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, RI Eitate Trnter$
Homer Burria to William P
Lacy Irreg lot Slater . 3800
D 8 Henry to W W Halna lota
26, 27 Henry add Marshall ... 205
W W Halna to H B Hawkins
same lota m 250
C H Tuckor to Fred A Thcbold
&wlfo lot 16 block 15 Slator 2500
Charloa R White tof Rose V
11 r on garth 40 acres 7-51-19 ...6000
Charloa R Whlto to Joseph
Ilrongarth 17.99 acres 47-
61-19 2000
rliPUllm rl,..M. CUnfn.. (a fl t.
f & Mary Sponsior lot 48 block 1
9 Slater , 2000
Goo P Crank to William A Rob
inson 84 acres 20 35-51-21 ... 5000
William Robinson to Goo T
Crank and wife tot 6 block
2 Hudson, add Marshall 2500
L M Haynlo to EUa nenry
lots 6, 6 block 10 Nolson C000
L M Haynlo to Elda Henry
lots 17, 20 block 10 Nolson ... 1800
Malvinlo E Mlllor to trustees '
of Christian church Irregu
lar lot Slator , 3000,
D S Vanatono to J M Hanna
part lot 6 Aliens ladd Marshall 2250
L M Stoolo to M H Rcppcn
Itafton lot 9 Mock, 3 nnggln
addition Marshall 2260
Evolona H Brown to John E
Mathoney, and Geo P Cun
ningham all intorost In 220
acroa 25 and 29 53-21 110)
qilos T. Hawkins to Geo P
Cunningham all lntorost in
aamo land 1400
lLucv J TTurt to P J nrni?n
lota 11 and 12 block 17 Eng
lish addition Marshall 1C0)
5 r,T- rr--.
Friday, January 1911
Sale Close Saturday, Jan
uary 27
Tho big clearance sale at the
Now York Racket closes Saturday
January 27. In tholr ad In this
paper last week wo stated that It
closed Jan. 23, which was a mis
take Tho aalo closes Saturday,
January 27.
Thoy aro having a heavy trade
In Uils salo and aro kept busy from
morning until night. Bosldes their
npocl.il sale they arc muklng Extra
Special Salca dally, both morning
and ovoning. Don't forget, attend
thlA big salo and tako advantage
of tho bargains. Come early am'
got tho pick of the bargains.
Found Ring in Gloves
E.,A. uTup'p, manager ot Roso &
B)icknora atoro at Slater tells us a
rather unusual occuranco which
happonod In their store last week.
A customer tried on a pair of
gloves and found a nlco act ring In
one of thorn. Tho ring had prob
ably been left In tho glove by an
otiior party trying on tho same
glovo. Tho ring la at the store
whoro It can bo haid by the party
who lost it. Slater- News.
Horses, Mules and Cattle
On Friday, Feb)' 9th, 1912 Ed. Zahn
Flahor & Steel will offer at public
salo at Ed Zahn's farm, ono mile
northwoiit of Marshall on tho Mar
shall and Miami road tho following
Ono bay horse, 6 years old, an ex
tra good ono, 40 good farm mules
,3, 4, and 5 yoara old, broko and
unbroko, 19 good milch cows 3
etrlppors and 13 that aro cither
fresh, or cIobo springers.
Dinner will bo served on the
Watch for tholr big ad next
Branch Short Course at M.
V. C.
Mr. Chan. B. Bacon received a
lotter Jan. 20 from F. B, Muraford
.of Columbia, stating that tho
commltteo in charge of the Branch
Short .Course have decided upon
Marshall for tho location or one
Branch Short Course and the date
assigned Is Fob. 19th to 23d 1912.
The men asaignod to give tho In
structions aro Prof. n. O. Allison
In Animal Husbandry and Prof M.
F. Mlllor in Soils and Farm Crops
Mr. Mumtord congratulates tho
college upon their enterprise and
la sure that they will have a very
successful Branch Short Course
and ho.erpresscs his hopes that It
will be of lasting benefit, to Mar
shall and Saline county.
