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Floyd Carr, Discouraged,
Ends Life. The Death
The Sharon community was
thrown Into great excitement
early Sutnday mbrosng when 'It
was learned that Floyd Carr, a
prominent vouna- farmer had taken
his life wh'lle sick and despondent
arid therofo.ro probably mentally
Mr. Carr la said to have been suf
fering a mo-flth from orytMpelas
and had been suffering mentally as
h result His wlfo had waited otf
him until aho was tired out ao took
Ma ndvlco and went to bed. While
he was asleep young Carr got up
secured a rope and hanged himself
In the barn whore his botfy was
jon after found by tho distressed
young wife.
Mr. Carr was about 28 yuars old
and Is survived by tho wlfo and
one child. Ho waa tho son of Geo.
W Carr, a prominent farmer of
north of Slater. Wo have known the
young man for about six years and
always to uaa Mm a thorough
Ilia funeral occurred at Bethel
church Monday and was conducted
by Wb pastor Rov. J. E. Norvoll.
MARION SPARKS, whosedcath
we brlofly mentioned laat week,
died at his homo In Kansas City
on Thursday afternoon, Juno 27th,
after a long Illness, aged 63 years.
Ho la survived by his widow,
and eight children Forrest, Wal
lace and Clydo, of Kansas City;
Mrs. Newman Newell, Malta Bend;
AUce Marjorlo and Louise of Kan
sas City. Mrs. .A. J. Graves of this
city and Mrs. Anna Potter, of Nel
son, arc surviving sisters. Mr.
Sparks was ono of Salino'B best
known gentlomon, having been a
atock doalor hero for many years
and was much liked for his many
pleasant traVts."Ilis death,1 was a
aevere blow to these, who regret
It very much,
nia remains were brought to
Marshall Saturday morning and af
ter a short service -at tho grave
woro laid to rest In Rldgo Park
JOHN D. SNELlllNG died on
Thursday morning at 0 o'clock on
Juno 27, 1912 at his homo in Miami.
Mr. SnolUng'was born In Miami
vtMnttv in 1944. Ho was. married
to Alice Calhoun many years pas'F.
No children wore born, no was a
devdjit memW of the ' Baptist
church and a good business man
In cvorv sense of tho word. Dealt
a great deal In buying and ship
ping of grain for years. For thb
laat few years his health has been
very poor, but being of u quiet
nature and nover speaking to out
alders of his Ills few knew how ser
lous his condition was' until a few
months ago. Weakness from .the
dreadful dlaoase caused .him to
' e?lve ud. Th?n' quickly .the dls-
the following step-children: 'Mrs.
EA Bell, of Marshall; Mrs. S. C.
Gould and Chas. Renlck, of Kan
sas City j Willie Renlck of Grand
Pass. Mr. Tatum conducted a
store in Laynetvllie and', Malta
Bend and' recently at Grand Pass.
Ho Was a good man, a kindhus
band and peaceful neighbor,
Funeral services wore held at
Grand Pass Sunday by Rev. L.
Neat of Lexington.
Secoad Place to Governor
Thomas Marshall of
After one of the hardest fought
MRS. KATHERINE DOAN, ivlfe ' . nmn,pn.u rnvnlon
of B, J. ppM, of near Houatonlaj UCBdny afternoon nominated Qov,
died oi oiu ago on xuesaay ai iu
p, m. aged 80 yoars. She had been
111 for four months. She is sur
vived by fiv.o children besides the
husband, as follows Geo., Start
and Jack, of Mnrahall, Mrs. Larkln
of Blackwatcr; Mrs. Tom Mahan,
of Elmwood, Kansas.
She was an active 'and consist
ent member of tho Marshall Chris
tian church and funeral services
will bo conducted at tho church
at 1 p. m. Thursday after which
tho remains will bo taken to Ridge
Park cemotery. The pall bearers
will b'e selected from her grand
Wjoodrow Wilson of New Jersey
for president and Governor Thos.
