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Friday, OctoW 4, It 12
Marshall Republican.
PuMlthtd err Thuridtr and tntrrtd In pelt
OKU at Marthall, Mo., atcond-Ut. mat tar
Terms: $1.00 per Year in Advance
J. J. WITT, Editor and Proprietor
f Offlce. Bell. 8;
Telephones: Odlcc, Hornon. 2Q
( Residence, Hell 406.
Onvernor Hndlcy has vinnounc
ed his position. He will support
fho entire Republican ticket IF
Prr!(1ont Tnft will favor cllminat
ing the big southern delegations
to Henubllcnn conventions nnd
also favor presidential primaries.
Of course ho will do so not.
John W. Blackburn, the Rcpub
llcan elector for this district, was
in Marshall Saturday. When ask
ed regarding his stand in the mat
ter aid that ho had sent his res
ignation to the Btate committee
Ills friends can breathe easy now
th.it ho won't stoil Taft's votes
from him.
We have heard President Taft
referred to as an ordinary thief,
?tc. It is well to remember that
Mr. fTaft Is ntlll our President and
even though it were true, ho Is
entitled to the respect due his
high office. To lower this high
office is to lose our own self
respect ns a nation..
The Missouri Anti Single Tax
League announces to the farmers
that the unpurchasablc press of
the . ntntc is making it possible
to defeat Single Tax. The
League urges the farmers and
home lovora to show their npprc
clation of the unselfish loyalty
of the local press In ho hour of
critical distress. Ex.
If all voter who do not own
rca le-state voted in favor of
Single Tax, It would carry. Hut
we have move faith in the honesty
of our people. If is is so easy
to vote other people's pro
perty away, why not call another
election and vote to divide all
the money In our banks It ought
to bo easy to get n majority In
favor of such a proposition. One
is about as fair as the other.
11. P. Hush, president of tho Mis
sourl Pacific railway nystcm, is a
very practical business man nnd
also u patriotic citizen, fl'hc big
improvement In tho road nnd its
earnings Ih tho result of his well
directed ability. The London
Times rccontly contained two col
umns of Interesting fast" about
MIasouH furnished by Mr. . Hush,
which Is n prnctlacl id for Mis
souri. Mr. Hush will bear watch
ing nnd Imitating.
Tho 'St. Louis Republican city
committee reports that it hns
lust completed a poll of the city
with the followwlng result- Repub
licans, 85,584 ; Democrats, 40,072;
Socialists, 4,108; Progressives, 1,211
This is very gratifying to nil, as
It means that tho big double
header .printed dnlly by tho St.
Louis papers, "Tnft Gaining Every
Day," will soon bo dropped. Wo
don't know why tho report closed
with tho stntement that nearly
nil men are liars.
Wishing to know the sentiment
of tho public, tho editor took n
poll of tho voters on n Mis
souri Pnclflc train near Sweet
Springs Tuesday evening of pas
sengers from Snllne nnd Lafayette
county. The poll showed: Roose
velt, 26; Wilson, 15; Tnft, 10;un
decided 9. Wo drew two con
clusions from this poll. First. that
moat of tho young men in this
section aro for . Roosevelt nnd
second, that tho farmers have a
mind of their own nnd; will vote
their sentiment regardless of nny
bluster ar noise made to mislead
Knowing that L. C. Shackelford,
our new Republican county chair
man, waa far from being a Taft
booster, wo usked him Saturday
hat policy ho would pursue. Jle
wld the Republicans of Saline have
bo fight amongst themselves and
that ho would try to patch mat
ters up and kep them together
;m jHruch, as possible. Ho advises
jJ?tlnT every man vote as he
without question 'or- criU
Mr, Shackelford lb the right
fP lOT w putoe- and he has ta
;ken a wise course, put or "the
beeees, Saline county Republicans
Should stand united and harmop-
I bave money to loan at Ave and one-half per cent an
nual interest, with tho privelege to the borrower of paying
any part of principal at any time, and rebate the interest
from dato of payment. t .
These are liberal terms and if you want money, now is
a frood timo to cet it. " .
I furnish abstracts and perfect titles to all land afiu'w
town lots in Saline county. I have buyers for Saline county
farms. If you have one for sale let me know about it, v jj
ABIEL LEONARD, - Marshall, Mo. 1
ri ri
scntntlvcs, estimates tint the Amer 1 iCSS 11001110
000,000 next year, nnd each sue-; Wlnfred Hule, of Lake Mills, Iowa
committee of tho House of Repre
sentatives, estimates th.it tnc Amc
lean people would have saved $650
cecdlng year Kadi tho senate nnd H visiting relatives and old friends
it.- . t.... nfiMwtl'nfl tlm nrlff 1 t .. 1 ! .......
