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Fridayi January 31, 1913
r V '
Marshall Republican If
,08 1
PuWUlnd ertrr Thurdr nd entered In pat
Olflte at Mrhll, Mo.. .tcondtl... m.tltf
Terms: $1.00 per Year in Advance
.!. J. WITT, Editor and Proprietor
f Offlco, noil, 9;
Telephones: Ofllco, Ilcrndon, 20
( Residence Boll 498.
There arc no many "dry.i" In the
legislature the "wets' arc afraid
of getting soaked.
The legislature "alnt done nuth
In' no htw" and alnt a goln' to do
tiuthin' till the members and sen
ators get homesick or tired of the
I havo money to loan at five and one-half per cent an
nual interest, with the privelege to the borrower of paying
any part of principal at any time, and rebate the interest
from date cf payment.
These are liberal terms and if you want money, now fs
a good time to set it. ... ,
I furnish abstracts and perfect titles to all lands and'
town lots in Saliuo county I have buyers for Salino county
farms. If you have one for sale let me know about it.
Marshall, Mo.
A live baby was sent by parcels
post at Katavia, Ohio, last week. It
cost 16c to send It about a mile
on n rural route. Of course Itwai
well wrapped and also Iniurcd.
its agricultural department Is es
tablishing the most extensive sya
tern of demonstration farms to co
operate with the farmers along
Its lines yet undertaken by at'
American ral'road. The company
has already established five large
demonstration furim and oxpsct
to soon havo a sixth In opcrntlon.
These farms range In size from
twenty-five to forty acres which
The Association of Young He
riilllmni of Mlnnmirl. u'lilrli In-
eludes such youngsters as Major makes the undertaking the moU
Warner. Governor Omollph nnd n pretentious yet Inaugurated. Work
lew war horses, will spread a great bc conducted along the same
l.anq'uet at Kansas City on the Hcs nB 11,0 Government demon
night of Lincoln's birthday. stratlon farm work, but will be on
n much larger scale which will
make It relatively more vnlmble.
As soon as President Taft quits At present the farms will be
Washington 'he will ' become a confined to tho tracks of the Iron
Yale College professor with acorn Mountain Railroad, three being H
fortablc salary, and may feel con- Arkansas and two In Loulelann.
tent to lead a quiet llfo not the The sixth Is to bo somowhere
"simple" life adopted by his pre
the company's tracks In souther"
Missouri, the exact location not
having been decided.
All the fnrms will be under the
general supervision of Mr. L. A.
Markhum, Commissioner of Agr!
culture of the Missouri Pacific
Iron Mountain, with hcadquarier
at Little Rock. Mr. Markham wa
formerly In the Bervlce of the U.
S. Agricultural Department. Th
U. 8. Department of Agriculture
will coopcrnte directly In conduct-
Oovcrnor Wilson will not give Ing these farms and have field
up his Nuw Jersey Job till March agents representing them, nnd the
3. when he will draw his gubcr- State Agricultural College of Ar
natorlal pay, hoard a train for kansas and Louisiana, C. W. Wat
Washington and geC on the gov- son nnd Mason Snowden, Stnte
crnment pay roll March i. The Agents for Arknir'm and Liuliln
Pronldont-eleot Is of the thrifty na respectively, nre giving unre-
Thc county court has determined
that the court house lawn shall be
kept In nice condition this year
and It Is only proper that our peo
ple should assist In this good rcso
luttnn, at least to the extent of
not making crossings on the grass
Instead of following the walks.
nort. He knows the virtue of
pay roll.
served cooperation in dircct'ngthe
Ah the Democratic CongrcsB has
virtually approved tho order of
President Taft placing post-offices
of the fourth class under civil ser
vice rules 'the postmasters how
holding such office", nre not apt
to be disturbed nnd the army of
Democrats hungry for their Jobs
will have to (lee unto the moun
tains of Ilcpsldam and gnaw a
A Pleasant Surprise
Saturday Janunry 18tl being
W. II. Montgomery's birthday his
neighbors nnd friends planned u
surprlso on tho highly esteemed
gentleman, (now residing in
Marshflcld, Mo., nnd while he wns
in town tending strictly to his own
business, the folks in his neighbor
State News
The Wnbash rallro.id last uc1'
put into Ecrvlcc the firit nll-alce'
passenger trains in this slat?
