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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, December 21, 1911, Image 5

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Thursday December 21, 1111
jJBIKS)1 la ita mid .1 . H m, I MM "7
IHBg39U"" dm Ilk. . I I I UW.
awr ennatmas, tnousnnus I If I
of 'people ellmbod the All W Wi
l& hill to Its great archways, look- L& li f I
Jf Auk llko lines of antB'all moving LXfl ft
"T . y m
HERB was onco, la A
woudorful cburcb. It ?
stood on a high hill
la tho inldst of a
Brent city; and every
Sunday, as woll as on
sac rod days llko
Christmas, thousands
of 'people climbed tho
great archways, look-
lines of antB'all inoring
aamo direction.
on oornor of the church was a
great grny tower, with Ivy growing
It as far up as ono coma
I oay as far ns ono could
becauso thu tower was
Kront enough to fit the
tL church, and It roso so far
fmta tho sky that It was only In
fair weather tliut any ono
claimed to bo able to see tho top.
Now all tho peoplo know that nt tho
top of tho tower wun a chlmo of Chrlst-
oolls. Tlioy had hung there ever
NiacB tbo church had boon built, and
were tbo most beautiful bulla in tlio worm. Homo thought it was uocauso n
Krnat muoiclnn had cast them and arranged them In tholr placo; others said
te was becauso of tho great height, which reached up whero tho air wan clear
sstfirrt purest; however that might bo, no ono who had over hoard tho chimes
denied that thoy woro tho sweetest In tho world. Homo dopcrlbod them as
ewndlng Jlko angels far up In tho sky; others, as Bounding llko strango winds
staring through tho trees.
But 'tho fact was that no ono bad hoard thorn for years and years. They
woro Christmas chimes, you boo, and woro nut meant to 1)6 played by men or
an common dnya. It wnH tho custom on Christmas Evo for all tho peoplo to
feting to tho church tholr offerings to tho Christ-child; and whon tho greatest
smil twist offering was laid on tho altar, thoro used to como sounding through
t&e muslo of tho choir tho Christmas chimes far up In tho tower. Uut for
many long years they had never been heard. It was nnld that peoplo hail
btcn growing less careful of their glfta for tho Christ-child, and thut no offo1.'
tnjr was brought, groat enough to descrvo tho iiiunto of tho chimes.
Rvcry Christmas Evo tho rich peoplo still crowded to tho altar, each ono
tsrjlMZ to bring somo hotter gift than any other, without giving anything that
wanted for hlmsalf, and tho church was crowded with those- who thought
tteat perhaps tho wonderful bells might be boaid ngcln. Hut although tho
service was Hplendld, and tho offcrlnge plenty, only tho roar of tho wind
could lo hoard, far up In tho stono towor.
Now, n number of miles from tho city, In a little country village, whero
thing could bo iron or tho great church but gMspccs of tho towor whon
Ouj wcathor was flue, lived a hoy named Pedro, and his llttlo brother. Thoy
kraw very llttlo cfcqut the Christmas chimes, but thoy had heard of tho
ar1co' u tho church on Christmas Evo, and had a secret plan, whtcti thoy
kad often talked ovor when by themselves, to go to sco tho beautiful colo-
"Nobody can guess. Little Brother," Pedro would say, "all tho flno thlnm
Outre uro to bco and hear; and I have eyen heard It said that tho Chrlst-chlld
" oBHstlmoa comes down to bless' tho aervlce. What If wo could boo Him?"
v The day before ChrlatniM was bitterly cold, with nfow lonoly.Bnowllakcs
.flkrtsMC in tho air, and-a hard white crust on the ground. Sure enough,, Pedro
, sutd JUtQo Brother woro able to slip. quietly away early In tho afternoon; nr.d
stftfeoagh tho walking was hurd In tho froaty ulr, beforo nightfall thoy had
( tknadged so far, hand in hand, that they saw tho lights of tho big city Just
- ahead of them. Indeed, they were" about to enter ono of tho great gates In
t wall that surroundcd'lt, wnen.they.saw sometning uurK on mo snow near
their r.ath. and stonnod to look at it
It was n poor woman, who had fallen juat
outBldo tho city, too Rick and tired to get In
whero sho mlKht have; found sheltor. The
'oft anow mado of n drift a Bort of plllpw, for
her, and sho would soon ua so souna nsiec:.
