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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, May 02, 1913, Image 6

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HnVwtliY HURT.
.MncnoorRR wmim. who lives
nine miles' 'north oV'AjaVfthall. wan
wovrmly Snjuml In tlitf htd 6uhi'tay, ,
April ,19, while she nd her three
-cb II (Iron were driving lo church nt
OrnrylUe, Tho horse,, which. they
""vrw driving became frightened aud
rn away overturning tii buggy.
Mrs. Wenzel has been confined lo
Iter bed since the accident, but It
expected jihe will bo ont In another
Missouri h lending the other tjta
tcs In the production of lead. Last
year there were 102,000 toiiB of this
product dug from the earth In this
Ktnte. Idaho comes next with I'M, 10"
tons, The amount from Missouri In
1912, wim I'O.oon less tliau the year
Fnyetlo In to have, n hospital.
Paris Is without n saloon, the firat
lime In niaii.v years.
Deafness Cannot Be Cured
lijr liral t'llnll'ii' llii-r ntwl twn tit
illHMi wlMi lf lb- r Tlc-r- l "U mv
way tiinin- ileal-. nl IImI l I..i i-MiatltiiM
ill ritftiillt-. tifn-- I- 'Hnfl an lnnaan
i.illii.i if Ik iti'it-tm Huhi uf I.uti.hliti
Till" Win ii IM- lui" U IiiShii ! U-rr
fuHitillliK mini "r i-ji rl-1 h 1IH1I i"l Vtll'M
fl I. .i,lr,.i ).. .i ! ,. . t.-wll. awl
llltl . t. d Si-nil. .t. .ii ri I, I ll ii ( lvl
II I- till." r ! I " I' i III 1 1 I .nmIII lB Hint-
h,i( Mill l f ' I I- n i. Hi "r "It
lii, . n. . nil-. ! In i!.--l' olili.i I" lictllilnt lull
ill l"l1.rm-i .-"IHI..II lb. tli-m surf-".
. I lt ii II i I tf if f.if anr ro
if l..f mvt lit r lrrhi lhl ran-! I
futi.l Ii Hall I .iiirth tin.. M-wl tr flttu-li-.
Ir..-. t niA Y . III.. TV-!., II.
ti.. In- liil-l. "V
Taki' llhlln I 4 In II J PHI f T cvllUtulI.
a-. . mr jitiiM uiiAMt. a
t.iiilU! A. I. faar I'mif l.l fif j
1 lil.rM-a.tr. a lliaMaa4 llraaaV
IHIl , llJ till O.I4 laMlillt-V
i ' i a n i4 K 'aM.
Ilru.,1.1. A l ll. in a.TrHK
iuaMii.sii iiiim rikli, imj
t'lfik am lifil. If." A ntKrH -la
Ship Household GooSs
timet, tic, brtuianiof oar 1'ctwatdlnc Sri:i
midAVK MOSBY VeOfl t railo"trtiai:!a
fatal tbinrou can crl to an? paint Id lb CnilrJ
fiuiai. Wtlit out utirttt ofti;o for T'Mlcaltflk
Missouri nivr Frolcrtt F'd'r Co.
(nihi, Nab. Kansas Clto. Mo
Grain dm
v Certain-feed Roofing
Use Ccrtain-tccd
ItlKifillfT nil vimr li.irn.
Money 1"lry' 0llltry l,,M,se'
i- I'liHrJ niii-iifturii mil,
Ire house, ciniRoor house, CmiH'S
in rolls, ready tolay. Wiitlicrprixif,
uiiurmitiTil fur 1A v:urs, coils Icsi.
Vonrehciiilqunrtcra for this woiuliTt'iilly
diindilo rooftiiK and can mivi: you money.
At least gut our price beforu you buy.
T. Baliew LumberGb
I M. UlillOn LUIIIUbl.l
Marshall, Mo.
V nni r i-
, l ne is.aiam?izop
Silo and
Cutter Company.
T'lie Best and Chuniest on
the nuirket. Seven different
kinds of wood to select
from, and IJ different sized
cutters. We will 'put a Silo
up on your farm alid k't it
pay for itself. All parties
that arc interested in a 'Silo
write to E. H. BENNKTT,
and li .will, coiue to you and.
