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Marshall Republican
Volume .VXII.
So, 0.
1'clkc Lyno (ho drnnddniiglitcr Was
(o lluvc Opened Her Engagement
In London February lOlli.
Col. Hczoklah Purdoin, grand fntlicr
of Follce Lyne nnd one of tho votcrcn
odltora' of Missouri Is dead. Ho
passed nwny Tuesday, February 1 nt
1:15 p. in. nt Ills home, 3052 Harri
son street.
Tlio funeral will be held at tho
homo Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Hurfnl lu Forest Hill cemetery.
Col. l'urdom, who won "0 years
old wna born in London Hall's county,
Mo. lie luurncd the newspaper busi
ness early In life, commencing as gal
ley boy on the Hannibal Courier. It
was In that city that ho and Mark:
Twain the humorist set type Kido by
side and grew to bo clotsn friends.
Later Col. l'urdom worked on tho Bt.
Louis Itcpubllo for noma years. He
watt owner and editor of several Mis
souri newspapers at different times:
The Macon Times, l'lko County Post
at Dowllng Orecn, the Napa City Ex
ninlnor and Hlater Index. Ho was
twice engrossing clorli of tho Mis
xourl house of rcprosentatlvog and
was appointed newspaper clerk at
Washington, I). C. by .lames Hume
of St. Joseph.
Tho deceased was marlrod lo the
surviving wKo, Dr. T. 13. l'urdom In
1801. She was Miss Theodosla E.
Hudson. The family have lived In
Kansas City for tiro past twenty years.
Throe daiiKhters survive tjio father:
Via, 5"udle l'urdom of Kansas City
who prartlcos mcdlcluo with her
mother, Mrs. San ford T. Lyne, moth
er of Felice Lyno nnd Mrs. Fred E.
Moore of Cortland, Oregon. Tho
latter loll her home lust Friday night
hoping to reach Knneas City before
her lathers demise, but ho had boon
lnd several hours when who arrived.
Mrs. Lyno nnd daughter, who sail-
Ml for Loudon, Janusry IS. woro cab
led Immodliholy und I'HIcJ? Lynes' en
Hiupineiit. which was to havp opened
on tho l Ti tli of tho month will pro
bably be postponed. -
W. E. Teter will havo n public
sale nt his farm 7 miles of Hons
tonlo, Wednesday, February 12.
John Witclg will act as clerk.
Joseph P. Outhrey will havo n
public sale nt his home 3 miles
southeast of Miami and 12 miles
north of Marshall Tuesday, February
18. See Mr. Outbrey's ad next week.
W. F. Dennis will havo a public
hale nt the Shot Abney farm 1 mile
east or Nnpton on Saturday, Febru
ary lA,
.1. F. Davis of two miles cast of
Xiiptou will hnve a public sale or
stock and .farm Implements Tuesday,
February 18.
Davo Anderson of three miles west
of Marshall will hnve n public mlr
of stock, feed, lumber und wood
Wednesday, Februury 12.
John llarr & Sons will sell nt pub
lic mile six miles noutliweat of Mnr
sluill nnd four piiles southwest of
Shackelford on Tuesday, February
1 1 n consignment of live stock.
1. W. Holmes of two miles north
west of Shackelford will conduct n
public sale on Monday, Februniy IT.
Chas. Zimmerman of nenr llnrde
11:1111 will hnve n public sale Wednes
day,, February 10, commencing at
I2::'.u sharp.
Died In Columbus, O., nt tho
(Irani hospital. Mrs. M. E. Cox of
Murray City, O., Tuesday, Jnnunry
28, 1913. Funoral nrovlces were
held at Malta Heiid, Wednesday,
Fohrunry !i at 2 p. in. Hurlal at the
Malta Houd cemetery.
AMOXO (It'll I'ltl i:ns.
Tho following woro new Btibscrlp-
tlous or renewed during Hip past
Lou Harper, Shackelford.
It. K. MeDaulel, Marshall.
J. L. Kent, Marshall.
Mm. Kntberlne Lyneli. .Marshall.
Edw. 0. Woodbrldgc, La Junta,
W. C. Iteed, Irma, Altu. Can.
S. J. Gibson, Marshall.
Mrs. Lizzie llrown, Xiiptou.'
