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j,nr two.
Marshall Republican
4l I IM I 11 11 1111)11 1-1 1-1-1 1 1 I l l-M i-l-l-H-HH 1 1 1 I 1 I I I I I I'
f iUUshed every Thursday and enter
d in post office nt .Marshall .Mo'., an
.ond-clns matter.
Tthi: Jjtl.oii Per Vein- in Advsuitc
J. J. WITT, Kdltor.
ljr-fc: I'ltKSTOX, nuolne-. Mmmucr.
don, 29.
Oflfce, Ueil, y; Hern-
The cuglerl wny to reduce thu tost
of living In ot to spend so niurli.
Another wny Is to earn a nnialler ic-
hiry or none at all,
If a farmer, after the "tariff re
duetlon bill" pnniicR, ouven yit a year
In the io Ml of farm Implements and
Vt8 $2S0 In the utile of IiIr crops
fiow much will he owe the Demo
cratic party?
Out of rpRard for Democratic cam
pfclcn promltteM Cov.Mnjorx rc-fum-d to
lake ndvanlage of a hill giving him
a HOOK auto. He vetoed the hill. Vet
lit him an allowance of $:t."00 more
.than (Jov. Iladley for houitehold e.-pcnu-s.
One or lie flint definite ri'MilU if
ljtihlnesM uuci'i'tnlnty Is a dull hutid
.and stock market. This has m-en
drticftl'iK on for weeks nt a very low
level, awaiting tnrlff developments"
And unless the tariff Is left 111 good
udjinpe It will slay so till protectionists
Kpt hold of things.
If a mechanic naves JlTi In the
price of two suits of clothes In a
year, $() In table expenses and 111."
on other things he must liny and
must work for J.'ino a year less than
lie gets now (If he holds his 'Job),
low much will ho owe the Democra
tic party?
It Is claimed Hint men have as
much sense as chickens. There Is
lxj o tn for doubt, when night comes,
the chickens go to roost while
"smart" mankind goes to burning oil
tio they ran sleep till eight the ucxf
(low Majors also vetoed it n appro
prlntlou for a new building at the
colony and several other Important
items, yet It Is said the state will fall
tdiort over a million dollars In Its
nblllty to pay all the obligations In
cm red by the general assembly In lis
extravagant and uuhuHluessllk s
Maplewood recently Installed i
"(lieat White Way," bill has found
It a stumbling block to the young
people and now h asking for a nlii"
o'clock curlew law, In order that
their youth may be kept from the
"temptations or the world, the flesh
and the devil," according to a large
Twentj-thrce acres of fine land adjoining the :own of Gilli
am, Missouri. The improvements on this !and are practically
new, and consist of one 7-room dwelling-, concrete foundation
and basement, 1 large 2-stpry barn with concrete floor, one
silo, abundance of good water, all well fencd,.and aJl im-.
provements in first class condition.,,
Fpr price artdXterms, apply to - -
Real Estate and Loan Broker, MARSHALL, ,M0.
ri-HI II I-1,-1-1 1 ill-ill I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I Ml I I I I I M HI I II I I)
The editor replied: If you will
send us your photograph we may hi
able to tell you the reason.
Two hard citizens weie standing In
la secluded spot talking confidential-
l. One of them suddenly sneaked
away while the other stood on guard.
Soon the first one was seen to emerge
tront a window and Join, his pal.
"Did yoliae girHhyrng?" wlils-
l.cred the one In walling.
"Xiiw, de guy what lives In dels
is n' lawyer," growled the other.
"Oat's hard luck," said his pal.
Did yotise lose anyt-lng7"
is entitled to credit for a broad mind
ed policy Is selecting the five iiim-
hers of the public utilities commis
sion. He has made that commission
non-partisan and has shown good
judgment In the selection or commis
sioners. Such h board clothed with
extraordinary powers, would be dan
gerous ir partisan. The commission rx
have more authority over the prop
erty anil crvi4 or public utility cum
panics and corporations than I lie
Covernor and have a larger salary.