Indeed, this, la 'a big thing fo
tho f armor of Salino county and
should be taken advantage of by
thorn. Tho college has been work
ing for aomes time in securing this
&uraa,and U certainly an "enterV
prUWktf feature that all should be
prou4 of.f . -.
rfUv " 1
m W 'I
jsw jBa.terii aay. is toaa
on-, improved realt sstats' at low
rate of Merest With- easy? prpayn
went: priyttafta," '. ' u -
' ' ' M MM,... TM n ? m Kin
r( at z
,Top row Loft to Right, Gladys, Carl, Roy, Olllo. Lower row, Albert. Everett, Virgil, Eugene.
Rov. II. J. Stclnhclmcr in center. am
'JfcWo menttonod tho Stoinhelmor family reunion several weeks ano. In ordor thnt
may!seo a likeness of the eicrht sons wo present it herewith. Wo know you'll atrreo with n flint ih
aro a fino lot and Mr. Sloinheimor has reasons to feel proud.
Democratic County Con
, vention
The Democratic County Conven
tion of Salino County will bo held
at Marshall at 2 o'clock p. m. Mon
day, Fobruary 12, 1912. It la tho
purpose of tho convention to sel
ect 15 delegates to attend tho Dem
ocratic Stato Convention at Joplln,
on tho 20th of Fobruary, at which
time delcgatca will bo selected to
represent tho Democrats of Mis
souri at tho National Convention
at Baltimore, Maryland, which will
be held tho 25th ot Juno 1912. Dele
gates to tho County Convention
will bo elected by township and
Democratic Mass Convention,
which will bq hold at 2 o'clock p.
m. Saturday, February 10 In the
different townships. At tho fol
lowing placos tho moss conven
tion will bo held:
Arrow Rock Township, Mass
Convention to bo held at Arrow
Rock, dolegatcs, 7.
Blackwator Township, Mass
Convention to bo held at Prairie
Lawn, dolegatca 3,
Cambrldgo Township, Mass
Convention to bo held at Slater
delegates, 14.
Clay Township, Muss Convention
to 'bo held at Clay Center, dele
gates 5.
Elmwood Township, Mass Con
vention to bo held at Mt. Leonard,
dolegatcs, 5.
Grand Pass Township, Mass
Convention to bo held nt Malta
Bond, delegates, 0.
Liberty Township, Mass Con
vention to bo held at Ilerndon
dologatos, 4. I
Marshall Township, Mass Con
vention to bo held' at Marshall,
dologatos, 21.
Miami Township, Mobs Con
vention to be held at Miami, dele
gates 8.
Salt Fork Township, Mass Con
vention to bo held at the Shelby
Schoolhouse, delegates, 2.
Salt Pond TownslUp, Mass
Convention to bo hold at Sweet
Sprlnga, dolegates 5.
Uncalled for Letters
Remaining in tho Marshall, Mo.,
post office, Jan. 24th, 1912. It not
called for In 15 daya will bo sent
to tho doai', letter offlco at Wash
ington, D. 0.
Ladlos Francis Bromerkof.', Eat
tor nuntor, Maggie Hatfield, Mrs.
Corda Mooro, Mrs. M. Soloman,
Ella Smith, Clara Young.
Gontlemon J. W. Jones, Matt
Mason, R. D. Qulsonberry, B. Wllk
orson, Albert Wilkes.
Thomas Brooks Fletcher
Notwithstanding tho Icy condi
tions ot tho sidewalks and the ex
treme cold, Thomas Brooks Feltch
or was greeted by a largo and on
onthuslastlc audlonco at tho High
School Auditorium Thursday night
Hla subject was tho "TragedleB of
tho Unpreparod" and as ha had ap
peared here during Chautauqua
last year, and his lecture at that
tlmo was so Interesting and In
structive that all were anxious to
hoar hlm( again and ho did not dis
appoint them.
It was a forclblo and brilliant
locture and highly appreciated.
It was through the Influence of
the Eastwood school that Mr.
Fletcher Waa secured to appear
hero. Miss Albletz had charge ot
the entertainment and it was' con
ducted Ire a mrtst cowuBendableraan
ner. The school cieare J W which
will,b, tadi im ibe nun ul training
Prof.Voelker Tuesday Night
'Prof. Paul F. Voolker, tho brainy
scholar with avoln of humor so
broad that ho could not bo dry
If hoi would, cornea to our city next
Tuosday night, Janunry 30th, to
dolivcr hla Human Naturo lecture.