XliV Jll tH.i:ilt. HiMuiv I HI 011111117 VUUIHJ lit 11 UOIJIII.
J ' " -....--- ""I I
revision bills sent up to them by
the Democratic House. Marshall
Democrat News.
That means about $50 for each
family. It sounds good. Now let
tho tariff rippers try It on after
Wilson Is president and we'll find
out who has all this stolen wealth.
We'll venture the fellow who
squeals tho loudest Is tho one
hardest hit keep your eye on the
Democratic farmer!
Hundreds of Saline countlnns at
tondoil tho State Pair this week
and the usuil lommont wai "It's
inn tint! Snllne countv has no (lis
play." It In certainly to be re
ifi-r.Hi.il. Snllne Is Missouri's ban
nor ncrlcultural county and could
make n fine exhibit. This would
not only be n big advertisement
for tho countv but nn Inspiration
in nur noonlc, nnd crlvc. them more
t. ,
confidence nnd pride In their home
county. More Snllne county farm
em by far nttonded the State Pair
this year than attended our Mar
shall fair. This does not mean that
too mnny attended cither, but
that both our home and the
State Fair should receive more con
Rlderatlon ns regards11 exhibits.
In nn Interview with Thomna
A. Edison he made the following
remarks: "Hnvc you thought what
we Amcrlcnns could do, tho most
efficient people in the world?
"So you can see I'd naturally bo
for. tho tinrtv which comes nonrost
j , V
to promising a change going to
the bottom or things ana setting
them right. I don't need to say,
I guess, that It's the Progressive
party. Tho Progressive party and
Roosevelt. We're coming to n
new ern. We've got to transform
everything. And we've got to
have a Dig, strong, honest man
nt.tho hend. Teddy's that man. I
go the whole way with him. An
experiment? Yes. Of course. How
can you cet nny new thine without
experiment? You never know un
til you try in .government or In
mechanics. And If vou don't r-
perimont you don't get anything."
There nro enqugh Democrats In
Saline who know tho absolute
necessity of protection and wo
aro confident that they will come
to Its rescue- this year when pros
pects aro so flatterlncr for its de
feat. Wo don't believe they want'
. J. A. ... .
irw aniuo or larm lor revenue,
Vt if they do they can have it byN
staying ai name or voting for
History Repeats Itself
If tho Republicans nro bwent
from power on November 6, be-'
cause of their failure to keep tar
iff promises, It will not be the,
first timo that tho tariff operated
to tho same end for tho nartv of
During tho war tho tariff h.iH
been lelevated to the skies but af
terwards tho Democrats tried to,
have It reduced, Dv 1880 tho nii
publicans had ito notice the de
mand. They promised dawnwnrri
Revision, but in 1882 passed a bill
iiuiniiid umy Biigni reuueuona, The
public ftot mad lust llkn It Ih nntu
over the Payne-Aldrlch blll-and
m 1884 elected Cleveland.
When tho Republicans srot Into
power again they boosted the tar
iff, which had boon lowered.
the Democrats. Prices went
the rank and file became indlr
want, and Jn 1802, agal,n made Qrov
er Cleveland president. Democrat
Oh those good old days ,l
Mr. and -Mrs. J..W. BAarihl a
near Horndon'Jiave annonnri.fi thn
coming 'marrlafe of their dAnirhtow
Misa Ada, to Mr. Robert ?Maupta?
oi i-Teicner, cne wedding to oeeur
next -WednWday aftefnoba. -Th
young couple represent timo ot &i
Oh, doctor I exclnllmed tho wo
man patient, I was Buffering so
much that I Just wanted to die.
Well, said the physician,' you did
right to call 'me in at once.
What Is that little boy crying
about? asked tho benevolent old
lady of the ragged, boy. Dat
other kid swiped his candy, was
tho response. Hut how is It Mint
you havo 'the candy now? Sure I
got de candy now. I'm dc little
kid's lawyer.
Mamma, said the little girl, sister
doesn't tell the truth. Why Jen
nie said thc mother, you mustn't
say such 'things. Well, last night
I heard her 'say, Charlie if you do
that again I'll call Mamma. And
he did, It twice more and' she did
not call.
The city boy's parents had Just
moved to tho country nnd nrrang
ments were ibelng mado for him to
attend the country school. One day
he saw electricians at work there.
What arc those fellows doing? he
asked his father. Putting in an
electric switch, waa the answer.
Well, I quit right here, said the boy
I won't stand for any school where
they do tho licking by electricity.