They must be eoncervallve, cnieful
and wise else 'hey niny do InJitslliV
ti mil road j. telephone, tclcgiuph,
light and other public utilities, In
pairing capital and hindering de
vclopuiHiil; while on the other hand
hey could do great Injustice lo the
people by tallltiir to regulate public
Tin: '.MIAIJX OK ton.
At the November election next
ear the people will choose a Pulled
Stales Kenator to succeed SenaUr
Stone for a term of six years begin
ning .March I, 1 111 ft; a member or
the Huprenie Court to succeed Justice
Henry Lamm, (Hepubllrau) for n
term or leu )cars beginning January
I. IMS. and a Slate Superintendent
or Schools to succeed Win. I. Hx.iiih
( Itepubllcnii) for a term of rour
years rrom January I, l!M.".. They
will Hcrt congressman In each or
sixteen districts, a State Senator In
each or the seventeen evenly 'lum
bered districts, and 1 1 'J members or
the lower House or the (letientl As
hy the Legislature until the next de
cennial census (In l !I20 ) shall hnu-
been taken. The people may mum
while change them by nineti.lt ig tin
constitution, however, but not in 1 1 itie
to affect the next '.lenernl Assembly.
as a vote under the Initiative law
cannot be taken until the November
election at which Senators and I' ein-
hers of the legislature will he chesen.
The young lawyer didn't like the
minister and as be thought to corner
l.lin. "Now, Doctor," he asked, "sup
pose the parsons and the devil should
have n lawsuit, which party do you
think would win?"
"The devil iiiniuesiloiiahly," n
piled the minister.
"Ah?" chuckled the young lawyer.
"And you will tell us why?"
"Hecause he would have all the
lawyers on his side."
"Now," Hald the nervous old lad)
to tliu druggist, "are you sure you
have that medicine mixed right?"
"No, Mn'am," said the consclentl
ous apothecary, "1 wouldn't go as far
as to say that; bill I've got It mixed
Hie way the doctor ordered It."
"Want n Job, eh?" said the pro
pectlve employer to the shrewd-look'
lug applicant for the position as er
rand boy. ' Well' do you know hou
tin the moon Is rrom tin earth?"
"Naw, sir," said the youth. "I don't
setubly. The Senatorial districts , know. Hut It ain't close enough to
" declarer"
shall (el
will not be changed, nor will the eon
gresslonal districts. Should the pre
sent' Uctiornl Assembly to convi. d
lu extru session the congressloiuil
districts might be gerryinuude-Ti
lut It Is ifiierally ngreeil tlnu the
Senatorial dlctilcu cannot be !i im- I
ptevent me from runnln' yer errands.
He got the Job.
The Information editor received
Ibis letter rrom u rresh youth:
Kindly tell mo why a clrl alvva
chides her eyes when a follow k I
Itev. Koehler, a returned Metho
dlst missionary rrom the I'hllpplncs,
Hays there's going to be trouble on
the Islands as the result of Democra
tic campaign promises. He says, "I
am nfrald there will he trouble If the
Democrats don't grant them Inde
pendence, and I am sure there will be
trouble If they do."
While ar Malta llcnd recently a
number of Itopubllcans tried to con
vince us that "reciprocity Is Just the
thing." Whenever we are ready to
Admit that the Into reciprocity 1)111 1
mis ii kuuii unn iur our ruuuiry. i nun
we'll also admit that free-trade Is
correct, Wo're watching the Irea
traders and their scheme carerullv,
liut to far it looks us If the other
fallow will he convinced of his poor
in an tin mused union organ we
find the following Interesting com
parison or wages at home and abroad
The average dally compensa
tion of. railway employes of all
dilutes for the year 1910 was, In
the United States, $2. 23; In the
United Kingdom, 1,05; exclud
ing supplementary allowances
' negligibly arfoctln the average,
It was 1n I'runsut "Hesse 81
cents, and In Austria SO cents.
