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Marshall Republican
Volume XXII.
mahsiiall sallm: countv Missouri iituAV, I'Kimt'Aitv it, tm.t.
Xo. T.
S. Gross received a tclepliuue
message Friday night from hla wife,
who left hero last Monday for Lincoln,
having been summoned on account ol
Hid critical Illness of her mother, .Urn.
SiieHiJ Donley, wife of W. II. Dooloy.
The nWunge said tht motliur linil pas
sed alvoy only u short time before ttnd
that Dlrs. OroFM round her In an ui
ccnciouH condition whtn who arrived
nt Llicolu uikI hud been since Sunday
In and continued so until the
r. Dooloy had a stroke of puruly
ihoit three years ago and had
(mi Invalid since. TIio 20th of
December sho had tho second
5ko and her condition lias boon
irso bIiico then.
The remains) will ho brought to
C3nt ci ...I .. .... ...t.AMH tl.H p.... .11.. II..
Iowi'Vl. ajlIlllRn, itliuiu iliu Jlllllll II.
cd for n number or yearn' for Inirlnl
and wilt 1)0 laid to test bundle other
inomlicTH of tho faintly, who paired
'inwny during tho tlmo tho family l'v-
cd there. Tho retuultiK will he taken
directly to tho cemetery and thoro
will ho n hrlof service nt the grave.
i airs. usnn i-isiiuncK uooioy wan
(Lorn In Kentucky nud was about 07
Warn old. Tho deceased, who was of
ifi proinluent Kentucky fnmlly wan
'inarrled to tho surviving hiiHhnnd bo
flforo leaving her native stnto. After
Bnoving to Saline they lived at Hnrdc
man for snvornl yenrH and Inter Mr.
"Dnnltn wnu n nnniilnr hnlnl innti nt
Sweet SprliiKH, Hlgglnavlllo and In
hla nil v. Tlutv nimin In Mnrullnll In
V"".- w -
nbnut 1000 nud had charge of tho
Mlnjr hotel for five yearn and moved
from hero to Lincoln, whom Mr.
Dooloy and his son Jcsso have been
i ii i mi i ii k UAiennivei .
others Mere badly hurt. He died In
tho city hospital without regaining
coiiKdousness and not having been nt
work oti the building long, none of
hU companions knew his homo .id
drcsB and that accounted for tho de
lay of tho mesHnge to the relatives n
Montgomery city and his mother here.
Tho son was Id years old and
leaves n wife.
vm. .i. kdwaiids
At his home In the Xapton neigh
borhood, Win. J. Kdwardx, aged 70
j ears, dled,suddonly Wednesday, Feb
tuary 1 2, at about I ::in 41, 111. of heart
Inlliiro. lie had not been very well
for several days mid wns In bed, but
his condition wuh not considered dan
gerous. Ho nwakened Tuosdny night
and complained of a pain In his side
and nsked Ills wife to get blni n iuuf
tard plaster, which served to rollovi
him, but about two hours later he
complained again of tho pain nnd it
u lew moments passed uwny.
Tho wlfo and throe child run sur
vive; Harvey lMwnrds the only on
at home.
Iowa wns the rornior homo of tin
family and the remains of tho do
censed will bo taken back to his oh',
homo for biilr.il.
fTutifrlemlH of Joseph II. Thomas)
.Hill" II VK.K M I I '11 II' ' 'Mlil'im 1 ll lil WiiaPllll I'M -.v.v-'r
Hi lua IIMMII) !!..K WOHF I'fll'inr.
I Mm. Thumns says nhe wuh nwnkon-
' 1 .. 1 1 1 ..1.,... ii 1. .-.....
Thomas H. Walker, who had
.tin in the hard wood tloor business
YrnCouvnr for a number of years
A telegrani was received by John
W. Hose's family, onHiiturdny mornlniE
telling tho news uf tho death of T. It.
Walker, a brother of Mrs. Itosu.
The deceased had been In railing
health lor some I lino with an abaci;
en one of his lungs unit ciimo to
Sonlllo only n short time ago and ro
il t.lned u month with hlsmother, Mrs.
W. M. Walker and family in tho hopi
tliji tho change would do him good.
1 1 ' 'Uer when ho loft Seat-
tl.,--iiin -grow worso again soon alter
leaching lit home at VnnCouvor and
i sstiod iryiy Friday, February 7.
