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The Marshall republican. (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, February 14, 1913, Image 2

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FItlDAV, I'l 'Mtt
Fubllshcd evei. ' .1 ,
ed in post oft ,1 ".1 . . . '
second-class 11... : .
Term: Ri.oo Per Vein- In Advance
J. .1. Will. Killtor.
K. I. I'ltKsTOX, ISuIiich MmPiji,'.!
. LjLj
TeU'piu.ir!: OMre, IJotl. Pj.lle'rii-j
don, .'.. J
I have money to loan at five and one-half per cnnl an
nual interest, with the privelege to the borrow
ativ nar,fr'tifckfiifiYmal aft attflffXe. and ltbafe
tJ- -l-V ,V. ,.h.r... t I i lS
from date cfltay
sorrow;?! Payjnfr
iebafethe interest
,-atit mony, "nowis
Tin- state senate con firmed the ap
pointment 01 Joseph A. Wright on
the St. Louis Moiird of Klertlon com
missioner hint week. The law pro
vldos that tbntboard fhalb consist of
moinbcis atnMltS'p leading purtlei
and In MIsaonxF the Democrats, nnd
nepuMlMiugPrd-ln tho Inst jelecMon,
while Vrffhtfn iro?rcfllvc."v"' We
tee no siM-cTaPobJcrllon to the np
poliitnunt or n Prowesshc, hut In
this cii-e tlw law wni vlolatrd In
order to uy pollute.
A hi!) l n Mtfi .yitn)dii''ad In the
ttato ! 'arhlddliiB sehool dlroc-
f.. . . .
tors iiirnii; leintives. A
nnd n great relief to the directors
who nro nt the merry of olflsh di
rectors. A Marshall child, nsod ten, whore
parents nro Inclined to he snobbish,
has heon learning the. "game" at
home no doubt, ns she would pass
the word around from day to day to
bar such nnd such ;i girl from the
In this way ttha could make herself
conspicuous nnd domineering. Hut
the cllinnx wob reached when she
took sick last week and telephoned
one of her room-mates to bar n
certain other girl t The tenchor be
came aware of the matter nnd prom
ptly squelched nuy such doings. Hut
tho grown-ups will continue to act
like foolish children with no one to
tench them n well deserved lesson.
An experienced mechanic from tho
city was offered 11 position here re
cently, Ho said: "Yes, I'll roine
here If you pay me the name ns 1 get
In Chicago JIM) n week for eight
hours." When questioned more
closely he admitted thnt he Is paying
$1," n mouth for n home whlrh he
could secure here for $1.": that he
uses two hours n day to get to and
from this home on the cars, cats his
dinner at n restaurant' nwny from
home (another ($." n week for car
fnre and meals); that he bcloiigH to
tho union and pays dtiox nnd "pan
handle" fees; that he loses con
siderable time by lay off. And last,
tint nut least, that In spite of there
being only three In tho family, he
can't get ahead financially! Now,
you fellows with the city fever re
member these things. And also re
member thnt your salary Is more
likely to bo $12 than $:ii) If you go
to the city.
Col. C. .1. Walden, editor of the
Iioonvlllu Advltiaer, has been up
pointed ti statu beer Inspector, secur
ing one of the choice political plums.
Since It nnd to go to n Democrat, It
might as well go to 11 good one, mid
we congratulate Hrother Wnldnn.
"Theru nro hovorul things," ob
serves the Pleasant Hill Local, "thnt
no level-headed human being should
do. Among these Is never to build a
fire with kerosene to walk on n
railroad track, attempt to board a
moving train, point n gun or n re
volver at another, sign his uniue to
nnother man's note, horde his sav
ings In an old sock under a mattress, j
play n game of chnuco with a propos
etsHlng stranger, run for office when
he has a position which affords a
living Income, or call a bigger man
than himself a liar." llothniiy Clip
per. C
Among the recent county weddings
of noto wore the marriage of P. W.
