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Friday" Jum 14, .1911
1 I VMMWm If fsminor
It If 1 1
of Tin Game ditJ ihabaJh
The FlmtdTMsttnty cfc.
operation coin-
up beside his
Wbon, thfl brief
pletcd, Floyd sprang
drlrcr for the start, fltanton surveyed
him through his goggles.
"If you arc nervous about my driv
ing and my sense, you had tetter get
oft now," was the grim warning. "For
I drive as I aeo fit, and I'm going to
make up these laps."
"Why arc you wanting time here,
then!" countered tbo mechanician,
Tbo Mercury hurtled viciously down
the line of training camps and burst
out on the track Ilk a blaring meteor.
Stanton shifted Into high gear on tho
urve, and began to drlvo as he saw
The closo-packed witnecscs stood
during most of the next hour, alter
nately applauding and shouting dis
may, climbing on seats and benches to
see. The other racers gave tho Mer
cury room on tho turns, after tho
Alan car tried to steal an. Inside
sweep, and skidding, missed destruc
tion through and with 8tanton by tho
narrow margin of a foot.
Thcro was neither opportunity nor
wish for speech' between the two who
rode the vcrgo of death on tho Mer
cury. Floyd attended ntcadlly to his
duties; pumping oil, brushing th yel
low trackdust from the. pilot's goggles
to clear his vision for each turn,
watching tho tires and tbo other ma
chines. Dut ho modo no protest at tho
deadly methods of his companion.
Near tho end of tho second hour,
tho scream of the klaxon sounded ita
significant warning of trouble
"It'a us lamps out," called tho me
chanician, after n comprehensive re
view of their machine.
Stanton shook his head impatiently,
and kept on; deliberately passing tbo
paddock gato Instead of turning In.
As they shot by tho grand-stand for
tho second ttmo, tho klaxon Boundod
again, long and Imperiously.
"Coin" to fight tho Judges?" lisped
Floyd, with careful politeness.
Tho driver did not speak or glanco
from the funnel-effect of light and
dark into which they wore boring, but
tbo catch of his breath was not-gentle.
However, bo swung into tho pad
dock, on tho next circuit, and halted
ft brief instant to havo tho lamp re
lighted. Fimlllar with his usual
wants, n man ran bringing a. pitcher
of water to Stanton; who swallowed ft
little, then pushod tho vessefso rough-
Tne two men who alternated were
waiting to relieve the two who de
scended from the machine. The work
men swarmed around to fill tanks and
give swift inspection, and the fretting
car sped back to the track.
Left opposite cach other in the flick
ering glare of tho swinging electric
lamps, driver and mechanician stood
for a moment, weary, car-stiff, and
attll tense. Stanton unclasped his
mask with a jerk, took a step toward
tho tent, then turned toward his as
sistant "The three hours are up," ha ob
served roughly. "I suppose yotr leave
"Why do you suppose that? Are
you through with mo?" Flo7d asked,
with studied quietness.
"I made the offer to any man who
would,. ?, XPC tho first throe- hours.
Tho time Is up; you'ro frco If) get
your money from Mr. Qrcon, and
leave." 1
Floyd took off his own mask and
bared his white, steadfast face and
tired eyes to tbo other's gate.
"I entered for the race, or for as
much of it as you want me," bo cor
rected. "Until you quit, or find a sub
stitute you like better, I'm with you."
They looked at each other.
"Oo rest, then. There is coffee in
side," bado Stanton, and swung on bla
At tho entrance to his tent ho was
mot by tho exultant assistant mana
ger. "I've got you a mechanician, Stan
tonl" ho cxclnlmcd jubilantly. "I tel
ephoned our fix to headquarters, and
Jack Rupert is coming down tho
chief tester at the factory, you know,
who used to raco with tho chief him
self. .He 'phoned that ho wouldn't see
tbo Mercury thrown out but to tell
you bo was going to cancel his life
Insuranco policy first so bo would not
be accused of suicide for tbo benefit
of his heirs. Funny chap I He'll be
hero before you go on the track
"What fort" demanded Stanton. "If
I kill my mechanician, I kill my car
srid" myself I don't need two mon,
and I've got one."
"I3ut I thought you said'' began
the amazed Mr. Green.
