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Thursday, December 21, 1911.
the dough
The power behind the lough must be quick and positive In action
It must produce certain, Mtlsactory results and yet be pure
and wholesome. K C Baking Powder Is the scientific com
til nation of alt these desirable qualities. Hundreds of thousands
of good housewives know that K C ha made bake-day a pleas
ure, and we ask you for your own Kike to try K C Baking
rowder at least once. Guaranteed pure under all pure food
laws. Your grocer will return your money If you are
not pleased. It will solve your bake-day problems,
How to get the Cook's Book Free
The KC 'Cook's Rook, containing 90 letted,
eatity-tnade tecihet. sent fret ufrin
receipt of the colored certificate fiocked in thelSicnt
Y eon. cxna ti loaay,
Mft. Co.. Cbio
Have Meeting.
Saline County-Organization
'I hose who predicted that the
plan to hold a short course In1
agriculture under the auspices of
the Stats Agricultural Department
would ln. a failure mlMcd their
cues Snd the course In now prac-!
t'eully ussurr.i, an organization
forme. I and arrangements complet-'
Pvl. I
The meeting was called by Dr.
V. H. Mack for Saturday and wan'
vory well attended Dr. Mack, I
prcV.tled 'and Prof. I. N. Evrard
was elected temporary chairman. I
lln 111. i r lr llnlnil tlin nlilnM nl
thv mectlnr and named the points
to (be Kettled, which wero taken up
nit'.l disposed of one at n time. I
The first was whether or not we'
wanted to work for a branch short1
cours.' In agriculture. This was
unanimously carried as wero nil thu
ollvr propositions.
The Rocon.l question was the
Lime which was loft open to tho
State University except that It Is
to he between Jan. 15 and Feb. 15th.
The next wns whether wo could
furnish the required enrollment of
25. This was answered Ly nn on
ro'lmpnt of 38, as follows:
II. IS. Tucker
huther Tucker
Harvey Withers
L. T. Stouffor
J. R. Barrett
Dr. Q. A. Smith
I5J Olendorf
Hood 'Abnoy
Matt W. Hall
Itufun Jlolloway
Prof. Jas Lynch
M. IC. Snyder
Celiio Durrett
John R. Buck ' ".
Tihoa. Stookey
I'oroo Uollwood
Kobt. Hyatt j
Alvln iNewell
Rdw. Zahn
Jtt M. King
Ohaa. B. Iiacon.
Juno K. King, Jr.
Roy Buck
'Will mixi '
Ohas. Durrett , ' ,
June K. King.
Nick Stedem
The Coughs
of Children
They may not cough today,
but what about tomorrow?
Better be prepared for it
when it comes. Ask your
doctor about keeping Ayers
Cherry Pectoral in the house.
Then when .the hard cold or
cough first appears you have
a doctor's medicine at hand.
This cough medicine is
especially good for children.
No anodynes. No alcohol.
Frank Stedem
W. V. Umbarger
R. T. Pence
Vance Laurie
A. C. Potter
Tho. Zimmerman
Frank Brown
Herbert .UikeU
A. II. Orr
Prof W. E. Orube
Arthur Hupp.
Besides this the college and
high school promised to have their
classes in agriculture present, as
suring an attendance of about 75,
which Is certainly a flno showing
for the first year. Any number of
students can be accommodated and
all are welcome, whether for one
day or all six days.
An organization was then form
ed with the following officers Matt
W. Hall, president; C. B. Bacon,
secretary and general manager;
muus Holloway, treasurer.
Dr. Blnck tendered the use ofM.
v. C. rooms, laboratories and build
ingft, which offer was gratefully
Stock and grain for Judging pur
poses were called for and some
Those in attendance at the meet
ing were:
Dr. W. H. Black
H. S. Tucker
Matt Hall
Rufus Ilolloway
Prof. Job. Lynch
Jas, R. Buck ,
Robt. L. nyatt
Alvln (Novell
Edw. Znhn
Jan M. King
Chas fl. Bacon
Roy Buck
Juno K. King
Nick Stedem s
Prof. iW. E. Orubo
Matt 'Hall
W. B. Hupp
Geo. II. Althouso
J.U. Witt
L J. MlkcLa
A, B. Hoy
Prof. Seawall
W. W. UmLarger
Vanco Laurlo
Herbert Mikcls
A. II. tflr
Ross Campbell
Ghaa Durrett
Prof. Albert McdlnnU
Oarnett Gorrell
Arthur tHupp
Prof. F. P. Thompson
Prof.'L. E. Moador
Win, tN. Wilson
J. 01. Klbler
Prof. I. N. Evrard
Marshall Lady
Gets First Prize.
