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Friday, September 1?, 1912.
It wai two week a later when Ralph
Btanton first reopened conscious eyes,
this time upon tbo Immaculate dreari
ness of a hospital room. A linen-clad
nurse stood beside him, and at tbo
foot of the bed was a, gentleman un
mistakably medical.
"Hotter, Mr. Btanton ?" quorlcd the
tatter, breezily professional.
"Floyd?" 8tanton whispered, with
dimculty. "Whoro Is Jos Floyd 1"
Tho doctor surveyed him oddly, hes
itating. Uut tho nurso stooped over
htm, her expression altering to Impul
sive compassion.
"Well, very well," she assured hasti
ly. "Jos Floyd has roso homo. Try
to rest: try not to think of thlnrs."
He had known the truth beforo bo
asked tho question. Btanton quietly
turned his face to tho wall and faint
ed, being very weak.
In his next conscious Interval, ho
put another demand.
"Miss FloydT Sho Is nllvor
"Yes, oh yes," the nurso heartily tt-
firmed. "Yes, Indeed."
Once moro Stanton turned to the
wall. Jessica had not died when Jet
did., then, according to her prediction;
tho tlo of kinship had not held so far.
Sho was In tho little apartment, alone.
Later In tho night his steady, silent
zazo drew tho attendant to bis sldo.
"What Is it! You are Buffering
"Ask her to stop singing." ho
begged. "It wasnt my fault Ask her
to top."
Tho nurso took a gloss from tho
"There Is no one singing, Mr. Stan
ton, no on at all. Drink this."
"No one? Not out there In tho
4arkT" '
He averted bit gate, and remalnod
mute, unprotestlng. After that he
never lost memory again; not eren
In sleep, for ho dreamod. Day and
night, hour after hour, Jessica's .mo
notonous song boat through hli sick
"Oft, In the stilly night-'
His nlgbta were not still, always
when bo closed his eyes be beard
some ono sobbing, Jessica Floyd weep
ing for her brother.
But gradually tho last traoos of de
lirium faded out Slowly bis superb
health reasserted its dominion and
brought Stanton back to normal life.
The fractured bones knit, the other
Injuries healed.
He nover spoke Floyd'o name a sec
ond time. Nor did any one mention It
to him. The bead of the Mercury
Company came out from Now York to
see. him and express cordis! sympathy.
Oeorgo, who bad driven the Duplex to
Victory after the Mercury's wreck,
came to vUlt-hlm more than once, a
.blonde, cheery presence; as did the
driver of the machine on the bridge
who owned hi own life to Stanton's
cool fearlessness' and skill; Mr.
Green brought bis fussy condolence.
But none of them alluded to Jes
Floyd. There was a curious constraint
that marked them all, an air of. watch
fully keeping silent upon some sub'
Ject constantly present la their minds,
Btanton looked thorn through and
through with bis hollow blue-black
'"eres'.-and asked nothing.
1 It was two months before he could
leave the hospital. Winter had shut
In. raw and bleak. The day fixed for
bis departure, tho doctor lingered In'
bidding him good-by,
"I have not wanted you to be wor
riad, Mr, Stanton," ho said bruskly.
"Not on any account Rut from the
fact that yourfirst question was 'Jes
Floyd T' I Imagine you feel some re
sponsibility in thai matter. May I ask
where you'are, going?"' '
jefor e-ttae spoke name Btaatoa
Winced, but steadily met -the other'
Inquisitive eyes.
"To Miss Floyd,"-be responded.
The doctor held out a hearty band.
"Good. I waa sure of it I A patient
shows a lot of bis character to ,M
physlctan. .Good luck to you all
Hew did be know of Unprotected Jea
lea Floyd? Stanton wearjly.peadered
the queitlqB as be desceaded U the
carriage. Or rather, how did he know
of Staatoa'e feeling of ,rapoBJbMty
Inward hr? The ' mechanician was
. suBPeasd to take his, ehanee wtth the,
driver. ; rerhaaa delirium had reveaiee:
' . a J
f rv t A iTAn xa
tame ml loo iamm
Btanton put out blshand, the poign
ant memory unendurable
'Yes, yes. What of It?"
