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Friday, September 27, lil2
Will Fool the Uninformed.
But There'll be None
in Saline.
-so, I Bay to you farmed hare to
night, that this Single Tax, of which
I am proud to he an advocate, would
be to the overburdened farm era and
worklngaiea. the treated boos, the
greateit blessing, the greatest 0o4-
tead that any country ever kaew.
The Answer
Mr. Johnson was n visionary sort
, pf mortal and while ho may have
Intended to help the people he
There are people who enn be missed it very fnr at times. Ills
convinced of nearly anything as arguments may apply to some sec-
long as some oily tongucd schem- tlona of the country in the Bast
era aro abroad. The following but never to Missouri or Saline
plausible Single-Tax artiste would county.
or Here in Saline the farmer 1st he
big -tax-payer and to exempt per
sonal property will raise his taxes
I that much. We have no cities to
' offset the additional taxes, al
Hon. Thos. L. Johnson, lato Mayor of though city real estate would have
Cleveland, wns, during his life, balled to share the Increase,
as the ONK great and true friend of xho pcrccntuBC quotctl dae. not
the people. During one of his cam- , to u, ,n th , t
tifilcffitf nflnt aitiniiulniv rn iVtrt (alias s a '
in his State and counVy for some hnlf.10"'1 .Vn,u.es " 8 .much; ,l8hcr-
fool many, if not explained
studied carefully.
Single-Tax Article
hour, the Mayor, oh was his custom,
called for questions. A vcnornblo
gentleman, with long white whiskers,
aroso and said:
"Mr. Speaker, I hnvc a suspicion,
from what I liavo read In the papers,
that Mayor Johnson doalrrs to place
at I taxes on land. la this correct?"
Iteplylng to tho elderly man, tho
Mayor said: "Most emphatically,
Ho paused for a moment, then con
tinuing, said: "Uut It you moan that
I bavo a dc'stro to place all taxes on
land VALUES, I answer iaos,t de
cidedly, Ycst
"A tax on land would bo an unjust
and Iniquitous system, hut n tax on
land values would bo tho best and
fairest system that tho world has
over known. Lawn which would
bring about tho tnxatlon of land
values would bo of moro scrvlro to
humanity than any legislation aver
yat enacted.
"Farmer nro largo owners of land,
but not of land values. We have land
In our city that sella at the rato of
five million dollars per acre; have
any of you farmers land as valuable
as thntT In Now York City there Is
land that sella for fifteen million
dollars per ncrp; la there any land In
this neighborhood at that prlco?
"To answor my friend's quextlon,
I will rulato a little talk I had ono day
with Congressman 1'ieraon, of Tub
carawau County, when wo were in
Washington together.
"Plerson waa u farmer and ho said
to mo ono day: 'Tom, I cannot go
your Singlo Tax, as It would bu a
hardship on tho farmers, and they
alroady havo more than their share
of the burden of taxation.'
"I said: 'Look hero, l'iorson, if 1
thought the Single Tax would In
crease tho farmer's burden I would
not stand for It for one mlnuto. In
fact, it I did not know It would be
the greatest blessing to the farmers
and to the worklngmen In tho city
as well, I never would advocate It
again. I can ahow you that the Sin'
gle Tax will lighten the IfarmorV
burden aa eetaaared to tbe present
"'Let me ask you some questions,
to see if we eu get at the facta in
tho matter. How much, Mr. Plerson,
of the present tax burden do you
think the f arose rs bearF
"'Well,' he aaawcrod, 'the fatness
constitute over half the populutloa of
th United aUlee, and I ahould aay
ti"t they pay at ieaat CO per cent of
all Uiea, , ,
' 'Very well, let'a call It M per ceat
to be safe.'
'"No, no said Plerson, 'that's too
low. They aay mora than (0 per cent,
rather thaa lass.'
"'All right, hat ta he safe, lot's call
It 60 por seat. Now Mr. Plerson, I
want you to UU me how much of tha
value of land the farmers have In the
United States T Please take Jnto con
alteration aH the valuable coat land,
the Iron, silver, geld, copper and other
valuable mlBea the water power
prlvleges, tha railroads and their
rights of way and terminals, include
lag street rallrSadetelep'honfa and
telegraphs, for these are built on the
most valaaMe Mads; all the gaa and
electric jjajklajrlgbjs of way, built
aa bind it great value; all the clly
lots, some of which are worth mor
than a whole coaaty of farming land.
