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Thursday, July 29, 1911.
Local Items
P 11. Franklin returned Satur
day from a fine Western trip.
The Cretcher Woodmen will liavc
ihnr Annual picnic on Saturday,
Jniy 20th, all welcome.
C. 13. Goodwin returned from a
nice trip to Southaven, Michigan
Mrs. Webster M. White is hack
Trim a visit to her sister in Cellar
JlstpUs, Iowa.
Itlchnrd Piper and family of Mua
hiWre, Okla., aro guests of Mar-nha-lt
.W. M. Wililto lias added a num
ber of handsome now cases to his
ntnrc equipment this week.
V. II. Qodman and P. L. Grimes
arc visiting C. T. Grimes and fam
ily of near Slater this week.
Mrs. Ilaydcn Colvcrt drew
Kcnuino cut gloss water set
WhJWs yesterday afternoon.
Prank Pannell and wife were
here from Iloustonla Tuesday
Marshall now has a fourth feed
yard, wfrich has Just baen C3tnb
llnhtsd by Chas. Drown on the
Brandcckcr lot on West Arrow.
Sin. K. McK. Meyers and daugh
ter. Miss Floy, left for Denver on
Monday for n visit to the former's
itbricr, Mrs. Frank Hooper.
Wlloy Salycr, of Odessa, nnd Miss
Kyra Schlcbcr, of Lexington, were
married by Justice Fcrrll Monday
Maay sections of the county have
hail showers which have done some
Kood and lent hope for more to
Mrs. C. W. Jones and children
ol Shackelford ond Mrs. W. II.
Godmau and family were visitors
of Mrs. L. M. French of Nnpton
from Friday until Sunday.
Deputy 8. P. Keeth arrested Clar
ceai Stephenson at Malta Den'd on
m. charge of seduction. Ills trial
Taeaday was continued to the 21(11,
Satire Fcrrll will i!it on tho case.
Oilico, f5 per yard nt .7.
A . ' W li i 1 1 ",M t . Lc o n n r d ,M o.
Mia bos Florian Yerby, Minnie
Htrroll and Marcla Francisco, and
Jfesrs. II. C. Francisco, Joshua
Basrbco and M. Leonard left Tues
day evening for a Tennessee river
Mrs. S. A. Grimes who has been
viaillng her daughter, Mrs. L. M.
French, of Napton for tho last
saoxtth returned homo Sunday even
Sag amd la now at tho homo of her
ag-hter, Mrs. W. II. Qodman.
Rev. M. Denny, coL, was here
feaai Malta Bond yesterday and
aid ftw united In marriago on July
Henry llama and AnnaFlor
two respected young folks
of hi vicinity.
W. T. Blakely camo In from Park
City, Montana, Friday, and will
viait at Arrow Rock a few weeks.
Ma says everything is prosperous
la his section.
Dr. J. S. Richardson, represent
lag h Central States Life Insur
ance Co., has located here, coming
from Pottadam, Mo, TJioy have
five interesting boys who prom
ise to swell tho attendance at tlia
Christian Sunday School. 'We are
pleased to welcome tlhcm,
.Levi Smith, a prominent farmer
ol Nolson, was hero Saturday and
isttde us a pleasant calL ,Uo 'said
fee would go to Excelsior Springs
1ta week for an extended stay
tor hls health. Mr. Smith oxpectB
iwp'n to rotlro from active work
aad to enjoy tho fruits of his la
honj in a well deserved rest.
More Than' Satisfied !
We are more than satisfi
ed with the results of our
It goes to show that the people of Saline county know
the bargains when they see them. Thousands of bar
gains are being carried away. Bigger and better bar
gains this week. Don't miss this opportunity to let us
help your pocket-book.
Hansberger & Arnold Co., Marshall, Mo.
Mrs. Gcorfjo Meyers of Slater,
was a truest Wednesday ol Mrs.