Shholp and Miss Tlieklu Krause, nt
Bweet Springs, Ernest Frogman and
Miss Llllle KrmiHu of lJninia; Arthur
Kucck and MIbs 1211a Plnkepnnk, at
Sweet Springs.
C. t-j .k . . 7 K . Il -
ri iqesc ate loriajOTAftpjtyir youi
'n-ffood tiuTB to gent.
I furnish abstracts and perfect titles, to, all lands and
town lots in Saline county. I have buyers for Saline county,
farms. If you have one for sale let me know about it.
lot CAN t Ml. AT IT,
You ruiy tn : the ttriltor's won
lor It If jou . .j spend f:5.oo lo
I tuition. L.r.nrd nnd Iio'jks to comdet
'a course of .Shorthand and Typewrit
'jt Siiii to complete the Uook-
11? HliJ HnfllleM TrulUl,
or $1 i-t nna conileia the pt
in the .Mdherly CiMnmerH
of .M.r.l4,. Ao,HcyoiiAk lll
lnada thu-best Invest incut o
;.CUMITe. "Whni youna ina't ok v.0.1..
I' cdnlnniiiiiy wlm
rrtls;-$!tfrnrlth AVpll. " "(1.
0 haVfi
Ui.iriirc a urnuf lent liMuliuKti
H ! , haU M 1nVy Jlnu Ab kvn f i
doyir 'You had as well try to be 1,
When yoa feel dls
cotirngou anu nu inc
Marii seems to lie
. . , 1
r-TT-?i vu.r jry;- -va SiTsinri yon inais
ol tclcBraplih;;' yoa tliat somciitlnig I WTyHOTf tattl 1'atds HELP.
r.. itr - sjerff.- j wi. w. tr h.or year
g v Mzwi i&-? rra
g MdmtisMc. Me&ea2 see-very
1 . t
' ri.
Marshall, Mo.
I succf Isiiif In .iJslnujWtho.it ' fliF.i
The residence of If. C. Mend Ju. h prnctlcal bu.Mu.-!, training
Miss Francos Wood, Miss Prances
Buckner and MIsh Knthrlne May Hall
the latter or Knusa City are all still
at ICxcelslor.
I. . Ii. ho.wiwi showed us some I 11
pUtitres he took .Monday of member
of the Frankfort Woodincn Lodse,
v. ho met at tho home ot Walter
Keith end cut up n supply of wood.
It will he remembered that Mr.
Keith had the misfortune to have
his hand sawed off n few weeks ago.
Kuough wood was cut to last tt your
and n purse of $i:)2.50 wns given by
members nnd friends. Sinter News.
Mr. Uryson, who lives on 1). P.
Storts farm northwest of Slater, wns
In town Monday not only with a
wolf's Rcalp, hut his entire hide, lie
shot it last week with n 22 caliber
target rifle at 11 distance of about iO
ynrds, striking It In the eye. Sinter
Mr. (Jeo. M. Bwlng of. Topeltu.
K11111'., has rented the hotel itnd'wllt
tuke charge ut once. Mr. nnd Mrs
KwIhb hnve been until recently run
nliig u hotel In Oklahoma, nnd tln
come well recommended and experi
enced hotel people and good citizens.
They appear to be affable, courteous
and we predict that they will run n
first class house that will be n
credit to the city. Cllllam' (ilobc.
II. A. Smith Informs 11k that the
population of Nelson has been In
creased, a 10-pound baby having ar
rived ut his hoineyMonday night.
Nelson Hecord;
Hoy Ureeii, (col) was arrested
Friday 011 n charge of assaulting
Ollle Murphy with a club. He plead
ed guilty and was lined $1 and cost
by Mny6r llnnley. Nelson Itecord.
W. P. Dennis of Nnpton wns here
Weduesdny nnd had sale bills struck
announcing the sale of some per-
tonal property at the Shalt Ahuey
it.! m on .Saturday, February 1.1.
