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r I ii i J
v v
OAT, JUNE 99, 1SJ8.
total Hems
Axth Morris of Napton was a coun-
Bdat visitor Wednesday.
Claude Weaver and Martin Klto of
iMIaml wero bore last Friday.
I I ParlB Walker was
I tor to Kansas City
Tuesday afternoon a derrick, which
waa being used to elevate a largo col
umn atone Into place in front or m
now post office building, broke, let
ting the hugo stono fall to the ground
Too atone weighed about 15,000
pound". 11 W(la fortunate Indeed
that no ono was Injured.
The Missouri Ubb and Electric Bor-
vlco compiny has announced that
is a buslnew.vUl- they will plaeelthout chnrgeyOlec
ritho flMtlfV Jflo tat .scrvll ho disposal of
r t .J a'J tUt.lna, nn.l wlinan refill!
of SWoet Bprlnga were In'tiW countf finUflnVw.i'
oV theVBorvlce and whoso roal3j
Peter Kunlz
eat Tuesday.
Prank Hoskett of, EugCno, Oregon "VixdlX Shirts, $1, at
A. Petxher and wife, R. B. Hollo-
way and R. V. Montaguo wont to
, Dlossed Monday to attend the funeral
of Henry Dlosscr.
f-M flr8H If rt of
C.T2. Thompson of kelson, route 2,
iade ub a very agr.eeablo call Monday
i report ovory thing very dry In bis
neighborhood. ,,
Work was comradncod this week
putting In curbing dn West Marion
New York Racket
Prank L. Drown, who iinddrwent
an operation last week In a St Louis
hoipltal, was reported to bo In a
very Kravo conuition weunpsuay.
Mrm Anna .Mnrla Browm iqpthof.ol
Mr. Drown went to St. LoUlsTuw
day night and was accompanied by
Bhcrman Huston.
I I)
Aiittountfomcntfl wcro retclved In
atroot In preparation for paving the Marshall last Thursday of tlio mar-
thorough faro. lrlago of Prof. K. B. Cram ana mbi
lr.V r Will nt Pni'nl p. Prof,
Mlii Louise Klblcr returned last ,, , nn(lv n,ortni, ,.v a.,
rayouo, wncro buo .... ... . ,.,., , ,m tt.n nhl.
visited with her llatbr, Mrs. Prank , ; ,.., ,.,rr,ft, i ,iin i.leh
j I 1IUU Ui DVilvll vv itnuvwi -
AVcdnosdny from Fsyotto, whchS sho
visited with her list
neias, ror two weens. , Uo u ft grudualo of Centrul
Lon Lahuo, who has been taking college und has been principal of the
tuo agrlculturo courso at tho state lOllllam bcIiooIs for aovcrni ears,
university, returned to his Homo
tiortheasc of Marshall last Sunday.
nllnd Doono, tho fartous Missouri
musician will bo at Arrow Rock June
30, Ho will also bo at Nulsoh June
Mlsn Ruth Harrison has accepted a
position to teach Latin and Ocruinn
In tho Contralla hltth school. Mies
Lidiei' linen Auto coats all
grades, at
New York Racket
A very Interesting reception was
ulvon Tuesday afternoon from 2 to
C o'clock at tho homo of Mrs. win, H
llkclc In honor of Mrs. Lewclyn Jonet
i,nn, t v n Mil. I of Indcncndenco und Miss Anna Mar
enrnt StCDliens. WHO IB to u a iiriuv
iJr. Wm. H. Dlack, who Is making
a Europoan trlp sent word to hla
family horo last Friday, by" cdlilo.
tw ho bad arrived safoly In Eni?
fin?, xy
W. S. Huston, returned this week
from Florida, wtcro ho mado a prosi
pectlng trip with Dr. MrJ. Harber,
Mr. narbor has gono to Canndn,
wh6ro ho will Join his wlfa
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Helnhclmor "and
two daughter, MIssob Ada und Cey,
this fall. About two hundred guests
wcro rccolved.