1'want you to take all these Into con
Ideratloa. and thea tell me how
much of these valuta la the UnlleC
Slates the farmers have
"Mr. Plersen replied: 'Well, 1
ahould say. less thaa S per cent.'
I ."I said; 'Call It 10 per cent to bf
M'No, bo bo, that's sail rely too
high; that's double.'
' ." 'Well, we wlU call It 10 per cent,
acy way.-. Kow, doa't yon see that If
the farmers are peyiag 19 ptrcent.
that If all the taxes were raised by
Single Tax ' land values the farm
ers, slace I hay have hut 10 per cent
-vtt these valaas yea aay 5 air coat
would aay leas; that their taxes
v wwld ha fsdaoad fere tlsseef That
Under the Singlc-tnt there Is no
doubt that our lands will be tax
ed In proportion to city, while nt
present, owing to the fnct that our
county, has no much valuable land
nnd our needs nre small, we nre
taxed only about one third of the
city values besides n lower rate,
which proportinntcly to tho city
would make our present rn'c
about S per cent, and with the
exemption no doubt raise it to 10
;cr cent, far different from Mr.
lolniHons figures.
both divisions of tho road through' Hay Drying; a Success
Howard nnd Saline counties, post- w.u . ' f . . -. t fl ,
Ing the Missouri river at Glasgow W"?f 8e; li l"
and at Doonville.
"The Improvement of tin road s ' T
specially noticeable through west-' """"f, J W to
uuiiiusu uj i jiii in me ncms aiicr
cutting, 'Is the belief of officials of
em Missouri," says the report.
"The best work during th? yeir
has been done in the Lsxlngton
special road district where- tho
road has been macadamized. The
best twenty miles of earth road
work has been done betWion Boon
vllte and Arrow Bosk. Notably
the Department of Agriculture.
For two dr three yja'ra past
experts of the offiie of farm
management 'have been conduct
ing experiments in Southeastern
Missouri with nlfalf.i hay, putting
t i. .-..'..t i -,n-,. " wiruugn a aun-arying process.
SoT soexteVshTc V.Vb.".n dot..Tn;J" S"5!Sie-d. WhCth"
some sections of southern Howard' ha'cu,d bo cd ,n " manner
county nnd between Glasgow and." " J prof,tab 0 baf,!'
Fayette and In Saline county be-,W l IT f p,,nBBt-:
. "" ' ,. q,.tnp 'Thp'tlon has not been cone uded, offl-
Srca? Tnd some Sf, w- at," lod
nieces of road n the Incorporated." , . WIU
towns along the cross,StaU He- nm0Unt ot
i . ,i in money annually.
and near the towns of Fayette and ' e department has not form.il
L.i tinnhnnort !V nounccd the exact location
rrimm """""" V. ."iof ithe govenimcnts nlant. It Is
nnd the Uoonvllle cut-off. The!
new mnrkcrs showlnj mileage in
In the nlfnlfa belt of Southeast
new murm-To niiuwmj u. ... . ... . . .
the Lexington district ara th? best M'"" water for
. . i o i .. . ..1 I iiii"iic injiiuu ill nine uur-
on me roaui ocurvuiy uuwwn
brldee. except tho old covered
bridges, remains on the Santa Fc
Trail division of the hlghwny." f
The report In full, with ropo'rts
from every county, will be made
nt the annual meeting of the Mis
souri Old Trails Hoad Association
at Fulton Thursday, September 28,
nnd Mlneoln Sept. 27.
"I'll Die Trying;"
Somebody blundcrod nsd as ,i re
sult the Omuhn fait mill going
nearly n mile a minute, crashed In
to the Denver limited nt Western
Springs nnd thirteen pcraons were
killed and many wounded.
Hnglneer Hronsom of the fast
mall died In his cab with his hand
gripping the reverse lever.
Lying In the hospital his fnee
twitching with pain, Foreman Cran
told how Hronoon died.