This, is thq third number of tho
high school locturo course and is
ono of tho best numbers. Prof
Voolker Is comparatively a young
man, but la old In doeds and ex
perience. He has had twelve years
experience as an educator, rural
schoolmaster, vlllago principal,
city suporlntcndcnt, Journalist and
Collego professor. His "Human
Naturo locturo la scholarly and. will
appo.il to tho audienco by the thor
oughness of research and the pop
ular way thoy aro presented.
We-wlao 'extekd to. our friends
our appreciation of the, kthdnec
shown wt, during thV Illness and
umvu our himinuiu unu ituiter.
Birthday Surprise
In a happy and comploto aur
prlso to SI. A. Barnes of Mt. Leon
ard, hla wlfo and daughter, Mrs.
C. L. Sayors delightfully cntcrtaln
oi him with an elegant dinner on
FrIJay, January 19 it boing his 05
birthday. A delightful time
was enjoyed and Mr. Barnes cn
loyed It moro than all. He receiv
ed many nice presents. ,
The many friend of Roc. Clinton
Cox and Mlai Stolla Neal wcro
wry much surprised to learn they,
wtero married In Boonvlllc, Jan. 3.
Tho young couplo left Overton"
on tho ovoning train, no ono ever
dreaming thoy woro to bo married.
Arriving In Boonvlllo thoy went
to 'tho homo of Mr. and1 Mrs. W. P.
Starko whoro Miss Neal has been
making Ivor homo for some time
studying music, nero they made
arrangements tor Rov. Wclion to
moot them at acven o'clock.
Tho beautiful Starko homo was
tastefully decorated for tho occas
sion and at tho appointed hour to
tho strains ot tho wodding march
played by Miss Elvlna Mills the
b.-lie and groom descended the
stairs attonded by Misses Helen
Starr u and Eugenia Garr, and there
In rite presenco ot the Starko fam
Ily --l Miss Laura Virtol, Rev.
WeMui: pronounced them mm and
Tht Lilde woro aboautltul trav
eling nuit of blue Sho Is the
daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. Z. R.
Among the Sick
Miss Alborta Jesters, deputy rc
cordor, la qulto sick.
Walkor Wlngfleld of near Hern
don la 'reported quite sick.
Wm. F. Patterson who has been
sick for sovcral weeks was able to
be at his Btoro Saturday.
Mrs. Saylor is qulto sick at the
homo of her daughter, Mrs. T. F.
Johnson, near Norton.
T. Si Sponccr was up from Orcar
vlllo Monday and reports John
Urumloy, hla neighbor, qulto poor
ly of rhoumatiam at present.
Mrs. C. B. Harrison's fathor, L. J
Abnoy, who lias been sick at her
home on East Marion, for several
weeks, la slowly Improving.
It. B. Taylor visited his brother-in-law
Robt. Parrlsh, nt Miami,
Monday, Mrs. Parrlsh has been
sick for somo time and not Im
proving. Mrs. J. M. Crockott will leave
shortly tor not Springs, Ark. .She
haa been suffering for somo time
with rhoumatiam and is going to
tho Sprlnga to soo it sho can be
rollovod of It.
Nathan Bowles of north of town
who has ibocn sick for several
woeks, Is recovering and was able
to bci In town Friday, no and Mrs
Bowles loft Sunday for not Springs
Ark., thoy go there In tho hopes
that tho bathos and water will
onablo Mr. Bowlea to recover his
health moro rapidly.
Clus, Nlomclor told us Saturday
he had Just returned from a visit
to his friend Geo. n. Sellmoyer, Jr.
at Slator and found him doing nlco
ly. Mr. Sellmoyer la a young ba'nk
or ot Glasgow and thinks ho over
llftod in moving a safe. While, at
Slator last Wodncsday night he
was solzed with hemorhages
which aoemed serious but he is
now on tho safo road to recvoery.
Mr. Nlomeler also reports Philip
Lolnlngcr of Napton, very low.
Popular Couple Married
A courtship that has extended
ovor aporloJ ot three years term
inate! In tho wedding of4Miss Anna
Jonoa and Earl Hawkins Thursday
Noal who aro among Cooper a, ,,.,,. . , .
wealthy and highly reapected cltl- . u i ,
,n.tt ,i i. , i ii ,ws Doe made are always more or
zona and la a very estimable young , , . , .
i i ' ' b .less In tho nature of a Burprise,how
' ' t 1LI. - , .11.1 L.. I
l uvur, iiuiB unu iuu nui nurprise
Ino groom Is a young min ster , , , . ' ,
of the Cumberland Presbyterian ' lh pe ln "j0,
i. ,.i .i i l.":. i thoy have been watching this
of Mt. Olive and
Thoy will bo at homo after Feb.