Nc)son Itecord.
Clius. Harvey of wcbI of Nelson
who has been con lined to his bed for
the past two months ns a result of
Injuries sustained In n runnwuy acci
dent, was hero n short while Wed 110s
day evening. Ho is now alilo to go
mound on crutches and it In' the wish
of his ninny friends thnt ho will be
nblo to discard them In 11 short
time. Nelson Itecord.
The ludles' aid society of the Pres
byterian church will give a Martlin
Washington social February 22 at
the residence of Mrs, II. T. Hellniny.
Sweet Springs Hernld.
Mrs. (leo. Itlioades of near Oood
Hope had tho misfortune to fall from
the barn loft Saturday and break an
arm, Sho had gone Into tho loft tn
senrch for eggs. Slater News.
The biggest live stock deal In this
locality since the days of .loslnh
Haker was made horo-lnsl-flnhirdny
when J. K. Hnrrlugtoii sold to the
firm of (iiiyton & Harrington of the
Nutional Sto.ck Yards, Hast St
Louis, about nil the mules he hnu
been feeding nu his fnrm this winter
for the consideration of $31,000.
Four car loads of thorn wero ship
red from Slater Monday and two
Tuesday Sinter Hustler '
- nt Ii of the city limits wns total!
:ttroyed by fire till forenoon. Tli.
l-p f tailed from n rlu In the wr
i l story ICveiett Mend wag n'
, .....1. .... ft .. . .1 . !
...lie aione wnn wr miner nnu m - c j, t )tirl, enrollment nnd toda.
ti er nnd wns h-lpless to do anthln . ; not imvo a sliwle itrndiinte or thPlt
tn neconnt or gating hU invalid fi. (combined course of bookkuuiiina; .1110
t!.er out of the Imlldlnv. Vtrr lltt!' I shorthand or telegraphy out of en-
nnd it certainly Is mi evident fan
that the Miiberly Commercial Col
lege give n practical trnlniug fo;
business life of they would not have
or the furniture w
hii bo. Binii-i jiiiuyment uiileiw or tlielr own a'ord
A catalogue giving full particular
l.st TuNMluy'8 KanAAs City Sli.r
'ontalnd the notice of tht dMth n
Col. lletaklah I'urdoin. who for s
era! years published the Slater Indev.
Slater Ittiitler.
City Mni-lml Ilutts arrested thru
hoot leggois this week. Two ir
them, I.coun AxburVy mid Hermun
Illpley, colored, were tried In the
Mayor's court mid fined $200 a piece.
Kiirh paid 3-.1 of their flues nnd
were paroled until the remainder S
paid. George Wright, olo colore 1.
was nrrested on the sanie charge an 1
hcut to Marshall to uwnlt the action
ol the criminal court. There were
nlco enftes of gauibllng bffore th
Mayor's Court and two chanced wltl.
keeping u gaining liome. Slate,
Hustler. Sam Flilur, who bus hsd char.,
or tho rerty nt (iltisgow for the pit
two years, has moved with his fain!
ly hack to Arrow Hock. They u:
now stopping nt the home of h!
parents here hut will move the ( I ;
of .March out to Mr. Fisher's rnrn
now occupied by Kxetett Townsend.
Arrow Hork Stntesinwn.
Wm. Suppe nnd wife, who hiiv
been milking their home here for the
piift few montlH, have decided to
move to Napersvllle, 111., where the
will make their home. Their s,
Lester, bus been Hiiiplnyeil there foi
some time. Arrow Hock j'ltutosi.iiin
lilCKKI) IIV Ml'l.i:.
Milt Piimnilll, who llvs on Stom
McClure's furni, was kicked In the
stomach by a mule Tuesday evciiliu
mid rendered iiucmiHelous. He lay
In the lot for come time before be
ing round and did not regain cou
iiciousnesH until about !i o'clock that
ninhl. He U now getting ulnng n
well ns could be expected. llii-tnnlati,
or till-, MIsHOtni'H best and mo .
