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The Marshall republican. [volume] (Marshall, Saline County, Mo.) 1899-1914, September 26, 1913, Image 2

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thi: Marshall nisrtmMCAN -
Friday, sKT'TEmRn no, nm.
7 .
Ii j.C. . W.KV,.
Marshall Republican
Published every Thursday nnd cntor
cil In post office nt Marshall .Mo., as
second-class matter.
Terms: ?1.00 Per Year in Adtnnto
3. J. WITT, Hdltor.
K. L. PIU'STOX, lln-dltcs Manager.
dun, 2,
Office, Hell, ; JIitii-
llll.Mlll tlr II
lf 1. 1: tr. fuiny 1
utr 11. ii. W. m. ilii
' i. v num. . 1.
IMIAItU XH' Hill ( V I 111
MreHi m. I in in-ill
llmli.fi, A. li-iiiiril.
Mum-ii. cii-iM, a.
'T IlillKrillltV
M .
"f :!. II Mi-.. .11 I'liy Tffnfir-
1 Ml!).i .Ii .I'm ri.-rk riu
imler. ft- .Mimiirt. A 11.
-.'llf lot, J- V ll!i"i. Mint-
i Hi rn c.ii i i: Kn-rt Want,
liartiils. .1 J Min l.pll. Mcvnil
Allen. K I;, r, ml. num. Third, It.
I til
i Krr J. i i .Mniii, . u.
i, 1 VV W llr.-. 1 i
m ii:, ( i).m;iii:hin b
A.MllslSN V'ltlltlAI.
- Offlum ii.n.rrn-r. Kill"! W.
t . I.iruii n.iti! '-rn..r. William
,t t i - . KwrM.ir. ir Mate. tSirtir'
I I. ... 'i: Treaatnrr Kuwln I In-hT
a - i. Julia I i..rlmi. All inn . v
.,!.' .Iiilin T 1 1 WiiW.rthlHilrM
l'ui '.i' HtlmoK W A K.tnnt. ItinjMi--r
i i limit. Jimi T. Hr.iiUhaw: Pub
. .-.hi. I'lilll) i iniminlun Jwtm
V- i.ikin. rl Hitman: Jol.n Kn.nlsli.
i- fi.v. f-rank Wlfhtmaa ami '
l - , r r.
- t Tih i irfliiim1 dlrtrtM l
-..I .-f Jl-.n.ir.I Ho 1 1 hi-. l.aU.lti-,
-.. 11I..11 He knty. I'ulk Btiil
iii.Uo. W. Hamlin. n
. 1 1 r .1
i . i ii. nenntiirltil ilimrlcl l im-
.Haiiii. inula. licMiin unit It !
. . ntittai lmul lirolhrr. m-lioMr.
rurvrv 111111:1-1 mu
f iHTwnimiii- Jimliuti K nar
- . iff. Hii-ti'im T me: Tivaatir
i i )'i1rnuin: tlllr. Jnm-plt H.
. . v..f,..or it A. ll.t: itewrder.
'.-tir: wiM rirrk. Mr Jose
. I'irrit: Or. lilt Cl-ra W. It.
i i.MK- AdmlniatnUAr. lUlpri It.
.. . Irnrc-ui inv Attorney, Wil
li Mmu h4 Hurrnr. Prank
cornnnr. fr .'. R fnnnrllf
. m.iohi ft Hi I .x.. J. 1. I .vmi h.
nil IIT lillliecioilV
i irwtorv: "ln till cnurl rom-
wMl4r rMUr Iml MoitilKJ-
ii nml Mnv, Sid M.inilnv nf
Tlir flf1-lh JifllrUl lr-ni-.i1
of I In nmnllM "I
. ami Kuliiir Hnmul iMVIa
rnrt cnmrnom-r rrilr
"c :nd M"ndv f Mf'
. i Knvaintior. Th irrjill l
. . .i of H rnuntlM of IfarH
- .1t-n A. Itlrh. tAm
i , ' r.virt rnmmni-, riuir
..,. flrM Monday In Unrrh.
v. .i.-ml.r and 1 mhrr. i.
i i . ..nM i ommr.- rfannsr
. , i . fiTl M-ndava .f l.rjv.
