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mi DAY, SEPTKMIlEIt 12, injn.
paor rtrw
You Can Go to
At Small Expense
Tickets on Sale Daily"
September 25 to
October 10, 1913
Rock Island Tourist Cars
offer the maximum of comfort at a
minimum of cost. Three best routes
via El Paso, direct route of lowest alti
tudes via Colorado and Salt Lake City,
route of scenic wonders.
Personally conducted excursions, dining
car service.
Rates mid literature on request
General Paneniter Aent
Topeka, Kan.
Fayette Young shipped n enr toad ol
cuttle Friday nlBht from Norton.
Mr. Carter of Fnlrvlllo has accept
ed u position with Mr. Hawkins fu
tlio store at thin place.
Mr. Jnnicu Hickman was In Mar
hIiiiII Wudncsday.
Messrs J. H. Wilson, Will I'embcr
ton and James Ulckmau wcro In
Slater Thursday.
llcujnnil.i and Virginia rombcrlot'
nttonded tlio circus at Marshall
Harry (larrult and fumlly attended
the circus Thursday. , 4
Miss Mary Hinds of Mt. Washing.
' tbri Is visiting relatives near heroi .
It. moro favored localities. Prime
heavy steors sold at $9.i'0today,
and whllo" propchecy for a" rise In
September has not been verjflejlj It
Is Btlll Indulged by coiiiinlnnloii in em
Kansas grass cuttle sell to killers at
$(.G0 to $7.90, nunrantlno steers
S5.25 to tC.GO, somo corn fed quar
antines today at $G."G to $7.60,
butcher stuff sells well, and veal
calves are higher, best at $10.00.
Hosb turned upward mlddlo of last
week, nnd continue tholr courc to-
ay. 16 hlBher, receipts 6000 Or1
dcr buyers make n runaway niarkoj
11 tho opening each day, paying
8.80 to SS.'jr, which Is a good today
packers paying $8.40 to $8,90 for
ho hogs they secured. Local prices
ro running well above othor river
itolnts' and also above Chicago, nc
rount of tho strong order demand
Sheen nnd lambs broke badly first
half of last week, but have held
steady since, Including to-day, re
celnts to-day 12000 to-dny. Good to
holce Utah lamlm bring $0.90 to
f 7.50, oweB around $3.00 to $1.00,
feeding lambs $0.50 to $G.m. Mi
Ives usually lack quality, and sell
roinowhat under these prices.
J. A. Itltkart.
Market Correspondent.
u4 per cent; number 01 siock cuue
on uirtus, V.i per cent. It I estimat
ed that 21 per cent of the cattle have
been disposed of owing to drouth.
No doubt, much of this was "star
ooarder" stulf that needed to go.
With good prices prevailing nnd with
imetluuut ceding out tnero haB
uceu no sucrl.lco or loss Irotn thU
Attguit Win Unfiiviiiitblo Month I'or
MNoourl I'miner ltnliifiill Mglit
A. '9en;nr of Mt. Leonard, called on
iTJfcfihart Friday afternoon.
" Mrs. L. J. Ilasse Is visiting Mrs. Kd.
We haifiiulto n refreshing shower
Monday und Tuesday
Misses Mary and Vera VanwhiKtc
were in Marshall Thursday.
MUs Vera returned homo last week
from 11 three weeks visit with frlonds
In Mexico.
Mesirt Hedges nnd Garrett shipped
n load of hogs Monday.
August wus an unfavorablo month
nr llnrt farmers, vet there will
bb neither want nor famine. In the
aco of dlscouragcmetitn, made all
tho moro notlcoablo becauso of the
MT. lil'ONAItU
Dr. I. W. Tultlo and family return
ed uitcr a trip to Colorado and Utah.
Lloyd Cort. wlto and mother ana
their gitcal. Miss Mnudo Wcuvir 01
Miami attended tho tlamum and
atty circus at .Marsnall In their car.
ltev. Uaxter of Liberty, Mo., preach
ed here Sunday morning and evening.
Ilo will preach ugaln In two weeks.
Miss Maudo Woavor returned home
Hundav alter spending a week with
luluthe here.
School opened Monday ntornlm
with a good uttendencc. C. L. Urlmes
In tho teacher this year.
Judson llrlghtwell ot Marsholl was
r guest Friday of bis parents hero.