.show yqu. te Kalamazoo
Silaaijy Cutters,, wr-)
1 1 i 1 i ' i" .. '.' ii i, 'i
'i 'llov lisJialliinbHiJotl i
'" tVlifit 'you lire ATtnvli.4'
i i .it
WluiL the poet wihk every inn
tlr'i. heart' ha'' iHt'. iiiiUH
liotoui'i'iiili UiUeii n (i v ii'iiil Vli'cil
i tin't.i i , .. ,t , i ifiimit 1 , ,il
tll lucent- (ttie , lU'JBo,,, niiil)( I
.1 pvniitry, bjiby, tliiy, ir,(, ,
'time, i . i ,,i - i ,o,i ii.
!"' Cltuvert pbotOKrlijnii'rH,.' lt'
i..,iuu ..k.. ..... ........ i.. ..
,!l ll III. I ITlll 'i . 'llf.. 1
ilHhCH? N( , ,(.( n ,.
Atltiid to It TOlMftVKDelay
,;virt cto rcfttft 'incriw
i.l... .tain 'HHItOtAUf ,i.Htfi:
To Chester .Matheny lias conic the
uiiiiiiie. distinction of being the flnnl
winner of the two trophy cups award
eu annually at the Missouri State
torn show, the-one lor the hest ten
earn of itoone county white corn add
tin other lor the best display of com
ly n young man 15 to 20 yenrw old,
The two cups have been on display nt
the grocery store of o, V. Cunning
ham for several days since they were
hont here front the hands of the hi
graver, who udded Chester's name to
the long list or winner's names that
had already been engraved inn
One of iicorge Taegtmeyer's big
blind mule.. Tell Into a ditch In the
Otilhritltli pasture noine time Kuinliy
morning and unstained a broken leg
ai the fetlock joint, from which It
was necessary to kill the animal.
I'artlo out walking early In tho after
noon round the mule standing In the
hdllow evidently In much pain and
bleeding Moely from several cuts
about the feet as though ll had been
entangled In the barbed wire, .Mr.
TuMBtinpyer was Informed and has-
tailed to the pastille. wIiph he rnund
th mule had rnllen over the bank
upon the rockn mid Mihlulnt'd frac-
flirt- or tli hind leg. Alter an oxnml
imilon Ii was determined that It
would Or llnpowlhle to SMVe the untie
and a shot put uu end to Its suffer-
'iig - M In in I Xews.
U"t. Stiailp siiprlseil the pep d out
' ol Spllnti-rsvllle ,ijnd i iiy be
m ' ii yf them lu lr, by going lo Mnr-
t'll. Ttiesdiiy iifteruoou and rptuni
" g Mi a brand new Mill null- We
' inmate to be H III ft tb owii .o nice
a nr. but lie has Iimmi a .i-itclier
Innr enoiiKli to Tuiow that bill few or
snrh rxpenslve aud pleasing tuicnxwl.
Me M'ldoui come to preticln r tint!
iilltors. eHpi'clnlly . tli latter, so he
ailed iiroutid at our office the next
day and Invited the whole Htu-winan
'nice to take a ride out over the
Santa Ie Trail. The office was im
mediately vacated.
i Hately vncated. Arrow rtdrk
A. N. DIckMiu through Attorneys
llurks & lltirvey. has riled suit In
the circuit court, ngulnat Arch (Jre-
ory ror lo,ii(iu dunutge for slander.
-Slater News.
Henry Kly Neft, son of Daniel T.
Ntif. il!''d ut the home or his rather.
seven miles south or Slater. WedueK-
day. April ll'lll. at the age or
20 years, mouth mid 20 days. The
funeral services, conducted by Hev.
V. I'. Itobeils, will be held uf the
HnptlHi church In Slater today, prl-
duy. at 2 o'clock u. nt.. mid his re-
iniilns Inlered at the city cemetery..
The deceased had been In III lien I III'
all his life, yet was able lo be np
and about until recently. The nympn
thy ir the community Is extended to
his rather and relatives.
Horn to Mn mid Mrs. f.eoniird
PiivU, Friday. April Ifi. a son.