.1 ..ml .mi-r
-. .I.lh ir Hula. I T 1'xvlil
(;r,. .ti.ni. t: Wlltlitli A
! i. Ii .li-i- ml ill'rwT.
rnoi iu'ruiv or i..oit
Tin- Hfpnblbiiti parir has always
tin comitiltti-d to the policy of pro-
iiii.K tliuf who must Ux by their
r Th inentee to American Iree
,l,r iiiuf the abolition or slavery
tii. MiutuiTU slates, has been the
hi, ip nbservleiit labor of other
oin trb h. To permit the products
hi mu Ii labor to enter our markets In
, i ii.tliloii with the products of
fiat Itbor wa equivalent ' the Im
ttvi ' ihhtiieut of American labor. The
Hoi nidi, an iiariy adopted the theory
Imi Aiin rlcaM lulw must be proper
. i.,,ld r It would become at rte-
. nd. ut on the favors of the rich and
, f.itiw.Tvient lo conditions a the
.hup Irtlmr of olrtet countries. At
ur uuuwt could not be paid Amerl-
,.,i,s unlets the products or their la
.i r could lie sold l American mar
(ts UlttUer limn the products of lor-
. . luiior a tariff wan plwreu uion
in. inidiicls of forelan labor soeklni
i. in this country. That gave lo
,ii. rl'im manufacturers u huie
i.urkcl in which they could dispose
.... .. ,...iii,.ia ut fair prices, unu
i,m i-nuble them to pay fair wages,
. , ,u.r in- uroiertlve system Amerl-
. .,. ifui-iunr have nourished
,.il American wuo osrners have be
. i,e the most prosperous and tin
f,-t indt-pend. nt In the world.
i.-nt.ti..n of American Industries,
,r,.d.i'ts and labor Is the establlshod.
, nrd i.ol cy o; tne iiepuuu-
nartv. TIUM. whu Hi""
oli. v are lighting tue uaiu .
not the cause oi Americans
.... nt.. f,.
-......,! nines the Uomocrallc pmty
...a i..i down the ban erected by tho
-i I.llnult llatrt
1 I'llUlfllM
ammtrce and each time our coun
bus suffered from lower wngea,
, hcup products and the chaauBiit llv
nK intelligent lHdo rould bQ sub
JL.i ,. Kach tlmo lands decrens
, i in value, factories were stopi-ud r
m, n limited sctilo, fnrmon could
,ot renlltc fair prices (or their cropa
,d the capital of thrlty communl let
.as hoarded In banks or sncrUlced In
vnprolltnWo unagnaHins. .
The Now York World offers Sccro-
of State Uryan 8.000 a year
ho v.ll attend to h.B duties and jU
lecturlnu at UJXI
rn Btated U would cost him -eVu"
J yclr to live and the 8,000 addr,d
iLar -v.. n t III dcllCl-
Ms salary win in'"
...... nr to have n
4 ttrv
Of BtatO WHO can
(r tlmo to tho Job.
million potiuus oi
been biupp
ckn t all thejr n tQ
- r - l - l - l - t - - l - - 4H - HH -
Money to Loan."
1 tuito money to limn nt five- nml oiio-li.ilf per rent imminl ittliT-
u ja
ct-t, llli tho prlveleKo (o ilie horrnwer if pnyliiR any pnrUOf4irlnel
pitl at nny lime, nnd f-elmto llic'IntereNl fnini ilnlo if pnymont.
ThcM nre liberal lernm nml If you until money, now Is n good
time In m'l it. . , .,
I ftinilMt nlistrticlii nnd perfect lilies In nil lands and (mwi lots
In Siillne (iiimty. I lme liujers fur Saline t utility fiirms. If jou
linve one fur Mile tel me know nlMint II.
