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r-'ninAY, RKPTKsinKu , loin.
i m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 m 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 h
County Nws
H-1 H-l-l i 1 M"!-M-H-H-HW-H-H
Mr. J. 8. W'IIfoii returned from
HolllMrr .SprltiK Mondoy,"whrre ho
went to vlult hi brother, W. N. WIN
on, who wan nick at that pin re.
M,r. a ..,, VhU Ml'trped .trpuuln
drprndtwlxr Monday, where lnf lit
tended the funeral ofn nr)lifo, Wri'o
'nWdc(ftft1irnil!lf: lhM)i)l
man' mini w Otiult. in -
Mr I'arksi.ot' llvnry rotintyi
Imn boon vlnltlng her idMer, Mr, it. (i.
Wall returned home Prlday.
Mr M. P Tahter returned from hl
trip to loiltlieril MIourl Tilewdnyl
Mr John Wall returned from
BOUthcrn Mlmourl Wednesday oven
Iiir. Ml Kate ord returned to Mnr
l nil Prlday, after n vMl with friend
t.inr Norton.
II It. HwUher mid Hurry Carrett
ri turned (rum their trip tlmmitli
outhern Mliourl Prlday. The
Keiitlenion were nil favorably liu
preed with the country.
A nmn and hi wife, who ham n
tout picture how uenr the erowlim at
Norton, nro picking up more dlmw
than the fanner tin making thl dry
vi nther.
Mr Jmne liinill returiifd to Imli
puidenru after eernl day vlidt with
li daiiKliter. Mr. H. (I. Wall.
Mr. Jou Hume wa In (MiIc-uko
Uoni Hattirda) until Weilmwlny lat
Mr, Jack I law kin tint! dmiKliter,
P.llzu were In Marvhall Prlday
Mr, ('hitter VaiiWInkle mid Ml
Maud JoIiiimiii were married lat
Mr, Mlllnrd Tnbler and lter Ml
Maud were vhtllliiK In Kanwi City
lnt week.
Mr. Oil I'emberton mid dniiKlitur,
Virginia, Mr. Hurry (larrett and ehll
dren and Mls Dee Ourrett were dlu
tier KU(ln of Mr. A. M. l)lrklou
ntor OrnurvllhvWrdnoHdiiy. ,
Mr. Jdo lledice and Mr. Tout Nu"K-
tin were iit..Mitrt.Iiall Saturday. ,VV
Mr, Lib' and Mr. Cook .were liu
MnrHholl Tuedn.
Mr Harry lllrkmnii mtriulvuV.ilHV
rlinutuuiUK at Marunll .ThurHilny
Mle I.ury nnd I tier. Dowden ol
lllackburn, vlnlled their ulntcr. Mr.
Bell at week.
Mr, I.ewl I lick nut it wit In Mar
fFiutl WedtieKilay.
Mlc Mary llt'due and Allune
Hwllier iittended the oliiiiilumiua
Mr, Wrlnht lllrktuun who ha been
at homo for n vlxlt with hi fiither.
who I a Krnduato of the Mate linker
lty, left for I'HiiiHylvnnln Vilnedy
where he hu a nuhool for tli wllitoi-,
Mr. KlUubeth Dawo and Mr.
Anna Hiiwkln returned lo their houio
In Sluter Monday, after everal week
vllt with Mr. Will I'embertou and
Mr. M. II. awlnher.
Mr. Chat l.uey and wife railed on
Mr nnd Mr. Jack llawkln Thursday
ultemoou while there Mr. Uicy's
home became very lrk and Dr. Welch
Mil ca I letl from larHhall to eo the
hure, which wa able to ko hack to
Marshall that nli;ht.
Mr, John VnnWInkle wn In Mar
hi. all Wedneiitlay.
Mr. David Swhther and wlfo of
Napton were vIhIHiik in thl vnclnlty
last Saturday and Sunday.
Mr, l.eu Sherman entertained tho
young folk at Swisher drove nt n 0
o clock dinner Monday oveultiK.
Mr. mid Mm. Jatnu Odell spent
Sunday ut Wilton Spring.
Ml Lorn Ilowcdl of Nelson I vis
iting her Cousin Catharine nnd
I.orono TowiiHend.
