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County News
Henry VJcbroik anil wife wsrc
Marshall visitors Tuesday.
Joo Crosslin, wL'o and baby were
In Slater Friday.
J. R, Ileumaii was in Slater Fri
day and was nccompanicd home
by lila daughter who spent Satur
day and Sunday with homcfo'.ka
Dr. Sharp was called Tuesday to
dec Cecil Inian, who was quite sick
tut is; reported better now.
Mrs. A. Huff has returned homo
after an cxtendsd visit with rela
tives In Slater.
E. F. Dctmer was transnctliig.bus
incA3 in Marshall Tuesday.
Mis Lillian Henslck returned on
Friday from an extended visit In
Marshall. She was accompanied
home by Mlas Dcllorcso Ncff who
wan Tier guest until Sunday.
Mlas Janie Johnson has rttutn'd
to Slater after having spent sev
eral daya with homcfolks,
lira. I. F. .Ncff, of Hardeman
pcnt several days last week with
her mother who. la sick.
Dr. J. n. Davidson made n pro
fessional ci'l h'.rs Tuesday morn
S. A. Imon and son were trading
with the ailllam merchants Satur
day afternoon.
Or6on King ind family were Sin
ter visitors Saturday.
Has Them Guessing
Joe Plattncr waa down from
Grand Pass Friday after n pnlr
of the latest handcuffs because he
didn't like to. let any man get
the best of him.
A alight of hand performer had
been lowing at Grand Tass nnd
one of the mysterious things hi
did' -waa to. got rid of a pnlr or
two of hand-cuffa and in order to
give him a genuine teat Mr. Flat
tner came after a pair from tin
Sheriff's office that would' sure
"hold .the man. Ho nays ho put
them on Saturday night good uml
tight, but the man got rid of
them in short order, as well .11 a
pair of thumb holders. Sheriff
Ilnynlo promised to go up him
self and look into tho matter if
he got out and Mr. Haynlo la now
billed to. meet tho man at Malta
Bend Saturday night We'd laugh
if Mr. Haynlc- found himself hand
cuffed, aftor trying them on tho
other fellow, and tho koy became
i fTho littlo child of Mr. and Mrs.
Xco Woodward otWhltoa Island
lto't qulto o wclL Tho little fel
low has been suffering with in
llamatory rlieumatism,
fThia port, of tho neighborhood
mi' wpU roprcacntcd at tho all
weeks show in our city. It proved
to he ono of tho heat that has ever
vial ted Grand Pass.
Henry Utlaut la nuking prepara-.
tion to build a 9-room house near
tho; site o( Ids present' dwelling.
Tho. houao will have all tho mod
ern conveniences that are- required
to make an ideal homo.
The greater portion of thla en
tire neighborhood have been sum
moned to Marshall on proposed
lira, John Tolle and daughter,
Mia Anna, were 'all day guests at
the home of Loo ,Woodward and
family last Sunday.
Mrs. Hariah White passed to her
reward Sunday April 21sfc 1913, at
9 a. ta: She leaves five children
who were, at her bedside when the
end came, A host of other rcia
ilvea and friends aro left to mourn
her departure! but feeling their
lose is hor eternal gain. Burial at
Waverly cemetery Tuesday at 2
p. m. Heartfelt sympathy is ex
tended to the. bereaved ones.
Nervous ?
Thin? Pale?
Are you easily tired.lack your
usual vigor and strength?
Then your digestion must be
poor, your blood must be
thin, your nerves must be
weak, you neea a strong
inlf Win nprffl A J.r's
IVIlll! w w s w
Sarsaparilla, the only Sarsa-
1tUIUH Villi v7 vw w.m wvw-
ho? We believe your, doctor
will 'endorse these state-
.. . , 'S
ments. ask ana .nna .qui.
it I
Again we want to call special attention to our two
New Departments
We have added a complete line of
Team Harness
and it will.be to the interest of anyone needing a set
of harness to see us before buying. We will save
you money
Meat Department
We are very much gratified to have so many of
our customers tell us that we are giving them the
best meat they ever bought. We only buy the best
and have on hand all the time the very choicest cuts
of beef, mutton, veal, pork, sausage and everything w
11.. 1 L i -- !..!. 1 L il ,.. O
usuany Kept in u mm cinss meat lviurKuc. uome in
or call us up.