R. Marshall of Indiana tor vice
president. Both arc men who bear good
records and could he supported by
the entire Democratic party If the
"Bore spots" caused by the conven
tion heal over. ,
The biggest man at the conven
tion was W. J. Bryan and It looked, post master's room
A Haftdtbme Structure
The breeprinta are hero for our
new government building and Post
master "VanDykc takes pleasure In
showing 'them to persons interest
ed. ,
' Th'fc prints show the structure
as planned to be a one-story cut
stone with the entrances surround
ed by Heavy columns. The main
entranced wilt face Lafayette and
tho building will bo 73 feet front)
on thia '"street. On Marlon St.,
across from the present postofflce,
the building will have a 70 fo'ot
front and a nlco sitlo entrance.
The building will have aground
flopr'at. 70x73 feet with a full
basement From Lafayette pne
will etlter, the main floor through
a revolving door into n lobby 10x50
feet To the right will be the
moncy'jMfder department and reg
istry division, and to tho left will
bo tho boxes and back of these the
Then tho on
for a long time as though ho ( tire rear will bo used as the posti
would again bo the nominee as office work room,
he was engineering things toauitl jn the basement will be the
Aubrey C. Frazlcr of Mountain
Home; Idaho and Miss Nolle Ron,
of this city, were, married at the
hdmc of Mr. and Mrs. June K.
King, south of town, Inst Thursday
eventing bjr Rev. A. H. Stcphona.
Tho wedding was the culmina
tion of a friendship begun at M.
V. C. several yoars ago, both be
ing former students.
The wedding was a pleasant af
fair and was attended by many of
tho ftienda from Marshall.
Tho brldo Is ono. of Saline's popu
lar young teachers having taught
,at Sweet Springs ttis past two
years. 84nco her father's death she
has resided with her grand parents
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. Mahard. The
groom Is an excellent young
man who will tako good care of
tho brlldo ho has won. They will
rosldo Ofi his farm In Mountain,
nomo, Idaho, to which placo they
take the best wishes of tho com
munity, i
himself. His desertion of Champ
Clark, Missouri's fav'dritc candidate
caused him many bitter enemies
In Missouri and iwill no doubt
causo the state to go Republican In
The outcome of the election de
pends largely upon future develop
mon(a and li not a sign of a, ccr
tain Democratic victory by any
Colonel Still in Race
Oyster Bay, July 2.-"I shall, 6t
courBc, continue to stand for the
progressive nomination,'' said Col.
Roosevelt tonight, otter he heard
oi the nomination, of Woodrow
, NVtlson.
The former president stated his
belief that events In the Demo
cratic as well as hi the Republican
convention; demonstrated Clio
need of a now party.
The national convention of tho
new party will bo held In Chicago
I it waa dccldcd tefday, tprqohbjy
I during the first week of August.
This is Colonel Roosovclt'a state
boiler rjom, a lnrgo storage room,
a "awing" room for letter enrriers,
toilet rooms, etc.
Thb entrances will be twenty feet
back from the walk but will bo con
noctcd by a granitoid walk and
parked in the side.
' The building will be a credit to
our. city!.
X. Church Notes
The annual convention of the
Christian Church ot Missouri will
be held In Fulton next year. Rev.
T. E. Winter, pastor of tho church
presented an Invitation from Ful
Santa Fe Trail
The committee of women from
the Daughters of the American
Revolution appointed to mark his
toric spots along the Santa Fe
Trail in Missouri preparatory to
the placing of permanent markers
by the state, completed their work
and returned to Kansas City Sat
urday afternoon. The committer
was composed of Mrs, John Van
Brunt, Mrs. James H. Austin, Mrs.
Mark S. Salisbury and Miss Eliza
beth Gentry. Mr. Van Brunt and
Miss Mary' Gentry Accoftnpanled
them. They motored as far cast
as Old Franklin, where the Santa
Fe Trail began.
