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Dr. L, C, Keel died at his homo
Mo'rthwest of S.wcot Borings Wodnes
day 'afternoon, Juno 25, 1918, at 1
o'clock Dr. Neelo had been In do
dining health for sovoral years and
his death was not unexpected at tho
tlmo It camo. Ho wan formerly n
resident practitioner of this city, but
has been on his country place for the
past many years.
Tho funeral was conducted Thurs
day morning at tho lato residence by
Rev. J. E. Wyllo, of the IcsTiytorlan
church, and tho burial wits mado In
Marshall cemetery. Sweet Springs
John H. Wllholm, et al "to T. E.
Mitchell, 30 92-100 acres In 17-50-21,
Harry C. Francisco, to Robort M.
Rcyonlds, lot 12, blk. 1, Eng. Add.,
Marshall, $420.00. ,
II. O. Carson and wlfa to Robert M.
Reynolds, lot l l, blk. 1,, English Add.,
Marshall, $400.00.
from 1, 2, 3. 4 to 10, blk. 2 and lots
from ona to eight, blk. 3, McCallstcr
Springs, Mo., $1.00.
Marshall, $1.00.
,Chas W Urldgcs and Clnrcnco H.
Tuckor io Charles L. Jones lots 91
and 92, Henry Add., Slater, Mo.,
Emma Corrlno Mull, 4 yoars old,
daughter or Mrs. dcorgo Mull, West
Bcyd street, died Tuesday, July l, at
10 a. m. Tho llttlo girl had boon un
well form tho tlmo of her birth, but
had been able to be up until a short
Mmo beforo hor passing. 8bo Is sur
vived by a mother and sovoral bro
thers and sisters. llurlal was at
Bhlloh cemetery.
James Neff, 80 years old, dlod Wed
nesday morning, July 2, at 4:30 o'
clock at his homo 775 E, Eastwood of
paralysis. Mr. Neff was a retired
farmer. A wlfo and sovon children,
three boys and four girls, survive
Durlnl was at Shlloh cemetery, oast
of Marshall, Thursday at 10 a. m.
Margaret Stoker, 0 yoars old, dau
ghter of J, T. 8tokor of Mt. Leonard,
died Tuesday, July 1, at 3 a. m. of
tttomalne oolstnlnic at tho home of hor
paronts at Mt, Leonard. Dr. Tuttlo'
was tho attending physician. Fun
eral was at Bait Springs Wednesday,
Closed Cloned
. Yesterday
82 H- -
Sfpt , ...
Deo 87
t ' l . .
No. 2
No. 2
No. :
r tL
88W , 1JA'
G8&-' BOH ' 684
...OOH Cl. 004
... COtf-ft' B7H-K C0H-U
Homo Market
Whoat 77c
Corn, white B5o
Mlxod 6Sc
Hens ... He
Springs r 18c
Eggs .'. 13c
Roosters ,., Cc
Geese . . . . X. . . M Gc
Ducks ' 1C
Turkoya not wanted.
For Friday, July 4tli,H A Legal
No delivery will to mado by city
or rural carriers, ,
Carriers window will bo opon from
'10 to n" a. m.
Instead of watting until July 4, as,
previously agreed, tho Chicago & Al
ton, tho Burlington, and the. Wabash
mado tho 2-cent passenger rato In
Missouri effective al one mlnuto past
midnight this morning.
Tho Missouri Pacific also Is put
The Standard Oil Company of In
dlana may remnln in Missouri and do
business on good, behavior. Tho
supreme court suspended It's oiiBtor
J. Alt iiiinmiuii k aavi
HAArnn lnat H'nAlr mm.1 I lii km I
" 'V P .TTL V . V '.. .' ting Into effect a $5.50 faro between
v.. w....,u. UUn....r ... iuio ,..., -,.. . or ..... ,.,
Nclssa Rich to John Dickson, ,oU slato subject to the court s order. (h(J PBlab8,1C(1 by the AUoil(
IlurllnKtou and Wabash.
uovernor uoiUBDorougn-or wary- At 12-ni o'clock tho mornlne of
land Issued a proclamation, lost Bat- jiv 4. tho o-cont rato will' become
Eliza Parks to Loulso Dickson, lot u,uny ueciarmg Maturany July Glh a pfrettvo P.vorvwhero In Missouri.
