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sussQimi hoys
This contest 1h open to every boy
in Missouri. It Is conducted liy the
Missouri Corn (Irowcr's Association
in co-operation with tho Missouri Col
lege of Agriculture nt Columbia, Mo.
Rules Rovornlng the contest:
1. All contestants shall bo be
tween the ages o 10 anil 20 years.
2. Kach contestant shall mnko a
i Vol study of scoring, solectlng,
jilautlng, cultivating anil harvesting
corn ninl ahull tend all the circulars
sent to him,
::. Each contestant shall prepare
Ills Kt on ml. plant, cultivate ami gath
er his own corn, except that a smalt
boy may have assistance, hut he must
illrcct the work.
4. Knelt contestant shall keep a
record hook, which will be provided.
In which hn shall keep an nccitratn
report of all the work ilouo In grow
ing his corn as well as n detailed
statement of the cost mid net profit
of his work. This book must bo sent
to the fecivtnry of tho Missouri Corn
(Jrowor'ii Auorlntlnti, Columbia, Mo.,
mid will constitute n report of the
contestant's work.
. Kach contestant Khali select a
sample of ton earn of corn on his
plot and exhibit this sample nt the
local corn show. If deemed worthy
by the? Judges or tho director of the
local contest, tho sample shall be
sent to the Htnto Com Show at C'ol
tiiuhln. (J. The amount or corn thut a con
testant shall grow Is not limited In
tiny way, but It Is suggenteil that he
grow at least olio acre, so as to be
nble to rompoto for prizes offered In
tho acre yield contest.
I 'or further Information communi
cate with Mr. l C. Marnhlll, Mar
shall, Mo.
lluuimnntl & Hummers, who recent
ly purchased the two store rooms on
KotitliLitfayeUe which have been used
sumo llnio by Hayless Iteclor us a gar
age, will Improve tins property before
moving their mnrble establishment
Into It. An addition of GO feet will
bo added to the rear or both1 build
ings for work rooms. Tim petition
will ho taken out converting the two
rooms Into ono Inrgo one, eoner.olo
floors will ho put in and also u largo
plain glass frpnl, Mosxers Hum
moud & Hummers will not get Into
their now quarters until tho 1st of
June, huv'hic rented the plnt'o to Mr.
MoFhor mi n gurauo until tint one be
ing erected on Knst North striyvt Is
rlulslied. They bought tho Hon til
l.ufuycttu pioperty Mont .1. T. Con
way, consideration f.'.OOt).
Tin: nii.M.'si: iiai.i j.,ii. .
, fl'he CJiJuuho university lMobnll
twin or Hawaii, Honolulu, left .Haw
all TueHtlay, .March ISth and will nr
rivo lu San Francisco "Miirrh I'tlth,
after n few games on tho coast they
will start on their tour ncross tho
Vnlleil States, reaching Marshall on
April Tint When they play Missouri
Valley college. Tho tour will end
.tune, l! 1 Ht and will oovtir r.0,000
miles.. Tho gamo hotween tho college
and the Chinese Is expected to be .the
biggest game on tho college schedule
this season and will no doubt draw n
big crowd.
imoui: Hint aiim
I'earl Crows, the nlnu year old dau
ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Leu Crows,
fell Tuesday afternoon In front of
her home, tho Weber Hotel and
hroku her arm Just uliovo tho wrist.
Tho llttlo girl was on hor roller
skate having good lma when bIio
foil with tho above result. She Is
getting along ns well ns could ho ex
ported, but will bo out of school for
severnl weeks on account of tho ac
Notice Is hereby given to all credi
tors and nthurfl Interested In the
ostuto of Polly A. Cody, deceased,
Hint I, William A. Coud, administra
tor of said estate, Intend to mnko
Klnal Settlement thereof nt tho next
term or tlm Probata Court of Snllno
County, .Missouri, to bn holilon at
Ihn Court lloiiso lu said County on
tho first Monday of Juno, 191:1.
WILLIAM A. COAD, Administrator.
(lHt lnsert JJnr 7-5 th Apr C)
Apple Trees.
