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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, June 14, 1912, Image 5

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n irt,,itttr-4ttrmtm in nt iilwil i i i MU I ii" i muiIhim 111' II .' j i
"V I? '
."Jw f'
You'll knoW where Good Shoes, Good b
u. ir. i c. :u: m.
nais ana uuuu i ui mailing em
be had if you buy here; .
You Should be Wearing a New
Straw Hat NOW!
You will be more
stylish and more com
fortably attired from
now on if you wear a
stylish new straw hat.
50c to $3.00
not mv
I I.
111 UJ
LU 111
The kind of hats that
make your new suit
look finished. Shapes
and colors for every
age, for every face, at the price you want to pay.
$1.50 to $3.00
If you have been
complaining about
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better try Us for your
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Hundreds of men
are finding out that
this is the best place
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that have that solid
comfort and wear.
$2 to $4
BOYS' SHOES is one of our hobbies. All the
boys of Saline county are beginning to find out
that this is the real Boys' Store of Saline county
for boys' shoes, boys' hats, boys' suits, boys'
waists and shirts Everyrhing for BOYS1
m fii
in UJ
fii m
We ask your patronage and guarantee perfect satisfaction with
every transaction.
County News j
Granitoid walks nro the latest
ImprovemcntB here. Wilt Cnrter
of Marshall hnB the contract and
In laying a walk from the Catholic
church down Main street, to tho
post office.
Dr. A. C. Putnman of MarBhall
was calling professionally In this
neighborhood Friday.
Mrs. Ed Gauldln and little nicco
Catherine, ot Marshall visited MrB,
P.llzabcth McKoovcr Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Combs have
returned from Miami where they
were colled by tho sorlouB Illness
nf Mm. Combs aunt, Mrs. C. G.
Wm. UU of Miami was tho guest
of hla son, Jim, Friday.
Mrs. Jcsao Fulkcraotoi twiho .has
been on tho rick list Is Improving.
Father Jennlntrs camo
Slater Sunday and was tho guest
was passengers to Concordia Wed-.
ncsday. r
Miss Lucy Dowdcn spent Sun?
day at Marshall with friends.
Willie John was seen in onr
burg Thursday.
Harl Drumclcr was a pnsscngcr
to Marshall Friday.
Dr. Ilowltt was a passenger to
Marshall Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Rclth and son,
visited at Marshall from Friday un
till Junday. ,
Miss Incs Dowdcn was n visitor
at Mt. Leonard Sunday:
E. H. Small was a passenger to
Marshall Friday.
Fred Liter wan a passenger to
Marshall Friday.
The German Evangelical church'
will give a Sunday school picnic
In Mlncrshogon grove. The Emma
band will furnish the music. Every
body cordially invited.
Thcru wa quito a lot of
I SWEET SfKiniiio
f Mk.MafkDun,
visited Mrs. John M. DavlS several
days thla week .
Mra C. 1. Lattimcr'of Kansas
Cfity who thad been; yiiiflng t In
Blackburn camo to .Sweet Springs
Monday for a visit with her sister
Mrs, W. W Bright.
Miss Josephine Stmrall arrived
home from California, Mo., whero
she stopped for several days to
visit friends. Mlsn Josephine was
on her roturn trip from Charleston!
where sue and Misses Marguerite
Blnklcy and Fern Winston had
been visiting Miss Mary L. John
son for the past two weeks .
Mlsa Dorothy Slmrall left Tues
day evening for n visit with friend
In Knns.19 Cftiy.
Mr. Gray of Denver, Colo., has
been spending several weeks in
Sweet Springs at the home of Mrs.
K. J. Pclot.
Mr W. O. Mclntlre and little
sons Raymond nnd David who
have spent several months visiting
tho family of T. C. Berry will soon
leave for Manchester, Ohio to Join
her husband and later will go to
Cambridge, Mass., where Mr. Mc
Intlrc will resume his college work.
Mtnft loin Harwood is In Kansas
City tho guest of her brother and
J. S. Widdcr of Madison, Kansas
visited his parents Mr. and Mrs. A.
Widdcr a few days this week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Brown of Kan
bus City visited their parents Mr,
and Mrs. M. G. Drown several days
this week.
Dr. and Mra J. F. Jorvls have
gone to Valley Falls, Kansas, to be
with her mother Mrs. Armstcad,
who la very 111.