In all thirty-four stakes were
set at points whero permanent
stone markers are to be placed.
The state has provided $3500 for
the pormanent markers and the
money win uu avauauic uuring
the coming year. Chief among the
historic places marked by the com
mittee were: Courthouse Square
at Independence, Watts Mill, near
Dallas; New Santa Fe, Cave Spr
ing, Tnbo Spring, the slto of Fort
Orleans, Kayscr Spring, Wavcrly
Villago, Arrow Rock, thrco old
achoolhouscs, Malta Bend and Old
Franklin. Markers, were placed
In practically all of the towns.
At Independence tho women of
the town have organized to obtain
a fund of $1,000, to make tho mark
er there more pretentious than
tho state will provide. A similar
movement was started by the
committees at Marshall, Lexington
and Boonvillc.
At Arrow Rock
been manager here since June 1,
1092 and the first of the mbafti
will have served in that capacity
ten years and one month. Pre
viously to that he had worked
for the old company for several
years and his promotion comes as
a well deserved reward for faith
ful service.
Whito the many friends ot Mr.
and Mrs. Whlttieton congratulate
Kim on his promotion they regret
very much that tho change makes
necessary their moving from Sla
ter whero they have been useful
citizens in church, social, and
municipal affairs and they wilt bo
greatly missed. Slater News.
J. M. MUlcr and Miss Nova Rob-
ctfptedvj The attendance at tho
lirooktlcltl meeting was botween
300 and 400, A greatly increased
attendapce la expected In Fultotf
next year, between 600 and 1000
persons being expected. A third
of those attending the conven
tions aro aiinlstcrs, while tho other
are layman -and Sunday-school
workers and Include many women
Next Sunday tho sublect for tho
'JBoforo I left Chicago, and again mornia iaervicc at tho Bantlst
at Oyster Bay, when Comptroller church'wUl be, "Tho Rock of Aires''
Prcndorgast of Now York came out J Special, music will bo n male quar-
tn son mo. I atnted that tho third inftn uMtk ttm nnnn ili.i,
crtsan, a Glasgow young couple, pnrty movement and my candidacy' Ages," also a bass solo, "Tho Rock
woro unuuu in raumuK"-' ouiuruuy WOUu not no in any way nrrectcu that Is higher than I." Tho sermon
attornoon at the homo of otflcla
ting minister, Rov. Clarence Hodge.
Thoy were- nccompanlcd by Ben
and Miss Norris Glbbs and whilo
hero wero tho guests of Mrs. Alvin
by tho outcome at Baltimore.
"I .never go Into a'lght on n
contingent oamn. t tonsil, ot
will deal with that old picture of
"The Rock of Ages," whero tho
woman la seen holding to tho rock
Sweesss af Internal Combustion En
title May Cause Revolution In
Shipping Industry. ,
A great revolution In the ahtpptag
ladastry probably unequaled In any
period of Its history, was predicted
In a noeat Interview In London by
Sir Marcos SsmueL head of the Shell
Trading and Transport company, ow
ing to the success of the Internal com.
bastion essloe as a motive pmer for
It insures," h said, "a saving la
coat and a great saving of apace,
weight and crew. Cleanliness would
be Increased and also tbo comfort of
passengers. It would Insure safety
frem bollsr explosions and spontane
ous combustion and many other ad-
I vantages.
"Those who argue about the In
creased cost of oil do not understand.
You must remember that one ton ot
oil Is equal to four tons of coal and
thn nnmmiHon that the larger power Internal combos-
spent a night In the famous Arrow' ,0 ongln0 mskMforgTter economy
nn.w Tavnm hniit in iR9i n,i M tt,lnS W- 1 think It Is a great pity
Rock Tavern, built In 1821 and used nni. nt.t.. ith it.
more ac-
. i al- - -1 a a a.
