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ter of air. nnd Mrs. P. V. CravcnH,
of this city, died In the German
Hospital In Kansas City early Mon
iday morning after along Illness.
She was a "popular young girl of
twenty yc:rs, making her death n
ad one.
Ilcr health failed about six
months bgo and in tho hopo of
saving her life she underwent an
operation. But Bhc had very Ut
ile chance and tho operation foil
ed in its purpose.
Alias Helen was tho oldest child
of Jthc fam'iy and graduated from
out high school last term.
filer remains were brought to
larsha.! Monday nnd taken to her
jmc on South English where her
incral was preached Tuesday at
L30 at the ren'dence by Rov. A. R.
Paris Utter which the remains were
kid to rest in Rtdgc Park ccme
cry The Borrowing family has
the community's sympathy.
the homo of her daughter, Mrs.
Dan Thomas, In Kansas City, Kas.
Tuesday of old age.
Mrs. Hlnton was born In Indiana
but rea'ded hero most of her life.
P've years ago rhe went to Kansas
City to reside w'th her daughter
She ntta'ncd the ripe o'.d age of
83 years. Her Vtc was a wel"l
.nfint nnn Rim lna nt'fn tnnir fin.1
I'll tons'stcnt member of the Metho
ds t. church.
The '.'allowing children survive
her: J. P. Hlnton of Marshall; C.
IL Hlnton of Kansas City Mo., Mrs
Dan Thomas, where sfoo res' Jed;
David' Hlnton of Marshall.
The remains were brought to
Marshall nnd after services at the
home of J. F. Hlnton yoitcrJay it
2.40 p, m. by Rov. D. T. Wharton
were te.ld to rest In R'dge Park
MRS. W.'J. V03T died at her
:fiorth-of OrantWPass last
Sunday. Jan. 12th. 'She wis a -rood
woman who wll be sorc'y' missed
by the community, as she was
always at tho s'do o tho sick and
needy ,and was very capable in
caring for them. It was tho edi
tor's, pleasure more thin onco to
be a guest at, .Iter homq iijd ,fe
wore very much' Impressed by the'
demands on her t'mo by tho peo
plo of hor commun'ty and by her
unt'r'ng energy 'n looking after
her home at the samo t'm?. We
failed to loarn particular of her
tioath and funeral except that
she d'ed of cerebral appoplexy.
She M survived by. the husband,
three daughteri and a son.
We )oln in oxtend'ng sympathy.
AMES Q. CARSON, died -at his
near Klnwood ,Sun,dy,,Jan.
5,1 1913,, aftec in .Mlneu;ot event
onths., He hid been 'n deY.lnfg
th .for several years, and hd
Hern- cont'ned to h' bed for ev-
noatha. Ho was a resident
this county, for years andwaa
Jjhlghly Veaptoctedi as a cltlsem 'and
inix H 'frxves .awfe' a'nd daugh
ter, Mra.l,Roy Da v'?1 who 'were w$
Urn at he Umei of. Mi death, ' k
I The funeral .was conducted by
ReV C T. Wallace at the 'Elm-.
MtodWhiv.ihn4 't Me
burial w&A made at Plsgah Tues
day mcralpg. Sweet SprlhgsHr-,
' It with s'rr;w that w aga'n
arc called upon to announce the
dcith of one of our c ttzens. Frvnk
I'n Edward Roll cy who died InMf.
Leonard after an Illness of a few
Jays caused by bc'ng thrown from
kcr;c. Mr. Re 'y was born in
Doncroft, Harrison county, Mo., on
September C, 1883 and d'ed Dec. 30
1912, nged 29 ye:rj, 3 months nnd
21 'days. He was the son of J. J.
Rellly of Higbcc. He moved with
his father to Saline when he was
a small tray land was raised In our
He twos 'married on April 22, 1908
to M.!ss Eliza Slgmat at Fayette,
nnd' moved to Mt Leonard nnd has
since resided hero until his death.
He leaves n young wife nnd aged
father and mother a large family of
brothers and Bisters to mourn his
untimely end.
When wc are called upon to wr tc
of those that arc taken so young
and full of promise words fail us,
but two can aay to those sorrow
ing ones "Grieve not ns those
that have no hope."
Death la sure to come to all but
the atlng of death has been re
moved by Him who tasted death
Li? us all. And now everything
seems 'dark that all mysterlos will
be removed when avc stand In the
sunshine of His presence.
Only the best can be said of this
departed one over a dutiful son
and Ibrothcr, a devoted husband
and an honost and industrious citizen.