The lowest paid railway era-
' ploye In the United States, fhe
' ordinary trackman, receives a
' greater compensation than many
of the railway employes of
France with finite responsible
Of course you may contend that
the, railways are not affected by the
tariff. But they are. People will not
work on tthe railroad' for, -Mo a day
In a prosperous country. Like water
Miking 1U level, one man's prosper-
.:, lit-. .v..
3 i i I 1 i I - - t I j fj j s j i i j j ; j j- -;-. j j-.j j 5 j 5 j j s j j j js i j j j j j-
You Can't Think of a Better Way
To Invest $75.00
Than by getting a Victor-Victrola X for the enjoyment I
ol your tamily. It is an "investment." One that pays
big dividends in happiness and provides a liberal mu
sical education.
Come in and' hear this $75.00
Victor-Victrola and find out about
our plan that enables you to enjoy
it while you are paying for it.
The Kclley-Vawter
Jewelry Company,
West Siie Square, : Marskail, Mi.
Victor-Victrola X $7r. Other styles $15 to OW, '
M I 111 111 II 11 ll-H-Mim-H-H-l-H-l-l-Mll 1 1 11 11 1-1-1 mil H
f V I 111' T
From May 1 to May 10 we propose to tell
For $2.95.
wre sot tm mum this Great Opportunity I
thsadlVg the farrow pVhl-B lfh - ' rr M
n lrlt that baa, characterised the
ftttekl al af Hlllot W, Major. ,
"if you kiss me again,
Miss Lovely firmly, "I
"That's an old tale," replied tin
bold, bad young man. "Anyway it'
worth it," and he kissed her.
Miss Lovely Sprung to her feet. "I
shall tell Father, she said and lei I
the room.
"Father," she said softly to hei
pnrent when alio got outside, "Air
Holder wants to see your new gun
"All right I'll take It In to Mm,"
said her father, and two minutes In
let he nppenred In the doorway with
his gun In his hand.
There was n crash of breaking
glass as Mr. Holder dived through
the window and departed In all
haste ror the railway station,
Ioulsvlllc Jotirnnt; "I hear you act
ually encourage your boy to send
poetry to the magazines. Do you wunt
your son to become a poet?" "No,
ir.erely want him to get the conceit
knocked out of him."
Detroit Free Press: "We're terrl
bly henpecked, pn ain't' wo?" "Why
what do you mean, my boy?" "Well
ma makes me wash my hands before
I come to the supper table, and she
miiki'M you wash you re heiore you
hook her up the back.
.ludge Mhrnry:".My Journey In tlit
world Is ul most ended, brethren, do
elnreil mi old man at a recent ex per
lemc meeting. " have not long to
live. I'hank nod!" shouted nn
earnest but somewhat thoiighless
brother on the front bench.
. Houtlieru Iowa cNchange lu wrl
tlug it in iiiiirrlimu account or u popu
lnr couple of their town whose names
were lOheiierer Sweet and Miss .lane
Lemon says among other things
"How happily extremes do meet, In
June and ICheiiezcr: lor she's no long
er soitr but Sweet', and he's u Lemon
Albany Capital: The editor of
cinity paper over lu an adjoining
I'oiiniy recently went through the
pockets or his Inst summer's clothes
thinking there might have been
iilekle or dime overlooked, und was
surprised to dig up a roll or hills,
umounilng to over fifty dollars. They
were unpaid hills however.
Stanberry lleruld: When wu read
of the woman at Omaha who was tak
lug u bath when the storm struck
the town and wns round in another
part or the city clad In a laco curtain
that' she grabbed as she wits blown
through the windows, we urn re
minded that when taking u bath It's
u good plan to await a clear day or
take it lu full dress.
