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FIMDAY, JULY 11, 1913.
marshal! ni?runMCA?r
PAcn mivjMf.'
Harold Wells, wife ana .baby nro
tho guests ot J. H. Millar and .wlfo.
Thetr home la In Kansas City.
Miss Julia Itoyar ahd mother are
anticipating a visit soon from Mr. and
Mrs. George Dinks, who live near
Forest Orcen, Mo.
Capt. Tom Mattlngly, a former
Mlamlan, but now of 81C West 8Cth
St., Loa Atigoles, Calif., had n birth
day on the Cth of this month and
greatly enjoyed a Miami post card
Mrs. licttle Lommon nca Miss
Bettlo SurbniiRli, writes from Sando
val, 111,, that her health has been
qulto deilcato for some tlmo and thai
eho oipectn eoon to return to Saline
to reside. She' will bring with her
for ft visit, Mrs. Mary C6loman, who
la n sister of tho lata I), K. Lohituon.
Mrs. John Jennings spent tho 4th
nt Cnrrolltonnnd later made n trip to
Wakenda. Her son, Freddie, Is there
for tho present', llo was not natlsfl
cd with his position which ho went to
Kansas to consider nnd camo on his
way homo na far as Wakenda, where
ho perhaps may permanently locate.
Tho steamer Chester, on its way
down the river stopped horo for r
abort tlmo only Saturday. Tho Ad
vanco arrived nt Miami Sunday p. m.
and stayed over night leaving Mon
day n, m. for her travel down dtroam
Thero wna qulto a sproad mndo on
tho (dining tnblo at Adolph Royors on
.July 1st In honor of Mr. Itoyors little
nephow Master George rnrsos Hoy
ur's 11th birthday. Oovoral famtllor
partook of tho feast and reniomboroc"
Master Qcorgo with nomo nlco prcS'
Dr. Gcorga Hawkins and brldo have
returned to tholr homo nt Salisbury
nftor making a visit In tho homo o'
tho Dr's. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wal
ler Hawkins, who live about C mllei
from Miami.
David Vnnmotcr, wife, daughter
nnd Miss Lucy Hlalo wore dlnnot
guests nt tho homo of Jns Allen on
tho 4th.
John It. Miller was much worrlct
over tho Ninons of hit flno fnmtl)
hcrso last Saturday, but by tulnr
somo nlinplo remedies tho animal re
covered. Mrs. Will Merry, after n visit tc
her parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Klto, re
i, turned last week, to her homo In
Mrs. Hoy, Flotchor who ban vlnltoc
tecontly In tho homo' of Mr. nnd Mrs
, Jns. Allen, roturnod to hor homo In
' Mobcrly, Mp., a few days ago.
Mrs. Itobort Coleman, ono of out
offlclcnt nnd obliging telephone
oporators mndo a pleasant trip t(
Salisbury last week and onjoyod that
clty'o big 4th of July festivities. She
returned to. UftrtH 911 Sunday.
Wind IJoono gavo two ontertnlu
monU In Miami on July tho 2nd nnf
3rd nt tho 0. T. Taylor building. Hlf
muslo was boautUully rondorod, pur
hnps ho was Inspired with oven more
onthuBlasm, as this was his native
homo' nnd his plnco of birth.
' Amos Mnyfleld of Iloanoko, Vlrglnr
and Jim Moyfield, of Blator vlslte?
tho homo of I O. Bulllvnn, their cou
sin and took supper with him Friday
Frnnk Monroo of Kansas City l
hero to assist his father-in-law, c. C.
nrnv in his cement work. Tho two
families resldo in tho Hlslo properly
John Hlnes of Marsall was in our
town Saturday.
Wm. Footo nnd family of Happy
vlllo, Colo., will spend tho summoi
with Fritz Cain and Andrew Stonor.
Ellington arlffith will buy wheal
nt Miami, providing ho can sccuro the
wnro houso.
Rtnrllnir Price, shorlff of Saline
county nnd his deputy, John P. Mb
i?lnB. wero In Miami Saturday.
Honnett Dlshop. whllo dollvorlnp
groceries for his father, ono day las
week, won erected at tho. door by a
largo black snako instead of tho lady
wtnt In and was looking nrounfl
when Ucnnett Btonnod In. ' Tho boy
tcok to hla heels, "cause ho wna baro
footed," ho said.