If yoij have room for s
Call up Phone 614.
South Lafayette, Marshall
'Sho Y. W. 0. A. of tho Missouri
Valley Collega was Riven, n reception
nt the homo of Miss Uerta Hnsse on
Eastwood, Thursday alteration. An
entertaining musical program wns
ono of ho features. Almut forty-five
we're present, which Included the
wives or tho college faculty.
A delicious luncheon was served
to the guests. Misses Mildred Man
ning, Kiiima KUnger, llernleo Ulce.
Cecil Francisco and Maud I'lckllu
assisted Miss Itasto In extending tho
HeM Known C'oiigli Itemed)'.
For rorty-threo yearn Dr. King's
New Discovery has been known
throughout the world as the most re
liable cough remedy. Over three
million bottles were used last year.
Isn't this proof7 It will get rid of
your cough, or .wo will remind your
money. .1, J, Owens, or Allendale, H.
C, writes the way hundreds or oth
ers have done: "AHor twenty years.
I find that Hr. King's New Discovery
Is tho best remedy for coughs and
colds that I hnvu ever used." Fot
coughs or colds mid nil throat and
lung troubles. It has no equal. ,'.0c
and 11.00 at P. II. Franklin's (ndvi
l'l.(!i:it A.MPITATKI).
Dr. Ah. (lore iiiupiitated one of
Louis Crumley's fingers Inst Satur
day. Mr. Cromley's hand was shot
nbout 1 1 mouths ngo nod had given
him considerable trouble since. Ano
ther place on the hand had to he lan
Tho Cnuo of Ulic iiumlWm
Stomach trouble, lazy liver ami de
ranged kidneys are the cniiso of
rheumatism. (Jet your stomach, liv
er, kidneys and bowels lu healthy
condition by taking Klcctrlc Hitters,
nnd you will not be troubled with
the pains or rheumatism, Charles II.
Allen, u school principal, of Sylvnnln,
fa who suffered Indescribable tor
turn from rheumatism, liver and
stomach trouble and diseased kid
neys, writes: "All remedies failed
until I used Klcctrlc Hitters, but four
bottles of this wonderful remedy cur
ed mo completely." Muybo your
rheumatic milhs come from stomach,
liver nnd kidney troubles. Electric
Hitlers will give you prompt relief.
r.fic nnd $1.00. Recommended by P.
II. .Franklin.. (adv)
' A coon JAI.K.
, H. Huston nnd II, W. KdwnriU
who nro the tidnilnlntnitors of the
estate of tin Into W. .1. Kdwards.
conducted 'an ndmliistrators sale at
tlu Edward's rami near Napton,
Tuesday March IS. A largo crowd
was preHiuttvTho receipts or the sale
wore 115,100,
Ate Vim nuMlptitcil?
U so, get a hox or Dr. King's Now
Lire Pills, lake them regularly and
your trouble will quickly disappear.
They will stimulate tho liver. Improve
your digestion and get rid or all tho
poisons from your system. Thoy
wlll-.suroly gut yon well usalm 2 fie
nt P; II. Franklin's.
.mi;i:ti.(; at m. k. cni'itcn
Itovlval services will start nt the
M, K. Church, South, Suiiduy, March
HO. Nov. C. M. Hawkins, D. I) or
St. Inils Is the F.vangellsl with L.
II, EnkaH of Pleasant Dill, choritR
leader. A splendid meeting Ih an
ticipated. The public In Invited to-at
tend tho meetings.
perior In all others. Two men press,
seirifivtl, either horse power or
motor, Have used one for two yearn
niul guiii-HnUi tbeni, Itefercnce giv
en. Can sec press nt .Mrfllnnls lot
Cull on oi mite I. X. HUFF, Hoiltll-
em Smoke llniihc, .Marshall. 0nay21)
You Can Buy Your Spring Wearables
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Here arc the new model of Hen
tlerMin Corsets, ileslnned n, WVL.
the figure the propel graceful unit
riuluritl lines reiiili-eil by the vn
Mill's fashion.
TIicm (iiiM'ls are finely uiiiile
of the bc material. They are
the supeiliir or most itiisels.
