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Marslull Republican
PuWMshtd ettrr ThursoU a4 esltrtd In pest
Ollltt Msrsksll. Me.. sectnoVtlass raelter
Tar as: $1.00 per Year in Advance
I. J. WITT, Editor and Proprietor
f Office, Bell, I;
Telephones: Office, Herndon. 29
( Residence, Dell 4BC.
The old Chinese custom of pun
ishing the parents for the wrong
doing of children Is not a bad one
especially In a case like the one
this week at M V. C. I' tuh a
law were In existence, parents or
guardtanB would make It a point
to know where the'r boys nnd glrli
are at night.
Q I have money to loan at five and one-half per cent an
nual interest, with the privelege to the borrower of paying
any part of principal at any time, and rebate the interest
from date f payment.
These are liberal terms and if you want money, now is
a good time to get it.
I furnish abstracts and perfect titles to all lands and
town lots in Satino county. I have buyers for Saline county
farms. If you have one for sale let mo know about it.
Marshall, Mo.
A bill In Congress list week pro
vidos for nn cxpend'turc of two
miA.on dollars for Imprav'ns the
Mlsiour' river letween K nsasCty
and Its mouth. Such an amount
ought certainly to be a great
htip to our fnrmr.i along the
river ns iwe'l as the boats. It
ought to -provide a good channel
and prevent cittng nw.iy our
best lands.
W. II. Bloomer of St. Louis, has
K-nt out a most excellent article
In pamphlet form which Is n plea
for the organisation of county com
merclul clubs. He shows what enn
bo accomplished by each county
having a good organlza'lo.i, a
live farm adviser and with the
.young ioIUs properly educ:.td and
qualified for the farm. Sach a toa
dltlon would cause a '.a:k to the
farm" movement as nothing else
could. Of course good roads are
every morning tho thrifty house
wife comes with her basket and
pocket book to meet the former
who Is there also Wth his pro
ducts. A bargain Js qulck'y made
and the day's suppl'cs carr'cd horn?
In the basket. No middleman or
extcrtlon about that
Hut you say, we couldn't think
of doing that! The idea of e'rry
Ing around n heavy basket Of
course not, no one c.arci to do any
thing he Is not compe'led to, and
ns long ns wc have the money
why not stick to the new way and
tnke life easier and let the mer
chant get his honest dues?
A movement Is being started to
uniform nchool chlldrei.'it c'othes
This looks like a very sensible I tie i
At present, mmy roaple over
drew their children In order to
"put It over" the'r neighbors who
can't afford It and It natur.i'.ly pro
duces a feeling of supir'orlty In
the fcrtunnto child. A plain uni
form would ccitatnly Improve the
appearance of most children, iv
lleve nnbirnssniont and make a
nvcre kindly feel'ng anting the
Judge Grimm In the circuit court
at St. Louis last week ovcr-rule!d
a motion lor a new trial in the
case of George A. KtmmeJ, "tho
man of mystery," In which a Jury
awarded a sister of George A. Kni
mcl a verdict of $29,4fl0 against an
Kastern ll'e Insirance company.
Attorneys for the Ins. ranee com
pany who matle the motion for a
new trial argue:) that the court er
red In the former trla'. by exclud
ing certain testimony and that the
suit was barrel by the statute of
One of the most bcncflc'al re
sults of the late He publican State
administration Is the change
wrought In the pol'tlcal tentlment
of the pooplc. When tint adm'n
Istratlon began It was common to
hear otherwise good men speak of
political tricks and schemes as
though they were to be reg rded
as fair nnd proper for partisan
purposes. Now therp is a most
positive aversion, on tho part of
ail good c'.tzens, to nnythilng that
Mnracks of trickery or unfair deal
ing Cn "politics. The political boss
Is fa.'ry dcspl'ed. The jo'itlcil
schemer Is discounted to such an
extent that he can hardly "put
over'' a scheme no m-tter ' how
shrewdly it may be dev'sed. Pub-'
lie eent'mont has "been crimed and
the demand for honesty in poli
tical leadcrsh'p is as strong as tho
demand itr honest ejections and
the -demand for honest elect'ons.'s
so atrong that the people will no
longer brook any Interfcrancj with
nn honest ballot The opinion of
tho Supreme Court In the olect'on
contest cases, and the reversal of
tho Iqbb 'established M. rshall de-j
wtVon c'.ooslng ballot boxes to the
courts has put on nfreSy d f er nt
i i .11 aa
anu a inr ueuer ;igm upjn car
ruptlon In ejections.
