator as the made quick
snlpo at a woman's face who was
waiting to bo made lovely In appear
anco. Chicago Inter Ocean.
In Memory of Shakaspsare.
A slip from' Shakespearo'a mulberry
treo at Stratford-on-Avon Is to bo set
out opposite the town hall of the bor
ough of Bouthwark, London, which Ii
a stone's throw from the Old Newlng
ton tboater, wbdro Shakespeare acted
, aj aa
Plan Provides for Much Accommoda
tion Within Small Space.
P. M. I have bought timber for a
arn 30 by C2 feet with aa I- for a
straw ahed, 20 by 30 feet. I wonld
like, to linow'how I could lay out tho
basement to accommodate 10 or 11
head of rattle, a root house, a pen for
small ptga, two or three atolls, and a
box atoll for horses. Tho bents are
at follows'. 20 feet for largo mow:
II feet drlvo floor, and 13 fact mow
and granary over horses. 1 do not
Intend to closo In tinder the straw
shed. 1 would llko to arrango ao at
to havo cow and horao atablo do&r
under tho shed. The barn will run
ast and wett, with abed on tho east
Tho accompanying, plan provides
ror o singio cow stain; 3 slnglo horao
alalia; two box stalls, one of which
around Floor Plan.
A. Ihed. !0 by 10 reel! II. mill,, ha
hind rattle) C, raw stslilal . torse 1U
tle bus etllla) V, feed room! O.
rooi noue; ii. ig in.
may bo used for rattle If dcilrod;
root house, pig pen and shed, Tho
manure may be removed direct from
both tho borso and cow stable Into
tbo shed.
Pump Not Working Well.
J. I. Met), A well 31 feet deep
contains iz icet or water. A plpo 1'4
Inches In diameter leads from tho
well to tbo stable, a distance of 110
feet, with a fall of 3 feet. After tho
pump baa been Idle for a tlmo ono
haa to pump about eighty strokes bo
foro water cornea. What la wrong
wun tbo pump?
In thla Instance It appears that
either tho cylinder la too amall or too
high In tho wheel or that tho valve
Is looso In tho cylinder and leaking
air. ir tho latter Is the case, tbo plpo
empties after each operation, and tho
wholo has to bo refilled wl'h a looso
valve, which accounts for the Isrga
number of strokes nccesssry. It the
cylinder la too amall, It would rcqulro
a largo number of atrokea to bring
the water up to that point In the well,
and If It wero too high up. especially
with a looio valve. It would havo tbo
same retulL I should recommend
tho examination of tbo valvo aa tho
most probable causo of tbo difficulty
Transplanting Bearing Apple Trass.
Sub. What la tho best tlmo of year
to transplant apple trees that have
been Leurlng about four ycara?
Tho best tlmo to transplant apple
trees Is early In tho spring, as soon
as tho soli Is dry enough, I fear, how
ever, that to transplant applo trees
which havo been bearing for four
jcara would not bo a very successful
undertaking and 1 would not adtlie
doing so. It would bo much better to
leave tho trees whero they are, even
If It wero necessary to uso tho ground
about them for something else, and to
plant joung trees on tho spot Intended
for these bearing onca. If, however, It
la determined to transplant tho trees
at any cost, tho work should bo very
carefully dona and as many roots as
possible kept on, The trees should b
headed back severely, at leaat twi
ycara' growth bring taken oft al
round tbo tree. M.
Transplanting Rhubarb,
I A. 0. What Is the best llmo to
transplant rhubarb which was grown
from seed sown last spring?
Tthubarb may bo transplanted at
any tlmo after the leases die down In
the fall; but with young tecdllngt I
hould advise you to wait until spring
to move them. Thero la danger of
small roots being thrown ahovo tho
ground by tho anion of frost, and If
planted. this fall they might havo to bo
set again In, tho spring, l'rennro your
ground this fall by plowlug under well
retted manure; or, still better, plow
out trenches four feet apart. Fill tho
trenches to within tlx Inches of tbo
top with manure, throw In two Inchea
of flno dirt and act tbo plants, having
mem tnrco feet apart In tbo rows.
Mulch each fall with manure, which
should bo forked around tho plants
tho following spring. C. K. II.
Power from Watsr Pressurs.
W. II. C How mucn power can 1
get from Ml feet of a fall of water
running through a 2-lncb plpo? The
spring Is about 22 rods from the bouse.
Tbo amount of power supplied In
this Instance Is to trifling as 'not 'to
be worth conalderlng. Tho distance,
22 or '23 rods, together with a amall
also of plpo, reduces tbo original bead
of fifty feet eo materially that tbo
power available Is only ono seventy
fifth of a borso power.
Roup In Turkeys.
B. M. P. Will you kindly publish
tbo treatment for roup In turkeys?
