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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, December 07, 1911, Image 7

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orr ron the cstoit likks.
M AUK'S flret ImpulKo nfter Fltz
IURh's depurturu was to
leave tho bouse nt once, tie
tried to suy something to
Laura to sootbo bcr. to excuse hl(
own unortunato part lu ber brcaUIni:
with htr lover. He could only ro tu
bcr and taking bcr band kliwcd It
without a word. Then be told bcr
that be should take the rink or cap
ture nnd depart Instantly.
11 o wns dlK-ournlug upon the method
of hla departure In quick, excited
tones, when a horseman entered tli
yard, and riding up to the vcrnndii
drew a letter from his belt nnd Hand
ed It to n negro who went out to re
celvo It. It wan for Mr. Fain; - It
had been sent tliroupb the lines froui
Nashville, where tier butband wna
lying dangerously III, and begged ber
to come to him.
After Its perusal Mrs. Fain deter
mined to set out the next day. taking
with her her daughter and the rnuld
Alice. Daniel would drive them.
"You shall go with us." said Laura
to Mark. 'JThls Is fortunate. In our
company you will tie far safer than
trying to make your way alone."
It occurred to Mark' that since be
was being bunted as n half starved
creature In the dlsgulso of a negro girl
ho would le less liable to suspicion us
a well drcod man traveling with a
party of southern ladles than lu any
other diameter. At nuy rate ho took
this view of It, nnd when Mrs. Fatu
announced bcr Intention to go he of
fcred to escort the party to tho Union
Tho offer was accepted, nnd prepara
tions wore made to leave the next
morning. Mrs. Fnln wroto a nolo to
tho officer In command nt Chattanooga
(to send with the letter she bad re
ceived from her husband for his pe
rusal) asking for a pass for herself,
tier duugher and two servants. Mark
took tho missives nud went out to And
Daniel, who had just returned from
"Well. Danlotr
"1 be'n dar."
"What did you Icarnr
"J beam cverr ono talkcn 'bout so
Jers goen to 'do norf, nnd dcy sayd
dey was goon to Knoxvllle. Dey was
ma re hen 'n marcben all de same way.
I follercd 'n dey brung up nt de depot,
'n I sor ono train uftcr nnudder go out
full o Bojora Inside and baugon on to
do plotfo'm and on do roofs."
"How many trains did you sec go
"Dout forty hundred."
"Daniel," said Mark, smiling at the
figures, "you're nmnrc ns a whip. Out
you'll bavo to go right back to Chat
tanooga, nnd tnko this noto to tho com
manding officer with this letter from
your sick master to show blm. Tho
note Is a request for a pass for the
party to the Union lines. Keep your
wits" about you, and if be Is an easy,
going sort of a man. you might try to
get blm to put In three servant in
stead of two. At any rate try to ring
me in It you can. Do you under
"Reckon I do, sab."
"Can you rend?"
"A ieetle. Missis Laura leaned me,"
"Well, read tho pass he Buy give
jm and ask blm to fix It so that it
will include me as a servant. Bat yon
most use your Judgment."
Danlol drove again to Chattanooga.
Mark watted anxiously for hla return.
Indeed so Impatient waa be tnat be
thought tbo negro bad been gone twice
as long aa he had when he saw blm.
drive into tho yard. Do at once went
out to tbo barn to meet htm.
"Any luckr bo asked anxiously.
"I got do pasa for misses and do res',
but I didn't get what yo' wanted. I
got a paper hyar. Mcbbo It'll do."
Mark took tbo paper. It was a pass
(or Thomas Qreeu and wife from
Cbattanooga to tbe Union lines.
"How did you get this?" asked Mark,
"I bab to wal wbllo folks waa get
ten passes. Do otQccr go out to do
udder room fur a moment. DIs was
layen on do desk, 'n 1 tuk bit up and
brung bit away."