Mieeeiwrul llusluets TralnliiK m-hool
can bo had for the askitii;. Y'oun
Friend, don't delay; tnke the editor"
ndvlco nnd mahe your iiirniinetnent
to enter as soon n possible. Tin:
arc plenty or bushies tlrnis dm
will h ready mid willing to pn yo
11 good price tor yoni services whei
you sire properly trained, but the
wouldn't give you stmidliiK room i'.
their office us you nro today. I'
Tlie llet Poiiipkln for Pie
The gnrdeultig editor or Farm nu:
Fireside, writing uhhtil tiood vim
irultH In the cu'ieul t says ithou
puiupklna for pie:
"Pumpkin pie skillfully prepare
- whoiw mouth wouldn't water ut t!
thought? Wth sugar mid eggs n:i.
renin onoiiuh, and plenty nt seuKOM
ing, the e.vperlenceil cook cuu innk
. good nn pnlntuhle ile out of ii'..'
Mud or pumpkin or squash. .Hit.
there x 11 ifference. Tho cook 0
little experience and skill needs 1
good pumpkin, mid I havo found 110:1
better fur pie purpohes than tin
.InpuncHc ple-pitmpklu. It Is of hot
tie shape mid Is, like many "the:
thlnts of Intrinsic merit. coiiRpleuoi
neither in slxo nor high color. Tl.
ileh Is very solid and rine-gralncd
The plant Is thrifty, little subje.
to dUeare or hug attacks and quh
productive. More connplcuous, both.
In size mid color, are the three lur 1
spccluioiis, represeiitliiK three type
of Sweet Potato ple-puiiiiklu. Tliev
have tliie-grnlne.l nnd solid Xlesh, he
lug next to the .Inpuue-'e pic-puiiplh
In that respect. The seeds of tin
latter have tho peculiar markings, re
minding one of oriental letters i
VuirBbc ctl're irrtr.i. - weak stornnch h
"l li.-r vi' Ml. t ilh m v ; ', SiiuiK. i cttrf onl
"tTSn-rri-- J, Cha lo cvuy cin r.-rvt-end matclar&IId
l.o -in.xlu
. it 1
lir.twiriM- -tjrgTn
of ;.
tho-i! .
InsM on mlllnr, Dr. Plcrca'a N " jK IsSjE
Golden Medical Dittcccru. I vf.TL WTsni't fittpmraru m
Sold tut dcaltnt In tnriUrim ' AttAeletliM. Tiliio. A'. V. .
ir - wj;Tr--c'-." . mm
Hut words nre things, nnd n small
drop of ink
Fnlllng, like dew, upon n thought.
That whHi makes thousands, per
haps I'llllloiiR thlnl:. Uyron.
Let every man, If possible, gather
some good books under his roof, mid
obtain ncccss for himself nnd fnmlly
to some soclnl llbernry. Almost ni)y
luxury should he sncrlficed to this.
Dr. ChnniiinR.
For, Sale!
ON 15 BLACK JACK, (1 yrs.
old, 10 hands .standard.
ON 15 HHOW N .! AC K , 5 yrs
old, In 1-2 hands standard.
ON1S 1)11 AFT 1IOKSI-, 4
yrs. old, black, 1G 1-2 hands hi;h.
This stock is number one in
every respect. Invite iasnection
Can be seen any time at my imrn
1 mile north of Marshall.