'Horn to Mr. 'mid Mrs! ,lii. Am
iMiiry, Atoll .IS. u daughter. -
Horn to Mr; and Mrs. Claud Morrlw
Siiudaj. Ap'rlf ,20, a' iltiugmor.
Horn to Sir. ulMl'Sjjui CIihh, .Nfiigll,
Mouihiy, April 2,1, it mui. . 1 ',
I.ouls lleiiime; son or Henry Hem
me deceased, died last 'week oh I-'H.
lay or heart illpcase nt 1111 'nili. t,r'Ui
'years, lie bmves his widow, a mother
;two brothjers.- thine sisters and Hvo
ihllilren lo inoimi his loss, '
, .1. II. Dt'luter. or ' edallii. wag hero
Must, Hatiirday ,, looking happy .and
prosperous, lie l omi- or tho mprtt
cner'getle moil in Contral Missouri
and is hover i,nlte happy unlet ht In
pushing or pulling Koiiiethlug.
K. H. I'nrkH, or Mnrshall, was hero
last Tuesday and pui chasil three ire'.
Mdeiiccs In Kust Slater, ,pf , jfrs,
.nuiiii iinpiiiton, ihc coiiHliloraMovi
I I.aI.... nuft. i . . .
iiuuiK piiouii,' 1 uu 'sine was uegottaied
lij' Hrldges-'fi Tucket.-tRweot Spr
Ingrf'lleinlil. 1 ' 1 "
1 ii .1 !! . i.
Thn cuH or iHrankiiKtittler'iva.'O.
H A., comes up for trial liv the elt.
cwtt cou rtt Kansas City on jlio "JSth
ffir 'nJwAv'fi.lo h.rv,lvk, wliloh he a)ler
ge, he reneLVod ivbllo working, for
thP eoiriiiiitiyiid' Slater. "
, M atWl.rlne'.ljllioltzf.r oV,ntf'
Sow, n;i ,19,11110), Vnrga1nllKftUH(is
(lilyc worei toidinv been marrledMn
ICniiiifts'Clty InTtt 'Mdhdhy, but tll uor
loiis Vji)eBH, or":thn"gro6,nr causfe'il'Vi
PQstiiQnme;it, .pf flip , murrhiBp indt)
flnltely.nilllain Globe. .',t
8T()'l-VAIiL SCJfOOli
ulght the Stonewall
Marshall, gave n
' I mil pw-nare to d yon Niperlut
nnn pnintint'ou short nntlctf, "kh
tMiTH Mliiniiieri,(fif Wall Wlir4.
p?(.e Ni.in7.,"i wn'mrrHinn""
Vjl'Mnj'f'TO) t- ,fftta1tjirtiid; M6,
! i'Ta ir 1 i ty f itwti ..inn j 1 fi 7CVI
, ''ArtVerliBlBir',lBi.'-'tlt.,!ii'-''rt! '!
T,i"fni fit
school, south
ibty ntertalning'radiMtlug program
wMlcli1 closed tnc'virk for the term.
Miss Oelta Neville,, tho efficient
teaehfr, wns offored the position of
liistructoress lor thb ensuing year,
but djjjljifid to 'a(;cepk on account of
other duties. The Stonewall people
regret very much to lose Miss Ne
ville, hilt wish her success whereever
she decides to locate. U'llllo (loth
rock has accepted tho charge or the
school ror the ensuing year,
Hev. .1, K. Cortner of Marshall de
livered a very Instructive class ad
dress. The program as follows:
"Cow Hoy Song."
Salutatory -Hortcns Hclcbct.
"When I'm n Mnii." ,
'Hrlng Hack My School Days."
"Three llabblts" Alpa Call..
"Suppose" Mildred llemdoii.
"Class .llngles" Klhel Call.
Japanese Drill.
"Dead Doll" Dorothy Hlubel.
"Hiawatha" .lennlngs Hlebel.
"Church Hevurles of a School (llrl"
Kttlberlne Feiivvlek.
King Drill.
"Naughty MiiV"--llayinoinl Keltn.
"Olnsit I'ropliecy" 1'itiil Marsh.