A New York lawyor hired a colored
chauffeur somo tlmo ago. The darky
who had.howly arrived from Vlrgjijls
coillA ;run a car: but, as dovcidpbd
Hnno'nntlv ho had studied the
anlsm of automobiles througn
tho medum or n courso of corriyipon
dUcrt lessons by mall. Tho, UcRf
cnino about In tho bccoiu! week of lilt
'employment In tho new Job. The
car Btallcd on a lonely Long Inland
came over last week from a visit to rpttoon """, n'n,st n;
H.!J. Hoinholmer and tho young Nro. 'Tho cf.auf for cllnhed out of
i ... ... . I mnt n.wl int ilnwn titular 1110 cur.
ladles remained lioro this wcok.
his seat and got down under ho cur,
Hn nntmt loiiio minutes thoro and
Mary C. Swltsor, who rocontly lottLh'oa emerged. ""Doy's thrco dlfforent
Marshall for a visit In Virginia has I things do ma6r wld dls car." ho An-
accepted tho prlnclpalshlp of QlnguI nounced: "an 1 don't know whu
Qlonn high school of Uodiinjlmn ,,'an, on0 0f om Isl"
county. Vn., at a salary of a
has b'ooh visiting folattvcs In Mar
shall and Saline county tho past
week. Mr. Hoskott's vlfo, who has
fanMi vlsltlnir In Iowa will Join hor
husband horo In n fow days,
k garden party was given on the
Men's Mohair suit', $10 at
Commencement F.xercUes.
Cards aro out which roads as fol
campuk 9f tho Missouri Colony, last ,ow8) you ar6 cardtallV Invited to
Wednesday morning ,oy M.rs. 11. u , j,0 prOBOnt ai tho commencement ex
Qulgg and Misses Hester and Emily .c,soa of Notro Damo d0 Son ca
Alblets. . demy. Marshall, Missouri, Friday ait
k . - ic,,rn of Uo Inhabl-hrnoon, Juno 1013 at half post tw
- i ',1v Tlin r,B ,., i. ..In
tanis. ii it is uuiiv. wic" u" "Mini i , ....
elpan or. rubbish or traSU you con
feel assured that jta ')nliabltanta Ib
made up of high class uoopio.
Mr Jsnd Mrs. Ccorge R. Shafer, a
brldo and groom of two weeks, to
nrni,t lssf week from their honey
moon trln to points in Illinois, and
ho'yo jgono to housekeeping at their
homo on East Norm etreei.
T. P. Pomborton -ana wire ion ibbi
week for' Lafayette, Ind'., whore Mr.
PcrAberton has a posltldh In view.
Pemberton has .been employed by the
Marshall Floral company for eome
Icrs violet and white and class llo
wor violet. Tho .class roll Includes
)adle Jeanottd King, Kathrlne Justice
Vnna ,Bello Durrott, -Frances Isabpi
Doylo, Rosaline Cathorlno Dolaney
ind Marlon Josephine Aloxahdcr.
Middy blouse, all styles, at
New York Racket
Fdederlck C. S. B at London was
announced as president of The First
Church of' Christ, Hcenllst, Tho Mot
her Church, at tho annual meeting ol
that church held In the church exten
sion yesterday.
Several thousand member attended
Including many momberB from for-
Ign countries. Illlss Knann. c. s. .
tho rotlrlng president, presided a
the services which
iTondlngs from the
Sclonco and jloattb.V nij
p tnpn announced Hit
now officers and introduced Mr. Dl
ton, who took tho chair. The othct
officers arc John V. Dlttomoro, C. 8
u or Ilrookllnc, clerk, and Adam H.
Dickey, C. 8. U., of Drookllne, trca
Tho treasurer's report showed thi
finances of tho church to bo In I
flourishing condition. Tho clerkV
report sticd that tho gain In mem
bcrlhlp An tho past yeor (has boot
greater Uian In any year nrovl
out, nntlllint 102 new churches liny
been organized, including flvu In Enp
land and others In normally, Swltzer
land, Australia, New Zealand an
Porto Rico. In addition to thes'
many unorganized gatherings o
Christian Scientists wcro mentioned.