.IJIi:i. l.l:oXltl,
A Rhoe nfllisiinaii hi Itoae A lttic;,
t.ir'n. Stilurilny. ndvlnrtl n yonnx Ituly
to buy an extra aiipply of alioeit, n"
i here It to b a (harp mtvnuco in
irltca. .o the iatlon nrineH,
what brwd of politics to ho? If he
la n Imoeral, he avraly oan'l bcllevo
Ihla at th imrty haa fattlirtilly pleiln
iil Itavir to red tire th coat of llvliin
lor th clear (wople. If a Hepuhllenn
he rertaltiir noa about tlw Ida
imp in prleea wbn frao trmla arrlvm
roon ' ) ir a l'ronwalo, he mr
it man to Hop. flay, no muat le a
- Bl -XX
Thif oiwnint or acbfxil haa nimrn
triil ihf MMial twirl Hmtiunn tun
ounir folka, capcelally In (be lilah
.boot. We baanl one jronnn Imty
i-mar): ThNraday thai nfc wat ont
il.rMi avaalnc (bat and wantett
lo tlA born that rioln Cie
fourth! About Marrh let aba will
itiitl br ayatttn undermined or will
i i unable to paaa eama. Tlinr are
ft-w xreptlona to thla blub III rul
It l ram and afleet and aura at
ultbi attar day.
Marshall hat only two mit mar-
kata and thay ra well abht to lmk
after the trade. Tblt shows thai The K-Uit- had ttrurk out the
our people are eating leas muat. tmlwood imlp rouuterriillliiK duty inl
ine rtitult or blah price. This !
he sensible way or rombatlng blshltwda: lo'lfled thnt nrtlon. The iu
nlee. Marshall people ran afford ,i
to eat meal If anyone ran, out i
there's no need or eating more lie
cause yon eau afiord It. Supply and '
lemand will usually regulate mutters
ucugh without destroying an liwlus-
ry by rumoring the tariff.
The subject of having lllble read-
iiKs In our public schools Is aKulu up
or discussion. We are decidedly :.t
tavor or doing to, as we find many
ouiig lolks who obuln a good Intel-.
dual (raining otherwise are woe-
illy lacking In knowledge about this
iuatest of books. Aside from t:ie
eiSgious side or the iiuestlou. tne
iilble it still the most Important !:;-
rury production to be studied.
At prices on everything advance
trom day lo tlay. there Is one eonso
h.tlon. I'eople pay their bills with
out growling and blaming the He-
publicans. Democrats are tuklng
their medicine like brave little men.
Now that the chuutauiiun season U
ier secretary ot hiaie nryuu, is
back on III Job. No one doubts taut
he demanded his pay In (told stand-1
itrd dollars and tiol a few.
A San I'lanclsco Wife Dangerously
Wnitinli-il; Coiupanlous Are Dcud.
ter un all night Joy ride, Mrs. Kute
('unison 35 yours old, was shot In
lh neck early today and probably
will die. and fleorgo Kovuck, night
vitehinan In a gnrage, nnd William
Acker, chauffeur of tho enr were shot
(It ail.
The pollco aro searching for A, H.
Coulson, proprietor of n hatchery
tnd feed store, who Is tho husband
of tho wouudod woman.
Mrs. Coulson was baroly conscious
when found,, She told hor namo, mut,
tervil tlint sho know who shot her,
and lulled Into unconsciousness.
Hottlos of boor, homo of thorn
t.penod and partly empty, showed
how the party had been engaged
when Interrupted.
Coulson was estanged from his
Safeht fiiiMitlvo Mr Women
Nearly every woman needs n good
lnxntlvo. Dr. King's New Life
I'illa aro good bocauso they aro
prompt, safe, and do not causo palu,
Mrs. M. C. Dunlap of Leadlll, Tonp,,
says: "Dr. King's Now Llfo Pills
helped hor troubles greatly." Oct
n box today. Price, 2Cc. Heconi
mended by p. II. Franklin. adv.