Mr, A. O. Gilbert, poultry manager
at tbo Central Dominion Experimental
farm, recommends tho uso 6f a solu
tion of' riatt'c rnlorldes', mado of a
solution of ono part chlorides to five
parts rain water, Ilatbo tho bead and
affected parts .well and do-so several
Urass per 'day. Separate tho sick birds
II b... J-- aM
Two Ideas of Farmlna.
In tho United Slates there aro two
opposite Ideas of farming. Ono It tn
rarm on tho oxtcnslvo clo. Tbo oth
er It to form on tho Intensive .scale.
Tho western Idea of farming Ii to
own great tracts of land, and this Idea
becomes moro extensive as ono goes
wesL Cven In Western Canada a
farmer thinks himself poor unless he
owns several sections of land. Tho
Idea la ono that bad lta birth In tho
daya when land wao cheap, it haa
lived on In splto of tho changed con
ditions. In the day of cheap land
tbo great farm was a neccaalty, as
Intensive operations wero not pos
sible, ljibor was scarco and live
stock abundant, and tho animals could
bo mado to do most of tho gathering
of tho crops, eating them aa they
gathered them.
With tho tncrcaso of population the
Intcreala of tbo country lie tn the
possession of small farma. lteduco
tho alto of tho farms and young men
will find It poatlblo to purchaio them.
At preacnt prlcca It la practically Im
poatlblo for a' young man to buy n
form of averago altc. Tho old proc
etses of thin farming still remain on
tho big farms and aro likely to remain
ns tho prlro of Isnd goes up, on ac
count of tho ever-Increasing price of
In tho eastern rart of tho country
tbo Intensive farming Idea Is In tho
ascendency. Aa a result tho farms
aro largely owned without mortgages.
Tho Intensive Idea Is making Itself
felt to somo extent In tho Wcit, but It
Is yet slight, except near tho grcst
cities, whero farming takes on tho
character moro of gardening. Could
wo but Induce tho men that own more
land than they can culllvato to sell
whst they bavo llttlo uao for tho ben
efit would bo threefold! Tbo man that
sold too land would bo benuflttod;
tho landleas man that purchased It
would bo benefitted ; and tho general
public would bo benefitted.
Wo aro coming to tho llmo when
our farmers will reallio tbo fact that
It Is possible to farm downwards as
well as laterally. They will And that
It Is not necessary to pay taxes on a
thousand acrca of land farmed Ihreo
Inchea deep when they can got tho
anmo rcaulta from flvo hundred acres
farmed six Inches deep. They will
also find that smaller farms mean a
better social condition of tbo peoplo.
Hairy Vateh.
Ono of tho best cover rropa known
uaur ,1-icn. ii nat, howovcr, been
llttlo used on account of tho high
prlco of tho seed, much of which had
to bo Imported from abroad. Thero
seems no satisfactory reason, however,
!, nu snniiiu not bo raised
on this side of tho water In sufficient
quantities to supply all demands. Tho
Ontario station Imported seed from
Germany, and, sown In tho fall. It
produced tho noxt year 8.C bushels of
seed. Seed produced from this crop
.... .u .,Uu uy siuo wun now seed
irom uermany and cava n im nt
M - I ... ... w
"""..vis nooro mat or tho German
aci-u. as ino pneo of seed Is flvo
dollars per bushel, this was a folrly
good return fori tho aero planted to
vetch. Of course tbo ,,r,.0 b
roduccd by a number of farmcragrow
ink mo seen, nut uicn then tho re
turns will bo bettor than
ui ino cereals.
ror sweet Homines tin ...i
should bo plowed shallow. Ti,.r
ahould bo a hard bottom under tho
ridges In which tho sweet potato tu-
vers gruw. mat mo tubers mn ..r.
short and stout.
Chssp Bled.
From now on till ulanllne ilnm in
tho spring farmers will bo purchasing
seeds for Ihelr various crops next
year. It Is a lamentablo fact tint n,
ordinary farmer does not purchaso
tho beat seed ho can obtain i,
chooses n low grudo seed at a low
price, it would bo falso economy to
uso poor teed even If It woro a gift.
Worso still Is It to tako chances on
old teed, that which was left over
from last year. Homo of this laics
Its germinating power very quickly.
It Is claimed that tbo amount of
Imperfectly cleuned seed on tho mar
ket la very great, and thla proportion
la very much greater than usual after
bad years. Not only Is the aueaiinn
of gcrmlnablllty at stako, but, what Is
wurao, iuu presence or weed aooda
tnut, onco sown, will coat the farmer
dearly In tho efforts bo must put forth
to get rid of them. It will pay tho
farmer to scrutlnlzo bla socd pur
chased very closely.
