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A i
Qooi rnaa
3 NHmber of paper
printed weekly
I (sworn)
B 3,100
H. L BtbttW, of Malta Bend
th Victim
TJio. wwa of an awful automo
bllo accident afr Malta; Bead caused
a big sensation tra and else
where jteturtUy evening. The in
terested parties had been In Mar
shall shopping And "being well
known hero our city was also
mucti stir rod. I
Mr; and Mrs. II. I. Blower, their,
daughter, Ml Myrl, and pay no
Slosher had been to 'Marshall shop
pin Saturday and left about five
o'clock for tholr homo in Malta
Bend, where Mr. Bloaier conduct
ery bttatnesa.
n they had reached tnolovci
stretch of road just oast of Mal
ta Bend and noar the- old M. W.
Walker farm they decided to over
take Walker Baker who was ahead
and speeded, jip their 55 horse
power Auburn auto to 45 miles
an hour. This speed was a littlo
too great and the car commenced
to away. .Realising his danger,
Mr. Blower applied tho emergency
brake, but failed to shut of the
gasoline. This caused Ihe mach
ine to awing around and put tho
full, momentum against the four
wheel sidewiao turning it over
and landing it on the aide. 8om
port of the auto hit Mr. Bloaser
and fractured hi skull, killing him
almost instantly. Mrs. BlosserWaa
caught under tho machine and
suffered some severe bruises s
did ateo Mlsa Myrl, who also hs'd
her shoulder dislocated, and a
painful bruise on her ankle.
Mr. Stouter was thrown clear
of the wreck and was stunned n
few minute but suffered no In
juries, and cam, quickly to the
relief of. the ladle. ,w ,.
Mr. Baker "bad also seen the ac
cident and after assisting as best
lie could, drovo rapidly to Malta
Bend for tho throo physWansDrs.
Brown and Aiken.
Loulo Blosser, whoso office Is op
'poaito tho Republican, waa alao
sent for and made tho run ot
twelve miles in Ida car In twenty
minutes, liut WIS tOO lato to be
of much aaslstance.
Tho accident la a most unfortun
ato one, especially as tho family Is
on olf our most prohdncnt and
MMwetea ones. Tho damage to
ckr waa very light
Henry Wbjuael Bloaser would
have been 42 years old noxt Aug
ut "si. lflia. IIo was a eon of
Henry Bloaser, a prominent farm
er of Blower. Besides the sor
rowing' wife and five chlldron ha
la survived by the following sis
ters and brothers Quincy Blosser
Norway, Kansas; William Blosser,
Snrfanrfleld, Mo.; E. J. and Louie
HlrMuur of Blosser: Mrs. Ward
Heskett Jefferson City. fTke
children are Myrl, Myron, . Mor
ris, Frank and Louis Blosser:
All the relatives were summon
ed at once and moat of them were
able to bo ab the funeral.
Rtiheral- services wero hold at
the Christian church in Malta Bend
of which deceased was a member,
at 140 p. m. Monday, Rev. Talbot,
of Slater; conducting tho sirvlcea.
The remains were' then taken to
Union cemetery, wset of Marshall
and latd( ta rest lri" the Blosser
family lot with Masonic honors.
The pall bearers WerojOtf a Walk
er, JL II. Farnsley, Robt. Montague,
Archie VonAnglen; Forney- Baker
and Everett Walker. The funeral
was otae of "tho largest over held
in tho community.
ty assessor of Saline, died at his
home in tho northeastern suburbs
of Marshall Friday evening April
86th, after along illness of cat
arrh of the stomach. He is sur
vived by his wife and two child
ren, James Hoy and Bernlee.
Mr. Johnson was aa' exemplary
young man, hard-working and
steady? and had worked his way
up from the ka in a very ere dat
able) manner. It waa probablyhk
hard work .that caused him to
break down.-, He was a faithful
menber of ike Methodist charch,
wa a kind husband and .father.