3, blk 7, Hudson Add., Marshall and l0w nonuay in mat stato. inis givmB Tho ci,lcRK0 & Au0n also lowered
lots 4, C, and 6, blk. 33, Collogo Add., ino )0P10 01 1118 alat0 lW0 aaJfB ,n Its frolghc ratea this morning. Other
wnicn io ceieuraio mo great naucuai ronds wH, owcr then froBht rntcg
"Cliuay. bttwpon now nnd Julv 15.
This final action wob taken at a
Tho flro Insurnnco companies lost tnCtlne of tho railroad renresentn
their first engagement with Attorney tlvpfl ln conforenco In Kansas City
Same to Qus A. Holler, lot 1 blk. 1, Oonoral llarkor, In tho supremo court, iBt B.ti Ono ratlrond president,
L. 7, D. 2, L. 10, D. 6, L. ll, li. 7, ,n" wocK, wiion tnrougli an opinion hnf a do.e vco prcsldonts, gonoral
Orandvlow Add., Slater, Mo. $205.00. ,,I0U "X JUU8o ouson, mo ucmur- counsel of nil the Missouri railroads,
Samo to Charles R. Noff lot 10, ror8 "lod W 1,10 companies wore gpnornl passenger agents, frolght
blk. 7, Orandvlow Add., Slntor, $55.00 ovorruieu ana temporary iiijunctions lrnffc managers, about fifty In nil,
Same to Perry T. Davis and wlfo. nro conunuca to prevent ino compan- erowjCl, round tho Utility Commls
205 foot north of blk 17, Eubank rrpm xancoung policies not spcci- ., whpn tho conf0rcnco began, it
Add.. 1275.00. iicany so proviuou in incir agrcomoni unB uv fnr H.n mosf Imnortant ses
Soma to John H. Allen lots 4 and mBurcu or canceling tnom as of lho rommlsfllon slnco Its or
C, blk. 5, Orandvlow Add., Slater, l rcu" or concoricu acuon. ino gnnuatlon.
$105.00. nuii-irusi laws uoiu oiu nuu now aro
Roscoo Witt to Chas. W. Urldgcs l 1,0 nppucauio to nro insuranco
and C. H. Tucker, 3, 4, '5, C; blk. 14, companies nnd tho Jurisdiction of tho
Bakors Ssouthoasf Add., Slater $1.- couri ,n ino promises was upnoiu
Ettlo C. arcclan. ot al. to Geo. Tuff locai-opiion eiecuon npiu in
lot 3. blk. 11. SonrKontB Add.. Mar- Novadn, Mo., recently, will bo contest
t,o no d. Suits woro filed last week. Tho
Allen L. Pollard to Clalrborn V. ws carriou tno cuy uy cigiucon 10 M R Ciurch BoUth parsonage
Shopard, lot 4, blk 0, Eubank add "u "'"ul uhbuu Tno brdu nnd Kroom WCro accom-
Slator. 11400.00. ty-soven lllcgnlwotes woro cast nnd nnnip,i fo tho narsonnco by Mr. and
Balllo A. Robinson to Molllo A. c'n" 1110 "olB carncu mo eiecuon Mn m i,locj,burn, the latter a sister
Mead, lot 7, blk 4, Slator, Mo., $500. uv nino V0lCB- of tho brldo.
John W. Swlmloy to Norvcll and " Tim nowlv wedded cotiido loft on
Clicatcn 1-7 Int. 303 80-100 acres In " pnnco oi nics ion tngianu Rn cnr,y c & A lrnIn Tuesday morn
section 18, 19 nnd 20-52-21, $1.00. on July 1 for a visit to (lormony. ,Ho ,ng for n woddnR lr,, t0 Colorado.