Many a child U called dull, and stupid
when the whole trouble Is due to a lair
liver. We firmly believe your own doc
tor will tell you tbat'an occasions! dost
ef Ayer's Pills, sugir-coitcd. will do such
children a crest deal or good. Ask blm.
' aUd by 3. 0, ATMS CO., Xwll. Mm.
Career of a Needle
It's pretty hard to tell a bigger
yarn than CoL Stono can crlvn nni.
so .when ho read about a certain
noedle last week ho cruvo nn tMn
to print. Feeling a pricking sen
sation on his hip he felt thore and
noticed somuthintr sham. Tin nnvn
iio called a physician who extract
ed u noodle and on Investigation
Iho (found it to bo on swallowed by
Ills igrandmothor forty yoars'agol
Sine (he told this -after his matri
monial xperlenco it must be taken
as from a mind overflowing with
strange fancies.
Children Cry
Twenty-Six Piece Silver Set
Won by Mrs. Tribble.
Mrs. M Tribble, who resides
southeast oi Marshall, deserves
congratulation, or her success ns
winner of tha flst prize In the
Home Department Contest of the
Farm Progress, the farm paper Is-
f !:? I by the St. Louis Republic
M . Tribble won n twenty six
silver set which is no doubt
j crv vnluable prize. It Is an
honor and distinction not only to
herself but to our community and
worth more than the cash valua
tion of the article.
Sbdwon her premium on the fol
lowing recipes, and since they arc
prize winners they must be worm
brnn. one nnd one-half cups corn
meal, one egg, one-halt cup extract
cd (honey. Mix well, bake until n
very dark brown and wjien cooi
add one cup ground coffee and mix
eallon good cooking apples, one
quart honey vinegar, ono quart
extracted .honey, one teaspoon cin
namon. Cook npplcs smooth, add
vinegar nnd honey when done? stir
In cinnamon. This Is a clear red
apple butter and will keep well.
cup granulated honey, one-half cup
butter, two eggs, beaten light ; one
teasnoonful sodn, dissolved In a
little warm water. Flavor with
tnnUtii. Plonr enoutrh to make a
.loiitrii ntncli off small nieces
of dough; roll Into balls, slightly
flatten; do not crowo in pan. jiimi;
in quick oven. These are fine..
itnvRY PRL'IT CAKE-Ono hnlf
cup butter, three-fourths cups hon
ey, one-third cup Jelly, two ogg,
wp beaten: one teaspoon soda.
one teaspoon each cloves, cinnamon
and nutmeg, one teacup eacn oi
d dried currants. Warm
the butter, honey and Jelly Bllglitly
add the beaten eggs, then tne soua
dissolved In a little warm water;
add spices and flour enough to
make n stiff batter. Then stir In
the fruit nnd bako ono nnd onc
i.nlf hmirs In a slow oven. This
will keep n long time if kept In a
stono Jar. All honey canes siioum
n kont In a Inr.
iirmnv. ono cui white sugar, three
tablespoons rich cream. Boll un
til It will form a soft ball when
dropped In cold water; flavor with
vanilla: inour In n groassu tush, as
It tools, mark In'o tquarcs.t nd then
wrap In buttered paper.
and each City Superintendent in
terested In tho contest, are re
quested to submit a list of 100
words from which the list of words
.'or tho Stnte Contest will bo select
ed. Th?B3 lists of words should be
submitted before March 1. 1912. Or
tllnary words of practical utility
should ibe submitted.
7 Tha following committee Is
hereby appointed to mako up the
list of 1000 words to bo used In
the Contest, Hon. Wm. P. Evans.
Jcffjrson City, Hon W. T. Carrlng-
ton, Springfield, Hon Howard A.