J. G. Hall of Kansas City spent
several days here with his wife,
who l visiting with W. C. Hull and
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Kelly return
cd Sunday night from awvcrnl
dayn vllslt In Kansas City.
Geo. Brookings who had made
Swcel Springs his home for sever
al ycurrt died of tuberculosis at the
home ot his uncle J. M. Haggard,
last Friday morning. The body
wan. i .. i to Oklahoma for burial
ace'impn.iicd by his mother.
I Iss Marguerite BInkley roturn
proving. She ia very weak yet,
fmm miifli miffprlnp untl thin
amt Di it'll mw nun r n mn T i irfiin .
cltcmcnt on College StrcctMon- ' " J ,cu l"m cnrl0,'ton &turUay.
"i ...n licr room. i , . t?- vtr,.tnn
The Baptists had their child-1 So(,alin for dayR v,B,t on
rcn a exorcises iiiat aununy nigiu
at their church nnd n large .it
Jeweler, .
The Columbia Disc
Graphophone and
Grafonola. 'v
All the music of the world
is at your command. It in
troduces you to a world of
musical enjoyment to which
you can gain access in no
other way.
The tone-volume of the new
$50 Grafonola is astonishing
and its tone-quality is unex
ceptionable. ( l t4
."Hearing is Believing," so
come in and let us demon
strate it to you.
Columbia Double-Disc
Music on both sides and a
different selection on each
side. Prices from 65c to $7.50
"Tho Hurry-up Jewalcr"
for hurry-up people.
East Side Square.
day p. m. when Vest Dlllya, n well
to do farmers wagon containing a
load of hay was turned .over, throw
return from Charleston.
Ing him off and causing his team . I
to run away. The wagon was dc- ...,. u ,,, wnB th ,,n.J . -r . .
mollshed and one of the horses CAS I OK I A
kind the patronage will bo highly
I" appreciated,
her Mrs. J. Rogers is visiting her
- daughter In Marshall.
! Next Wednesday night June 10th
, In Odd Fellows hall tho people of
Grand Pass and vicinity and all
who are Interested in the cemetery
I here will havo a pic supper and
possible. Mr. Duly was taken to
hln homo late In the evening. Tho
road leading Into tho alley be
tweon Bishops and MrD.inlclt
V. f Iw.wl 4t mma r ft Mn wt
, . u n"nr!. 09 thoy are gifted In Miami
accidents havo occurred at the ... ' '. ,,, .
streets so much.
The colored Baptist also gaven
fine entertainment Sunday. They
arc alwayn successful with their
( worthy cause.
I Last Friday afternoon while N.
Tatum was getting some powder
. ., ,.,T, ""t of oenn for a customer a opark
The India .of the Baptist church ignited tho
Mv-rt ti nifn UMinrrV unfl left projm j i o
samo place before.
Mrs. C. J. Vuughn of the Shar-
wun an unusual amount oi uueni Ku u"1"" ,'7,n" n. Xi i u P The explosion was tho
along such lines supper last Thursday night which '. f ,
An Audrain county papei re-. was largely attended.
cause of Mr. Tatum being burnt
very badly. Tho front window of
... . .... .a iiti nuMiiiiii wuuiiu irisifw v ,
: : , ... , . given in nonor oi a onao to ne .
smlllnc faco In Miami.
Mrs. Jno. Harris, daughter ofT.
spent tho latter part of !at week i
of Miami people. We don't know, with their sister, Mrs. F. Jlclley-
f VL.Iin .tin (u n.t ifinlnra nn nnlflfl nHll flimilV. I
F. W. York was a business caller D. 8. Cundlff la vory 111 at tho .. . . . . curlo.tv Mrs. D. Morel ind entcrtall;d he.-
up from in Marshall Saturday. home of hor father. llatenlnir for madam rumor to tell Sunday 8chool class and several
Tho Robinson aro contimpiat- . . nm ,.rt . friends last Tucadar afternoon.
of Andy Judgo and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Lynch
quite n numoer irom nere ai- vu - ....... her nnme and U,M whohepbcttcP
.tended cnuarona aay nt Hernuon ing a oig lamuy rvumuu Bumemuu . .. . .
ana Sunday, uunng mu rwoj muuui u uuuv.
r viri. .. . ...
daughter ot Sedalla camo In Sun- Mlsa Etta Stal.worth was tho Mrs. Bottle Her nii reiurn- ( b
day for a Ylwt to Joseph, Jlamll KUet of Miss Mlnnlo Culbertson a ca xo ian uivur BUjuur,,,K pik-
and family. few days this weeic., wj...e-
David Combo of Mauchostcr. -S. Mr. and Mrs. George Ousloy of litteu in ncaun.