O, V. Hrown purchased a Nvow
Maxwoll car last week, i
Messr. It. II, (5wfnnAW-K
NMcliolson pf( Slaler( FPit Monday at
U. H. Piper.'
Mmr Krnest Odell,' who ha been
very low with typhoid fever I slowly
Miss It one Webb made a week
vlelt with her sinter Mr. Kufluell
Spencer at lndopondece,
Mr, mid Mr. J, K, Hrown nnd son
Arnold and Mr. Turner Ktnbrey
spent Thursday afternoon nt,Jrt, H,
PJplra. '
School opened Monday
i with Mfsse
Ethel and Kothryn Kills loach er3i
Mrs. Torn Prench waB.tr4lnii(befe
Tuesday inornlnR.
Haslmler were married Suturday,
Miss Mary Swlnney nnd Mr. Tom
Frank and Marie Piper and Em
met ltlndsay jspent from Thursday
until Sunday with Arnold Hrown at
CJny Center.
Mr. Charley Jiwlng of slater spent
Friday nltsht at Lon Pipers
Misses Pearl Nolmler and Lucy
Dowden. and Messr. Jowell Howell
nnH Ward Plner Went to Choteau
ISprlriKd Sunday.
Mm. O. (.!. Hrown
nnd ilniiRhtpri
MKna nnd Annie Corlnno pent Friday
nt Mr. A. K. Morrl.
The ChnutaiiKua nt Miiralmll wn
fine quite a few from horn attended.
Messr. Arnold Hrown, lCmniet
l.lnday Chnrlej nnd Prnnk I'lper
were Mnrhnll callers Huturday.
Mlf Pretla I.elnikuhler returned
home one dy lat week after n few
day visit with her brother Lewi of
, ,,Mps, Jtuby Pplnde.xter of Arrow
Hock npont ' Prlday hlKhtfnt Mix.
Alitluir Dlckdrt'. ' ""
Mmi iNi'M'i'nr wtMt ysk..Jn
ffl0l,, ,M" . ...!
iilMr. nnd wlr. .) Plimf, Mnrle
nnd Ixjrene were kiii) Sunday nt J.
K. Hrown.
"(itorg'j llooth nnd family of
waukie, Win., itru vlltliiK
I'lill Iteltlgiihach and other relative,
0. K. WIIIiiiIiir and Otto Iteltleti
linch uMit to Ktdorado SprliiK Sat
urday on hiislni!.
1 Henry I.oiik I quite III.
Henry WIIIiiiIiik nnd ulster nnd
MIk llernlere Klteheii attended the
Chautauiua at Murhall Prlduy.
.1. WehliiKer, wile nnd little miii
leturned to their home In Kiiiihh
( lly Sunday nftei hputidlni; it few
day wltli relative hero.
I'hll Thlerfelder ol I'orfit llreon
t'piut ii lew day hint week with hi
lather. (1. Thlerfelder.
Irvln Cnulield, wllo mid baby of
Milwaukee, VI are vIhIHiik In thl
Henry Hle)ter of Charlton ! (uni
ty anil Mr. AiiHrlint of Kaiiu City
itre HpnndliiK n few day with Mr,
l.i tin Sleylr.
Mr. A. J. HeneRnr ha leturned
from her trip and tiy he had it
flue time.
Claude Mnrkhury wiih vI1iIiik In
thl nnlKhborhood hint week.
Mr. nnd Mr. Steve Keehart went
to Norton Sunday.
MIk Irene Mnuplii who liu been
IhIiIiik her Mrandinotlmr. went linino
,M.r3. (..!.. IteppeiihnKen wa call
tiRilh thl neighborhood Sunday.
(;' Ml Mururet Keehnrt upend
Ink' a few day with her mint, Mr.
'.I(ll:e Webur.
Ml l.ucy Cuiidirr i III at prexeut.
Will Shorn while rultliiK corn
liuit TiK-Hilay hail the inlsfiirtiiin to
cut a kiiiiiII Knh on ouo of III limb
Jurt below the knee. He I very 111.
The Autlocli mid Salt Pond
ftchool have iolponed their opculiiK
on lucoiinl of the well beliiK dfy.