They nre not only handsome 'rain
but make traveling much sa'er.
A lot ott old maids and bache
lors met at the Court House in
Marshflcld last week nnd told why
they never married. If the truth
were known we have no doubt it
would develop that tome fine He
were told on this occasion r.o I
vnr Free Press.
One of thc.lnrgcst land deals
ever negotiated between IH'noli
nnd Missouri landowners was clos
ed this week when Jack Harrison
of Auxvnssc sold the Thomas liar
rison farm, cast of Auxvnssc, con
tnlnlng 982 acres, to licit brother.)
of Rochester, III., for $109 an acre,
almost $100,000, Dell brothers arc
to pay Mr. Harrison $59,000 in cash
and arc to give him n 415-acrc
farm near New London, Ralls con
ty. and some property In Roches
ter, III. The farm Mr. Han-icon has
Just sold is one of the largest ir
Callaway county nnd Is the one on
which he wns reared. He bought
it several years ago for $50,003.
Reports from Cooper county farm
era' wives published in tho Dunce
ton Eagle show that seven womc.i
of the county sold during the yc.it
1912 fnrm produce to the amount
of $1162.04. One woman, Mrr. I.',
R. Schlotzhnuer, of near Pilot
Grove, sold a total of $1201.45.
During the year she shipped to p
St. Louis commission house 20'
dozen eggs, for which she received
$158,70. She alto sold 00 mam
moth bronze turkeys for $552, or an
average of $8.36 per bird, nnd 14
turkey eggs for hatching for S'O
Another lady of tho county, Mrs
E. R. Mclkcrsman, of near Iloon
vlllc, sold $1144.08 worth of pro
ducts, $175.35 o! which wns in but
tcr, $168.55 in milk nnd $28'.7t I
eggs. sirs. James jymsr or jicnr
Iloonvlllc had total sales or $'30.92
of which amount $231.30 wns f r
butter and $151.06 for eggs. Mr.s.
Press Clippings
"Stockings?" raid the eat'smnn.
"Yes, ma'am. What number do
you wear?" "what numb;rr' en p
ped tho Btcrn-vlsagcd lady. "Why
tWo, oif course. Do you take m?
for a centipede?"
Ellhu Root wm cross, c cnmlnln
a young wornan In court one day
How old nro you?' 1 c asked. r he
young wojnan hesitated. 'Don't
hesitate," said Mr. Root. 'Thr
longer you hesltnte the older yo j
Important Notice to Rural Sunday globe democrat at
Free Delivery and Star
Route Patrons
Salino county raised 6,413,3G4 bu,
of corn lnt year tho largest quail
tlty of any county in this country
A fact crotalnly to bo proud of,
vet wo havo overy ndvantngc as
to size, location and amount o'
corn land and we wore beaten by
several counties in yield per acre.
If Salino will apply thoroughly
modern methods., in all her crops
sho will make tho world alt up
and take notice.
Imnrl unrn ivn f linrl n tr fit litd finmo
from all directions with well filled JVN' D,.yt.h,c P'cfUBanJ?ren had
baskets. Mrs. Montgomery in her!",1" of .f3,4sJ Mra' ? bil Sm''
usual gracious manner made the Clarksburg, $314.83; Mrs. John
compony perfectly welcome and M.cd,cy ' "c"r Boonvl Po, $2,6 2
when Mr. Montgomery returned at Mrfl' T- HD,,U.01f Marv". "hp ,B
nnnn ho found thn hon.c full nnd ycn 0,d 901(1 Worth Of
two tables fairly groaning under. Produce during tho year.
their weight of good things that
it tnkes to make an ideal birthday
dinner. After tho company did
usticc to tho viands all went out
In tho yard where they had their
pictures taken.
The amueemcnts of the nftcr--
noon was lots of music both vocal
The old idea, that women can't
keep a secret got a severe Jolt
this week when the friends of
Miss Dora J. Thomas learned (hat
she had boon married three montba
In dispensing official favors
Governor Major haa utterly ignor
ed Democratic leaders who did not
and instrumental. At the proper i , ,ft Ti i. , , a
h. n ,1 .i , 4. . . of Mt. Leonard, but now of St.
time all departed for their homes ,,, rm, ' Rf
wishing the hoat many, many
favor his nomination, though thoy haPPV returns of the day.
loyally supported him aa the nom
inee of tholr party. As the men
turn Ignored nre tho most potent
in 'the Democratic party under
normal condJtionBt ho foxy little
governor may find them hard to
handle. Thoyaro not waatlng nny
time or motaoy on Democratic
party prospects Just now.