TaVotn. Is vlsitlne at his uncle, Mt Olive neighborhood weroBun- Miss Irma Mull IB vlslUng
No Marshall Mother Should
Neglect the Little One's
W. R. Combs. . day vlsltorB of Jim Gordon and Maranall ana aiaicr curing
W. B. Cooper and wife attended wif0 monui. . , Mr nnd Mr& pit flcll and baby
ervicos at First Baptist cuurcn in Rollan Livingston and,- sister, roro. mcuhuuvi iciu uuujr wcrc Bhopplng Jn Marshall Frl-
Marshall Sunday. Enjoyed aa able flora, were shopping In Bluo'Ltck lor an outing, nurcung anu naning. day aftcrnooni
eerrtion by Rov. Hodgo, and were Saturday evening. Prof. Langford and wife left Mf nnt, Mrfc j w Caiawoll nr0
dinner guests of Dr. und Mrs. A. C. Mr. McMahan of Arrow Rock Tuesday for Miami station where th d narentft 0f twin pirlB.
Putnam., ' was In our midst Monday. they w ui . play an engagement, ai- j x d u , tho weddlng of Miss Bertha Lor- ents havlng children troubled with
mo many irmnu u k,.uUi ro. c-oiur rmiiiun ui v.i--K.iii.i -o- --- Onal Dell and Oral Cornelia. gun uim v. timuim.T m uwmgion kidney weakness would do well
la-mo gucsi oi oitb. omi, xnyiur Grandmother Noble and c
friends last Tuesday afternoon.
B. Falcs was In Kansas City Sat
urday visiting his .brother, J.j
Wells who is there tor treatment
for hid 111 health.
Little Lillian Ilotz arrived Sun
day from a visit at Now Raven,
accompanied by hor aunt, Mis? oftentimes weak kidneys caueo
Clara Wlndmeyor. Rrcat nnn0yanco and ombarrass-
Mrs. C. Smith and children, of roent to chldren. Inability to con
Augusta, Kansas, are v.'alting hor trol the kidney secretions, at
many relatives and friends here. n,ght or while nt plny( lB attribut-
Mr. and Mrs. F. McReynolds and cd to carelessness and too fre
Mr. and Mrs. S. Brunes attended . uiv tho child U mmlahwi. P..r-
matoB of Cathorlno Coleman who
attended s:hool here regret, to) this week.
learn of horMrJqus illness at hor
''homo- near Blosscr. Wo understand
Misses Louise, and Ethel Syden- worQ the BUortSvof Inez Brown the nttractlpna of the evening.
trlckor of Stanhopo wcro guests. Mondttv Nel' Cundlff, daughter of T. D.
Bunaay oi tneir granumomcnairo, j p. nrumblo was In Slater Tues
loving public.
Chester Matheny and sitters en
tertained the B. Y. P. U. society at
their homo Tuesday ,p. m, from 8
to 12. Strawberries and cream w'5r
Grandmother Noble and grand-, Wednesday,
son, Harry, returned to their homo
I and proven kidney remedy.
ff u .1 r T T. .. . . "
iura.iiuw unu r. u, a era m-1 nJnd- pr0Vcn kidney remedy. If
Itcd In Marshall last wok. I there Ispaln In tho back, dlscolor-
Mrs. J. Byara and children aro cd urine, irregular urination, head
visiting her sister, Mrs. J. Ilughcs aches, dlcry spells or a tired, worn
and other relatives in Dewitt. out feeling, begin giving DoaVa
Mrs. B. Edwards and son, -Joss, i Kidney Pills at once. This rrmedv
spent part of last week Vo'tins, has been usud In kldnev tmublo.
Rllzaboth McKoover.