Messers Croaean and Haynlo are
. making some out buildings on A. P.
Illation's promises this week.
; t B, G. Kitchen, and wlfo camo In to
...attand tha Won4erJa.nd Bhow boat and
at a lato hour wero returning homo
Aroun'd.'nearitVio homo of Mrs. Vic
torla Andsley Is qulto a turn In the
rondj In front of Uw kitchen rig was
an auto, and In front-of tho auto wn?
another horso. and buggy. This horse
became frightened nnd- ran into the
auto nnd tWf scrmbla frightened the
Kitchen horse,., which turned tho rip
over,-ala4R-up ensued, which
greatlyftJfrBttho nerves of the oc-
cupa,ntB-anwhteh-alsovbroke up the
harnescohlldflra'bly. tio bones word
' 'broVenV oBiy1- lfitl'e shaking uand
Mrs. titairo ' dab'noll has, lately
purchased a beautiful slde-saddlo fqr
the purposeof 'enjoying herself horsa-1
back riding,- She Is a noted oquea
frlenno and highly capable of glvUiK
lessons in thU.grpt.ainplilihment,
who has been, visiting hla daughter,
Mrs, H, Oj Kefloy rerMd'last week
to hla home.
II. A. McCarty, who sells Arbucklo
coffeo, called on his Miami ctist6niors
Inst week.
J. F. Coleman, treasurer of Saline
county was in Miami Saturday.
G. T. Taylor at a public ralo last
Saturday bought tho Sam Smull pro
perty for" $1G0.
Row Fred Kerr, wlfo nnd Infant
son, who hnvo visited the family of
Dr. H. D. Clrady for n fow wooki de
parted tho latter part of last vcok
for their lar nwny home, 1'rlnce Rup
ert, II. C. Mrs. Kerr, It will bo re
membered was Miss Mamio Grady.
Davo Dobbins of Oilllnm came to
Miami one day last week, attor hi J
llttlo daughter, Florence, who made
n month's stay In Miami with rela
Henry D. Staloy though a bachelor
docldod to try tho Job of housokoop
Ing nnd sent his nephow, Willie Law
son to Marshall ono day last week tc
mnko numerous purchases townrdr
fitting up tho houso rocontly occupied
by J. F. DurruBS. Undo and nrphow
aro now happily domlucllcd at unit)
Marvin, Ayrcs, Nowlon nnd Preston
Cheswcll,, Love, Urlcy, Rob. Soloman
Qutnco Slcbcrt and wlfo nnd euvorn!
others attended tho 4th nt Cnrrollton
Miss Ocnovlovo Dlshop was uiiiibu
ally hilarious on tho 4th, not only be
cnuso It was a patriotic porlod, bu
bccniiRo It was also her birthday.
Mrs. Jos. Ulroy and llttlo son vonl
down to Dowitt to npund the 4th nnf
mnko n llttlo visit. It wbb Mrs. Ulroyi
intention to tnko her mother, who re
sides there on surprise, but Mrs. Ul
roy was tho ono who wna surprise! fi
ber mothor had gone to ntchmond t
spend tho 4th. MrH. Ulrcy retumof
homo tho samo day Bomo what dlsnp
Miss Annlo Townsnnd camo up Miss France Welsh who npent the,
from Dlnclcwater Sunday morning, winter out West has rotnrncd homo
nnd attended services at 'the llaptist . for tho mininicr.
Miss Pearl Rlloy wont to Maltr
Uund Wednesday for a short vlsl
with her cousin, Mrs. (Juorgo Hum
WIIIIb Knstor, Will Wallaco, Wer
lov Ilobn. Aubry Hdwnrds and O. H
McCluro wero nmong thoso who wen
to Marshall Tuosday.
Mr. B. Melt. Callaway was th
suct of Mro. Hottlo Fletcher noa
Dlossor Tucaday.