,,w ... j I rrm pan ia am uvrciuyuicai ui u.
homes famous nearly a century ago Internal combustion marine engine
as centers ot society. A luncheon and that the largest oil company has'
was enjoyed at the Captain Kin- not dose more to encourage the trade.
ncy mansion near Old Franklin,
occupied by Miss Alice Kinney,
noted now as a woman farmer.
' f. llUtll, IVIU UUUW 111 .Oil UU UWU TTmltmiA ltV, ttm
ton tojthe convention, which was continuously over since ns a hotel n . .T L.
.,,, !; iii,ii,i 'i i, , iconunuouwy ecr since as a noiei. 0n resources ,ls not taking a
h!L?2 1I0kn'd! ,nd U w?" - Thoy were entertained In many trre part In the developmet
Cof fey-Falkner , k
G rover Cof toy and Miss Halite
Falkner woro .united In marrlago
on Thursday of last week by Rev,
H. J,v8teinhoImor at tho homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brown on West
North St. Mr. Coffoy is an en
terprising young farmer while 'the
. . . . ... .
... i .
, course, continue to stand for the. in tho vast ocean, tossed by the
pregresslvo nomination. I have j storms of life. Everyone cordially
Hisl bcon going over with senator invited.
Dixon the call which la about, to
bo jssued by tho provisional com
'mfttec for tho progressive nation
al convention. To my mind what
has gone on In Baltlmoro for
the past ton days has shown tho
utterly Irreconcltable nature ot the
element within tho Democratic
party, elements so irreconcilable as
brllde is a most estimable young tp make It hopeless to expect from
lady, We Join ,Tn
much happiness,
bad accidents last week; but failed
f r lratn nf thm- nn. wHlfh hilfAll
ease worked on his weakenedbod,y. Qacsr Moyer, eon ot L.-A. Meyer,
nvs Bppeuia wiie.it. mux, Uu . vvr Q.. Emmii Tho TnBboto said the
came too fralll to combat with tho young man wafJ on B rWng cultlva
rayages ot that dread dlsease can- tor ta tho corn lIcid Tuesday when
cer and as tho morning came R horMfjy eettlod on on0 o the
lrllghter his nqblo soul winged Its h and Bcarod lt 0 that the
flight to that life -whose portal wo toam awny Qacar fe 0 lhe
call death. Mr. Snclling was a cuUiyator but one of his ( feet
than of quiet gentje demeanor, butf caUght and ho' was draggod a quar
his influence for good will-be long tor mllo beipr0 tho horae, top.
telt. Services by the Masons of nBd. wfien rescued he nr..BtuI
wletilritr "feem i them any prominent reiorm novo
mont along conservative lines, it
haafralso shown that any nomina-
VtLIJ H.1tlB.n.n m.li!
1 erriOie ACCment tit all be obtained only by the
We reported quite a number 6f support ot n.on liko Mr. Taggart
in Indiana and Mr. Sullivan In
IlUnola, and the' success of tho
which he was an honored member
was conducted at tho Baptist cemo
tery on the dayafter his demlo.
Hev. Armstrong" warm friend
apada an eloquent talk and Jda
' Itrave was covered witli 1 ovTely
,i floral tributes by those who knew
and loved him best
Written by Mrs. A., p. B. Miami, Mo
; ' 'fMRB. W. F. U.CKNSR, motheri
;v:ol C M, Buclwer ct thia 'city' died
r aight at, the ag of M years. She
A t " ' V M- .2 ' t
'" hd- been poorly for1 a year and her.
a terrible sight, His leg was brok
en in two. places anil ho had many
bad cuta and was covered with
blood and dirt.- A physician
The chilldrcn'a day exercises at
tho Odell Avonuo church Sunday
cvonllng wero a splendid Buccess.
This Sunday School has a f ino body
of young peoplo nnd they are ably
presiuoa over by somo of our best
Sunday school teachers and of
Subject-for Christian
Sunday at 11 a. m. "God".
an Instance, this oil company
weat to Roamanla, but from one point
of view It was singularly unsuccessful.