5 on Redman Ave.
young couplo for somo time and
the result was just what had been
It la doubtful if there is a more
popular or hotter liked young cou
plo In town than Mr. and Mrs.
ITawklna. She Is tho daughter ot
Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Jones and Is
ono ot Olatho'a charming and good
Notice of Meeting for In
crease of Stock
Marshall. Mo.. Januarv 17.
toi"y8JS?SR!Z oo e sons ot Mr. and Mrs.
uoumy rair Association will bo held , "awR",B' " ,,uo u"3 "1U '"
at tho Circuit Court room in tho ploy of Hemphill & Nolson, the
te?ln , cIty, of Marsha". blackBmlUis, for somothlng over
Sir' o? Srrcnyioranono.& ' y -d he Is anatural
m.for thenurDOBeof votlnoimnn h born moclunlc. Earl la one ot
nronosttlnn. thnn ami ihaKA o.ik' lt.A iln. man nf n.t. i
proposition, then and there tobe sub
mitted to increase the capital stock
of (said Association from twenty
thousand dollars, Its present author
Iwd caplUl.to thirty thousand dollars.
Directors 1
Kd. H. Hawkins r'
C. O. Walker
A. J. Davia
W.S. Pile . , 4
a. r. tuucupK
John- Barr
Jas.W. Saarks
. A 'KeJttleaMB ot Ariadaa,
Haaged KlwaeU to the Wdpoat by
cooiw'.Jury was : "Deceased came
ttf' hia death by"eoml4j' liome full
ana auMajuny taxt'j Mi
the flno young men ot tho town.
They were married" at the Presby
terian manae by Rev. Buchanan.
Chaa, Hyer Jr., and Miss Amelia
Bewade. attended them,
Immediately after tho ceremony
they went to their own home, the
modern cottage of W. A. Mahattie
pn'.Baat Spruce St., which had pre
viously been furnished and was
ready for occupancy,
loth' of these young people are
to xjonfratulated. rhe Mirror
exWttd. abest, wlshs.01athe Mir
ror? 1.," ' '-.
.Jttla said that la heaves 'there U
uo Marriage or glvBig in marriage.
jwwo. f.i- v IProfeaWy that to WhV ttiii-
The Clate In
The Hedge
Why It. Was Closed and
" How Opened
Copyright by American Vttta Asao
claUon. 1911.
Pauline hummed a tuno under her
breath as sho tied the ribbons of her
Uttlo whlto shoes and reached for her
tennis racket With a swing of snowy
linen skirts she tripped down tho stairs
and out into tho golden California sun
Playing tennis by oneself U ncrcr
an entertaining pastime, but it is
good exercise, and when one lives with
a beautiful but melancholy maiden
aunt on a retired country estate cren
daily gymnastics can border ou thu
wildest excitement
Paulino's method consisted ln sorr
ing ono or mora balls across tho net
and then dashing nround Into tho op
posite court and returning tho scrr
Ico with lightning rapidity and again
darting back to return tho stroke.
Paulino flitted back and forth with
pink checks and shining eyes. Iter loos
ened hair fell In two long braids below
her slender waist and under her
breath sho hummed tho happy littlo
tuno broken by panting breath.
Once her strong young arm sent tbo
ball sailing high over tbe tall hedgo of
Cherokee roses into the grounds of tho
adjoining estate, and it was returned
to her with such surprising swiftness
that Involuntarily alio ac.it it back
again with a cry of triumph.
Again it returned, and once more
Paulino sent it flying over tbo hedge.
There was a sharp exclamation, soft
steps on tho turf, and then over tho
dividing wall of roses appeared a
shock of sun bleached hair, a pair of
good gray eyes and a handsome tan
ned countenance.
"Knocked me out there, littlo girl,"
grinned the young man, holding out
tho balL
Paulino's hands flew to her long
braids nnd wound them ln their accu
tomed coronet Even then she did not
look a day over fifteen, whllo sho was
really twenty-two.