Mil Ada .KIiik will tearh tint Antl
och chOnl -and MU Kthel WIIhoii
Sajl I'onil.
The Miller Mchool lieKnu Moadny.
.iitt Clark tenchcr. '
Arthur Cox and family of Hurudon
and Ml Kthel WIIhoii priit Sunday
nt Win. Cox'.
Mr. Shi Hurk and
MIk Murle, urn vIhIHiik
KmiKn City thl week.
friend In
Mis lone U'Ihiin! npent lust week
lu MnrHhnll vIhIHiik; MU Viola
Auir, mid attended the chutitnmiun.
Mr. Dnvo Hlack who ha ' been
vIhUIiik relative In Vlntiuln the lnt
three month ha returned to her
M. I.. Prnncl attended the-thiiu-tnii(iin
nt Mnrhall lnt week.
Hoyd llakur attended the
tnii(iin at Marhall la week.
Tho ToxnB Wonder cureH kidney
and bladdor trouble, dissolves Rruv
ul, cures diabetes, weak mid lamo
backs, rheiimntlHin mid all trrcKUlnri
tie of thu kidneys and bladdor In
bothnicntjinU women. HoRijlntefi
bladdor troubles In children, ff lictt
f3T your drtiRRlst will bo
o ohl! by
mnr on rccoipt or si.oo, one Hninii
bolpejVjjiwji.tvV..' trontn.on?
Heldom falls to iicrfoct, n cure
or .MisHouri lestuuoniuiH. in. n. w.
tinll, i'J'.'fi Ollvo street, St. I.oula,
Mo. Sold by driiRglsts.
I4()l,l POU $1.10 AN ACUK.
Tho heir of tho late J. T. Fur-
roll Bold 80 acre of land situated
:i 1-2 mllos east of Sweat Springs
last w.osk .toi JohuVoKplmeyej (or
I . 0 Vy 'niV hutm coijslstB
of 95 acres In all well Improved'
condition. There in a C-room (f$vlU-
lnp house, two good wells of water, a
nice orchard, also Rood out buildings
and Is considered one of tho best
farms around Sweet Springs. Dur
ing tho Uepubllcan administration It
would easily have brought ?12.' per
-: - USE
There ha been, 8( inun.h,npprehnn-
!,, ,, nil.iproUnnlon h to con-
ditliuiH nt tho w'ltt' work that I
want In make tin'' foll6vlil ntnte
ineiit, that the people inny know tho
actual ultuntion:
There are two refcertolr or holding
tnnk Heventeeu feet dik'p; during
lair week, when there Were hbouf two
hundred extrn horP to water, In ad
dition to the crowd" of pertple, thn
water In tho reservoir w' lowered
to iiliio feet, and hn ttoCbncn lower
than that, l.nst Prlduy thrihft wn bo
trrfen twelve and thlrt'eu feet, n Rain
of about four feet alnco the fair. The
Allen flro of Sunday lowered the wn
ter otto foot, nnd thern I now
feet In the reservoir.- One of the
well In not dotiiR fdll duty tit thl
time, iih the strainer I c1okIiii? up
and need cleaning, hut Inm winter
(hern W'ii one new wlt made, nnd ouo
of (he old one wa pullod nnd u new
Klrnliier put In, no that then nro more,
r.cod W'dU In ime at till (line, dolilK
btttnr service, probably, than for sov.
uial year. There htm not been nuy
dntiRer thl year of n water famine,
and I want to relieve the fear of the
piuplo to that extent, but tit the sntnn
time want to caution them not to
wnstn the water, a ti t.vrh of flro
hucli n that of Sunday nllRht rnupu n
ury Horiuii condition. In thM connec
tion I mn roIiir to nk every citizen
of Hie town to coiiRldrr himself er-
pirially appeuled to Riiard iimilnst
fire, (dean thn trush away from Im
mediately uround nil bulldluR, and
Ket the leave and other tieeulatiou
off thn roof ni.d out of the valleyu
nn tl Riitter; do not Htnrt a flro In the
yard or nny where else tinleiw you
are absolutely ure you can control
It. lly tliornt nnd other precaution wo
can avoid the lire, mid If we do not
have thn lire there will be no trou
ble n to the water supply.