The only building that withstood worWn. tched an of about
tho flood whon Old Franklin waa( flrtten thousand tons a month. We
was swept away was visited. It went there years later end our pro
was built ot brick In 1828, and on ductlon Is 60,000 tons a month. I have
Its wall yet remains tho wording,' always maintained that the oil supply
"Institute of Learning.'' It was a' ot wortd mor 1,ke,r P 06 B
widely known school for young! ,n the Borneo fields tAsa la aay oth
ladlcs over half a century ago. A,er' hre unlimited supplies
,. . , , 6 t so the question of prohibitive cost
farmer occupies It as his homenowned enU.r ,nto reckonings of
From town to town tho party had maintenance of motor driven vee
motor escorts. One villago ot. Mle."
thrco hundred people met tho vis-
ltors with eight motor cars. In u u .
Arrow Rock twenty-one cars from' wt UAVt Htll AUt A5
Lexington nnd Boonvillc wero Iln-J
cd up In front of the tavern at
one time nnd tho entire town turn
ed out.
At the suggestion of the commit-
But the Witness Was Flustered and
ToW Her Bust Measurement by
One of the court attaches tells of a
called and attended his Injuries,
He reports that unless blood pois
oning sets In he has a goo'd chance
to recover. It la to be hop.ed that
ho will also be spared any blem
ishes or after effects.
candidate at the polls, without re
gar to hia personality, would be
conditioned not only upon the
hearty support of Mr. Taggart and j
Mr, Sullivan and their colleagues
and representatives In every other
atate. from Now York to Colorado,
but would also condition upon
these men succeeding in carrying
their several state tickets' and in
perpetuating themselves In .control
of tkejDepsjecaticriarty,
'Mrs. Walter Townsond came Up
was from Arrow Rock Wednesday to
Won the Case
Clarence Zlnkj who sued the' city
pi Kansas city xoiaamagea on ac-
jMr vBu'ckalertbeh'5haviBggonf;,,, an'( auto accident, ia deling good
lwerprefytftfiiVVl oyer-the; Wrdlet glY-ejhlm in-;tlie.
dBi-rTh -fBv of Jaqk'aon ' county
rj! ' tmr;;ia afr
) Ms store
an wari ea
v lering ' tevlblK hiee ' tk, iitm
ybMi.'.ie ir :s yean mid nif
tenth. Me m Mfjnfea y ate ve
.PIS! Hb
Ms.e4ar,vBre taaejast?,
sil,4lmB a tsk ia" Oklahceaa.
J ( "y - W f " ' n m
peend tlie Fourth with her
mother, Mrs. Allco McMahan.
Ten car loads of visitors went to
Boonville Sunday; to witness tho
game ot ball between the .Mar
shall, and Boonville boys, The Ut
ter won In a score qf 4 to 3.
FOR SALB-Small far ptf 40
acres, close to school, church and
trading point,' A good farm fcjr
a heaseiV-Frlce '$15 w:-aete. In-
qvMlre. at JtejSuW can office,-', 87p
Mr. and Mrs. nerman Renkcn,
of Sweet Springs, announce tho
birth off a son Saturday, Juno 15,
L " ' 1
Among Our Friends ,
Tho following are new subscrib
ers or renewed tho past two
Edith ICrlvokucha, Marshall.
T. A. Giliospie, Nelson.
J. B. Whito, Marshall.
Jpo O.Dcckard, Malta Bond.
G. Wi'Wessondorf, Malta Bend.
FerrjxWHson, Malta Bend.
F. H."8ulllvari, Miami.
Petor Kurtz, Sweet Springs,
too it was agreed In Arrow Rock rather amusing Incident which oc
to make tho old tavern a sort ot a' ""'red one day In municipal court. An
museum of matters pertaining to, "rt0-"1 WM "ft"
li n frui- t,.' I.,, ,uii, i All the testimony waa in, and the at
the trail. This hostelry, which In L orfle, ud fln,8hed their arguments.