A. B. Cort.
Ray Logan and wife of Kansas
Mrs. F. Coleman has returned
home from a visit to her father,
Wm. Kiser of Blossor who is
quite sick.
Johnny Jones of Marshall was
I ft 11 0 TO tlffllirJIl ihnd Kvo rtKit up to j
JlfllraY 111 nllMrly n,ld "hacked lilm good and hard
City and Mrs. Bertha Casey of a visitor hero Tuesday.
Marshall were quests of relatives
hero Friday.
Dr. Tuttlo was a Marshall visi
tor Wednesday.
Mrs. walch of Slater was
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Combs
spent Sunday in Kansas City.
' Austin Jonc3 who is represent
Jnp; tho Buick Auto company was
'doinp; business in Slater and
tCuestofMissMinnioHockensmith,Arrow Rock Thursday anl Fri
Wednesday. aW-
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Spencer Wm. Flynn has accepted a pesi
had tho pleasuro or entertaining tlon in Ul storo of Doo,in & Co
a houso party of their irrand Mr. Krumsick and family and
children which was much enjoyed Misses Frances and Agnes Tliomp
by all, Those present wore Miss son attended, church at Salt
Harriot and Hester Sponcor, of Springs Sunday.
Kansas City, tho littlo Misses A car containing tho household
Alexander of Marshall and tho goods of John Hall of Slater was
young son of H. C. Spencer, of unloaded at this place Tuesday.
Kansas City. H. C. and W. H. Mr. Hall expects to open a storo
Sr-oncer camo down from Kansas at Cretcher in tho now M. W. A.
City and broko up tho party by building.
taking tho children homo. i Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Prior of
Grand mother Dowden return- Marshall were visitors at tho
ed homo from Kansas City Thurs- homo of Miss Mary King rriday.,j
day night where sho has been1
visiting relatives. I
Children Ory
Among Our Friends.
The following renewed or are
mw subscribers this week, New
asabacribeM marked by a star.
F. W, Pianneil, Houstonia.
J. Wi Larson, Bakeratleid, Cal.
Waiter Pile, Blue Lick.
'Mx. R, Irvine, Moberly.
"Mass Joe Scott, Cheney, Wash.
' 'JJriat Windmeyer, New .Haven.
?X L, Itogws, Grand PaM.
joaa HoJlaway. U. S. Navy.
W. T. Watoeiey, Park OJty, Moat.
a)Uu.,.Y Skul.'T.a.TiiU,
II' "
rLmvi Stnitni, BxeakVw SpiincB
" w m tow 'i a 1 4
W. H. Wilson and wife were
Marshall visitors Thursday.
Mrs. Rilla Neidick and daugh
ter Emma Taylor of Oklahoma
City, Okla. are visiting friends
hero this week.
F. M. Smithorman and family of
Moxico, Mo., aro visiting Mrs. M.
S. Gentry tho first of tho week.
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Deal an-
Jto iXafcat. aai-CbiUrk
TM KM Yh Hiti Always lucM
Sean, the
Signature of
Official Schedule
Jefferson City, July IB. The re
vised official itinerary nnd schedu
nounco the birth Of a son, Sunday ies of the official Missouri "road
July 16, 1011. , finders" wSo will loavo Kansas
Ulty lanu i. IvOuih on tno morning
cuAPirci rnon of July 21' t9 lnsPct tho thrce
onrCLirUKLI routes under consideration for the
M?Q Hnlnn Prinn nf Mnralinnll CHOSS fitato highway Were COmplet-
. . ., .... TT.1I.. I
spent Friday and Saturday at this -
piaco mo guusi oi v,eai anu ju- tls W. Hill. Slops, except for meals
iso Cooper. and tlio night will not bo over five
Mrs. James Weaver and herl! IZ'TJXl
daughter, tthel, roturnod homo dlvl8lon nd commissioner mil thu
luosday altor several days visit Kansas City division.