On Tuesday aftornoon from four t
tlx. o'clock, qulto n numbor of llttl
Slrls and boys wero entqrtnlncd
tho homo of Mr. nnd Mrs. C. A. Jonc
In honor of tho sixth birthday of that
llttlo Bon, Brnt-st. Tho children en
Icyod thomsoIvcB to tho fullest oxten
and decided that Brncst, with tho nr
jttlanco of hlH motjier, was a mode
Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Plattnor nn
ton. Harry, went to Kansan Clt
Thursday to Hpond tho fourth wit!
'rlondH nnd rclatlvoB.
Among thoso who went to Marsha'
Tuosday wero F. C. Mcltoynolds, Di
VS. N. Wnlkor, Bewail Uurruss, Davl
tohn nnd D. T. Moreland.
Mr. ond Marvin Yowoll and chll
dron nro visiting rolatlvcB In Arrov
W. J. Smith wna In Marshall Wed
Mlso Daisy Hamilton of Plensan
Hill visited her cousin, MIbs Pom
Rlloy n fow duys this wcok.
Mr. and Mrs. Preston Smith sp.en
iovornl days in Knnuns City this won1
with tho lattor'a Blsterl Mrs. Loi
Tho baby daughter of Mr. and Mrr
Lou Davlcs Ib qulto sick with bron
hltiB nnd whooping cough.
Mrs. Bprt Prlco nnd llttlo son an
daughter spent the fourth with rolr
tlvc in Marshall.
Mrs. Davo Moreland was tho bug
ot Mrs. Floyd near Blackburn Wed
On returning from Marshall Wed
nosday, T. J. Tnylor found a nrl'
about n mllo east of Malta Bend, Th
owner can havo same by doscrlbln'
tt nnd Its contents. Mr. Taylor ha
tha grip at his homo a mllo west o
Mr. Breathitt Sapplngton drovo th'
following party to Boonvlllo Frlda
night In his car to tako In tho cele
bration: Mr. Erlq Sapplncton, Mrs
VS. D. Sapplngton and MIssea Bottl
Breathitt and Virginia Thorp.
Miss Mamio Bandldgo entortalnor
Mrs. B. J, Menso and boh, Freaori
nnd Misa Prlacllla Breathed and nun
Miss Mlnnlo Breathitt Friday night
Rov. Joseph Cooper preach at th
Baptist church Sunday morning' am
evonlng and Rev. Clinton Cox con
ducted services at tho Prosbyterla
church at tho samo, hours. .
Mr. and Mrs. John Zahrluger o
Pilkjt Qrbv spent Sunday wlth'tn
Utter'B p'aehtt'hffrei . .
7'ir s-i'iiLJ: it iqtnnlnB -dnter
tained;" Mr. And Mrs, S. B, T"ompso
and thejr guests, Mr, nnd Mrs. Jphi
Nixon orKarwas city Sunday at din
ner.- .
Qrandmqther SjnimonB Is ptlllyer
Mrs. Wado Hlgglnbodham and
cousin, Miss Lula Thorp went to
Chouteau Springs, Sundny morning
and spent tho day.
Mr. Will Burroughs ot Marshall
spent one day of last week with his
sister, Mrs. A. K. Canada.
Mr. Luther Barnert of Marshall Is
visiting his friend, Mr. (Jcorgc Alexander.
L. M. Haynlo is having n concreto
sldo walk put in front of his residence
this wcok.
'H. L. Sncod loft last week for
MonnagnW Springs, whoro ho will
bvorsco the work in his drug store for
Miss Llzzlo Vnrdlman has returned
from a visit with Marshall relatives.
Mrs. James DnMoss returned Ttics
day from Marshall whero she had
been visiting for several dnys.
Frank Brndley, tho tlght operator,
spent tho fourth In Doouvllle.
Tho Christian Sunday school gavo
their annual plcnlo on Frldny, July
4th nt tho Gorman's grove. It was
nn old fashioned lmskot plcplc with
lots of good things, to ent and every
one thoroughly enjoyed tlieinnelvci.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Long, Mr. mid
Mrs. 0. A. Jones and children nnd Dr.
B. N. Walker and family npent tho
fourth nt tho fish pond,
Mr. and Mrs. John Reynolds ol
Odessa nro visiting tho formers bro
ther, L. S. Reynolds nnd family.
ProttBinau Road of Blackburn
ipunt Sundny here.
Mrs. Cnrrlo McCullough returned
to Kansas City Sunday nftor evora1
weeks visit with relatives.