7p Wioue730Fll
W. II. Wilson and wife of Mt. Leo
nard were, in Mnrsliull Friday. llrr
Wilson was arranging for his sale
which will take u)aca February 20th,
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
bj loci I appni'itlottf, tUej cannot rratb tho
tlhraard ixirlluu of tb m, Tboro U .only win
wajr lo curt) detlunt, and Ibat la br cduatltutlon.
a rfUiudle.. Ucafura la vauMsli by an Inflamed
condition of the muruua IJuUifi fit, k Kuiliu.-haji
Tube. Wbtn Ibla tube f. liitfmniU'you liiivit a
rumbling aound.or lniiH-rfrct bcarlns,. and bfn
It la vatlreljM'loavO lielfurai la tbv'ruault. and
unleaa tun Inflammation, can bo tckvu out and
tbla tube rctbml to Ita normal condition, brar
Ins will b(i dPJtroU rorertTl nine caart out of
ten are cauard by Catarrh. whlcU la uoIIiIde but
no Inflamed roddltlen fif tbe muroua aurfatcr.-
XV will alve'One llundnt Oollara for any caw
of Dcarnew. leauaed br cularrli) tbf cannot be
cured by lull's Catarrh Cure, fivnd.fuf crcy,.
lara, irre, r v .
V. t, aiKNKY CO,, XiWO.O.
Bold by Or'uKlita; 76c.
Take Uall'sHaifly. HU frTwoatlpatloa.
Wllllnin Cnuvfonl Dead.
William Crawford, one of tho old
time .nnd respected coloretl resident
of UIb city died Sunday night. Oe
casad, during tho war was will, tho
Cameron family who recall his ngn
at 2 years, Slater News." "
f 'Mr. Qeorgo Hawkins, son 6f J?.,
"W. Hawkins and Miss' Julln Drown.
daughter of D. C; Drthvn, wore'qulot
ly married nt tho parsonage of the
Daptlst' church nt FaJrvllTe, "Tuesday
dvenlngt Ja"nifnry '28. Roy. Mr,
ureonwny, pastor 01 ino uapiisi
cKurchJ' tlio' officiating rnlnlslorv
Slater News. a ,
First Insertion Junuary 24-5t
Notice Is hereby clven to nil creditors nnd
others Interested In the estate of Henry F. Cook,
deceased, that I. William T. Clark, adinlnlstra
tor olsuiu estate, intend to make Final Settle
ment thereof m the next term of the Probate
Court of (Saline County, Missouri, to he hulden
at the Cqurt House In silil County on the llrat
aionuay 01 Aiurcn ihij. tajsaas
Flrat Insertion Junuary 2t-St
Notice Is lierebv irlven lo all credltora and
others Interested In the estate ot Qeorse II, McK
hie n. deceased, that I. J. VanDvke. adminis
trator ol sclit estate. Intend to make Final Set
tlement thereof nt the next term of the l'robate
Louri 01 nanne Lounty, Missouri, 10 ue nviuen
at the Court llous In said County on the first
Monuny 01 Marcn
3. VANDYKE, Adin.
FlrstUnscrtlon January 10-St.
Notice Is hereby irlvenyloiaU credltorai nnd
others Interested In the estate of I'hllip l.elnln
irer deceased, that we, Charles Nlemeler And
U. 1: uennis. executors. 01 said estate, intend
to make Final Settlement thereof at the, next
term of the l'robatu Court of BullneCounly, Mis
sourl.tobe holdtnat the Court House-In said
louoiy on me nrsi monuay 01 itiarcn, 11113.
C1IA8, NMiHEIKHf ,D 1'. DKNNIS.t'xrs
Notice Is hereby -(riven that' letters. 'Testa.
mentnrvon thfl f-atatn of Atirir-w .1. If rlinhi.n!
deceased, were Rrantett to th undersigned, 'on
the JOtb day of January. 1013t, by the Probate
Court.of Eajlne County, Mlsrourl.
All persons havlnu clnlm-n-atnt said estate
are required to exhibit thejn,to,thf in .(on -eUw,
ance within six months'ifter the date1 df silld
letters, or tney may do precluded irom any ben,.
at It of such estate; and llsueh claims be.not rx
hlblted within one year from the date of thelaal
insertion ot.thti bubllcatlon of this notice' 'they
sh.l be f0v,er; Pgrred, -,:...