VOll SALE: On account of n lack of
sufficient room, I wish to sell my
surplus young Whlto Langehnng nnd
Buff Orphlngton cockrels. Thwo
chlcktns nro Irom prlto winning stock
and satisfaction Is guaranteed. See
or write M. II. Hlbbard, U. F. D. 3,
Malta Bend, Mo,
H - - - H - hH - l - t - H - l - - 4 - Hl H 1 t 11-1 M-
Mar-hall, Mo.
VA!?IIIN0TON I). ('., Sept. "0.
The tnrUf eolifprence eommltti-e lo
ilu) oleit to lime Imnnnaa on llm
rree list.
Alter a lone iimtrnvur.iy In wlil.Ii
i he Infltienn' or 1'rtnlilnnt Wlhton
waa thrown In favor of tho eontlni'i il
fiee importation of the fruit the ten
ant iwilerfwe rtsMHlod iroMi their
mil niii'ii nt. whlih would Imve Im
vam u duly of oiie-ttutli of 1 eenl
I t pfiund.
' in" le'ii.le ennferptim alto fitxe
nay tt lo Hie duty on lemons, 1 1 men,
i.r?;M fruit and Mmllur frultH, leav
lilt' I lie i-fctat us tlvil by the home,
imumiiI i mi tno ineaturmneulN of park
ai;. Tin wnatii Intel flxetl u :iut
rate or m-half or 1 cent inr pound.
THa hmti rates uril lo are ti
s.lpbt redmi loti over oxUIIuk rant.
Two n.h.r Important decUloiiK
il.. finitely removeil th proiKMn.l
ton'.lervti lint duty nmtliiHt weol
('lot and Intposeii a eotuHervjti,g
duly ifi: potatues. when Im
portei tiom loutitrlea IkiikhiIuk du-
MUm -in l'"o Imports from the I'-ilted
posed Ly tne houin mid the eon!"'es
-r ! t c .iitntervallliiK duty on poi:-
irgt, ai'u, lnl by the conferees, .Uo
was a venule amendment.
Iloit' I'l-mUlons Accepleil.
A coiupiomlsM at about 1 '.i '.n' a
licund was reached on .ante r-.'.rr.nitn
ilon which Oreek Importer had
made a hard light. The. Jioukq ,rn
vision putting press tluts t)sd on
uiitonsced mills on the. (rco list, u
The senate members also recedixl
Horn their rules on hats, anil t he
house rale of lo per rent nd vnlorei i
was adopted.
A critical study of the t'mlerwood-
Hlmiuons larirr bill to determine
whether It will produce uiioukIi re
venue for governmuntul needs was
still under way today, when the tar
iff couiereuee committee resinned,
work, ((eductions by the senate have
In many Instances been oppoxod by
the house conferees on (he Kiouml
that they wnuid cut the revenues be
yond the margin or safety.
ovi:m.AND THAIS whi:cki:d
Mole Than Twelve Hurt When
glue anil Car Aro HIM licit.
HVUHKTT, Wash., Sept. 2l
Mure than a dozou pnatengors on
(iron I Northern overlnnd train No. I
were Injured to-day, ono probably
fatally, anil two others surloualy
near Mukilleo, south of KvereCt,
through the breaking of an axle of
the tender nml tho ditching of the
locomotive, tender and baggage car,
Hoforo a llugmuu could bo sent
back to post u warning signal, west
bound Overland No, il canto along nt
lull speed on thu othor track Home
of thu wreckage of thu locomotive
nnd baggage cur lay on tho rails and
the woHthQuiid train crushed into It.
but escaped surlous damage.