Mrs. Garnett nutchorsp'i "n-"
chlldron woro In Marshal! Srur
'dny, guests, of tho formor'a brother
L. Bocroft and wifo.
B. F. Ilonloy wa calll.ng hero
" Mr. Kldd from Cordor wauacall-r
,er.. hero Sunday. ' '
j" '"J&lw 'Lydliv fl'chwcnaon from
cMorjJ '.ijd;( b tp guest qt )ier,
tAtiirihirpT-'&, JEckhoff.'
Arttur,'fp)rkor; and , LoUls pitr
iklnsf Wore callinKnere-aunuay,
..?, MtsV.'iena uUrdKapenCSunday
In Murshall'Saturday, after a w.jck'a
ylslt with John Noble and family.
Charloy Sadowhlte was visiting
in this vicinity last week.
Mrs. David Adams and children
In Tnrkfili)ill t?ttr1nV iiftnunnnn
S. Cundflt, ono of our prominent T MWtm Xt-,... v...
farmers had the mUfortune to fall ' nolghborhoo -tWcl
from (i cherry tree at her homo ,
hi; naronts. Mr. and'Mrs. Lonsday attonuoa nw. &ne w doing n.ceiy Caldwell. I here,
m, t if ,n -o . , ,i L tt o Leonard Lewis has been on ' r. nu airs. i;. euuw are vor
Thn T.nillon Alfl Snolpfv nf tho ....... .1 .1... .1 .r
t , i 1 t ... Vi. the sick list tho past two weeks,
Wb Brown's Sunday. . . - v - Several from around hero attend-
j; F, Brumbio anttWiio wore in , " , ,.,; ed tho chlldrons exorcise at
Saline .city Saturday, , JTJ?tZ:Z ShUo church Sunday.
Llneday 'nail and fontily lvo .T-mr.I"" -.11
Allow. I ci ll.lntr" r n ... - I , . . ......
.Mrs. Eddie, Brown was In Sallno u" , "V r , . " C. W. Libo and word sorry to learn warns anu aaugnter, Adir.u, wwro
city Saturday. walkB Sa:uruay evening late.,.,,, thath6 had lost his wife on May- "visiting and shopping In Marshall
'Z . J John, Snelllngs condition Is otlll a fuct wo have failed to chron-lTMesday. C
n V. 4 1 rivf unchapffd, however ho is gettjng ; (clo Mr. Luo has many fr'endsl Tha ladies of the il. B. church
. V H.HCir.QIl V y ) no worse, andlt ls hopoda'chane in Marshall and, around Bluo L'ck ! announce that thoy have a nlco
, jiJ' Fit FLETCHER , x ,t (forthejbeit$ wiR.sponcpme. who, will sympahliQ with him ni vi&4 rag carpet for salertRpy one
jtt-iHP'rt ' Pe-i' -AV I . MrV .Tn Wftideti' la 'alowlv.iim- his sad, bereavement wTsliYu to-nurchase ono ot the
Mrs. Nannie McClaln was at John
llr'ml Thursday.
Jq.. ;:tll spent Sunday
l p
Mr. Ott Brown nnd family visited
Mr. and Mr Bray nnd fcrrtlly J.i
Mr. and Ms, E. Bell ot Marshall,
Buelah Peterson andnelce, C. Ronwljk and Miss Carrio Ham-
Monday niona spent aunaay wiui relatives
; happy over the arrival of a daugh-
1 tcr, born Juno 10.
ey troubles
for over 75 years It has cured
and has been recommended by
thousands. Proof In a Marshall
citizen's statement.
Mrs. W. Holmes, 607 Washington
St., Marshall, Mo., says; "About
five years ago my son had a ser
ious kidney weakness, no used
uoan's Kidney Pills, procured at
An thlil la tho flrftt llttlo nn tn ( c..i.ii) t-i ci 1
. .- T.. - ..... j i-tuiiiwiii a urug aiuru nnu was
gladden thotr homo during the cured. I also had hard backaches
eight years ot thoir married life,' nnd pains through my loins and
tho llttlo girl la doubly welcome. kidneys. I took Doan's Kidney ?$
airs. Kramer nnti Mrs. i.iuio f.i. r Tuin,n Rnnfnmii. mt , . hM
For sale by
all dealers.
50 cents. . Foatcr-Milburn
NcVv York, oleagenU for the Unll
fed States.
and take no other-
name Doan's-j rM

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