Ho was ralsod In the Catholic
faith and his funeral took place at
that church hero on Jan. 2, 1913 nnd
hia remains were laid to rest In
Mt St Mary's cemetery to await
tho rcsorcctlon.
Tho pall to.rera wer. L'oyd Cort
Charley Sayers, Aurthcr Ross,
Charley Ross, Frank Oorrcll nnd
Charley QalL
A loving one from us has gone,
A volco wo Coved Is still
A place is vacant in our homo
That never can bo filled.
God in Hi wisdom has recalled
The boon hi Hove had given
And though the. 'body moulders
The nouH la safe In Hoavcn.
uaor K.U'ksvwe
R. H. McMICn,
father ojtMi&f.T.
lat Friday at the ago of 77 years,
alter al&g illness Mrs, Nutkles
)vad M iwlth himv.ipr several;
weeks and Dr. Nuckles .went oyer,
! Imi m t 'J J 1 - i
nno iunerai iook piace
ur.'isi.ft Korl Col'InV.
Oojfe., Decf J28tli,"a the affo of near
Hwlti year. Wa seiipnd wi"f, iMk
.vliM ihrV Bates. olth! fToYtv: aad
Mm ' . a
Church News
J. "W. TayCor uttendod tho meet
ing tho Baptist Hoard of State
Missions Tuesday and reported a
good meeting.
Rov. Clarence Hodge prjach.d al
tho Slater Biptat church Sun-la
whHe tho 8later pastor, Rev. W.
F. Roberts, preached Cn htspluce
The Baptst church of Marshall
is In' spec'al meetings conducted,'
by Mr. Roberts. The outlook Is
good for a genu nc revival. Al
ready many have shown interest,
and eonxe Juave been Raved. The
meetings will continue over Sun
Uapr and next week. All tlie kind
peopuo in the city, and county and
aojoning towns ?re very urgently
aaked to attend the services and
.when poW.b'e take pirt in the
' Amonf Qur Friend
The follower were new aubscrlb
era or renewed during tho past
W. J. Maup'm, Klmberly, Minn.
t Mrs. Kt,Diwn(wy Los Angdles.
Jowplt H iUelrwKfJ JairV'm
Herman' iiidM,
Harenv Montifib.
uaxroaton, Mo.
Qus, Fenoher,, Marsivall.
A. o. xiayen, uaiunji
F. A. Juhgerimn. Multa Bend.
W. Baker, Murjti Brnd.
A Mrai jKU flojlovJuy, Marshail'
peter BoCooaoo,. MrjOiili.
PaVv Hayes, MaraliaCU . .
W. A. Burne'.de, Mjm! 4 ,h
Qeov SeUmeyer; itl'aegow.
. Krne'sf Wi'tteaAerg eW, dr.Vri jh'
fi J. WBdiyy.jR6ln6rii Kas:
.F-, P., Ke'rn, u-jh'f I
Ii O. Nye, Mj Ben''
JkJrs. Barbara R'iieh, Kansas City
Fred K. StoekmaB, Xsltu Bend. ,
M.rrl.,I t.
AlUbert IB.
County Court Proceedings
M'nutc3, Saline County Court,
Nov. a'JJo!:ricd term, in 2 J n
uary 6th, 1913.
Court convened pursuant to ru
lournmont, w'th the following enom
bera present Hon, R. W H iVm '
Presi'dlng Judge, Hon D D Div.lU
son, Judge and Hon. W A Ow'n
Ju-lze: SterCi'sng T. Price, SherJf
and Joseph'no Durrctt, Clcr't; both
Judge Dav'dson and Qwlnn nnd
Sher'if Price, having taken their
oath of office. .
J. E. Conncll, Coroner, presents
irv r e- mr oii c'ii uonu wmcn
by the Court cxam'ned nnd approved.
The off.c'al bonds of Lester Wo d
".rm"J and B. F. Hess, constables,
.'led und by the Court examined
and approved. ,
In the matter of ipet tlon of Lev
Sm'th and others, for new road;
S D Cochran, F. M. Yeaglc and M.
C. Snyder, nppo'nted commission
ers to nascss damages.
J. F. Coleman, treasurer, flics h's
official bondo, nnd the name are
by the Court cxam'ned arid approved.