"I waa wrong. 'Phone Rupert that
I'll keep Floyd. Now, I'd Po to got
some rest."
Tho assistant manager stepped t
aside from tho entrance, confounded.
whether Ralph, Btaatoa la BeW'.drlviag
the MercuryJ"
"No," he.'aaswereoV iatcrettVtor
the flrat ttne. "But he will take? tho
wheel again in1 half an .hour.", ?
"AhT I havo heard so much at h'li
spectacular feats, I," she gave "k car!
less, rippling laugh, "I confess I
should like to sco some of then."
"Yes? Well, half the people hers
come to see whether some, of the men
won't take a chance once too often.
They say thore is a pleasant thrill in
watching some one else get killed."
"Hardly that," she demurred. "Still,
if one comes to an automobile race,
one wants to see something more ex
citing than a drive in the park; some
thing more exciting than that." She
waved a fragile band toward tb
track, shrugging ber shoulders with
an airy amusement and scorn.
8tanton surveyed the soeno, the
darkness hiding his expression.
"The Mercury Is marking tlmo with
a substitute driver, tho Duplex is off
with ft choked feed-pipe, and tho Store
wont through' tho fence," he summed
up. "Tbo others are driving to win
by endurance, playing for accidents to
the faster cars. It Is a dull period,
just now. Yet every car there la go
ing fast enough to face destruction if
anything goes wrong."
She turned to him again, and he
knew ber gato Bwept him Interroga
tively, searchlngly. Dut his close
fitting linen costume offered no means
of identification, slnco to purposely
kept from the light the silver letters
running across his jorscy.
"My father Is president of ft tire
company," sho idly remarked. "His
tires are being uscil on some of tho
cars, the Mercury for one, I believe,
and he wanted to watch their testing
under use. So, after a dinner engage
ment we could not cicapo, wo mo
tored down hero from tho city. You
see I havo not viewed much of the
race. I admit this docs not look very
perilous and I am a bit disappointed.
I," again her short crystal laugh, "I
shall hopo better things of the famous
Stanton; I want to admlro him very
much. Dut I am detaining you, and
you wero leavlngl Every (hanks for
your patience."
"Hardly leaving, Btnco tho twenty
four hour race la not six hours old,"
ho corrected briefly. "I am glad to
havo been of nny uso to you."
Sho returned his saluto; then, upon
tho cool impulso of ono accustomed to
doing as she cboio, put her question
"Ah I am Miss Carlisle; I would
like to know who has been good
enough to aid mo in my ignorance."
"My namo Is Stanton," ho compiled,
and went on.
From tho shelter of tho obscurity he
.looked back. She bad taken a stop
forward Into tbo light and her veil
had slipped aoldo as abo gaxed after
him with an expression of acute and
To bo continued
i , , , ... r
Carl Orear, of this phnc, nn !
Ilctdbrlnk Droit, of II g jf'.ntylile,
hiwe purchased tho 1j; on Front
street from the City and will be
girt na soon as possible tho erect
ing of a modern laundry.
Miss Dec 011 earn left this week"
JoA Little Rock, Ark on a visit
;to,hcr sister, Mrs. V. J. Dnilcy.
'Sl$j$ilsa expects to visit not
Springs, Ark., before returning to
hcfcvhome. Miss Ruly Cork r
left Inst Monday to attend Sum
mer Mhool nt the Misour! Valley
College nt Marshall. CInrence
Willis, son of Jnmrs Will b, who
llv&s Bouth of Sinter wia In town
Tuesday wearing a bandaged hand
is the resuh of the nccldnntnl il'n-
chnrgc of n 32 caliber pistol. Tho j
bullet passed through the mUdlc
finger of his left hand, between
tho first nnd second Join's hIiiiUt
Ing the bone. Dr. R. C. Prl-cwati
called to fvoc him nnd thinks he
can save the finger. Col. Oco.
Dyer being unable to rotnln hl
residence in north Slater until he
could build one of his own, huo
moVcd into his barn In- northwest
Slater, where he iys the latch
tiring Is hanging out to hln neigh
bors nnd friends. Rustler. '
Foils a Foul Plot
When n ahnmcful plot cxIbIh be
tween liver and bowcla to cause
distress by refusing to tict, take
Dr. King's New Life Pills, nntl end
bucIi abuse of your system. They
gcnlly compel right action of
stomach, liver nnd bowels, nnd rc
Btorc your health and nil good feel
ings. Price 25 cents nt P. 11. Frank
lin's, Druggist.