A call for reports from tho Not'
brought testimony from nil parts o
tho world as to tho growth and ex
ccllcnt condition of tho Chrlstla
Sclcnco movement. Thanks woro g'
von from Ohio for tho generous hoi
The Mother Church and Its branchc
had offered j Now York City roporlo
tho establishment of now ClirUtla
Sclcnco reading rooms and montlo
was mado of tho mltslonary wor
dono by Christian Scientists In pr
soiib throughout tho country.
Mr. Knapp, who Is a member of tb
board of lectureship, told of his rt
cent lecture tour, on which ho clr
cumnavlgated tho globe. Evorywhc
hn stopped, ho said, ho was met I
numbcrs of people, and tho halls or
gaged for tho lectures wcro In mot
ovorcrojled, especially In Aut
I Prof. Herman 8,, llorlng, p., 8. J
tilil f his lodturo tour thrpugh O.e.
many and Swlizcrnnd, on whlc,
llieUklug uormnii on ciirlstian Scion-
ho was greeted ovnrywhoro by larr
(itidtoncca. Col. William K. Fell c
Leeds, Eng., and others describe
th porogrcsB and growth of Chrlstlq
Sclonco In tho Urltlsh Isles.
Tho summary or tho report of th
board of lectureship showed that I
tho past year loctures given by th
board had boon attended by moi
than 8r.0,000 porsons, an Incrcaso r
100,000 oyer tho number tho prov
ous yqar.
A roport from Sweden rovlowcd tr
recent victory gained by (ho Christie
Scientists of that country In bccu
lug official recognition of tho churcl
This was grrintod by tho King, t
whom appeal was mado after sover'
unsuccessful attempt! to gain leg
recognition from tho ministers of th
state church.
Tho mooting concluded with th
singing pj tho doxology. Hosto
Dally Qlobo, Tuesday, Juno 3, 1013.
Buy your screen doors at
At tho meeting of tho I. O. O.
ledgo Friday night J. V. Uurrough
was elected Noble Grand and Rov.
S. Smith was mado Vice-Grand.
Tho. committee of .tho Marshall
Utah and has many friends lioro wjjo cdmm'erclnl (blub having In chargo tho
reefet to seer him leave. . wnrlc of imaklnr arrangement, tor, a
- w - - - . 4 I i I . 1 II ' ,111' I'lTI
a.- , ' . . l a I Fourth of July Celebration nt Mar
r. ma Mr woyo-apw.iu.,,u ,Y .j, .v.iSirRM rwwi
to their home-in Kansoa Cltv last ...a V(4llAr,n(.
Aionaav aiier. viuuuu.ior iiwin i.-.v...... . u i.
l v.j ,miiv 'Ual noy louna more womu u u
Mfeud Mrs. X t. ficWd and 'amy money as
of College aaauion. m urace - . ,
chley accompan y ;lu ior,ry of : those approacWd, wliilo
Biivuuu, - ,. I th'nv mkAa a rionatlon. statod that
Thn rnttaen fin south Odell. thatHhoV wero not In favor of having a
hfilonired to Miss Mattlo Woodard I celebratl'c.n this year for various rcas
wai sold last week to (m, . Hylan ons. Tho comratea root Thursday
of ho county east of Marshall.' The afternoon and unanimouly agreed to
old house on 'the taut h fought toy postpone further efforti In behalf of
Rev. Stelnhoimer, w.no wm ovo u a,ceiepnonv yarf
oft. Mr. Hy'land WlT construct ii if
. . .... J.l i- IL. lt.J I..
nonasoBie resiueuw uu.iw,ivv,niiu ii
and his wife will occur 'k
Mejn'ji alii wool, serge tuiti,
There as been considerable com
plsiint recently because of tte 'failure
pa khe part of-lwWWuii i to
kV the llgh'u W -tVelr muMU
www wwv T7'
, oinao,md alio a itate law ' tpt;
-All Sahitol preparations 19
i , ..
Mrs. Philip Trautman relumed
homo Thursdiiy from. Eureka, Mo.i
where she had been for two weeks at
he bedside of hor mother ,wlio has
been very 111. She Is better nl pres-
nt. Sweet Springs Horald.