W. F. Roynolds. ot nl to Norvcll & w' "i'o"u wo" After tholr rotum they will bo at tho
Choatnn 1-7 Int. 303 89-100 acres In country. j,omo or tho brldo on Redman avenue,
D. N. Norvoll nnd William E. Choa- VTho croom was born nnd renred In
tarn to Herman A. Kunr.o 308 89-100 Tuoro nro i.uu.uoo mcomo tax- MiJr8hnll and has 'a good traveling
actcs ln Bootlon 18, 19 nnd 20-52-21, Poycra in ureal iiniain, says tno .,oMlon
$21080.30. v v"m"""u' " Tho brldo Is an excellent young
W. J. Horndon to LUcy C. Fcnwlck 900.00 nro oiuiucu io nuatomcnti on ,.,, u.hn wlll ,.e .. tril0 ilpimnt0 l0
40 acres In section 1-49-22, $1200.00. cnrnou mcomo aim tuu.uuu pay mu tho nmn of jlpr cholc0i
.1 n Plnlnv nnd W. to flaltno couil- raiCS
tv Imnlemnt. lot 1. blk 17. Mnrshall,
t?r. on Tiionuis joiiorson s portrair, in-
Banio to same lota 17 to 20 Mla-nl ad of William MclClnloy's wlll ap
in t!nnn on pear on a now ismio oi pooiai carua
Qedf ko' Hubbaril'YlHoi E. Roc l' order of Postinastor Oonoral Jlur
tbr;ibH2Mblk 361T. oxto,-lmdd to leson. . ' '
motor, $5on.oo.
W. C. Ilrown, son of Mrs. W. T.
Brown nnd Mlvs Susie Waters, daugh
ter ot Mrs. Mary Waters woro united
In marrlngn Tuesday, July 1 nt 5 n.
m. Rev. A. R. Fnrls tho officiating
divine. Tho ceremony took placo nt
Tho Farmer's Mutual Insurnnco Co
of Salino county, paid $1,000, Mon
day, Juno 30, to Weber Hros. of 4
jnllcs east ofTni'sniH for tho loss of
their barn by lightning on Monday,
Juno S3. Tho loss wits paid Just six
T..ftv Minlllnnil tAfn.4tltf n't Itin Tlllli.
' Francis iubbard and it. to Wll- hd tho Gray celebrated tho Fiftieth Jf r , c,nl" wn8 '' mA.
..IT n ! : samc lot. fllatur Anniversary of tho battle of Gottys'- to V'"1
burg, this week. If is said to bo the w" ' ",u i" " '
Salino county's mutunl company
Ham E. Rector, saino
- tv nr I trrontrmt rniinlnil in tilftlnpv. liniIVfl
jDBiiua uuruuu io 11. .v. uuinnniu, i " i ... n i .ti
1 2. a. 4. G. North add to Miami burg has a population of 1,500 and ' ' ' ' "L"""
-r -. ' i . .. . . , ... i in m nr Mniino cduiilv imoiiuv m iiumu
was mxeu io us uuormosi capnpnyi . . , , , ,
. . . , t. In tnVn r. nt M.n Immn.mn rpnii'rt.' CVCry year OHU BIIOUIU lu uiiiuuniKim
UliaS. W. liriUKCS llim Ulliruiltu v ,l-.,Urnl nnnnln of till,
. . ...... .... I I UJ HIW llflMbill.HlHi . . w ... w v.
TUCKor io jny u. ueiiitui, iui. unv . I
1 Orandvlow add Slator $135.00. Tho special arbitration treaties oi "
Honrv H. Hnrrls to Mary A. Harris tho Unltod Btntea with Japnn, awooa
100 nclres 0, 10-50-20, $5.00. o and Portugal, which wouiu navo
I I . I t . ll.il ...1st. u u
Mary A. Harris fo Agnes May oxpireu uy numuuon wmun mu ni
Harris samo land $5.00.
F. W. McNoal to Lula Thomas
Harris lot .1. blk 1 west 2nd add
Sweet Springs, $1800.00.
Hcnrv Rotrlge to J. M. Johanna
104 acres In oxchango, $1,00.
Chas. W. Urldgcs and Clarronco II.