T!jo"()eqcased who wan 12 yearn old
yn born and roared in Saline and
.nr. the son of the late Win. Madl-
11 Walker, a prominent planner fit I-
u of tfio county and who sorveil
:brvt iifTum ,1
as collector of'sallno.
uo uhoutdor for him anil told him to
Aim over 01.1 that side and maybe It
vnnin riiuivf iiiiiit mm iiiii nii iiiiii I'liiii
nencni to nrcniu neaviiy ami oniy
1 1 1 . .1...- ..ft....
urvivuu a siiun nine 11 111:1.
The children who survlvo nro: .Mrs.
K. Mooro of Corning, California;
I.. l.iinnu Tnl'lnl. nf Qttilnv tt-a II
t. alinre4. I'i'iibnil v. Knnsns: Monroo
.. t.. ' ..I....
lllllllilKi lliu UIIIJ null, w 1 t..n v.. ,
Irs. W. A. Wolls and Mrs. Floyd
iin. iimiii u .liuipiiiiii
Tho runt'inl norvlco took place
umluy tt 1 a. in. nt tlio family rosld-
( t mi.. I.Hi.i.t.llntn r.tii
Tin i.iiik & iiwiiiiiD iiiiiittivkiiu iiimi
-"J '
.loHoilb II. Thoiuus wns horn In AI-
.k. ... i 1 .. i 1.. iori
..I m7.u r.i! vnnru nlir 11n LTPU' til
IK4 .
Jt I
od lu Virginia and was niarrL-
the BirrvlvliiB wlfo, Who wna
Klwllda Leak, forty years ago
lontli. Tho family moved to
rl thirty yoars ago and hnvo 11 v-
sovelnl sections of Snllno, unov-
Marshall eight years ago
some tlmo tho deceased has
n thp grocery business on West
Irs. James Vandorgrlft wiro of tno
a p im iTiiitnii winina I'linHini'
1. -.m.l t tilmiiu ni nauil tTt
tirmlnv nftoriioon from hor brother,
..... . . Oll.t tiililr.lt
iIita iiiiii ni mm nun tiv viij. ni.ivi.
r. . " . . . .
mi ir 111 nnr lliu Biui iiuna iiuil nui
n. ., . .. iir.1.1, Miiii.i in n fnrni.
husband, was jrtead. A scatroiu
on which he was nt woric nnu im-
l'e, received Injuries from
tod soon nftor tho accident.
Hnn..MlA All V 14 II II l-HU II V 11 1 LU I II U U II .
UllHIl IIOU, V. ' t " " .
("elntlves nt Montgomery City
lenrn qf tho death -of Mr,
ktll Thursday nnd Judge Hall
ilk with hts sister said he
rl!g tho remains to Mont-
Rlty" for Interment on the Ball
le comotory there.
niHUHi4llM(lll n LIB vw ...--
at? work with, otnera m tnp
wav flxennnuo. ueuiK ivm
i v a anil i iiiiii
A'u im tiMn ware .nuuuiiK
Tt fJ " "T ----- , ...
. . J iT rt aIAMAIT nun IHII IV IL11
rM.7mfnifiii wna tno oniv uuu
relTedifRtnl vlnlWles.but tw0
,1 w
At the homo of his daughter, Mrs.
I.uvona Xooo, U."l West Morgan,
David ('. Xooiian, uged Sli years died
Saturday, Kebruary a at S o'clock of
heart trouble. Willie tho -deceased
had been sick for a month or more
with grip, the end came suddenly and
was unexpected to the daughter and
her family, l'art of tho time during
his Inst Illness ho had been In n ser
ious condition, but had gotton much
better. On Friday thore was a change
for tho worso, but it wns not thought
tho end was so nenr. Ills physician,
however, says his heart hnd been nf
rccti'd1 throughout hts attack or grip,
Mi 'Xoonjitilhad it fnll about eight
years ago', which 'rendered him n
cripple and ho has ntivor walked with
out crutches slnco, but his general
henlth continued good for one of his
ago, until stricken with his fatal ill
ness. . David C. Nooan was I'prn in Jassn
mlne county, Kentucky, but enmo to
Monrpe county lu this stnto when a
boy with his father'th0 UUo James
Noooi i He grow to mnnhood there
and was married to Miss Mary Nattln,
who died about 10 yenrs ago. The
docenBod wns tho last of his Immodl
nto family and ho Is survived by two
children, tho dnughtor nt whoso homo
ho died and James Noonnn of Kansas
vi:ai:s aco, id vi:.its .;o
AM) Tt)D.V.
t'oinpnratlve ktntemeut showlnu
population or Valine county, nud the
asseiised valuation or tho different
classes of local property forty year
ago, ten years ago nud today:
187'J 2I,5t
inOL' 1,7 IS
1912 2!,HN
I tout IMnto
1S72 fi,MP,22
lull" 7,872.010
I II 1 2 0,232,SS1
IS72 : $l2fi,lM)b
1U02 200,1 70
1012 i.-.ruor
lacks ami .Icimct".
