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County News
Misses Leah Thornton and Edna
Kelson went to Grand Pass Mon
day evening to visit friends and to
attend the Boat Show At Waverly.
They returned home Tuesday and
were accompanied by Miss Rohn
Who spent several days with them.
MUs Edith Levasy, who has been
Visiting her brothers and sister In
Kansas City returned homo -List
week. ,
Messrs Jasper Cole and Earl vnn
'stono wont to Kansas City Ust
Monday In Mr. Colo's auto
Mrs. Potts ot Lexington visited
relatives here several days last
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Dush were
anopplng In Marshall Tuesday.
Walter Lunbeck attended the
Stock Show In Kansas City several
days last week.
Grant Bush attended, the Stock
"Show In Kansas City several days
last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Chet White and
little daughter of Toxas, who
have been visiting relatives and
friends hero for aovcrul weeks re
turned to their home last Thurs
day. .
Mrs. Has Williams andb'abyj af
'ter speeding a week with her
grandmother here, returned to her
)totne in Marshall last Wednesday
accompanied by Mrs. Kinnamon,
who will visit there several days.
Alex McRoborla was transacting
business in Marshall Friday.'
Joo Dcckard was transacting bus
iiness In Marshall Friday.
Miss Maurinc Gnuldln of Stan
hope spent several days here last
week the guest of nor aunt Mrs.
Clara Blossor.
Mrs. Illley of Mayvlcw spent Frl
day night and. Saturday with hor
daughter, Mrs. George Humphrey
and family.
Ouy Little was transacting bus
iness In Marshall last Thursday.
Rudolph Levasy of Kansas City
camo down last Saturday for a
visit with his mother and family.
Mrs. M. O. Nyo returned homo
rontf visit with relatives in Mar-
mhall. Saturday evening.
Mrs. Douefala jud Misses Bettlc
:and Brady DouglAfc. werc 8hP-
Tnlng in Marshall Saturday
Mrs. George Humphroy and rhll-
dron went to Mayvlcw" Saturday
evening for n visit with her mother
Mrs. Riley and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugcno Lovnsy of
Now Ilavon, Mo. vjsitod Mrs, Lev-,
asy's parent's Dr. and Mrs. J. R.
Brown, several days last wcok.
Mr. Dow entortalncd his daugh
ter and hor husband of Coffcyvlllo
Kunsaa last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mra. Walter Melncrshag
n and children visited Mrs. Mcln
tershagan's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Flair at Blackburn so'veral days
, this week.
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Store Notes
Tho Origin ofStylcn.
The French IlevnlnlSon. which oc
curred nliout lli yearn nftcr Amer.
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R6irt'"D vMbon and- wtte'tt
d the biHilcitMr 'We' tmnitnr ao&
were 'dinner guefra ot w. HrHub
burd aod wife. I 2
Lloyd WHkersci sia tiwmr wen
dinner .greets Sttndey at 4li-vh
Misses Mary and Kate ,S win ney
of the county werehopplng here
Saturday. jV t
Walter Kammeyer 'arid family
were 'trading In j town Saturday.
Rev. Herndon baptized about 2)
convert here Sunday In tho river
as a result of the meeting he has
been conducting at ' Concord.
Bum .Ruth V. Shemwell who has
witnr New Officn for tho tvmi.3?
year resigned her position and re'
turned to her home here Sunday.
Ilomer Jcnnlng and wife wers In
town Saturday.
Mm. Uriah Mnyae and dnughtcr,
MUs Ida, spent Saturday night
and Sunday with Walter Mayse
nnd family.
Mrs. Arthur Cox and daughter,
Mabel, spent Wednesday with Mrs.
Riley Dickenson.
Mrs. Carrie Oaks who recently
sold her farm has moved to Sweet
Miss Dora Mayse visited har
aunt, Mrs. Dlrd Dlckcrson last Wed
Mrs. Orvllle Crump and son,
Marvin, were the guests ot Mrs.
A. P. Montgomery and family on
Thursday afternoon.
Arthur Mayse and wife spent
Saturday night and Sunday with
the latters parents, Mr. and Mrs.
