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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, December 16, 1904, Image 8

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Friday, December 10, 1W4.
With Every Purchase of 3.00 or Over,
For One
Whole Week
Monday, Dec 19, to Saturday, Dec 26,
.11.1 .w.l tj, fjtlinildcinitjILroofoUr Thanksl'Mlllf Slllo Itiul WO nOW gIVU VOU tlWOppor.
Illllit.C fur
SALES IN THM IIlKTOItV OF THIS STOllKt The biggest success -the most phenomenal imi-.imu.ss uio greatest
Ing you have ever made.
OF THM CLOTHING HUSINKSS. The puldie is widiMtwnke to the attruellve Tacts of our selling the best known makes
(such as are sold on their merits) at lower prices than inferior clothing is offered for.
This Store is the Center of the Clothing Business!
Ask any mini you meet wliero the best Clothing Values in Murshull are sold anil lie will tell you at the MUKPHY
MILLS STOUM. Tills has been brought itliout only as the Innlcul result of our business policies in hnmllhur AHSOLUTMLY
Commanding Suit and Overcoat Values.
High-grade makes, such as Alfred neiij.imln, Hurt. SelmlTner & Marx and It. Kiippenhcliner & Co. II I tailored 4S. .'( nn.l .''
Ineh long HumUomu Overcoats In Plain Hluelc and Oxford Kerseys. Fnney Cheviots and Worsteds. Garments thai must command your
trade, because they are perfectly tailored, posltlvelv latest styled and fabrics equal to those other stores ask you it great ileal in fur -
S8.50, S10.00, S12.50, $15.00 in $18.50.
U Mm
Special Values Hen's Overcoats.
In llhmiind Itlack, Heavers and Kerseys,
Oxfords and Mixtures, In medium lengths,
more conservative shapes, good substan
tial coats
S6.00 S7.50 S8.50 S10.00
Important Site ol Hen's f.ne Suits
High-grade makes, hand tailored. Suits
for men and young men. Suits of known
quality, made of correct cloths, Imported
and home weaves, ultogcthvr the hand
somest, clothes von have ever been shown
S10 S12.50 $15 S18.50
Younf Men's Splendid Suits.
14 to 1!) years. A great variety of neat,
durable patterns, well made, jierleet. tit
ling, in plain and fancy patterns, single
anil double breasted, stylish and durable,
and we guarantee to save you money on
anv suit in the lot
55.00. 6.50. 7.50. 8.50 M 10.00
Remember, with each purchase of $3.00 or over you get a draw for Turkey and Oysters.
Here is thu way we do h: Wo will lake 100 small cards and write on 10 of them "Turkey" and the other 1HI "Oysters;" put them
Into small envelopes, throw them Into u box and with every purchase, of S'MV.I or mure you wilt ho entitled to draw one of the envelopes.
It will bo opened and If the card has turkey written on it you get a nice turkey, alivu or dressed; if oysters, yon get one can or quart of
fresh oysters. The card yon draw will be put lnloa new envelope and dropped back Into the Imix, so there will ulways he 101) envelope
In the box to draw from. NO BLANKS so vou are sure to get turkeys or oysters and uvorybo.ly will have nil equal show for turkey.
There Is no limit to the turkeys and oysters.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and expecting to see you at our store several times between
now and Christmas, we remain
Yours very respectfully,
Murphy-Mills Clothing Company.
Everett Kempp
occupied the platform ut the
First M. M. Church Friday
night in the third lecture of
the Y. M. O. A. entertain
ment course. He was greet
ed by a full house and ap
preciative audience. lie said
that it was his mission to en
tertain and also Instruct a
llttlu-very little. He did
both exceedingly well. Al
though ids humorous stories
were not all direct from the
factory, they were all well
selected, splendidly given and
highly appreciated judging
from thu way many "bursted
out laughing in meeting
He told of a prisoner who
appeal ed before a judge and
when asked what hu was
charged with, the prisoner
n tryincr to ronly made a
to hear him. Hie next are still very important com
number on the course will! inerclal factor in Saline, as
occur lu .lauiiarv anil H oviucucco
future entertainment uio to
he judged by those past, we
predict that standing loom
will soon he in demand.
by the fuct that
the Marshall Produce Co.
from Wednesday to Saturday
of last week purchasied
1,000 pounds of them, pay
ing the large sum of isl,'."J0.
Tliis does not Include the
enormous stiles of chickens
und ducks. For these three
..,....!.! 1 .1... V I I. ..II II....
I:mi.ii,i,-i mi' ...ill muni 1 i.
iluce Co. paid out in cash
A Sure Thing
Fred" You've got a family
and need a turkey for Christ
mas; I've got a turkey und
need a dollar.
Kusscll "Alright. Iiere's Salurdav S"J700!
your dollar; when will you
send my turkeyV
Fred 'Next Monday. You
hco 1'vo got 2; yours makes
$.'1; M inday I'll get. inyseir a
pair of those line shoes ut
Murphy-Mills' and then I'll
I send you the turkey that I'm
almost sure to draw."