IS72 $l.fir'
tS)02 0,301'
IS 72
It' I 2
. .. S.ISI-
. 2o.:s.-ir.
, a7,22r
11102 (!20,07r
MM 2 62n,!3'
IS72 $7.niF
1002 I. OK
i 2 10,-Hie
IS72 $IIO,70d
1002 122,210
1012 12t,40r.
Money, ntc. ami HoiiiIk.
1872 ...s. $1. 070.1 2f
U'02. ., .'
io'i2 i.-tos.-ir.r.
Cm pillule Coiiipaitles Itauk Slock
4iml l.uial in-iiranie Companies,
IS72 2ort,:n:i
IH02 :iRo,r.7.
itii2 r.o:.,;47
All Other I'cixiiwil I'l-operly.
i)i:oi'J'i:d di:Ad
At his county homo noar Longwood
Charles Dotson ngod 411 years, possed
away without n mdmonts warning,
Tuesday, February 11, nt 4 p. m
Tho deceased', who was tho oldest
son of Itov. I. II. Dotson of this city
had beon afflicted with rheumatism
fur soma time und returned only a
short tlne ago from Hot Sjirlngs,
V'liero he "liad been, taking 'treatment
It wns thought his stay at tho springs
hnd benefitted him, as ho seemed hot
ter nfler IUb return and his sudden
passing was a groat shock nnd grief
to his family .and friends.
Mil Dotson. a olerkitit 8, T.lHuntpr's
druBstprf,whols r; brother and his
VlfeVith "Richard Thorpe? o brother-in-law,
loft Wednesday afternoon and
drpyo through to, nKWOocU ( They
lH 'fomnlrt ''until, rirteV 'tho funornl
wnteii win tape niaco rrom tno rnmiiy
reslrtericV ThVrsMYyN
Total IVi-MMial.
. .$3,220,070
. . 3.200.070
(iianil Total Ileal ami l'ei-oual-
g72 $ S.:Hi.,300
1002 1 I.10I.0S0
1012 13,300,223
Sunday, February 0, Mrs. Kdgnr
Held entertained over fifty of her
trlends In honor of her husband's
27th birthday and her nephew. Cecil
Alger'H 0th birthday. Mr. Held was
expecting his undo nnd aunt. Mr.
nnd Mrs. Rchoundelmler, to spend the
doy, but when so many came driving
in lie snld surely they must think he
was sick. An excellent dinner wnp
spread for the relatives and friends.
Tho day was much enjoyed by nil.
All wished Kdgnr and Cecil ninny
happy returns of the day,
LniiHiiully Interesting Meeting Thurs
day Night, When m Itcorganl.u
(ion Took I'hue.
The brotherhood of tho First I'res
bytorlan church, held a meeting lu
their bonce of worship Thursday
evening:. A. M. ttock presided anJ
arter a vutal solo by Mrs. 13. .1. Hchit
rig, "Life's Lulaby" Lano and a
trombone selection by Mr. Ualthls,
"Tho Loat Chord," a vote wns taken
on tho matter of re-or?antatlon. It
was carried unanimously and the olil
ctrs elected were ns follows: Presi
dent Ii. J. Hall, who Is superintend
ent or tho Marshall schools; Vice
President I,. W. VnnDykor Secretary
.Vowton Hodman, Treasurer H. C.
Alter tho ndoptlon or a constitu
tion the young ladles of tho church
served a bcautirul luncheon and prov
ed themselves ndmlrablo hostesses.
Ono ot tho pleasing features of the
luncheon hour wns tho distribution o'
witty and pertinent verses, which
were rend by tho brotherhood mem
bership. Tho following aro samples of tho
questions nud rhymes, which' were
the scourco or much fun:
"nrotherhood what gave you the
dyspepsia? Tho HIIpii Ho wens tem
pted nml we did oat."
"Why didn't tho peoplo In tho ark
nlay cards? lie cause Xoah sat on
tho dock."
"There was a preacher named Mo.
who had a real hard nut to crack.
Ho orgaulzxt men and ono year from
then we find him holding the sack."
"Why Is It dangerous to enter the
'Irst Presbyterian church? lie cnuse
we hnvo a big gun."