Hugo berdlng, tho two-year-old
on of Leo Cording, fell Monday and
truck his head against a post whllo
laying 'blackman at tho Ccrnmn
chool house In town, and cut, a three
ridfi'gnthMn his1 Bcalp, Ho was taken
oDr. JViWIs, who had to tako sovor-
l'stltbhcs in the wound to draw It
ogothcr. Sweet SprlngH Heraldi
Dr. J. If. Owens rocently purchased
' tho Wentworth cstato tho store
ulldlng and lot, on tho south slda of
lain street. Tho doctor Is having
he building thoroughly renovated
nd prepared for occupancy. F. W.
IcNoil has tho contract for tho work
nd ho is pushing It to completion.
nfcet Springs Herald, i
Rnhi Lynch ban rccolved his artlfi-
in'l leg to supply tho ono recently
mpuCatcd. Mr. Lynch gots around
woll without tho ubo of a crutch.
Sweet Sprlhgs Herald.
Wm. Manoko, In company with the
tgcnr, Don R, Slaton, and Job. Ancel,
wont to knimas City last Thursday,
nd returned Friday In n handsome
now car, a Mighty Michigan, which he
purchased thoro. Slater Rustler.
Mr. Liggett, tho weather mnn,
hlnks that May and' Juno this year
iavo broken two weather records.
rho warmest day of May mado a
raxtmum record of 00 and last' Mon
lay morning, Juno 0th, tho tempera-
uro was down to 17 degrees. Slater
Dan Ehlor, who Is an cUroim
ruder In personal effects an well at
real cstato has sold his llulck auto t
George MuIIIiih of near Miami. Ehlc
not much of a sprinter and wll
llkoly havo another car soon. Slato
A romarnkablo chango has take
itaco in Iho nppearanco of Frank A
loach, tho Missouri Pacific train dl
patcher, who wa primarily tho cnus
of th6 wrecking of two Missouri Pac'
flo passcngor trains at Ilrandt's sir
lon. Roach's hair, originally blacV
lias' turned completely whlto nnd It
lo a nert'ous wreck, mbntally an
ihyslcally. Slator Nows. in
Tko main curront of tho Mitsour
Ivor which has been eating nt th-
auks of tho Salluo county sldo ha'
hanged wlthln'tho last fow days ftiii"
Wi 'morning It Is on tho Carrol coun
y r,lde." Unless somothlng unlookei'
or hnppenB tho water will soon b
'oop enough for boats stopping u'
)6Wltt to land In walking dlstanco o
oWh. DoWIt llornld.
At tho Mothodlst church Thursday
utio 12th, 1013, decurred ono of th'
tost Interesting und Joyous events o
ho season, tho uniting In holy wed
f"(fk of Mr. Herbert Coyno Crosby o
'6'trolt, Mich., and Miss lleronlcr
and, youngest daughter of Mr. nni"
Trs. It', n. Land. Gilliam Globe.
Cards announcing tho marrlago o
Mils' Co'rlnno Lopor and Mr. Cliarle
i' Tltzpatrlck woro rccolved by friend'
Thursday. Tho wedding will talc
iliicd Wcdnosday, Juno 18 at 3 o
'lc'Ck p. m. at tho homo of tho bride
Illdekburn Record.
John W. Erwln of this place, sor
f Mrs. ioBophluo Erwln, was marrtei
'uesday, Juno 10, at Clayton, noar
't. Louis, to Miss Anna Drtnsbachoi
if Maplowpod, Mo. Record of thr
Iconso tb wed In Tuosday's paporr
vas tho' first Infornmtlon of the
v'oddlnre to roach friends of the
uoorii at' this placo. Mm. and Mrs,
Srwlit nVrlvod Wednesday and will
ijakb tholr homo on a farm In the
owor bottom. Miami Nows.
'h. H. Cheatham, a former rcsldont
f Miami, died at his honie In Milton
''Ulnols.-'Monday, Juno 0, and war
lUrlcd, thore Wednesday afternoon. -
llaml Nows.