It gavo mo my start It meant a
big llfo for me; and I didn't forgot It.
t made tho accounts of the accident at
tho Cup race as easy for Miss Floyd
as I could, when they camo out Thcro
was bound to bo somo sensationalism."
"Thank you," Stanton made brief ac
knowledgment "There is nothing that
you can do for me."
Tho train was hissing at tbo plat
form, but tho reporter pursued him a
stop farther.
"You, you'll look after Miss Floyd,
Mr. Stanton? That's square?"
The driver turned an amased resent
ful glance upon his questioner, his
hand on tho rail. Dut. hardly awaro
why, ho answered, howovcr glncUIy.
"Yes, sir."
Tho reporter beamed at him, radiant.
"I knew It," ho called, above tho
roar nnd clang of tho starting train.
I knew it was all right.
A dull gray sky arched abovo a
snow-patched landscape, flurries of
snow wcro in tho hnrsh air. Stanton
sat wtth unseeing eyes directed out
tho window, chin In band, mueh as ho
had found Floyd sitting In tho west
bound train tbo night they started for
Indianapolis. September sunlight, Oc
tober crimson nnd gold, all gone.
A delicate fragrance drifted around
him, there was tho frou-frou of soft
garments as somo one took tho scat
facing him. Stanton looked up, and
saw Valcrlo CarlUlo opposite, her
blond fairness framed In dark vol
vets and furs, her amber eyes regard
lng htm from beneath tho shadow of
her wide plumed hat
"There Is nothing at all singular In
my being here, Mr. Stanton," sho stat
ed, in her cool, Indolent voice. "De-
cause I ascertained by telephone when
you intended to leavo tho hospital, and
so arranged to meet you on tbo train.
Tomorrow I start for Europe, to re
main for a long time, nnd It was nec
essary for mo to apeak with- you first
I am sorry to see that you have been
frightfully ill."
"You aro too good," he answered,
the old antagonism stirring him strong
ly. "As you observe, I was not for
tunate enough to finish myself com
pletely In the lato wreck." ,
"Ono sometimes feels like that,"
she coincided, passing ono small glovod
hand across tho soft fur of hor muff.
"I have wished for the finish, hero
lately, for my part You probably did
not know that I was engaged to marry
Archer Ross, of the Atalanta Automo-
bllo Company?"
Btanton sat erect All Floyd's sus-
not matter, 66Unfr,.,mattored',
But yet be read that behind that apr
parent ease of here heaved a sea of
itormy thouchts; as alwayn. her speech
was no guide to her mine, .,
"i suppose, men, tnat ,you wouta
not have been distressed If I bad'
broken tmy arm when I cranked your
car after driving you home, from New
York," he commented.
Her color changed for the first time,
her eyes flashed to his.
"You angered me," she retorted.
"You brutally told mo that you had
not raced at tho Reach, to plcaso me,
nor would you do so. You were Bupcr
ctllous, no man had ever treated mo
that way before. For one Instant I did
bate and long to hurt you; I pushed
up tho spark as you cranked. Tho
next momont I would have undono it
if I could."
There was a pause, as the train halt
ed at a station, and tho usual flurry of
egress and Ingress ensued, When tho
start was mado:
"Why aro you telling mo this?"
Stanton asked. "I am not considered
especially amlablo and forgiving, airn
rule, why chanco unnecessary con
fession?" "No," her Hp bent In n faint smllo
that was not mirthful. "Dut you are
too masculine to retaliate upon n
woman. I am not much afraid, nl
ing olar heals so'qulckVf'fFdr boll Mr. and Mrs. Earl dayEomb vls
ulcern, old, runn ng or fever Borca ited the latters parents Mr. and
or pllos It lias nd cqtiaL. 25c at P 'Mra J. M. Walker last week.
H. Franklins. , -rho sale nt Mr. Walkers was
-j well attended last Thursday. The
, ' 'MIAMI $ stock aold well, and the ladles of
Burns & naynio Wednesday pur the Baptist church ckarctl about
chased the remainder of the stock fifty six dollars for dinner,
of J. A. Jessup, and tho J. A.Jeg- Mr. and Mrs. Scott Marshall were
sup hardwaro store one of the tho guests of frienda in Marshall
oldest businesses Hn tho town, will las Week.
mA pi m snnhcrrr, .nartVd 'I08 1 n fw days. Mr. 'MIbscs Eulah Anderson nnd -Mam
Mrs. Eleanor QulBcnbcrry departe" - ,, ... , ,. , u. n,,n Mi Anntu Pvle.
tlmo to Ecttle up hs business, then Thursday and Friday.
will mako h!a homo elsewhere.