All the Injured passengers were
brought, lo n hospital, hero. .Que man
unidentified, Is exacted to die,
Now :that overyopo has got bad?
to work uf tor having n rust, biiBlncss
Booms to go Hourly ub smoothly ns It
did hoforo vacation,
Tho boys feel bluu about going buck
io school, but they should reflect on
(he Inn thoy will ha'vo in getting
nhend of tho teacher
Now thnt tho children aro fitted up
with now school suits and slioen, thorc
Is some satisfaction In rolling in tho
bat is prowpilr relieved" !
by ike medical Boariebateat b
Scott's Emuhion whick
it not a nerve-qaieter, bat tHttare't
greatest BOTe-haUaer, wHitaBt
alcabel w mUU. i " 1
6cott & iowne, lUooraactd, N.J, l$rtS
Ban V BbBhjBbBBbBbT
Ilracebrldgo stood on tho steps of
the Casino. lie had Just templed For
tune, nnd for onco thojado had provod
a prude, and he was loft with n broken
purse. To describe his remorse would
bo Impossible: ha wondered dully
what his mother would think when he
should seek her out thnt night In their
unpretentious hotel that overlooked
tho bay nt .Monaco and tell hur that
tho trip would have to be postponed;
that they must hasten hoiiiu Without
delay. Ho cursed himself fop n fool
arid then chuckled grimly 'as he
thought of the surplussgo of money he
would have when he had pawned va
Hons nrtlclcs of apparel, the proceedi
of which would go to buy tickets foi
"luit enough for n box of cigar
it-.i." ho muttered as ho stumbled
doen tho etons to tho ntreot.
"Mr, can you not understand even
English v" tyoke a delicious musical
voice. I'.r tcebrldgo rcmmbWd slowly
bark to earth from (he realms of de
r.p-.ir Into which he had descended. A
b's fed I'mouslne ear stood by the
eurb, and from I'a window protruded
n vision of p!rtk ami gold and Ihilllness
that canted Ilracebrldgo to uncover
with a haste that was more worshipful
than g-acrful.
"Wit! Whet do you want?" he nsked,
rudely, for hit dull. d brain was not ns
quick as It was wont to bo. nor his
tor-see ut rmooth: but the tiext In
slant he blu. bed In confusion ut his
own gruffueeti. "I beg your pardon,
madam; can 1 bo of servlco to ou?"
"Ah. you con." rho sighed, relieved
ly. "Como Into tho car." and she
threw open tho door, making room for
him beside her.
"Hut." said Ilracebrldgo, hesitating
"Come, If you nro going," sho spoke
Impatiently, nt thu sumo tlmo rising
and grasping his wrist. Ilracebrldgo
stepped from tho curb and dropped on
the sent bcsldo her.
"Awny, Adolpho!" nho cried, sharp
ly. Tho chauffeur started tho machine
with n rush.
llrncobrldgo bad n ncnsatlon of nucn owned ships,
swift Journey through the night, but ,rhe Bt.n,e.B nmt.dment prohibit-
rtSitsiw ,i,,ornoyr, rro,:,,,,r,,K cmom
sat bosldo him. her neck encircled by " ntlngent basis was agreed
a pearl collar, an expcnslvo opera to. Tho strong Inquisitorial features
cloak thrown over her shouldors. Tho .of tho housn bill whclh would give
girl laughed mischievously and said: this Government authority to exclude
"I nut human: you net nfrald. na 1 morelinmltHU when forulgn manufac
though you might bo In tho prcBcnco;,, ro(u(C1, l0 ,u8coso tholr
jwSKtfJa vf Bwnu?S7 m,: lh0,r
I nm smaller limn you. you see." She oofc was modified mutorlall).
ranged her tiny gloved hand In white Treasury authority leave a penalty
kid bcsldo Hracobrldgo'n larger onct. In tho form of extra duly ngnlnst
And then tho eternal masculine as- K0dR where inmiufiicturers have
sumptlvenoss. of ooul nroso In Ilraco- Hil0Wll ,,due Inclination not to dls
.brldge. IIooould not tell from whence' d0H0 nmnufacturlng costs or Infor-
came inn auuuun cuuniKv, uui nim u
pouueo ho captured her fingers nnd
threw his muscular arm around her.