M. S. Sims, Sweet Springs.
Harry Hayes, Sweet Springs.
(I. W. Tnlloii, Xnpton.
H J. Clark. Dcurliifr. X. Duk.
Mrs. Illltit Noldlck, Oklahoma City.
1 ,,
An open meeting to organize n
Saline Souuty lliirenu of Agriculture
will bo held TTrthe' Circuit court
00111, Marshall,- Mo., Saturday, Feb
o.ivy s, i!ii:i, nt l::i(i p. in. M. v.
'urioll of Sedalla, Prof. I). II. Domic,
itiinuger of the Farm Management
Department of the Missouri Agrl
iiltunil college, and the County
Court of Pettis county will be pros
Come and bring your friends,
J. L. Williams, proprietor of tho
Miami Telephono Exchange for tho
past two years, Bold the exchange
Tuesday to .Too and Iloyd Harris,
hoiih of Fatsroy Harris, of tho Sharon
neighborhood. Wo are Informed
that tho consideration was $2,000,
Possession will be given March 1.
Tho Miami Exchange was estub
Halted in tho summer of 1900 1y E
M. Iglohenrt. It was conducted by
him for n number of years and then
passed Into tho hands of W. E. Dick
orson, who owned It for a little moro
than n year nnd then sold It to Mr.
Williams. Tho exchange has bo
Iweun lf0 und 200 phones nnd Is
considered n paying Investment.
Messrs. Harris, the new proprle
tors, sny that thoy Intend to over
haul tho lines and put tho exchange
In the very best possible condition as
noon na they tnko possession. Mlnm
Ilcrnilon School Deport
For tho month of January 19 13
totnl number of dnyB attendance
20S; nvernRO dally attendance, 13
Those missing no words In oral spoil
lug for the month are: Claude Jill
ton, lnry Vaugh, Sldnoy Henley. Tho
pupns limning irom uu 10 iuu in ue
portmbnt are Mildred Taylor, Sidney
Ilonloy, Elizabeth Clark, John Clark
Molvlllo Fernwlck, Frances Aulgur,
Hazel Mayse, Connie Little, Ruymon
Maypfs Cnrmlo Little, Haymon Mayso
Mayso, Holen and Eunice Helton. Lily
Dennis, Clyde union, juuus usier
Floronco Mnyse, Hubort Stephenson
MnrKnretto Dennis.
, Hugh Hnyos, onb of Marshall'
champion Crystal Whlto Orpington
breoders, shipped n cockerel. to Bill
Inge, Montnnn, this week for which
lio received a fancy price. ,
rhe farm housn 011 tho old (ieorgr
DiivIh farm, now owned by Muthlas
Schondelniler, near Tedlovllle,
eouglit flro from a defective flue last
Thursday night and was destroyed.
Mr. Schondelnilre hnd $100 Insur
ance on the bouse, which does not
nearly cover the loss. The housn
was occupied by Cbnrloy Hill and
family, who succeeded In saving most
or their lurnlturo, but lost nearly nil
of their clothlng.-r-Hoiistoiilan.
Married, Saturday, February I, at
the home of Mr; nnd Mrs. Drlscal; on
Marlon streot, Mr. Louis Durllng and
MIbs llarbitra McDIvltt, Hev. Stuln-
helmer officiating. Tho young
Carl V. HlggltiB, n Joror, whoso ill
ness caiiBcd nu Interruptlnu of 'tho
trial of Dr. II. Clark Hyde, was din
iharged Saturday, thtiB making nnoth
er complication In this celebrated
Herald crowds tiro expected nt the
inauguration of President Wilson.
According to official figures 20,000
national gunrdsnicn and members or
other organizations have doflnltly
arranxed to be present.
A political revolution In Spain Is
ledlcled. Advantage will bo takon
of the deep-seated Industrial dlscon
if nt which has long been seething
Hinonn nil classes of Spanish workers
lo carry Into effect the plans of th
James II. Kerry, former United
Plates sviiator and goomor of Ark
ansas, und one of the most brilliant
statesmen lu early political days died
at his home nt Ilcntonvllle, Friday
afternoon, Jnnunry 31st. He was 72
years old and had been III for several
Tim d(iad-lock over tho election ol
Hponkor in the Illinois house of re
presentative was broken by the elec
tion of Win. McKluley, u Domocrut,
lust Wednesday. Foity-slx of thf"
I If ly Itopubllcaus voted for McKlnltty,
on the 70th ballot. It Is claimed 0
deal Involving the election of United
States senator produced the result.