News. ,
Thursday morn.ng, Auz"" 20 9-2
this life nfte'r nn illness of more
than a year.
Funeral services wcr conduced
by Rev. Wm. F. Roberts, on Friday
at 10.33 a. m. at tho home, nfter
which tho ronnlns wcro taken to
Bethel, where nhc now rests be
side her husband who pre cdcJbcr
Ight years ago.. News.
Born to Mr. nnd Mrs. Geo. W.
Hnlns In tho Good Hope neighbor
ood Tuesday Aug. 27th niton.
Born to Mr. nnd Mrs. J. A. aic-
lAdnms In Slater Tuesday Sept. 3rd
1012, a son. Born to Mr.
Mrs, Porlor Morris Sunday
John neBS and Miss CcssJe Walk
er attended the Chautauqua at
Marshall, Saturday.
lBt, nnon. T. J. Stivers re
turned Inst Friday from a visit to
Excelsior Springs and thinks he
was greatly bcnofltcd by the trip.
plctons of thia girl rusbod back to bis
"7es," she confirmed the thought In
Ms expression., "What you are Imogip
lng la quite correct I tried very, hard
to Induce you to drive for the Atalanta
Company instead of for the Mercury.
The Atalanta absolutely required a
good racing record, But I failed. You
were more than .firm ,ln your decision."
Bo tnat bad been wnai sne waniea
of him. That had lain behind her
polished surface of gracious admira
tion and bad been the core of ber in
"And when I would not drive for
your company, you tried to prevent
me from driving for my own?" He
wondered incredulously.
She looked at him, and looked away
T fancy you would scarcely credit
me, Mr, Stanton, it I denied the, fact
now. I have been very clumsy; a so
ciety woman is not trained to practical
melodrama.. You are untjellevabjy dlf-
Her flawleaa aelt-pooaeeslon gave an
effect of unreality to the whole affair,
Btaatoa felt a vertigo of the mind
'"Yoa had that purpose In view
whea you .first spoke to me at the
Beach twenty-four hour racer he
questioned. "You hoped' to induce
me to wreck my car by fast driving, in
order to leave the Atalanta a better
chance of winning?"
"Oh, no!" sbe deprecated. "I never
tried to cause your wreck what1 can
you think me? No, that waa merely
as Impulsive, ex perl meat; I wanted to
see It you would do as I wished, .Some
men nave aone so.'
Stanton Surveyed Him With
though I find myself forced to depend
upon your Indulgence. A net was
spread for tho feet of tbo wicked ly
somo one more acuto, or less Indlffrr
ent, than tbo Mercury's driver. Your
mechanician sot a private dotoctlvo
at the task of following and guarding
you until after tho Cup rnco; fearing
treachery, I suppose, would bo used to
prevent your driving. You aro sur
Ho saw tho crowded railway station,
on the morning of tho return from In
dianapolis, and Floyd's vivid, anxious
face turned to blm In the artificial
light He heard the fresh young
voice; -"If you won't take care- of
yourself, Btanton"
"Thero was no nocd, Mr. Btanton.
had no Idea of Interfering with you
personally. Dut tbo thing was dono,
and overdone. The man hired to play
detective was not honest; ho exceed
ed bis mission of protection and went
on to Investigation for bis own profit
It I am telling you this, it la becauso
you would soon hear the otory from
htm, anyhow, and becauso I want you
to silence blm. He has offered me bis
silence for a price, but I do not
choose to yield to a blackmail which,
(To bo Continued.)
Repels Attack of Death.