Ilufrnlo Commercial: Dr. Ilallllf
was a ramous Scotch physician of the
old school, patient and gentle, as a
rule, hut with a great practice that
Kometlmea made him a little testy
with persona who consumed too much
of his times with trifling complaints,
At one time, after listening to a long
story or her ailments from a lady
who was so little 111 than she Intend
e,d to go to the opera that night, the
doctor left the room with a slpb of
teller. lie had Just got down the
stairs when he was called back,
"Doctor." reehly asked the lady,
"may I, on my return tonight, eat a
few oysters?" "Yes madam," roared
the doctor, "sheila and all."
jj Llpplncotts; A Richmond darky
called upon an old friend, who re-
Jcelved him In a rocking chair. The
visitor at once observed not only that
1)h host did not rise, but that he
continued to rock himself to and fro
)n a most curious way', similar io
ttjat of a person suffering from coile,
!Tou dint .nick.' is yd', ilarrlaon?"
aalred the caller, anxiously. "No,
alnt alck, Mose," said Harrison. A
Moment's silence, during which .the
ealler gazed wild-eyed at the rocking
flfure. "Den" continued Mose, why
geodnes' does' yo' rock yo'sejf 'dat
way ill de time?" Harriaea'' paused
Jaet in hie oscillations ka be explained
Y' know iRt rood for notnln' Bill
W waa"fe"'flie 4eilak, a"ef
Yes, our new wagon 's a Studebaker
the only kind we KNOW"
"The Studebaker idea has been in our family for
tixty years. We have never thought of buying any
other kind of a wagon."
"It's true, we're continually beine offered other
wngons costing a Utile lesc, with lots of promises as to
what they will do. But wc knoto in our family what a
Studebaker will do. A few dollars difference in price
doesn't mean much. Jt's the tcrcUe a wagon gives
that we consider most"
"Long service for a fcir price means more every
time than short service for n few dollars less."
"That's why we stick to Studebaker and "Slick to Stude
baker' is pretty good motto for a mn who ues wagons.
"Studebaker wanona ate built ol good atuH. They re made
tight by people who v had years and years of exoenence in
making them tight people who are trutted the world over. m
"Studebaker wagona lair, became they re made to but
"Look out for the dealer who tells you hla wagon ia jtiat at
good si a Studebaker. That's my advice after good deal of
experience and the experience of all of my people. You get
Studebaker and you've got a aafe invettanenl
5m avr Dtaht t swffe .
South Bend, Incl.
KKVfvoaic attcACO Dallas kan?? v.- .JE5wf3Z?
Perhaps worms are robbing your animals of their feed
cstlnjt.up your profits) Perhspi your feed ! fattening worms while your
animals jet but a portion of the nutriment they need. Let SalTcnc drivo
out the worm i that are pulling your snlmali down.
Salt for
Geo. W. Pattcnon, Brays, Missouri, writes: "SalTone is
Juit the thing lo kill worms. You oujljt lo see my horses nowl I never saw
animals fatten up faster cr Icok better. They are different animals now.
1 wouldn't live 10 pounds of SalTone for 100 pounds of stock food, and I
mean Just what I aay." We refund your money upon return of empty
SalTooe package to u: H it tnlU to do as much lor your animals. , '
E.L. BROWN, Marshall, Mo.
1 1 I 1 1 M M I 1 1 I I f I f iYl l 1 lil H I I I I I iVl I I 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 M 1 1 1
t 1
: We Handled Buii Out 43 Coimtiii
MMsoun So Far This Year.
-a mi. ..:' '' 11" ' izRiyi.t-Wi' 'ti y, r
I Shipment of Cattle'; Hogs and Sfceep SSplic-. T
ited for Sale Upon tke
- it i?'' i rci. t
National Stock XJ4P& I
i Sattiractory Sal, Prompt JUturni; mm J
1 Courtcom Tratmnt h OurWmtehmxm f
t A. J. Milton, Cattle. X 3. JacUsotf, -Hs.
L W. Milton, J. S. Mqiberry,- M urj)f.
R. E. Marshall, Office. ; A. K. MttirSheep,t:.; i
14 iaas,MTjMWajapasm sit istwwsk rsrwmmmimrm"m
'l I'l l 1 1 1 i t 1 1 1 1 rut 1 1 til 1 1 1 1 hi i 'i it'll 1 1 1 i ii t i i 1 1 1 1 1 hi-e
; If f

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