A Guest.
J. H. McChcanoy is here
Quincy visiting old friends.
Joseph. They were married at St
Joseph while the bride was attend
ing the Baptist convention in Kan
aas City. Mr. Coyner nrrlved iter
Sunday and expocts to remain sov
oral months. They havo the beat
.wishes of their many friends. '
' When' wo boo the Indifferent man
nerln which aomo of our fnrmi are
handled wo wonder it the owner
' has over atudlod'arithmctic or does
any figuring. 'If 80 acrea worth
$100 per aero make a man n com
fortablo living, these aame 85 acne
would mako him Independent Inn
abort time if tho crop is Increased
25' per 'cent, for tho slmpld reason
1' that tho entire expenses fall on
the regular crop while tho addi
tional crop is nearly clear profit.
For instance. If rent or Intcrost
and taxes amount to $5 an acre,
the fixed expense would be $50). If
the crop amounted bo $1600. the
farmer would get $1000 for his
worKi wjhich.ho would need to live
on. But if it Wounted to $20"
he would have $590 extra to In
vest or live on. We don't advise
working harder as much: as using
a little brain work when nqces
aary. A little atudy along lines
laid pHt by tho agricultural col-
M will do no harm.
I will sell at public sale on the George Lnk-r
ford farm, 7 miles- northeast of Marshall and S
miles southwest of Slater, on
Tuesday, Feb 4, 1913,
the following property:
11 head of Horses and Mules, 2
Cows, Farming Implements,
and Household Furniture
Lunch at noon Terms Cash
R, B. Taylor, Auctioier. C. p.. Bacon,, Clerk.
"I hear Mr. Wilson," said a la'l
at n dinner to Francis Wilson, the
actor, "that yo,u aro a man full of
ambitions." "Ambition, Madam,"
said tho bored comedian. "One am
bltlon." "Yes?" gurgled the lac!
in rapture. "Oh, do tell mo thnt
ambition. It must be aomcthin
splendid." "It is, Madam,' aVr1
Wilson. "I want tot throw an eg-
into an electric fan."
I don't blnmo so,mc women fo
getting a divorce. The'r bus' a
come home with their Ir.'ath smc 1
Ing like n distillery nnd the'r lee'
stuck full of hlllBldc r.nvy that 'ot
spoiled In tho shock". They ex
pect them to work like n alav
from morning until night In 11
kitchen, milk the cows, cut rtov
wood, slop tho plga and tnko car
of the children nnd mend nnd o?
their clothes nnd then when th
poor woman wants a now callcc
dress thoy set up a howl thnt
makes nil the hound pupt In I'
.neighborhood turn green wit!'
envy. Missouri Fnrmcr.
It was n very hot day nnd the
fat drummer who wanted th
twclve-twonty trnln got throug'
tho gate at Just twclvo-twonty-one
i'jo ensuing handicap waB watc
cd with absorbed Intcrost bot
from tho train and the station pint
form. At Its conclusion the I rent
lesn and perspiring man wear"!
took his 'way back and a vacanf
faced "porter" came o,ut to re
lievo him of his grip. "Mister," h
inquired, "was you tryln' to kotc1,
thnt Pennsylvania train?" "No,m
son," replied tho patlont mnn. "No,
I was merely chasing It out of th
Mother was ontcrin'n'ng Edith's
voung mnn while Edith was mak
ing her toilet. In tho midft of the
waiting little Tommy enme Int
tho pnrlor, wlld-oycd with fr'ght
"Come Mother," ho atammerod,"l'
tts go quick." "Why, dear," said
tho mother, aurrrlaed, "what ia the
matter?" "Come, hunry. You leno
volt paid ycatorday that an In'JIn
always paints his faco before go
ing on tho warpath, scalping an
tomnkawklng - nnd -murder'ng'
"Why, yes, dear, but". "Hum
Mother! Edith la going on thown-
path with tho Indlnna." "Edith?"
echoed tho mother. 'Why, l-ov '
you know, dear?" "Why, I aaw
her Juat now with a big box and a
brush, painting her facei"
President Cleveland while talk
ing to a friend about ono of hi
many angling expeditions, told thr
following story : "It is remurkable,'
said the President, "how mean
some people aro. I had with me
on that particular trip two coun
trymen who evidently were fami
liar with my reputation aa an an
gler. Before starting ono of thorn'
made, the following suggestion :
'Mr. President,' said he, 'we Will
agree that tho first one who catch
ea a fiah must treat the crowd.1 "I
aaaented, to this, and we atartcd.