(lass. Jefferson City. Words
shoul I be submitted to Supt. Wm.
P. Evans by the County Suncrlntcn
dents. The committee should meet
nnd formulnto tho stato list of
words on or beforo May 1. 1912.
The list should bo typewritten and
delivered, sealed, to Hon. Wm. P.
Evans, Stato Superintendent.
8. First, second and third prizes
will 'be awarded to those contest
ants making respectively, tho first,
second and third highest grades,
Hut lit Is tho opinion of tho com-
m.ttca that an appropriate sou
venir ibo presented to each and
every contestant who participates
In the Stato Contest. The Com
mittcc suggests that the minimum
prizes bo 1st, $100; 2nd, 60; 3rd,
$25; In gold. Definite announce
mcnt about May 1. 1912.
9, Each County Superintendent Is
renucsted to send to Sunt. J. S.
Lumpkin, Jefferson City, on or be
fore April 1, 1912, three dollars to
form', a fund for prizes and souven
Irs. This three dollars will be
from the same fund that is used to
pay tho expenses of the contestant
John L. Carter, Secretary,
Paris, Mo.
State Spelling Cone3t
l. flUie State Snclltnff Contest will
bo at tho tlmo and place of the
next State Convention of County
Superintendents, subject to tho
call of the Stato Superintendent.
5. Knob countv shall bo entitled
to ono representative, and th cities
ono representative for each 12,000
school children enrolled In tho pub
lic schools or major traction there
of. 3. Ji pupils regularly enrolled In
Hi nmhllc schools from tho first to
the Ighth grades Inclusive, or all
pupils below the high jschool, will
be eligible to enter tho contest.
Rural graduates, who have not en
tered ihlgh school, but who are re
viewing the eighth grade, or who
have a malorlty oft heir subjects
In Itho eighth grade, will also bo
eligible to enter tho contest.
4. Rcnresentatlves to tho Stato
Snolllntr Contest shall be chosen by
moana of an organized County Spell
Ing Contest, or City Spelling Con
test It la recommended that elim
ination contests bo held in each
and overy school In tho county or
city. That tho three best spoilers
from each school moot together
and constitute a Township Spelling
uontesi. 'inai xne wireu uubi open
era from each townshlp meet and
sncll in n county contest. Or If It
Is preferred the threo best spoilers
from each school go uirect come
countv contest. It may not bo
practicable In every county to have
township contests. It is lurtner
recommended that tho County Cop
tost too nartlv oral spelling and
partly written spelling this is sim
ply a recommendation, tho details
of tho County contests are left to
tho individual superintendents to
work out. The committee is of Itho
opinion that tho element of chance
can be eliminated largely by means
of the written spoiling.
6, Vrh Contest will be partly oral
and ipartly written. A list of words
will -bo pronounced to bo spelled
oratly, each student, spelling (the
samo number of words. Another
list will be pronounced to bo writ
ten, tho contestants will bo grad
ed SO per cent on oral, spelling 'and
60 jeV cent on written spelling.
6. Bach County Superintendent,
Discouraging: Women
Briefly, muckraking Is dtscourng
Ing nnd who shall maintain with
out Inviting contradiction, that it
Is tho exclusive prlvllcgo and pro
vlncc of men tro bo discouraging?
says McCalrs Magazlno for Jnnu
ary. Is It not, on tho tho contrary,
tho peculiar power of womankind
to be most darkly discouraging or
most brightly encouraging, accord
ing to ihcr temperament nnd the
environment sho may consciously
or unconsciously weave around iter
self? Is It not Well for ono nnd nil
of us to ibcgln tho new year of 1012
by going over 'his or hor tempera
mental accounts and making them
balance? '
Tho discouraging woman begins
with tho sunrlsa by complaining
"I don't foal at nil well to-day;
have a pain In my ri,ght sldo and
am suro It's bolng to bo nppondl
cltls. In fact, wo must send for
the doctor nnd got roady .for an
operation, but," pathetically, "what
will tho children do without me?"
and so on. How docs tho husband
of this type of woman begin his
work-day, think you? Is ho equip
ped with tho courage and confl
dcncii that do so much toward in
surlng success? Then" lator sho
pursues; "Children, It is going to
storm. Have you cot your um
brellas? I'm suro you will be lata
to school, you always arc. Do you
know your lessons? I suppose not
Why must you bo auch backward
children 1 Not on of you la the
least credit to tao ; and aa for Jim
my, ho Is positively stupid. Now
don't lot me boar any bad reports
to-day, though ono mustn't expect
too much, dear knows." Can the
dejected llttlo group, starting from
homo and thus reminded of ao
many Imperfections, feel quite in
the spirit to get much out of achool
that day?