Mrs. Alma Lynch und daughter,
LortMiP, spent puvernl days lust week
Mulling Irlcnds In Marshall.
Mrs. Frank Keys bus been n guest
for tho past two weeks of her parents
Mr. und Mrs. Coyner.
.Inmes llrlggs has purchased him
self a now nutomoblle and will be
able to make his mull toute In short
Charley Buyers and family were
guests of relntlves In Sweet Springs
Mrs. 8. K. Dowdcn of Kansan City
-Pegoud,. n French aviator, "looped
the loop" at a height of 1G00 feet
In his arcoplano r.nd safely decended.
When ho had ascended about 3,000
fi'ct ho turned tho noso of his mach
ine earthward. After plunging loon
fret at fruitful rapidity, he Mtl'tel
his rudder and caused the hrdttpl Pie
to turn rompleto vertical circle. r.ie
muchlnv then, glided downjn a hum
.ttilrul and nllKhtcd isently. ' He re
peated the performance the next d-iy.
Ifctrki ludo Strong Kltlni'j
UN Ou-rcclcil.
m.m m mm w - JLm-
"Blue" Feeling
WlM TM t Ml
cewsged ns4 H tM
werM seems to fee
yew system a wi
ef telegraphing yon Utat something Is WRONG aad neeels WBL
Ilmybothtyourlhrrit!iTd nnd refoses to work, or rent
OlgcutWfl organ haim h.ul too much to lo and nred care. Perhaps
you ha ycn Lnir wtctih k Ind of fwl, nd your blood is too
rich or bnpovcrialiti Wkjti. you neoU U a tonfo.
Dr. piercon QoMem Medical Discovery
will Klve llm f nulrf il nos th o-itlro'ytss.!, Tho wek stomach U
nude tlnnVg. lh-lli. . with tiew' U( Th blood It clsnI of sll
lmpurilpsandcnrrlstincwMlhalthtdoVGry.t!n and'aerr and mutela and
organ 01 111 c uoay. no nuire uuacx ii
the "tluef." Ufa I iofhi worth whlio
again, and hope tali J.laco of dtspalr.
Intttt on aettlnff Dr. PScrcc'a
M lioincn Medical iitcovcri.
lltdUat Attociatitm. Buffalo, Y.
the moro noticoau.e occauso o 1. Mri nm,
(allure of tho early Reason promise of j' u
a bumper crop, thorn prevails titt op- nm, iMmt
iltnlsm and determination , most com-1 f t,
mendable. This fcbllug Is rellectel "
In most of the rcporU from corres
iiondcute. notwithstanding that In ev
cry county of the stato thero was a
Itov. C T. Wallaco iircacho.1 hi
last sermon here Sunday It eud.u
the conference year.
Miss Frances Ileagcr spent Iron
Thursday until Sunday In Scdnlla
1 tonkins Tuesday.
MUs Kvn Shcpurd loft this week fot
Wnrrcnsburg where she will attend
cry county or tne state mem "I,....,.,.., .1,1. y..nr
,-,ng o.f in crop condition, during,"" r MIWred
August. At Columbia tho rainfall i viinM w..r,
t t.-.lnn fnVfl.tl(1 U'l.ri ffltfWlt ,1
- Illlll .I1B I.UIIU .... .V.M " " - n "
lor the month wus uuV ., , MarrtwU lnl week
inch as compared with 4.91 Indict .
ast year, 1.9C Inches In 19ll( 1.0(
nehes In 1901, and 3.01 Inches ns
i ormal for August. Tho blghost tern
f, - - -
Minn Lula lilckmau. who lias, been
vciy sick for euvcrnl weeks It ablo to
bo up again.
Mrs. Otis Fomberton and daughter,
Virginia spoilt Saturday night and
Huuduy with friends In Slater.
'1'rofeiaor nrltton nnd wife of 5l
I.nnl county, nrrlvcd last Week ailC
will board with Mr. and Mrs. Itobort-
I.ylo nKaln this wlntor, whllo Mr.
Ilrlttou Is teaching tho Mt. Horcb
Mr. Thomas Nugen was In Marshal
Saturday: 1 ' '
Mr. Cliarllo IrVln was In 'this .tucl
'nlty1 Friday. '' '' ,
t Mr, Tomes Dawes was' in 8later
Mr. Klddor, a former clerk at Nor
ton, loft Wednesday.