Jimmy was a laborer and nn
optimist. Noon sounded, one day
nnd ho sat down and felt In his
pocket for his luncheon, nut tho
pocket was empty. "Boys," ho said
"I've lost my lunch." Then ho
gave n cheery laugh. "It's a
darned good thing I've lost it too'
he said. "Why so, mate?" a man
asked. '"Because," said -old Jimmy,
"I left my teeth nt home."
A pompous physician whoo was
inclined to crltldso others wns
wntchlng n stono. -mason build a
fence for his neighbor, nnd thought
the mason wns using too much
mortar. Ho said "Jim, mortar
covers up ngood many mistakes,
does it not?" "Yes, Doctor," re
plied tho'maon, "and so does the
Perpetuating ,.The
How few or us there are, who
have not hidden away In some
bureau or closet, somo almost
forgotten, almost faded picture
memories of dear ones ,wao
havo passed to the Great Be?
yond.- V.
Possibly, too. wo bave been
fearfully watching, as the. years
go round, -tho steady but relent?'
less fading .that j.r6mlses ere
long to make these dear treas
ores but a memory Indeed.
Perhaps It is some old tfaauer-r
reotypoln Its little bid worn-out
leather case, showing on Its
dimmed sliver surface the
quaint picture of some grand
parent, or a father or mother in
the baby days, with llttlo strag
gly curls and the low-necked
dress affected In those "good
old days" of the Victorian per
iod. r . .
Maybe 'tis and ambrotype, or
one of those old.fashloned carte
de vlgJto which wore all theragte
thirty years back, when every
sitting-room table held tbe
There were good photograph
ers In those days; but they had
not the facilities of modem pe
tralt-maker, and the vaunted
permanence of the'plcturee wai
more in the name than is faet?
Why not perpetuate' thete- oM
; plctura-memories while there is
et an opportunity? A few year
hence even the faintest (HttllneS
may have vanished forever; f
v 'Hodern methea a u4 .modern
eopy of such pictures aodpkilV
Jul work will, preserve ifW
TOOSt deMlriwt nf aiiA alva
to you In. tnott-eases even clear I
, and nnra Mmln IdmbIIi wb I
l, A a .1 nJ I : ' .
kHthfHlly teU you whetter I
Little Bobby was pulling. ,.jtb.e
dog's taiL when his aunt said "You
mustn't do that, Bobby; he will bite
you." "Oh, no," said Bobby "dogs
don't bite at this end."
I want to 'aoo you just a minute,
said the lady at the bottom of the
steps, but this hobble- skirt is so
tight I can't climb tho stairs. You
come out, won't you? I would it
I could, sJghed the one Inside, but
this now hat is too wido to go
through tho doorway.
The portly lady had accidentally
taken a rear skat reserved for
smokers. With unconcealed indig
nation sheiwatchod the man beside
her. fill 'his pipe. Sir, finally camo '
her frigid tones, omoklng always
makes mo vfeel sick! Do it now,
ma'am? -asked the man ns he care
fully lighted (up; thon take my ad
vice nn' 'don't smoke.
The young lady, visiting her aunt
in the country, came in late one
nftcrnoon. Whero In the world
have you 4eon? asked hor aunt.
In tho hnmmosk nil afternoon, sho
resjondod with my beloved Rob
ert Drowning. The nunt eyed her
sternly. Then she Bald If I hear
of nny more such scandalous pro
ceedings I shall certninly wrlto to
vour mother.
We were misinformed Inst week
in regard to nn item we had about
Robert Lnughlin going to Texas
to Install n water works. J. II.
Luekcr has been In Mt. Vernon,
Tfcxas, for somo timo Installing a
wnter works system. Robt. Laugh
Hn and C. O. Yowell left Friday to
Join Mr. Luckor In his work. Later
Mrs. Luckor nnd daughter, Miss
Alice, and Mrs. Robt. Lnughlin Join
cd them.
One day llttlo Willie's mother
missed him for somo time, nnd
when he reappeared' sho asked,
whero have you been my pot?
Playing postman, replied the pet.
I gave Jotters to all tho houses on
our road. Real letters too. Whero
on earth did you get thorn ques
tioned his mother in nmuscmcnt,
which changed to horror WJion he
answered, They w'prc those old
ones In your wnrdrobo drnwfcrtled
up with ribbon.
Which One Will You Take?
80 acres, well improved, large well,! enc niie ficm levn
$150 per acre.
101 "acres, well Improved, 2 .acre orchard, gocd land at $42.50,
can handle on $1000,00, balance on easy terms.