He said:
"We got no warning until we
were within about 150 yards of the
limited. Then somebody
us, nnd nt the same time n couplciTheodorc
of torpedoeB were exploded. It r not safe.
Root's Conscience
Senator Ellhu Hoot, of New York
presided nt the convention which
renominated Taft for president.
It wns he who was dominant In
period of time dur
Ing tho resent flood. Since that
tlme however, it has bojn put in
to commlssioon once more. It Is
expected that n formal bulletin
dealing with tho experiments will
be -published by the department In
the near future.
Hny artificially dried Is subject
ed to great hent for a shoort time
and corns through the process re
taining nrich green color. The
Juice is forced out nnd the larger
pari oi ii preserved.
Election Indications
There Ib mush talk of "Tnf
llw. flirli nifnlnt IlnnqpVclt. What V.ru
sincerity is his? What must bo 'in ?n nl"? no' trl every day,"
the man's heart of hearts? Here """j vv"c" 11 comes to the bird
Is bin declaration as made In 1011 .f?cl,;i 1,0 ,9, fcalnln very little. At
In an address before the Union tht t,mo f tho nventlon Prcsl-
Leaguc Club ot New York. ' "Vl" f " 1 ,WJ8 oppojeu by .in
"I count It, my friends, ns qnc "whelming majority of the
ot the greatest privilege! v of my Ilt5P0"cn voters ot the country,
life to have been able In that day W,hcn 1,0 w nominated thousands
of our great sorrow, when our who opposed him swung Into line
lamented President McKlnhy was for tno sake of harmony and
carried away, "to havo been able J'"- ". These arc not his
to stnnd by nnd hold up the hands frIcni,B todny and will desert him
nm nnn II.-.. f
ilnireed f bis true and loval surccasor. . 8"on ns y his
w w a.
. . ... m 1 1 U 1 1 L 1 it n n .
""""' joniiopejcss one because
Roosevelt Men cny ho
tin tu nnt untn tnr. lm
was foggy. Hefore we know It we' men who wish to prose:uto selfish ,,ls rccIprocity and othor blundcra
una crashed Into tho Denver train.' schemes for the public detriment, " , KunK" 0 lo "can oy thous
Ilronson died nt tho throttle. Whon'but 1 say to you that he has been, "nUs upon thousands of life-long
he saw death ahoad ho turned to these years since President McKIn- "ePu,"can nt thore is no hope
me nnd said: iey' dcath, tho greatest conscrva- ! w,nnlnS bask nor any
"Train, ahead. I don't think I tlve force for the protection ot pro . Kctt,n& oth9rJ to tnko
enn stoif her. I'm going to dlc'pCrty nnd our Institutions In the u,.r p'nctf
trying." city of Washington. I would rnth ' ' 1 ro6r"lvcs, on the other
"Well ho died that way. He or have my boys taught to admire i'""1"0 ?J,n " mny thousands
stayed right In his seat with his ns the finest things In our life the cry nnntl and alroady h0rc
hand on the revorso lever." honesty nnd frankness, tho truth nre "n00" pledged votes to ln-
Somebody blundered. nnd oyftUy, the honor and devo- auI BCC0Md Pla,
Make your roadbed as level nsa tlon of Thcodoro Roosovclt than to i"cr1e nro fow Independent votca
parlor floor, build your cars of havo all tho wealth of this great " ?a"ne yot w verily believe
steel, put semaphore "towers every metropolis. The work rf Fre-ldo t "ml Co1, llooovelt will get as
half mile, use every safety appll-.Roosevelt has more weight for mBn?r1Vo;" hpro thl5 fo11 did
ance known nnd . yet somebody Bood In this land than that of any four year ffo. The
may blunder. .COP.. Gr nil of his detractors nut " endB of E"Went Taft who will
You cannot insure tho perfect toirethor ''-Contributed. stick to him when thoy realize his
hopeless condition aro already
" onset oy the Roosevelt
Really Have Little Value aa Suet.
nanse and There la Always
Denser ef Poison.