Trckor, lot 4, blk. 8, Slater, Mo.,
Stanley Martin, wlro chief for tho
month woro oxtondod by proposals Horndon Telephone company, loll
last week. They woro Rlgnod by Sec- from his wheel Sunday and broko his
renry Bryan, tho Jannnoso Atnbassa- left arm. Tho frncturo was a sovorc
dor and tho Swedish nnd Portugese ono.
fin s 2
Clydo C. Cooper, Marshall.
Clover Carson, Marshall.
W. C. Drown, Marshall.
8uslo Waters Marshall.' i
Robt. Clemens, Marshall..
Lillian Maud Clough, Marshall.
Marshall's flro quonchera
,ThQ"MoB8,ros. carnlytil undor the
auspices of m'o.Eag'los will exhibit on
the Eagle's lot Monday July 7 to
Saturday, July-12. There aro fifteen
shows tond twonty concessions wnn
the amusement company.
Tho American Express company,
whlpfi has been located on- Morgan
stroet for a number of y,earsff raoyod
last week to ft rqoih ,w' tie Campbt
liUlldlng, corner of Jefferson ami
t kIl . - ' P" "wr y"-- -y u .. t ii v ..... "i .. ..
ur.,j..j.v niBhl ' Julv a.l MsrsbaiH'MM Ball' ciuBr aeiMiw social Mmeresis, mciueuwy ho m t t" --
! PAOKAOUfl'o. 6. :fefukrkv
Packages may now bo seqt q. O, v.
by parcel lio9t Tho provision went
Into of feet July1 1. It will bepoaslblo
ior a merchant to Incxeaso hla ouof
' town trade by adding tkls cbnvenlont
feature. . w
The Fish Creek,. D, Yt E, ,UL11
give an .ice cream bocUI at the phureh
". . ... lt.l' t..i.. n
a trip Into tho troplonl interior of tho
Successful wireless tolepliono com-1 cciitliiout
munlcUtlou ha. Just takon placo be
tween Dorlln and Vienna, a distance naymond Polncaro, president of
of 375 miles. Tho tests wore so ho prcnch Republic was ontortalnod
promising that a foreign station 7C0 by Ktn(r rjoqrgo of England nt a stato
miles dlBtant from Dorlln Is now bo- bunnuot. last week at llucklnEhnm
"u,vllnf soueht for further tests. iiiojrni,,n Thn ki ln r0iioslnir Proal
A. O VMrv1lai nVOttllA I .... . . . ml
buiuuiouuu iu ouuiu oounUfl trnnsmiuoa consisieu uom OMdei,t Polncaro's health, referred to
about 3S30 o'clock Sunday morn ng wqrd and mUBc nnd could bo hoard tho cordaj relations between Franco
to oxunquisn mo names umauuiiii ,.,th roat di8t nctneas. Tho wire- ,, Rm.inii,i n hn crmtcut factor in
from ino narn ownoa uy jurewmu i wvn. wnrn pniiiii. nn in vionna .. . .,.n..non ...