12S acres, fairly well improved, near good tewn, $55.06 per acre
1M acres, finely Improved, land gently rolling, near Marshall,
$140,00 per. acre.
400 acres, moderate Improvements, best land In County, can
be divided Into two farms, $160.00 per acre.
We. compile Abscracts showing records In full. Make loans on
favorable terms, write fire Insurance. 40
Drop in and sco us You are always welcome.
FISHER & GAUNT, su'Slir,
Hii.l il.i a nn
csiaousnca isn IncornorntPil 18112
incorporated ibbz
Capital, $100,000
Surplus, $120,000
C G. PAfllL Chairman of Ih Hoard
J.T. HUSTON. l'.Ufl W. S. HUSTON. Ca.hlrr
J. C. LAMKlN. Vlea-PraalJanl F.C.I1AHNIIILX, Aaal.Ca.h.
Ample Capital. Equipment First Class. Best Service
At n reunion of old soldiers of
both sides n veteran of tho North
with nil limbs missing wns receiv
ing donations from those nround
him, when ho noticed that ono
man kept returning with smnll
change. lie became Interested and
nskod his roason for his gencros- M
Ity. The other nnswered "'It's be- Hi
cnuso you're tho first Ynnkco trim
mod up Just to suit my taste."
Republican Meeting:
Tho Republican county commit
teemen elected at tho August prim
ary mot nt .tho court house Satur
day afternoon. Those present,
were L. D. Murroll John Mc-,
Quire, John A. Jonos, W. P. Den
nis, A. L. Mlkels, M. L. Francis I
n r 1 ... . '
iiruy mr i. u. rnso, u. u. unack
cltord. .'
Mr. Murrell said that owlna- to
poor health he could not accept'
the chairmanship jgadn, so L. cl'
Shackelford was made chairman
and John A. Jones succeeds hlm-
' 1 " J M.I V. UnNUlDfi
Tho following executive com
mittee waa appointed : R. L. Price,
joiin tAicuulro and John Jones.
The committee instructed the
county clerk to use the same safe
names for the election as at the 2
late sprlmary to serve as ludsres.H
and clerks. V
John A. Jones was apnolnted..O
committeeman for Mnrah.ill
trlct to Bucceed Lon D. MurroH, re-
Each townahln committeeman'
Farm Loans
Lowest Rates Easiest Terms
Office: Between New York Racket andJBank of Saline
The Meriden Creamery Co;
WILL pay you the highest market price in cashji
for your cream. We are located opposite-
Beckman's Hotel. 35tf -
B. McGINNESS, Local Manager.
was instructed to raise .is much
funds as noaalhlo tnr
penses, evn though, only a .small,
sum is contributed by each Iter
I ...... "
. . . . ... I.U
ine reorganisation or the count-
wwimuci; Hie WUTK in
conservative hands and assures
our people that there will be no
mud slinging, but that the cam
paign here will bo a clean one. t
Wb have orders for 1.000 tons, scran frnn. hnnpo Bnri
rags, we can pay you extra prices for old engines, cast W
iron and stove plate. hi
We handle all kinds of junk, also hides, pelts, tallow
we. m win pay ypu1 lo gei onr prices beioro you sell.
ii you iraoe wita us Doin or us train.
Next to Mose Land Mill., Mo. Pac. R. R.
BeU.PaoneNb.,34. 38.41b'
i 11
T'f v I
Round About '
Tb,e high school furnace srot out5.
of order last Thursday and school
a circus bi tow
Happen jusi, at tna right "Kaie-n'
d. There wwas. also
iwnv.thM.dayl Ac-T
happen' and lff;tkyfi
at the right ihiw-'fr
weH, then.
tWded Uie' Slater fair Friday d
wfre bo Btoaoroesi ui wwftc vthey
BaaaaB ' aajaaaaBBBBBLaaai aaaAaaaamaaaaa saialiam. i " 'JS .1 aaaaatw fSH laru aaak. '
aauii' at m . . TL. . ..
8W1LWI fIHiWW CHT,l10.i
saw,. im taey'-iMisssl .tHe f.twln
livery t ettte of thajivfaeejo
that; tJ.e; trains we, . hour, Utv
g'o the saaWexpe'.;
irt v-1. ttt,. . diw u jtrv .v-iwii r u
laasaau tfaslifa
aa pSBfl S)M Urn
'araBBrfBBavBBaaw aaarwY 1
BasJ eai I
ifHteiwtJis 1
nl spm tMe,ejMeerIw:.
IM saMBaaBaT. a.
VaSAAASalaa SnlalniMlBllM
VsWifMOsilsl BlM-4iiMlBtk
'.'IH! UMbU SUaaaa. :
k 1

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