' fi Alexander.!. McRobertJ, t
TrneatMeRoberts. , ', .,
.FfrstlntertlonJBn.-K.Ub h i-W
Public Sale.
I will sell at public sale, at my farm, 7
miles ea3t of Gilliam and 1-4 mile east of
Annabaem School House, in West Glasgow
bottoms, on
Wednesday, Feb. 19,
the following personal property:
1 mule, 15 1.2 hands h'gli; 1 mate, 8 years old,
a good all-purpose horse, 15 12 hands high,
and 1 mare 16 hands high.
Also a large consignment of Farm Implements aud
Household goods and other articles too numer
ous to mention.
Sale at 10 o'clock sharp. Free Lunch at Noon
Col. G. G. Jenkins, Auctioneer.
Ed. Fisher, Clerk.
Do Their Own Work
in tho current Issue of tho Knrni
nud l-MrcBldo appears tho followliiK.
"Tho dlarymeii of the future who
nre lllu'Iy to ,he the most miccetsiu)
iro thrse whose holdings nro biuiiII
end who cm), therefore, control their
on help, liy which Is meant that they
can supply It,
"The tialunliiit which such work
sp e-!!!y lv.ilhirs, slWMP both boy
and girls Ik very helpful to them. It
teaches them the necessity of helim
punctual In this work mid the noccs-
slty for continuity In the same, It
brliiKs them Into closo touch with
niilmnl lire, nnd thus beRots in them
n lilting for working upon tho farm
"Of course, there Is n difference or
opinion as to whether or not girls
should mllk.ns there Is about as many
or the things that they ought to do
.Some mothers hceni lo think that the)
daughters should not do any work.
Alone who marry thorn como to thlnl;
dlfrorently on this question. The
mothers or the mNs!n-rTr.tlon!r
almost without exception know how
Some mothers soon, to thins their
education? Happy are tho ramllleB
who todny uro In a position to do nil
of their own work."
I will sell at public auction, at my home, 3 1-2
miles southeast of Miami, and 12 miles north of Mar
shall, Mo., on
TUESDAY, FEB. 18, 1913,
13 Horses, 12 head of Cattle, 10 Mules,
66 JHogs, 12 Sheep, A large amount of
Feed, Farm Implements, 10 doz. Bar
red Rock Chickens, and Miscellaneous
Items too numerous to mention.
I. . . t Ter nf sCasir" o r Bankable Note.
Sale begins at'10 a. m. sharp. Free Lunch.
COL. C.K J. IRVINE, Auctioneer.
F. M. BURRUSS, Clerk. N
"So they nro married."
"Yes; they wore ninrrled Inst Fri
day in Knst Liverpool."
"He'is n champion golflst, I under
"Yes; ho'B a chnmplon goirist."
"And the girl."
"Is n champion brhlge-plnyor."
, "Where1 do they propose to live;''
"With the bride's rather. He's n
chnmplon brlcklnyor," Pittsburg
Post,, '
The, first time' I "rend nn excellent
book, U Is to mo Just ns ir J nnu gam
ml n wan friend: when 1 road over n
book i havo persifMlKfure',1"lt rflf
scmbles th ' mooting" with nn old; one.
v aoldsmltn;
1 , ., i v. 1
i A. "dog; sbit recently ht BInckburif,
wnnaebiar!d' to 'iinto been rarfHcted
bPrablfes whiih exnhilhcfd 'y ex'peV'tsj
nV' WAR'fato'TJnTvera'Uy;- ' ' ' " '
Saturday, February 8th,
we will offer our stock of goods,
regardless of cost FOR CASH.
v Sale to continue until goods;.ate
sold.4 Store fixtures for , sale af jter
goods are sold. '
I '"SCI i(fli flfi

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