"Mntnmy's Ml Hoy" Valloiia
1 tn ij way jiuhi.vixs i;hi;aji'
Railway business In the t 'lilted
8tateg ror February was slightly
greater than tor the corresponding
month or IT 12. This Is Indicated In
statistics compiled by the Hureatt ol
Hallway Economics from the reports
or steam railways, operating over
nlnty per cent or the mileage or the
country, to the Interstate Commerce
The returns for February average
as follows per mile or line: Total
operating revenues per mile amount
ed to $l,0i:., which Is 5.3 per cent
greater than In Kebrunry, 1912;
operating expenses per mile amount
ed to $700, of CA per cent greater
thou In I!) 1 2; net operating revenue
per mile amounted to $250 or 2.1 per
cent grenter than In 1012. Taxes
I amounted to 816 per mile, an In
ciease or 5.7 per cent, Operating In
come, which Is what Is available ror
rentals, Interest 011 bonds, appropria
tions ror betterments, Improvements,
mid new construction and for illvld
cuds, after the payment of operating
expenses mid tnxe?, amounted It.
February to $212 per mile. This re
presents an Increase over February,
1012 of ler, than four dollars a mile,
1.8 per cent.
As Kebrunry contained twenty
nine days in 1912 and bur twenty
eight days In 191.1, the returns for
.this month of the current year, oth
. 1. 1 ....
Our Hatiner.
"Valedictory" Harry Hoatrlght. (ngs cqunl, would be some what
Address Hev.'. I. H. Conner. ,t!"' for February, 1 9 12. A com
Presentation of diplomas by llov. parlfon or operating Income on th
Cornier. . .... hasls of Income per mile per day ell-
Oraduiites lloiletiHii IHebld, Hur
ry Hoatrlght.. I'lhel Call, Knlherlne
Fenwlck, Velloua Kelrn, Paul Mm-d,.
In the credit system. of the .Iliuntj
liiilustrlnl pliln ror the month c
Ajirll, Kiithirlne Fenwlck lead with
S.9S5 points. The others who wne
t'lu'w rexal were: Kilgar. 7I!)0; llor
teiine Hlebel. 1995: Mary Miles, isi'.'i
Lawrence Hlebel is 15. mid Unity
Hoatrlght h705.
Hot .Medicine ror CnliU.
When 11 druggist recommend n
temedy for colds, throat uiiil lung
liotibles. you can reel sure that h
knows what he Is talking about. C.
Lower. Druggist' or Marina, Ohio,
writes or Dr. King' New Discovery
"r know Dr. Klng'H New Discovery l.t
the best throat and lung medicine 1
sell. It cured my wire or a severe
bronchial cold alter nil other reme
dies rallei)." it will do the sumo fur
you ir you are siirterlug with a cold
01 any bioiiclilnl, thtoat or Hum
rough. Keep a bottle on hand all
the time ror everyone In th 'anilly
lo use. It Is 11 home dortor. Prl-e
50c and $1.00. (lunranteed by P. II.
Franklin. " aie.
The greatest ocean dept yet uieas
iiriiil, 11 point -19 miles north or the
I'hllllpliif Island Mindanao, Is
::2,0SS reel deep.
I'oc Hie XYci'ik uiiil Nervous
Tired-out, weak nervous men mid
women would, feel niublttoiis, euur;e
tic; full or life1 and nlwhys hnv a
good appo'llto, If they, .wpuld do U'f
HCnsiblo IhliiK for Jieultli ,tiik; Kiev
trice Hit lets. -Nothing betler" for the
htoiiuiMi, llvtif or kldheyK. Tllousi'iti'ls
says the- ore- l.'lielr liven to ,liils 'won
derful home, rumiidy. Mra. O. Hhlne
vnult .on Vestuli Center. .V.' V rtiv'i;
"1 regari) Klcntflc Hitters as one of
tliO great.est'o'f giris. I can jiever f?V
geV what It has done for m." (let 11
bottle yourself mid see whnl 11 lir
rerence It will tiiako In your' li6altli.
Only COc'nnd ,$,1.0p nocommende.l
by P. II, Ffankdn. " dv.
minutes the erfect or the extra day
in 1912. On tills basis operating In
come per mile per day averaged
$7.5$ In February, I9i:i. $7.19 In
1912, titid io.49 In 1911.