uaon. ino uorn was nmiusi nnd tho messages they boro conveyoa Tho .jregidom; responded In tho samo
ucsiroygu out mu wuuiiu to tho ear by means or a regular ieio-patrani
tlio firemen savea tno nomo oi iyiar .)hono rocolvlng apparatus,
. t t 1 I ... m 1tn I
usuorno, iov.ivu juV An adoquato American navy moans
uuui. ."u. Amoncan Amoasauor io mu , fioet second only ; to that of Great
was nauiy uajnagsa aim boiho stt Jnp,03( hold h,8 FoUrtli or Jiuy nrualn. and "Indoquacy Is nn Invlta
furnlturo was Injured by wnter. rccentlon nt a hotel .as ho hao' not h. n in unr " la (lift nntlllnn Of Ad
Tho Darn poniainoa a. qoauuiy oi t bocn RbIo to B0Cure n rCsldoneo. UoWey. ranking naval officer of
onP uiwiu - th0 Unltad statca
BUpposou io navo uoen irom biiuiuuuii Tno jijgoyri press Association
ooub comnuBiion. hdd tho most Muccossful mooting in vhn T,-innnpo nommliteo of the Gor
year wlll bo held ln tho city of St. , Ttntptntnp linn noverolv Hhockod
BROKE ANKLE ! Its history during the past wook-at ,,la fooinK8 ot tho rmporlal covorn-
Dr. Harrison ot Crotcher had the portlo Springs. Tho mooting ne?Mment bv mnlntalnlnE that tlio Federal
mlsfortuno to break his loft anklo Louis. Princes of tho oraplro wlll have to
last Sunday movnlilg. Ho was going submit to taxation In order to raise
to tho hom9 of Ed. Elliott, who broke By pirocllon of Governor Major Lbp 0,lorm0us amount to bo raised at
Ills ,1qk recently, near Horndon, wnennbo stato board, or agriculture ana t cover, tlie Increased military
i .- . . . i . . . .. .1 HHn 1 . .. . I. 1 ....liinlu I '
pis, norpe peamo ingnionuu uu i I nonicuim.ro aro gumoriuH iiuuuVi and nuyol expenses,
away tprowing mo oocior um, w m (usspuri ior exuiuii. v mj kvv
ho above result., Dr, J,arvls of Sweet tlon In San Francisco in 1916. jjloveu boys worp:drownod Monday
. l, il . s . i i i f ' . . . .
ppnngs sot tno injurea unmu. , , hon a runway loading to a iionung
o i Tho American commission, bnth. collapsed at, Lawrence, Mass,
FRUIT TREE CKNHU8. has been studying Europonn systems F(t wer'0 tlirown jnt0 the wator.
V. H, Drumm, representing, tnq of agricultural flnanco win ropori in Somo of tho boys were kopt under
stato Ibbard; of horticulture is In Baj- favor of tho Gorman systom of co-op-. kvator by tho foot of others.
Twenty-four- Indiana mado cars
left Indianapolis on July let for tho
Pacific coaBt. They will travel over
the midland transcontinental route
or old trails rond. From St. Louis
tlid wlll pass through 8t. Charles,
Fulton alid Columbia; after leaving
uoiumuia, wo nro iniormeu, tno partyi
will divide, part coming to Marshall
by way of Glasgow and Slater and
part by way of Doonvlllo and Arrow
Tho tourist aro expected to arrive
In Marshall between ten nnd twelve
o'clock Saturday morning July 5th.
Arrangements arc being mndo to
glvo them an appropriate reception
upon their arrival In our city.
Tho following havo been appointed
on tho reception committee: A. M.
Keller, C. M. Uucknor, L. D. Murrell,
W. E. Vawtor, J. G. Llnegnr, E. L.
Drown, O. A. Radford, E. II. Mitchell
and Henry Bryant.
The visitors wlll bo received In tho
court houso yard, whera nn address
f welcome wlll ho mndo by Mayor
Mitchell on behalf of tho city and by
Representative Joshua Dnrbco on be
linlf of tho county.. Hon, Charles A.
Bookwalter and others aro expected
to speak on behalf of tho visitors.
Tlio object of this tour Is to pro-
ir.oto tho building of n good road
from ocenn-to-ocenn nnd nsslst In se
curing $10,000,000 that Is deemed
nccessnry to start tho enterprise
$4,200,00 has already boon subscrib
ed nnd It Is dvtlrcd to sccuro tho ro
it.nlnlng $5,800,000, so that tho road
mny ho finished by 1915.
The t6urlsts bended by Carl O.
Fisher, tho original promotor of tho
venturo and Chnrlcs A. Bookwalter,
his right" hand man. They will Inter
view boards of trnde, chambers of
commerce, civic and trnde associa
tions or 'various kinds along tho
rcuto. Prominent peoplo along tho
road wlll bo Invited to becomo por-
mtntly Identified with tho hlghwny
association. No money Ih to bo In
volved except that which may bo- vol
untarily contributed.