"Five yearn: ago two doctors tol
mo I luid only two years to live,'
Tlila startling statement was m.id
by Stlllman Clrocn, Malachite, Co) Q
They told me I would die will jp
consumption. It was up to m W
then to try tho best lung medlcln s
nd I began to taj Dr. Klng'Nc S
Discovery It va well I did ,fo
today I am working nnd believe
owo my llfo to this groat tbroa fj
nnd lung euro that Itu cheated jHj
tho "grave of nnothor victim." Iu Ss
folly to fluffor with coughs, coldi
or otnor throat aim lung irouoics
now. Take tho cure thnt'a safest Q
Price 60 ccntn and $1.00. Trial bot- Q
tlo free at P. II. Franklins. y
Dr. J. Herbert Smith of Kansas M
City who s in this vicinity on bus- fc
Incss was badly hurt Monday by fj
being thrown from a buggy while
leaving his mother's home near
Nnpton. Dr. Smith had lust clos
ed' the gate and ntarted to get In
to tho buggy whert the horse stnrt
cd up suddenly nnd. throw him out
on his head. He was badly bruis
ed up though not dangerously
hurt and Is getting along nicely.
v- v . Mnsa
IB UM GiniaaM. i
-W" asswe , tm , mm .mm-.
gtMMihtiy. r "xouTa : aawny
t mr st yt,Mr. Btaatoa; Jtjftw
la nyWMb'&pf rau ', the
trip lato the
f "5 . . r ' ' saunea t mm inm , aw v,wm mmmm
leMi. m 'mM. itimntm
''lfliltllVh sBWhw yaw mtUt Hi
r you colag to tell ae that yea
droned ma at Lowell, oa the eve of
the. road raeen
'!Drucge4 yea? Thai la a harsher
deaerlaUoa tttasi I ever gave the iael
owa aiM, tn I pewraa
aa.what'Arehar Roaa had
or 'that surpate. H said H
r WAiiU ant kirn vMi'',ttalv aravaat.'yott"
gM. ires anviag aaat.wraiBaji am
kea tbettiac aeatuy oa aia ear. jb
ye; raead, afurj all, Jll aa tyea araat
kma'hiMKil aTtrluaaiaed ye would
talia aaeh arle. oc I atd lMV.r4r
fuM tae rwpoB.lbnny; I disked the
taveaybir.!; To be traak,I WM her.'
;fiwr mg ee waaa i! aaw yet en
va . eeu r, , wa w a ,. um rvvurvt
L-iLl,:ll' .... V MM. " a -
Perpetuating The I
How few of us there aro, who
have, not hidden away In some
bureau or closet, somo almost
forgotten, almost faded picture
memories of dear onos who
have passed to the Great Be
yond. Possibly, too.1, we have been
fearfully watching, us the years
fjo round, tho steady but relent
oss fading .that promises ore
lone, to make these dear trcas
ores but a memory Indeed.
Perhaps It Is somo old daguer
reotype In Its little old worn-out
leather case, showing on Its
dimmed silver surface the
quaint picture of some grand
parent, or a father or mother In
the baby days, with llttlo strag
gly curls and the low-necked
dross affected In those "good
old days" of the Victorian per
iod. ,
Maybe 'tis and ambrotype, or
one of those old-fashioned cartes
de Tistte which were all the rage
thirty years back, wben every
sitting-room table held the
There were good-photographers
in those days, but they bad
not the facilities of modern portrait-maker,
and the vaunted
permanence of the pictures wan
more in me name man m laci.
Why not perpetuate these old
plctura-memorles while tbere Is
yetan opportunity? A few years
hence even the faintest outlines
way have vanished forever. '
Modern methods aad modern
papers will give yo lasting
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charlie Zahl visited
Dr. F. W. Swltzer nnd wife Sun
day. Miss Gertrude Morry spent last
week with, her nistor, Mrs. L. B.
Rubnnk at Marshall and attended
tho Chautauqua.
Rev. A. Sterling filled his regu-
and lar appointment nt Bethlehem Sun
8cpt. day morning and evening.
Public Sales
Samuel JI. Clift of northeast of
Malta Bend, wilt have a publ c sale
next Monday beginning at one p.
m. Mr. Clllt exposta to move to
Kansas after the s.ilc We be
speak for him a big nttcmlnncc at
tho aile.
Marshall Republican, $1.00
No Guess Work!
Men feel different about different things.
But no man can feel otherwise than per
fectly satisfied when he buys a bill of
lumber from us. He may know nothing:
about the grade of lumber, but he docs
know that he gets exactly what he buys,
and sees it before he buys and pays for
it big item, isn't it? Should a mistake
occur it is cheerfully corrected. Our
grades are right and ouc'priccsarc right.
