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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, September 06, 1912, Image 7

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Friday, ptemW 4, 19-2'
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Btaaton paused (or a moment, dumb,
then turned on hU heel and wont out
lie was io stunned and bitterly an
kered that little red flecks danced be
fore his vision. Fiord had lied to him,
systematically deceived him; In order
to escape from his too pressing friend
hip, no doubt He fememWed that
the mechanician had always shrunk
mm his personal advances and' only
Maided to them uader compulsion.
Mow he understood the tetter which
be had received the previous night
Koflt Green, and Mr. Bailey's confused
irwer to his question about Floyd.
He had baas) rat oat to ha amttfed by
Jessica, tttU Floyd wai agala ready
to tip htm la the plana for the Cosset
lucii.ry. Jessica! Stanton stopped
short In thn dn-H hn". Had Jeeetca
hlro'd c-'v'l V- ? Wax she too stay
ing a ivirt lit order n k op hist la a
Rood h'mior? Ho struck' his clenched
bnhd vlolcntty ocalnsl tha wall beside
'Wt-f'n thatr cried the affrighted
Mr. O'fcii, within tho room. "Who"
"1 r-n ngalnrtthc wall, In the dark,"
Bfar'm called, h's vn'cn n little
hmrse, but evenly controlled. "Qood
"Good night We'll fix thin all
right, Gtnnton; you tako a goodslcop."
"I shall," promised the driver.
Ho did not
At seven o'clock, tho next mornlnir.
Mr. Green burst into tho hotel dtnlnc
room where Stanton war at breakfast.
"He's got them! They're coming,"
he rejoiced maniacally. "Tho car
wasn't at Brighton, but he located It
ten miles farther over, on a siding.
And he raised, such a disturbance
around the express people's ears that
they unloaded the tires then and there,
and rushed out two motor trucks to
cart them across to us. They'll be
here by eight and the raee starts at
olne. I hare been up all night an
hour ago It looked as If you would
hare to be withdrawn from, the con
test for lack of a few sets ot rubber
tires. That fool, tire company 1" He
wiped his, forehead. "Ddnt you want
to come out to the course, after you
finish here? Floyd Is due on. the train
which arrives in fifteen minutes, If he
isn't smothered by the crowd. I never
saw such a. mob of people; they have
bees coming since dawn; all night. In
faAtiasdtboy.'re Jtlll coding." j
?Tes," acquiesced the other un
emotionally. His dark face gave an
effect of bronsellkei Immobility, his
blue-black eyes hsld steel glints.
"Well," the assistant manager re
sumed, and paused.
The pompadoured waitress was
leaning between them, placing a tea
pot on the table. '
"Chocolate.lr," ahe giggled.
Stanton pushed back, his chair, then
checked himself as sharply.
"Ko," he stated, and set the pot
awayrfrom before him.
Tha movement was not violent, bat
there 'was la It so muck poorly re
st raised force that the china vessel
shattered xipon striking the'taMeaad
all tho fragraat browa,llqMtd ran ever
tho white cloth. The girl exclalssed la
dismay, Mr. Onsen stared; Staatoa
.only dropped a dollar-Bill beetde h'.s
plate and rote to go.
"I am ready " he signified.
The Mercury camp, waa a scene of
animated preparation, twenty wlnutee
latar, when Floyd emerged from tha
dease press of' arriving spectators nnd
galaed the Inelosure. The assistant
aeanaer'almdst received- aim la his
araw, tbe'reet'Pthe force clastered
around. ' 0r, blithe; trluaiphaat
Floyd accepted the geaeral congratu
lation. "Tea, I got them.',' hV laughed, an-
awerlnf flrst one and then another.
"No'.-rsaBoftlred, I slept both ways In
"'the train. I did have breakfast, lhaaks,
,kn JaaMloa iVa got my racing
elethea ea, Mr. Green; , I dressed at
,he betel before earning 'here,. Where
, kaXasitoa? Oh ia the aretJB.se-
. svalisdto'.alMvV the naaa.etaadJnc be-
aWa tho Mereury rear, ' ,
Tho asesv.HM4e way, ib!Hi nader-
witnesses was more rtrfprestifve -thUn
any outcry, tho stillness spoke. Floyd's
outstretched hand fell by bis side and
be slowly paled, all tho laughter wiped
from his face. , t
"1 am ready for work," he gravely
reported, after a brief pause. "When
you want me, send for me, please."