"I beg your pardon," said tho
stranger, his grin fading away. "I
thought you wcro a littlo girl, don''
you know!"
"I'm not," explained Paulino with
dignity. "Thank you for returning tho
ball," holding out her hand. "Why, it's
not mine," she added, with a puzzled
glanco at him, "although It has lay
Initials on It"
"P. Q.V laughed ths man. "Those
are mine too. "I'm Paul Graham-1
live In tho stono house yonder," ho ex
plored. "Your ball disappeared, and I
substituted this one."
"I kow.M said Paulino, with a shy
smile. "Pro peeped at tho bouse
through tbe trees. It looks very lone
ly and mysterious with Its shuttered
"They are all wide open now, and If
you caro for neighbors hero we nrel
He smiled Ingratiatingly. "I'vo heard
there used to be a gate ln this Chero
kee hedge. I wonder where It Is."
.Paulino flushed delicately and looked
away with embarrassed eyes. "I be
Hove tho gate was down ln the ro
garden. It is nailed up now and over
grown with roses."
"Why was it nailed up? Do yon
know?" he asked bluntly.
She shook her bead slightly. "I have
often wondered. Onco I asked my
aunt. Miss Qreye, but she never an
awored my question. A gate between
two gardens always seems so friendly.
Don't you think bo?"
Ho nodded. "This used to bo our
homo, you know tho stono house, 1
mean but it Is many years since we
lived here. Slnco I was a little boy T
distinctly recollect that gato In the
hedge, and I havo always retained a
vision of a stately young womau with
jet black balr and a coldly beautiful
faco. who walked In a wilderness ot
roses on tho other slda of tbe gate.
"That must have been Aunt Ruth,"
said Paulino. "Only her hair Is like
suow. But sho is still beautiful and
so cold. I wish she were not"
"I'm taking a holiday. I wish your
aunt would Invito mo over to play ten
nis. Perhaps sho remembers me," sug
gested Graham.
"I'm sure she would Invite you If she
anew you were here," sold Paulino
politely. "1 must run In now. She
would scold If sho know I had talked
so long with a stranger. Dut It's
awfully dull here. That Is my only
excuse." She moved slowly away and
nodded n friendly farewell.
Tho door of tho library was ajar, and
Paulino pushed It gently open and
peeped inside.
Seated r a flat desk was Ruth
Greye. In the subdued light of the
dimly lighted room sho looked like i
marble statue. Her gown was white,
and above It bcr white throat arose ln
a stately column to support her beau
tlful bead. Her face waa lovely ln
plte of its pallor and crowned with
soft messes of prematurely whitened
hair. Her brows formed straight black
lines, and tbe dark lashes and browa
eyes were drooped over the desk. One
white hand gilded smoothly across tho
paper as aha wrote.
; PaaHae watched her with adaalra
ttoa U her eyes. What could have
bem tbe serrew tsat sad taken all the
Itht from her aaaVs face aud left It
l beautiful aaaak et woe?
Miss preys looked up and taught th
Ikl'a admbtsc, sase.' A fatat t)4Bk
tasea aer caeek sua tnea rasC
wipes aer sea ana maces it en. '
tray, throat her papers la a velvet pert
fblio knA arose to her stately height
"Pauline," she said la her alow cos
tralto, "1 have instructed Janes te
lay out a new court on the north tide
of the house, in tbe meantime please
do not play tennis."
"Why not?" asked Pauline boldly.
"Because 1 desire It" returned ner
aunt haughtily. "That should be rea
son enough, Pauline, but 1 will add
that the owners of the house next door
havo returned, and I forbid any one
of my household having communica
tion with them."
"1 am sorry." said Pauline calmly,
"but I hav- been talking with the son.
Paul Graham."
"What do you mean? Where did you
meet him?" demanded Miss Greye
In a few words Pauline rotated the
Incident which had led to her acquaint
anco with young Grabam. "Ho said
be used to know you when he was a
littlo boy. Aunt Itutb, but If you don't
wish mo to I won't speak to blra
Miss Greye s flno eyes blazed with
anger. "I do not forbid you to, Pan
line, but 1 hope you will not Paul
Graham's father Ia a detestable man.