Halted ait iMtcnt te Have Hla Lama
ry toward hla mechanician that sosm
f the liquid splashed over the reclpl
tat and trickled down upon them both.
"Here," he offered curtly.
"Thanks," Floyd accepted,, and
drank aa they hounded forward, to it
lag the tin pitcher hack ever hla
shoulder, where a reporter gathered
It up and aat upon a kef of oil ts writ
a pretty account of the volunteer me
chanician who had made the Mer
cury's entry possible and of tho conse
quent regard of Stanton for blm.
The next hour passed a trifle moro
quietly. Perhaps even Stanton wuu
sufficiently tired by the strain to drive I
with some conservatism; perhaps he
acknowledged aa en tally that bo car
built would Btaad such viciously gra
ding work for twenty-four consecutive
hoars.. But h kepiKthe lead gained,
(or, alt that, ana a pace like tee. long
weep 'of a swallow:
' '"Car coming out, of th ptfddockv
Huaared and eightieth lap.? Car,
toppe' around the bead,"' Floyt re
ported, at nterrl, OtherwUe there
waa mute attMUeaV to hueiBftM'BB, the
fart er thaaav,v, ( ' ,
V'ftinal." sUaatcw abrD4ior4r4.
at' feat, 'aa' they. .ruhd'ftfo'sa'"- 'the
atrmjrrM eetweeai lagra-
W ";V- ' HwHr'raa la alaea,
ratetac IfeafM-ahove Mhaa4 la Die
,'-;.-v" . i a'oriiaasrt rhanai td'thttr iaawta itiia4
l -v.;;thWse.Oe;thi
rn m.' v mmmvm j sbbbj ej aa
i ,v.
The Risk and the Lady.
Two hours later, Stanton emerged
from his camp and strolled toward
the paddock exit It was after two
o'clock la the morning; the dark arch
of star-set sky overhead, the black
emptiness of (be central field except
for the line of tents, contrasted oddly
with the gllstealag white track where
the meteor-bright cars circled tireless
ly to the accompanying monotone of
many voices, varied by the occaakmal
wall of the oScial klaxoa. On Ma
chine waa oat of the race,, after galas
through the fence; a heap of disor
dered metal which men were striving
fraatically to restore, to activity, while
la the lllaaalnated hospital teat Ita
driver and mechanism were aaderge
lag a ktadred prooeaa of rehablllta
Uaa. Other ears west la aad eat
from their camps, for oil, fer gaso
lene, for tires and minor repairs for
all the countless wants of a racing
machine. Stanton looked for the Mer
cury, then; satisfied, crossed the track
and entered the apace before the
Along the edge of the cement prom
enade were parked a row of automo
bliea whose owners preferred to wit
aesa the race from tbelr own cara
rather than from the tiers of Beats be
hind. Past them Stanton turned,
avoiding the Are of attention and curl
ov','y he would draw by crossing the
I glilr-l spaoe where recognition must
follow. He was going to the restau
lant in the Interior of the stand.
Eut us hv passed a big white tour
ing cur nt t lio end of the row, a wom
an leaned from tho shadow of the top.
"I beg your pardon," she sum
moned, her toa composed and rather
The apology vetted, a - command.
Btaatoa halted.
"Madam?" he, responded, astonished
aad scarcely pleased.
She llberatly stepped down her
side" Urn. accompanied by the oris?
Lsound of 'shahenallk aad. a, drift ef
rami, . nca. iragraace. sine wore a
dark; fwtorTell, iaadla the mlaglkac
ei aense snaaawa aaa giariag ligats k
,waa';wt.pMlhle"to dtatlagalah. ,mj
7l!faa)c4e4 hyyMr eeetaase that 'ymk
ia it'-L". ' aa 'a. 1 - lii.J1!