"Very well," came the chilling reply.
, It was an hour before the actual
start Thero waa sufficient to be done
to keep every one occupied, especially
after the trucks loaded with tires
came to the camp. Mr. Green, still
purple with indignation, contrived to
retain Floyd with htm aad away from
Stanton. .
"There wouldn't be aay racing from
here, If It wasn't for you," he de
clared, onco.
"I'm awfully bright," Floyd agreed,
hot he did not smile.
The machines were preparing' to go
to their stations for the start, Stan
ton waa in his seat at the wheel, when
Floyd came over, and leaning against
the car, looked up into the driver's
"What have I doner he asked slm-
Doth men were still unmasked, their
privacy of speech waa secured by tho
uproar around them. Stanton looked
grimly back.
"Lied to me. Ton were not kept
away from New York by w.ork with
Oreen, or any other work, for the last
two weeks."
A tinge of scarlet streaked Floyd's
pallor, he bent his head.
"Yes, I lied to yoti," he admitted.
Stantoa'a gauntleted hand closed on
hla wheel.
"There waa bofeeed. Your time was
your bh, Floyd;! claimed bo control
over you. I don't know why you did It
to be rid of mo for a while, I suppose,
but the resson doesn't matter. Lasi
night I thought a good many wild
things about you, and your sister, but
this morning I've got my grip again.
No doubt you had all you could stsnd
of me, I'm not precisely lovable and
I would have understood If you bad
Just told me so. Dut I will have no
friend I can't trust all the way. Get
In we will finish this race, aad part"
Floyd raised his head and gave to
the stem scrutiny his candid gray
eyes.. .
"Stanton, trust mo all tha.way now,"
he appealed, "Can you do that? Can
you take my word that your friendship
Is the only thing in the world I want?
If I deceived you, It was so I could be
hero, to race with you to-day. I will
tell you afterward, I can't now."
"You mean "
Floyd held out hla hand.
"I've got everything badly mixed cp,
hat It's clean to offer 70U, Stanton,"
Aa swiftly Impulsive as his condom
im 3 'InTganTganTgnTnl aTganTgawgarJ 'Wv 1 T&asnTgnTgnTnTPrejie' -j t
nation waa aHanten's movement as be
beat to give tho clasp.
"All right," he oatd curtly. "Get in;
I ought to have given you a.ebanoe."
And aa-tko other obeyed: "I dlda't
mean to, meet you as, I did, an hour
sge. aayhew; K sHpped bi. -
"They're algnallng," warned Mr.
Green, hurrying over. "Are you ready?
Both of year
. From his place beside' Stanton,
Floyd turned a face of laearnateVsua
shine' to the assistant manager, a face
so ehanged In Its color aad glow and
warmth that all who saw drew breath
In ah est wonder,
"We're ready," his U1Ub tones as
sured. "Dotal worry."
ataate laughed with htm, fastening
on the mask, and sent the Mercury
rolling forward; The world waa right
once mere, aad life aane.
It waa an exaulstte morning; wind
leas, eeel, wHk happy little effects of
aaewy dead against a eobeltblue
sky. The October air waa a summer
'distilled cordial, ml ethereal latoxl
eaat Tha racers had no time te. no
tice It, yet the effect waa there. The
speed made en the ftrst lays waa reo-
Tha brown or away streak of read
ahead, the deadly, turns, the treacher
ous .smooth Mil -down, which It was; so
easy to xaako speed, and still more
easy to meet dleaster-rfor the .tint'
hour Stanton bad ae attention to spare
front these. t Moreover, the spectators
wore asaeeed over tho oenrae la' assay
pUee,' reeeiMftg Jnet enough to leave
a' tone far eaeh eaVa passegs, aad se
;ap4isan. asjttm.eslar. nposi the
. - ... . ... ... a .