Us time has furnished accommoda- u WM a tenM moment. Tho court had
tlons for Gen. John E. C. Fremont, turned to the Jury and was about to
Thomas H. Benton, Washington I make his final charge when a woman
Irving and other celebrities, is to arose In the audience,
be fitted un with antique furniture1 "Can I say a word?" she asked the
and maintained as a place ot on-J lodge. The court gave permission. The
tcrtalnment on the new cross-state woman had been one of the chief wit-
dotm. lor un ueicnie.
Among- the Sick
Unas, wood, of the city hall, is
back after a six weeks' confine
mont to his home by rheumatism.
CJ!Wy reieJeMItH-f
mb -- "w v f k i 'iUK ';wk'v
JUdin; ctJMl
e-e-i-ajPP ty.mmwi, . -SiaSi.
Marriagre, License
Grover G, Coffey, Marshall,
nallle V, Forquer, Marshall.
v Local Market. v
kkrshalli .Mo() JaWl4, ill?.
Correeted weekly by the M.arskall
Ega. , , 14c doi
BeasU&'u i .... L.'Beih1
Roosters...................... w A,
Onait -v - b. i. ,i
Real Estate Transfers
EUn W. Alexander to Jas,V.
Cogswell, W. lots 2 block 32
Slater, Mo 3500
C. II. Tucker to Ella W. Alex
ander, irregular lot 2-51-20
Sinter, Mo . ... 750
Richard Rhoadcs to JnoTyrns
lot 19, blk, 10, Arrow Rock... 15
E. F.Dotmer to John Huc-
mann, 40 acres in 30-51-18... 1000
Michael Jncoby to G. Honry
Schanz, lots 4 nnd 5, block 9
Alexanders St Sandldgo udd
Marshall, Mo 800
Gcorgo W. Allen to Allen R
Sopor, 13 48-100 ncrea In 36-
M. L. Montague and A. J.
Koys to William Harwell,
lot 4, East Wood addition... 750
Leo Wyrlck to John E, Coul
ter, loW 3 nnd 4, blk 22 Wares
add, Swcbt Springs. ... .. 900
Samuel Boyd, ct al to Frank
Sebree, 2-5 intern In, 50 A
Chas. 0.- Proctor to C, B. Klb- ,
ler, lots and 10 Henry add
Marshall,' Mo. . u. ... Me
4Goes te Marshall .
rf'George Whltiletoa, whb" iVfor
by ;e:KWKioMtMH
to ' lUM::aaeV wi We ; Hy
"What effect would It have on my
testimony If It became known that I
told a falsehood on the witness
stand V she asked.
Attorneys for both sides leaped up
and the Jury looked startled.
"That all depends upon whether tbo
teetlmony you falsltlod Is material to
the Issue," said the court severely.
"But I couldn't help It," said the
woman who was oa the verge of tears.
"Thay mad me so excited with their
old questions. They asked me how
old I was, and I said thirty-four, but I
was so Mustered that I gaTo my bust
measusement." Milwaukee Free
! Annual Output In Colorado Alone la
i14,00800 Frmr. Receive
From earefully compiled tacts and
figures the total investment In the
eeveateea beet sugar factories la Coir
orado U found to be $19,350,000. From
the seme source ot information It 1
Ummtvil' tt the annual output ot
Lkese factories Ii approximately 114.
00e,ee, sad the sum peld by the-fae-tortea
to the fanners Ms mere thaa
$6,oee,eee.,ea year,
vThese feetortes are oserated by
eoafaaiM.' but ptasa aire under way
far the buMtag of Mverei factories
ea eeeeratlTe heals,
-Te, Um fame re U gr factories
tftr'ii tteadehleket. The erMv
U. WeU U exraate befereithe eref
-liaSs4: see Is. baaed usee' esseaat,
w r taer.eoeU. Coetracte wHh
fcfahw:aiffl.?i-6t .SMiiiir:.a&Bi vs

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