It Is doubtful If potatoes nin mtt
In the truo meaning of tho word. In
curtain localities they may deteriorate
In quality and 'productiveness owing
to tho carelessness In tho selecting of
toed and oven In tho cultivation of
tbo ground. It frequently occurs that
tbo humus In tho soli becomes ex
hausted and the variety for that rea
son does not do as well as formerly,
Tbo planter Jumps to the conclusion
that the, variety Is running ouL That
:i the easiest way to account for tho
poor results.
Irish potatoes vary considerably In
their analysis, as Is tho case with'
overy other plant. Thero Is an aver.'
ago, however, that may bo considered
to represent the' composition. It Is:
Water, $79.76 per cent; ash, 0.99 per
cent; nitrogen, '0.21 per cent;, phos
phoric acid, 0.07 per cent) potash. 0.29
por cent. Nitrogen- and potash pla
a largo part In the development of tha
Same Old Canine.
"Say, mamma," queried llttlo Itob
ert Itubberneck, "hato they got a dog
over at Deacon Swlggerton'af"
"Not that I know of, dear," replied
his mother, "flat why do you ask?"
Ilechtlae,' answered young Hobcrt,
"when 1 was over thero this evening
I beard Mrs. Bwlggerton tell tho cook
to chate tho growler at soon as tho
coast was clear, and everybody knows
that a dog Is a growler."
A Dust.
Tho celebrated soprano was In tha
middle of her solo when llttlo Johnny
ald to his mother, referring to tho
conductor of tho orchestra;
"Why does that man hit at ths
woman with his stick?"
"Ho Is not hitting at her," replied
his mother. "Keep quiet."
"Well, then, what Is sho hotlcrln'
for?" Answers.
Eschsnge of Coins.
"You say you got rid of that coun
terfeit quarter I gavo you, Sam?"
"I certainly did, boas."
"Hut don't you know It was wrong
to pass It?"
"I didn't 'racily pass It, bnsa; you
ee, I was passln' 'round do plato In
church las' Sunday, an' I list ex
changed It."
Utile Wllllo (to ecbuolmaatcr, wh'
haa been complaining for a week or
two of feeling very III) i'leaiu. air,
III you bacccpt of thla 'era little
wiratb wot I made all mcaetf to lay
iiHin your rruvo, please, when you
peg out? Jotter.
An Obliging. Youth.
"How did you loo your arm, young
mani askcn ino inqulsltlvo person,
'Oh," answered tho ono armed
youth, "tho loss was duo to my oblig
ing uispnsition."
"How's that?" queried tbo parly of
ino prelude.
"A girl onco atked roo to remove
It," explained ho of tho second psrt
Dodging the Issut,
Trelty Girl "Georgo promised to
give up tobacco1 In every form when
we becamo engaged laat wcok."
Her llrother "Did bo say anything
aunul giving up rabbago?"
I'relty Olrl "No. of courao noL"
Her llnitber "Then hoo got yoo
faded. I saw him smoking a three for
flvo stoglo todsy."
No Csuss for Alarm.
"According to tbo statement In this
paper," said tho cheerful Idiot, "there
Is no occasion tu worry about race
"What doea tho paper say?" quer
ied tno scanty-balrcl bachelor.
"It says that tho stork can fly 300
miles an hour, and keep It up for sir
Cause of ths Trouble.
Count Noacrount "I bear you and
your American brldo don't got along
well together. '
Dukn do Deadhroke "No; her de
position Is simply Intolerable"
Count Noaccount "Quarrelsome."
Duko du Deadbroko "No; It's bet
disposition to' handle all her ow
The Parson "Well, llrother Snoot-
er, how did you llko my sermon this
Snooior "It was a little too loog.
Tbo Parson "Indeed!"
Bnoozor "Yea; I alept five minutes
ovcrtlmo and awoko with a terrible
Plausible Theory,
Elsie "What Is your Idea as to the
-leaning of the term 'platonlo effeo-
Polly "It usually means that tho
young man In tho cato would rather
lit. by your fire than buy his own
The Usual Complaint.
Magistrate Will you support roar
wife or not?
Defendant Your honor, bow can II
flbe's Insupportable Half-Holiday,
Her Vocation,
lis "Yon say that sho la a business
woman, this friend ot your. Waat
business le aho .Intonate Uf"
We are the largest mine operators
la tho west and cordially Invito you
to write for protpectut and full partic
COMPANIKS. which have joined In
forming our INVICSTOnS' GUAItAN
Ti:i ASSOCIATION', with 15,000.009
capital, TO GUAItANTHK A 1.1. OV
Write for frco Information and be con
vinced. AItllUCKI.i:-(10Ol)K COMMISSION
32S Olive Street, St, I.oula, Mo.
Have Fragrance Alwsys.