He waa born on Aucuet 10th,
1872, on a farm fburvmes, south
cast of Slater and was aspn of
Mrs. J. L, Johnson. In September
1895, he was married to Miss Laura
Rkder, of Slater. Ho is also sur
vived by one brother, Charles, of
Slater, and five sisters Mrs. Jas
per Jonnson, oiiwest Plains, Mo.;
Mrs. T.J. Lawlor, Mrs, T. J.
Stroud, of SUvtor; Mra J. H. Dye,
Enid, Okta.; Mrs. M. B.Byrd, Sla
Ho was a member of tho Knights
of Pythias and Odd FoUows lodg
es and they, had charge of the
burial which occurred In Slater
Sunday afternoon. .Revs. ,A. R.
Farla and J.T. Prltchctt preached
the funeral sermons.
Mr. Johnson had been county
assessor for about threo years.
His unexpired term will no doubt
bo fWed by Oov. Hadley by ap
pointing someone promptly.
CALVIN p. SNODDY, died at
his home three miles northwest
of town Monday, April 29th, of
cancer, aged 64 years. Mr. Snod
dy .had been a sufferer from this
ailment along time and waa con
fined to his room for Nearly a
year. lie is survived by his wife
and one. son, Calvin Jr.
Mr. Snoddy was agdod man and
desirable citizen. He was a mem
ber of the Presbyterian church
and Uvcd a consistent life.
Funeral services were conduct
ed by his former pastor. Rov.
McCane, of Lee's Summit, Mo.,
at the residence Wednesday after
noon and burial at Ridge, park.
The pallbearers were six nephews,
of deceased.
tho little daughter of Mr. and Mrs,
W.C. Thompson, of West Morgan,
dJcd Tuesday, April 30 1912 of
hepatitis, aged 4 years, 3 months,
and 31 days. Tho little girl was
never strong and was called to a
better land where sickness and
pain aro no more her Lot Tho
remains wore taken to Ridgopark
cemetery after services at the
home Wednesday morning.
Jamison, and had many friends
here and over the county who ad
mired her good qualities. Funer
al services were conducted by Rev.
A. R, Faxls at tho residence Sun
day afternoon and another abort
scrvico was held, at the. grave in
the Arrow Rock cemetery Monday
Bearalk the daughters named, she
is survived by a son, M. A. Jam
ison, ot Sapulpa, Okln., anddaugh
ter, Mra. At J. Davis, of Hardeman
who both came to Marshall at
wife of .Thomas Davis, died fit
their homo on East Yerby eudden
ly about nine o'clock Tuesday oven
ing. Slto had been enjoying her
usual health and had been to sec
her nelghbprtf, (BUas Redman's,
that ovcnlnjg, go that doath came
as a complete surprise. When she
felt tho attack coming on nhct
went to tho porch and sat down
in a chair ,and informed a lady
staying with her that she was
sick and aha dlod in a few min
utes later. 8he, was Ofl years old
and a gtood lhrlstinn lady. FuV
ncral services wero conducted at
tho First Presbyterian church by
Rov. McCain yesterday at 2.30 p.
wife of Philip Q. Wright, a promi
nent colored former of Nap ton,.
died suddenly of dropsy Tuesday.
Sho was prominent In church and
social work among her people, and
was much respected.
Her remains wero laid to rest in
the colored cemetery near Nap
ton Wodnesday.
Boonville Won
Tho annual debate between the.
Marshall and Boonvlllla high
schools took place in our high
school auditorium Monday even
ing. Leon Snyder and Raymond
Downs represented Marshall while
E. Coram and Floyd Orcar took
part for Boonville. Tho Boonvlllo
crowd came up in a special train
and 'tho debaters woro short pants,
no doubt to mako our boys feel
small in being beaten by a bunch
of "kids." The Marshall boys had
the affirmative sldd of tho ques
tion of tho "Bccall of Judges" and
lost 2tol. Tho judges wero Prof.