"Well." said Mnrk, "It's not exactly
what I want, but ingenuity will have
to help mo through. You're a trump,
In tbe morning wben all was ready
for tbe departure two vehicles were
brought around to tbo door, tbe ono, a
two horse carriago, tbo other Laura's
phaeton, drawn by her pony. Mrs,
Fain entered the former with Alice,
Daniel being In tho driver's soak Lau
ra and Mark got Into (be phaeton.-
AU went well durlug tbo first ten or
twelve miles, wben Mark received a
tfteci' of, Information which seriously
(interfered with his. plan; Meeting a
coarfer H4iug toward Chattanooga,
wbo looked as It be night' be tbe bear
er ot some Important news, .Mark
batted htm aud aslted if he1 had, any
think from tbe front.
W U.1. -mMA 'hot.:tf thU aUKitau
and It would bo better to take an
other. They were not far from the
road leading from tbo Chattanooga
pike north to Anderson, on which tho
Blacks lived. Mark concluded to tako
this road as far as Andcrspn, and then
strike west with n view to reaching
McMlnnville on tbe other side of tbo
mountains. Mrs. Fain left all to Pro
fessor Ithett, In whom sbo had perfect
confidence, nnd on coming to tbo road
in question Mark led tbe party north
ward. Tho change of routo was unfortu
nate, inasmuch as It would add an
other day to the journey. Tbo depar
ture from tbo Fnln residence had been
delayed by tbo preparations till nearly
noon. McMuinvlllo was a considerable
dlstanco over tbe mountains, nnd
Mark knew they cotild not reach It
tbat night. Lie remembered that they
would soon pass the Slacks', and It
occurred to blm that It would bo a
capital place to pass the night, giving
tbcm n good day of twelve hours light
on tbo morrow to pursue their Jour
ney. Ills disappointment nt tbo delay
was compensated for by tho thought
that bo would likely team something
of Sourl and Jakcy. ot whom ho bad
heard nothing 'alnco he left tbcm in
tho Cbattanooga Jail.
At last they drove up nt tho Slacks'
nte. Mark handed tho reins to La urn
nnd Jumped from the phaeton Impa
tiently. Not seeing nny ono In tho
front of the houso he proceeded to tho
rear. The first person he met was
Jakoy. lie took tho boy up nnd bug
ged him.
"Arc you glad to sco your big broth
er, Jakey?"
"Air th' corn rlpo?"
Sourl camo out of tho house, bcr big
eyes glistening nnd bcr expressive
face radiant with pleasure and excite
mont. Sbo hnd beard nothing of Mnrk
slnco ho left her In prison. Murk
seized her by both hands.
"You una nlr safe. I knowed It,"
sho said, almost In n whisper. Sbo
could hardly speak for Joy.
"For tho. present. Sourl. thanks to
Mark nsked no questions then. Ho
knew that they wcro safo nnd at
home, nnd bo hastened to inform tbcm
nnd tbo father and mother who enmo
ont to wclcomo blm that be was with
a party who was unownro of bis true
character, wblcb they must not be
tray, and desired permission to stay
in tbo bouse over night. Then bo led
tbcm around to tbo gate. Daulcl bad
meanwbllo caught up, and tho twp
vehicles wcro halted In tbo road.
"Wo will spend tho night with tbeso
good people," said Mark. "They are
quite willing, and will mako ns as
comfortable aa possible."
Tbo parry alighted and tbo horses
were driven to the barn. Mrs.. Fain
and ber daughter wcro given tbe room
la which Mark bad changed bit clothes
wben be went through to tbe south,
and Mark was nsslgncd a bivouac on
the gallery, or in tbo barn, or any
other place he might select
Laura found Mark's uniform and
arms concealed beneath the bed.
"What do you suppose tt means,
mamma r she said.
"I fear," replied tbe mother, "that
We shall be murdered before morning.
These people are doubtless guerrillas."
Aa apology for a meal was carried
In to Mrs. Fain and Laura, which
they left un tasted, preferring a lunch
eon they had brought with them in a
basket After supper Laura came out
and begged Mark to bring Sourl and
Jakey to speak to ber. She smoothed
7akey tumbled balr out of Us eyes.