Mvonao.insnnMr eaaweao, rvoss nase
Hm.i ?lW;trn,:iot''na neefo
'thsunl VTTao Atalantsi'a head to' the
Tho, noon njinlntalBil was the lasteot
at wMak'MO sW'stfyyoowldiaaaUt:to
M ' ' . iaohod Ant h
I,, "SX3
1jk'IaTlsfP pi,WnF"
.1 i-J!
'kmV'-atoair Tcrao-: wtdlm-' of
; ararts . oF aowad t
roaa.w-jre f too 'aort4Mnnt- nnoil,
tartJos or tno oseeMa elsaai jfyrft
not nQI nnaMnnt snsonjslmat n'Una Jfn((rsj(
naljj nsvp1 Pnawvafj usfcossWnnnuJpoPwp naa
a.tbW a94s
ly.'nKs nafrowedeyes uaawerrrng f ronl
tho Hue. of course ahead, Heeding the
advice, he did take tho turns. 'aaoro
carefully. -1
The precaution waa Justified. On
the most dreaded nngle of the course
came the well-known explosion, Im
mediately followed by a second from
tho opposite wheel, the Mercury top
pled perilously.
Floyd was leaning over the back, un
strapping the extra tires, before Stan
ton had brought the car to a standstill.
The two men were out on the ground
together, dragging forth tools. Ringed
about by pushing, exclaiming specta
tor, they worked with quick precision,
wasting no time in speech. Dust
wrapped, two big cars sped by them,
the red one hanging doggedly at the'
flank ot the white. 'n?
"George thinks he's wlrintn'' lisped
Floyd mockingly. "Dut he Isn't coin'
to; we are."
Stanton was on his feet again. .,
"In with the tools," he directed,
with brevity.
Dut the blue-black eyes and gray
exchanged one smiling glance before
the Mercury sprang forward.
The race began Its third hour, aa
Stanton started out to regain his lost
lead. It was noon, a dazzling, breath-'
less noon of asure and gold. Down
past tho grand-stand with Its heaving
expanse of color and movement they
iwept again, the Joyous applause com
ing to them across tho roar of their
own motor, and on between the walls
ot people Into the quieter back stretch
In pursuit of their rivals.
There was a bridge, back there,
across a shallow running brook shut In
by a strip ot autumn-tinted woodland.
"Car ahead I" Floyd cried suddenly,
as they rusbod around a curve and
bore down on the croislng. "Look out
Stanton" 1
In the center of the bridge waa n
reeling, staggering car, coming to a
halt and striving to maintain ita equi
librium meanwhile. The chain had
Robort L. Hall, a farm hand
who had bean In the employ of
Jamen M. God man for abojt a
weak, d'aippcarcJ Wednerdny of
lat weok, tak ng w.th him Mr.
Godmon's black rtd'ng mare .tnd
leaving behind him sevcra' forged
checka tipon which he had obtain
ed money. He had teen vork,nz
for George Master? of the lower
bottom for about two month be
fore ho waft employed by Mr. flod
man, and H was on M.utera and
Sylvester Dllley, nlso of the lower
bottom, that tho chec'ts vr re
drawn. A check for $20 had Mas
ter a' iKimo and ona for $10 bore
Dllloy's forged signature. A
tenant hoaoj of R W. Erv'n's
placo noar Sal'ne Point, occp!cl
by Jame Harvey, was destroyed
by 1to Sunday morning between
10 and 11 o'clock. The ho-si wan
n ono-atory frame stricture of
throe or four rooms. None of the
family wa's ntHiom At the tlms
of tiro and it's origin la a mystery
Owing to tho difficulties t a Har
vey has had over h's tenancy of
tho farm, various rjm rs have
gained currency that the fire
wti of 'ncenulary or.gln, bat no
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editor a couple of nice r ipc
pcacheo Tuesday morn'ny that
ho had Just p'eked from n tree
In hla yard. Tho tree Is about
broken loose, Its driver afterward ex
plained, and waa lathing the under- borhood. He haa been I'vlng
mecnanum to acrap metal. Seeing top Iowa nearly twenty yea n.
late io stop nis own macnine. amnion i p q4 Sullivan prejntcd
IWK VUO uui; lUIUiM Ufc II T 1 .1 if nil VI
the tour lives and tried to twist past
the other car on the narrow bridge..