Republican Ideas Approved
The highest compVmcnt that
could have been paid the Repub
lican p;rty of M!.sourl nn.l Its gu
brrnat rlal 'cider. Governor Hnd
ley. came from the Democratic
party nnd Its new governor. The
Democratic loaders, 'n their con
vention last September, took up
the main ingestions ndvn.icolby
the Republicans of the State dur
ing the last eight years atr.l cm
bodied them Jn their p'atform,
thus putting the ttimp of Demo
cratic approval upon them and
p'edging to enact them Into laws
If empowered to do so by the peo
ple. This was done beciuso the
Democratic leaders knew nt that
time that the people Tavo;' of
to very one of thess propes't'on-,
and ro Iccausc the D.motratlc
Senate had made a great m'rtakc
In preventing the enictm ni o"
laws proposed ly Governor H id
ley for putting thee ir.poj'tl ni
Into cffecL'vo op: ration.
A'though thus ('riven by pub'.'c
sentiment to accept and to advo
cate things pcrs'stently rejectel
an 1 opposed by Democratic law
nnken, the DcmocMt'c lcnlcrs n
that convention swallowed th.?
medicine and It gave now llfoand
new energy to their piry give
It someth'ng to ttand fcr.
When Elliot W. MnJ r lejan h'.s
c-imptlgn as Denv.crat c nominee
for Governor ho shrew Jly csrois
ed every one of the- rrojics'tons
and audacious' y c'a'med personal
nnd pV.it'cil Terpen1 Ibl'lty for
them, n'though he had sh w, t'u
lng his term o' four yja?a ns At
torney Genera!, personal nnd po'i
tlcal unt'pathy to any .a)d every"
proposition advanced by tho Re
publican Governor in hli mcs
sages to 'the logis'.atar;, and had
man'fested a contemptl'l? splrl'.
toward tho governor h'.m-e". In
his Inaugural addrcsi Govermr
LiJ-r, In a bombast'c yet p'auslhlc
manner, urp;ed the "mm date enrct
ment of laws for tho Improvement
1 Am Well"
writes Mrs. L R. Barker, ,
of Bud, Ky.. "and can do
all my housework. For
years I suffered with such
pains, I could scarcely
stand on my feet After
three different doctors had
failed to help me, I gave
Cardul a trial. Now. I feel
like a new woman."
2 53
"Consumers leaKue," era being
organized in all the big cities o.
tho country to fight the rola ler
who Is supposed to be making too
much money, Thera ttre two side?