In tho wintry air, that no ono could Yever
waken her again. All this Pedro saw: in a
moment, and ho knelt down beside her.'nnd
tried to rouao her, oven tugging at hor "arm
n llHIn na ilmtifH fin wnillfl YinVA tfiftfl t"
carry hor away. Ho turned hor faco toward
him, bo that ho could rub some snow on It,
and when ho had looked at her tmcntly a
moment ho stood up and said: :,.
"It's no use, Llttlo Brother. You will.havo
to go on alono." '
"Alono?" cried Llttlo Brother. "Ami you
not 'soo tho Chrlstmaa festival:"
"No," said Pedro, arid ho could not keep
back a bit of r choking sound iu his throat.
-"flWi ihla noonvoman. Her face looks like
the Madonna In tho chapel window, and alio
will freero to death lr nobody cares ror nor.
.Every ono has Kone to church now, but when
you como back you enn onng aome ono to
hep her. I Vfill rub her to keen her from
f reeling, and perhaps get her to eat the bun
that is leit in my pocnew
'"But I cannot bear to leave you; and go on
alone,' said Little Brother. .
"Both of us need, not mUs, e servlco,"
nn.,i Podm. "nnd it had hotter be I than you:
and ohl If you get a chance, Little Brother,
n iin un to thn altar without setting In any
one's way, take this llttlo pleco of sllw of
mlno, and lay It down for my offering, when
no one Is looking. Bo not forget where you
have left me, and torglyo mo for not going
with you." '
In this way bo hurried Little Brother oft
in thn r.ltv. and winked nara to Keep uuvk
I. tw tn.m am he heard tho crunching foot-
stepa sounding tanner ana renner w in
tWtwtileht. It' was nretty hard to lose the
in. k'rbriiimai celebration that he bad been , planning
a lone ana snena inn u ih.iu --- --- ,
et churoa was a wonderful place that night, Ifirery one said Uat it
never looked 99 Brwat aBasoeauwu Y"''
thousands or neop e aang" me waiw anoon wu mnuun, .. ..
.i . .it wn f.H th artkt tremble around ktaai it
At T flirt Mc of the service caai tki proceaalo wit; tke' oKerinjfs tb be
We buy candy from the
manufacturer and sell
cheaper than anybody, qual
ity considered.
10c A. B. Bon Bon84c
20c Cream Bon Bons12c
20c broken Taffy 12c
15c hard mixed candy. 10c
25c Chocolates 12c
Good mixed candy 8c
20c CocoanutSquarcs12c
Fancy sweet naval oran
ges, extra large, 3 for10c
Nice size oranges, doz,20c
Ladies' Skirts and
A large line at prices you
cannot duplicate elsewhere.
Men's and Ladies' Mit
tens and Gloves
A suitable gift at moder
ate prices, large assortment.
is almost gone. Don't wait
till the last minute. Take
advantage of the
Big Public Sale
and do your shopping.
We keep open even,
The biggest bargains you
ever saw in gray, brown and
black, plain and stripes.
$10.00 value $5.89
$12.50 value 6.48
$15.00 value 7.48
$20.00 value 9.48
Make elegant Christmas
presents. We have bar
gains at $1.48, $1.98 and
Fancy ribbons, wide and
pretty, 25c value, yard17c
Trunks, Suit Cases
and Hand Bags
at Public Sale prices, all
good Christmas gifts.
THE BIG BLUE SIGNS will guide you to the best place to get use
ful presents.
Don't forget that our big store is full of useful presents for Santa
and the Public Sale ends Saturday night.
laid on the altar. Blch men and great men marched proudly up to lay down
their gifts to the Chrlst-chlld, Somo brought wonderful towels. Rome hn.
kctu of gold no heavy that they could scarcely carry them down tho nlslo
"Bring thorn hlthor."
It was done, and after ono glanco at
them the Sultan klckod his best
great writer brought his book, and Inst of nil walked tho klntr of tho COIintrv. ! hnnVnh nut nt thn vlnrfnir. nrritfrA il
iiiiiimir wun nil i nil T"i r in win inr nimnnir rnt ii 1 1 r tr i 'h m n
I w . .wa vnu VllllilU Va IMU Vf ill IO till UO UCIID.