"You nro mussing my rrock; I will
call Adolpho, you Insolent man," thu
said, between caspc. ,
Tho car ran to tho curb and stopped
with n Jerk. When tho door was
opened ilracebrldgo wna enylng!- "I nm
ulitmav tnnilnrn In nrrnnelntr vntir
cloak. and I greatly rear your ruftleV
will bo spoiled." Ho stepped out and J
looked sround; thoy woro back in
front of tho Casino again.
thank you greatly mat you win
nr. nl fill flll'l ftlllt Sllttl Uftllllllll.
nld mo at all, olr," she enld, Hiulllug
"I abducted you o nu wnger, sir, that
I could carry off tho first gentleman I
saw at tho Casino,"
"And may I bco you tomorrow?" ho
nsked, his soul In suspense
"Tho heart cannot bo controlled,"
slio whispered softly. "Drlvo on,
Adolpho." Tho ninchlno whirred
"And now to purchuso thoso cigar
ettes," Bald llrucubrldgo. Something
crackled in IiIb coat pocket; ho felt,
nnd it was a newspaper.
"How did I got that?" ho asked him
self, oponlug It ubsently. Tho flaming
hcadllnos caught his eyo:
Most Darlno Scheme In Years Lord
Algernon the Victim.
Ho put his band In blu chnngo pock
et, whuro reposed his last flvo-frano
noto, "a roinnunt of tho last battle.''
"Tho devil; that girl baa touobed
mo!" lie . cried. "I was a fool not lo
,Iilrk Veforo what, her game was, i
lyt thank tho gods tha I pra only a,
common person; they'll' never know
what a fool 1'vo beon, aa thoy know
about tho Englishman. I don't bollovo
I will omoko cigarettes tonight," be
added, as an afterthought. Ho pulled
out his old briar pipe, lighting it in
sllonco; then ho slowly took bis way
toward tho hotel.
"TIb sad to loso your money" and
your ideal on ono summer's eve," be
quoth, very crestfallen.
(Copyrlcht, by Dully Story Pub.' Co.)
Wine ad Libitum.
The old house between tho fiber
and tho Piazza Navona at Rome aro
shortly to ho pulled down, add with
them an Interesting old landmark
tho Osteria del Oreo, situated at tho
corner of tho Via dot Oreo and tho
Via Santa Lucia, writes an Italian
correspondent. This houso oneo gavo
shelter to prlncos and poets among
tho latter Dante and Goethe and. was
at ono tlmo the most fashionable 'hos
telry in Home, it was particularly
popular becauso tho prico of a room
some bo cents in tho fourteenth con1
tury comprised wine ad libitum, wliild
In othor inns tho refreshments to
which guests were entitled frao at
charge was limited to a certalnporn
uoa. v, . ,
WASHINGTON, U. C, Sept. 2.1.
Chairman SlinmoriB of thu Joint con-
grcKalonnl tariff conference commit
tee Informed officials or tho state
department today that ha did not be
lieve It ueccHsnry to supplement t'io
tariff bill with nny resolution no
filfncd to continue existing trade re
gulations with foreign countries.
The point raised by Secretary Ury
an had nlveit state department ofll
Claln concern and was the subject of
ti conference between Senator Sim
nmiiH niitl Hubert Hose, forelcn
trade advlner of the department,
"I do not believe there Is nny dnn
Her of foreign countries Imposing
tariff pcnnlUcx against tho I'litlcd
Slates," said Senator Simmons.
"The new tariff will offer tho
minimum rates of tho United States
to nil countries and I can see no Just
rrnson for nny countries tnkltig act
ion to disturb existing conditions or
withdraw favored nation treatment
'rnnt tho t'nlled States.' '
The slate department was nt work
on the preparation of it resolution
minraiiteeinK that maximum penal
ties of tho proposed law would not
bo applied against nny country until
an opportunity had been given for
the negotiation of new trentlcs,
A malorlly of tho tariff conferenco
committee do not bolluvo Its passage
Is necessary but Its Introduction will
depend entirely upon thu decision
ii lulled at u further conferenco of
ll o state department and emigres
sional leaders.
Seteral Ileitis Open.
The conferees completed most or
tho administrative sections or the
tariff bill, but left open several Im
portant Items thnt will be dlspobcd
of tomorrow.