fho vlstorB como upon an Import
ant mission, tho enterprise which
they seek to promoto Is of huge pro
portions nnd tho vnluo of this great
national highway will bo Immense
to tho territory through which It
patses. This being thn cniro tholr
ccmlng to Mnrshnll should bo re
garded as a groat event and tholr re
ception should bo hearty and cnthuB-
Tho cltlxcns of tho county nre
cordlnlly Invited and urgently re
quested to como to Mnrshnll on next
Saturday and assist In giving tho In-
dlana-to-Paclfle coast tourists a
hearty welcome Tho owners of au
tomobiles irro especially requested to
como to town on. that day In their
machlhcs In order to mnko a credit
able display of motor cars on our
Tho many relatives and friends of
Mrs, Louisa Shackeford gathered at
homo of Mrs. William Trecco Satur
day, Juno tho 28, It wns the OCth
birthday ot Grandma Shnckeford.
Every ono brought woll filled bask
ets; tho tablo wns spread out In the
shndo and fairly groaned under the
load of good things to car, Early in
tho morning grandma wns Invited
over to spand tho day with J. II.
Trccce and family, where sho was
kept until the guests had arrived and
Tho Salino county Automobile cub
ir-ot In regular session Monday niter-,
neon ht 3, o;cJock, Juno 3d, In the elf
cult court rioom., Tho membership o
of the club i numbers 44. Tho com
mlttco on by-laws, was given pore
tlmo nnd will mako Us report at tho
next meeting which will bo an Import
ant one. Tho date of tho meeting
will bo announced later.
Finn woro discussed for the recep
i 1
tho tablo spread; then sho was toldjt,on of tho mcmbor8 of tho ,ndlnntt i
that company had nrrlved at homo to
spend tho day with her and Imagln
her surprlso when sho got home.
Thoso present woro Mr. and Mrs.
J. C. Baldwin. Mrs. J. T. Wltchcr,
Mrs. J. W. Hnrrlson, Mrs. J. C. Hnys,
Mrs. W. G. Tompson, Dr. and' Mrs,
automobile manufacturer's associa
tion thar will pass through Marshall
Saturday morning- on their way to thw
coast. A reception will bo tendered
tho nutomobllesU on tho square Sat
urday morning 'from 10 to 12 and It,
Is hoped that a largo crowd will bo on
J. S. Harrison and baby, Mrs. J, ' band 1o rccclvo lhcm. The object of
this cross-country trip Is In tho In
terest of tho national highway from
Tho prlmo object of tho Salino
County Automobile cub Is hotter
ronds for this country nnd It Is hoped
every nutomobllo owner wlll enroll
his namo as a member of tho club.
Prltchnrd, Mrs. C. E. Winston, Mrs
Frank 11111,' Mrs. J. s. Treece, Mr. nnd
Mrs. F. A. Jones, Mr. nnd Mrs L. J.
Trecco and baby, Mr. nnd Mrs. Roy
Crowdor and baby, Mr. nnd Mrs. L.
M. TrcCco and baby, Mr. nnd Mrs. J.
H. Treeco, Mr. Frank Faulconcr, nnd
Misses Sarah Baldwin, Martha Har
rison, Ovll Hnys, Mary Prltchard.
Mary Cook, Laura Hall, Vlrgle Wltch
cr, Jessie witcner, iiunie iiiompson,
no-rouND fish
M Tmnrn nt ninn I. Irk (old US.
.ora winsion, nnioi joi.cs, ' r"'" i Mondny, tho following story: For
Jonns, Louisa Crowdcr nnd Master j ,, nrrUon short, West Uogart,
Leonard Trccce. Jo)m arrfolh nnd to Sailor of tho
Promptly at noon tho tablo wos un- ck vc)nty wpro BW,nimlnsj
covered nnd nil Invited out to dinner a nflornoon Ju.t abovo tho
Later In tho afternoon all departed' ,, br,dR0 on UacUwator, about
wisning granunm many nappy uiri. , . . Iftrahllii nnd d.
days. She admitted she wns most
ngrccnbly surprised. Sho Is very ac
tive for ono of her ngc; goes an)
where about tho plnco, enjoys her
throo meals n day and mnkes her owr
Tho Missouri Gas nnd Electric
Scivlco Company will recolvo Friday
morning n car "Tho Elcctra." it
will bo an exhibition car showing nil
tho appliance for tho uso of electri
city In city homes nnd farms. Th
company wlll also havo moving plc-
turo machine that wlll show each or
the several appliance In operation.