K. II. MITCIIP.I.lV Mayor.
JHPPintsoN citv, :.:o auk. :i.
State Auditor John 1. (lordon, so-
c rut ury of the Ntutu board of eiunll
rntlon, today completed the work of
iixtendliiK the valuutlonii of the pub-
Hr ervl(e corporation for the taxes
for ihl year.
Tim total taxable valuation of the
property or thu corporation I $188
71.7, r.lll.n", nn Increase ir $"00.
101.114 over hist year. Thl IncteiiKu
I norinal mid repreucutH about tho
tame ratio of lncruu-4iltteHi'''i-tiiuut
of the real mid pnrnonnl pro
perty of Hie late. uWA
Thu hulk of the liicrtasuifnllH on
nilhvivin and tidcphoiirfccihipniiloti
()( Hio railroad the Kiiiimh City
Southern draw thn- larRust iiicrense
Hill lf1 I II Hill "P ltU IHI f YJ V IIIMI II
of vufiiattnu of any, J.S:t,07(., wl
tint rti!cn;6. MIlwauKcn'ii ti'.' Pa
nectuwl, t'.i.l 72, mid -thw-Mlsrourl,
Kmisnji & Texim thlrjJ.vlULjin In-
trense of $:iKO,:i:i7,on. ,
Tho MIbhoiiiI Pacific ha the larK
est total valuation of nuy of tho
railroad lu the state, i .
The KnuHim City Terminal Hall-
road Ret un Increased valuation, of
HS7..m. ; ;
Thu valuation of thn Prilled flail-
way Company of St, I, oiWh "remains
about the Kiiine. tho lucrUAku, thl
year luduR only I OH. 1 0, and tho
Metropolitan Street ltullviiy,,of Kan-
sn City Is Increased in,'j:iC.U0
Tho Hell Company I hit harder
than any of thu other tolophouo cor
poratloiiH. Its IncrcuBO linluH S4fl','
flSU.OS. Tho next InrRest .InnrcDHO Is
tlmt of thu MIsHourl and Kiiiibiih
Hryau Wilson a younR lud of the
county, northeast of MuralmjL.nl'oiH
C mile, hud the bad luck to cut
.lee,. gnh on 1.1 leK
XorlftnWhhMPld. 118 4aVf?rcluRhi
- Hu imu.iu.uiu.uiuiu.ni.-iiw.Ai vi
AWfWVj;!ffMlW b"
note that the young man' Inju
j-y I
not serious,
Vlre Chief Chns. WooJ (lQ.rQrir)8 u
that thnro wero thirteen fires ami
alarms during tho month of Aukulrtti
This Is a ..record brenkor nnd li tfcV
coiiTitcd 1 rW lly (lio exlrdnfo' hot Jve
I'lIU U lUd t4 UI4 o.oilTl.
tun. iMi. l villi UIim KUi.
Taltfi m albsr. llur mf ymuv
it a
The Important event of the week
wn President Wllfion's tnessiiRe to
congreB on Mexico. It wa well re
folded throughout the country mid
tho KovcrmnenC polity of Motili
ties to Mexico, and desire to help
her restono order, yet with a firm
dcterinlantlon to, protect American
rlvht. excltetl'' general approval
even In Jingo publication; u '
Scientists from nil part of the
world nWmhIcd at Huffnlo, N, V
for, the fourth luternntional conRre
on school hRleiie. Scliool buildings
nnd their equipment wn tho Reernl
topic of discussion, The hookworm
d Incuse In the south wn discussed
a a world problem. The dlscnsa wa
declared to huye no eiiial lis mi In
direct causu of death.
The Keokuk power dam wa de
dicated In tllo presi'nce of official
representative of Missouri and lowr.