Chaa. Lynn has recovered
from a short ispoll of pneumonia
and wan in town tfor tho first
time Saturday looking rather
thin from tho effocts of hla III-
ncaa. w. it. wicnou is arming
u deep "well ut his homo southeast
of town. At last account they
were down .nearly 303 feet, Tho,1
drill had passed through 60 or 7ft
feet of rock. Will Mayfteld
waa a Miami visitor a 'day. or two
last week. He has been employed
toHcach tho Walnut Orove school
again next year. Mra Clar
ence Nichols and children,, Marion
and Margaret, who havo been
spending a fow weeks with Mrs,
NichoW parents. Mr. and Mrs
J. O. iPetorman, will go to Deai
Moinea, In., next week to Join her
husband who ia now located thcro
In business. Her sister, Miss Alma
Peterman, will go with her for a
fow week' visit. C. W. Nichols
will probably go along with them
to sco them a aato journey.
Ed TJonncll nan beon successful to,
n large degree in fishing with a
trot-llno tho past, two weeks. He
hiifl caught some nlco catfish nnd
some largo carp. A couple of
ilahormcn stopped Jut bclawhore
it fow daya thla week and sold a
qumtlty of nlco flo' to ren'ly ru
tomcra of tho tow.i. Thry cnugh.
6ome cauBh that weighed moro
than thirty pounds. News.
' Drives Off a terror
Tho chief executioner of death
In the winder and spring months
la pneumonia. Its advance agents
ara colda and grip. ' In. any attack
by .one of these maladies, no time
should be lost n taking tl'te best
medicine1 htglhable , !tq drlye. ft,,
off. Countteaa thoHsands have
found totb.be. Df.VKJHg'a Jfew'
Dli.VMdr helloes
itaa1kMt?hiat-frQB; having the'.;
pHMoia. threv,- four tlmea,
WnvllW. t aM ft couirlw)!
On Tlmrsvlny Rev. and Mrs. K
Runge entertained In honor of
Rev. nnd Mrs, C. A. Welhuwh,!
missionaries at Konc:ba, .South;
Australia, who are on their way.
to Germany to viBlt Ihb parents
and stopped hero to visit his
brother, Henry. Mrs, I- T.
Iintreklnnnd daughter, Mas Nancy
Jane," have gona to their home at
Slater after a visit to Mrs. Tay
lor Kntrckln. Ilurcla.A visited
our town on Tuesday night. They
broke into Hering ft Lleser lum-,
ber yard office vnil carried off'
a few stamps after raus.icktng the
office nnd trying to work the i
coinhluatlnn of the safe lock. Theyj
entered the poultry house, taking
a lot of eggs money. and clothing.
They tried to enter the Dlack-'
burn Pharmacy by tho transom)
over the Jront. door, but failed
and went off leaving the ladder
in the door way. Record.
Mr. and Mrs. Jno. D. Rothrock
went to Lexington Tuesday to
attend the commencement exor
cises nt Central College. Their
daughter, Mlsa Minnie graduates
this week from the musical de
partment of that Institution.
Russcl Urlc's little 3rycar-old son,
tRulph, cuuscd his parcnta to spend
several anxious hours Monday af
ternoon. He apparently grew tired
of Sweet Springs and decided to
take a little journey. He went
ndown to Qrothcr & Son's livery
barn and climbed into a closed
carriage and finished his trip via
the dreamland route. Ho uwuken
encd about six o'clock hut could
not get out. The usual childish dis
tress signal was sounded and an
employee aoon found hlra and re
turned him safely home. M's
Chanoy, principal of the high
school here, who hus been spend
ing her vacation with the Misses
Curtuls, of near Rluckburn, loft
there Monday for Kansis City.
Mr. and Mra. Jacob VanDykc at
tended Westminster .commence
ment; at Fulton last week. One of
'the graduates was their son, Jacob
Jr 'ho is now an A. D.
Nervous ?
Thin? Pale?
Are you easily tired, lack your
usual vigor and strength?
Then your digestion must be
poor, your blood must be
thin; your nerves must be
weak. You need a strong
tonic. Ypu heed Ayer's
Sarsaparilla, the only Sarsa
prilla entirelyiree from alco
hol. We believe your doctor
will endorse tlve&e' state-
; nic,its. Ask and find out
Promotes DtfestionXltaraf
ncss and RmXontalns atkiar
Oniimi-Morphinc mrtfsersL
Aperfecl Rttwdy forOwHsi-
lion , aour &TORWn,urnKi
Worms jLotmilsioBSJcwnsa-
ncsa and LOSSOFb LEER
raeS'm SlfoahBt of
Tor Infant! and Children,
The Kind You Have
Always Bought
Bears the
iuaranlecd und
Exsct Copy of Wrapper.