Only a master-driver would have at
tempted the feat: Stanton carried it
to the verge of success. They were
along side, passing, whsa the edge of
the wooden bridge gave way under the
double strain, There was the rip of,
splintering planks, at the Mercury's
outside wheels crushed through the
flooring, a shuddering lurch.
"Jump!" Stanton shouted his vain
command to Floyd, as they went down.
The tool water lapped around, hla
p o'-atlon of t'tc fiouphtfui compU Does It Pay
moat of the Vsltors. The guests Monlgomcry Wnrd and Co. of
brought a good supply of eatables chIcHg0, WBt wook fi(.nt noarly x
nml a splendid feast was enjoyed. on ,oad of Cfttdloguort to Mur
May tho Oliver anniversary also rnrn,. ,nn.
Information of a rcrab'c n.U'iro bo followed by the golden. Mis- m0Rt t30 Tno cogt oI pui,i shng
ca i bo had L L. Hirrl of aourl Thalboto. .t, .-tainpuea runs Into fli?ure
" that would bo hard to Tca'Jze. II
GlorJoJS News tno cntJrc county was coveted aa
tnorougniy as jtinrsnau utis Dig
Shenandoah, In., -atrved Fr'day
for a v n't w'th oh fofter S cp-
hen ILirra In the Sharin nclgh-
comos from Dr. J T.Cur lis, Dwljht ., .. , taVm
Kan. Ho writes: "I rtot only havs $50 000 fout of SnUno th, fflU nnd
cured bad cases of cczemi In my wlnte. in ordcr not to ,oBC
patlonts with Electric M.tcm, bu JaAg from tho profUa made
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Mmo disease. I feel surs thsy wl nnd moan(t (our timC9 u,j Inuch
benefit any caaj of e ma.' Thl .. hn nwnv fpom h w
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bearing peaches this year. It that Eloctric Hitters Is a moit cf- (or mjj0 j,ut wo honoatly be
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... . ... ... ...
me 1 iiau only two ye.ira 10 live." m, flitw ww.n uiancy, ' cr0p
Th a startling statem.'nt was mad homa. Th&aa prcsem co ng Jim
by 8tlllman Qrocn, Malachite, Col. Madlo Thompsan, of Mnrshfl", Mr.
Thoy told mo I would dlo with -i.ul Mra Floyd Ro'.man, M-. nnd
consumption. It was up to n. Mrs. C. W. Thompson, M'tsw Lu
thon to try tho best lunir medici.af He nnd Virginia Brown Mcrs
Jund I began to ts Dr. King's Ncr Henry Faulkner, Qlenn Hr.'gga Pro pjaco 0 meeting
Dlssovery, It was wtl I cii ,for Prcwltt and Claude Marksoury 01 or discussion.
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A Linen-Clee" Nurse teetf.Bestae Him. nov Tako tho euro that's safest, es, tetter, chaflngs, scaly and crut WOuld have very poor excuas of
flagers. trickled revlviaaly across hla Pr,co 5' cent and l0. Trial bot- eil humors, as well as tho'.r accl- county papera. Their advertise-
Intolerably painful rm. surgHaa: Jlko1 lo troe at P H. Franklins. dtn'al Injurita cu s, burns, brul menta, whllo very inte e t ng, also
3 Tho business men are liberal
und contribute in many wayn to
your comforts and pleasures. A
good town affords good amuse
menta. It is a social centre and
for protection
juuua juice, h 11 hibma ey mimt
lowly, with, lalatte etort, Stanton,
dragged himself .up upon the other
arm, the uninjured right. He must
Konncth Sununeza, son of Mach-
ee; taai waa iae imperious cry 01 mist carl Hummers, who with his
hrala and heart, to aee. It seemed to ' father and mother lives at the
him JHri Mo that the Mercury had Hotel rkm fcU from a coa! houBC
gone 0 the hr dga. yet he knew the .. .. veatatAv and broko hi. ml
time could be hut moments, since the li0" h ' "
ambulance had net come and he waa 5m nMf, tho ,wr'st ioint- At
still here. ne meeting of the ashool board
His vision waa clearing. Yes; Friday ovc-ning, September 9
there, half In the dainty brook, hal 'was decided on as tho opening
en the green hank, lay the heap 'of date fort he Slater schools. The
eat " broken saetal that had been following assignment of teachers
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H. Frnnklns.