"When was puper money Mrst In
troduced III the lllble? When the
dove brought the green buck to
Who (list Introduced salt pork lute
tho navy? Xoah when be took ban
Into tho Ark."
"Phyfllclnus or all men nro most
hnppy wj.j'ver ,good Hnc.ress thy
have the world prochilmeth nnd the
ranlts they commit the earth cover
"Which are tho two smallest tilings
mentioned In the scriptures? The
widows mlto nnd tho wicked flea."
Wo have only time und space to
lvo n few of tho verses on the cards,
all or which were well selected.
After tho luncheon business was re
sumed by electing Dr. J- K. Harris ns
a delegate to the layman's mlsslouiiry
mooting to be held nt Memphis Feb
ruary. X. MrK, Myers was elected
alternate, nov. It. C. McAdlo will
also be a delegate nnd representative
of the First Prebyterlan church- Dr.
Ilnrrls will bo accompanied by Mrs.
Hnrrls and after the convention they
will visit their son, Howell nnd wife
nt Atlnntn Ocorgla and nlso other
foiithern points or Interest.
mi:i:ti.V(! at .mai.ta iu:xi
The First M. K. church. Malti
Dend, Wm. I.eathormnn, pastor, I
conducting n very nuccessful rcvlva
meeting under tho leadership of Itov
S. D. Ooo Inle. The splendid gospel
sermons or the preneher Is having n
fine erfect on nil who hear thrtii
Xo less wide hi Its liifliienie Is the
sacred song service led by Pr if.
Iledden, These Christian men make
tin excellent team for ClirMlan work
and the peoplo or the M. -2. church
nro hopeful or great sucrcus.
A special service will ho conducted
ror tho men Sunday, February 10 at
3 o'clock. Tho subject will be on
.Sowing and Heaping."
burial will be lu tho I.ongwood come-
Tho aged fnthor, who has been In
falling henlth for some time wan un
nblo to tnke tho trip to I.ongwood
and tho sister, Mrs, Thorp, who has
been sick was not well onongh to go.
Tho wife, who was a Miss Marr,
daughter of John Marr and rdur chil
dren survlvo tho rnthor. Tho chil
dren nro Mary, Kdmonla, Linn and
Vlrglo Dotson.
This sudden death takes rrom tho
neighborhood u most excellent citi
zen and trom his family a devoted
loving husband and rather and the
church .'a faithful nnd consecrated
Mr. Dotson was energetic and a
hard worker nnd bad beon a success
ful fanner nnd loaves his fnmlly we' I
l.rovldod for.
I I Mr. Anna. Grtlbrnlth.
-At her homo In Waverbv Mrs.
'Ann4 Oalbralth, sister or tho wel
t "' K -1 ( l . r tl
KEQwn crnveiiuK puiubiiihii, ii, .
narnshorger,- died Sunday. ' Tho de
ceased ..was tho widow--of tho la,te
Horace Oalbralth. Tho funeral took
pcgTjtesday; nt 2:30 p. ra. -Burial
in tne 'aveny cemetory.
M, HOfil'SliAWSKI.
At Stownrt Chapel. Thursday, Fob
ruary 27. M. flogtiblawskl, who was
tho pianist at th" Felice l.yno concert
at tho ChapMl last Novenibor, will
give n concert under the nitsplces of
the V. M. C. A of the college.
Do Pnohmaiin says: "Hoguslaw
ski Is the greatest pianist In America
baring only Pror. Joscffy or Xew
York. He Is head and sholder
above Mine, Ulnouiriold-Zelrtlor nnd
Is a lender among tho young plnyers
of lho world. l hnve seen no one
whoso technique can compare with
his except Mmo. Cnreno, tho grentest
vomnn piano-player In tho world
Some day he will bo ono or the
grentost artists in tho world. Never
have I seen suoh playing with the
hand, Kansas City should know
how grent lie Is and should go to
henr him nnd mako for him much
praise for it has a gonitis right In Its
Tho Isabel Arnold Missionary
Society will glvo an entertainment
Frldny night. February 14, nt the
home of A, O, Jones on Marshall nnd
Slater roud, 4 miles east of Marshall.
Proceeds or the ontortalnmont will
go to the benefit, of tho society. The
public Is cordially Invited,
The ladles or Saline Presbyterian
church will serve oysters at the
home pf J. PA Tracy, three . miles
norfhwest of Marshall on the Santa
Fo troll Wednesday evening;, Fobru
ary 19, beginning at 6 o'clock.
You will find it a great satisfaction to do
More Home Baking
You will make hiscuit, cake and pastry
clean, fresh and tally better every way
than the ready made foods.