to thta quest'on. The aver-ge
woman of today orden her gio
cerlea nnd moats by phone, has
them delivered to her home and If
they don't suit her fancy, has them
exchanged. The retailer must
charge lor this as well as the r'sk
ot losing H's account. Ssme yoT
' - ogo! yro strayed into B'ddle markej
In St Louis one morning about six
p'do'ck and were so surprised at
,.rtb; racilvJty that ye stopped
;"toIny.eiUiate, This market is in
' " ii ioc', section of the city and hero
of educational facilities; for the
more liberal support of tho State
Unlvcrsty and tho Normal schcol",
for an organized system of rond
Improvements, including a high
way dep rtmont for the State, and
slm'lar departments fcr the coun
ties; for the employment of con
vict labor In road making ; for the
appointment of "mmlEr t'oa com
mlss'oners with amnio nnn.o-
prlat'ons by the legislature for Im
mlgrat'on work ; fcr tho reclama
tion of awamp nnd unused lands;
for a revision of the system of
taxitlon; for a tax on ex rs ftc:m
panics; fcr the taxat'on of money
and other personal r ropfrly which
escape taxation under the prctc.it
loose taxation laws; for Letter sup
port of the hospitals for the In
sane and a m'ro intcHgcnt hu
mane nnd effect've treatment of
insane patents; for a higher stan
dard of cfflc'cncy In the elecmosy
ary insl tutlons ; for a pub Ic ser
vice comm'sslon to reju'atc the
rates nnd tervlco of pub'.'c utility
ccrpiraUons and companies, In
cluding rat'road, street railway,
te'ephone, telegraph, expres, light
heat, power and other public ut 1
Uy compan'cH, and with authority
over the isaaancc of stocks nnd
honJa by such companies. He vho
rcctmme.vJed a w rk njm n'scon
pcneatlon law, the R'mollcatlon o'
court procccdurc nnd the el'm'na
tion of mere teclin'ca'Itics by the
courts in nrr'vlng at Judicial de
cisions. He recommended n pr
don bosrJ, and nn Increaie Jn -the
facll'tles of .Tcfcrmatory InstUu
tlons, together with nn extension
of the.powers of the Hoard ofCh'r
It'cs nnd Correct Ions, nnd a more
liberal support of that board. He
recommended home rule for the
clfcs of the Stito (without refer
ring to the fact that such rule hits
been denied St. Lou' and Kansas
City by Dcm-cr-t'c 'exisl: tors for
more Uun a quarter of ncontury.
He also recommended that offi
cen of foreign corporations doing
businest in Missouri bo mado lib'.c
to personal prosecution for any
violation of Law in conducting the
builnesa of t uch c r;.or t ons. W th
out specify'ng any pr rSlcu'nr meth
od for rala'ng revenue ho advised
the legislature tliat more money
must be collected during the next
two yeaw for Stite expenditures
ns the State w'M hive nddt'otu'
flnanc'al burdens to carry. His
closing r:ccmmend ton f. v r
cuch change In the "aw o' 19"7 no
may make the remova.' o! dcrlict
officers a R'mp'er iand easier mat
ter. Those fam'.Yar with the recom
mendations of Governor HadJey to
tho leghtlatuTO ever !nco 1009, and
the tfee'er t'ota to! Republ'c n
p'atferms for tho last eight years
need not be told that tho recom
mendation? made by Governor Ma
lor Cast week have been heretofore
made by Republican leadrra and
by a Republican governor, nnd
that severoil of theso proposlt'ons
have been suppcrted vlgorouviy
by Repub'Ioan members of the
tegUlattire and defeated v'ciously
by Democratic Senators, simply be
cause they were of Republican ori
gin. Rut ns RopubVoins have been
sincere In advocating these meas
ures they now sincerely hope that
they will bo enacted by tho pres
ent Demoorit'c 'eg'la,u, and
enforced by the now Democratic
Press Clippings
Evangelist Lowry, who la holding
services In Atchison, says: llWhenI
started out to preach I was afraid
I would hurt somebody's feelings.
Now I am ndways a'rald I won't.
At a meeting of the state medi
cal society tho secretary read a let
ter from a consul to th Phil'p-
pines, urging tho need of a resi
dent physician in his district In
the moment nilonce thit f A owed
the young imian in the hall arose
and aaid modestly: "I wish you
wou'd put me down for that place,
sir. It sounds good to me. My
practice here died last night."
"Everybody has liad their say
about the existence (of Santa
Claus" writes Col. Ed. Smith of the
Fulton Journal. "Let mo aay a
word now that this Chriatmas is
over. JLaybc I did not know a
week ago, but I know
That Wonderful Event
IP THERE U a time above all times when a
woman houtd be in perfect phytkal condition
It it th Ucm pnvloui to th cealn of her bsbc
. Puriiid thU ptrlod many women differ from headache,
afcepleunn, pain of vatiou description, poor appetite,
ond a host ot other ailment! which ahould be eliminated In
Justice to the new llie about to be inhered Into thli world.