Thursday,., December
160 Acres Fine Land
Fof; Sale
FOR A LIMITED tmE ONLY I havc,ior sale
a fine farm consisting of 160 acres adjoining the
town of May view, Lafayette County, Mo., at a very
low price. It is a fine befdy of land, one of the. best in
Iji Lafayette County, and hasdn it seven thousand bear- f
y ing apple trees. This is a Splendid opportunity to se- l
n . t c 'jGf. -JTLiAA . I1
o tuic u ktcui uuiguiu. ucinc iui puce unu terms,
A. LEONARD, Mahall, Mo.
yard, where they could converse un
heard, and developed a plan be had I
concolved for Sourl nnd Jakey.
"It is due to your soniand daugh
ter." be sold, "tbat 1 am bore at this
moment. Indeed that 1 am alive. I
long to a wealthy family and am
wealthy myself. It only requires .
means to make n splendid woman of
tho girl nnd a One man of tho boy for
means will produce education., nnd ed
ucation Is the open door to a, desirable
career. I am going to leave wltb yon
n Ictteeyo my father In Ohio, which.
amount of money to Insure both Jnkey'ut n. nsh ,n hls Bca,P but w"8
and Sourl nn education. Tako or seh'0jl'lf5ly hutt: wo aro Bind to
them north, presont 'tbo letter, and ay. Mr.' and Mrs. lien Curtlus
you will find everything provided for retUffRfc'd- Friday nftcrnoon after a
you, Sourl may not consent at once, visit .to.- relatives In Illinois. It
but doubUess sbo will In time. Now 1 wad. their bridal trip. Miss Clinr-
must havo pen nnd paper." Iottc Swlt t of 8t Lou8 lxctc tor
"You uns Is a good un. stranger. Y v, . . ... . . .
treat us fnr. Hadn't you better send " . 1
tho letter when y' git no'tbr
. - Ot
George Hncscmelcr tell from n
soatfpld Saturday morning and.
O. V. Vnnnwlflfllt tnat twn crhnrl
f horses the latter part of the week
supposed to be from eating wormy
corn, Mr. Vanars'dell, however,
claims that he picked all of his
corn nnd was careful to see thnt
ho fed his horses no wormy corn,
but they may have gotten It from
catlnj ths fodder ns we tinder
stand tha little shoots nre full of
the dust-and besides wu nre told
that the Vcterlnarlcs claim thnt
the blades of both tho corn nnd
grass nre filled with a little sup
erfluous growth thnt causes the
disease. Arthur Dickson also lost
two horses n few weeks ago. What
ever the cause, farmera nnd others
who have teams can not be too
careful' In feeding as there seems
to Iks .no.oure for the disease.
Thos. W. Wllbjf and wife, of New
York, were In town for a short
yo Yeats
We have had seventy years
of experience with 'AVer's
Cherry Pectoral. Thfs
makes us have great confi
dence in it for coughs, colds,
bronchitis, weak throats, and
weak lungs. We want you
to have confidence in it, a
well. Ask your own doctoir
what experience he has had
with it. He knows.. Keep
in close touch with him. 4
Pub! noads at Washington D. C. doctor. Hewlll understand at a gfsnce-
Ihe buncr on hla nuto rend from
New York to "San FrnncJsco and
fTiilurn. lie is going over the pro
"No. t must wrlto It tonight. I am
by no means safe; my neck Is still in
a halter." .
Tho man led the way to bis bed
room, where tho old woman was sleep
ing. There ho produced writing ma
terials, and Mnrk wroto on orcjer
wblcb, whether bo lived or
surcd tho futuro of his tw
Ed Hwllt and wife. Miss Charlotte
has inndy frJnds who will be glad
to see her. Charles Mctncrsha-
gen left for Houston Tex., Monday
to look nfter n farm ho purchased
there last fall. Henry Ilrunk-
horst nnd George W. Liter went to
ItliWltnir 'flNtnti Tttnt-Bfln .....I ......
r not In- " .. hum mr-
o friends, "lnctl jujnclf from Luke Emtson.
and asked him if be remembered ker.