. Whllo coming to 'town' Saturday
ne'ning the mul6'toitm "whl'cH Lllliurn
Barri'M (col.) waa1 dr'U'lnk became
rlgMleJiod'and'riln orff Tlio ItitiW
In the selection of a diamond,
slzo is only ono of the many con
alterations, Pu Ity of color and
freedom from flaws are yery )Vn
pbrtant elements,, as also are shape
and style of cutting. ' 'yhVmbst lm-J
purwni icmuru, re minx, in uuy
Ing'dlamoh'dsj Is tho source you
procure thom'from, Wei'buy'l)
recjt from the? iurgost dlailtoii cuti'
ting establishment 1 Xmerico.'
This enables ns to clv our cuslo-,
ra'ers the choicest of gem's at Vea-
uuuutc ricc f m vo rer uarat
leas wan city prices.
Almost-i'lolooO'ln purse will bo
put up at tho fairs of the Grand
Western Circuit, which Includes
Drookfleld, Chlllicothc, Moberly, Col
umbia, Marshall, Hlgglnsvllle nnd In
dependence. Ench of these fairs
will stage thirteen speed events, In
cluding six trotlng races and several
pricing events. Tho pilrscs rango
from $200 Uo tr.0p. Tho Juinps
from pne, city ,tq tile other aro small
and the whole arrangement Is prov
ing attracrlvo to the horsemen, as Is
shown by tho Irire. .niyufyQr .fl cn"
tHos. ' '
Tho rules of Hho American Troti
Ing Association will prepare entries
for tho entire circuit nro being mado
with Gus Gannon of Drookfleld, cir
cuit secretary. Four-day meets will
be held nnd at practically all of tho
fairs farm and domestic exhibits will
bo held, with additional premiums In
these lines. Tho fairs, together with
the dates and their secretaries, nro:
Drookfleld July If, to 18,. Gun Gan
non, secretary; Chllticotho, July 22
to 25; A. M. Sbqlton, sccrotary; Mo
berly, July 29 to 31 and August 1, A.
C. Dingle, secretary; Columbia, Au
gust 0 to 8, 11. E. Hutton, secretary;
Marshall, August 12 to 1G, E. W.
Drown, secretary; Hlgglnsvllle, Au
gust 10 to 22, Josho E. Koppcnbrlnk,
secretary; lndnpcndoncc, August 20
to 20, W. II. Jolumon, secretary.
EMlBfrYaWIfl mil M
ilaVtod rumilng'ln 'thU Patry'lnh'e nhd
A'kea' oppbslto NoMd Taylor's rcsldt
ineb'tlio buggy was overturnod throw
tho driver out nnd bruising him
up considerably. Tho team Jumped
JV. ...Morris fonco and It was with
consliorablo difficulty they wore
xaiufvJt. The buggy was badly torn
ipand a baskot of oggs and other
niVoiiuoo'i -wo.ro scattorod along tho
I' l
7 Jf
. . . . I t .i.-
MlMTMaVv'Conwar. daughter
tfoh&'Co'nway a former 'citizen of Mar-
I"'. .." .' . ' . ... V
Anan.-DUt now. oi usrrouiou i iioie
the gueit of Mr.. jRmes Branch an
'Mhtrnlatlvei. Misa Conway will
prioi yii.
; .1-
Binder twine, 10 l-2c lb.
get fresh air, sunshine and
above all the cell-building,
energy-producing properties
of scorrs emulsion.
Its prompt use often thwarts
M I f
wocrcuiosis. u-m
Roomaad Meals
in Colorado
$7ptr weekaa
Almost all
sights free
'Gc"aiay f"rom the '
noise and1 dirt and '
bustle away from
the worries and old
foirlillarMlghtS 'go)
to wonderful Colo
radothe land of
sunihine, cool bra
cing air, a mile above
the sea the land of
Go via the
Rock Island
through a marvelous
country aroundwhlch.
time has woven a web
of romance
travel the routo
followed by the
old pioneers.
5 I '
Your Vacation
in Colorado
Will cost you no more
than an ordinary vaca
tion near home.
t f
Faff Train Daily via
Rock Island Lines
provide every conven
ience for rest, comfort, and
enjoyment Sleepers, free
reclining chair cnrs.cbaches,
dining cars. Meals at rea
sonable prices. The road of
interesting sights, direct to
Denver, Colorado Springs
and Pueblo.