E. T. Ault was called to Wavcr
ly Monday to aee his brother,
Leonard, who wis qu'te sick.
Mr. Ault o&nt word to F.B. Ault
of th'a city to como as his broth
r was nutte low. He died Tues-
" erery raeia ear. Ana nesiue has, been announced, grade school, "ay. nia uoatn was due to an
fc .r. f. t tK u Helen Wa!'a, first grade Miss accident which happ2ned this
ton began to 4fag' h pala-rackea4 JP'Jf Turk, third grade; Miss Will
bedy toward what lay beside the Mer, M Wwsonoerry, lourtli grade ; Miss
eury; Meveaseot hart, 'Jsnrt nabearl eo Q'Heoru fifth grade; Mlsa
ably, yet wan a leas' anguish than 'olive PembertOB, alxth grade ;Mlas
theiinht. For he fcaew, knew the Vivien Kdwarde, seventh grade ;
mechanician seldom eeeapea. hGrover Hatf-'old, eighth grade and
?1?.tasr L-k? ?'l,B: u principal High achool, sup rln
asarred te outward view except for n , trident a n . ,iii
Waver hla'tMa1.ai.da.M.IrhloB4 "a?i,V A" ' Principal
en bis' Mae. HW mask and eap were "na Boieace, R. J. Shirley, Latin
jgene, eae hand waa flung et, palm up. German, MJat Pea l Rhvadi s
ward, anCtke tern sleeve left bare the Mathamat ca Miss Georgia Rolo:
sHia ana ereesed by the sigaag scar'oHj History, M'-- Tnuho Field;,,
gained at LeweM, Me leebad very I Engl ah, Miss Ncnna Haet'nsa.
remciann atrantelr grave, en the .sua.- News.
eat vaaer: ireesnaesws etenerea aacn
aad, ten h Mresa.a4s eo)sriss faee aad
WatH-WesMasavea; ef.hatr.
aeeek' namJed aheerfitllv. a be-
Aannl 1Z : -1 aaJB maf , lialSsaaT
ing pays another third. The last
third remains unpaid unless the
paper secures sufficient legal ad
vertisements and Job work.
Took all the Blue Ribbons.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Evans, who
uttended the Banco ton Fair last
week oamo home with eleven first
premiums, won by their flno horse
Hallio Ncal.
Everybody's doin' it WHAT?
Going to the
Ouen Oct, 4, Closes Oct 12
ieaVWcewi -Levant
nwsVnnnjn'nnnBnnnjnni an pr nt
Nineteen Miles a Secenel
ixi h-ut a Jar, skock or C tu base
the awfal snsed ot our ear'V
pf JIeso. We, wade.- tt sue '
en"of aavtwe's mavem at, and t
ri&?, King's c
L fe Pa No griping, no dU
mAwm i.
I -nsaaananTr VnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnanBnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnBnnn' r-i .
aaaa, aam wse watea sea as ei aaaw i
"Thf Only Wny" to "Tk Only FsUr"
will Vm ts very beat Fair ever k4M. -The
any Breviowi years. MeokM al Bikvie
. ot Havaaat, Cuba, tides dowa an-, laelaasel
iJattaiinnn AutomrAilc. nnd tunas a trinw innnnr-iniilr ' HeMann
sWKKTSPKiKas ' Asoaa.-ioas with Pninxkute Drop. Motorcrek aad AaitosMUta
dA Wr- w;v' wl. Ifaaaa and hundred t t otUc attraction, all ia addKioa to the is
Mvaar pltasaat 'eumrWe' oo-Wed: .m aittt Caittk, aa4 Poaltry.
.1T i;lttigfci:witli liksral HpHf. Ym Si
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