Jakey was about to reply w Hla vmu
fashloaiwhea be, checked himself, aa.
for the antt, Htrne since Mark, had
known blm answered directly. Sourl
stood eying Laura from the coram ot
aer wack, eyes, with a miugiea exeres-
UmapekV ,o lier khtdly,' b
eaijr moneef liable la' raeur.
After, aHtra p, WfH Wf:
mo Is too differ,
mnn. nnd I air poor white trash.1
There was an Inexpressible melnu
utioly In ber tone.
One of AVer's Pills at bedtime will i
an Increased flow of bile and prodfefts
hUe Inst Saturday. Ir. Wllby Is n,e tXstlve effect the dsy tollowitik.
. lilj'iujt;u iji biiu u. kjt uiuvu vt i wiiiiuiaun ui uux. onuw 11 iv
Dote, one pill at bedtime, Just one.
posetl National iiighwny from
Wasliiuglfln'D. C. to San Francisco
oer fhVold trails routes and was
this fur on his return trip. He Is
.las F. ynughn and wife nnd four
sons of Miami have moved to
Ottumwa Iowa., Their 'daughter,
taK'lpgpicl&.sof the, historical I-aurn Lee,-w-ho is tcachln? school
points and gathering such informs at Nnpton, will flnlnh her u-oric
tlon that Is of Interest, which wo '?'rc J0,"'n Mr P"rcn Tiie
understand will be printed In pam- Vufh" am n n,c ot "c
phlcts nnd distributee!1 for the bene P,oner a,"? r Sa'ln3 nty.
fit ot those who may travel over C p- UM',nrm"' who 'ormcrly
tho road or nre otherwise Interest- ru" '1 Ht0,re n ma Pra,,rlc
cd. Ho took a itfcturp of our hotel u'ho has been in Kansas City for
which ws built In 1820.-Statcsmnn. lWl,r811,n" returned and Is oc-
ctlyjfhg., the property recently va-
y-,. , fy . r r j cated by Ghas. Jones and family
Catarrh Cannot Be Cured, iiesr0ncl. -
wlth local applications, as they can
not reach the seat of th- disease. Ulrs. Vi'InsIOW'S SoOlhlng Sy..?i
Catarrh is a blood or constitutional (U; tM. sixry nvi: xu
bis prescners among the "poor whlto T;e l,,ck cnm Sunday morning
trash" of Tennessee. hnd .M'n good one. Rev. U.
In tho morning, nfter the pork nnd ltunjje, attended the funeral of Mr.
corn bread meal of the country, tho atolilflng nt Alma Wednesday af
travclers again got Into tho cnrrlagcs. tornotm. Record.
Whllo they wcro standing boforo tho
Ijato prior to departure Mark saw , ,
Uourl out by tho well-house. Ho wont 1 SLAITBR
'llrtro to bid her gopdby. , ym. Mnneko went tn St. l.m.l.
"Sourl." ho said. " wish thcro waa ,. Snlllr(n,. , Bllonil w. .
nomo way In which I could show you . . -.. ......
Ibo gratitude I feel toward you. When VWcUmciI some equipments for his
I think of my fato. had you not an- bakery.; Allen Pollard nnd wife
penred In tho nick of Umo to save mo nro unking arrangements to spend
by your wit and daring and sacrifice, tho winter In California. They ex-
l feel that I would like to make xorati oect to start on their Journey about
(wrrosponuing sacnuce lor you;- ucc sth Frank Wilnand. of
Laws.. I didn't do nothen. Besides'" M,.xlbd: .1 son of Tn,,.,
-alio leaned over tho well and looked u,i,rt in
luto Its dcpths-"you uns and 7. V 7. D
Iffer. Vou uns is a gentle- "J"".4"" "aaH -'"y
iiinmio l-oiey on November 22il
Mrs. Jack Hawkins had the
misfortune to havo tho end of her
"Sourl." Marl; Vt-nt on. "I have ring finger on tho right hand badlv
madt-nn nrratiKfiiu'iit with your father' mangled Inst week by getting It
to make a lady of you. I can't make caught In a sausage grinder at the
such u sacrifice for you as you bav-, f . Uavl,nn It ,.
made for me: that I- Impossible: but ,.. ? ...m i". 1 .