with her daucrhter in Slater. I The Kansas City division will
M500 Clvnn nf K-oncc nu JD loave the Midland building at 8 a
'44W MJtf U aVMH UlJl l T 1 Oi . . i
the guest of her gi-and parents, n l w,f, h t indoin.ioneo ato.40
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew King. J KOinif thence to Buckner, Levasey
Miss Catherine Larue, of Mar. and Lexington, where dinner will
shall, was the guest of Miss Ag. J18' r"co .to, ,u?uw
. ri,rtmM, c, ana cno oiai u-onieueraio nomvj
nes Thompson Sunday. nlBpWmrn. minPwniford and
Father Jenning, recently of this Marshall, where the night will be
nlace. but now of Slater, came un spent. Marshall will bo loft at
Tuesday to . visit Father Griffut -4n' S?Vhf"c!-,!l
and Andy Judge aad family. - rr Cd3'Tan"
Mrs: Ruth Duncan and daugh- City party will Join the St. Louis.
ton Mrs. Myers of Kansas City, division.
are vuwung irieatw nere.
Tho Immortal Q. Hope Talks to
tho Fair Sox.
He Biglnt With ths Carcftn of Eden
and Trae Evtntt Down to Datt,
Evin Coming to th Dtftnta of Lu-
I crotla Corgi and Htr lit of Polton.
y M. QUAD.
(CopyrlRht. 1911. by AocUted Literary
renuirl.-s Ihls evmhiK will be
nriil remtl directly (o the Indies.
I nrrlvcil here Iwn thiin nn
hour'nKO In jio mud n nil rnlu to krep
(IiIh niK)iitniunt, but I nm full of mi
UiuHlnmii. My uuuluiice uuiulivni only
snvoutccn. countlnt; two ih'iif men, ami
tho receipts im mily $1.10, but Q. Hoie
cannot l;e iiiviu lied.
I nm hero tonight on lu'linlf of the
downtroriilon xox, a m'x tlutt litis l evu
kept In biinilnps for th'iiHiimls of yin
anil luiHii't quite thrown off thu yoke
Turn bncli with me to the Knt'ricu of
Eden nnd llnd Kv. Hlu iuue there
lu liunillliitlon. She wuh it. nteil frrin
Mis,. Margie Haas of Slate.llriVlMltw's
aaaat Sudv witk Mark Coownr '-i' i'Wr wr.'m ii,fc
I t 11...
aav iauy,, -
.;:jaa. Uti wknt to the Plain. , on
' B TtptHKI'VQL(iS
ono of Adam's ribs, and It was a rib
ho could snare and not feel it. Tho
Intention from the very start was to
mako him tho bis "It" and her the small
ono. Was it any wonder that sho went
around In hmnblo nttltudo and wus ex
pectod to look up to old Adam as a tin
And ho bossed her. lie ran tho ear
den. IIo was high cock-a-doodle-doo
around, there, lio wanted this done
and that done, and ho was going to
rclso a row If It wasn't, and within a
month bo had that little woman as
scared as a rabbit. with two dogs after
lm. Hoaxed and nagged and lorded
W.iAeani did. and' set nn example that
,-other men hnve, folfowcd to this day.
Woman FolliWad Examala.
K The second woman on earth saw how
fho first one bad to knuckle down, and
sbe followed suit; Probably Mrs; Adum
tokl her that she must do It or have
a i -taiae jtaiMg. aaa wero you got me Key
Si Wlb slavery of the sex. Thty bo wed
thalr idA to tk boaaca n4 broHglM.
WhatwMld'.bat' kMa nhA
va ai. aaa v sutfo uv v wi hi
uw 1b the hou all tb time, p
.nkiM-aad foartb'WWSMSswe' toM'
a club? I know, and you know. Sho
would huvo called his bluff, and he
I would have coino off tho perch. 11 luff-
ing was Adam s trump cum, and most
every husband hits followed lu his
In tho old days thcro were men, cat
tle, sheep nnd women. They were ap
preciated In the order named. If a
cow belougltiK to one of the big "Its"
got choked to death on n turnip It was
a loss of 80 cents. If ono of his wives
died of sickness he gave bcr a fifteen
cent funeral nnd went out and drovo
In two to replace her.