There is no bill too large for us to han
dle and none too small to receive our
most careful attention.
Our motto i, "A satisfied customer
is the best advertisement." 45
La Crosse Lumber Co
Nineteen Miles a Second
without a Jar, shock or dl :tu banc
in tho awful speed of our car..i
through space. Wo wondo;- ut suck
caso'ot nature's movement, and o,
do those who take Dr. King's Xc.V,
Llfo PlHa. No griping, no dlstr" s
Jubt thorough work tint bring
good health nnd fine fcc!i,nga. 23
at P. H. Franklin.
John n. McGulro sold his cot
tage property on Elm street to J.
M. Thomas of Iloustonla this week
for $2,750. Mr. Thomas will mov
hero on account of our superior
school advantages. C. P. Eis
ner was at St. Louis Wedncsdayat
tending the Bull Moose convention
Martin uccompanled him and en
cored. Walter's college for the win
ter. Herald.
rPVI mr mm Br wr r twn w mw mJ f9w an SraQ aB MBn rKrw WI 9mwW
Everybody's doin' it. WHAT?
.Goings to the
Opens Oct. 4, Closes Oct 12
"The Only Way" to "The Only Fair"
TIuh Year's Fair will bo tho very best Fair over held. The
attractions far exceed any previous years. Monoplano and Biplane
cornea from Dr. J. T.Cur.lsB, Dwlght Flights. MUo. Garcia of Havana, Cuba, rides down an inclined
Kan. no writes: "I not only have plane in an Automobile, and turns a triple somersault. Balloon
cured bad caaeH of oczema in my Ascensions wim raracnuio urop. moiprcycio ana AtiiomoDiie
patients with Electric Bitters, bu Races, and hundreds of other attractions, all in addition to tho im
olao cured myself by them of th menso exhibit of Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Swine and Poultry,
aamo dlBeasc. I feel sure they wi Tho Chicno & Alton will make very low rates toSnrincrfleld.
benefit any caaa of eczema." This aii sections of its line in Illinois with liberal limits. You can't
ahowa what thousands havo provo afford to miss this year's State Fair.
ie?v?1btood Bnuremer It "an ox Fr tos. mo of trains and other information consult O. E. HAW-
Glorious News
cellent remedy for eczsmi, tetter,
aalt rhoum, ulcors, bolls and run
nlng aores. It stimulates liver, kid
neya and bowola, expels poison
Ibelpa digestion, builds up th
strength. Price 60 cents. Satlsta
tlon guaranteed by P. II. Frank)!
copy ot such ftcturea'.and skill
ful work will reerve to yo
the portraits that y oh have al
most derlrd of and give them
.toyouia most ummn clear-;
!er aad bhw remlnlseeoHy thap
toe faaadeopiea yoa iiew aavs)i
war noT-aring imoaiii v
.turaa' te'uiT. Wa at laast will
truthfully tall yon whathar tt H,.
.tOOttOMTtll. !, .i.
bVtw hit i'm:V" TUttfwkf
Vv; : ' -mi-.
Mil lkMHtl1.' mWT
Miss Lucy Dowden visited her
grandmother at Mt. Leonard Fri
day and left Saturday fdr Harde
man where' she will teach school
thia .winter. Km. Wm. A.Bothe
who hao bes jilting the famlUes
ot her brothers, JjBarry and Fred
Jblier, teiv f numy eyemnK rncr
home, ati Dewy, Okla. Miss Mau-
rlne remained for a longer visit..
Mrs. Gerdeman returned to.
her home in Warren county', Mo.,
Tueaday after a visit with her fa
ther, H. H.'WeBsendorr and family.
Reeordk '
To Mothra-.and Others
: You'oan it Bucklen'a Aralea Sa
vi'ta;era:ett)iot eeaeeaa, raa
At'ffV;ckiag'fl, ioaly Md,era
.A,Wioril,',ii '"wett tkelr pieel-
laasa r MUttne: euia.- ouraa, BtmM
I TO .
I Chicago & Alton Railroad . I
Chicago & Alton Railroad
No bttt opfoctuHity tto ; visit tte,ardCitoat Us
" ' AMMMUMits o! ,Evry Kiadt . H,
511 ;frata 9i ttfrW .Uf car f
r 4

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