Th'cao exhibitions will tnko placo
each night whllo tho car Is boro. Tho
car will bo open during tho day, the
hours will bo nnnouncod lator.
This Is tho only enr for thU pur
poso In tho world and Is bolng sent
out. by tho Middle West Utilities Co.
the parent company of tho Missouri
Una and' Electric Servlco Company,
for demonstration purposes In tho
yarloua cities and towns whero tholr
lighting njants aro located," to bo UBQd
for, educational purposes along tho
lines of electric appliances. This car
has, recently been built tor this pur
pose and will mnko Its Initial demon
stration. In, Mnrshnll.
Tho car wlll bo located on tho Mis
souri Pacific sido track noar tho de-
not. The enr will remain in .Mar
shall for, several days and wlll bo
onnnoptnd un with nower from me
Rloctrlo Light. Plant, and all nppu
ancos will be in actual oporatlon.
Robert Clemens nnd Miss I.llllai
Clough wero united In marriage at.
the homo of tho bride's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Robt. Clough, 403 East
Summit, Monday evening, Juuo 30.
Ilcv Milton Clemens, brother o.
tho groom, who with his family re
cently returned from Japan, officiat
ed nt tho wedding.
About fifty guesto Including rein
tlvns and friends witnessed tho cere
Tho brldo was renred In Salliic
county and Is nn ndmlrnblo young
Tho groom wns also reared hero
nnd wns ono of tho best nthelctcs that
ovor played on tho M. V. C baso ball
team. Ho has been with a Daven
port, lown, team tho past season and
enmo to Marshall last Saturday froi
tl.ut placo.
The newly wedded couplo wlll go
to Oakland, Calif., sometime next
week, whero they will mnko tholr
future homo.
The Clemens family aro cnjoylns
a reunion at their homo this wcok, on
North Brunswick. Thoso being en
tertained Includo Mr. and Mrs. Robt
Clomons, Prof. Arthur Clemens nnd
family of Lexington, 5Io.; Miss Delia
Clemens, ateacher 9t Llttlo Rock,
Ark., and Rev. Milton Clemens, a
returned missionary from Japan and
covered a hugo cat fish resting In a
hallow log. Tho boys stopped up
both ends of tho log and then cut a
hole In tho log, thus securing tho fish
Tho capture, bow ovor, was not easily
nde. tho fish objecting very serious
ly to tho proceedings nnd scratched
io bovs considerably. Tho cat flsii
n x foot lone nnd weighed DO
Tho following woro new sub
scribers or rcnownls during tho past
L. C. Houmnnn, Nelson.
A. I. Huston, Portland, Mnlno.
J. W. Pearson. Miami.
L. S. Chaffee, Kansas City.
Chas. A. ScngcH, Mt. Leonard.
Harry Craddock, Gilliam.
Thos. J.'Clnycomb, Marshall.
Chas. Warner, Wlntohall, HI.
Edw. Cromloy, Marshall.
Ed. WaBhlngton, Slator.
V. A. Allen. Bluo'Llck.
Robt. Volton, allllam.
Robt. Schlcszor, Nap ton.
C. H. Leonard, Grant City, Mo.
A horso belonging to Waltor Wobb,
884 West Jackson, ran awny on tho
sounro about 10 o'clock Tuesday
morning. Tho animal was auncneu
o a wagon with another horso and
wns noar. tho northwest comor of tho
sounro when ho began acting pecu
llarly and started to run. urcaKing
uway from tho wagon ho ran across
tho court house yard nnd into tno
north wall of Myers & Bell's store
in.ii turnod nnd rnn west. Ho was
stonnod noar tho electric light otflco
Besides broaklng tho harness nnti
considerably frightening tho populace
uo other damage was done. Tho
heated weather, no doubt' caused tho
horso to go crazy. U Is not an uu
common thing for a horso to becomo
ino calmly andex.pocts to visit every I erattyo loans and of a land-mortgngo
orchard containing two acres or moroi toiiK. i '
In tho county, Tbo census wns pro- . . p
vided for by the last legislature. Thp , Ex-Prcsldont RooBevolfwlll loav K At tno Recorder's offlco on Thun
number of trees ana me varuios wm now vorK tno nrs wees, oi wctwuyrin Ju,y 3 Frftnk Herldor aud Msl
i r , , t i KepuDiio on suDjecia oi inwresor:i i e
i. . -! . ' v.... .... i.: ..in lM.nl.rf ill nliaut B.MOu. in. JUBllca
.Moss Rroa., groator shows under
thn auspices of tho Eagle's will glvo
a ttva stroet fair and carnival on tho
Eagle lot. Monday July 7 to Satur
day. July 12.