McKlnney of the New Homcnclgh
Mrs. Louis King of Sweet Springs
spent Saturday with her mother
(Mrs. W. A. Smith.
air. trump 01 near aeuaiu, is
tho guest of his son, QrVllto nnd
family this week.
Miss Lorna Mayse- spsn(t a. fcjw,
days last week with her cousin,
Miss Lucy Rohvoik.
Clay KlUIon, tamlly spent
irs. Ifarry Jackson who has
been "S10 80nl0 ,m0 visiting
rffn''V65 rfurned to her liome In
'ri . ?
Qenon, tuuntiina, last Thursday,
Mra. Jno. Kleffer left last Friday
to' visit her daughtor, Mrs. Fred
Beckley, In Kansas.
.Little Ooorgo Royar is still con
fined to his bed with fever at tho
home of his uncle, Adolph Royar.
Mrs. Forest McDanlel was quite
poorly last week, suffering from
a rising on a finger which she
had lanced and received Inmcdiate
reiUf, , 1 J ill'
William Fisher, the little son of
Frank 'Fisher stuck a thorn in his
foot and was threatened wl h blood
poison until an operation was per
formed which was a great relief.
The Wonderland floating opera
will land here. next Monday and
in the evening give as Its perform
ance, "In the Heart of Kentucky".
This Is the last time this season
this boat -will viH Miami.
. Mrs., Amelia Williams is home
-again after an extended visit- tcf
Harry Iloyllng, proprietor of an
-air doJmo which was in Miami for,
itsro weeks this summer and wljo
made many friends here writes to
ills friend, Bennett Bishop that he
has recently married the young
lady whose lectures he displayed
in Ids moving pictures. Those
who eiaw her picture pronounced
her picture as very beautiful.
Walter Utley and wlfo aro at
Ivome 'after quite a nice visit at
Illinois and St LouU.
Robert Kelllkor, a well-known
1 -grower drummer who visits .this
place every, month is confined' "to
his bed; with typhoid fever at his
none hi otuihiwwk. mo. , 1
.Mlsapiay Bell, I'einwjhoB
i-LSHf. 1 An. " " - -" Wa.
A&a terJDpwmn UMf ?:in
,W,H' Charlie kOs laat.ln Marsbair yfetih sOay mor nirtgif t vwt (htt slster( Mrs, Walburn
piW., YiWffiy jw !!'fl' wHKMJ-:,IK FfrkhurBt. . J Tom Lewis and wlfejahd dagh- Mr, Mcqinnls nnd daughtoj
tl?vfter to resume her,
.?. . . -j . .t
-and girls
Steven F'dFFill rJHdAla ot having Mrs. Cash o7 Malta Bend spent
quite a nice cri? Ht poaches this Friday and Saturday with Lewis
summer in splto 0 the. scarcity Meyers ond family.
of this fruit
Mrs. Rosonfcld nnd daughter,
Alma, made a business trip t0
Miami lost week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Dennis
Virgil Edmonds, a Miami high fBV ' y
school boy was shopping at the
county seat Saturday.
Mrs. P. li, Dennis and son, Roy,
L. C.
Mrs. Wingficld is on tho el:k list
Alonzo Zelgle and family attend
ed church at Herndon Sunday.
Mra. O. A. Barron was shopping
Wo recently read in n Chariton , 7 J 'v 4
A... 1
a man who bears the same name
as a man who often visits 'near
Miami and deala in stock and
hat ho drov to o town no w SmU'
f'J?SJS lJd , Z r, Mra. C. M. Thomas, of
all day and( night hitched on the Wflnnmaker la8t wcok
street. Wln flnaUy tho shorlff . ,m.A . .
rD,.itld.ivn vWlUng in the Mt Olive neighbor-j
mala were diseased and tho sher
iff ended the trouble on tho spot.
We hope thU man is not our
Miami horse dealer but some one
who is a stranger to our parts,
hood returned homs Monday.
tor, Fern Dell spe'rt- S&tf with Maggie, were rtopptag' . ffwftt
Mr. and Mrs. Len lnnW of 8ul- Snrlntrs Saturdnv.