It tdtntlnc medicine cartful! compounded by an experienced and aklUrul
phytldan. and adapted to the neU and requirement ot woman' delicate
f rttem. II ha been recommended lor over lorty year at a remedy lor thoJt
peculiar atlmentt which make their appearance durlruf alie expectant
period. Motherhood U made easier by lit me. Thousand! ol women hive
been benefited by thl great medicine.
Your drufgltt can u
one cent tiamp lor a
Wet, to Dr. Pierce,
your privlledge to write to Dr. Pierce for advice, and It will be atadtu
given free of charge. Of course all communications are confidential.
Rock Road Here.
The first money tho United
now that States government has ever appro
there is a Santa daua because my nrlated for improving tho roads of
room Is full of an avalanche of cvi Mlsaoairi, Is to be spent on the cross
dencc. Ho brought
on the cross-state highway be
tween Kansas City and Boonvllle
or Glasgow and make the highway
n model earth and rock highway
Tho citizens of Lafayette county
expect to conduct a campaign for
me a dozen state highway in Lafayette county ropUln lhu routo , soon n8
things I iM not (want, pretty urn w, me paaiomce acpan- BrndJng nnd cuUng down o' the .
things, and also four quarts of ment follows tho recommendations hl,,B ,8 flnBhcdi If tho campaign
whisky, two boxes of cigar, a of Oovernor Hndloy RUccecds it will make, with the ex
bottle of perfume, etc" Under tho 1-2 million dollar np- ccpton cf a gap of a mllo and A
An old gentleman told the follow uSrlttttT n Is to hn" in t0? f0 " "TY
Ing stcry in a Iuisville re t urnnt pend to'tllaS counTy .r-ExC,ty
thn nlhor i iv Up run n enorn . i tUc Saline COUnly line. i5X.
- n oi uie ucnnrim'iiu os nicriciitiuri;
Btore down in Allen coanty some nnd tho poHto'ficc dorn-tmcnt. The
thirty years ago nnd one day an requirements were that tho money
old colored woman who had never 810Uid be expended upon one 60-
seen a match came Into the otcra mjL. Wretch of road ovor which
with her son. A'ter tulk'ng for t,c mMn are cnrficd. D3'ore the
some time she pulled out her pipe government gives Its $10,000 the
nnd filled it Then Waked to the COu:ity or cltlrem 1 v'ng n'ong tl c
stove to get n light but the fro road mUBt raise $2),0W.
recommend is between Malta rc.ul
in Saline county, nnd the Jackson
county I'lio. It exc'ud ss t c Ljx
ington good roads dlstr'ct In tho
r.lcre saw what she wantod nnd
struck a match and handed it to
her. She exc'.a'med: "L rd 'm'ghty
what is them things?" Shd was In
formed what they were nnd nsked
for a few to take home with her.
. im M.e ud UM MratllAlrV
rests k m si !)t. Mm. AImjs IttakU
At the rre-sldonce of Mr. and
Mr Pro I flltntznr In S'Atcr laht
middle, where bonds nlrondy have Thursday evening at 8 o'clock their
tinnn vntnd nnrl Mm ainln lilriiu'ni i .i iu
When she got InVde o' her cabin r"r ,, rT": lh " "tiiiA, ,muBnior Ml" AU, as lol"S.
Rhe Htartod oallinif her elv'ldren rock,c" 8!ncc tho Propoiltloi o. rriago to Oay Surber of Sinter
an l said ionVr rCCC,Vlnf $:'00 ,n Kcvnment Mo., It rvey S nnett and M PNr
Korant crUters nnd Veo mo krk T' Pwt rod work neynold(, Bt0otl up with this cou-
V, cr l,-rn nu M.o mo jerK wns the fnrmera Tvlngelong n-
helWire out of a .p. nter." j a and citizen, of L x'ngton Vfov. R. M. Talbert per.'orm,dtho
A Holla boy eomewhat loU inter- wdrgton nnd the other towrson ccrcm,ony. on'y tho Immcdlito
est In tho church nnd when qucr.- thc "ad ,mvc rn,9cd 12.000 y friend.-! of tho fomty nnd relatives
tloncd by tho m'nWcr as to the voluntcor eub'cr'ptlom. wtro prCflet. Am'.ns thocc rov
cause of his deVnqucncy, astonish The Lafayette county court hn- cnt were their uncle and aun1, Mr.