There ara la this country mere thaa
one hundred edible species' of mush
rooms. Tha popular distinction be
tween mushroom and toadstool Is oae
of name only. Many ef the suppos
edly inferior specimens have proved
oa careful examination to be barm
less, whereas some of those which
bear an extremely close family resent
bianco to favored articles of diet are
tho carriers of danger In the -form of
exceedingly powerful poisons. Let
him, therefore, who lacks the training
requisite for tbe unfailing detection
and Identification of species carefully
refrain from excursions Into a field
ot uncertainty so fraught with danger.
Mushrooms form an unusually nu
trltlous and sustaining diet. A well
known botanist says that mush
rooms might properly bo called vege
table meat and used as a substitute
for animal food.
It is doubtful, howovcr, if this is
Tho moro wo learn ot mushrooms
the moro It becomes apparent that
they are scarcely different as regards
dietary virtues from tho general run
ot tha green vegetables which havo
never nchloved tho distinction of any
tinlquo or superior nutritive properties.
They belong rathor to that largo group
of food materials which wo consume
for reasons qulto npnrt from the body.
Journal of tho American Medical
working of tho mochnnlsm of tho1
human mind. In this i rAnrl fill I
How tho Modern Spanish Swain Finds
a Way to Overcome Serious
Obstacle. .
In Spain, no Is well known, n vigor
ous ctlquctto governs the buatnoss ot
love-making. A young man cannot In
tervlow his sweetheart without her
parents' consent, nnd, Indeed, all con
vcrsatlon openly carried on between
tho coupla iimict bo In tho presonco
of tho fair ono a mothor.
Many subtorfuges nro adopted by
tho lovoro to ovorcomo this dlfflcutty,
nnd tho "reja" tho ornamental Iron
work on tho windows ot Spanish
bouses has becomo one of tho favor-
Ito tryttlng plscos. Modern life, how
ovcr, has Imposed fresh barrlors. If
a young man's sweetheart lives on
tho third floor of a city building ho
cannot vary woll meat hor at the
In this, ns In other spheres of life,
necessity Is tho mother of Invention.
London Answers remnrlts, and some
nrdont lovers havo brought spoaklng
tubos to their assistance. Tho senor-
Its, at the appolntod hour, .lowers
this to her lover, and they are thus
nblo to carry on their love affairs with
tho nsBttranco that thoy are not over
heard by the people on tho Interven
ing flats, as would bo tho case If the
conversation wero carried on without
such aid. '
an inspection tour In
over the west halfAof
-."TUiikj mi nari aaafts If 'aa now,
rjtaaenmatA V t
-.iLIbW Teas. I never leaked t S F Triil
WfKM'&m e4V sd I cneas. yea have , lourrr?
' --zii.i tv - - - 'sas irHy,ana
wreck somebody blundered, 'It wns' Mo51 ot -ur Popl0 naturally gain at Slater, and scattering gain
not bravo George Bronspn.tho.ugh opposed to tho Singlo Taxnmentj- over the cdunty.. If must bere
now he la dead they ara tryign to roent and many of our politicians raembered that every vore Mr.
throw part of "the responsibility on are tnklng advantage of tha feel- Roosevelt gets from the Dcmo
him. He died trying. Could any 'ng ot the publls by recommending crats counts for two as it dimlntih
nan die better than ,th,at. Could I the repeal of the initiative. (iand es tho majority to be ov.ercoaae at
death find a hotter tints to' snatch 'referendum law under WhlSh it the same time by one.
iway a mortul than In such a wa submitted to a vote. While Owing to the dislike to publicity
moment? this law permits tho submlielon of many refuse to give thslr names
Could a brave souled man go in- an unfair measure It also protects tor the paper, but one Democrat
to the preaenso of "his "Maker on our voters from unfair legislators, told us recently that he and his
instant call In la better way? It Is well known that tho state would all vote for Roose-
"I'll die trying 1' was unfairly districted In 19)0 so velt year. Another Democrat
George Branson's wife -was as as to glvo most of the congress- reported the names of fonr Derao
lear to hl.n as your wife Is to men nnd state semtors to th? Drm cratlc neighbors who would vote
you. He loved his dear onesther ocrats. Although the dl.tii tnirls 'or- Mm and we vertlfied the
I . - .i .... . ... TT... . . . "".l
in uuningion as you love vonr utterly uniair. tne votors or the nave interviewd m.n.'
own, but he loved his du(y more, state have no rodroia ox:opt bp- .railroad men and they are for ' It was a very hot day and jrfcnlc
ne Is but ono of tho great army der a law suah as tho Initiative Teddy almost to a man. t hadt been srranged'by tk TJalteA So-
t railroad men, who live alwnys and reforondum whl.h pirmlis.tho , We give these fact!, not be- eM' ot IWy'VHetarlaaet
Mte presesne of death and duty.i matter
... i. . . 4' .. " .