Llttlo Aldrrd Chrlsmnn of Slater Is
vlkltlnic ills Krandparonts, Mr. and
Mrs. B. Y. Chrlsmah.
JamcB DeMoss wont to Kansas City
lundny to sco his brother, John De
Moss, who Is In u hospital thorn.
Bid. A. S. Morrleon lilted his ro
.nlnr appointment at tho Christian
hurch Sunday. In tho evening l-t
irenchod a surinonotto on "Snakes"
nd burned hoiuo Phuronh snako ogst
o llluBtrnto his subject.
Llttlo MIbs Rose McFarlano of Jor
orson City who is visiting her aunt,
Mrs. Levi Kramor, was tho guest of
Mlts Addlo Bdwards Saturday and
Mrs. H. M. McCord was callod, Sat
trday, to tho homo of hor dnughter
Irs. David Humphreys near Black
urn on nccount of tho Hcrlous nines'
,f tho lattor'o Infant daughter. The
lltln ono is bottor now.
V. H. prumni, representing th
Into board of horticulture, Is enguB
d In taking n census or tho orchard
n Snllno county. Ho was In our
nldst Saturday. ,
Mrs. T. S. Snilth
visitor Tuesday,
was 11 Marshall
Mr, nnd Mrs: J. B. Odell nnd fam
ily wero trading In Marshall Saturday.
Quite n number of Indiana cars
passed through hero Saturday. '
Miss Salllo Piper Is visiting her
brother In Slater at present.
Mr. J. (VHnzol spent n fow hours
Saturday with, Dick Thomas ,noar
Mrs, lite No ft spent Sunday at
Charley Thorntons.
Mlsn Rosa Webb was guest Satur
day at Vlncel EmbroyB.
Hnriloman was well represented nt
Iloonvlllo, Friday,
Mr. and Mrs. T. 1). Bmbroy nnd
llttlo daughter, Mary, client n fan
hours with friends In Arrow Rock
Sunday ntlcrnnon.
Mrs. Bert Smith npent n fow hour?
at tho homo of J. B. Pipers of 8Intor
Mosdamcs 0. B. Brown and J. C
Hazel wero trading hern Saturday.
Remember the Icq cream social nl
Concord, July 10th. Bvory body li
Messrs T. J. Davis nnd 0. B. Sim
mens spent Wednesday afternoon at
W. J. Oauibrells.
Whllo In the woods Monday morn
lug, Frank Piper killed n very lnrgc
black snake, measuring over ulx feet
lit length nnd over t-even Inches ar
ound his body mid inches In din
Mist Mary Plner visited at J. B
BrowiiH last week,.
Mrs. J. B. Townsond nnd daughter!
waro trading lit Naptou Saturday.
J "
and chlldrer
Mrs. B. 15. Staples
l9(t last weeli fora'vlalt wlth.rela'
tlve In Seaalla, -f ft
Orvlllo Spencer and wlfo of Mobor-v-
nro visiting rolntlvcs horo thli
veek. (
Mrs. Joo Hnmlll and children 0'
ihnclcelford woro guests of Jnme:
Vnlsh nnd family Thursday.
John Spcucor has returned honu
Iter a two yoar's atay In Fresno, Cnl
-hero ho has been engaged ns travql
ng aalcBman.
Will Blglu and children of NcUot
Islted Matt Barnes nnd family Thuri
lay. They wore accompanied hon
y Eugenia payers, who haa beoi
Isltlng with thorn for oovoral wcekn
A, family ro-unlon was held at tlu
icnutlful country homo of J. W. Spoil
er nnd wlfo, July 4th. About lllt
elntlvcB Including tho Imodlnto faro
ly coinpoBod tho happy compnnyv A
ountlful dlnnqr wojj served In plcnh
ttylo and n Jolly good, tlmo wan en
loyed by nil.
Miss Stolla DIngley after a tw
year'B stay Jn St. Louis returned honu
Friday. Bho wns aqcompanlcd bouit
ly hor cousin, Mlsa Brooks who wll'
lsltod with roUtlves here.
Mrs. Danuzzer nnd. daughters.