1 The railway returns here present
ed are for the mouiti ending Febru
ary 2S. mid do not rerieet the recent
Impairment or railway operating con
ditions 011 account or floods in Hi
middle West and the "ouMi. It wilt
nol be possible lo trac the effect o'
these Impaired ratu'lMous In tin
railway record until tlr- returns roi
Mnrcli. April mid later months an
Louisiana bus n stuvp ruclory
operating ten montlm In (ho yenr
tbar has a pay roll ol $1299 weekly.
Woiiilciful Skin Salve.
Hiicklen's Arnlcn Salvo Is Itno.vn
everywhere aB the beBt remedy uiade
for all diseases ol- the skin, and nlso
for burns, bruises and bolls. Reduces
Inflammation mm in soothing ' and
henlink. .1. T. Sossanian, publisher of
News, or Cornelius, N C writes that
one box helped 'his serious skin ail
ment alter "other remedies fall.ul.
Only 25c. Hecolnnieiided by' P. II.
FrnnWIn, ' ' ndv.
Spokahe, AVasli., dog ifoutid gives
away dogs every''' HVodne's'day.
to nny'p6rMoh' paying city license foes
I ll 4 lill ll -i lj IJ il,
Constipation fmetl, ' ' '
'Dr. 'King's Ww Lire 'P'lllB.' wIli re
Ilnve coitstlpatlon prriniiitl"'nna",i't't
i-oitr H6wp1'h In 'heallliy coutllllon
rigrliii, tToli'n Slip'slC'Hf Bannury, T'a;,
s.Vi(t"'TlWj"r'tirft the besf'pliy 1 'oVer
used, nnd I' ndvisd overyoho Hii fo
tliohi' fol'-'cons'tliMflon. lnig6sM"on
Price 25c. ReroiAmcnded by'1lT,.""H,
1'rnnltlln. ' 1 '"" ' '" "Mv,
K . 'n'ti- Mitt 1
'"Next tjhitf'the:feIeph6holrl tells'
JU 11117 1111 UU ITHII1. IB UUBJ , UCni 'III
lit If f fl ' tiat ' htirty"A'er 'ohI)",, 0;d Wdo'o
bhonep trifthfi'fe'dtikttrjr." m(i'-.
Vu win )(' A V'tirtW lltn"iir'" 1
firiiV trti ,r ilftiU Hi''', i-itiit ii.fi,,.i
kki:pi.; Tin: dollars iio.mi
"I am tho dollar that was paid
To Johnson ror his wheal,
That Johnson gave again In trade
To Murphy ror his meat.
That Murphy gave to Smith you sec
For riirnlshlng a knlfo."
That Smith left at the grocery,
For randy ror his wire.
"The grocer uave me up to Jones
Who runs a. drygoods store.
And tliiif the doctor set his bones
This Jones can thank me ror.
The doctor paid me out ror oats
To reed his dapple gray.
The Feedman paid mo on some note?
Fell due n certain dny.
"The banker bought a book or .two.
And so the think went on
Fnch night I had an owner new1
A new one tit Hie dawn.
A welcome, waited whtju I camo
A godspendi when 1 .wenf,. r
In tact a thousand wnytr'the same,
On erraiids J was 'sent! '
"Hutnow. you, ay ,tlia,l .uiiiBt ffn
A wanderer to bn, . 1
Afar Iroln all tho friends I'know
' Who know ami hoiior' nii'.
I vnndef .bayou rturo tb 1oqJ
Mo fairly In tho faco;, .
And In your empty ockotbook
Oh, wlio will Tiike 'piy placo?'"
11 . 1 .I 1
The speculator then awokn,
Tho dollar in his hnnd, ' '
And softly lo himself ho spoko,
"At lost. I understand,"
lie gnvo It to tho druggist's clerk
And bought n brush and comb
Ho found n dollnr does llti work
Tho 'el right hero n( hoipo. (
T)r. Oorgiis working In the Panama
Canal ono estimates that tho judl
cIouh' expenditure of one cpitt ,por dny
-J$3.on'n yeaV ror etich iioriton liva
cqnyiiuhlty will proil'nco, 'h,tr si)rlcs
or yers,,a. inlnlruurii 'il."t 1 jnto, or
practically the extermination of com
inuntcnble iliseafcs.ti All families In
whlplf a caso or sorlouU slcl(iioB has
oecurreir'Ufioultl cdmpure' tiW j-obt of
th9 iIIiijs,s vilhtiio'es(J))iaied $flt pt
tho 'pr.o'vpti of, X'iUsqWy?' at t)f
annual host' of' $3,05 per head.