When I tell you that once upon a time
I was engaged to marry him ho was a'
widower, and Paul was a littlo lad la
dresses then. Walter Grabam Is a
publisher, und I showed him a poem X
bud written. Pauline, bo laughed at
Pauline, startled by this sudden con
fidence, knew not what to say. Mak
ers of boaks and publishers were re
moto beings who rarely strayed lnte
her practical littlo world. Still, she
longed to comfort tbe troubled woman.
"Perhaps be laughed because was
It n humorous poem. Aunt Hutu?" ahs
aBkcd timidly.
"Humorous!" scoffed Miss ireyo. "It
was called 'Love's Dirge.'-
"Oh." sold Paulino faintly. "I have
no doubt It was a beautiful poem."
"It was." admitted the poetess brief
ly. "After that, of course, everything
tvas ended between Walter and me. I
hnd tho gnto In the roso garden nailed
up, aud now the hedge has so over
irrovn it that It cannot bo found. It
Ii llko the Incident It Is closed for
ever." "And overgrown with tho roses of
memory," murmured Paulino as she
left tho room and went upstairs.
In the Ibrary Ruth Grcyo stood
with down bent bead, her eyes fixed
on tbo rug at her feet "Tbo roses of
memory," she repeated softly, nnd
thcro wero tears In her eye.
At tho end of six weeks tbo repairs
on the stone house were about com
pleted. Fattier and son bad overseen
the regeneration of tbo neglected es
tate until It verily bloomed as ths
roses that crowded It. Paul Graham
tind registered time by his encounters
with Paulino Greye.
They hud met many times. Four
times he had pasjied her pony cart as
his motor whizzed by. Then he bad
tint! of tho cor as an unsociable
means of locomotion and mounted a
horse. Often ho had overtaken her
equipage and ridden slowly besldo her
as they talked, for Pauline bad de
cided sho would avail herself to Miss
Orpye's permission nnd continue her
acquaintance with tho most Interest
ing young mau sho bad over met
Their acquaintance ripened quickly,
and one day when Paulino returned
home and saw tho reflection of her
own happy face in tho mirror she
blushed ns she realized she bad learn
ed tho most beautiful thing ln tho
world. After that she did not drive.
Sho shyly kept to tbo northern grounds
or dreamed over n book ln tho wide
Paul haunted tbe roads restlessly.
Uls own lovo wtv nn acknowledged
fact to himself, yet bt-cuuse of Pau
line's unguarded position ho dared not
trust himself to see much ot her, and
be was mlserablo when she, too, hid
herself away.
Ono gloriously !eautlful morning
Itutb Greye arose from a sleepless
couch and walked slowly umong the
dew drcuched roses lu her gurdea.
She stopped uow and tbcu to inhale
tho fragrance of a Cloth of Gold roso
or to break u tiny cluster of half open
ed buds. Suddenly she en mo to the
place where tbe hedgo had overgrown
the rustic gate. Sho stopped abruptly
and looked with startled eye-.
The hedge had been carefully trim
med away, and tho rustic gate, releas
ed from its fastenlugs, swung Idly
with tho light breeze, Ituth moved
close to the hedgo uud burled her face
In tho sweet smelling roses.
Thero wus a Ann step on the path,
and sho looked up quickly to ineot tho
glance of Walter Grnhnm ou tbo other
sldo of tho rustle pile. Her breath,
came quickly, and he summoned all
ber pride aud fortitude to steel her
heart against her former lover.
His hand was on tbo swinging- gate.
'You have opeued it at last, Ituth,"
he said In a low tone. "Did you open
It for me after ull these years?"
Shu did not auswor. Sho was look
ing through tbe vistas of the rose gar
den, for In tbo distance two people-'
were walking. It was Paul and Pau
lino, and his urni was about her waist,
and the g it of hor golden balr uhons
against thi black of his coat So Ituth"
nnd Walter had onco walked ln years
gone by.
"Did you open tbe gate tor me.
Ruth?" repeated Walter Graham pa
tiently. Ruth pointed toward tbe levers. ul
am too proud and ohstlsate to de asck
a gracious deed." aha said slowly.
"She Pauuae uet have spaaed th
gate for your son. Walter, 1st ass
open the jte far you. WHl jou eoaiaH
hackr She, laid her hasdlew th ia!,?
cud It swung back tor tae trat Ubm t
Maay -yaara te, adult biat' W the 'gar-' -!
of hla tors. ' ' ' ,
7 j

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