'mill thousand of spectotor..'Tho 'do
Mention was , ptycceilcd by a parade
n tulle Ioiir. There were it number of
nddremte and a powerboat regatta,
Slavery exist Uiroughout the Phi
lippine, even lu Manilla, mid peon
age I general according to n special
eport Commissioner Dean WorceH-
ter liu made to the Insular govern
ment. Filipinos lu part of tho Isl
and, hu nay, capture children mid
Hell them Into slavery. Some tire sent
to China, where they nro dresed In
tile nutlve fashion
Ml JosnIo Wilson, daughter ol
President Wilson, while riding with
her (lance Fraud II. Sayre, nt Whlti
Itlver, Vt., wa thrown from her
homo and wu uuiousclou for up
ward of half mi hour, but her Injur
ies urn not serious.
President Wilson hn let It he
known that It wilt he Impossible for
tho mlmlnlHtralloii to assent to tlir
li.tngr lu the currency bill that
hove been demanded by thn Chicane
banker conference, because the
liniiKOH asked are utterly Inconsist
ent with tho principle on which the
administration been li iih been drawn.
Wheat grown on Mlsnotirl reclaim
ed land, sample of which wero soul
by rciUoi;t of John II. Nolcu, com
missioner of laud rcclalmallou to a
dlstlURuUhed English Hour mumi
factitrer, hnvu bviin pruumincau by
him to he of tho highest iiunllty pro
duced lu thn world,
Missouri National (luardsmen, In
a n nu ul cncmnpiuqt)t ut Nevada, Mo,
had n sham Jmttty, .under tho obser
vation or Pulled State military offi
cer. At the rnvlnwiof tho third rudi
ment wa pronounced tho cruck vo-
glmunt, and tin second next In order
of oxcolli'iito.
rim strike of r,0U(i miner In the
Plat Itlver lead belt of Missouri wa
settlod on the basis of a 2ft cents u
day Increase lu tho wuno Hcalo. In
lino of recognition of the union the
miner nctocd that all differences
hereafter nrlslnj; shall bo referred
lo tho stute board of arbitration.
Tho miner had domanded nu In
cranso of CO cents ti day.
An election at St. Joseph, Mo., by
which It was sought to recall Mayor
Charles A. Pfelffer resulted In Pfelf-
fer retaining his sent by a majority
of GT9 votes. John A, Hroudol, coun
cilman, wn his opponent. Tho at
tempt to recall tho mayor wa thu
result of alleged unjust taxes In thu
matter of Kottllng tho assessment for
Prospect Park. It was tho first recall
election ovor hold In Missouri.
Harry K. Thaw, slayer of Banford
j gulnod m tpranorary itulvantil
,t lils Jlglit fct Shorbrookq, qin-J
i.IC 'V 1 .V.-
IKUIIIBb UU11IK ll'lUlllt'U lli if(U
V lSfn'c8J',1Wn Judgo' Arthit'r'
itiky o'(4tho BuperloK'cpurt n'l-
ntnlmniitt v n'fthn isiinnrl
, T,, (
lowed withdrawal of tho application
for n habeas corpus writ and denied
tho rlglit or Now York to bo ropros
ontcd by counsel, This action loft
Thaw lu Jail, whero ho Is ror tho
time lmmuno from deportation. How
ever Jerome a sudden coup bo
cures tho Issuance of a second writ
oj,,)iubo.n8LiCoruuBcaiid- wins, fight to,
put Thaw In coUrt;)wlacn'nlay result
In his deportation to Now York a,
an eaWddy?1'"'
. At next yoar's election in Missouri
a United States sonaior will bo elect
ed to succeed William J. Stono. There
...II, 1 1.. 1 . n .1 .fl n.. r.r.
W ill UlSU UU tSICViCU au vuiibiuoaiiiuu, i
d stato superintendent of public'
schools, a Judge of tho supremo court
'18 ,',fl?OiCn?r8 aM lh0 n,on,iborI,
.; n ti
Eiijw toirffo
Irf'fover tho largest bank I
tux cli On In jtlm history of tho north
west nggregatlnR mora than $000,000
will bnliegun by the stato of Minne
sota. -jooiLflKftlnut tho (Ireat North
ern and the Northern Pacific Coin-
.utili'a."llT bill' r.0,000 of tho sum
Is charged, against the former com
pany. T8 B ' "
the national nsnoclnllon or letter'
carrier HM(t It nineteenth nnhutil
onjotitlqtt Joji, Frauclsco, Cnl.