I 3Ir. and Mrs. Jess Wood spent
Saturday night and Sunday with
me laitors parents, Mr. and Mrs
phur Spring.
R. 8. Ollmer and faraily spent
The Sunday School nnd pre'.lcV-'8ta',or,1 nntl Mrs Staffords sister,
Ing at Now Prospect was well at- SIr 1r,co-
tonded Sunday. George Hem'me and son, Aug'u'st
Will Oalnes nnd wife visited L. Bnont Sunday with Ilcrndon
Dulaney nnd family Sunday. friends.
Roy Wood who has been Bick Mn lnnd Mra- Wil1 Fitzgerald and
with typhoid Is mush better nt this children spent Sunday with John
writing. Fordham and wife.
Harry Ilumblo nnd wl'e visited J. Jo" Flshor moved on Mr. Park
W. Ayres nnd fumlly Sunday. ,u,rilt farm Thursday.
V. E. Dulaney Is doing some car- IIss BI"1'0 S'1"8 has beon ' on
pentlng work for Leo Qctcr. tno aIck llst tnla week.
Misses Ora Harris, Lura Ollnger xlr- and Mra Igan Prltahard
and Ida XIU1 were tho guests of anu daughter, Miss Mary made a
Misses Leila and Etta Cook Sun- business frlp to Sweet Springs
day. Saturday.
Everyone Is busy making npplo Wla Bess Ilemrao spent last
butter at present. week with Mrs. Ike Parkhurst.
Work will begin 00 tho concrete Au- Galkln and family spent
Qatherlng nut. and phklng JP- thU weei.."1 ' rapU" "lit i fine hoo last
thrOUgh " bg the,r,Bruner and Ira Davis were dinner Ick -aorso Sunday.
..,111. n w " ' hihv; 111,11-
Miss Blair Smith visited
J n . ....
the dy Sunday with Mr. and w V, cniiuren from
Mrs. Dunean, near Sak Branch. . u .
Ur. M T. J. suver. .nt Tho Slaekwater bridge is being
with with My. in I repairAI at tlds writing.
C. W. Bdgart and daughter, Mrs,
Will Ti"eeew nnd children were vis
itors with M. I. Barron and fam
ily Sunduy.
Fine weather at present.
Eva Smith ot Kelson is
guest of her sister, Mrs.
Keehart, Jr.
the day Friday with with Mr.- and
Mrs. Jesse nonaiek near Little
Dave Turner of FairVllIo at- y ot Martfiall Saturday and Sun
tended preaching horo Sunday. jay
Miss Vivian Qarrfctt ot Cawp
Creek- Is- visiting, hor aunt,- Mrs. '
K. C' venable tins' week.
... t . . 1 . 1 ftiW fAsW n Hrwiiicf AlH lnaf u'nnlr
nornoou was ine cunner guest
Mrs. Minnlo nerndon anddaugh
ter, Mildred , were ahopplng in
town Saturday,
the n. A. Thomas and family were
John Saturday visitors in town.
Quite a crowd attended Mrs.
Mlssos Gladys , and La"h Wood Loula Boatrlght's sale Thursday,
ere ahopplng In Marshall last . w- p- Dennis was In town Sat
aturdav. uTtlay transacting bu In ess.
John Noble and fatter attended Doan- a"P. Tw"K. ? Jones t Saturday.
ana raria uaKor aitenaeu tno 1111
.J. K. Lewis Sunday,
I Quito a few fionr nround here A"),el KJ?0ftar.t:
Miss Bell Chaffee of Morh llwaT
a Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Aug. Gehlken and family sp?nt were shopping in Ma'rshall Satur
Sunday with relatives near Mount1 day afternoon.
Leonora. I J. W.' Caldwell an)dl family vislt-
LeWls VanBusktrk, wife nnd' ed nt the home of Franks Peterson
Dean Durrett and Frank Brown
"were afternoon callers at tho
Bader residence Sunday,
Miss Vera nenegar spent Mon
day with Ora Marksbury.
John Keehart has practically
baby ispent several days last woek
with relatives.. In Bates county.