Poultry Supplies
Come to us for "Crys-co" Grit, Oyster Shells,
Chicken Feed, Lice Killer and Poultry Fence. We
call special attention to PRATT'S NEW BABY
CHICK FOOD which is the finest thing on the mar
ket for the chick just hatched. Try it.
Groceries '
We will have this week new tomatoes, -green
beans, pie plant, spinach, green peas, radisheSjCabbagOj t
oranges, grape fruit, pineapples, lettuce, bananas uind
strawberries and romember we sell all of the above
cheaper than others.
Seed Potatoes
We have a few Extra Fancy Red River Ohio seed
potatoes left' and while they last will sell at $1.90 per
bushel. We also handle Burpees celebrated bulk
garden seed.
Yours for business,
I P. S. Choice country sorghum, per gallon, 60c.
v Miss Irene Welch left last week
for Minnesota for medical twat
ment Miss Elizabeth Evrard went to
Marshall last Thursday to attend
thCjj wedding of hsr sister, Miss
Corn Evrard to W. M itozcll o.'
Malta Demi.
W. J. E. Connell o. Marshall,
was a professional visitor to our
town Sunday. .
Mr. and Mrs. Fr.ink Qarl were
the guesta of ra'aM7cs near Mar
shall Saturday a.u lunday.
Mra. lh T. Brlghtwcll was called
to Marshall ,it" week to assist In
caring for her alck mother.
Mrs. Josephine Crank, cn Elmjr
anil daughter, Elizabeth, w r- Sun
day gueata of A. B. Cort an . m-
Mra. A. T. Kldd and UtUc nice
Corinc Ouatcrhout, of Roadhou;?,
III., were gueata of Mrs. Itaihil
Ouatcrhout thla week.
E. K. Evans and family of Mar
shall were last week guests of Dr.
and Mra. TutUc.
- Walter Qwinn of Slater hasb?cn
the guest of friends here for sev
eral days.
Mr. F. W. Tuttlc was a Marshall
visitor Tuesday.
Mra O. M. Spencer was a guest
of her filet cr, Mrs. J. II. Howard In
Marshall Inst week.
?Mra. C. J. Oquest and son wore
Blackburn visitors Friday.
Mra It M. Wright waa a Mar
shall visitor Saturday.
The oldest son of Mauri?? DmI
has been sl;k but Is better.
",Mra Tom Knott was a visitor to
Marshall Tuesday.
Mra Jako Kuykond.il! of tho
Crotchcr neighborhood died Mon
day 15. Mra Kuykondall lias been
in poor health for eomo Ume.
Mra Jeff Smith and eon, J. D.
and daughtor, Catherine, spent u
few days with hor mother, Mrs.
McDanlcl of Houatonia lost week.
Little Albert VanBusklrk has
been real akk but Is reported hot
ter at this writing. "
Mra Charles Lear and .daughter,
Maud, spent tho day Friday with
Mra Wilt Fltxgorald.
MIko McQlnnla is reported very
low at this writing!.
Mr. and Mra John Lee made a
business trip to Sweet Springs on
Saturday afternoon.
Marlon Lee has been real sick
the lost few daya
Miss Anna Stafford spent Sun
day afternoon with Mra Fitzgerald
Mra Nellie Oar -of Mt Leonard,
returned to her home yesterday af
ter a few days: visit with her
father Mr. McQlnnla.
The farmers in this neighbor
hood hive le?n drJggln? th io d
which makes them cons!df ribh
b'ettcr. Lft the gooil work go on.
'Mrs. Uriah Maysc visited her
daughter, Mra Samuel Hothro?k
Thursday evening.
Mrs. Walter Smith was a plcas1
ant caller on Mrs V. A Smith o i
Monday ovenlng.
Mrs. Edward Scott snent Satur
day evening with her aunt, Mra
J.' C. Baldwin.