J)r, Price's Baku Powder is specially
devised for home u e, and makes homo
baking easy and a delight. It vdll pro
tect you from the dread alum baking
powders, which arc too frequently found
in the ready made articles, and insure
you food of tho highest hcalthfuluess.
Itcv. S. l. (I'lMiihlle.
Prof. Ileihlcn
Furnished by Mice
Company, Feb. II.
I.aud Milling
Xo Itcpuit
Wed. Lincoln's Itlithdny.
opened closed closed
May 88s SS&
July SG- Si'i-?;
May C3 r.3',i
luly 63 ttlft
Sept Bait nn-x
Xo. 2. Ited $1.00
Corn 4f
a.mom; orit cm i:ds.
The following were new suhscrlb-
eis or renewed Inst week:
Mrs. Craddock, St. I.ouls.
I. II. Cllft, Malta Dend.
K. T. Ault. Xelnon.
II. W. (!older, .Marshall.
T. A. Sims, Sweet Springs.
Frank Crns. Cillllam.
M. F. Carmeaii, lllackburii.
Miss Stella Montgomery, Marshall.
I.i-e Mnrksbury, Marshall.
.1. M. Hollowny, Slater.
Mrs. Jus. Illakliy, Oklahoma City,
M. V. Xlckells. Slater.
J. U. Xlcktills. Slater?. --
Wesley Grant, Sinter.
F. .1. Cem-or. (illllnm.
Julias Oiter, Mnrshall.
O. II. I.elmbrock. Clllliim.
Louis Fels. Slater.
llurkborst Pros., lllackburii.
Sam'l It. Iteynolds. Prescott, Ark.
Mrs. A. M. Hurnett, Toledo. Oro.
Chns. Dlerklng, H in in a.
K. D. Terrell, Marshall.
A. K. Wells. Xnpton.
Riigene Turk, Miami.
M. O. Carroll. Ferguson, Mo.
A. M. Curroll. Marshall.
J. C. Fllke. lllgglnsvllle, Mo.
J. A. Peck. Mnrshall.
C. It. Vaught. Centralla, Okla.
W. It. Aiilgur. Mnrshall.
fl. 11. Clark. Fox Park. Wyo.
Furnished by (ho Xew York Itacket.
Wednesday, February 12.
Springs U
Hens 11
Turkeys 10
Ducks 10
Cecse , 07
Fggs tS
Old roosters 04
Pl'llUC SAI.F.S.
W. II. WlUon will have a public
sale at the Itne farm I 1-4 mile east
of Mt, Leonard on Thursday, Febru
ary 20. See Mr. Wilsons ad In this
Joseph P. (lu tb rey will conduct a
public sale at his homo a 1-2 mllea
southeast of Miami nud 12 mllea
north of Msrshull Tuesday. February
.1. A. Henslch or near Little Itock
will have a public sale on February
Fred A. Slolker will have a public
sale at his rami, 7 miles east of
Cillllam on Wednesday, February 19.
Win. ninne will hnve a public sale
at his rami between Arrow Rock and
Hardeman Tuesday, February 2.1.
A son yns born to Mr. nnd Mrs.
Fred Flnheldel or Blackburn, on
January 31.
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Dressolmoyerj nUo or
Blackburn, on February 2.
A tine daughter was born Satur
day to Mr. nnd Mrs. J. B. Xlohell ot
Slater. This Is n case whore a
Nlchell Is not a ntokle, 98 tho little
girl Is worth, a million,
A letter from. C. R. Vaught,
formerly ot Sallno county, but now
of Centralla, Okla., says: "Wo have
been here one year but wo have not
forgotten old Saline or any ot our
many friends we loft,"
Chalmers Xooe. 7 years old, fell
under n motor car at Tenth nnd
Main streets lu Kansas City last
week. The front wheel or tho enr
passed over the child's breast. Tho
little rellow was only slightly Injured
we are glad to state. Mrs. Xooo
and son Chalmers had been visiting
tho family or I. X. Terrell at Eagle.
Lake, Texas, and hnd stopped In
Kansas City on their way home to;
Marshall. It was Indeed u close
call for Chalmers.
Paul Shellonberg of Gilliam had a
very unusual experience, several '
months ago. He had u customer .
call and give him n check for $3,ti0 '
and when bo presented it at tho bank
found it was not signed 'and ho
can't remember who gave It, He of
fers to "divide up" with us It wo
find the giver, so we hope soma
hcneit man will -step forward.

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