Thenuworwilnoru.tlian JOOft.delrfftteBJ
ojidi vUltorn Im.ittteiidauce, -
The doom or the red race I forc
t en, nnd foretold by tho Indian census
Indian census Just Issued by tho
governiiienl: The Indian rncc I dis
appearing, not by death, but by
amalgamation with tho white. Sum
ming up the Indian situation the gov
ernment expert nay: "thu full blood
are detdluM to form a decreasing
proportion or the Indian population
and Ultimately to disappear altoget
her." A tho liidtuu Intermarry
more and more with thu whites tho
proportion of Indian blood will grow
smaller nnd munllcr until thu quant
ity will lie negligible mid tho men
will have disappeared.
According to figure gathered by
the Journal of tho American Medical
Association, :i'j persons died In -Hh
of July .cilehratlon thl year. In 1P0II
there wero lfi0 death. The nonfatal
Injuries thl year were I. IHI n
npalnst !M7 lu 1!I 2, and n.9SM lu
IH0.1. Mnru'thnn 10 per cent of nil
tnsiinltlu were In Peimsylvnln, which
reported i'j I Injured Iticludlng nlno
ileath; or this number 340 occurred
lu Philadelphia,
SnfoNt laxative for Wiiinen
Nearly ov6r' woman need a Rood
laxative. Dr. King's Now I.lfo
PIH(,uro g'qod becnuso they nro
prompt, safe,, and do not ruuso pain.
Mm, M. C, ixiulap or I.eadlll, Teni...
mn: "Dr. KIiir'h Now Life I'lll
liilpotl hdr trouble greatly." Oct
a box kodny. Prleo, ssc. HnciuT
mended by p. II, Franklin. adv.
Several from thl nnuhhnrhood ut-
tended the cljautaiKiua tho past week
which was n ureal nieces mid every
ouo t u Joyed It.
M,lr-ldiv,iind runny Kldd nnd cou-
(In, MIk lloyld Mpeut Monday with
Mr. Allison mid daiuhter.
Horn to Mr. nnd Mr. II. T. Prura of
licnr Nu'pton Saturday niornliiR if
baby rIVI. '
SitvnrnI or thu joiiiik peot.lu or this
nclRlihrl'iood.. ntteidQd tho soclul
sathorljiriAVulucsduy , nlwht -.ntttitv
lomo tlfil.Mp.'mtd Mr WAnkilCIdd
and fumlly lu the honor of Miss
lloyldiot Texas, who are their Riiests
at iirflsent. They nil reported n
Hue tlnio. '
Mr. Addto Ponce mid Mr. Wil
liams' npenfa row minutes with Mr.
Dick Wlllums Prlduy.
Mm. .Ilntty t, Hrown or Marshall
visited relative lu this neighborhood
V'r, .'J,,fV. WrlRht or near Wilton
SprliiK;'-wlio has boon very sick, Is
not Otivall at thl wrltltiK.
Mrrf."FroiU Kldd and daiiRhtori,
Mlssen Ida & Fanny and their guest,
Miss IJoyld wero dinner Riicst Frlaay
vHhM'r. J1, W. WrlRht. Mrs, Storr
Joo(V Mrs. Wrlfiht nml lior KtiestB In
thn, afternoon.
Several or thl neighborhood went
ori a liny rldo Monday nluht to Mar-8hall-'mul4kttendod
tho chautauqua.
'Miss Mauflo Lewis and Mies Lock
ft'bb'ilHgo 'of1 Marshall spent Wednes
day n.tyht lth Misses Ida and Panny
hnMr,Kd3nr...MprHhi called p ,tlm ifalr
Mxifiunday nftuniooU In this uejh-
li oaufinnii,;HV in.'i'irifAVT'"''
1 1 ,11(1"' i -no
,W, "v ; ;v ,i
rner mm sou, Marry,- or
Kftnsaii City oponod up a new restaur
nnt. lu tho old Nichols stund, 157
Scuth Lnfayetto.
'fJbire'tb n ror Job work.
Dcafncs3 Cannot Eo Cur
,y, Ijrill uivlt'ull ., tf. U.-j i. u'jut l.tui,
uWxtrA 'it -ta
t.fInylll,""l'''1, ',,r''" """e
ntoio itiru Uu
tuiuKit r in. i. ,rii. i. hu.