Theiv's it iiiotlel liere for eery
flffinv nt. r,oc in i(ir,.iM:
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I'fgiuillliK Itii-lnc Ideals.
Iilenls lire wlmt make, eterynne
high Meals make the pertm of
The same true of nit Instltii.
lion nil institution., this ' Mine
The Ideals of Ihls slnif me iKt
telliililllty, ilepentliibllhy niul
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tiny lu iiicitIniiuIIm' niul meihoils
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eieiy tiniiaclliui which lakes
place within ntir ilonrs.
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store Is illuflly iinceahle In their
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people will mi II. To wear Wind
lex U it stamp of illsilm iloii.
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Marshall, Mo.
.MCTHOKS 01 PLA.NTI.N'ti ,1111111 lu PettU county where the ll
Since no ono method Iiiih idtliur all iter would be nt nil Jumlflalile. In
level uaiitly laud or land that doex
not wiimIi one would ho jiiKtlfletl lu
ho enjoy
the uilvnutuccH or all tho tllHiitlvaut
ukch It illicit he well to point out
tht'Ho llilnuti In thu viirhniH innthodH
and allow every man to draw hln
omi coiicIiikIoiih,
Wo porahpH take fowcHt chiiuceit by
nurfacn planting. What wo mean hy
UhiiiK the llHtor provided
the methoil,
The number or grain to tho hill
and the tllHtauce the towh or hlllh
The uumbor or newBpaporu and
(iprlodlcalH puhllHhrd In .Mlwumrl Is
DSn, InclutlliiK S- dutllcB, I I hoiiiI
wcekly, 741! weekly, r forlnlKlitly,
in Homl-mouthly, lit) monthly,, I bi
monthly and 117 tiunrterly. The
places or publication liniubnr 4li0,
or which ll!l, nro county outa.
Ilest for Skin IHseasen.
Noarly ovwry akin iiIIhoiiho ykdds
quickly and pnrmitneutly to Iiuckllu's
Arntcu Salvo, and uothliiR Ih bettor
for burim or hrulaeB. Sootho8 and
heiilu. John Deyo, or Gladwin, Mich.,
miyB, after sufferlnK twelco years
with akin ailment and spendlnK 1400
In doctors' hills, Tlucklln'a Arnica
Salvo curot him. -U will help you.
Only 'inc. RocoinmondoU by P. II.
Franklin. (ndv)
Jlrlnp your Job printing to this, of
fice, Satisfaction gunranlpcti;
prices reasonable.
art It I III rt Hlioill.l lm il.ttrni lri..il l.v
surface plaiiliiiK Ih whero no furrow-; .,, .'..,. Ilf ' , Hlii
UiK out Is done. Vnhvu the spr ln jHort ()f ,.,. W(, un 1(i)m (o
Ik very wet or the Kro..n.l waHl.es w Ijlw, V)lrt(,8 o porn vhmM
vnry badly I commonly llko to furrow, (UJ, ,M, ltI t(( thn mU flm
uui iiie KriniiHi uiiu muiiiiis uiti iiikk
furrow opener that Ih attached to tho
shoe of tho planter Ih an Kood an any
for tlilH work. Tho furrow out somh
times however, Iii-Iiikh a kooiI ileal of
trouble lu tho event of a heavy rain
shortly after planting If this does
not occur It neoniH to allow tho corn
to root a llttlo mote deeply and the
fnrrow um helps wonderfully lu tin!
matter of cultivation. Hy thht method
we also have, tho tidvantaKo of crostt
plowliiK and this procutH enables uk
to got tho weeds to u better atlvnnt-.
iiko; iilso to keep the ground more
level than' lr our plowliiK was done
nil lu on furrow.
ir tho hfiiKDii Ih Mir ami the
srouiiil clenu or weeds and the,
weathnr such that wo do not havo to
plow any reat nunibor at times wo
inlKht perhupH k1 the result of a
little more cni to n hill hy drilling.
sumo would havo to ho planted u
little farther apart In the hill. It Is
always a mistake to plant to very
larKe varletleH of corn on thin laud.