Now, don't you know, those iwo
fellows both had a bite and wore,
too mean to pull them up," "I sup
poae you loat, then," romarkod the
friend. t'Oh, no I" replied the prjal
dont, "I didn't havo any bait on
my hook."
Bob Taylor's Dream of
"What heaven la, I know not
but I long have dreamed o' i
purple Ifilla and Its fields of light
blossoming with immortal beauty;
of its brqokd of laughter, and it'
rivers of songs and Its palace d
eternal love. I long havo dr ame '
thnt every bird which sings its 11
out hero, may alng forever there
n the- treo of life, and every con
aecrutod soul that suffers Iictj ma
rest among its flowers and live
the love forever. I long hav
dreamed of' opal towers and bvrn
lahed domes ; but what, care I tor
gate of pearl or street of gold,, it I
can moot the loved ones who have
blosaod me hore, and qoc the glorl
'ied ,facea of father and mother
and tho boy brother who diod
among tho. bursting buds oi hope,
nd take in my arms again, my
baby who fellaBleon ore her little
tongue had learned to lisp, "Our
Father who art.in heaven.'! What
care' I for crown of; Mara 'and' harp
... it J k w . " '. . . f
oi gmuf m ,catviioye. ;aBq, laugh
and.slng with, them forever In the
Sadie of my Saviour and, ay God.!!
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azinc Section in cotors, elsewhere
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Printing Co., Publishers, St. Louis,
Rev. D. C. Bolton conducted the
lunerat Kcrvicos of John H. Boycr
nt Slater last Tlturiuay. Tiic s r-
and you will therefore appreciate , vices occurred at the residence of
the big bargain that Is within you g. C. Mead aid burV In the city-
reach. If you want the
GREAT ( cemetery.
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utmost take one of the superb limited
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California and the Pacific Coast, provide the
best service.
For Informitlon, Uclccti, rcwmtlon. etc., ftddrcM
Gaaeral Paientr Ant
Topeka, Kaat.
Public Salelli
W. H. Wilson will hold a public sale on
Thursday, February 20
of Horses, Mules, Farm Implements, etc., on
the Roe Farm near Mt. Leonard.
4-5p S
Kstabllibed 1171
Incorporated 1812
Capital, $100,000
Surplus, $120,000
C O. JPAGK. CkalraaaX ikm Bar4
J. P. HUSTON, riwilul W. S. HUSTON. CaahUr
J. C. LAMKIN, Vtaa-FraalJaat V.C.BAKNBII.L. AaaUCa.h.
Ample Capital. Equipment First Class- Best Service
LIUItMIMillMiiiUay lay liii till iaM lay Uai Mat UlJUUli II uiitiiJUAj tail tAAitiAitAAii
iih n n si His asi hwssw sj rss snani ain ii Sn hn bh pbi bh IBBna. ,
I Low Round-Trip Fares
n T tke Ssath, Seatheait and Southwest.
I Via Chicago & Alton, R. R.
Las Veyai, N. M. ,.$48.50
Albuquerque, N.N.,$3,40
Ckarleitoa, Se. C.f $40.41
Dallas, Texas, $21.70
F.rt Wwth,Tex.f $21.70
Galveiten, Texii,' $35.41
ii ,
Tickets on sale until A PHIL 30, 1013.. Final rei:
turn limit, June 1, 1912. 'Doatt,misB this oDPQrtuuity to
-visit jtbetSunBy Soutfc. For full particulars oMkese and
many other attractive trias, call upon v
TieketfAgent Chicago Alton R. R.
' :Mi!rhalirMoT
Msbile, Ala., $33.00
Havaaa, Cuba, $79.00
Jacksavllle, Fla.,.$42.50
Tampa, Fla --.$54,10
Aujaita, Ga,, $35.35
New Orleans, La., .$33.00
Gilfpert, Mlii.,-..$34.'3I
HI .
in, f
0 - f t.r f.,f

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