As It was show day tho Hummer
stopped at Norton Thursday night,
thoro was a larRo crowd on tho Hum
mer und Plug.
Miss Nottlo Loulso Swlshor will
attend tho Slater high school.
Miss D09 Garrett of. Marshall ro
ttirnod homo Tuesday alter a visit
with her brother, Harry Garrett, otic"
other relatives.
Mr. Mltchot or Marshall Is In our
neighborhood with his clovor hullo:
and Is gottlng out a quantity of seod.
U la predlctod that clover seod will
not bo so high next year.
Mrs. Joo . Hedges and daughter.
Miss Mary wore guests of Mr. Adam
Sneer and family Thursday,
-ncnjamln Pomberton, naymond
Hull and Oeorgo Ilhoador will attend
the Slater high school this winter.
Doroty nnd Dorrls nro the namor
decided on for tho twin girls of Mr.
and Mrs. Will Pomberton.
Mr. aoo Swlshor of Marshall jftuj Jn'
1 'olir nelBhtfcfHrfWA' Sundays r, , i ,
Mrs. nobort Lylrf'aiiU daughter
,,'3llk v'addfix rh lii'arshallatur!
, ,day, Kll4 ffid'die will' attend the
high schoob.at Marshall again thlv
Mr. Irvln of Marshall Is having o
now houso-biillt on his farm south of
Mr. C. II. Hickman nttonded tho
show Thursday.
Miss Kthol Farloy of Kansas City
returned to her homo Sunday alter a
: twoVweexs Jvlslt with her ststfrsr
Madams Saaber and Young
rM... Iim i.i. ....rnturn rirnritoil wna lOii UORrOCS
IJIUIU 11 IIUIIIUI.I l,W,ll ..V... v rviH..v ' "
tended llio ctmutauqua at niackhun. on the 7th, but on eleven days dur-
Mlsa Vclmu Tredwuy of Kansas .Iftsr tho month it was iou ucgrccs or
Cltv.is vlsltlmr at M. F. Carmcdnj. Imore
Lloyd Cort und wife and MImci
l'&ullno nnd Lous Muy Gentry unc
Lorcna Smltherniun drove over tc
Miami Sunday In tho former's fur.
o Mrs. Sam Fulkeraon and Mrs. A.
P. Ileagcr were shopping In Sweel
Springs Thursday.
T. A. Davis went to Colorado
Springs last week he will return this
week accompanied, by hlH wlfo who
has boou visiting - thoro for three
weeks x
Mrs. A. P. nongcr nnd Mrs. Sam
Un TVnn Ttoucnfcld went tc
Drunswlck last Thursday to visit hot
brother, It. C. Plttman and family fot
Bovcral days.
O. W. Llttlo Is creeling a modorn
All over Marshall you hear It.
Doan's Kidney Pills' are keeping up
thu good work, curing weak klJueys,
driving away backache, corrcctlnn
urlnai y Ills. Marshall people art
telling about It telling of bad
backs mode nojind ugaln. You can
bellevo the testimony of your own
(townspeople. They tell It' tor the
benefit of you who nro suffering. I,
your back aches, If you feel lamo
soro and inferable, If the kidney nc!
loo frequently, or pasiaRes ure puin
ful, scanty und off color, ubo Donn'f
Kidney Pills, tho remedy that lm
helped so many of your friends and
neighbors. Follow this Marshal
cllbun'a advice and give Doan s f
chnticu to do thu sumo for you.
Mrs. Mary K. llcntley, G8G W
Washington St., Marshall, Mo., says
"Three yo.irs ago 1 suffered froit
kidney and bladder complntut whld
made mo 'veak and run down. Tin
l.ldney action was Irromilar. I usei
one hoic of Doan's Kidney Pills It
1909 and received n euro. I can
now sny that theror has never been n
recurrence of my complaint."
For sale by nil dealers. Prlco 50
rents. Fostor-Mllburn Co., Buffalo
New York, role agents for the 1'iiltfr
Ilomcmbcr . tho namo Donn s-
nnd tako tiQ.othor. . sept G-12 ud
Notice Is hereby given that letters
of administration on the nstnto of
Jacob II. Fisher, deceased, were
trnnted to the understKtied, on the 18
day of August, 1D13, by tho Probate
Court of Saltnu County, Missouri.