Hussell "Say, that's pretty
hissing noise until' Uio judge tlilu; .viuMI make us miss our
... . . . fl...ul...M.l lllll....
lost patleneo ami ilireeteii nis ,
1 icti it 1 ti mire
thing; if I should happen to
fall, you could get plenty more
chances by buying that suit
or overcoat yon need. TIiomi
oysters arc great, I tell you!"
Hussell to himself "Ain't
lie cute inougu; nut vuai s an
rljiht, it's worth u dollar to
know uhoiit the drawing."
questioiis to the ofllcer liav
ingliim iuohargc. The reply
was that "the prisoner seems
charged with soda!" and so
we think Mr. Kempp was
churired with humor, while
his audience was in sympathy
with 1 in in Unit they were
charged or admission.
Those who heard Mr.
Kempp went away feeling
mentally refreshed and feel
ing kindly towards the Y. M.
C. A. which made it possible
Bin Turkey Purchase
One would not expect a big
sale of turkeys just at this
season of the year, but they
Soil Composition of Saline.
M. M. Cnrr und II. L
own use. II. will leoiiiro
uhoiit a year till thev lire
The gentlemen informed us
1 1 tut the best soil they found
in Saline was around Malta
I lend, which they considered
rciuui'Kanic, ami .uiil nicy
lounti none auywtiere to sur
pass ii.
Saline county's laud is com
posed mainly of what thev
call Marshall Silt Imin fanni
ed thus hy the Department
ufler Marshall, Iowa, where
they llrst round il). The soil
May Chango Control of Missouri
CHICAGO. ILL.. December
8. Advices to Chicauo ban
kers uud railroad ollleials, as
well us local brokerage
houses, todav, hrouirht the
.....kit..i fl.t.t f. ..li.iii.si. ..r ....... I
trol is about to become ellVc
live ill the Missouri Pacific
railway. The .same Inteiests
credited with buying large
blocks of Atchison stock
through K11I111, L'sdi & Co.
are now reported to have
made similar purchase of
around Sweet Springs, while Missouri Pacific
Hcldcn,of Washington, I). (.'., 'of mi entirely different natuie! lar impression i
representing the liurciui of
Soils of the Department of
Agriculture, who have been
working in Saliuu county
since Oct. 1st, have complet
ed their labor hero and this
week left for Texas. Their
work Is to make a map of the
soil composition, depth, etc.
Their tusk being completed,
the information gathered will
hu used hy the gnvcrmcnt' in
issuiugii map of the soil' of
tills eouniy. Hy mi net of
Congress, -jikk) or these are
to lie printed the county re
prcsenlivo will receive L'000
for distribution, thu stale
senators 500 each and the
other 1000 will be distributed
between agricultural colleges
und for the department's
is consioereo very lerine. IMiycr are
Another fumiliar soil name. Standard oil
of which Saline lias a good
deal is called Miami soil, hut
we forgot to ask where it was
most found,
Another Snake Story
ThcSchalia Capital had its
customary snake story last
week, .lohn Williams, ol Cross
Timbers, near there putu log
in the llreplaeet In; other even
ing mid then went to reading.
Soon fuit something crawling
up his trousers leg. Imagine
his surprise and uctivity
when he found It to he a big
hlucksiuikc. 11.. killed it and
found two other smikes in the
log burnt lo a crisp.
Head I lie advertisements.
The popu.
that the
the llarrimaii
group of tl 1 1: 1 1 -
eiers, whoure working toward
a greater eoiumuiiit v-of-iuler-
est plan in the Wesl and
Northwesl, und now appar
ently in the Southwestern
railroad count rv.
It Is also announced that, in
the future the lluanclal oper
minim of the Missouri Paeilk
properly will he negotiated
and conducted by Hit hoiist
or Kiiliu, Loeb it Co. The
Missouri Pacille proper! v is
controlled hy the Goulds, and
thu enlrunce of Oie Ktihn,
iocdy i,o. inierest. is mi im
portaut step, inasmuch as it
Indicates a hkelyhood of
greater harmony between the
tioulil people und the interests.
re r isented bv Ktihn, Loeb &
Co. which includes the Penn
sylvania railroad group ol
lluanciers with whom the
Goulds have been ut war for
the past three or four years.
i'lii) participation of the
Goulds, with their Missouri
Pacific, Wuhash, Western
Maryland, Texas and Paeitlc.
Uio Grande. Cotton Hell ami
other properties, in the gen
eral coininunll v-of-luterest
plan, is likely to prove one o
the most important steps of
thu year in the railroad and
lluancial world.
Dramatic Entertainment
Oa December lllili, the
young ladiesSt. Saviors Acad
emy, will given dramatic and
musical entertainment.
An admission ticket will en
title the holder to chance on
a handsome burnt leal her pil
low. On thu I wo following nights
L'Olh and Jlsi. a Hazaai will
hu held in same hall.
Low Rates to St, Louis.
Tl. Mil, I'm. Hy, will ,. roun.l
trip licked, tu St. .ii., M.,. ((lr (l.Uii
ililljr durluic Ootninr .ad ,No, ttct
J. t.". Ferrell A ;nv

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