Joy Bell.
A deaf woman used to tell this
story on horself: At a rounlon ot
Confederate veterans where she was
officiating as hostess a man was
brought up to her and reintroduced aa
a Mr. Blank, a former resident of her
town, and ono whom she had not seen
for any years. He was so little cbang
ed by te touch of time aaVl rso'fr)
front any of the dines that care and
anxiety sat area jtba face that she
presently asked. "Mr. Blank, dfd you
ererwarryr sWthotHM,fVeV
bras w?; T ssarrrpd fortyttv? yeara
atfo."1 Wb.-it h realty laid Wis. "My
wireldtad five years aeV Then the,
lauvlewi of'bla free. wnabaaaadVer-fa
loakr. said, ."You tdent faek. asuesi sob
dv4 jr te !elHrlHlce. .Ulneei thea
tt has brome her hblt te kealtatalfo'r
a slnlaVant aecood after the jft
s'vllsb'e whtMvvf she speaks ef her
Trustee's Sale.
Wbtrest, L. A. Doughtr fnd Minnih
Doughty, hit wife, by tbelr certain detd of Iratt
dated the 8th dty of 8ptember, 1111, and Died
for record In tht office ot the recorder of deeds
ot Saline county, Mlatouri, at Uarahall, on tha
Ithday of September, lilt. In book humberlH,
pate 334. did convey to ma aa truatee, tha fol
lowing real ettate In Saline County, Mleeourl.
Lota one and two. In block twenty In Rnallah
addition to the city ot Marahall, county ot Saline
and atala ol Hlaaourl.
Which aald conveyance waa made In truat
to aeCureKuia navment of rertaln nrnMt.M..
jiotea and Intereat In aald deed fully described.
And whereaa, th Aral note deacribed In said
oeea oi iruei ana me iniereat thereon la dua
and remalni unpaid, and default made In tha
payment thereof, and default la alao made In
the payment of the Intereat on tha eecand not
therein deacribed. Now therefore at the re
queat of the legal holder ot aald notea and by
authority ot the power veated In roe by aald deed
ot truat, I. the underalgned truatee, will on
At the aoulh front door of the court houie In
the city ot Marahall, Saline County, Mo., be
tween the hour of nine o'clock In the forencon
and five o clock In the altcrnoon of aald day.
aell at public vendue to the hlirheet bidder for
caah, all the right, title and Intereat of the said
L. A. Doughty and wife Hannah A. Doughty. In
and to the aald real eaeate. orae much thereof
aa may be ntceesary to pay the aald note and
thacoata of executing thla truat.
..... J. W. DRYANT.
3ept. IMt Truatee.
We Insure Your live
Stock Against Death
from any cauee. This
include: not only light
ning and fire, but af
fords protection
against sickness, ac
cidents, tornado or any
thing else. Sec us
about this.
Austin & Thorp
Over Bank of Saline
you can do nothtoff with a leak.
So do not Jjesitato, but send for us
at once. We do all sorts of
Plumbing, and on short notice
too. Promptness and good work
are synonyms to our name. Old
customers will toll you of their
satisfaction with our work. New
ones will show it,
' S Phaafe IStf.
For Piles janci
A new andiUMv1 nthiwl.-!Tka IkvIukIM.