All persons having claims against
laid estate are required to exhibit
them to me for allowance, within six
months nUer tho dato of sold letters,
or they may bo precluded from any
benefit of such estate; and If such
lalms be not exhibited within Clip
year from the date- of tho last Inser
tion of tho publication of this notice
hey shall bo forever barred.
First Insertion, August 29, 1913.
Fourth Insertion, Sept. 19, 1913.
FOIt SALK: Short Horn milk cow,
fr-sh In October. Irs. Lllllc Scott
117 South Redman. Cow In Mrs.
C'poney's pasture.
Com Itcnorts from tho .114 coun-
tics of tho stato place tho condition i
of corn at 41.8, a loss of 29 points i
for tno montn. uno year aR . i,t farm.
180.3. and tho total state yio.u tor vlclnll
attended tho show nt Marshall Thurn
Miss Sadie Jackson of Illnckburn
... . . . . . . i . i
... , . tiiiaiiiiiin cr is .invmu ijiit
Fulkorsou wcro dinner guests at, antral. 41: South'vest. 3: wJjo rMl, Mrl( nl , nrr
liev. J. 1. unuiu uiiu u ..v .nun, ,iivru v . o.l,. l.n Mnmlnv.
..... . . II I . L 11 U J1WIU SViiwwi .
pttratlvely l. lo uamaSo c..c ... Jotjtcpino Honke returned
tho season, tho crop ,.ui fore 1 "ea'l Clty Saturday after sever
during AiisuM. TheW lnuuch too nitv
' - . . . . . i ' iv(D ((IV "
corn, lit river Thn ,,, of ,., 0,ics can be
i.... rv niTnti nnii inrr ' .7..
lhat voar was 2 ta.OOO.OOO. buslwln.
rendition of corn oiivSeptonibcr 1,
r.a ruportcd by crop division soctlons.
shows: Northartst, 43; Northv;et, 4
tucBts ut J. H. Coulters Sunday
Mr. und Mrs.'.H. '.C Terroll left
Tuesday fort vlidt In Illinois.' '
. Mr. and Ira. Luther Curmcati o
3weet Springs spent Sunday at 'v, F
It. A. Carmean of Slater has I ee
visiting homofolks.
Mrs. Sybil Wood spout Sundir
"ionic of Geo. Davis.
Hugh Smith nnd wlfo spont Sundn)
it T. A. Smith
refused to b operated
on, the morning I heard
about Cardul," writes Mrs.
Elmer Slcklcr, of Tcrrc
Haute, Ind. "I tried Car
dul, and It helped me
greatly. Now, I do my own
washing and Ironing."
, , h ,i Z J hardly mak nU mtt BP
upland lelds that will hdl t makr , , h h , ,, Icom, ,
good fodder. Tho crop Is very poo r nf ,
In tho counties south of tU-MUwurl . vu (J Ebor,
ver na bordorlnB . . o ncnr 'nm, fmlly of near Slater Sunday, v
eas. Henton nnd tho counties to tiif ,.. . . ,,,,,, fnr
touth hnvo also been hard hit. North
T. A. Hmltns. of tho Miesuurl river ,ne Krea.o- n of 6ac,.c,,or
Miss Maud Lear took charge of uor,,ack 0f rain has been In Atidrnln Pd 1 n Kr((, ,,M,
Ome Mumtc Washer
S Buy IT
Front the Dealers named in this a J.
Tlis is tho famous washer that runs
hht and washes clothes clean.
"ThU machtno It guaranteed a(plntt
all defects In material and notkmanihlp.
All defeei've patti replaced FREE.
It li further guaranteed to wash clothes
clean, easier, quicker and to run lighter
than aJiy other machine"
Manufactured by
jNE RIBMUTE MFG. CO., Newton, Iowa
Arrow Hook
llUi-ktHi n
Urn tut n
Mull IIoimI
M.ltn Ik'B.I
Muter .
- et Swlnits
-WL! UV-
J.S. Howe.
Ilunkbont llros.
A f. Krdnun
r. J. i.rnr
It. M.'IMurM
A I'rnnlnir
S.T. WlUonitSoas
tl. V. J Itnulon
llutn ft Allen
S. CI. lliinlerSon
lllilimw lIiK'h
a. U I.uem
U. "tntver A Sun
T. J. My
tchool near Houstonla Monday
School opened hero Monday
Wm. Logsdon Jr., as teacher.
othor Nortncast counties, u s- Wednesday and Thur
mated that 20 per cent o' the corn ' " """)'
the stato has been cut nnd thnt r.