Tlifxo Included tho retaliatory
section the antidumping clause nnd
tho section giving " lcr cent rebate
I.. . I . .... I.. A ..,-
lilt llirill Ull KWUMtt MIUIIHlll III rflllli:!-
matloti considered necessary by Amor
lean upprulslug ofllcors.
AMIANY, N. V., Sept. S2. Tho
action or counsel Tor (Jov. Stilzor to
dismiss the Impeachment proceedings
brought ngnlnst him wnn today over-
ruC(, ,,y tll cmlrt of impeachment.
. .
All members of tho court except
Senator Wendo of Htiffalo, a Dem
ocrat, voted against thu motion.
Whlto attorneys and newspapermen
uro working their way through tho
trial a small army of representatives
of law schools and universities from
all over tho world Is following thu
caso closely and preparing reports.
Thoso men nro attracted hero be.
causo of tho fuw precedents which
attorneys have to clto in cases of tm
penchment. Not since 1806 has there
been nu Impeachment caso In Kng
land, and only seven uro on record
In tho United Slates.
Many points which aro being cover
cd In tho Sulzcr trial never woro ruis
ed In previous cases. Long weens
hnvo been spoilt by attorneys and
members of tho court In studying
uvory phase of all Impeachment cases
The Senator and Judge appeared
iirnnitilU- fnr tba.rosumiltlou of uriTU-
merit by Attorney Louis Marshall bt
Sulzer counsel on certain, points rais
ed by him touching on tho coiiBtltu
tlontilltvi of tho adjournment of tho
assembly last July.
No Assembly Hlght to Indict,
Tho caso of James A. Garrison,
Sulzer's graft Investigator, Imprison
od for contempt of tho assembly was
announced for hearing in Troy,
Mr. Marshall iquotod precedent, in
sunnort of his contention thnt tho
assembly In extra bosbIoii wob pntltl
ed to couslder only subjects culled to
Ub attention ,hy the Oovornor.
"Whenever au extraordinary ses
sion has been hold," ho said, "hot
even an appropriation bill to covor
oxpensco of tho seEslon bns boon at
tempted except on th specific tccom
mondntlon of the Governor,
''Thoro Is not to bo found in tho
history of any of tho, Btnles a single
iuBtanco of tho institution of im
peachment proceedings, at an extra
ordinary Bt'BBlan of tho legislature.'
AnBWorJnr the argument .that tn
assembly exorcised not an executive.
i-ni. ludlclal function Mr, Marshall
held that .an Impeachment wan eaui
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aMiombly exercised no other function
than that of it grand Jury.
"When a grand Jury finds nu In-
llclment," he continued, "It does not
net Judiciously any more than tit
those Jurisdictions where Informn-j
Hons have taken tho place of Indict-1
incuts. Thu filing of an Information ;
by n District or Statu Attorney cmi tm j
Mild to bo u Judicial uct.
Ilon'l ,el llaby Suffer Willi Hczemn j
And Skin Krupllous.
liable need n perfect skln-covor-1
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only Intense mtffcrlug, but hinder
hulr growth, 1)H. IIOIJSON'K)
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tions have made their life miser
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ly cured befoio ono box wns used",
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.Courtsoua to the Latt,
When on tho scaffold Itobort Ham-
ford, who was hanged at Nottingham,
England, suverul years ago, politely
asked tho hangman If he could have
more ropo. On his request bulnrj
granted, ho endeavored to shake hands
with the hangman, but being unublo
to do so with his pinioned arms ho
gave him a courtly bow and smllo of
Comforting Oulde.
Two cyclists wero pushing their
machines up the side of thu puss thu
other duy when thoy encountered a
native; "Shall wo bo kblo to rldr
down tho other sldo?" they nslccd Jilui.
'There's been more killed on this I"
was tho gruff answer.
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a aei1it
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t,0 f II II II 1 1.1,1 1 111 1 1 1 III 1 1 II 1 1 1 ll-Hi' l-IJ ,1,1 1 1 1 U M 111 I He
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valent to an. Indictment and that
' i.
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