William It. .Nelson, owner of thf
Kansas City Star, was sentenced t-
one day in Jail by Circuit Judge Guth
rie on n charge of contempt of court
fur publishing nil account of a trial I:
Judge Guthrlcs court in which he crl
deism! the action of the judge. Mi
Nelson nt once secured a write o
liable eorpux from Judge J. M. Join;,
son of the Kansas Cl'y court of ap
peals. Ho was released on 11 per
sonal bond to appear Wednesday
February Cth.
If Mr. Groundhog was late In gett
lug out Sunday, he had no opportuul
ty to see his shadow. In tho after
noon tho snow gave him n wolcotw
which we hope induced him to nban
don his wlntonuinrters for good. Wf
feel that the conditions 011 ground
hog's day wero such as to warreni
tho hope at least, if not tho belief,
that wo are to have an early spring.
with little cold wenthor, few storm
and no blizzards during tho romnln
dor of the winter.
Frank M. Hyan, president of thf
Structural Iron Workors Union, who
whs sentenced to seven yenrs In the
federal prison as alleged chlof con
plrltor in tho "dynnmlto plots," was
reloased on n $70,000 bond pondtn-
mi npponl to tho United States court
of appeals.
During tlio hunting season just
closed In Oklahoma, twolvo persons
were killed nceldently, tho snme num
her n during Inst season. During
has aroused fears of repetition of the
disastrous inudntion which nccurrcd
In Paris lu the winter of 1910-11.
The Initiative and referendum
amendment to tho Kansas constitu
tion was kill in the senate, Tuesday
by a vote of 22 to Ifi. It required 27
otcs to pars the measure.
KntiMH City .Market, FurnUheil
Moo Land .Milling Company,
February 5.
12 U fi2- r.2Vj
-.316 r.2; r.314
r.3fc r.2; r.3U
Xo. 2. Wheat $1.00 bushel
White corn 4i" ctg. bushel
Snap com 45 cts. bushel
Mixed corn 43 cts, buhscl
'ui nl-lied by (he Xow Vork Itncket.
Wofliie.Mlay. February .",
Springs 1014
Ions 10 V&
Turkoys 10
Ducks . . , . .in
Ooo-o 07
Old roostorH ' ,04
people are both of Marshall and! (he past night years or beginning
have n largo circle of friends who
will wish them well.
The Southwestern UlauguB Cd.
have built a largo factory In the
Shofflold district lu Kansas City Mo.,
which has an initial capacity for sup
plying gas to 18,000 customers, Tho
renders of this paper should see tho
ninugaB compnny'8 ad In this Issue.
M. E. Eady, foreman of the Repub
lican office, who wns seriously In
jured two weeks ago, Is nblo to Bit
up for a low minutes nt u time nnd
the doctor thinks ho will booh bo on
Ills' feet again. Ho had n narrow
James X. Hnrroll Is hero from
nrunswlck, visiting his Bister, Mrs.
Mnry Rlmby, und othor friends.. He
reports his business over there good
nnd he looks prosperous.
Destroyed Ily Fire.
Tho building nnd shop of lho Arm
strong Herald, was destroyed by fire
Tuesday ttfBht. ' , , t
opened closed
88 V
85 T4
1. R. Little or southwest of town
moved to Stlllwell, Kims, to reside
The court of nppcals at Kansas
City, Missouri on Monday reversed
and remanded, with directions, thr
caso of J, W. Taylor against James
Welch and his wife, Virginia Welch
and L. W. Scott, trustees.
This was a suit by .Mr. Taylor for
goods sold Mrs. Welch whlic he was
lu business nt Mt. Leonard, and in
volved about five hundred dollars.
In tho spring or 1910 Mr. nnd Mm.
Welch Bold to Mr., T. J. Robertson
their farm of one hundred nnd sixty
acres and turned over tho proceed
thereof to Mr. Scott ns tholr trustee,
out of which he wns directed to pay
all Indebtedness duo by Mr. and Mrs.