Thcro went n great murmur through the church, ns tho people saw tho king
iaKO irom ma ncnu ino royui crown, an sol witn precious
ntonca, and lay It gleaming an tho nltnr, as his orroring to tho
holy Child. "Surely," every ono eatd, "wo shall hear tho bolls
now, for nothing llko this has ever hnpponcd before."
But still only tho cold wind wns heard In tho towor, and
tho peoplo shook tholr heads; nnd somo of them aald, as they
had before, that they never really bollcvrd thu story of tho
chimes, and doubted If they over rang at nil.
The nroccBsInn wan nvnr nnil llin rhnlp lincrnn thn rlnalnr
hymn. Suddenly tho organist stopped playing ns though ho
mm w vv, i fin wi iuim uivi; wiiu tuwuuu ib i ii u uiu in in in iU I I 111
was ntanuing ny tlio altar, noiuing up Ills hand ror sllcnco.
Not a sound could bo heard from nnyono In tho church, but
ns tho peoplo Btrnlr.cd their cars to listen, there camo aoltty,
but distinctly, swinging through tho nlr, tho sound or tho
chimes in tho towor. So far away, and yet so clear tho iiiiihIc
soomod so much sweeter woro tho notes than anything that
had boon hoard haforo, rising and falling away up thcro In tho
sky, that tho poople In tho church sat ror n moment ns still as
though something held each of them by tho shoulders. Then
thoy all stood un together and stnred straight at tho altar, to
see what great gift bad awakened tho long silent bells.
But all that tho nearest of them saw was the childish flsmre
of L'ttlo Brother, who had crept softly down tho alalo whon
no ono waa looking, and had laid Pedro's llttlo Dloco of silver
On thO altar. ICoDTrluht. br lluhbi.M.rrlll (YvI
111 1
favorito dancing girl bowstrung, and
throw tho papers at tho head of tho
grand vlilor.
"Is it not enough," bo roared, "to
Matting of th. Wattrt.
From Oct. 31 to Nov. -I. 1810. In
Franco the Saone poured Its water
Into tho Ithonc. broke Its banks, cor.
orcd CO.000 acre.1 and iiumuncd n num
ber of cities and village. Six hun
dred and eighteen hoiiaus were curried
havo tho forcignors coming hore and awny und mnny lrcs eriflcid. It
collecting money through thy careless-,
was tho tlrst time In 23S years that
tiAie tttriAllt fin vlnrr Tt n 1ai t n
nnd my enlightened realm mixed up tue Snons "aJ r"c" 80
ii5r. aDDUnI Thank,,E,vlne j0kCS. "8o"nT.thln0 Qood.
nbUin' I "Dear." said u ynuut: wife to hci
hiiKbnnd ax he wux Icnvlng fur the of
C. O. D.
Tbo dyspoptlo guest gazod longingly
at tho crisp, brown turkey, tho
innabed potatoes, colory, cranberries,
etc., and sighed, with a mournful In
"I'll havo to pay for this tomorrow,
I know."
Tho host took a thoughtful expres
sion and remarked:
"I wish I'd known that. They made
mo pay for It yesterday."
m. v m . v.
HEltB'LL ho a lot of Jingling
verso concerning mother's
plea, And then some rhymo
n llttlo' worao about tho
"Bombre skies"; We'll get
tho "Blghlng of tho breeze."
tho "dying leaves," and, oh,
For fear that theso should
fall to pleoso. we'll get tho
b. b. snow; For all about and all
around tbo poets sctzo tho pen, LlKn
wise the rhymes thoy Inat year fouud,
and wrlto them once again,
BILLION poems, more or
leas, In cadence sad or gay,
Havo added to the world's
distress slnco tlrst we had
the day The Joyous doy
of giving thanha, nnd von
dorlng for why, Except to
thin tho turkey's ranks and
gormandize on pie. In
every town from lUgglna
villa to Boston-on-the-Bay, Old Pegusua
.they nearly kill about Thanksglvlug
TJT, what's tho odds?
They've got to be. along
with all the rest, We havo
to have the poetry, to know
how much wo're blest. Tho
pooma muy not be so
grand, but all our woea
will cease, When wo'ro
tilled with turkey aud our
souls are full of peace. Whon we ns-
Crowing Reminiscent Now.