For Over
Thirty Years
tm eHT Muniir, ,oii oity.
Only the Skies are Blue
K'k your desk, leave your grouches behind and spend
a few weeks with your old, hopeful, eager, virile self. This
year of work has. worn you out you' re dulled from the
strain of dreaming and scheming of plugging away at a
fixed idea. It costs more to stay at home than to stay in
Colorado. The round trip fares are very low. You'll
come back a year younger, renewed, refreshed, competent.
Any way of coinc to Colorado is a food way, because it ecu
, you to Colorado. But the best service is via the
Rock Island Lines
cwry day to Denver, Colorado Spring! and Futbto
"The Rocky Moaataia Limited" daily from Chicago and
Omaha and "The Colorado Flyer" daily from St. Louis
and Kansas City, are perfectly appointed trains which set a
new standard in travel comfort. Electnc-hchted, with drawing-rooms,
staterooms and roomy berths ( dininc and obscr-
vation cars. Every mile of the journey is one of real enjoyment.
Take the Rock Island Linea from the Nearest Poiat
These and other fast daily trains make the trip a part of the vacation.
Let me send you our booklets, "Undtr tht Turquuu Sly" and "LittU
Jounuyt in Ctliradi' ' and tell you about the low round trip fares to
Colorado, Yellowstone Park and the l'acihc Coast
CsMral PaMar Aat
Topaka, Kaaaaa
P. K. Clamplt, a popular con
ductor on the Alton, and Mrs.
aiury Smith wero married Wed
nesday evening ut the home 6f
tho brldo In Loulsluna, Mo.
The Qllllam Auto Company sold
four now Ford cars In the past
two wceka to the following, one
to Mr. J. B. Qlb&on, of Arrow Rock
J. F. Gibson of Nupton, Daniel Mc
Cormlck nnd Fred Dotmer of Gil
liam. Tho company has sold four
teen cars this year and has bright
prospest of mny mo-o sales in
.lie near future. Globe.
Mrs, Robt. Bagncll. Thero wero
twonty six ladies present. After
considerable discussion the piub
decided to havo an Ice cream sup
per In Nelson Juno 29th, and to
try to raise money for an Iron
fence along tho south line of the
Cemetery by fall. Tho ladles are
enthusiastic In tho work of keep
ing the cemetery in good condi
tion and will build tho fence as
soon as they can get the required
amount of money. Thu club ud-lorr-
1 l- mn with Mrs. D. F.
Crockatt tho flrBt Tuouduy In July..
aa.,1, cuur aJTiyaa ;aa- aw'iusa,
asop sBiui m,i-i: rst'iTM -ZirArizr7r"TrrArrn feunu -ita aiMi.i tMiat-aatetd fftr TiH.0f isi wws is sw
j Could Shout for Joy
; "I want to thank you from tho
bottom of my heart,'' wrote C R.
Ruder, of Lcwlsburg, V Va., "for
the. wonderful double benefit X
got from Electric. Bitters, in cur
ing mo of both a severe case of
stomach trouble and of rheuma
tl&mj from whic)i I, had .been an
almost helpless sufferer for ten
years. r It suited my case as though
matte Just lor me.'' For dyapep
sjq indigestion, jaundice, and. to
rtdfthe system of kidney poisons
Jhit, cause, rheumatism, Electric j
lttvar, have, no equal. Try them.
Bvery5 bottle, 'la guaranteed. tot
aaiwy. , uniy, ones ai-st. ,n. tfraaK-,
lla'a- ;Drug fjito.ro',
Born to Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Eu
bank, Thursday, May $J, a son.
Mrs. Wmi Halns who accom
panied her husband us far aa New
York on hla, way to England, has
returned hdfno. She tv Mr.
JIulns safely cabined on! hoard
the steamer "Olympic". She went -nboard
the vessel and remained, ,
for stoma tlmo with him. 'News.
' .t
far Xaluta tad OhiUraa,
: .
JBsara tha
gifawra af
Club t atth eUgaat hoaM e( maisaau micwi fMY
1 1 V .,

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