MIm Mary Hell Akcman snent a
few dnya last wesk with h?r sis
ter, Mrs. a. C. Leonard.
Walter Mayae nnd family were
guests of hit father. Uriah Mavsc
and family Sunday.
.Miss fcarah Baldwin Rnent Snt-
ilrtlay night with her cousin, Miss
Mary F. Smith.
.1. W. KI1lls.n ...If- ...
i ......w.. .mi. wuu were an
way euc&ta of T. A. rn.uui,
(va II IMS
family Sunday.
W. A. Smith nnd wife and r
King and wife sj)cnt Sunday even-
Colonel Mooro spent Saturday ln, 0corK? King and family.
night wiU homcfolks. . . "muy visited G
Claud Markaburv sawed wood '1KJ!mnn anu family Sunday.
for John Noblo nnd Tom Lewis wnnra and family were
Friday. . BUC"lB 01 Marshall Akcman
Mra. .Tnlin TlrAum M Tftv rtn. i.umiy ounuay.
roU and UtUo daughter callod on r"ruiur "?ousiier died at his
Mra J. W. Caldwell Friday after- me "c-htl'f mile caBt of Rose
noon. ' V -"urc tvecmcauay, April 17
Mr. and Mra David Adams are . .5 In tho afternoon
fhn nrnitil nnmnf nt u .nn anu OUnea In UlO German rmr.
MIsa Ira BoU of Marshall will '"l morning at 10 o'clock.
teach tho Jester school next year. "rs I,Uea W regular ap-
Mr. and Mra Charley Laxton JT , . 1 ai -n"ian Union on
were called down to Nelson last $ ny mornInr and evening,
week on account of the illness of
Mrs. Laxtona father, who has been I . AYRES
very low with pneumonia; I1'
asm Buuer of Mexico Was In this ; wau do another sshool
vicinity last week. meeting held at tho Walker school
a st nwiawv-n air si mb ii ah o a & i cuubu itui v w inn iha m.. .
vrs wsm I a wau jUijJUM7 0(
UtUe Warren Caldwell Friday, .Tho "icreasiag ma school taxes. Tho
UtUe fellow is Improving rather oe increased 25c more on
Are you thinking
of VALU,E in
clothes ? or of
. Why not have
You can get both
Because we deal
in the clothes of the
famous Kirschbaum
Cherry Tree Brand.
You cannot buy
clothes of better
stylet as the
IZirschbaum design
ers are creators of
You cannot get
better quality: for
the Kirschbaum
clothes are chemically-tested
and fast color; and
each garment is
thoroughly hand
tailored. We have these
Kirschbaum suits inc""",1A:D,K!,l,c,'M'wca-
. ihc Klrsctibaum Liiaic
a complete range or
models and pat
ternsfrom .ultra
conceits for the younger
fashion lenders to con
servative cuts and fabric
effects ior men of quiet
Splendid "True Blue"
serge and other blue
fabrics ; alluring browns
and snappy tans; cool,
restful grays, and so
forth, in many weaves.
All dependable. All
with the Kirschbaum
label. All guararjitcd.
And at these r: aest
prices: $15, $18, 520,
$22, $25 to $35.
See the Kirschbaum
$22 Special Worsteds.
Rich in colorings; foft
and silky in feel. Wcven
with two-ply warp both
ways. A forty-dollar
value in a merchant
tailor shop.
Leylie DowningClotiing Co.
the dollar valuation.
Mra Julia Walker is very
tlda week.
Tho steamer "Golden Bod" pass
ed up the river lato Saturday eve.
It tied up over night near tho
mouth of Graves creek.
Tho Sunday school and church
meeting at Now Prospect was well
attended Sunday. We hopo you
will continue your attendance.
There will be preaching there May turned Sunday.
5Rev. Bruncr from Liberty, Mo.,
will lead tho mrvlcc. Several are
in favor of getting him for our
V. B. Dulaney and family visited
J.R. Dunlaney and family Sunday.
Misses Leila and Btta Cook were
gucato of Miss Cora Dulaney Sun
day ovenlng.