Inquest papers In the matter of
R. L. Zcllcrs, deceassd, presented
nnd filed, to-gcthcr with state
ment of fees In the sum of $3100 J
and the same Is approved nnd or
dered .ccrttfku to tho treasure-
for payment
In the matter of petition of J. B
Prior and others, for widening Mr
shall and Shackelford Road, con
tinued to April term of this court
Josephine Durrctt, appointed com
m'ssloncr to make deed to Rob1
O. Frlzzcll, for exchange of lands
J. B. Jester, rcc rdjr, W R Sett,
C'rcult Clerk, Ed H. Haynlc, Sher
iff and Josephine Durrctt Coun'
Clerk, each fllo statement of fees
collected quarter cnd'ng D c;m
bcr 31st, 1912, wh'ch arc approved
by the court
Boundary lines of Road Distr.ct
No. 4 changed so ns to exclude
section 34, township SO, range 23
and sections 3 & 10, township -19,
range 23.
Boundary Uncs of 'Road DUtr'ct
NaSthangcd so as to exclude Sec
tions 4, 5, and 6, township SO range
M'sccllaneous nccounts presented
and allowed nnd warrants drawn
In payment of name.
Rcqulelt'on maHe on the State
Auditor In the sum of $100.00 for
County School Super'ntendcnt sal
Josephine Durrctt, appoint d c m
missloner to make deed to Harr
aon Pate to lots 1 nnd 2 block 13,
E. O. WUaon, Assessor, presents
and files Assessment Books both
Ileal and Personal fbr ihe year 1913
and tho ame aro examined ' and
approved by tho Court
John Bla'r; treasurer, files ' his
final settlement of all funds In his
hands and the same Is In the
Court approved.
In the Matter of Petition of A.
F. Brown and others, for widening
Malta Bend and Grand Pass Road;
cause dismissed at the requc-at of
, Josephine Durrctt, Clerk, files
annual statement of feed collected
and disposition of same.
It fa ordered that tr'dges be
built, in accordance w'th tho En
gineer' report, this day filed, as
oc a, rjuu an sccnon id,
o, range 19.
N. & 8: road In section 15
lit range 19.
ilNV & S. road (n section 31,
59, range 19.
a. St S. road In section 17,
z, range 19.
roau between sections 12 &
n 9. mne 20.
& 8 road- between sections
twp, 59 rango 20.
oaU between scet'oni 21 ft
51, range 20.
yxd between sect'ons 29 nnd.
02, rango 21.
& W., rpiad In section 24,
Si 8. rojd E. aide ofscc-
fonlae,,tWP 49 rariKe J12..
for. board of np'cnn'im fni
Uie yfar commencing January 1st
1913,8 fixed at 58c each ner da v.
OrHred the treasurer, itrans
fer tf the several i-pa districts
fouiffflUia of the; current County
Revenue, pHropriate 'to .ild'
dstsM pw lHat on Jfllet- j Vl
1WaVta, skravm 'dn the bolintv
revenuejnd Jn fiavo? of the trs-
urerr" 5?"' -aeverai npec.ai Koaa
DistrletVr ' lofifth 'of r tke
aprofSkUM heretofore ma'de ' to
i.-ta-u.-jfc.,--A- i
r C.f fnfol
gxsur oaies ror
Representing the largest volume of business
in the history of our store, and we wish to
thank our many friends and patrons in Saline
and adjoining counties whose hearty support
and co-operation has made possible this
enormous output of merchandise.
Our cash system of both buying and
selling, as well a& the fact that we buy our
goods in large quantities, (We received 34
FULL CAR LOAD shipments last year) ena
bles us to undersell competition at all times.
Again thanking you for past favors,
may we not hope to enlist your support in
an effort to make this coming year the ban
ner year of them all.
I Hold-Up Tale.
A cooncn who boards at Mrs.
Mary Rlmby's on South Jefferson
came In Sunday night badly beat
en up.
ne aa'd he had bean vla'.tlng a
f-Vnd near the o'd high school
and ins he was pass ng tho post-
office about 1L30 p. m. two ne
groes sprang at h m ana attempt
ed to rob him, beating him up.
He did not report to tho police
and h's story was so disconnected
that Ihe Is probably mistaken as to
details. He had some bad bruises,
th's much was beyond contrac
Among the Sick
Mas Emma Quthrcy Is qu'tc 111,
'luU.fs Improving.
" Mrs. John A. Greenlee Is suffcr
ng from grip.
Mrs. O. W. Johnston Is on tho
ck list again.
Jhe Sales
This la the season of yoar when
the econom'cal buyer has his In
ning. The f'rst to start tho special
sales tills year was Ed West who
placed on sale a big lot of good
merchand'se Clothing, underwear
shoes, dry goods, etc as given In
his pago adv. last week. The
sale continues till Saturduy night.
John Vawtcr spent Sunday
Mr., and Mrs, H. E. Dlngley vis
ited L. A. Brown and wife Sunday.
Quite ii number of the farmru-J
have been .busy thla week butch
ering and putting up ice.