cd that rovercned gentleman by In ngrecd to spend $1,0)0 on thc road and Mrs. Meycra and fnrnX, of
forming him that ho sworo too for permnnent bridges nnd cul- Thompson, Mo., Mr and Mw.Hey-
much in the pulp't. "Why John- verts. Responsible citizens haws no'di and family, Wnrd nolM, Mr.
ny," gasped tho nvrprised o'crgy- gunrnr.tcoJ the rena'n'nj $',0' ctaud Reynolds nnd 3Iias Jennctte
man, "you aro nlstaken, I never! Tho $30,000 will be ruff.'cl nt to nnd Mather Kcyton.
swear." "Oh yes you do" persisted grade down all the hllli on the The br'de a one of 8 t r'syounj
thc lad. "Well," said the minister fifty miles ot road, to put in con- ladles with characteristics well
"you come to church Sunday and crctc culverts nnd bridges nnd to suited for the home. She -is a
If you hear rr.o awoir l'.l gtvo you build some rock; road. AH tho re- graduate ot, tho Contralln High
nn apple pie ; and It you don't malndor ot the routo will bs raady achoa'. Thc groom Is employed as
hear me, you rare to fjlve me one." for tho rock by tho tltm the pral- a fireman on the (Alton. t
To this Johnny agreed. Next Sun- l"g Is completed. It will remove Mr. and Mw. Siirber will make
day Johnny was on tho front roat. tho last hills ot any consequences 81ater their home.
Tho sermon was about half out l n i
and thc minister had committed no
offense, until, unsuspectingly, he
uttered tho words: "And it ! .by
Ood wc live nnd by God we I've
nnd by Owl wc die whcrcirpori
Johnny Jumping to h'a feet, cried
out, "And by God you !oso yo'T
apple plo." i
Judge: Congre:man Rulph V.
Moss ot Indiana did not core much
for a hat his wife ware. He finally
spoke about it Mrs. Moes admit
ted that It was p'jl'ji, and, Instead
of taking cxceptvjn to her hus
band's remark, Inv'ted him to ac
company her the next tlm? fhe
bought a hit "I can cirta'n'iy pick
out a better one than that," said
uuimniiimitttHHmiitMittiHiiiiiittftiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiJiiHiiiii hmmmji
S V via .nn ri M
Low Kound-Inp fares
To the South, Ssntkeait aid Sentbweat.
Via Chicago & Alton R. R.
Mtbile, Alt., $33.00
Havaia fink. t7i.0l.
Jlr. Moas. So they went to the eto, e C JacktBv!lIet FU.,$42.50
together. Mn, Moss said not -t S r t Ire tn
ttavpi, ni,, iiT.iv
Aus.nU, Gt., $35.35
New Orleaii, La., .$33.00
Gulfpert, MUi.,S34.30
Tho Woman's Tonic
A woman's health de
pends so much upon her
delicate organs, that the
least trouble there affects
her whole system. It Is
the little things that count J
in a woman's life and
health. If you suffer from , I
any of the aches and,
pains, due to womanly
weakness, take Cardul at
once, and avoid more seri
ous troubles. We urge
you to try It. Begin. today.
word as the corne'y mll'.lner dii
played one beautiful bonnet after
another. It waa the first t'mcMr.
Moss had over been in a millinery
autre, but he appeared to bo at
ease and finally selected one of tho
most Joyfu' creations in tho entire
stock. Mr-t Moss looked well in it.
She. wai po sed. "I'll take that,1
said the lloosier 'Congressman.
"How much is It?1' "Forty dollars",
said the pretty gi'rl, without even
a blink. Mr, Moaa saw blue stars,
but luckily he had just como from
tlio bank Und was ab"e to pro
duce tliat much caah. Now he lets
Mrs. Moa i buy her own hats .and he
does not complain about their be
ing plaJn.