King Had Long Head.
Tho women weren't saying a word
as yet, but thcro wits n certain king
who got scared for fear they would
and Issued nn edict that all femalo In
fants should bo put to death. IIo was
n long headed old chap. IIo foresaw
what would begin to happen aloug tho
last of tho nineteenth century-
Tho aim nnd object of the "It" for
thousands of years was to keep wom
an down. Sho wasn't supKscd to
know enough to tako n turu around
tho wood pile on a dark night. If sho
showed any gumption hIio was beaten
and driven to tho fields to lion beans.
Evory "It" bad from 10 to 100 wives.
They were cheaper than sheep, and
they were humbler than cats. Let ono
of them open her mouth In the prcs
enco of tho "boss" and thcro was a
mysterious dlxappearanro next day.
Sho was too fresh too gabby. If al
lowed to go on sho would soon bo
talking about her "rights."
Oh, yes, I will admit there were n
few exceptions. Wo find hero and
there a woman who rose and got to
ho somebody, some of them to bo
queens. What wns the reason of It?
Because they got to know how to use
poisons, and the basse beennte afruld
of them. When the head of the shan
ty has reason to fear that he will get
something worso than bilious colic If
ho steps on his wife he's going to shy
Justified In Uilng Potion.
T.ttcretla Doivln lt:iy been hold up to
execration boi-attsx slii wnutpil her
rights and got them by way of the
poison route, Sho Iimh Invn defamed.
That was her only nvapwi in tlnwe
days, (tut) hIh felt Jiistlil. il In unlug It.
At any rate, after she hud disposed
of some tlfteeu "Its" the ciiukc of wo
man's rights begun to look up. nnd It
was coni't'ritMl that woiuau might have
an ounce or two of bruins,
Rome let a few women pop to the
surface, but held millions dowu.
Qrvet-o win u little more liberal, but
wanted to boos tho fashion of dress.
The bosses hadn't let go when the pil
grim futhera landed. The value or a
wife had raised from !!0 cents to 1.
but she must he very humble nuri not
express her oplulon on the weather.
Tho first thing those fathers did was
to thank God for their safe arrival,
tho next sixty-six laws applying to wo
men ouly. Today, even In the pro
gressive state of Now York, there are
twenty-eight lawn to humiliate woman
and make her understand thut she has
not equal rights with uau.
iB "If Loe.e His Bluff.
A new day has dawned, .howoxer.
The big "It" has lost moat of, his bluff.
n Is Beelng tho handwriting on the
wall. Ho Is hedging. He flndtt It hard
to let go of a good thing that has been
mailing right' along for thousand of
years, but he is comlag to It. II
.kaowB b. nust give the ballot Ja .taa
etair ser. t&t' ha waata tiaM t Mtat
It lias been skiw In coining. mt It i:
here. Woman Is being recognized a
a fellow crrntnre. W nre elNcorcrlnir.
that she tins n share of the brains.
The time has come when m!ic must be
consulted In nil things, from the selling
of the family d6g to the election of a
I sec tlie fat man on the front seat
hitching nround uneasily, I.ct him not
bo afraid. I don't mean that when ho
gets home tonight he will bo met with
n crack on the coconnut from n broom
stick, but I do mean thnt his days of
bluff are over. He has pot to consider
his wife n'pnrtncr Instead of n dmdgo
nnd n slave,
Advleo For Votnn.
I don't menu that any of you wives
should start for the nearest drtnr storo
tomorrow to buy arsenic to mix with
ten or coffee, but that you should calm
ly assert yourselves, ltd for you to
mix In.