I.iu-- I
MJM"Uirhonutii.i.w. i (.r.leti.i t
U tlltlt llf-iull'l t II. U A '
4 :il In il.-iiri; I r ' ' '
I ti I i i rtruui ! i
r t
, ! -I i r i i
rt- ' i I' t r in '
( re. f-i1 t r.e c.ti
Bji'-tV,rrt:!.t. t:c
,.l"lnviruu, I mi It r r1"!' f r"iii.llitloit
h hi m m n 1 1 i m.i n m
E pride ourselves on carry-!
ing advance styles. Ourf
new selection of
t is now on view
:: and. Stiff hats the latest touches of-
style and the sound
jociatcd with the Stetson name all over
the world. Come see them today.
$3.50 to $5.00.
We also carry THE NO NAME and other
intakes in all the new
: please everybody. It
Pyour .elections here
Knew styles we are showing.
$1,50 to
North Side Square,
LA PLATA, Mo., Auk. JO. Itufti-
fil by a Wabash Itallroad conductor
to open a streot crossInK iiero1 jittrjr,
It Hnd berii bl6cl(e'd by a frclkht
train several .minute last rtlknl indV
resWit IK dei lli" Tor thu conductor.
Saniuct Tiqiijil. ilRlit wutehninn. was
arreted, today charRud with shoot-
Iiir OcorRa Mulnlx, tho conductor.
Mulnlx'H wounds nro daiiRorous.
According to Thomas' ntory, nfter
ho frelRlit train had blocked thrnu
treet crosslnR flftcun minutes ho or
dered Mulnlx to oboy n city ordln
unco mid cut tho tain, Mulnlx ho said
cumcd him, and In tho striiRRln that
followed between tho conductor, n
brukeman and hlmsolf the watch
man's revolver was discharged.
Where to! for the Summer I
Boston New York New England
Detroit New Jersey Canada
Principal Summer Resorts in America's Tourist Districts
favored .with great railroad reductions. a!J8iimmer;f)
ii JU UM V I ....
'JiJ-J I J 1
To "Gay Broadway" and Conpy Island
To the White Mountains and Bar Harbor
To Atlantic City and Aabury Park
To Muakoka Lakes, Highland of Ontario and all
Canada. These arc
-;.-.5lg8ipe REDUCTIONS
;JfUchJower than tusual. It ilPTpay youJJpiTieure jjth
us'iiaplanrii'nB "your summer vacation! Tickets on'i!
' sale June 1, 1013, to September 30, 1913.
'. further particulars call upon
0. E. HAWTJJORNE, Ticket Agent,
Chicago & Alton R. R., Marshall, Mo
n i hm i-i-i n u n h-h-h i 1 1 1
Stetsons for Fall
-4 r -t nil 1 r C.aL
jlvjlj diocks in oorr
quality that is as-
shapes and colors to :j
is easy for you to make
from the big range of
Marshall, Missouri
"n""" l i n n ri rrn" rriTi ri 1,
SKDALIA, Mo., AUR, 29. Tho 8o
dalla Park Hoard Iiuh solVcd thu pub
lic, dau'eo problem, A.dancQ (a Riven
uhcIi Tlturrdny niRht. Iiiitho now Con
votttioif I fill 1 lit : Liberty' Prffk1.' Hach
tittiii or'wom'aii dancing ;layn a nickel
' Thn nlluiibor of ,0jo Park; Hoard,
conslstliiR or Dr. ' W. J. Forsunon,
president; K. II. Wallaco, socrctury,
nnd A. 1). Stanley, treasurer, with
their wives, nlways aro an hand to act
ns chnporAns, A band concort pro
ccods tho dnnce.
The rocelpts last nlRht wero $tit.
Tho board Ih nrranRliiK to put on n
vauduvlllo show in the near future.
The park Is n money-makor, Inotcnd
of boliiR mi expenco to the city.
, . . ,, 4,.,. . n.l a. .,,.
A r.nu on nun
nYgentS".' -I"
i,. i r oili ban i
iicladlyiauote lowest
ii,l4tt rtVrtiV Km n li-ltl'l l

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