Van Cleaver of Columbia, Rev:
B. T. Wharton, Marshall, and n
Boonville attorney.
Honor Roll of Prairie View
Below are tin nnnu of those
iri Ithc pralrlo view school who
hdve not misspelled a word for
List number ono-Gcorgla Seibcrt
nclen Smith, Nicholas Smith, Elva
At Marshall Thursday and
Friday, May 9 and 10.
2i00 p.m. Convention called to
order by State Chairman Stokes
Mlpsourl Valley College Quart
ettcj Addrcsscss of welcome, on be
half of the city, on behalf of the
Churches of Marshall, on behalf
of t Intercollegiate prohibition
Clqb on behalf of the Saline
County W. C. T. U. and tho pro
hibitionists of Saline County.
Rcponso to addresses ot Wol-
Temporary Organization.
Missouri Valley College Quar
tette. '
Reading, by Miss Mahan.
Intercollegiate Prohibition Ora
torical Contest. Five contestants.
8:00 p.m. Address, non. A. S,
Watklna ot Ohio Vlcc-presiden-Ual.
Candidate on tho prohibition
ticket in 1908.
Awarding prlzo in contest
90 n.m. Permanent Organiza
Reports ot -other committees.
1.I5. Address by Hon A. S.
Special Order.
2:00 p.m. Addresses by Gov
ernor John P. St John, CoL
8obieskl and Mrs. Carrie Leo Carter-Stokes.
Veteran's nour.
8:00 p.m. prayer.
Missouri Valley College Quar
Reading by Miss Malian.
Address by Mrs Mary narrls
Armor Ex-President Georgia
State W.C.T.U.
Unfinished Business.
Final adjournment.
All aro cordially invited to come
MRS. ROBT REYNOLDS dledat .IStoboU; Urton, Annie Bod
April 30th, after a several months (Elvln MunnP.
' List (number two Below Is tho
name of the one who' has not mis
spelled Ibut one word during the
C. L. Grimes, tcachor.
lllncssi She waa a sister of MrsL
John. Reynolds, of this city, and
formerly resided In Cooper coun
ty, her maiden name being Miss
vltA w,rwli-. w.V w month, Gertrude Taylor.
member of the Presbyterian church
and lived a consistent faithful life.
She is survived by hor husband
and a large family of children,
nor remains were brought back to
Nolson. yesterday and laid to rest
In.tho Nelson cemetery about noon.
tho old atnd respected citizens ot
Clay, township, died at his home
seven miles southeast of Slater,
Sunday, April UAt, at tho aga oi
72 years and five days. The
funeral ..services were hold at
Fish Crock Baptist church .on
Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock,
and 'were conducted, by Rev. J.
N. Wlnn.-Slaier Rustler.
MRS. HUTSOto, wife of I, .P.
Hutson, vged 3i years, dle.d at
the homo of her' parents; Mr.
The wife and children have the and -Mrs. M. D; Powell, about
community's sympathy in the Iobs' one mile north ot aitllam, Friday,
of a kind husband and father, April 19th. The unera! service
conducted by Rev. J. Edwin
Ki j u.. Cm Ull Norvell, was held at the resl
illed by Emery Wheel doHce m SuBdjy afUrnoon.
Thomas 'G. pittard was killed' at ( where many friends ot tho fam
Lorknert (Sppwa, on April astfh. ly lly gathered to"pay the last trl
the burstBg of an emery wheel, buto ot respect Slater Rustler,
a niece f uJhich ctruck him in the
-breast His.remalM were brouilit MRS. I DMOHIA SJAMISQN died
-'..- ... fv ., t'al-O a J 11.. VamI1 blii f41xm1 wai Um a am Bass!
MitiVaiUwii(mmA stUr heart failure, Mtwn. .