Wo should try If possible nlso to se
cure seed that has Krown on a type
o soil similar to that wo are atlempt
Iiik to plant, ami wo should secure
this seed us close home us wo enn
fet It, If wo can find the uuultty to
A little ttmo and lahnr can also he. j
saved hy drilling There Is very Utile
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
br .xal application. llirjr mnnot ri'.ili tba
dli.iu.a orlaii uf tUr nr. Tbt-m U unlj Dim
way to cure draft).'. ud tint I br ronitltulln
at remedial. Vtttnvt li rauwil br an lndina
mmlltkni t tbn iuuixiu. lining of tup KuaLcblun
Tube. When tbla tubu U lultairil ou hai
rumbllne auunil or Iniirrerl brarlnc, and bwi
It It vutlrrly rlon Urafur.a U th rraull, aud
nnli.rt IIia Iiiflammatlull rail li. IlLlMI uut aud
tbla IuIh featured to lla uorntal condition, linir
lug will ! (Icalruyed fwvert nine caea out of
en ari rauieu vj i aiarrp. wiut-ii i iiuiuiuk
an, Inflamed rondlllon i( tlie iiiuimii aurraii"..
Catarrb. whlrli la nothing but
It imiaHiru rvuii' , u- -. -mi..--.
U' iviii nlvH una iiiinilrMl Oollura for itir vai.
of lkfiirN trauaed br ratanh) Ibat ranmt lm
cunsl bjr llall'a Catarrh Cure, Send for cltcu
lara, fris., CIIKNF.V A CO., Tolddo. 0.
Pali br nrugglati,- 70c,
Taka llall'a Kamllf PttH tor ctmatlratton.
What to Take Mltln I II I :t
, ('oinfort If you, can,
Thlims' easy within reason.
Tho ulrl you lovo to hn your wife.
Ca'ro of your health It Is th
(iiost vnltiahlo thni; you huve.
A hint when It Is meant for you
don't wait to ho knocked down,
Klnttcry as an Insult, at) honest
compliment ns souiothliiK to he
Krntefiil tor.
Pains to bo fulthful and con
scientious hi business It will urlim
you success.
Offense only at things worth be
Inp offended at It Is a sure evidence
or a small mind tu notice trifles.
Hold or any work that, comes to
your mind rather than bo Idle luck
nlwnys waits upon the busy.
Trouble llko a man don't ko whln
litK about, when It comes, hut shut
your imouth nnd stand up under II
TJmq to .be uoUto and klutl always
uilcimsh novor pays, the boor may
think so hut he Is wioiik.
A trip now .mii men, am) try to
sec soiuethlntc nutsldo the town you
live lu.Mtravel Ik duo or the best or
Pains It) do your work well the
cc-iisclentlous worker Is the one who
-els to tu front - the ones who Is
never Idle.
Alls Nolb;,.'ewton went to Kulton
ntiirdny to visit n few days.
Most- hand went to Texurkami, Ark
'ntiirihiy to look after his Interesta
Low Fares
Fertile Northwest
DAU.Y MARCH IS to APRIL IS. 1913. to points In
Western Monlunn, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, British
1st and 3rd TUFSDAY3 EACH MONTH to many points
in th Northwest United States and Canada. Long limit
and stopovers.
Travel on the
-ml coimcctintf tines tu
Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Oregon, or to Manitoba, Saskatche
wan, Alberta, British Columbia, t
Witt nd lr IlluatraUd lltanttur about th Northwaat United
Statesaud lull tntorniatlon about Northern Paclllc ratea ot far and
rvlc pramntlr upon raual. It coata you nothing. Writ today.
J. L. .Mnorv, Tray. liumlKiatlou At., itotl Coiiiuierco llltlt!. Kan
Cify. (icii'l Infoiiiintlim, L. J. Ilrlckt-r . lm. AkI., St, Paul, Miuu.
a .
, - i Mill till Bill nniatrtair""" Tt-,,- ,nH"""-J """ MB I ' .-Jl.. ll , i J...i..iladmj.A..aU.. . fcajElaWli 1 wftJFA .K I ITI'llllllHY
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