Man Is going to keep t lit? ballot from
you Just as long ns ho ran, becntise
the day when you go to the polls Is
the end of many things for him. Hut
keep talking, keep pttlilng, keep but
ting In. Don't let the pancakes grow
If this world had been created for
the hole benefit of man Ere would not
hnve come along ns Adam's side part
ner. She did come, nnd she I entitled
to certain rights nnt. benefit. Man
has played the hog too long. He must
be made to rilvli' up. It won't do him
any hurt to take n back sent for nwhllo
and let you wom'ti run tho show. In
deed, ho may gel some pointers to ben
efit him.
Ladles nnd gentlemen, this concludes
the performance this evening. I am
billed for Cabbage Hill tomorrow night
nnd mint be on my roiid. I wish I had
some moving pictures to qhow you how
woman has moved from the foot to
thu head, hut you know nil about It
Lnvo and honor your husband, but
when It comes to the obeying part seo
that ho does his half or ilNsolvo tho
H Had Hopet.
Owen Wist or. In addition to being nn
author, has acquired some celebrity as
a wit Ho was being shaved In n 8t
Louis hotel while returning from a
trip to tho west some tlmo ago, and
tho barber who was attending to his
needs apparently had been out tho
night before. His hand was very
shaky, and several times tho author
"Will you hare anything on your
faco when I get through?" the barber
Inquired when the ordeal was almost
"I can't tell yet." mumbled WIster,
"but I hope to have part of my none."
-Philadelphia Times.
Held Tight. ?
j In reaping tho rewards of mar- C
ricd llfo the average man finds x
that matrimony Is mora of a
binder than a rcatver. New York
v Times.
Quit the Reverse.
"Did your father ever ruUo bU hand
to you, Illllyr asked Tommy.
"Hundreds of times," said Hilly. "But
It wasn't that that bothered me.
Wbero I got stung was when b
brought It down." Harper's Weekly.
way yoqr husaanOo.'? Dfera bmh oc
aVwMB laveat It?' Why shaitlaa
nusband What on earth are yo
collecting all thoso old pacrs for?
Wife I'm going to send Thomas out
to give them to the poor. They'll be
so nice to light their furnace fires with.
The Campaign Portrait.
I eaw a picture ot man
With lotty brow and saintly eye
That eepinnt this world ot ours to scan
In qumt or omo fair parmllae
Where all wont J hl the wtadom deep
Ills lli. Juat parted, sremrd to fram.
Yet vlslUnce that knew not aleep
Into hlaruit exprmilon came.
A hi- In wliate'er may come,
Thoush vuilnit dnHrat bo the iramaw
Willi rouraRH nt for martyrdom
And cnutlon to uvoM that earns!
In raiclnatlon still 1 tra;t-.
For It depicts man's perfect state
Whose vot nttnltrncnis nuit nmnie
The portrait ot a tarvJIiWle,
Washington Star.
Wint and (or Sale (olurai
want to move to town and edu
cate your children? New six-room
residence with two acres of land
adjoining, within one block of
Central Wesloyan College, War
renton, Ma, ona of tho best col
leges In Missouri, wiUl bo Bold to
settle estate at $1039 or a littlo
leas If Bold by Sept. 1st. Apply to
J. J. Witt, Marshall, or Mrs. Mary
Hellert, 'Warrenton, Mo.
A treasure cheat, full of him
dneda of dollars In 'hard cash 1 The
trail to It, any wlde-awako boy
can follow. Don't worry any long
r where to got real money or
whatever article you want. Come
to tmo and. get it. Parents Investi
gate! for this self-same road has
lad many a boy to a bank account.
Coma with your boy if you choose.
Come early.
341 E. Yerby St.
Marshall, Mo.
STRAYKD Ona bay mare mute
ffiur yaara old. about slxteca hands
kifckv braad4so latt ovdder aad .
up a good excuat. Li - .( k.i.
$ There K aa oil saw; . "Wires, h?- ,TTt iiL
41 i
Wm aaarffalt; SjMriir ,wMa iat(
aaaa, Iafmati wlU ; award -
dVr' g.;',T.Wtta ?.af(MMat 1
k .. ST 1 . -J " " . 1 It ' J A'

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