1 MAitKirr mu'OHT
Uecelpta or Stuck Cattle and Feed.
cin IrtirKer Tlinn Uhiml. rrieos
per cent moro will go Into Bhoek
Moro silos than over will aleo'bo Ml
led. I
Whcut Dry weather , has greatly
f .
U 'ft
I mUAr rcdsct kisvas ttrswih
If aa4 iIImm it ctsily ceakactet,
Mtocorc cmuiaion yitu
fnmfiar nacre Uw ceU &a4
ifWU yaw strasfU
aeorr a RowMa
, i.'J. sa-aa
Mr. Strawd Renlck of Oklahon'
City Is bore,-now. visiting lib. broth
O. A. Ilnnlck and family.
1 M. Mcltoborts shipped sevcr-
KANSAS CITY Stock Yards, Sopt.
1. 1913. Ninety flvo thousand cat
tle wero received hero last week, ol
xhlch moro tlinr. ono half wero clas
ted a8 stock cattle and feeders
This largo number of thin cattlo was
bundled In a remarkable way. Pric
es on thin gat,tlo showed some loss
it-the eciilfOf..Uio,'W)Vs.Vl kr&nei" '
t0to'lti'M0fwir, iniumeu gr.aue a
ijilarttir' Vow'e. 'cheap cattlq,Ji(J (b
CO'lowbr. " The supply Of killing cat-,i
tip. was tnkpn at the mbllerote redur
tlon of 100 to 25 centa on thoro
below prime, which kind romalne
steady. Tho efficient way In which
tho enormous supply was handled
must bo credited to tho widespread
Jcslro to either get Into cattlo, or
itay In. Tho demand for the Imma
tur'o animals camo from all states
rpiUjjjsWoat Virginia to, Iaaho. A
train ,22 " coirs'' .ochcap -stock
!(KiT.wcnt tn litah. S cars of cows
to'.'Montana, feeders to Micnigan,
(VlthWwaj Missouri, and Illlonols.1
SV course; i6 heaviest buyers, to,
ol outgo to thb country ngro-jat-ins
4SQ00 head. Receipts to-day
re 21000 cattle, market stenly on
'trillln kinds, except quarantine cat
tle, which aro strong, and to uno
vently higher on stock cattle nnd
'eedprs. There are manv bare spots
'or cattle In Iowa and Illinois yet.
and Inllana and Ohio nro badly In
nrrrt or cattle. insurluK an almost
unlimited opportunity" for Immntnr
cattlo from dry sections to con
tlaue their lnlsakMr: ot beef making
VTicat-Ury weatner . nas grean, . - - c Tf
interfered with preparations for sow- CJr ,ou,,B Ul
lug wheat. Corrospondopta report ,.,-. wnnt to Le-
only 30 per cent of the ground plow- p
cd. Estimates for tn,nQx cronj1"''10"
place It at 80 per cent of tho acreage 1.: " vissito.
. ... .1.... U'llhnnt ntn .HI, UIIU ...- "
ii.rve. cu ""'-;;; nt Joc rittman's of near Marshall se
SCOn 11118 Will UU lU.urai ..itMvw,.
hut sufficient rnlntnll and n favorable
fall for seeding might lncreaso Hip
Other Crops Additional Informn-
tlonton ihe.,ofttlrpp,uAI,atps a stntr
yield of 20.5 bustioia q ,tJun,i pari o
tbo-'croii thrcaBhed. Yield or timotnv
rye Is placed at li
buckwhoat 10.3, barley, ,18, flax 0,
but final figures may differ. Con
dition of cotton Is 07, tobacco D2.
and cowpcas S3.
Llvo Stock Water for IJvo stock Is
r.ov; the. most soirlous matter with
vhlch the average farmer Is, having
to contend, 8S per ce,nt qf the, corre
spondents reportlngn a shortasa
Ponds hnve dried up and -mnny sprln"
old wtJUs, that nod never foiled are
dry or nearly so, pait'ire-t n" h-ovt
nnd hare, the conditio)!' ,'fpr the "tito
being 2S. It Is "esMmstr.d that 30
rr ennt of the farmnrri nro row feed
ln nrni mm. IHoWBVIir. owlnF: to n
guiernl shortage. 'nMlvo' sjnek, there
may l o no extraordlnnry npmann
tor feed. Number of horn" on ft"rt
as compared wlth'iono year ago Is
placed at 58 per cent; number of
earing' pies, on fnrm". 7( Xftr cntt
niimhor nf roWB for" fall 'fSrrOW, 73
per cent; number of cattlo on feed;
eral days InRt week.