Remedy" la the beat bom treatment ever tried
fer thta treuMra. ,,. ,
rour raoaa way It la tha twali
It arnrMli that hard ImxcUea of the faecea
to bo' placod beforo the cause iney inmcate 4 Victory so far 7,.co?re"BseaM, aaa
gives the mtlority an' but. to show that tho talk of Tjftn
nlty to express therascfrs Wpf gains are not well founded Z VJkTZV """
voters nnd
Kvcn though the single tax car'
rted It could not bo put Into effect In Memory of Mv Teacher for'ety; white' the niglhir creatara
Vho wnon t.10 cloar fi'all comes to
them 6n the Instant, calmly push
.aide all thoughts of sejt and
loved ones and tiJe trylngi
'In nil 11 . V. nrnln BA..I. .1 lMn f . I. ... lH.. x A. 1
the Itnrepld soul of Qeorgc llrdn- constitution of our country nnd (Vliss Cmma Harvey
son, engineer, Hall and falrweli. the Supremo Court, would declare Dear mother and father be con-Ex-
It so. And every other conflsca- tended your darllnir in nt- rt
tory measure would m?et Ih pame The. Savior Is watching over her,
fnto, so'-that-the Initiative ond re-1 the Lord knows the bestr-
ferendum does not sesm so dan
In lha raetusa mmA anal aanal
11 pttbi in tumor from proiruams,
tt MasaoaaManUy. naaucd aarabiat the
A baa containing Iljpprtr and on boa of
ealve will be eeat te anyone for Sl.se.'
Dr.,J. S. McKh, Mariliall, Mr
Rupture Gure4
I want Ive'ry ruptured person
tie die-
rlijrjjwny i-iiprovementa
Walter Williams,
ouadea after oae lady who. anfariu-
aately, hat a. e4 parasol. By . great who reads this paper to write me
K8 couV mfh hT ihoui their ruPtur aod
aalnlBx her bTeatk. aha turnod nm4:r not make the only fair of er
"Oh, yot nngratefut creatarel'tIBa they -ever had. I haVe no circular
aratalaaaJ "" " - - l .Ji, T ...III U .1.
Home Is no. homa for your darl- starts all aty life. Tbre's ayatitada a navrwinallattcr in whtof. T will
trerous as we aro ltd tn hMlnvr. Intr Is nnt thF
. ....... .w .wVf wcincm or wnon a apirii 01 iai,-noss prevails mrit is her room and eaarty Is
corrugated Iron brldgoa and cul- we will have no need fo. It of is her chair.
verts have during the past twelve course. -Now will she rest from her schools
months rcphced wooden culverts 4lana her care
on the Old Trails Road across Nineteen Miles a Second morning so. fair.
Missouri," says the report of the . . . ' Sleep darling sleen with voiit
Hfia.nm-i tu tAu. tjk,! k..isx wltkout a 5ar ahock.or-dl ltil jbino. .T . Vor,,nK 8 0BP w,tB '"f
Dean Walter Williams of the ,hruS' BPaco. Wo wonfler nttc
8chool of Journalism of the Uril- ?'01 nature's moveroen:,, and s WelH haVov.w.4 ,oved tkai,hll. nnA. .JHhiaefwteiBMss, 4eau,'
au "un 7 obW-Ha Z A4 grllag, o W ffiS'.:, K . .T
. . ' w., . . , . --, . 1 , - 1 IH I.B V una B?lVM-n Ilia'INIIl .
jiiot iiiorpugn wars 't - Drlnai!.v , 11,, . ."J 7-r ..." . r w, ."
lexplaia -if you will only tell me
.-, r Doui; ypur rapture write at
WMseatarawa Oaesrtasst. oace. x
talMaa;kla (eakar. ,asjt r ta twt4)V - . .. 1 ,
M aa ha4 Mm ll V want firtlae. cWanbts aaJ
mothsr aaa iT ,!Xym!;mf'
Ii. mtxmZL-i '.aal.'t All Wa'rli auaaUal tanr au4 aUlvaMsl
-""jBUniU? 1m m- mi. i Ktaa
"a. j 1 iii . . .... ' r.uMtr xeacn&r we win miat mn t - " - -t -r.nwin. a,cvn a.sfiiiianiiai'.i.,. ;;
the roadfthe TO 'Wr es Wlii XZ JZlll..: i. VI
.s; r ?: J'. rtittt : .ipo .wwiu: m steyou, .every: '.. -fmiwtmFwm 1 1 if . 1 ' l 1 rmimx,, m:
Tetura ana inciuaea maiinsu nnuwiun t uU i. kar , a bh u..t ' '-Arf-ir4 '- mm . ia !Uraliill .Ul.vs.ia; ' -

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