The river la foUlng foal now. It
seems that there is no danger of
floods now, without thwv. is heavy
ralna coming from up the river.
Joe Dennis our wood lawyer is
back in tho Ayres neighborhood"
Charley Nauglo and wife went to
Gilliam Saturday evening and rc-
The writer mlaundcrbtood the
announcement of church' liieeUng,
last Sunday. Please excuse the
mistake. The ItcmB cro correct
thla week. '
Tho farmers across the river art?
vory busy farming as they have
to burn their cornstalks. it night.
Reich Bros, sold a bunch
hogs to N. J. GIgor last week.
Hugo Strodtman bought a) mare
from Bob Ham of Slater paying
Mcsdamea Staub and Kunto and ,or j;L
children wore shopping In Mar
shall Saturday.
Mr. and Mra Ernest Sailor and
littlo daughter apent tho day with
Mr. and Mra . J. Blbsser Sunday
uoo wicnuil spent several daya
tho first of this week In Donton
n n n ti f-r lnVtn oam T. I
Miss Annabel! Hanner spent Tim V Z ' i u i
Sunday with Mlas Hattlo Blosser, "tUo Rock farmer possod through
Mr. ani Mra Q. H. Ki" spent S2 .lYl
a. .wa,.,m. tr.' Juma wnrwuno wranut was uio
. mm.msj vavit 4Jaa uuu una.
Rf J. KUor.
U 'VOul'Ibtak. constipation la of. irjHlsg
consrquencsajUM, H tour decisr. hs
wlll ditfcuQiof t5'; notion In short
W. CifectUt aVAnsil' JisUI
Moyor Broa sold a car load of
corn to Mr. Dies of Gilliam atCOc
per bushel, also smaller lota to IT.
Johnnlng and August Nolko of
this place.
Ed Sprckzer and mother of now
ard county were hero on business
ono day last week.
Mr. and Mra Irvin Bloaser
apent Sunday afternoon with Mr.
Blossora parents.
Quite a number from thla neigh
borhobd attended the musical in
Malta Bend Saturday night.
Tiie utud baby of Mr. and Mra
iS" Sunday d adance ZHZS
?JZrrZJZF in Howard county Tuesday night
guest of hor slater, Mrs. H. John
nlng last Sunday.
O. n. Davis sold butchor stuff
to Joo Shoppard of near Slater
last, 'week.
Ilugo Kosaler left for St Louis
last Saturday for a short visit to
.friends and relatives there.
Several of our young people ati
a short illness of spinal monlngl
Mr. Femsley, returned to Mar
shall Monday,
orwn upnatoiciiowiogero
Sunday is tho Patron feast of I
St 'Joseph's society, ' The High
Mass will be at 8 o'clock during I
whieJi (01 the member are expect
ed to receive Holy Communion.
Confederate Veterans Reunion
at Macon, Ga., May 7-8-9
On instructions from the Commander-in-Chief of the Missouri Diyi;
sion, the following routes has been designated ts .
the Official Route
Chicago & Alton, Kansas City to St. Louis
Louisville & Nashville, St. Louis to Nashville "
N.C. & St. L.Ry. Nashville to Atlanta via Chattanooga
Central of Georgia Ry., Atlanta to Macon
Through sleeping cars will be run from St. Louis to Macon, the rate for
double berth being $4.25. The Chicago & Alton Flyer No. 22 will be used into
St. Louis, leaving Kansas City J0:00 a. m. May 4, and a special , car will be on this
train for the accommodation of, the Veterans. You are cordially invited to join
the party. For full information, including reservations in sleeping car address:
iwn imp
una am vmm
w savavv V
mi a.
b& 0 mandiafter thlafco&lrinatlon
W Vfii aT i i . t" ft . . v.m f"
h, A'uto9b,' BWi,riifcvncow, jjunngjuuc month ot
iVE$atiSttl.& ffi IWfidotton. evear Ayatter.
i E. ST0CKIIAH: -MiH On SundsysVatterhe high
COB IMCl.ll v.
9 r i
'Malta n.J, k. mass.

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