John Lacy rnturnol from Excel"'"
Sprlncs last Thursday after a wenV
roRt at tho springs.
Mlpses Frances an'! Hosolle Pitt-
mua'entcrtainea.ftt uinner aunuujr y,
folMwIng guMUt' Misses .nary, iw
L : . . . - , . . W- ,.. n ..
Ariaget uarry .Miir-'ii,B,
hit of Miami. Char es Welnrolrii n
slstor, Florence of Marshall; Chnrle'
Plttman, William Hosenfeld and M
and Mrs. Ttussell Weaver and sons.
Hermnn Kunro shlppo.l two rr
loads of fat cattlo to St. Louis Ins
, xr-' nml Mm. Tllehsrr
I.UIIt ,u ..... ....... V .
Stockman Monday, cvcnlns. ftptsVT
jbor 1, a baby boy. ' .
The Woman's Tonic
Cardul Is a mild, tonic
remedy, purely vegetable,
and acts In a natural man
neron the delicate, woman-
lv constitution, building
up strencth, and toning up
the nciyes. In the past 50
vcars. Cardui has helped
more Uian a million women.
You are urged to try It,
because we are sure thai
It will do you good.
At all druf store.
. 'H-M-H-H-K-l-i"l'i I di1iI-I-HH-HIi,I"l-I-I'I"l"l-H-l-H-H
IT f hi t-v t-v t-
, Academy or lotrs uame ue ion,
Special Course for tudents Intending to Take the
Te chers' Exnmitation
"T'O If You
1 I w Want Them
Stopped Write Mo
to yean pnuUeil wfUnct
018 Heed Dulldlni!. Philadelphia. Pa.
a r'imhfr from this neUhborhoo'
nttended tho show Thiirday.
Maple (Iroyo eehool starts Mondi?
Mr. Steve" Keohart shipped l
cuttle- and Iioks tn St. Louis.
- Mrs. John Keenart. jr., aim oirn
Aninl Keehart euent ?.nndriv nftc-
noon with Mrs; Steve Keenart.
A, J. Jones Is busy filling his silo,
fleorgo Weler and Carl Keehrr'
went to St. Louis.
Mrs. Jake Weler and alslor, Mrs. Cj
"How I slmll ml you
When you aro grown."
What the iiet suug every" mo.
(fierV heart ha.1 felt. Ilaby's
pUitoiapli taken nui uiulthen
' '
mII pn-M-rve I ho Iniuu' anil
.V"'vw"i ,(,B''-''
1 "" ...... ' ! ' .
('le.i'ive dt(itRin pliers ultli
j(iii5,fi,t teu-.w .iii.i fn't phiies of
(oihiy, .il-'i ' t umideiful rcMilti
f si bnby picture". How loiitt
.Hlt-p your lmby' plrture n
Attend to It TODAY. Delay
will causq regret. ,
Phone 383.
The Academy of Notre Dame de Sion, Marshall,
Mn liac nrlrlpil fri H nlrpndv hiohlv ronntnd Profrram
ittui iiau v v x w w j ci J C n sj
of Studies, a special course for Students intending to J
The Graduates of June, 1913, passed the Teach
ers' Examination with distinction and several of them
arc already engaged to teach next September.
y..l-t..t..t.;-H4-HhHH-H-W-ra-I"l"I-lM-l-H--I-I-l--l-I -I -1 -I 1 I "V
Farm Loans
Lowest Rentes Easiest Terms
Office: Between New York Racket and Bank of Sa!
POfTgrTO--TC-rin' u-i utl -1 LUX ma -mtiof ii iyiUE
ine I
Established 1874 Incorporated 1882 .
Capita!. $100,000
. Surplus; $120,000
C. U. r.Vta:. Cbslrwan ol ll Hoard
J. I. Ut'STON, V,linl W. S. IICHTON, CaaUUr
J. C. l.A IUN. Vtoa-rr.ta.i V.C.ISAHNHILUA..Ca.W.
I.. II. MUItltKLli
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