The discouraging woman meeta a
friend Immediately evcry disquiet
ing or untoward circumstance that
has happened to her during the
past week la aired and emphasized.
Hor cook has left, the baby is alck,
hor husband Is not doing woll, the
children are backward in their stud
les, aho herself by only tho most
remarkable effort of .will is able to
bo about at alL
Outside the homo In business
perhaps the discouraging woman
Is equally depressing. Every ef
fort that a co-workor may mako is,
to her way lof thinking, a mistaken
ono. She foresees failure in nearly
everything. Sho Is eternally pull
ing down, and subtly impeding
overy endeavor from tho simple
lining of a missionary box to tho
planning of a suffrage campaign.
The discouraging woman thinks
that her doctor knows nothing or
is deceiving her, thinks hor pastor
hopelessly inefficient, her friends
disloyal, hor tradespeople dishon
est, her household help Incompe
tent, her husband far from being a
success, her children downright
failures. She not only thinks or,
rather, Imagines these things, but
she Is prone to voice them Indis
criminately in whatever company
she may be. How depressing In
such an attitude and hW unnroflV-
fc!ble ,a one iwltlx. which to begin the
New Yarl ,.
0 '
i Kind Ton Hare
in tue for over SO fen.
All Counterfeit, IasMaflaeeaa a
Experiment that trlato wMh
If t. and
ad which has boat
MK-no tho slgnnturo of
made under his per-
ion nlnco lta infancy
to docolvo you in this
Just-nx-good " aro hoi
C XAtigcr tho health C
2jalnst Experiment.
Oawterla la a harmleaw
iTorlc, JDrops and
contain neither Opiaas.
Btibatancc Its age to lta
aad allays Feverlsanaeai.
Colic It relieve
and Flatulency. It
Stomach and Bowels, givtejr
xno umifiron's
far Castor Oil. Pars-
It is) Pleasant. H
other Narcetia
It destroys WonM
Dtarrhos and WM
Const! Mtiaai
Fed, regulate tMa
flvad natural i
Tlie Kind You flare Always BouM
In Use For Ovtr 30 Years.
Wo havo tho finest farms in Salino county listed. Also
many flno investments in Southeastern Missouri and Eastern
Arkansas, ranBinr; in prico from $35 to $75 an aero, which
Pay 10 per cent cash rent. Will grow tho finest of corn, wheat,
cotton, alfalfa, oats, clover, timothy. Special rates overy 1st
and 3rd Tuesday. Join us ou our next trip.
330-33 1 Farmeri Savins. Dank Dldt. Phone 124. Marshall. Mo. 35c
Farm Loans
Lowest Rates Easiest Terms
Office: Between New York Racket ancTBank of Saline
Christmas and New Year
Between all
Stations in Missouri
For further particular
O. E. HAWTHORNE, Marshall, Mo.
ri.-i cimii. mm m SfttiU mm
saaey rafaadaa. A"'inH1tasa riralsau riato Immjuu-il.
SJaialtair aMaf a i
Attlkerlsaa by the
taw, w
Oum aasraaUM or
iwiMHMWHiai, "r"""" mSSisilal; atiaaslljr wrtyliiSi.
Sxul Debility,
t elllaa M4 WIIW aaiartat altliVKSUa
fat MM
.wlaa mi
(, nWft Miinl owr, Mrreaaa
rata Mwsr.larM ut atreaatkaa weak
MMaaaMk)roii sttoraaarrlafa, SM
Ut rrM,bkaa4 list of tafaUoaaT "
Slrlour SmmS
and QTrJSSSrV?7S:
If aa4 aiai
Hydrttoefe and .nu;
raw Mumum or AMATaVtuV rem mm ouLv

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