Lewis A. Brown who recently
bought the store at this place has
put in u fresh line of groceries and
dry goods. You can tnd a'most
anyth'ng you want in the cracorv
line, Including fresh broad the last
of every week. Produce of all
J. Bere & Son were the first to
'break loose-" In the clothln? 1'ne
The'r sate Is under full blast and,
as they carry a nice line ol up-to- kinds wanted,
date clothing It offers you agcolj John and Will Orecr spent Sat--hance
to "slick up" for a small ur Jay and Sunday In 8wcct Springs
amount I visiting relatives.
I A. Ranbcrgor transacted busl
"The County QentJonvin," one of ne Jn 5Iarshan Saturday,
the lead'ng frm papsta hr'ah f, Je9!MJ ry, ot Kansas Clf
page ad last week calUng attention js yls'tlng relatives hero,
to tho fine article "Financing the J You can get Fitz overalls at the
Farmer." Tho paper Is on sale at Sn'.t Sp'r'nga Store for 95c apilr.
Vawter's newa stand first door(
souin 01 me posiomce. A VFDQ
-Rov. Frank A. Joseph, of Par-. Hoax Bros., the we.l known shoe .
ev. IoM-a, is seriously 111 of pneu-f.rm, Is announong Its sa.e thlsl
-J9 VLntr vnnrl rift rttit wytva I
to amet 4a r-
J. E. Cook Is on the sick list this
cck hut Is improving.
The r'ver Is blocked here.
Frank Brlghtwell has -rone to A sale to itself Is that of the, M"m nyrdle Wood veiled Miss
h'a home at Mt Leonard to re- Broken Dollar Store of wh'to good Cora Bed Dulaney Sunday,
cove" from an attack ot grip. They are offer'ng gooda at prices, Oeo! Inspruckner Is reported on
c that w'il move them qulck'y. 1 tho a.ck list
E. J. Rnwlings was in from cast . Rasey Norvell put up Ice Mon
Some of tho young people of the
lfcn ra
the p-et
ew weeks,
j M'sa Ula Denn'a is slc't this week,
i Trcachlng services were Bplen-
. 1 kl'd Sunday. There wan a rooi1-
LOST-A .bunch of keys finder "TMT,- .m
please re.turn to D, Q. T.VucklesJ aITSedhUupyMr "
of town Monday nnd sa'd hU moth Tho 'ew Y-rk Racket the Lry-j
-.'., Mr- Mnrv Harlan, is he-Downing Oiothlng Co., and Rote
' ------- . r.., i i . . "
a uuncr cacn nave a pago aav. Ayrcs ne'ghborhowl. Imvo
th's week announcVr thr b joying themselves dancing
vejry , poorly from rheamit'am.
, Circuit Couri
Is in session this week with Judge
Samuel Davis presiding.
The case of Q. A. Cox vs. Burl
InKton Ry. from Brookflcld, Mo.
Mttiod -out of court wo aro
i annua; snics. I'ractirauy all our
1 merchant ire thus seen to be sac
r'flc'ng good merchandise.
told Mr, Cox rece veu iuouu
dumases U i H 1
YwrtWdav thetTlbrriton'-Flnley'
trial was! going' 'on 'when rw Vent '
(o presa. j ' i
The JurtoW, frWim BIchnaaRvJ
Arrow Rock,fc49)in iMsulmann,. Ar
row 'Hock;, Q. T. 8tone, Blackwater
JohnyQhorrell, Blaekwater? II. Clay
Duncan, Thomas uatteiu, Josepn
Davenport, Cambr'dge ; Henry Mad
Aax iWnr Bdwards, Clay; Joseph
FMrt Kkwwpod : Ay Hv KnpeElra-
Q raw PawiJoiHiRpwtrlght, Chas.
Feawiek (liberty f Jphai O. Legg,
ra Tuikef , Jt. W. Miword, Mar
shall l S. K. Jenfns, Richard Lat-
vmer, Wtmf, K. L. Steel, Salt Fork; ,
8, D; Coekra ck Fork ; Kd Reft v
,'s, Qeo. Ls Brown, SH Pond. ,
Yvur ckeicm mf mil UntrimmeJ Fet
tfmt 'n
Cne fmmy TrimmtJ Hmt.exc
thmnt trtmumJ with snci...
Choici mf mil Children Trimm
Hmt. jl
CIm. ShackeHord - was wv frdtsk11!
a.. tit j -, a
Hapten yetsrat am dumrmw:'
its, mmwBBuwm. ........
Mrs. Bna M. Cfiaf fee.

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