Tcachor dear, In defining the word
"reminiscent" told the class:
" 'Reminiscent' means something
that calls up memories of things and
Incidents that havo gono before
something that brings a provlous fact
beforo us."
Yesterday she asked thp class to de
fine "reminiscent," whon tho llttlo
wlae boy answered:
The Thanksgiving Turk.
At midnight, In bis guarded coop.
The turk sat, dreaming of the hour,
Whon loud tho dinner boll should ring
With all Its most lnslstont power.
Tho boardors also dreamed of him,
And how, for something like two
They'd bo icmlnded of tho turk
In hash, which sometimes almost
Two Losers.
"I loso money on ovory meal," com
plained tho Landlady.
"So do I," usBcrted tho Captious
Whereupon they glared at each oth
er for some moments. .
(Ice. "won't ,vou brlu linuit riai
thine good for dinner thin wnln.i"
"Soincthliitf goxl?" repeiitt'd th lit
wlldi'ml young lnixl:itnl. to whom
uiurkctliic wan u r-liPinl lunik.
"Y-rt." rept'HJwl tin- wife, "xoiuetlf.ni:
ro.illy oxmI. you know,"
Oh. yes!" he replied n u llht
Kit'iiiod to lircnk iiimii him.
Ami lii brought home the minister
Uulli'H' Home .lourual.
Tho First Mu!c.
Tin father of nohir. muxli nnd dnne
Intt. till thnv. wns the nv.it:o who
Mrs I chipped hiiniU mid shnutH In
tliin nt Hiimi' nulf fctlr.il of hi trltx.
Front f lull t-liippliii: nnd xliontlin: hits
biH'ii evolved th whole nrt of limiru
ini'iitiil music. Including even the en
tmiirliiB roiiiploxlthw of tlu modern
".vtiililiony. From thut nhmit or null
mi'iitnr.v eiiiotlonnt uttumnri' Iisih pro
'I;mI iy ti Uliulri'd evolution the
whole nit of voriil music down to the
modern opem or oratorio. From iho
iivnp leap has rome I'vyry variety
if ilnni'lnc. fmm the country tinnk-t.i"-11
to the liiMillllflll (Vliltzes of the
lty iKillrooiu. New York Ainerlnin.
'I here are three great v.rtues to
whcli every cne should be dedi
cacd the v;rtue of civilization,
which ij Fo!itenesj; the virtus of
morali y. yvhch is conjclentiouiness,
and the virtue of religion, which is
r-'-1"" i- -v mir
HE poems on Thnnkaglving
day will haunt us for a
week; Somo of them lilt In
roundelay and some In
dlrgoa speak; Somo of
them toll In dialect of times
down on tho farm, And
some In meter circumspect 8,mmt0 tD0 nc8( nntl olllor things
to mngatlnos lend charm.
The man who writes In Mgtlme Btraln thognU tnat rS0 nuout ThankBglvlng
will toll about the moon, Which ylows
with arrnirnnt disdain 'the" hunting of i
the 'coon,
Ohiidren Ory
Too Much.
"Slave," said Abdul Ilamld to his
grand vizier, "havo the American
comic papers arrived?"
"They have, O Incandescent light
ot tb, world, brother ot the moon and i
first cousin to the oomots," answered
tht official
Saline County Farms at $50, $60 and
$80 per Acre.
500 acres, good, level land, deop soil, well improved, l)j miles
from live town und shipping point ut $50.00 per aero.
120 acres, well Improved, Us miles from town, aud shipping
point nt $69.00 per ucro.
160 ncres, woll Improved. l miles from one ot the host towns
In tlio county und shlpplne points at $80.00 per acre.
120 ncres, (lno land, well Improved, closo to two towns and
shlnnlnc points ut S125.00 per acre, exceptional value.
City lots a ptonty. Small lots, largo lots, acre property, cheap
Homes, moderate priceu nomes, eieuani nomes, sioronuuumes.siocKs
of merchandise, all sizes, all prices. TERMS TO SUIT ON ANYTHING
vnn niiv.
FARMS AND RANCHES. Any size from io aero truck farm to
25000 srazlng proposition In Missouri,. Texas, Arkansas aud Oklahoma,
nt ni-lr-na finm tlR ftft III "

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