Miss Cora of Marshall and Mrs. Lp
gan of Sedalla vlBlted rolatlyea here
the latter part of tho wook.
Whllo returning from tho Sponcei
rounlon thci horso that Miss Corf
Wright was driving became frlghtoiv
ed by a runaway horsq that was drj
yen by Hildrod, Brlggs and tho occu
pantB wero thrown out and Miss Corr
was badly Bhaknn up and her breast
bone broken.
Ghaa Sayers and family and Jin'
Brlgga Bpont tho fourth of July lr
Mr, and Mrs.,0,.L. Downs of Hous
ton! Toxaa. arn guests o( Chns. Shoj.
herd ahd famjly. ..
MW Qeb rfodehbUrg-iBOld his farm
ibuth oHotorn to n Mr, Miller fconald '
oration $137.rJ0'l)or acre.
Rqv. 0. O, B,axter of Liberty flllod
hla rogular appointment here Sunday
Mm. j; W. Spqncer of near Slater
visited ylth her nolccyMrs, Loyd Corl
of tnis ptaco Baiur.aay. ,
Arnoa- Maytje'ld pf! Virginia was i
guest of ,a.JUvii(a,xfdi''ftnd fanillj
Sunday. v '"- ' ' ,
Btmwood dtsmlised their churcl
aervlco Sundny ond attended tin
children's day sorvlco nnd basket din
ner nt Now Homo.
Mr. Frank Cnrothcrs who hns 1
position ns ngent for the Wells Fargt
& Co., Express nt Sedalla nnd 'tl'
spent from Wednesday until flun
day with A. P. Rcagers and other re
latlves nnd friends.
Miss Sylvia Smith of Sweet Spring-
visited Mrs. Raymond Davln Ian
Mr. and Mrs. Joo Ouymon of Bed
alia are spending this wcok hero wit)
rclatlvcn nnd friends.
Mr. and Mrs. (Ico. Terroll spen
Friday with hor pnrentn near Malt
Bend. Mrs. Terrell remained unt
F. M. Carothors nnd wlfo nnd Mrt
A. p. IlonROt' wero guests of Mr. an
Mrs. Will Lommon Friday.
fiovornl from horo nttonded th
4th of Jyly colobrnllon nt Concordia
Grant Torroll nnd BlHter, Miss May
mlo callod nt G. F. MuollurH Sundn?
Miss Kntlo King of Kansas Clt
spoilt from Friday until Sunday wltl
Mrs, Annn Laruo.
Miss Nancy Whcelnnd npent Friuay
with hor fclster Mrs. Hugh Smith.
Will Lommon, wlfo nnd' son, Chaf
Lommon nnd wlfo, J. II. Quyr.ion
wlfo nnd daughter and Mrs. A. K
Lommon spent Monday with Mr. air
Mrs. A. P. Reager.
Misses Boulwaro nnd Roagcr wor
In Mt. Leonard Friday morning.
H. 0. Torroll' nnd family worn r
Marshall Saturday In their Hr-p.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Torrell s'len
Friday with her paronts nqnr Malti
Bend. Mrs. Torrell remulnod untl
L. V. Wyrlck "il wlfo and Dr. nnr
Mrs. L. S. Jnmos woro nt tno count.
Boat Thuraday.
Clydo FulkerBon nnd Sydney Bou'
waro wero at Cordor Sunday to at
tend tho ball gnmo,
WASHINGTON, D. C, July 7. -A
cnmpi Ign campaign of mlaroprcsenta-
t.t-n, with ft vlow of Influencing the
Senate's action upon tho cotton
schedule In the Underwood tr.rlff bill
Is expurtid to bo brought to light ns
ho rr-utit o Ifsubpoonncs Innml to
day by the Scnato'n lobby cnmti.lttef,
for 11. B. Mobloy of Prnlrlo Oruvo,
Ark,, mid lor I, A. Smith of Oi-orgln,
Mol'?rly nnd HniSlh aro lb. prnsl
dentu of t!io Arkritviu and Geo-pi-.i dl
lflons of tho National FormonT Un
Ion. fc'ou'.l em Ken't r-ro have lnrorm-
d tlu members of tho lobby comi'l
tc that in tiio inline t! the Farinuj'
L'iiIdii, a systcmatlo el fort haw been
mndo ta causo Democratic mnuberc
of tho Sunnte's flntmcc committer- 14
vote for It 1a I dutr-s on Jute mil cot
ton iiinnufa'-turi-s.