Miss Birdie Sims, Mrs. M. W,
Plttjpan and Mrs, lAllce Blakely
yUlted at Henry Mackler's Satur-
k"!-Joe Stafford, and wife vslted
relatives 'near. Bait i Pond Bundav.
iP:R 'Plttnwn and ,wlfe vislltod ' CO"00 we( MrswoocisMiHlJ -VV, R., Fitzgerald, wlfo and son, plea at the-sale of S. J. Gibson's
reliaUves hi Marshall Saturday.and J,nd Robwt Forque:r . ww. tltHhwilllaro, speilt Monday with Mrs, Thursdays .
f-,V t,o. nt Will Wn.J, '.nJ ;,ll.. k''i.f .... i .
antsay., ; .ifj. v - yKY"& art man a noar Kimwooo, I uoorge, xnomaa and wlfe-of near
.rwuher. ssa wit were shon- B411U"J' Louis vanuusk'rio' Wife and babv-' orearvule were miests Satiiwi.-iv
I Beazley.
and family from SatuVday
Mlas Ida Lewis and Miss Laura fmplptod remodellhg of
Haberraan spent Thursday nlsht ,nomc'
with Charley Lewis and .wife. . at rr DAMr
The apple picking will soon bo SALT POND
over. s. - Mra. Ike Stafford is suffering
nancy jMcy anu i,a
Mty& urovjer jWith rheumatism at proserit.. w
Mrs. Parllieoj; Bingham and El
wood Fray and family were visi
tors Monday afternoon In Marshall
vicinity attendod tho ato:k sale of
W. B. Gibsons near Lamine In
Mrs. nenry PronclUer and son,
of Forest Green are visiting her
father, Qua Moehle this week.
Mr. Hlnne nnd wlfo of the coun
ty were shopping in town Thurs
day; The ladies ot the cemetery as-
sociauon soiu qutto a number of
A series of mcctins ls bePQgcon
ducted' nt Asbury Chip:l this" week
C. C. Mack is reported no better
at this writing. ,
Mrs. M. n. Hibbard Was shop
ping lU Marsh-ill last Thursday. '
Mr. arid. Mrs., Hvrmin Utcrling
Saturday, Oct. UtK
Atttv Miss Carrld Dldkjtrton viF-'
Ited h& flsfer; Mrs. Albx'rt Worley
at Marshall lust Satiird'ay ntlJ rt
Quite h number' fronJ here at
tended .Mission Feast at Dl'.ickburn
last Sunday.,
Mrs. T. L. Demoss nnd little
daughter arc visiting friends' in
Johnson county this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Knott of Mt.
Leonard were gathering apples in
this neighborhood last Monday;
ThelMlssouri river Is doing con
siderable damage to the fanners
along 'its banks.
Mrs. B. G. Oliver and chlliron
spent last Sunday afternoon with
W. J. Vogt and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Kramer re
turned from Illinois last Friday.
Mrs John Dierklng is reported
slowly improving at tlds wilting.
C. N. Liughlin is slow'.y improv
ing. Mrs. John Knott and daughter.
Miss Besslo, visited relatives near
Grand Pass the latter part of last
Mr. and Mrs. A. P. Reager and
daughter, Miss Frances of Elm
wood spent Sunday with D. M.
Harris and family,
Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Poe and son,
Paul, spent Sunday with Mr. and
Mrs. John Knott.
Mrs. Fred Lovercamp Is on the
sick list at this writing.
Mrs, Lula Mcnegnll returned on
Monday after an absence ot sev
eral weeks.
Mr. and Mrs, Edmund Allen vis
ited Saturday night and Sunday
with the latiera parents In Auhille
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Allen visit
ed Mrs. A. J. Allen Sunday.
D. M. Harris was in Sweet
Springs Monday.
C. N. Laughlin went to La thorn
Mo,, Saturday and returned last
John Htnk and family and Geo.
Soholey were Sunday guests of
August Katlender and faml'y.
ll!V K C 5lneVand fam and Mr.
Leva, the Isaentlal Thing.
Fame and notoriety caa avail little:
lore Is the one essential tblag, ovtllv
lag time and change and golnjr.wHJ.
as Into, the unguessed posslblHUea, C
sat. Wblttivr.
y 54'

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