There wlll bo C big days, nndC big
KiLK.'ftnf i.ltr ulinwu niul 1 Ml noonloi
ifcrtiSVwheel Jumping lujrso and son-
. . ...... - ...... ...
sationai rreo ncis. Tuuru win vu
7m- hand 'concort dally. '
Miss Jessie Flynn returnod Sunday
arnlBK from Kansas City,
Thn rnrlmnntnr nttncllod to tllO
Huston Bros., east sldo soda fountain
blow up Sunday morning, throwing
tho machine sovoral foot in tno air
Tho apparatus weighs auout duu
founds. Tho gas prcssuro bocamo too
great In tho machine causing mo ex
plosion. Tho gas container, which
wild of heavy cast iron was brokeu
Guy Huston was standing near whon
i . 1 ulna fnfhl.
tho ncciaent nappenuu, uui.
unto enough not' to recolvo any
Juries, Tho carbonutor was sent io
St. Louis for repatrs.
.Miss Mlnnlo Frltsgerald loft Wed
nesday for Denyor, Colo., where she
will visit with Mrs. Marl? Morris, who
formerly resided, ln Marshall.,
.MARSHALL 10-7C. C. .1
Tho Mnrshall baBoball club defeat
ed tho Old-Fashioned Larger team ot
Cansns City nt the Fnlrgrounda Sun
day, 10 to 5. Score:
innings 123450789 rho
Kansas City 0000020 2 1 C 811
Marshall .. 01000012 10 8 b
Batteries Riley nnd Majors; Lau-
ghlln and Cox. Umplro Frod Martin.
Tho' Mnrshall club will play tho Z.
S. Daniel's "Whlto Sox" tonm or Kan
sas City, Kansas, July 4th, 5th and
Cth nt tho ralr grounds. Tho 4th or
Ji'ly game wlll bo called nt 2:30.
Considerable dUcussIon has devo-
loped over tho question or paying
Yerby street from Ellsworth Avenuo
to Rldgo Park cemetery. Tho condi
tion or this thoroughfare, especially
during tho winter months, has lonK
been a disgrace to tho town nnd
county and It Is sincerely hoped that
for tho soke of a fow dollars, no ono
will stand In tho way of this much
needed Improvement Tho road Is
almost tinpassablo at times and a
number of funoral patles havo been
held up becauEO of tho mud.
i. o. o. f: in new quarters
Tho I. O. O. F. lodgo moved last
week, Into their now quarters In tho
Farmers Savings Dank building,
which aro located on tho second floor
of tho structure. Tho rooms havo
been very handsomely decorated and
are, a great credit to thoso having
chargo ot the work. N., H. Chaffoo
did tho woodwork; J, P, Johnson tho
nalnting and decorating; T. H. Knols-
ley of tho Ballew Lumber Co. mado
tho designs and plans for tho rooms.
Tho caso, of the 8tato or, Missouri
ngnlnst Frank Taylor for assaulting
Jcsbo Neer at Grand l!ass, Juno.l.
1913, wns trlod beforo Justlco of th
Pence Jus. A. ABhurst.Tuwiduy ovenv (,' i'
Ing and resulted m mutual. A
hearing wilt b Uar,4.iiW,9thibefor:
Justice Ashurat. KMt . RWbr,,
from Grand paj. wer,Bj o atws.
tuv ... .,ji i-.v ..'! -VJfli
' ill

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