Las Vegai, N. M.,$40.50
Albuquerque, N.N., $34.40
Ckarleitea, Se. C, $40.48
Dallas. Texai $21.70
Fert Werth, Tex.,. $21.70 J
Galveiten, Texas, .$35.49
Tickets on sale until APRIL 30, 1913. Final re
turn limit, June 1 1912. Don't miss this opportunity to
visit the Sunny South. For full particulars of these and
many other attractive trips, call upon
Ticket Agent Chicago & Alton R. R.
td Marshall. Mo
rm fmffl M n RfW nfflTO BJI Hnnl Rn B
Commercial Club
Owing to la rush of work last
week and tho editor's Illness, we
fallod to mxko note of a fine
meeting of tho comnaerc'al club
heid at the Christian church Tues
day evening. Thoro was a f ne at
tendance and the banqict served
by the nadlos of tha church, was
certainly appreciated. 'Jho main
feature of the evening was the ad
dress by Dr. Isador Loeb, of the
tstato unlvcrs ty, on "A New Con
stitution for Missouri."
Prof, Clay Harvey of K'rkavillc,
also mado a much enjoyed talk.
W. H. Wilson will), have a sale
of personal property, conslst'ngot
horses, mules and farming imple
ment, on tho Roe farm near Mt,
Leonard, on Thursday, Feb. 20th,
Reward, $1H
Tbs mitt ot tbla rr Kill U pksssd to
Ifsro tbst Ibtr U at (sit out dreaded dUM
tbst scl.ocs bn bn able to cor la all lie
Mt, and tbat Is Catarrb. Ilsll'a I'atarrb cvra
Is lb oalr BMtl? cure wiw knows ta the mt4
lest frstfrnitr. CaUrrk bsloa- a ooaalltutkmat
illssse, rfulrs a constitutional tnataeMt.
Jlall'a Catsrrk Cure la. taken loteiaatlj, actlnai.
dlrtctlr upvu tbs blood and soocoiis Mrracea ot
tbt sfsltm, tbereby drstrojlm tUe fouudatloa
ot tbs disease, snd iI1d tba pstUBt sttsneth
lr balldlnc ap tbt MUlutloa.iad.tMla(U ea-f
tart la dolas Its work. Tbt proprietor mm ,
to morn fslth In Us rarttlst powera that tbey
offer Out Hundred Dollars for any cast tbat It
falls to cure. Send for list of trttlmoalaU.
Address J, ClIENEr CO., ToUdo, O.
Sold kx .all Dnifilsls, TSc. r
Take Hell's Famll l'llli for ceastlpstloo.
Three men wefre convicted ot
bootlegging last week Albert
Jackaon, cod was fined Dave
Piper, co plead guilty and was
fined $300. Jerald Mason, col, was
also fined $300. The Wt two,,
pained were unable to pay their
fines and nvuat servo 179 days hi
ihe county Jail. 4 ,
mi . WtMtt atro.t, Kmmh oity. Ma.
H ervtar as Yr M IUmm CHy.
treetu -tj mil aad etwee. Modtotaee Mat elrkere T"""
OeeaeJtiilea free eo4 eeeSdtitUl, peraJl or bf letter.
WtxiMl Dllly.iV,"ir
.felUee Mev eeeeee eaotiM aicmt 1 teste
i MweTeraieBM
e. latoa Mlaht
eeeuee eMiel Mwer. Btnrt eM
Mwer. ealttM aat atra nattna wakt
fee free booke4 ltat of aaeaileatT
Sriotur Mi ftm'Tit
ainaj laat aoeetCNolnauaBiente,
. '7' . Bn Ptli, eteotloa
leeee baalaete. Cure f uaraxteee. . Book
Met t teeeUee f re-tet tee ed,
I Mr
Syphilis, 2ulUatS
dotcrlptloQ of b
Oe OkmO.
itMres. fall
"Ti. " vierarea, rati
1 aura, aoaa sasi.

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