It was leprufo'ilt d that a p'ohlhi
tory rate 011 ,i;tc would compel Jie
nubstilulloii of niton bagglnr ftr
Juto bngglng In I nl r.g cotton. R. !
Ilowcn, us cl.nlimr.n of tho Nuilonnl
Farmers' L11I011 coininlttce, urucd
that this bo done.
Mobcrly nnd Smith nro expert .1 to
testify Hint Rowen nctod wltiio-il th
nutholty of tho Fnrtnt-rr' Unit; Uitil
wltnoxyoF nccoji'.eo nervlco bv tb'o
Suttnto Dcmniints t.niKcd again o,
tho r yolntlou lo I Id thnui to tup
port the tariff bill.
Opposition which Oovolopcd An' r
day wna roaaiurld, but Chali'i.iti'
Simmons and otlu r cliamploiii nf i:i?
bill urguud that fuel, action win n-c
I'pcaiy to i-Npedllo Jtlato and .lan-n
Its passage.
Senator Simmons will rcpor.- th
bill to tho Soriito latp this wck t
In n flttle nioru .ban three tinnttip
hIuco tho Wnya untl Moans Commit-
too Introduced the monsuru 1 1 tl.
"It ha? beer n l-'.Mter Job .,. t the
public hns uny Hu of," n M
When thn bill v.t.i '.Mo the Vn-
ate, Chblmnti SlmmoiiH Intends 0 ti l
low tho I'nderwod pltn of parcidllur.
out schedules to ir.v.nDors of s-.iwniii-
The Flnnnre Cominltfco decldqd lo
rccouii.irnd li tno mucus that fte
raw voc.l b-coino effective, O'tober
1. in 1.1. nml fiat the new rate 11
manufactures of a n 1 should bo or
fccllvo December 1,
For the year of 1913 we have contract
ed with tlie well known firm of the General
Electric Company to handle their
Electric fans,
and below, we wish you to see a few of the
we make on the various sizes. 'AH bear the
Guarantee of the largest Electrical Manu
factory in the world.
Four-blade ceiling fan ' $22.50
16" Oscillating desk fan '-. , ..k 17.50
.... 14.50
16" Desk fan
12" Desk fan, six blade,
Residence type.
12" Desk fan, four blade
8'" Four blade desk fan
Missouri Gas and E!ec
trie Service Co.
appm: cmowints.
Tho docket of tho July term of th-
Saline county court, not bolus ver
largo, tho business wnq (ll3?arged I
two days nnd court adjourned Tuer
day afternoon, Tho ciso of tho dralr
ago pf tho Colo. Lako district wc.
tolen up Tuesday and thoro woro
numbor hero from that nolghborhoQ
Intorosted In tho caso. Tho remon
alrancq waa lopkod Into and examln
cd and the court reduced a fow of th
assessments and confirmed thq ba)
lanco.. Another matter of Importune1
attended to was tho chnnco In th'
coupty sent highway commissioner!
It will bo romomborod that somo Urn
ngo tho court appointed throo coir
mlsslonera and It has been nscertnlu
ed Blnqo hnt, t ehpuld havo boon tw
Instead of three. The court roclnd
ed'tho'formor appotutment andtoain
ed SheVman Huaton and Juno K Kin,
to fflf tho position- of county feea
hjghyvay commisslonora.
Mrs. John B. Gantt of Joffew
City widow of tho lato Chief Uuatlo
Gantt of tho Missouri Supremo Courl ,
will probably, bo selected, no Tidstof
offtho MlB8ouri Building ntthe-Pa'
am-Pacllo Exhibition In Ban Fran
cl890 In 1016. , ' i
I Whoro tn I hr lh& ftimmpr? I
The applo growers o: tho Missouri
ltlver Valley district will meet In St
Joseph on Vednt'sday, July 10th, tc
framo ii protest to present tho rail
roads for fair treatment In tho ninttci
of dlacrlmntory freight ratou ns an
now In effect In favor of tho castcrt
applo growors.