Low Fares for Rotud Trip
Mail coupon below for de
tailed information.
vuuuun .w
Cartl pMarr Aim
Cnit rn vrmr tkt nf Imlrlfl tod tnanftR
" Unit vouchnl fotirr lintlnew Men's Awoci
llrmiol lnYf r, Colorado Sprint and IJkWo. wuh
luuratod book of pUcc ot iateiat In Colorado.
"How 1 hliall mls8 you
When ou nro grown.'
What the poet sang every mo
ther's heart hits felt. Ilaby's
photograph taken now nnd then
will preserve (ho Imago nnd
memory of haliy diiys for nil
Cleaver photographers, with
tho fast leniii'H and fast' platen of
today, also get wonderful results
In baby picture!'. Hov long
since your baby's plcturo was
Attend to It TODAY. Delay
wll! cnuso regret.
1'hono U82.
rOIl 8AL.B Oil TRADH $10,000
iCnstwood residence; KVt acres of
Innd. Soo Wm. D. Bush, Phones 14 4
and Cr7. 0-13-20.
WANTED: LIvo fox cubs; will pay
1 1. CO apicco, also llvo skunks wan
ted 0 cripples -wantod HARRY
THO,MAfj, Arrow Hock, Mo. May23
PQU 8ALB Two pair of Falrbank
wagon scales; in good condition;
price less than ono-halt of original
cost; bco them at Moso Land Mill,
Marshall, Mo. (May 1C)
PASTimH FOIt UENT: 50 acres
of bluo grass with abundanco of run
ning water. And eggs from thor
ough bred Whlto Plymouth Rocks for
salo. Apply to Robt. U. Hume. Slat
or, Mo. Phono C08-11. (tf)
LOST: A largo nlzo folding kodak
In black leather carrying case,
somowhoro north or oast of Elox
Long's farm decoration day. Return
to Urown'a Pharmacy and rocelvo reward.
Drlng your job printing to this of
fice. Satisfaction guarantcod;
prices roasonablo.
Tho Texas Wonder curat kidney
and bladder troubles, dissolves grav
el, cures diabetes, weak and lamo
backs, rhouraatism, and all Irregulari
ties of tho kidneys and bladder in
both men, and women.1' Regulates
bladder troubles in children.1 If not
sold, by your druggist, will bo 'sont by
mall on receipt of $1.00: One small
bottle Is two months' treatment, and
seldom falls to porfocc a euro. Bond
for Missouri testimonials. Dr. E.
W. Hall, 202G Ollvo Street. St. Louis,
Mo. Sold by druggists. ' udv. tt
C. II. Oster nnd Wilt Clay came
over from Sedalla Saturday on business.
Ulcers und Hkln Troubles
If you aro suffering with any old,
running or fovor sores, ulcers, bolls,
cczoma or other skin troubles, get a
box of Ducklen'a Arnica Salvo and
you will get rcllof promptly. Mrs.
Druco Jones, or Birmingham, Ala.,
suffored from an ugly ulcer for nlno
months nnd Ducklon's Arnica Salvo
cured her In two weoks. Vlll help
you. Only 25c. Recommended by
P. II. Franklin. Adv.
Silver Sugar
Shell and
Butter Knife
ml. I
f sH
This Is Our Hurry Up
Beautiful Silver
Sugar Shell and
Butter Knife FREE
The Sugar Shell mid nutter Knife are the genuine Ox
ford Silver Co.'s make, silver plated and handsomely engrav
ed and embossed In, tno brnutifnl Nurclssus deatgm ar full
Ue.IWi inches fn length, thn bowl iH blade are hlghly pol
lahedjititl the handles' are finished 111 he jiopulur French
greyktylei' We'guaratittre this sllvei.waru to give, the best
of satlsf 4Ction, and with proper caro It should last for years.
' Si !(!' 'Trie Gift Offer
This beautiful two-ptecd silver set wilt be given free
with oue year's subscription (either uew cr renawal) to THE
MARSHALL REPUBLICAN and the Missouri KurlUt
both at the special bargain prlco f $1.25. This Is a great
Rargaln Offer to out readers and positively will uot be kept
open very long.
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W tr ; , .f ' -jt
. nr.-
' -HI
i 111
. t 'u
7 . j

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