Welch, or by either of them, nnd to
loan the balance, the Interest there
on to be used for their support. Mr
Scott refused to pay Mr. Tnylor'a ac
count for the reason that it was not
a just debt due by Mr. Welch nnd
claimed that Mrs. Welch had no pro
perty or Intorest In the money receiv
ed by him.
Mr. Taylor brought suit against Mr
Scott, as trustee nnd against Mr. an'
Mrs. Wolcb, asking the circuit eour'
lo compel Mr. Scott to pay this debt
The court however decided the cnf.
HMlnst Mr. Taylor, taking the vlav
Hint the Instrument of writing dlteri
lug Mr. Scott to pay the debt of Mr
and Mrs. Welch, was not n sufflclen
I trustee's deed, but wns more lu nr
, lure of n power or attorney, constltut
'lug Mr. Scott nu ngent, nnd wns ri
J vocable at Hip pleasure of Mr. an.
Mrs. Welch. Mr. Taylor appealed
tho case to tho court of appeals,
whero It was argued on January tho
Gib, 1913, and the result was as stat
ed above, that this court reversed the
circuit cofirt and has ordered Mr.
Scott to pay Mr. Taylor's debt in full
out of the money in his hands be
longing to Mr. and Mrs. Welch.
Mr. T. H. Harvey represented Mr.
Taylor nnd Mr. L. W. Scott, Mr. and
Mrs. Welch and himself In the circuit
court and court of nppcals.
Circuit Court
The case, A. W. Gray vs Wm. Sche
pcrs, a stilt on a check, won on trial
all duy Wednesdny and wns won by
the dofendent. Tho lnwyers for tho
Utter were: Reynolds & James and
W. H. Mcschodc.
Thursday morning in tho Malta
Bend Levee District case, the court
affirmed the report of the referee,
Robt. M. Reynolds. The attorneys
In th'.s case were A. H. Hoy, T. H.
Harvey. W. H. Meschcde nnd D. D.
After this decision, court ndjonrn
?d until Friday morning.
Pnwldlng Judge W. R. Hickman
nd JndK Davidson nnd Owlnn
vtalted th county fnrm Wednesday
ltd found every thing In a com
niondnbl condition. The judge
compliment Superintendent W. X.
Wilson for bis excellent care of tho
37 Inmates of the home.
W. A. Horn, Marshall.
Mary Aufdenifnrten. Marshall.
Lou Ik Durllng. Marshall.
Durham McDIvltt.
1 1 .iiiii iTn -rr t r rn
with the close of tho hunting senson
of 190fi, 4 4i persons have been killed
nnd Injured In Oklahoma hunting nc
cldonts. Over hulf the Injured wore
crippled for lift?.
I was officially announced that
hostilities began Monday, February 3,
between the Allies of Tialkan Btntes
nnd Turkey nt Adrlanoplo nnd Tchn-
talja, Tho nrmstlce lasted exactly
two months. Tho Allied nrmloD will
now attempt to drive tho Ottoman
nation completely out of Europe.
Edward F. Dunne of Chicago was
Inaugurated Governor of Illinois nt
noon on Monday, February 3rd, and
tho 'other doniocrntlc state officers
wero duly Installed in office.
Thirty eight state havo ratified
tho constitutional amendment provid
ing for nn Incomo tax, which is two
moro than tho necessary two-thirds
majority. Connecticut, Now Hamp
shire, Rhode Island and Utah are
tho only states that have declared
against tlio nmendmont,
The rapid rise of tho River soinc
I i
We find after our Big Clean
up Sale that in both our Men's
Clothing and Ladies, Ready-to-wear
Departments that we have
too many Suits and Overcoats and
Ladies' Suits a nd Coats and we have
decided to
give our
friends and
customers an
to buy a suit
coat or over
coat at bar
gain prices.
Come in and
be shown.
Meat Department
We want to call your extra special attention to
our Meat Department. We are proud of the many
compliments we are receiving daily as to the quality
of the meat we are selling. We only handle the best
grade and if you want a nice roast, a dandy steak or
a delicious chop you must get it at the Racket.
See our page adv. for our Big White Sale.
Yours truly,

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