If growors of this territory will at
tend this meeting In sufficient num
bers so that their protest will carrj
weight, It will ho posjlblo to got r
fulr and early hearing from tho rail
roads. Carofully compiled data ahowt
that tho growers of this applo pro
to onc-huudrcd per cent moro Irolsh'
on tholr applca than do eastern gro
wors to Bnino mnrkots. Growers whr
understand whnt a amall mnreln o
profit exist between cost of produc
tion nnd tho price of product, reallrt
tho vital Importnnco of tho rcductlot
ot freight rates, whoro such is poss
It Is thought", by men who havt
studied this stuntlou, that tho rail
roads will adjust this matter satis
factorlly, and unon.
If, howovor, tho growers ahow ni
llttlo Interest In this meeting ns dl
tho growera of tho Texas mooting or
lun 5th, of this year, whero wo wort
told in tho press dlapatch, "as Is us
ual at audi gatherings tho rallroat
men out numbered tho fruit grower
two to ono and a fow oxtra one
thrown In," thnt.thoro will bo llttb
or no resultant benefit to tho grow
and tho offort will havo been wasted
Howovor, growers now a-days are
realizing tho utter necoselty or co
operation, and tho Missouri Itlvei
growora will no doubt not bet bohliu'
In sticking together in this raRtter x
getting Justice from tho ralroada.
This Is tho tlmo tp show your co
operatlVo spirit by coming, to St
Joseph. Tho Missouri Blvor Vallej
district Is a Uvo applo producIii3 sec
tlon aud can support a big fruit gro
wora oxchnngo lot this bo tho open
Ing gun. It wo can not got quick re.
Uef prq thojallroada, wo can go U
me, imersiaiu oiiwumvu s.nuiimiuu
Secretary Missouri . Statp. Board 'o
" Horticulture.
Dick Scobeo and Mlts lleJt.iIo En
fleldjOf, Monroe county havo. fotur
,ed to their horno nftor a.VIMt tp tJial"
JrelaUve'a, iT, v White andNfa.nl ,
their homo 600- Bputh VLa;fayeUe
Tho vigors SRent a tiny "ortWo. at
Nelson whllo iii Saline, '
Boston New Ycrk New England
Detroit New Jersey Canada
Principal Summer Resorts in America's Tourist Districts
favored with jjreut rnilrond reJuctions nil summer.
Chicago & Alton Agents
I Irtve complete jiarticul-ns. They Will gladly, quote lowest
fares, and figure with you on a trip'-
To "Gny Brosclvny" and Coney Wand
To the While Mountains and Bar Harbor
To Atlantic City and Asbury Park
To Muskoka Lakes, Highlands of Ontario and all
Canada. These are
Much lower than are usual. It will pay you to figure with
us Iumi planning your summer vacation. Tickets on
sale June 1, 1913, to September 30, 1013.
further particulars call upon
0. B. HAWTHORNE, Ticket Agent,
Chicago & Alton R. R., Marshall, Mo
Room and Meals
in Colorado
$7 per week and np
Almost all
sights freo
Get away from tho
noise and dirt and
busUe away from
the worries and old
familiar sights go
to wonderful Colo
radothe land of
sunshine, cool bra
cing air, a mile above
the sea tho land of
Go via the
Rock Island
through a marvelous
time has woven a web
of romance
travel the routo
followed by the
old pioneers.
Your Vacation
in Colorado
Will cost you no more
than 'an ordinary vaca
tion near home.
Fast Trains Daily via
Rock Island Lines
provide every conven
ience for rest, comfort, and
enjoyment. Sleepers, free
reclining chaircars,coaches,
dining cars. Meals at rea
sonable prices. The road of
interesting sights, direct to
Denver, Colorado "Springs
and Pueblo.
Low Fares for Round Trip
Mail coupon below for de
tailed information.
I i)W
CaiMrtl Putr Agent
lopaka, Kumm
Rul me vour lltt ot hatch asd baanHM
hauie vouched lor bv IIumimu Klsn'i AmocM-
M tforaoliwnvtr, Colorado bprtnMiwlFutu.wiMi
Uluil(iicUbo3lcot pUceagt UitertatttnColoriido.' '
AJJresi ..
'i ,
i fit.

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