I can do Huh If you will act with me " u i'u",u" "
and consent to the plan. I shall Ik- iac Ker. wciuon uooiccr, or
off In 11 moment, nnd bofotv I go I Marshall wns circulating among his
want you to promlwe me that you will Sinter friends Inst Saturday. He
consent. 1 aro still In danger, and you 1 Informs us thnt his father, one of
must grant mo this as perhaps a last the old aettlers of tho county, wns
favor.' IcAlnhrfittnc til olrrlit v.nnnnml tiUM.
The girl burst Into tears. , dhy wJlcn hck ,ott homft thut
"i don-rkeer what I do." b ,hU mothlr ther were
"Do you promisor enjoying good health. The
"Yas. I nromlso." 'Qlaagow MJasourlan says A. D.
With u pressure of tbe hand ho turn- Price and family will leave Gins
ltd away, and stalking to tbo gate got Pgow iho middle of December for
Into the carriago beside Laura. Daniel ' California, where they will spend
and Mrs, Fnln bad started. Mark fol- u.nin xei t...iu. nun
. . . . . . U tVSh If VIISUlt
unco when he heard Jakey calling to f ? arm near
Mm rr n..ni in th. .nrt ni.. " last week. Tho accident
ed for the Iwy to come up. Jakey was ur er nomo anu was
holding something out to him, which. u 10 ico on uio waiK.-Kustier.
ns he drew nearer. Mark recognized 1
as tbe red silk handkerchief. TJo sad news reaches here that
"Sourl sont It ter y'." the &lx yoar old son 'of S. L. And-
'TS'VLrjP.!! crson'of Puoblo, Colo., dlod last
. K iM uu. w.u w,. Monday of apinal menengltls.
Harry Herlder has taken contracts
to buUd( now 5 room cottages In
west Slator for Ralph Ilarksdale
and R. A." Jenkins. No ws.
TKt.nilMi. iim i'i:uM.'i miiM 11 AO'
Tt . 1111.1.. in.uuxii.AI4jN mtt
VHM ,vii, 1.VIJ1;, Aivl I, tn. frln.
!!--. ! . U.
A.N Oil A.N J V.tJ. rilLED UUUUOt
dUcasj, and in order to cura It
vou must tako Interntl. remedies. hh-Vii ii.i.'Mrn:s" m uumk. aixa
.,UU "'"n lllll.UI 11, hmhuiioi l-l-IIM WIWI, OHJt- n.l I. Ih. I.
HiiII'm f'ntnrrli Cure Is taken Inter- ohnitiirr.. tvM b ttrnrri-tt in t.ry mm
Minis vnmmi v.urv in ihivii m,.t i.,yr-uH m for'Mri. win.io'. h.
ally, and nets directly on the moon 'iR&VF'JftATSFt
unci mucous surfnecs. Hall's Catar
rh, Cure is not a quack medicine. It
was prescribed by one of the best
j:hyalclnns In the country for years
and Li a regulnr prescription. It
'a compose! of Mo best tonics
known, combined with the best
blood purifiers, acting directly on
the mucous surfaces. The perfect
combination of the two ingrcdlnts
Is whnt produces such wonderful
results In curing Catarrh. Send for
testimonials free.
F. J. CHENEY & CO., Props,
Toledo, Ohio.
Sold by Druggists, price 75c.
1 1
Geo M. Cheatham lost n valuabfc
horse Monday. It Is thought tltnt
the worm eaten corn caused Uh
death. A number from here
attended the foot bnll game at
Columbia Saturday; among those
being Dr. Dalton nnd wife, MIsh
Hess Swinney and Wm. Land.
Globe. ..
Democratic State Chairman, Jon.
Shannon and Ex. Gov. A. M. Dock
cry were here Tuesday In confer-
Tako nail's Family Pills for con- cnee with leading Democratic
stlpatlon. leaders of Saline county.