'wVies; Mrs. JwokoH came here, from
'Wrki: etWiry': bwrUL ' Arrow -Roek sfcofit five years age
VrllAMMUHtaMra-'irwtn . 9U ms;Biji.''swp , .wwai ww, w,,obm
:.wiM4rvlv'ihlm;H? ok.T,U7 f sml hsdre-
, .V'i&J ViLZitZsZAj?: JlitHHii
I. O. O. F. Anniversary
The Odd Fellowa ot Malta Bend
on April. 26th celebrated tho 97th
anniversary ot Odd Fellowship in
America. 'After a short business
session th6 doors wora thrown
open to 'the Rebokahs and wives
ot Odd Fellows.
Tho program rendered was as
Organ Voluntary, Mlw Leah Thorn
ton, Malta Bend. fV
Song, Revive Us Affalnby-lodge.
invocauos,. Kev. ueo. k. uoncs,
Vocal Solo, MU Nadlnc Denning,
Malta Bead.
Address o&Welcomo, E. G. Guth
rey Dlst. Deputy Grand Master,
Malta Bend. , " .
Address, History' of Odd" Fellow
ship, Dr. A A. iWhceler, post
Grand Master, Miami.
Duet, Misses $eah Thornton and
NadinoDenritng, Malta" Bend,
Addrc&8,Gopd Of the Order.'Rev.
uncalled, tor Letters Bleat 1i(eTho Tio that Binds,
Remaining tin tho Marshall, Mo. lodge .
post lofflce May 1st, 1912. If not Song, God Bo With You Till We
callod Ifor in 15 days, will bo sent I Meetv Again, lodge.
to fcho dead lettor office at Wash- . Prayer, Rev. Geo. E. Jones, Miami,
ingtori, ID. C. J After the program a two couraj
Miss Bessie phllpott. j lunch of ham sandwich, ipeanut
Mesdames Molllo. Clemons, Belle i butter sandwiches, fruit salld, oys-
Dlckorson,, Emma Wilson. ' jor salad, pickles, ico cream and
Messrs. jkov. waiter Llllaru, Geo. Icake and. coffee.
Public Meeting
The temperanco people of Mar
shall met in tho court houso Mon
day to organize for the coming
local option election.'' There waa
good attendance. Dr. J. E.
Harris presided. About (300 was
rawed and another meeting call
ed for Thursday night.
Flaky Biscuits
Delicious Cake
Healthful Food
made wiih
Dr Prices
The product of
Toll all your bells, O cities by the Seal
Toll bolls ot grief from cross-crowned tower and dome,
Toll tor men loved -and praised that come not home,
Toll for tho homeless exile, now set free
In God's invisible city, where shall be
No more farewells, no death and no more sea.
O all ye ships ot ocean, lift your prayer,
Through the dark midnight air, i
Unto tho pitying God; whose angel Death
Men's souls from land and son each .moment summoncth,
nd guards in voiceless gloom
Of tho Qreat Deep, one vast, unscrlpturcd tomb,
Where heedless of our tears
Sleeps an unnumbered host, that hears . ,
No storm forovermdre, nor mortal tears.
Ring bella of honor for the- dying brave:
For proud, unflinching chivalry that gave
its wealth and glory to the engulfing wave,
And trusting God above,
Over tho woman in her weakness threw
Manhood's strong shield of love,
In 'ono swift hour of sacrifice that drew
Many hearts back to God,
And Joined thcra with nis blessed Cross who trod
Gcthsemane, wind conquering the grave
From nln and death did save. ,j
Toll bolls ot pity, swinging sad and and slow! 1
To many an altar many mourners go.
Whilo to the desolate exiles' widowed band.
Fraternal heart and charitable hand
Glvo pitying welcome to a -stranger's land
Ring bolls of prayer above the kneeling throng I
Ring bolla ot hope, O cities by the sea!