Froht, thls...Sstlnmto ft Is nrMmit
thilt 'prqventlon l'llt 'tnoVfe jLc6uouca'l
1 hi
Wc would like to show you How much more there really
13 lo Atller's Colleian Clothes, compared with nvcroge
clothes. It is your opportunity to learn true clothes values
and ours to make u new customer.
are designed with moro euro than mnde-to-order suits. Tiio styles
nro nulhentic. Mind Inilorlmt is what malx-j these garments hold
their nliapc. Plenty of style and the riulit idea oi color and fabric.
Why not drop in today?
mtiriSSSTiiini SSPi 1:111111 W :ntn !
nrtrx 1 tmnr
Established 1874
tncorporuieu iggz
Capital. $100,000
Surplus, $120,000
C. O. l'AOH, ChalruiMn uf Hi ll.iat.l
.1. I. HUSTON. lrf-IJnl W. S. HUSTON. CxkUr
.1. C. I.AM KIN. VI.l'rMnl I'.C.IIAIINIIII.I., A.al.Ca.li.
c. a. i:uk :. m. iiucknhk .1. c. lamkin
riririf-srrag-irinmnrv -i limn 1 Kinnw afT. yir
Ample Capital. Equipment First Class. Best Service
I . , "
'nioroiighbred b. C. Huf Ori!ii-. f
(on,,es,Ks fpr i.nb., in ogijt si.oo: Y V
10i c;gB, fO.00. Haby ?ic1:h oho I I
dny, ,oli,,10 colIh each. . 1 I I W M
(M,ay,,27 Orand Van' Mo
I If Interested
Dr. H. A. WILSON, D.V.M Caj on
Veterinarian, , r , , n
' MaiuBeUMiou,.. Crosse Lumber Co.
the AenimyTBhouId tnW.Bitff Iqjpjiti T.U
tqrfKt in-.I'r'oVSUtloAvfy.Soiiiiuunl-cabln
. dlseaHos Wo'indvocillontlio steps
neebWgfry t6''iut'lnt iriffaSt 'iii '(Wfr
coVunuiilty Ipvyfr "m&pvW
Rgnlnst d.l'pe t, ,. . ,
, nrfcs tjuostiopp, ou;t,iireYph,t,pn
of disesBqB tO'iPreyentlvo Modlclint
ITnrVofblty of 1 Mtis'on'ft. 'Cplumbra'.'
( 'Illll.ijiU "U .' ill 11 r. -vt'll
,(Ttyft hw$mmmrrte' omw
were ilisibed lmiono day; In) lVla4l
d'hlarcVptiytf'Hi; b'Kio 00.
Hit n
'..,,i. " 'i -.. -f -I... y.v j. .... ... ... .
) ' I lllll
Are You O
I A Woman
','itffc'';:,'..,':.''',TAKE .
Hoibmr miB if HTIV nH 'aB: aH aH
iii ? tj.tni (kiti'-it 11 ,,'u Ki"U
:L i.ril I ,'t ivif 11: 4 inlhKi pitlllt ajBL
iVmilit' .iiri-ltH IVIfl itllUt I 'PWfl "('' V
V '"'''li'aftk X
-,'(' ffn- il.iliil' vtlici 1 nl a(tAAmi I
f')f'-Jtili ult ty ' w'""' A
S Iff , ;h( ,1. ir,lis')".l.,, NN 0 m
I WOIllDf irl onic I
Bws "j.Mf; "fnrn'Auy(& JUm'Q H,tvr u n W
iiiii, '.hy mV lifolf it nltl i'c nvrfl wnoWMB (tuYil'. it, mt,it SIal, JB.
llVi Wll'tf ir , (1'rfin- ,

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