Tho KngJIsh housewives, they of tho
flno completions and strong muscles,
make It a practlco to aland big pots
of potpourri In the halls, and each day
they stir them from tbo bottom. A
Japanese Jar which stood shoulder
high, ao high that it a long walking
etlck to stir It to tho bottom, stands
In tho hall qf $ liandsomo bouso cm
the Thames, nnd each day tho owner
sllrs It to lis depths and sends Its fra
grance through tho uouta.
rvery lnunv...tr suoutd know
that If they will buy Usance Cold
Water Starch for laundry use they
will aavo not on!) lime, because It
never slicks In Hie Iron, but becauso
each package contain 10 or, ono full
pound wbllo all o'her Cold Water
tilarchca aro put up in .pound pack
ages, and the price 'a the same, 10
centa. Then again lecamo Defiance
Starch It free from a I Injurious chem
icals. If lour grocer t'li-s to sell )ou a
12-or. package It la vrauio ho has
a stork on hand whbh he wlnbes to
dlspnaj of beforo be pits In llertanco.
Iln knows that llinaoro Hlareh haa
printed on rirry package In largo let
ters and figures "16 us," Demand
Defiance and save much time and
money and the annoyance of tbo Irusi
sticking. Defisrre never sticks.
Tho weather lo-day Is ns cold and
raw as an old maid's second love.
Tr.nM KennM' ratnrlfa rtemen'T.the
OrMlkuw,M4UN(iir, kmUimm, Wril.lw.
Tho moth always looks on
bright slda of tho flame.
Mra. Wlnatow'a fcmtlhlnc Hfrap.
ff rhlklrva IMlklaa. .ria ll-a nat, tmittt ta
SaouiMlkN,, an) Hla.r lira a la-t eglk. 2T uua
liso and whisky make men do queer
Til ri'lll! .4 I'ltl It IM 1.4-
Ttka L4lai. llrvMM VtalM rl,ll. A rirae
li. rvla-l lb. m mt II II Ullt ear. I w,
Unle' labalara U UM fr, 11,
Durlng courtship they arguo; allot
marriage they quarrel.
The Beginning of "Contraband."
During the wnr between Spain and
Holland thine iwcrs sctd with so
much rigor toward ships of every na.
Ilonnllty roinrrln goods to tho bel
ligerents that Kngland felt hound tn
protest, Tho rolatanre prntoked by
Iceland led to the first use of Ihu
t'-rm contraband of war when lint
treaty of Southampton wsv drawn up
between Ibis country and Spain In
1623. !.oudon Answers.
Occupied Outer Pulpit.
A curious pulpit was that mrd by
Waliop Hlrki-ritclh, who once c ecu
pled tho lantern-ipare of a lighthouse
In which In deliver a short address to
a small gathering of visitors and the
llrbthnuie men themselves. On an
other orcunlon the saintly bid msn
preached In tho uprraMug theater of
a horpltal tu a congregation of pa
tlenta. King Solomon's Oold.
Tho evidences that llhudrala was
tbo country from which King Solo
mon's rnld wss obtained are said to
bo accumulating. The builders of tint
ranru ancient l-irllim of the mnsslvo
and extensive ruins recently explored
at Great Zimbabwe aro belleted to
havo lived about 10J II. C, ami tn
bavo belonged to a raco who wero
tbo gold urv)ors uf the uurlJ.
Music Halls the Fad.
Paris, like lindon. Is doierllnc the
theaters for tbo music halls. The the
aters aro.ton expensive. Ihu runs of
plays too long, the "stnr" si stem
tends to make tbo program a onn-per-
inn onair, ami, in nrlcr, tbo theaters
bore tho peoplo tho music halls
atuuio them.
Esplotlvct In Cabbage,
In these daya of chemical manures,
we often consume a lot of explosive
when we rat a cabbage. Ground, Ino
pnturo of which riqulrea it tn be fer
tilised 'with nitrate of potash, yields
some of this up to tho plant In tha
course of growth, ond so It reaches
tho Interior of tho body.
Clothes Wsshed Without 8op.
Clcthes wsshlng by electricity, with
out soap, Is the Idea of a Hungarian.
Tho stream uf electrified water It
claimed to remove all spots and dlrL
and the three hundred garments held
by the machlno aro washed In test
than fifteen mlnutra.
They Nssd a 2S-Hour Day.
It you bavo ever lived In the coun
try, you know why It Is, that thero
has never yet been a labor union of
farmers, loudly demanding an eight
hour day. Somen lllq Journal.
Cure for Contagious Diseases.
A now tribe waa recently discovered
In India In which contagions diseases-
aro coronated by kllllug those who aro
cttlalset the premises. ,
otato. . , ...... ' i,. , ,,,
UMM4, j, ,U,

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