Tell faith's unfathomable mystery ' '
In organ volco of song,
Uttering sorrow's benodlcite
"0 love of God! O dosp and boundless seal" Theodore Williams.
t ;
i 1
u-lth a fuller" determ'n itlovi to live , Ins tho thirty years he has been
up to the requirements ot the . on the road.
grand order and feeling that It 1
was good to .have been there. Church Notes
E. Gj Guthroy, D. D. G M
." . Jacob VanDyke will reprcssnt
Around Town
One. of our readers asks us to
publish the following directions
for killing ;a cur: Take him
around the southwest corner of
,the square, bsat him with a club
till ho becomes limp and noisy,
then take- him to tho west side ot
tho Aiuaro and shoot', him, let
him then trot to the east side of
the square and shoot him again. If impression.
not done thoroughly neat mm
ty?aln with tho club till ho quits
his racket.
j tho First Presbyterian church as
commissioner to tho General As
sembly of tho Presbyterian church,
U. S. at Bristol, Tenn,o,n Mfty 1C.
Rov. Henry Austin, of Texas,
preached at tho First Presbyter
Ian church Sunday morning and
evening. A congregational meet
ing will ba held next Sunday mom
ing to consider calling htm. lie Is
a very ablo man and m.ado a good
Lewis, (Mar ton Lince.
L, W. VANDYKE, p. M.
Marriage License
Rev. Chas. H. Bohn, Marshall
Charlotte R. Swift, Blackburn
John D. Yowell. Grand pass
Mollis O. DeMoaa, Grand pass
Arthur Lynch, Sweet Springs
Daisy Brown, Marshall
Walter Kallmeyer, St Louis
Archie Gannon; f Glasgow
Andrew; J. Brownie, Nelson
Maude, B. Marshall, Nelson
J, C. Monrei Moksne
Dola F. plekerlRg, Marshall
Walter JS, Clarkaon, Odessa -6lH
GaTvin, Odessa '
;V;.1l. limbry, Glen; AmWrry,tl.
Dr. Wheeler in his plcusfng way
dollvered a most Impressive and
Instructive address on what tho
order has done and is doing tor
the betterment and upbuilding of
humanity and its outlook for the
The whole world Is startled at
the. magnitude of this great orders
work.' Our constant devotion to
our duties, our untiring efforts at
oU -umea to promote the best In
terests and weUfara of our mem
bers sd our adherancs to and
practice of, the great princlnles of
our order.; Friendship,' j,pve and.
Truth, i have won, for us a lartfe
ftVsea "in, the hearts of our coun-
Visiting Brothers and tslaters
were: .preawnt from Miami. .Black
burn, QradPasn4ar8hili.yAt
Prominent temperarcj orators oi
cupied most ot the Marshall pul
pits Sunday morning and the Sla
ter pulpits Sunday evening.
Tho sermons at tho First Baptist
Whilo complaining about the
slownoss of a shlpmwu a visitor
at tho Republican office told us ,,, hnAn .i,i u '
Monday that he gets all his drinks x mornings "Paul's Conver-
aver xn -- " sl0n," evening. 'Falsitying Facts,"
noticed tore that this road Was 8at musJc
carrying most ot the "booze" and
our curiosity was aroused. We Christian Science subject tor 11
naked him why ho shipped over ounaay, -is-eriasung run-
this road and he said. "I like old anmem."
whisky, and it's theonly way I "
am certain, of getting it welt aged.' Among the Sick
n 4 - uu-a Mr G. Tt. Smith went to platta-
JZZZ "Cr JZZr. burg Sunday on account of, th.
w.Z i 7 serious iUnes, of her sister, Mrs.
opera house Wednesday evening. w .'- ---
it will beot Interest to oar reaS- Ge" V Brown
era to xnow mat isis rsssuwuDie jus mom jtuenrer, wno was ser
mari .was born in Miami -la isii iously til several days this week,"
In the Feilefai camp, -beitame bUnd was, a Utile better yesterday.
from- bratif fevorpa, tVe ,oge ot six -
months. He U Ja'muaie.al.prodlgy Mrs. John vW. Blackburn Waa
ajMe.houj'aU leU IortlkoVlha iflvjw
nnd- has bense from iwtey.v He here; from Blosser Wedneadsy; da-'
J '

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