-i -n- mnf - i3
Farm Loans
Lowest Rates Easiest Terms
Office: Between New York Racket and Bank of Saline
' 1 i1"! nrsaBP-irwprarirnrBCTB-nni ill I Ml " I ' II I"
3CXXjglJU3gOC,T-l.-l-i'X0S' sit I
"All right. JnL-py Kwp It to re
member m by '
Mnrk grunted tbe bny'n band nnd
then drove on. Laura Fain leaned
back on the cushions In silence.
To bo continued. "1
' "Dreadful Wound
from u knife, gun. tin can. rustv
MIAMI 1 nail, flroworks, or of iany other nn-
On and aftor Sunday, December tUro, demands nromnt treatment
3, Wabaah oastbound train No. 52 WIU Bucklon'a Arnica Salvo to
duo at Miami Station at 10.11 a. m. provont blood poison or gangrene.
nnd westbound train No. 53, duont Us tho quickest, surest healer for
5.40 p. m. will bo discontinued on all ucJ wounds as also for Burns,
Sunday only. This leaves only ono o. Sores, Skin Eruptions, Eczc-
at 7.34 a. m., going west, and No. 12 ;
3.38 p. m. going oast. Ashley ' SWEET SPRINGS
nollowny received word Friday Uov. J. E. Wiley, of Wortham,
that Ida brother Charles Ilolloway. Texas, who was called recontly to
had dlod tbat day at his homo at hoeomopaatop of tho Sweet Springs
Langdon, Atchlnson county. Tho ha8 acccptod anhe,m
funeral was he)d Sunday. --Born bo hero tho first Week in December,
to Mr. And Mrs. Quincy Slobcrt at norwill begin his work as soon as
thoir homo in Miami, Saturday, M;tamlly gets sealed in tho manse;
xr,.,.mw ok o .k.mM,r.-Kw.. on utfwanu street. Mr. Wiley is
a pastor and preacher ot ability,
.with several years experience, nq
elPJf 1 3s3ssefte) (fcKsi CflsvsUssbPeVLo
will tak up tho work recently laid
dowti by Rovi S. F. Slilffler.-
Mr. J. W. Grayson, accompanied
by !hr daughter, Mrs. Steele of
Tha If Lis! Yaa Mm IkwiM liartt turne3 from Warrens
f,. - "VK iburr-Twday afternoon, where
. Bears tha
wMrsMthey had ben, kttendlnir
trie ieL of Mrs. Grayson's sis
We havo tho finest farms in Safino county listed. Also
many flno investments in Southeastern Missouri and Eastern
Arkansas, ranging in price from $35 to $75 an acre, which
pay 10 per cent cash rent. Will grow the finest of corn, wheat,
cotton, alfalfa, oats, clover, timothy. Special rates every 1st
and 3rd Tuesday. Join us ou our next trip.
330-331 Farmer Savlngi Bank Bids. Phone 124. Marshall Mo.
GEO. A. MURRELL, President
M.S.LAMK1N, Assistant Cashier J
J. P. HUSTON. Cashier
Capital $100,000
Surplus $100,000
Saline County Farms at $50, $60 and
$80 per Acre.
500 acres, good, levo'I land, doep soil, well improved, IK miles
from live town and shipping point at $30.00 per acre.
120 acres, well improved, 1,4 miles from town and shipping
point at 160.00 per aero. . 1L , , A
100 acres, well improved, 11$ miles from one of the best towns
in tho county and shipping points at (80.00 per acre.
120 acres, flno land, well improved, close to two towns and .
shipping points at $125.00 per aero, exceptional value,
City lots a plenty. Small lots, large lots, acre property, cheap
homes, moderato priced homes, elegant homes, store bujlUlngs.stocks,
of neKhandlse.atrsUes. all prices. TERMS TO SUIT ON ANYTHING.
yU FARMS AND RANCHES. Any slie from 40 aero truck farm to
HMO grazing proposition in Missouri, Texas, Arkansas and Oklahoma
at wrlcea from $15.06 upi
South side square,
Marsaau, Missouri.
K .A .T
. .,i.'ri

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